Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 17, 1930 · Page 12
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 12

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 12
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OECATUR HERALD FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 17, 1930. ULUAIUK HtRALD ILLINOIS TO MEET NORTHWESTERN IN HOMECOMING CONTEST WILDCATS STILL FAVORED TO WIN CRUCIAL CONTEST Green Uluri Expected To Give Hanley's Vaccinated Crew Battle PLENTY OF SEATS Saturday Games Expected To Clarify Situation In Big Ten PROBABLK STARTING UNBW ILLIN01* MOIIT1IWIMTI5HN Swiinson. li Btilwr. IB a B^dimm, It ""S 1 . Jenwn, Ig W*o(lw»iMi. Iff BulKT, C CllttK, C Ovclmon, t K Kvtui-.. ig Hlim. rt 5!? 1 ?" 1 /* Owen if lltwwll. ««. onpnww* Chnttln qh lunch, «|b Borry, 1hl Mnnw, 1 b Yttmwkwi, rhh .. ..IIiwiW. »1* Connvcr, Uitltlnson, Ib IKntiwr, or SchtilU. , np f prcc _tr. J. II. Nichols (Ohoilin). Umpire - Anthony Halnei (YalfO Field J««F»- Frod Yminj,' (Illinois Wrslevan). llMMl llncimnn -flcorKC L, Simpton (WlworHln). Oamc hpRliiH sit ',* p. in WGW and WtLfj will tuoadrail, TV-hd tnnihi will open nt 9 n m. and tli'ltcti in main Miinds ftml biili-pnli'H will he available to nil oomdH up to «nmfl lime, Troc (lurking placrH opin tlt 9 a. m, Siiulliini opfnn «t 11 SO d, iii, iHt i iitiit t'n 11 CHAMPAIGN. Oct. 17,-Illinois' foolbfttl wnrriore will relcbrme the opening of their Big Ton «fi*on and homecoming simultaneously here Snturday when they lacklc ihc strong Northwestern university team, loutdl by nines tic the best eleven In the oontcrMW'i'. TlHmil" w i t h five works of urcpavu- tton which Included two wannlM,-up Bumct with (own State nnil rWfrUvfly. In-hind "-. '" p to wuKC a -,11-UKKti- ttobliiHdti lit SU»|«' ThntiKh II only dcfi-iacd l"wa Slllt » T to 0 in IN f l t s l same, UllnolH sup- ortcio ill' 1 I'lH-oiiroKi'd ' ~ Michigan May Be Eliminated From Race By Ohio State Eleven IOWA MEETS PURDUE By D1XON STKWABT United Fre*» Staff Corre»ionlent CHICAGO, Oct. «.-Wlth four Intra-conforonco nttd two Intor-soc. tlonnl game* on th* schedule, Satur day's competition In tho Big Ton promises to clarity the race for 1030 conference championship honors. All of the recognised contenders estccpt Wisconsin are scheduled to meet conference rivals and several of them fnco the danger of elimination. Wisconsin and Chicago, the only teams playing outside of the league, meet strong Intersections op- tononti, Tho schedule for tho day is Northwestern vs. Illinois, at * ColumliiiN. Indluna vn. Mlnncwtta, at Min- nmpollti. 1'unUio vit. Iowa, nt lowft City, roiin*jlvnnla vs. Wisconsin, lit Morldn vs. CUlcaRo. nl Northwestern, prc-setwon chain plonshlp favorite, wilt enter 1H eanv with Illinois as the under dop, lh Wildcats hnvo experienced an unpre cudentod string of misfortune -will bo badly handicapped. Brudi'f'pi IJOSM Costly I^OHH of Captain Brudcr, Halltmcl Russell and Harry Kent, varslt guard, lias furced Coaeh Hanley t rcvam'p hi* team and tliu hniallpo vaccinations made nui.essary by liru (ler"s lllne-!'* has prevented Noith western from holding a slngl ttcr I in tii ago this week. IlilnoUs' reputedly greon loam ho devnliipctl rapidly and the prcaonc o f t i e i r y sensational sophomore hal buck, gives tho team a dnngeroi icorlnp threat. Tho IHInl also v! have, the pHyrhologlcal advantage ( playing hetoro a nionvter honiecon ing crowd "BEAT ILLINOIS FOR BRUDER," IS WllJDCATS' CRY fHv United I'* tw ) EVANSTON, Oct. (7--"Beat Illinois for Brudcr," wan tho slogan at Northwestern ns the Wildcats completed drill-for their Big Ton clash with Illinois, Capl. Brudor, conflnod to the hospital with an attack of small pox, wroto his pleyei-s urging them to maintain their unbeaten record until he is able to play. The aquad will leavo lor Illinois early Saturday, M Stars May Turn Game Back To "Amateurs" GLENNA GOLLETT ON ROAD TO 4TH STRAIGHT TITLE Defending Champion To Meet Helen Hicks In Scmi-Final Match MRS, HILL SURVIVES LOS ANGELES, Oct, IT--An East- West baltlo lor the women's nn,' tiona! golf championship was us surod Friday aa the four players 10 inalncd in tho tournament ontored tho eeml-flnal round. Matches In the uppor brackets were tho two leading New Yorkers Miss Glenn a Collcll, National oh am r-lon for the la-st three years, Mian Helen. Hicks, of tho Inwood Country NEW CUB HURLER NEW YORK, OcU IT--A piefer eiico for matrimony nnd business ca reel's evlncotl recently by home of th country's leading young tennis slar nus left tho oullniik foi tegainini the Davis cup fiom Fi-nniT even darker than over. When Geoige Lott, tvlio ivas No 2 ^.nules player on Ihc 1USO Davis cuji team, eloped wllh an AlilnRton, Pa- deblitftnlc, he made It practically certain that ha would keep his word to withdraw from Intel-minimal play. John Van Ryn, thu doubles jiluycr, may not allow hla mtui-lngr to Midgn Oladman lo Inleifcrc with his tennis, but Johnny Doeg, Iho singles champion, la working on a Newark, N, J , newspaper with "object matrimony," and an eye to u liublnmf career. LATE-COMERS SAFE Chiunimliiti. Oct. 17--A '»»*· mlmilo rn-li h (ttiw will w" Ilii- rrmtd ttl HIP N' | rlliwoittfffii Kimic. tl«- lu'i l.nlII'' In tin- lf! " ()l " Hnttiiilnj. to .-nli»». '· (Irlirt iittinitai') 1 . uri'dlcl* IVU nmvi'n li "l for Ihrrr arc »i-r«niino«(iiH'n* '" l ' mri-jtMiilit. «hl«'li I" » ""''" "7"* Htlix'i for a HHf.i'1 iimiutKi-r. 'ih" croml «N1 IM. iii"«it thi- m«t«) ..I*, thnl KtcHcrt t'" 1 WIMmtt "t IKiKH-i-cimlilir tvfii «if UK". M'"' 1 * In tlw mill" fcUimlH nnil iniM'onH-s tin- iitiui-Pil nil vorwi'v* itml tin' w ,.itt. ttHinl "HI »»l '* "' H ' 11 ' tilular hopes, Induced In- u victory over Puulue, «lll bo given n severe te^l In the Ohio Sttilo same Ohio Staid Htltl entertains am- bllloni of winning honors desplto last week's itetetit by Nortbwe-ilcin and It now appi'ati that u may tnko moie than one defeat to i-llmhiate a H'lim from the n u e Michigan Ii fa- \ored to defeat the Kuekeyi's, but I'opicti Sam Wlllliutian haa a gieal xtiupid of young players who arc likely t» he till tho more dnnitcrous )o- coiifcii o( lt\il week's defeat. Mlnnexola Is expected to make a uiioceunful rdnfercnee debnl, but -Jlip- [Kisedly weak locllaiiii 1'H nn have given highly latcd Oophfi aggH-gn, Iloii' nnet|eplfit upset-) In the paht and Cuach Pat Pago hus his Horjsilei? jirlniP'd for a determined effort. Mln- ncMiiiL dlspluyecl gteat defensive The tmya arc bound to find Ihe ic- wards of amateur tennis Insufi'iclent to cuie for a tanilly. Two cannot live nn cheaply us one tinvellng from one tournament to the next, defplle Ihe elasticity of some of those ( O i i n t i y elub e^peii^c accounts Of course, If you iin sufficiently famous, like Helen Wllln Moody, you can t i a v u ) to South Amerlea to plaj H t r e n R t t i against Stnnfoid and al- offeni-lvelv hi prevlnii Htmuld weal down t n d l n n a : l hhnwimt UKHlntt t'-ntlnr Insl dnv. «orttiw.-' lui" won wire, f t n t ii)t»ln«t Tillnre of New OHoanf, I I to i\ mill Inil riniuiil.iv nRnlntt Ohio tditc 11 lo It IHInoK cmetsi.-il f i n r n the Kutler name m K'wi.1 thiu-" mid «'ILU thn iv- tnrn of fti[iHiln Olftf llohln-nin. VViH'- crlv fdtlhiu-lt. ihOHld prc-irnt Its fill! - far t h K lei h n v wlili-li ii duo Ifi n ihouliler in- I" liiii'iovliu,' rapid v. - w i l l !"' w i t h o u t "if of C.ipiiiln Hunk lii'Hilcr due to lllno'ii ntiil hl-i !"·" w111 l "' lf«n'' felt. n l l h M H i h the Wllileitis pcrfonn- r,l .iKdlU'.l Ohio fltnte without H i n d e r In t h e llni'iip. Illlnl ImproMtl A « n l t i - t I l i u l c i ti'it weekend the tlllnt dlipltijeit n v«"t1v Improved forwnid inline KHIHC and the line work WHS niiifh heller than Hie pro- v l o u t weelt due to t w o new men be- Inp In Ihe foi-wiml wnll, filings wi" pennllxed fieciuentlv fot "ffwldct and tnldnK too murh time out henee they will be rnullondl (ihout Ihla ly 7Mi?\tr (ind i.etinltlei will llkoly not ocrur In tlie Noitliwetlorn Kame. Homcodinlnt: frail v l t l e t "tFul tf- niKlil with n rival of ihousanrts "Old RiadH" nnd vl«lli«» A nUulon mmmltteo of !flf, ti«th boy and Klrl nro In ehnw »' t )1t- pi'»pa "tlons, Stunt allow*, reunion!/, pop nicct- InK-. (.pemt, nwim meelluni, hobo Pin-tulcu. han^uetw and dnneM w 1 intertaln the puext-. Sororl le« ^nc fratornltloi h » v e hecn olftboiatol IlVcwMNl with Pflw noln^ offeree for the bust decor mccl^houses. f PREVIOUS SCORES matches nnd take the Intn- ly alontt Mil. Moody IM i Ppolled to rtlday to piny I f n n h In -iuenoi Aires rcvulutlnn - , ,, ind will be aiTompanlrd by her Inn- mml and Heikoley Hell the Texan \ The Davis cup situation, however ictiutrci such n. lot of tlttu 1 mid liavet that tho aicragc newlvuctl piolmbly eannot afford It. To lte( |i uji wllh Hie loam, u jiluver hiis to M i n i curly In Iho ipilti!; In the South If, Indeed, he tms tint ljion plavltig all tttnlE-i at !)c!ii«ve ic.Hoits nnd t n i \ e l up nnd down the continent i n i e t l n g the C'u- n^. Ihc Mexieans ;iud i h e Cunartl- s. h e f n i o hemline fnt Tutope and the luh'i^one test and rhlltenjfo Van Wli VM. Mrs. Hill In Uw other mulch were the wMlorneis, Mis, O. Si, HIH of Kun- tUt City, meclnllwt of the tourney, and Mis* Vlrslnln Van Wk, Chi CURO. Wlniiuiit of the two nititcties will meet In the 36-hole (Inul rounds over the noith course tonioi raw. Mlaa Collcll aurvlvcil the quarter finals ycsleidiiy afloi n close intitch with Mlast 1'tsgsy Wattles of Buffalo, N, Y. who ourrlctl the champion to the 17lh srcen bofota losing 2 and I. Mlsn Collett vriut down one nt the eiithlli tco and one up at the turn, 3 up all'"' V balcn nnd played pai f,"tlf to keep her tul- mtdsc to thft end. k)llett lifts Ibittli- Wall lei look the with n Mi-din tlvo hut the champion halved the 15lh, 16th and 17lh holes with pais lo win the mateh. Tho hopes of the l j :t(;lfic Cotibt were dashett with tho ilefeixt of MH. Roy Gioen and Mn. Leonii l'rc»- Hlcr, loading Ltw Anh'elos niits Mis. Oieeti wn-t routed Mlis Van Wlc. 7 nnil - r . wlhle Mm. PieHMlcr lost to Mis.-, lllrkf, 3 and 1. afler a hard fought nMleli Maureen Or utl of EnKlt'Winn1, N .1 wan ellmln«teil by Wrx [[til 3 miJ 3, In the 1-oninliiinn qiiiu'ttr-flniili* rt ntesl Cerro Gordo in Narrow 7-6 Win Over Maroa High NATION WATCHES AS NOTRE DAME MEETS CARNEGIE Tartans Have Seven Men of Team That Won Over Irish In 1928 SAVOLD1 TO START MAY illy Mulled I'li-jiu i CHICACiO, Oct. 17.-~l J uiuJia'Mi o Jukie Mav, icuthjMiw pllchitt fion Clneinnali. Filday, Biive the Chkapo Cuhi theli- Iliiwl nddlllon to tin pllchlrtK staff w i t h i n u week May. who Is 32 and who lnn Ijeoi w i t h ' the llcils s-lncc l'!21, won H and laul 11 In Iffil*, but woi only three Uwt ^'ason w h i l e loiln 11. Tht 1 othei l wo ni-wconims i» th Cub.s' sttiff ui-c LeHtur Swcetlund houlhjmw bought f i o i n the Phlllie nnd Hob Smith, rlKlil-luimlor obtuin i'd from the trade. lioilon in Mattoon High To Meet L S. D. In Non-Conference Contest Saturday IV JOHN TURNBY fcinMigern to Multoon «rld folliwi. By JOHN TURNBY MA1TOON, Oct. 17-Wllh lorlcH over Champaign and Decntur, Mnltoon tah«K time out in the Big Twelve flag race tt engage n nor- conference foe, I. S, D. of Jockoon- vllle. Thn lenf boyn are The MAM Mchoot u*u«)l) pretty tough Uam an-' thli By GEOHI5K KIRKBKV United frnut Staff Cor respondent SOUTH BEND, Oct. 17--A power- ill drama of the gridiron will be unfolded here Saturday when Notre 3nmo, nnil Carnegie Tech battle for national football fame in the new ;750,000 Hludium. The coinblnod eloincntB of two fa- moutj oooeheH plttlni; their wits _i«a)nnt each other, two tjreat teams Blrugglinj; for millonul imnromacy, with a grudge batllc feature tOHHcd n for tfood mcuHurc, promise to nakc the canted! one of the moot hrilllnK combiila of the Heimon Cimrhi-t Mttt'C-li Wltn The eve of the same U n d o the two rival couches, K. 1C. Rockne am) fuilRO Walter P Slpffen, oarncully trying to oiitiwss ench oilier 0.1 to :helr FLORIDA SEEKS TO AVENGE LOSS TO MAROONS IN 1925 CHICAGO, Oct. 17--Florida'* hunky football aqund arrlvdd Frlduy for Salurdny'n IntonHSeHonol e!a«h wllh ClilenRo university and will drill this afternoon »l StagB field The 'Citora, coached by Churley Bachmtin. for- ner Chlcngo prep slur, last pluycd Cblcnso In 1025 and w"ri* beaten, 13 to 6. ilcago closed ]ructlK for th" game wtlli » dummy BCrimmBge. Th"- lt!kctlno was held under thu Because of Ihc muddy field ·4 no n .,, tin ruin, Mftiioon hm no n** ni Ih* wnm awicpi that It pUy« light gonit with W«Hviiio | M) tinlay nnd luxt 6-0. Work nn | Thn «t|ff opposition IdMi Friday from Decatur the fireoit and Gold diwn io and th*y are nhowintf » r«M «ln | D tlipir pmctiM thtu wmk. Ttot utm !n »tho wing «. tackling utrtnuh Unt prurikolly ml siting in the. |. N. Y. U. Favored In Game With Mizzoo Tigers iH,i I n i l - i t / NEW YOKK. Oct. f o o t b a l l n i c k n a m i IK- I n e i u i K peihaps It iloi'sn't niatlei. Ihe thought nl' a park "f lietilial ftdtii JilUMiutl n i t i v i n K I 1 ' 1 "'" day lo tak' 1 on nothing uT tiuiie ii n t i f u i ' e Ihnn New roti ml In addlUun lo l.utt l')t'i ami Van fur IOHH t'liiiiiic ikfenUing champion, k in tlie aln-ady defeated (.luss, hut HUt Ohio Stale the Hoilennald-i s still retain hone it letittlnj; the pui'k til tin el(i',e of the 'irnson ttml thev cxpoi. lo get I n t o the w i n n i n g column In (IcCepiUng Iowa. Pimililoi defealM 'in-due las! week and Coach Kisier I ·onfldenl the faull has been ellmlnal d Iowa, twice defeated by interset- loniil rlviilx. proffiJ-ses to harbor cs ieetatl(ins of an "upset" vlctoiy, hu Jin Hnivhcye* are merely whlsllinj .n tho dartc, lunaway Jockeys Back In Good Grace ,1!V I'ntlttl J'tni ) CHtCAdO. Ott. 17--Joeliojd Paul t-iil find Jimmy Mnreuiu. who (01-- mk thelt ililliis diitliK at Lincoln telilf. ti take a Mug at farm life without permission, have beun leln- tutcil by Hit w thorite inclng uiithorl- le- nnd BKiili) inn eligible to accept nountH. nttar 30 day suspension. The youthful Jockeys ran away 'rom Unc-oln Fields, violating their liri.OOO pet- year contracta and when 'ouni! at ihe furrii owned by Ncai's fnthor declared they Intended to desert racing foi farming After a tew wtsiiki of farm llfo they leturn- ed to Chicago and sought Ihe forgiveness of their cmployois. New Jei'Boy Ii forcing a war on Ihe niOiUtillto with a. view to adding SnOOOO.OOO In taxable vuluer tn the itate within 20 yuws llyn Mileilb.Pi' vvlio mav h a \ c In I)e i-diinted out when pro-ipi-eli Jor ltl.1t Dfxvh cup pl.iy me ecinMdpieil ts Hllmer Allison of the double:, Lermi Allison Ii chafinjj under the present lystem which p e i i n l l i W T. Tilden lo slroll In mid n t i l of tlie fold p r o t t v m i i f h ;i* h M A K O A Oi'i K? of a hi cult nmc to scoie aordo put lory on 17- T.iluim ml van t- nwii thf enit «r the Its touchdown and c tr ' fol I 10 * 1 - C(llr a nm row 7 to (i vtc- Mtuou trhool hen Thursday u-ftcrnoiTM. Maroa scored In the ihiul . w h i n a seilea of end tuns by WIKon, ·1 yiiid paj,a, Wilson to Cniueli, nnd phiagsji by Amnuion J"d Waller tutik the hsill to Ceiro CJordo'i five viinl Hue. and Wilson Hlililed Ihe IIIIH four reiidy tit htiirt--MN hliete.U troupn, ri'guiiirx, and two mix I unit of (hi- flrisl und second ti-uniH, one wllh a hhorh tri)n|« line und ri'iftilar luit-k flcM nnd tho other with n rejf 1 *^^ line iifiil Nltix-li Imokflelil, While Koflftic ehui.lflc« ami "Wouldn't the Judge like tf know w h o I'm goltiK to Kturl." fiteffen slunds his giound and counlets with, "I wftn't pick my te«m u n l l l IlooUne sends hH men (into the field." This p re-Ban n speciilntlon miiy have no effect on the milcome, but In n battle as close UH Oils one promises to be a Ivilj'n bieadlb advantage In the filst few mlnules of pluy may no n long vv.iy toward deciding the 1" Irish Nut OvcrMtnfl(lent ing fullback Miillins and liieltle frf-ahy. nil Noire Dant'- |)lnv- e i s are In go'Ml conilllldii. W i t h Mill llns out of u ( t i r n w l l h n lej; Injury, Mumping Joe" Savoldl th Thre" Onlts. M i e h , l l a l i i i n , will be the f l r M tenm fullb.ick A very llghi d i l l ) w« un the jini K i ' i n i for Notie Dume WliiJ. "It Ihey aten't ready for Ibis ti-,1 now Uioy'll nevet be" rommetlted Zuppke Moves Squad To Country Club CHAMPAIGN, Oct. 17-- Illinois' football nqu»d loJny moved to Cham- lffn country club to await Sntur- V'H homecoming Kdme with North- weitcrn. With thousundfi tit h'wili'- cntnera on lhi« rrampun, SSuppke decided to move hid xquad to n quieter locale. Thu lineup In thn final |nucilse, Indlflalcd that Chnttln, Bcr- ry. YunuskuH and Captain Hoblnson rompotip the ittarilntf backfielJ, Ko . , Ing mnmifcttirnd but th»i f paftn attack. Pyrvin to Otno, S«r«I- fey, 1!nm, or K«lUr«, In itt)| btlni Improved. Purvln throw* tht bin ull tv.r Ott pise* am) one ef tht four catcher* alway* «etmi tn bt nhTd it oom** down. Band to P1»y None of tho uam ww Uijur*j by the Decatur tnftul«rn. CUrfc will tw ' at tuchle. )n p)»cs of Sul)1v»n, «br, I in having trouble wlih hli pite, Coach Schultx hops* to prlvt MM of hlit rcftervo a chann* U «bm Uietr ware* Snturd»y. HtaMtnt Finn^gJiii. and Bonley In tht Nek- field, and CrftddlH n"4 BurgtM It (hi* llnfl arc all llhvty n*ti for itrr- ii-e. Th- K«W wl " ht cal)«d U I vlock and Ih* MtUoon Hlpth bud and rininl cropn will bA ntt hut (ft «n'frtnlti the KpccUtor* b«twtM halviii, Th« Mattocn CrOM Cmutrr tram htui no moct thli will get »*w«ll «ftrneJ r York i m l v e j H l t y ' i Vleili-ls mlnlil well li^ 0( .[(| H . "I'vp watnetl liiive Ihel oenl h n r l l e i i l l u i i ^ t i lip In itims. Hefoie Sitmd.iy'- Inn tionnl KIIRII' of Itic H i - ' i lioowever. It well may h S P C A will be tin r i i i r l e i l i i K I h c conipl.ilnt b'ta Chlek join the team Itesjieol, Terh Ti'i Fifteen miles nw:iv llu- Intci see- T^eh -i\\n\ had it-, fliiril worliout -ID Is o v e t . j l h c 1!l B h hclmn] field tit I C l N h i l l ' Unit Ute[Ind. undor I h e l l i i c t t i i n »t ,)ud(: Sleffen, who will f i l m Chkneo l ' Him,' |oltlt 101 the Tailed in The (iv fni i Ih tojti proii\ F nuirn :iv nr nir'isi^ niui i,iuc in uiu i"vi' L I L M U " I L the Texan m.iy mil t r v fni the team i|iiarterback culled Ini a nexl ROCKNF COWRY'S BFST FOOTBALL TEAMS ' NF-JW YORK, Oet 1" - Ktnnc Rockne, N o t i u 1ame foothdll ropieh, selected the ouUtnndlng teami of the countty Thursday night In a radio mldieBH over the National Rto»de;ist- ing ehaln, lie charaeleri/ed Ills own team n.' ·an unknown ( | i i s n l l h " In Iho east ho chose PlttsbuWh. Cuineffle Teeh arid Pennsylviinln, as Ihe three iml- stnndltiK on the bash of early teaaon ihowlngs Hai-vurd, Wenl Point nnd New York university alw look good. IP sakl, Rockne hellcveH Tennessee, Van- derWlt and Georgia nrc the o u t - ^landlnt; ioiilhura teams, and believes NoithWdstern, Wisconsin and Michigan dominate tho middle west. Kansas and Oklahoma uro the beat In the Missouri Valley, ho believes, while Southern Methodist to the oulsland- Intt team In the southweil. Colorado was placed nl the head of Ihc Rocky Mountain conferom-a, and Washington State WB-J lilted bent In the fur west Uteral puss pltiy near hlH own line, Tho ball was fumbled and 10- Cfiverod by Ceiro Oonin, and a pnsi nr.d a ten yard ond run by Ted Hollon brought the touchdown whleh tied tho score. Stulsmiin pliniKrd for point to w;lvo Ceri'O rJotdo lhi vlctoiy JJoth luanib puyi-iJ «ootl bull on .he whole, Maroa qhoivinj; n i e n L Im rovempnl ovei UH perfoi nianec last week, when It was wnllopqd by II- llopolla, 51 lo 0 C K I t l U ) l , l l l , I H ( 7 ) M A U d V tli) , L L I u r M l l L n . L,. . . , li + . r i r . u i M t'i it HI, ii i-tin, 11 I I ' l i u l m n i i ',,!,.. IK rt. Unul'II 1 ' l L l l I l i '' l l " i l i i l l |'.,,|,,l .IT |t, lltlltll IllnlNil' j t ll, Hill M. V H I i l , t " .,, In, S t . l l l l l K sliilHiiuin ill 11'. Aminniiit ,i Miiiin, ih iii, r."iix k' I [m ton 1)1 Meelviu'-, N Y, ('. vmlels JIM- of th non-til i ihhlnff \ : i r ( M y (in i h e Cool I].ill f I f i d and e l f e u h i ' t e N. Y. I', Favored Nt-\\ York iiitiverl-'ly, -is .1 m i l l ' 1 1 ii| f,n-l Is ltl*IUl^h' f,I Veil I'd In llc- f t a t M l . s u n r i M e i l v i n ,nid his men even go so f i t ii-i l ( exiiliiln t l i i i the KUtne at Ynnltx 1 St i d i u n i mil ho i n t l u ' i In tin' 11:1(1111- of n tunf- up fin the r(i|i(p\e,lii|; week's j'inie ,ijrnirit the K i i i ' l h E i m t mi', Iipmi l l n i l l n u th I'elil. Hi'- M l -- o i n l i n i i n t l i n . t n lln-li .11 l i t il I t i i i l thi'\ might lave honii-thltiK (if » '*iiilirl-'lng nnd i n j i l e i i H i n t m i l i i i r ' \it show Iheli- tl- The Violets rue noL hiding ihelr lends in iippichMisloii over this l u e n l , however They look for- vaid lo winning bv fioin Ihiei 1 to ·-Ix touehilown-,. whU'h is winning ii« frinlbrill games fio hes-e days II niny be closer than hal, although there Is, nu doiilit ( h n l Mechnn's aggree;n1ton has n ileeidod 'dge up- i WO-- 11 1 Mi"' » I D H l -- MeHl!lM'f«l»TM ' 1)01-- V d t t h i»as -- [Illn'-l- (jiOj-- UHlinl Ult)(t-- I l l l i i f l K I D -- lIl'l'Ol j 4 » t l - . . 1 I U m i l i 101^«« N'n t l ' w im_juiTitis 1H4-- llllno« l(IU~ t l l l l i e i l i 111:)-- ItHlinl* SI it ! 17 111 I null i; l ill ni] i IJ llllllds n Iilni'ili 1-UBDUB ON EOAD CHICAGa" "oct 17--Purdue's »«iu»d of 36 players left her* Friday Jter nn ovefnlitht *tny tn route to Iowa The Botl«rmakor«, defending fila T«n ohsmploiiff will pr»ctlic this ·ftomoon txt Cedar Esipida, la., continuing to Iowa City early Saturday, TODAY'S GAMES nlxiuli v* Million. Mil I lie in 1 u n L i i t l l l u l i 'it HIiniilililKlcn . 'lni[tiiniKii in 1'e.niln rciiuni fnliln nt I . t m n l n llniiiim-iinitiiK , t u kHonilll" lit siiiltmtl^ld Itlnoll] (tt I lUVllK'J HI V l l ' l l l i n OK AM VAU.I'.V VUlft Clro^(^ nt A t ' nln Homunt in sulllMin Tuvalu at A t t l u i r Nflivinan at SUIe*ll Botliuny nt r ,o WISCONSIN HOPEFUL OF WINJOVER PENN lUj I H i l l a l'nn.1 1 MADISON, Wh., Oct t7 -liven "Olooiny nidi" Thlsllethwalte, Wm- eonsln eoneh. could find tittle vonson foi pessimism na the Badgeis taper ,,, off for Raturtlny's Intel iccLlona elnsh with Pen nay I van In. Every mim her of Thlstlethwoltc's three vnriltt) learns was in good condition and fl nil^practlae Inilleated thai the flc]ilru Is ready for Ihe test, Thl^tlothwallc expectt n fiee scoilng contest anc plnns to use three eomplete back flclch (Hulnff Ihe same ftt N t nun toil al eJ Stlotb,vvlho Jit nut it j Blue Mound at Mnoon Cialcvroufl nt T. C High Ityrmor C h lty nt Wtrrosl, Hnmmond nt Ml. Klon. Molina At K u w n n n c rrfifl^vlllfl ttt BrliJ pfflporl l^obtnqfrn n.t LftwrcttiemUlf 1,ttrov lit Pnxlevn, innrijo Bt Rhhuwortli. t . Q X I t l K l O l l tit CtlDhOU Ci«luliuiir at Rook Inland (N). U. Hlch »t strenior (N). N^rmnt nt Cllntnn (honi«eonilhp(;, . Churl enton nl Brtidlsy (N) Monmoulli nt Coo. ncKnlb »t illlnnlH col let .· , M«K«nelro nt St. Viator, BOTII a,AlM in\t :in\i,'i COLUMBUS. O. Ocl 17--Both Ohio State and Michigan claimed ex tensive hospital lists on the eve o Ihelr Impottant conference Ranio a Memorial atndtuni Tine Wolverine arrived Prltlav, with Coach Klpke es pressing doubt that Auer and Sum ue!s, slur lack tea, and Daniels, var alty end, would be able to play Coach Wlllaman of Ohio counterc with pessimistic reports on the con dltton of We s Fealer, all-Amor k and, and Haubrecht, veteran tackle, 1 CIANTg BEAT CARDINALS [Bit lf«((«t Prest.l NEW YORK, Oct. 17,--Benny Friedman's New York Giants defeated Ernie Nevcr's Chicago Cardinal* 25 to 12 In a professions! football game at the Polo grounds here Friday nlfjht. 11AIN filtKKTS ItOOSlKHS N P J P p n l i i l I ' l l - - 1 JHNNI3APOIJS. M i n n , . , nclcment wctilher KrULiy ihretiti-neil o provide additional woirles foi the VAgM members nf (In 1 Cnmi whleli dt'feuletl ^ind-i' Kiwne. a7-*. on Curlier field In IH'JH lire mini In-red nutniic "il" M'"'"''* iipTB" 1 B |1 linn. Nul re Diime Is iinxiom I" ii%'liKi- tli'fenl-, Mtlfered In IB'Jii anil 1!MK and ( iirneKli' Ttt-li Ims (is e.M- 1111 ii imtlumil fontbull ell:i1liplnnHlll]. Judge Sleffcn i h i n l t ^ httfhly nf h:*- lentn nnd b-llcves he h-i-. In McC'ut- |dv, KniTlt,. Di-ehliai Jiml 1, l-'lanngni. ·n l l g h t l j r r n r nf the belt jilayi-M in the land A fi-w bets \vi-le ni-ule ill even neiney lodiiv bv i h c t n l v i i n i e tiiiAid he ciuvul of fjl.0110 tthii-h 1- e\pt" i! lo see tho gnnii- In tin ^en-- 'f the uord Is N o t i c Panic- the uu lertlog. but Caincgle Tech Is con Idcred no woi se Ihmi a 50-SO shot I'he natives Imven'L forgotten thill H2R defeat the f u s t in 'Jl yc-trs nl ionic for a TJoli r D i m e cleicn HAWIls'wANT WIN iliv CjiilHl I'p, ^^ 1 IOWA ClTY.Mti Oet 17 -IowaV ootball Mqund tiidiiv was Keyed fot ^Ytiudiiy'.-, game wllh Purdue, rctUI^- nu t h a t victory e n r i l e s the oppor- unMy to avrnwo Iowa's suspension 'Kim lhe*T-(lg Ten and 10 cmlttrn*» s(hauls which lefuscd to hook the Oct IT IvnJ coaches In Saturday's ir ntnl be- ween Minnesota and Indiana Tin In ind sleet have trnnfifoimed Northup flold Into a iuagmlrc nnd probably vll) prevenl the use of al- SPEED-- You'll enjoy howling on the fast, speedy alloys here. And your auore Is accurate for there are no DIM or grooves. Try bowling on these alleys today . , . for health, exercise and pleasuie. Decatur's Bowling Parlor 530 N. Water Hnwks u l t e i llii-y league. Pittdue Ten foe and a victory Ihe Hawks U head the conference in to 111" Iowa's only Bin enable ;icrcentii|ir has his (cum m top condition nnd will gamble everything to win. Play Golf On the Sporty Inadore Golf COURSE All Ihe features and fun of big game-- Smooth greona, sa traps, rough*, and bunkers-- In miniature. Wraps checked fi^c, 532 L ELDORADO 110 FALL TOPCOATS TO CHOOSE FROM Tweeds, Cheviots, Llami Cloths $25, $29.50 Value Supreme Afore Quality tmd Style Than Evtr! "D-K" SPECIAL FALL SUITS Suiti marked by finer fabric*, finer needlework .nid umaitcr tiylet than *JO ever bought before. Every man who «*e* them t«y they »re great valued. Harl S«haffn»r Mnnt Suiti Bciwr Vkhiea (hnn you've neon In yearn Mor* V«lu* Gordon WowUd Hurt, 8«h»Hn«r ft Men$35 $5° Drobisch-Keiser I tit NORTH WATER ftTBBICT NFWSPAPFK!

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