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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 26, 1859
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MILWA11JKEE, EE NEWS. THE DAILY NEWS. FCBLtE&Kb trr " '*•_' & L.AXHKUP jnaxni tiTHnor. ^ . v _ . .__ :^ • mo, OK sustw Bruin, >ua WILTS* BOOM, »ily i'sper, published every morning, except Monday .-Weekly Paper, Monday, "VTeanesday «nd Frldcy. tf^kly P«i<er, every Tuesday morning. TERMP OF DAILY PAPEB. O«:ly Paper for oat year, payable In ad ranee . , TERM6OF TR1-WEEKLV PAPEE. trl- Weekly Paperfor one year, paj'ableln advance. TFRMS OF THE WEEKI.V PAPfcH Weekly Paper for one year, payable In advance...|1,00 U.VI I-SOF AI'VCnTIMIVJJ IN DAM/i Ten lines, or less, of Nonpareil makes square. J square, 1 day:.. . .Jl.OO 1 ' do. 1 do. 1 do. » do. 1 do. I do. K do. 2 days 8day« ... 2,00 4 davs — S,6o Odan, .... 8,00 Iwwi 8,80 2 we-IB.'. . 4,00 -8 w ks.... 5,00 1 square, 1 month.. .| 6,00 1 do 2 months.. 10,08 1 do Smooths.. 13,01 I do 4 months.. 16,01 1 do 6 months.. 16,01 1 do 8 months... 50,00 1 do ) year.... 80,00 Rounds & Langdon, AIM I ISTISIIVC; AGENTS, I SA Hunilolpli street, are auOurriatd to re- ceint Advert ;,et>,r»u for Mt and all the Leading f'ajifrt of the Northwest, and are the OBIT and \ -i.Dsivai.Y a-uffiorterd Agent* in the KorOintut far a majority of them. IN TOWN AND OUT OP IT. MARK M. POMEEOY, Editor. >lrtcnrolog-i< Record, for June 28, 'S» e,.i i-y C. II OARDI EH * CO., Druggists, 18 ttprlng THERHOKETBil S P. K. 66 c « tr. a 69° a For Telegraph and Commercial tnattert sec Fourth Page tbeJJewhall . - ALL THE TASHIOK. — Sunday dinner at GRAPES.—The grape crop of Ohio prom ises to be uu usually large this year. Should & man be cent to the penny tcntiary for counterfeiting the new oente ? THE Re IKS.—Workmen are already busily engaged clearing »wny the rains from th« lots bnrn^a over by the lale firt. Ooe of our compositor* says hie appetite for coffee Las lean ap-peor-od since he began living at his present boarding house. The Custom House and Post Office at Q-alena, are Hearty completed. The building is described as a magnificent one, second only to the Milwaukee Custom House On learning that an Anreolite had fallen in Oswego county, the.New York Tribune sent a reporter out to describe it. He came back and said it was so hot he could not get near enough to it to give & description ! NUMIiKR 2:51 NOKM PufaBTTlEIAIt CHTOOR.—The afternoon service of lour chnreh is Lew»fler changed from 3 to 4 *. *., on Sunday*. T. W. Brown will be present; at the Good Templar Festival In tliii eily on the SOth tnst. The attendftnoe promises to be large. Tickets trill be eold to all points on the Chicago and Northwestern Railway, on the 4th of July, at half fare, good to return on Ibe 5th. Land sales are quickening a very little at the U. S. Land Officu Ibis mouth, several partita from a distance, are locating farm* in tbis neighborhood.— Pinery. The temperance people of Lake Mills, and those connected with toe societies in Waterloo, Portland, &o , trill celebrate the 4th on the banks of Book Lake, where the temperance camp meeting was held last year, by a pic-nic and good time generally Friends from other sections will be welcomed cordially. — « «. i— ^ There was great excitement in Kansas 3ity some days since, on the introduction of a water-cart to fprinkle the streets. Tins boys inrrahed, the newspaper re-porters followed it rom street to street to see bow it worked, and a good heartrd old woman ran out to inform the driver that all hit water tca» toastin'. A -GOOD OHB.—ThilrM. &:M. E. B. Co. have plapcd at each end of each bridge on their road, a «ign board on which is painted in largd letters, "Slow." The object of this is to inform the engineer that be must pall Dp on the iron horse and pass over bridges la a more dignified style, but some sbeesfcks at Whitewater has painted on the sign at tbe bridge there, just under the word "Slow," the shorter one, "p»y." To look at the board as it now stands.-the idea is that the road ia slow pay, Iral va are aesBrefl, ye^^-positively as- •nred that there ii no ground for snob a supposition I WISCOHSIS TBOUT LAW.—No person shall take by any device, contrivance or means , any brook tiout within.any ol the treams or waters of Wisconsin, between "the irst day of Crtober and the first day of March ollowing; and no person shall at any tirr/e take brook trout with, any net, seine, wire basket, spear, grapple, trap, or any device whatever, except Look and line; and whoso- ver is convicted of doing so shall be subjected o a fine of not less than one dollar, nor more ban ten dollars. D THING —A movement is on foot among the responsible circus and Wnagerift managers, to hold a convention in New York or Cincinnati, this winter, to devise means to protect the r -potation of respectable shows, and tOVot a thorough circus sfiow reform.— Tbe plan proposed is to select a committee of threes very year to icspect the advertising bill* of all the shows, and to inquire into complaints. Tbe committee will forbid the printing of sbow>bills which promise performances that are not to be fulfilled in good faith, and publish in all the newspaper* in the country , a the expense of the orgm. i^tmu, those who do not comply from week lo week, and force into liquidation all companies that do not comply with their contracts. A code of regulations for employees, particularly, In regard to good conduct, ia to be prepared for the signatures of all tbe attach**, » bretroh «f which fa to elleut .he discharge and d«bar the offender from employment In either of the companies of tbe organization. . jg^B* Richmond's advertisement, weisec he is to Ulkeitter inside of outside of hispid church, till* evbning. The Hector's top tnnt isall right on tii3"8kew.geel" 1 \ ••';•: Lj »,«_- ' • 19* FODETH or JOLT.—A large our most InflDenllal and patriotio cltizeus rjiei last night at thej rooms of the United States in* surance Company, and laid oat k programjnei fora huge celahration oo the 4th of Jnlyi-4 The proceedings will be published In full'lri oar ntxt issue. • it Is DOW positive that -wi are to have a celebration. | > Dtevrnril. ay or Friday last, somewhere In the «tree» ' „,, o' Ul *' clt Z of Milwaukee ten or tweln STstEET ' coMMiaaioRim'g OIRTIPIOATK on iota m u>i< city, for fining :an4 1mpro*io£the tame, amounting 10 about 11,800 or \\JSW. They were made out parable to Daniel Kelly 0' the Bgrjlh Ward. Some of them were «n- dorseO. The finder will receive the above reward by returning them to the subscriber. Tbey can be of no AMUSEMENTS . K O K T 1 I K K K . BM to the.flti'dcr, at payment hai been (topped. DANIEL KELLY-, Ooraer of DUabetb and Cook sn., N I (J H T S , "N • ATUIIDAl . MM 2511., 2711, THE OKIulNAL AN* WOR1J3 Ice (/ream and Stnwbern Sor;;il)i>. T I1S Church ,>f .d- pilgrim. t>.,in« n.-ar t«! ..n Us r'u.Hl««i in I Ifrioml* ;,r.|»>»" *••»,,„.-. 1 I A I ( i A I'M KKI N' . dedication THE FAMILY .— T|»«j The guillotines of France are constructed something like the pile-drivers at work on V*al Water street—the difference being that bey art painted red, having a knife weighing 50 Ibs., instead of a huge block of iron, and laving also Fom« beautiful machinery for hold- ng the criminal, and placing him under the c. It only takes a mi note and a half to send man out of this life, and frequently that mo scarcely elapses from the moment be la rooght from the prison to the time be is trot-ed ofl in a coffin to his last earthly home. "Oh dear, I've dropped a stitoh last linking of how fashion* widden"—said Mrg tberton to her poor Timon, after returning om a party where they had been dancing " here is such a variegation between onr old anoea, Timon, and Ike ones of ibe present.— hen we used to dance the monkey mask, ranch floors, and sich, while now Its all ostilliODB, squad-drills and tbe gal angers." be poor old lady overcome by her thought, ere fell asleep and tbe cat commenced play- ig with W ball of yarn. My daughter has been ruined by a heartless scoundrel I 1 ' said a doting father to a neighbor "Oh," replied hi* friend, "that it "• notbing to my trouble—my daughter has mar- rie<J a black republican ! " OOD SPUNK.—Tho rsday, an Irish woman arrived in this city,having walked in three days all the way from Portage. Her Patrick was here on a spree, when she beard of it, and came in after him. We pity Pat when beget* home. SERVICE. — The as the Wisconsin , was in error in regard to the services at the Dnitarjan Church to-day. Rev. Mr. Bush of Boston officiates in the afternoon, and the converted Brahmin, Rev. Mr Qhan" gooly, in the evening. E3?" AQUATIC — We notice about Spring Street Bridge any quantity of river craft, from the common scow to the slender out rigged skeleton, or tbe more handsome boat belonging to some club. BT>at riding is becoming fashionable now that warm weather is coming ALAEM or FIRE —Yesterday the roof of the Junean Block took fire while some were soldfrine or repairing gutters on it, and the firemen called out. The flame was subdued h"fore damage was done, and before tbe engines arrived. Penonivl. Ex-Gov. Seymour, of New York, and his No poultice has ev«- been discovered to draw out a man'* Tirtups BO fully as tbe sod which covers his grave — Exchange Don't know about that. We have seen lots of men from whom all virtue had been drawn out, but the tod of the grave did not cover them, nor does it yet. Jg®"MHNICIPAl. CoUBT—HIS HONOB JCDOX FOOTE PBESIDINO—SArrraDAv, Jnne 26.— Miller, disorderly, fined $1 and oests. committed to jail in defanlt of payment. Chas. and H. Fettingoe, disorderly; fined $1 and costs each. Philip Jacobus, assault and battery; fined $10 and costs Execution issued. THE FOOETB AT MINERAL POIHT.— The "old 'nns' 1 are to be on hand at the celebration cf the 4th. by the people of Iowa Co., at Mineral Point. Gen/Benry Dodge is to be President of the day. Gen Wm R Smith is to read the Declaration of Independence, and John Bracken is to be Marshal. Hon. Martin P. Sweet, of Freeport, 111., will be tbe orator PERDITION BATCEB THA.K THE OOSPCL.— Eev. Mr , an eccentric preacher in Michigan, was holding forth not long since in Detroit. A young man arose to go out, and the preacher said: "Young man if you'd rather gotojbell than hear me preachy on may go!" Tbe sinner stopped and reflected a moment and Buying respectfully, "Well, I beli, vel would,'' wanton, c SLEEPING CAKB FREE or EXPEHSK.—It is said that it is the intention of the Pennsylvania Central road to make the sleeping oars free for first class passengers, instead of as now, charging 60 cents extra for a berth. If tbis is true, no doubt our northern roads will do the same. Such bids for the public patronage are legitimate enough, and tbe more we see of them, the more marked will be the attention of the public carrier to passengers' comforts, and tbe more active the energies for achieving a perfect system ot railroad management. The Cambridge Chronicle says that a gentleman visited one of their fashionably bnilt churches, for the purposes of worship, and on asking the sexton lor a srat, he replied, "We naye plenty of seats- io^let, sir 1" The sexton, however, not withstanding hfs onrt answer, condescended to show the stranger to a •eat - At the close of the services, the gentleman inquired for the Treasurer of the Society and ascertaining the price for one/ear, he qni- etlyfnanded him tbe amount, with the request tiatthB»e*t might be'Veserred for strangers. 1 ' estimable lady, arrived at Detroit on Friday evening, en route for tbis State, where we were happy to learn from them they design to sojourn for a season. They expect to arrive here to-morrow, via Detroit & Milwaukee Railway, and will soon proceed to Green Bay. Oov. S. has acquired an extensive knowledge of our State, from personal observation, and very justly esteems the Foi River region, and its scenery, as peculiarly attractive and interesting, and therefore he, like a very sensible man, as ho is, oomei out here to enjoy it. t&~ FBUITS.—We notice in the markets ripe cherries from tbe south, strawberries from Michigan and from this State, and early gar den sauce from tbe gardens in this vicinity, in great plenty. Strawberries and cherries are selling at twenty-five cents a quart—stemi thrown in. We can see no reason why early fruits should be so high b«n>, but suppose i 1 is owing to tbe anxiety to make a good profit, and make us lovers of snob delicacies r ay for their tastes. If farmers would pay more attention to raising berries, cherries, plums, apples and such fruit, they would add to their profits, as there is always a demand. Oranges and lemons are more plenty, and much cheaper here than are apples, a fact we cannot account for Grow more fruit, and increase your profits. OUT IK THE COUNTRY.—People who bave notbing to do this warm weather, should shut their window blinds, look their doors, fasten their gate, pack up their children, dismiss their servants on parol, put some money in their pocket, and go out in the country and enjoy life for a few weeks. Go to Sparta on a treating excursion ; go to Rilbonrn City and gee nature i go to Appleton and hunt for squirrels, etc. ; go to Green Bay for more trout and more fun ; go up north-west and rough ft with the Indians, and become ragged and stout , or go out iii Rock, Wai worth or Waukesha counties, and eat strawberries. Take your wife and little ones oat for a play spell, and don't take more of the dost, noise, clatter, clamor, rattle, buttle and confusion of city life than you are actually obliged to, when you can enjoy yourselves so well and cheaply, at so little expense. CATHOLIC AKD CHBISTIAH SEBTICI. —We notice, as a religions service not usual among Congregational Churches, the adminis- tion of the ordinance of Baptism, by immersion, in tbe Baptist Chnreh (Dr. Piper's,) this Sunday afternoon, by Rev. Mr. Day, Pastor of tbe Church of the Pilgrims; the applicant for admission to this Church preferring Baptism in the form practised among our Baptist Churches. Such a service seems to be an approach to that universal fraternity and fellowship among Christians which the power of enlarged Christianity is so well calculated to produce in tbe hearts and lives of all who willingly and fully submjf themselres to ill transforming power. The administration of the ordinance, at we learn, will be preceded by a sermon from EOT. Mr. Day; service to commence at three o'clock. otmiH or JtiLy CuiBBiTiOB.—We are to hare a Fourth of July celebration here after all. Caleb Wall has taken the matter in band. The rotunda at Albany Hall win be made the center of the operations and attraction. The celebrated Peak family (the Swiss Bell Singers) will be here and will be employ, ed to give several of their unrivaled entertain* ments during the day in the hall, tbe price of admission to which wttl be pat at the low sum of ten cents, so that ereiy person, children and all may come in and enjoy themselves. There wiU be other amusements and entertainments whioh will be both agreeable and attractive, snob, as music during the day, talking perhaps, fire works'in the erening, with balloons, &o. It is to be a eheap and agreeable'affair tbe like of which has not been before known in the city, and Ml} no doubt attract crowds, "who will bare a good time. ODE PROGRAMME —The Gradam has changed hands, has another proprietor and •ditor, and it is under these circumstances but due to its patrons and the public in general, that tbe political tendency whioh the paper will hereafter pursue, flionld be clearly denned at the outset, in a few brief remarks. With the beginning of next month, tbe name Oradaus will be discontinued, and lli« name Milwaukee Volktblatt (paper for the people,) will be established instead. It will always defend democratic principled and democratic measures ; but at the same time it will occupy a free and independent position within its own party, and in opposition to those opposing it. It will be an organ of the democratic party, because frith all her faults, it holds her principles for the best—but at the same time it will use its best efforts to correct those faults which the democratic party has 'm common with others. But we do not Intend tn quietly pass tbrm, as a necettary nil, from one generation to another. Oar paper will bo free and independent of all -political cliques, of whatever nature they m y be, and whatever n&m« they may bear. We shall look to tbe wants and guard the interests of tbe people .to the best ol our ability, and the will of tbe majority rnnnt be law. The above clearly eipressed principles will guide the political portion* of oar paper. W« are not in a position to state how Tar it will be in onr power to assist in the develop men I of the material resources of our country, and particularly of those of our adopted State We shall, however, in tLie respect, not be found deficient ID zpal and industry, and sLmi in no case neglect tn iwy -very attention to all those material questions and interests on which the development of a new country and of its people so much depends We shall regard those question! which aro tbe nearest at hand, and which afiVct most directly the interest of oar fallow oituons, a> the most important, and so treat them We shall struggle for the welfare of all, and In doing no, shall strive U> attain that which is In the reach of possibility, and not rnn the risk of losing sight of reality in the vain attempt to gain impossi- tiea. We shall endeavor to retain for our pa Irons and ourselves what has been gained by exertions, during former years of struggle, and in the defence of riyht truth and independence, shall never forget that all writing avails but little in comparison to the overpowering might of requirements and relations based upon facts. We hope in onr endeavors, which are guided by the sincere wish that the welfare of the whole may be advanced, and the will of tbe people be law, to gain the patronage of onr fellow citizens. The fnturu course of our paper will show whether we are worthy of such patronage, and as regards tbe editorial part, it will neither be deficient in industry nor exertion, In order to attain a successful result — Qradaut. The above is a translation of tbe announcement of Mr. Hertzberg, who has recently purchased the Orad Aut, and will hereafter publish It. We learn that Dr. Vette, who is well and favorably known as an able and staunch democratic editor, will preside over the editorial department of the paper, and will make It a very readable and interesting sheet. Mr. Hertzberg has had experience as a publisher, baring been for some time associated with the lamented Fratney, in tbe publication of the Voltafrtund. We extend to him a cordial Welcome on : bis retnrn to the business, and wish him success. He is a good democrat, and will publish a paper worthy of the support of our German citizens. We like his pro- gramme, add know that be will perform all Swiss Brll Ringers, at Albany Hall.last nigfit,' drew I lid Urges Ii \ audience we lmve seen oDl- tliis season, and! not a poison present but was: agreeably disappointed at tlio wouJr-ffal skjjllj pf the psrformet^ Tbey hare a world-will* reputation, won in this, as well as in the did- countries, and are sustaining U In thobeatpog ' sible manner. The tidy Swiss dregs gave them a beautiful appearance, while tbe musical skill displayed tended to make this the most; musical entertainment we have had in a long time "Lisette's EssolnUoD," l,y the charming; little Llsette, waa beautifully gunif, and loudly applauded, as wa3 "Margie by my Side," by i Master Eddie. The violin solo, and the bcjll solo, in which W. £]. Peak played thirty-six bells, were alone Worth twice the prlca of *d- missiou. Our citizens should not lose this opportunity to hear this talented troupe, as their entertainments are; of the most wonderful aqd Interesting kind.. The*, plojr on Monday tSS Tuesday evMningi,and we promise them crowded houses. NOTlOfc. Orrr CosOTaou.1 'sOrrici, I OontractlDepartbient, Milwaukee, JuneZO, ISM. f T HB foDowlog Is a schedule of lots frontier on 9th street, Intths 24 Wa»di of Mltwuuit*. and an «•- sesimrn* of tb« benefits lo the respective lots, accruing from repairing- t'.e street and ilJewalks an.l gutters m front of Mie ««m-, in tt>« mar.nrr j,rescrtt>?rl In th - 1 1 m --•" '—lien*! tlu City B ,|!ln-«r. J U. BlUNINU. LOOTS AfJKK. Sir.el l"t,miiii»ianrrs. MI 117 1*7 1»I 193 \<m 181 18J ISl 181 181 181 181 W 168 181 «. L'U. ID IT IS i« 14 1* 14 12 11 10 9 10 It 10 S.M'4 47,00 4,r» /•• "I,, ,„,„<,, TlVKflO ' Will, ,H«f ,..,!,„ II \ »' is 11, V (I 1 r-.. ,, F. t Vs. Iv I t i it N i r i 23.6U 0831 BELL RINGER »51 , Olr • . 13 £0 •M 09 »s,6» SU ,, Comptroller. OF TWEI.VK M1K H It t •-, •;• . iy A MI i ,N«I -, f \l » ,,,< • •• . H . .• ' -V , Norlhrra and V annnunt?* 1 Uirt-* .r ih^ itji si ^t» »l.,,v *UIi. H tprn Tour ,,f 13.V* i n ,, | NOTICE CITT ConrTiouLta's Qtsia Contract Department, June 25,18C9 PASTORAL. — " Let all things be dooa decrntly and In order." Beloved Book : Tp make all things clear, I announce: 1. When your faithful, loving, truthful paj. tor was attacked by folly and malice, hie promised to use every power of his brain, evrf canon of (he church, and every quibble of the law—and more, to prevail. He is keeping bb promise. 2. By tbis means, his legal advijsr declares that he has " resigned"—in the terms of the Ecclesiastical sentence, made at tbe farce, iB St. JanW Church—'- resigned St. Paul's Parish." He might as well resign Milwaukee, So says the lawyer. Therefore, 1 announce myself as B^otor of St. Paul's Church, and also of the Ohuroh of St. Paul 3. Therefor*: I shall be ( D V.) at the Church of St. Paul, in Albany Hall, at 8 1-2 a. m., and 4 1-2 p m. (this Sunday, Jane 26th) in lish, and .at 3 p. m. In 0«rman. At 10 1-2 a. m , 2 and 7 3-4 p m., I shall be at St. Paul's Church, inside or outside, according to event* RIOBMOIID, Rector. T HE Common Council by resolution a<lopt?<i JUDC country «i i 20,1899, having concurred U> the rMrcomemla- or( |, r a,, ln , n t *k._.a.__.* n— . i - r .a. _ n.i. m. . ... t ™ • O »VlUg 63 Lancashire <-n!y tfl • • :l. * i ^h*«t ol l»r lor>,T. tloo of the'Street Commlsslooers of the 8th Ward, It is entered: That a sewer be constructed tifSth avenue from Bcott- atrect to W.aih|»Kton str«et, and In Washington ttreet, fc—,om lo 4lh aveniJe, Sth Ward, In ace rdince with I the pltn and specifications of the uiry Engineer, on me tn the Comptroller's office. Owners of property on said streets are hereby notl- ' The ah..7« Company fled to construct said sewer within twanty-:wo rlayi ' OO^TCME, ac lh*> ,r[n from thlf date, or the Street Commissioners of the Sth Ward, will cause the same to be done snd chared MODS. Jean Alfred Fays, Sole Violinist, from the Theatre >!»,«..!,>.,.,.,. W- H. PEAK. to the respectlTe lou, according to lav. B-ll I e h,-en sttem. te-l Hi*;>i-r ,.j£ . - v F W - .t , - J Je2t-d6t K. L'H OARDISKR, NOT1CK. CrrT CoKFTBouju'a Ornci Contract Department, MIL, Jone !8, 1569 _ _ It is absolutely insulting to be turned ofl with such twaddle, when he who read U ooold Bave written a •• Pome" with some rim in it, some sense and some nonsense, which woo Id have t**. n far preferable to an effusion containing neither. —//oriron A rgu, So It i». Bnt what else oiuld we do? All the leading editors of the city went out of town. Gen. King left a lawyer to write and deliver an address, and to make the thing eomplfU-, w« had Ri.'hmoDd write a pr*-m that morning and WH read It, but when publishing it, g,v- ihe aothor'* name Had King written au &ddr^s, (t.- convention would have had another aud a | 'lifl, rvnt style of poem, wliioh »om« few hive j caid will surpass the off-band p. oduotion uf | the " Conqueror.'' Let the wolf ho»l. W 0 bave taken a tilt with «arh individual editor in the State ^ne »t a lime, and thought it would be fuu i. n , ,u a pile, all who might feel pugnaciously disposed. T HE Common Council, by resolution idopte.l June 20th, 1S59, having concured In the recommendation of the Street Commissioners of the M W»r '. It Is Ordered. That SIS street and sidewalks firm Wlnn,b«(fo ttrpel to Vltet street, In the 2nd Ward of the City of \Mvau- ter, be graded to the established gradr, sidewalks I curbed and planked, ffutt^rs psved and itceet £T veled to accordance with plan and estlmatr of the City Engineer, on file In the Comntro ler*! office. Omers of property on aald strret ara hereby oott- jfled to make the above Improvements wuhln twenty-iwo days fronj date, or the S'leet Commissioner) of the '2nd Ward will cause the same to be dooe. and charred I to the respective lots, according to l«w. never EP~ f &f~ T'rltrtx r-,ti,-e< 10 -. far Tickets r,, r .»,- 4 t &T Sale of TlCt M U) ,' urtjay tnor:nn.r, oo Tickets rorta'.ly 0 i sj fcs? Oonrs ( ,pn, it T ^ «emw rrserv.'.l f , u.i,,,. ,l)T. r .l -ih-r _'- OUEi N r,,,.,,* CITY ^- U "4. I. O. OF (,. T. je26-d«t K L'H. OABDINEK, Co-nptrnller «Mir Opening WILL COME -if AT ALBANY IX THIS CITY. .)N Thursday Evening, June 30th. ,ll HALL NOTICE CITT CoiipfROLLJB'ii Ornci, , OootTstct Department, Mllw&ake«, June 2£, '69. ( Common Oouncll by r*»oluitoD nlopt^l Juti*? iu, A 1859, hiring concurred tn the recommeod&iioo of the Sirefll Comm siioocrs of the Bit, W.vrd, it la ir- jdered : Th*. fcf.ner.vl itrpet »nJ iMevatki fr'jm 1st tu 2-1 Avenue, tub Ward, be grtdtfd to the eatabhsbrd fTud- tod tldeVsUks pl&Dked accordti.^ to thr plan and p*n -*""" of tbe C ty Earlnetrr, an Cle m the Cociptrol er'i ier«hf ootifl \ N AOIiRi.-tf WILL BK LKL BRUW>, £4it. r .,f th- '• W r- > KRKI) H V r W C^~ Music w »n<i, 'lanntf tt t^ The pr-j<: | T-mplnn Hall Q&C9 OWD«T» of proper 1 / on i-vld itre«i are her«h ed to make »«Jd improvement! wutiiD twvotv twa day from Milts, or the Street Or.mmlMioaeri --f ih« ii Ward will caute Ibe »»me U> be do-e »:.d ;har.;f<i t ibe reflpecUre lot*, ficcordlng to la.*. je2«-<J&* v t. L'tt. G&RD1N KK, Tom; troiier NOTICE CITT - O*FT«OLL««'» o/nc«, ( Contract Department. June :..% 15&9 t T HE (olio*Inn l! » -chrdule of biocki tvn>J i..t> <Q f NsDt', Ward, *"tty of Milwaukee, declared mi aa o aod an aKte*-m«ct of benefit* an 1 .larna-^."! it- •. . -.1 i-; ^ho tame by the abating of the natcanct* th<rrr< >n JOHN LAt'BE'HK1MEK H RL'ECKERTr, Street C'.mri .... ,[,-•- "<l ! A H H I l< I, I. h L L rR.iL'Ni-t U H KM/HI Ki '••. mm it t i*v : \ Tin- MILITARY BALL ! >l HI H ( > \ i i ii t i ic 11 > i \\ \ T K . I ••» N h \ I l K r| MM t . ~ r K i-: t. r K X I » >T1( '!• A New York critic »ay« Cortasl, th« prlma donna, "has an utter abandonment'that ia prodigiously effective, bat it is not an artistic on*- it is tbe same as that of a washerwoman in her wildest ragi-." Is a wasbprwoman wilder than, other women?—Boston Pott. We should gay yes, as they often "go to lee in a tub," while otner woman would not for a moment think of such a thing ! LUNATIC ASYLUM COSTRAOT.—Col. Bird not having signed, the award was made to Mr. Prym, who also did not come to time The next lowest bidder was J. Perkins, who gav« bonds, and has tbe contract.— A rus that be promises. The war In Europe, " Richmond the Conqneror," and the Milwaukee Light Guard, continue to monopolize the public interest.— Wiscontin Chief. The Light Guard having returned the " Poem" comes on in their place. B^~PtJTTINO TH« A.BOVS THE IRISH. —The Cleveland (0.) Herald, a le.ding Black Republican paper, says : "We unhesitatingly aver that seven-tenths of the foreigners in our land, who bow in obedience to the will of the Pope of Rome, are not as intelligent as the full-blooded Africans of our State— we will not include tbo psrt- bloods." ALAS I POOR RICHARD I—Dick Gore, who has been among the most subservient adherents to Buchanan—run a newspaper for no other purpose only to shout peans In his praise, has had to walk the plank I He is removed from the Postofflce at Ozankee to give place to his opponent, John R. Bohan. " Republics it ungrateful," ain't they, Richard ?_ Madison Journal. "Dick Gore I' 1 That's the unkindest out ot all—to decapitate him, and then publish him under an assumed name. " Dick Gore!" The Journal chap has evidently been gored by one or two hornt himself lately. The work on the new mills, is progressing rapidly, and the energetic manner in which the proprietors go about H, Indicates an early completion. The saw mill, being built by Mr. Rich, will be completed In September next.— Horicon Aryux. ODD FBLLOWB' CBLKBHATIOK AT MATTILLB —Tbe Odd Fellow's in this vicinity will celebrate "Independence day" at Mayville. L B. Hills, Esq , of Waupnn, will deliver an address, and the officers ol Da P»ge Lodge will be Installed on the occasion. Pio nic In the grove, in tbe afternoon, and danoe at Phelps' in tbe evening.— Horicon Arqu* GRAIN in ADAMS COUNTY.—We are informed by Mr. P S. Holl«nbeck, who has just re- tamed from a trip to Adams county, that a number of fields of rye have already been out In lhat section, tba frost having injured It to such an extent that It is 6t only for fodder — Wheat, corn, oats, &c , never looked better, and but little fear it entertained from the chintz hng— Bada-r Slate fins. —The barn owmd by Rev. J. B. Rogers, late of this city, was consumed by flre on Saturday last. The flre originated from fire-crackers used by some patriotic youngsters. We did not learn the amount of \oss. If we mistake not there will be serleus damage done if boys are allowed to rnn In the alleys and around barns firing torpedoes and crackers. It behooves every one to keep an syo out for fire these windy times.— Badger State. ~ *!H_ HEALTH.—Steven« Point is tbe most healthy place in the world. At the close of winter and commencement of spring, the whooping cough made Its appearance, and more recently the measels and scarlet fever; yet such Is oar climate, that with a population of over 3,000, and nearly half children, we have not a death among them to record since February Neither is their sickness of any kind among adnltg.— The whole Upper Wisconsin country is the same.— Stevens Point Pinery. BURGLARS AHD THIEVIS —Scarce * day passes but we bear, of some depredations by thieves and burglars in this city. The number and magnitude of thsse transactions Is each that it is surprising that no parson has yet been detected. Private houses h»ve' been entered in the night timejand all conceivable articles of wear and use bayei been taken therefrom— articles tbat would require the assistance of a number to remove, as well as smaller plunder. Warehouses and cellars bave been plundered of provisions &o., end no cine has yet been discovered, that we are aware of, to the ;«rpe- trators. There can | be little donbt but there is an organized g*ng '• of villains here who are connected with other places so as to be able to send abroad such articles stolen as will not do to be exposed here -—Madhon Argw. — A Dutchman lately went to Mlasonri leaving nU wife behind. She Informed »ome neighbor, that about sir months hef young child died, and that wWoh they had lived. ThU comlnit totbe ears of iConrtable* Beese and Hogh dngwhira the, oopWrig rtov« toe dnptb of « foot or so dlgooTared a box whioh ajpon being opened WM found to contain the decomposed body of ! *a Infant. Ti,«. handed JtoTer to Sexton Joy for Interment In tie proper ground.— Maditon Patriot. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS B04BDINGJ BVm With f fha»lw> latl4lssB »• wt ffWO gentlemen with'! their ladln on be aceommo- JL dated with first class |bo art at' 825 IfIAJ|» STHEET, Second door north of qdleda; also five or ilx gentlemen can have rooms, and. from fix to ttn day boarders "-------••- , CM be accommodated JeW-dlm irtasonabJe teroi. ; tua. WILLIAMSON. N^lrTOE. i Ooalract Ocpartmnt, a BALED proposals wl4 bw reoeli O tfl Wednesday, JOB* St. 1859, Ainiv tVi»t tutMtAB .it iv >n _*&. Cokrnoixn's Otnoa,) Iwaokee, June 2t, 1859. f' tUg 18 IS 1.1 4 9 i T: »; ti »; K M 14 :.i>.;5 .'* -r *'.f- 1 - •* T .S C*_, A> I ' 4. II lu 11 u 116,6: J1,"<J r t JL J3l K. L'H UARD1NEH, ( NO 1 1CK. Cjri Coarrsi LLSfc » ui Coolract Department. J une '^. ! Common Council, by resolution, spot*! 20th t lb£S, haTing coocurrrd ID Ule r • |.i)-ar !i..l 1., . - ' '( (I1IIIL ' ,- ., ; r. i-. .: • i l -.I ...•» ..,i if- M .... . . , > ..i.'.y r--. »H t. IS I t t »• A „•, -,,. •> > ^ l s I- i >K 1 Pi- 1.1 I-M. *• »r ; I Jane t , .- tlon of tbe Street Commlsilooer* of the Secoo.l \Varl. It 1s orderrd : That Poi4ar itr«rl and llde«»lk«, fr..m TlnrJ in street. In tbe ^«cr*od Ward, be ffratltil lo the r»- grade, ald«w&llu curbed and p fcnkeij, ^utien pared, aDd street traveled, la accordance vuh U.e p!&n ' abd lp«clncsllons of the Cllj Engineer, no die ID ihe Comptrollcr'l otBce. ; Owners of property on said itreet at e bereby noi.ritfti to make ths abors named Improvements *llii>n twmi; ' tc?e days from this date, or tbe Street CommluK oerj of ! taefi«cond Ward vlil cause the fame to be done ind ! charged to the respective lots aecorjlnf lo Uw « L'H. GAairlN Je26-d8l Comptroller. v- , . ,.» r '6, iiti;. i: fl. i>-y^ ''.I. "S. 776, 7W, 7«. 7 -43, "44, MS, 4t1 » »r-l 1, VV.vr-1, lul. .,4?>. 144. .'^ D, Kio, in >V.irl. .'*. ' ; NOTICE. Cm OonFTiuiLLia's Oiri.Ts, i ^ Oootract Department, Milvmukee, June 25, ':>9 | T HE Common Condi, by resolution, &doi>i4tl June 20th, 1859, having approved of the recomtnrn.'a- tlbn of the Street Commissioners of tbe Eight i W»r J . :t Bordered : ;Tbat a sewer ba constructed through Mineral street, from First to Second Avenue, in Lhe Elgbth Ward. In accordance with the plan.and lueclncatloo* of ihe ''Ur K^^lneer OQ file tn the City Comptroller's ofnVe ^)woers of property on »*Jd iUvet are^herrby not Hr«l td make said sewer within tventy-two dar* f r om ihn d4te or the Street Commissioners vill cau»e ihe i*m* to be done and ettarged to ih« respec Ire Fou scrordiu^ id Uw. J«26-<10l E L'H. GARDINER, for th« yu'ir j D , IliS. ."I Wlr.l, Jin. Wl. l-J. 1. ;. i.v». j'w) • , ::,, ,-», , 1V>6. 3.1 War-i 47y, 4 ^"0 l.V> ! ir thf i -H/ . v " vl W.j.l. TV) City Tr--a«urfrf t*i crrl.n *ic-^ r r :-,e j-"«r <*^ lit VVsr.l. U City Tr-ajur-n taj -ert nooi^ji .'..r ,. - Jctr 1V14. 'I War), i i-ll> I-rasur-ri lai CMI.II .1 < for the . f\r t a. Ilia. }il Wnrl. iC'lj r--».ur-T-. tsi certiocat * : ,r thf /ea' A ^ . l-^d. A.1 Wr*.l ^ u.ty *artl, 8 City Treijiirprs IA t . tf rt.dt-^trH L> , 1 ^57. 4th W»/,l ,S» -| L' 'U- ty rr-\juri llficnei imountiDK in »l I . »494.6I. . i.,1 f:t H I > l- I. i y-ar r-.- ' II.rn -mrt.-.itrs amauatii.if : i $:'^^.rf7 ''.1 M»vlaK been pte'ltr-?'! * i prjui »-,,ry rlne B tnd »Q.I 1 m, nt of Itid c.)t J M- fialt f, ( been rue MARINE BANK. » j i. »N() •» ORTII v. - DU:rioi Court >f ih«; L'mte-l States ir-ctof W apuniiri In Atmnalit NOTIOK CTTT CoMr-ra Oootract Department, Mil., June U, ISA". T HE following described tracu of land lying on in? fouith Avenue In the first Ward of the City of Uilwankee, will be benefited to the amount set opposite e4ch by being graded to the established grade JOHN LOCKWOOD, : FBKD HKINKMAN, ^ Street CommlsYlonen. Benefits. \ of Section 15, Hnspl- la B B Ji ofS W :tal tract, Etaerrolr tract, 3e29-d8t 2»3,75 I L'H. GARDINER. Comptroller O M> ner or as acollcltor of passengers for any t>t boat or Railroad, or as a ranner 'for or solicit (nesta Railro T» License and Regulate Steamboat, Railroad anj Hotel Runners. •The Mayor and Cotmaon Council of the City of tlll- waokeo, do ordain as follows : EOTION 1. Bopenoe shall act as a steamboat run- eam- , licitor of for «y Bout or Public Houie, at any of the ad Depoa or Bteamboat landings In tblHlty with odt a llcenn from tbe city therefor Issued as In this or- dtn»nce proTtded. See. S. Ihi Major Is hereby authorized to license aider his hand any resident of the city over twtntr-one years of age to act u a runner, or solicitor of pascen- gers for any Bteambost or Rullroad or as a ronne-, or •dllcltof of (nests, for any public boose In this city. crbon hi* entering Into a Bond running to the City of ilwaukee Wltb or without saritlea, to be appointed by he pe»alty of one hundred dollars con- d^loned for tbe i ajrment of all penalties wblcfe the per ccni 10 licensed maj Incv, and all damages for which be «li*ll become liable. pec. 3 When an/ application lo tbe Mayor for a license, pursuant lo ihe provisions of thli Ordnance, •KsJI 1« (rented, the Git; Clerk, upon the ptyment of fefa dollars Inio tta City Treasury, and two dollars ta trie-Mayor for granting tte license and approrjng the ,Mnd and one dollar to the Clerk, to lisue a license, and , the iim« to be registered and numbered, and tb« license lo granted and Issued shall continue In force ft* ooe year from the date thereof. i Sec. 4. Brery person who shall be Ucensrd as aforesaid, shall forthwith cause the number of his license lo- wltb;the name of be Steamboat, Ballroad Com- ^ny, Bteamboat or Ballroad Line, Hotel or Public jilpiue, for which he it to licensed to act ss runner or solictor, to be plainly painted on a badge which be shall ,weir while acting as such rnnntr or solicitor In a conspicuous place 6a tbe front of his hat or cap.' gee S. any peraon who shall, Many time act a» a run e, or shall tat any person to go to or become a otel or public house, at any Btllrpad ieprot, or Steam Boat landJogtii this city, without be- Djillceuted^U prorlded In this Ordinance, or shall act uc«uch rnnaer or loUeltor without wearing In a con- ppfouonj phice oh tbe front of his hat or cap a badge. »»• which ihill b« plamly painted the nnmber of his 11- se, togather with the nan* ot UN Steam Boat, Balli, Bob 1 or Pnbllc Hotue, for which he Is so acting, 1, on contlctlon thenof, b> nncd ten dollan for !?K4«»ih«««»Wl»liediMetoBJ;tX of 8. B.lJk'oARDINIK, OHr. Comptroller. B Y YTtUf ,f t«j \Iwii.U.Jn-i l-ll,- Court, again*' the .-*,- nor^r )'i,*n bo*ui, tarkle. apparel .in.l fun-tor^, . H. cl»imed by h in for i4p;>il<- A n ire* Johnson, i>hn S TrumbuJl %n.l UeurK hundred an<l -lr-y*n 'inllara unii eighty :ftit« :ln,im»,| by them f"f \l \ r ners' wattes, I fi/iv- ttiatTu-i ;n.- .«nl Schoontr, her hnats, Ac , »i \1ilwiukne Notice is therefore hereby *(iT«n t«i till p*r««na -taim lag the t^it] ^ch.nyier, h«r h.>at->i, lach !••. »p- p&rel ami furnitarc. or uno-wm^ ir ha^'n? .1.17 ".tiny m •ay, why the tame ihnuM not r»t* i-on«lemor<i in.f »..i>l panoanl tn thr prsy-r -if «a.r«l nh«i, that :h,-y ^ AH, I appear belnre the saul Court to be held in an-l for :i,* ' •aid Dlntrlct of Wiscon«.n, at M I. wau .*<•*•. m rh.- ISit day i-f Jane, 18^9, at eleven o'rtork >n the f ,..•*•. Qoaa of the tald day, if the «a.m*; ^hall h- » lny •', JurisdlctioR, otlierwtae on tKc next day of junadictiiiin thereafter, then and there to Interpos-? a '-l.tun, M-..I :., make their allegations In that t>eh»lf. Manhal'i OOlce, Milwiuke-r-, joue •J'', \^\) j r 23-U5l H J TUuMA£i, MaHhaJ St. Louis Sugar i)\\r^\ Haui>. I AM cocjtantly reoeiTtng a supply of the-ie "r>iet>r*- ted Hams, the best m theUMtt-d 3tat«: wfto love food thing* ID m) line vnuid Ju ireil to ,•*!! 11*1,1 r i . >l ,- in t K ' M'II'.T T'O-'-! M . It.- W f rinri.n < i": .-lit- .' '.V ., examine my itocli. P 1 ulnlifr** * * JOHN W LEDYARD, Grocer and Wi>i« DenJer, 131 Eawt Water str STATS OV WU-H'i.N '-':rcult Court — Milwaukf Heory ^ B-own. »n-i NOTICE. CITT Conpraon.BB'3 Orrica, i Contract D^pArtment, MIL, JUD« ^4, Ifiid \ T IHE Comrcon Council by resolution, adopu-d 30th June, 185&, bartnf approved of th« recnmmenda- tlon of the Street Commissioners of the Eighth Ward, n la ordered : That the alley through block SB, Eighth Ward, be ^ra- de-l to the eaUhllahed gntde. Owners of property on said allay aa abort- QnmeiJ are hereby notified to make 0atd luiurovements vtth.n twenty-twrt days from date, or the Street Cnmrnmloa- i BKU, Vso9, ai the hour •( i f. a era of the Eighth ^Ward will cauae the same to be dooe ! lowing .,e3or-h*-d mortar and charged to the respective lota according to law. ' u tuny be necessary to r-iia** ih<- tmount >[ *;tni j , je'M-d6t B. L'fl.OARDINER, Comptroltei. ; ment, irrtertsi »nd o..« 3 , -.^ridcr *uh th^ t-x v*t\4v | £ i(ant y Iif llHwiiukee, »u.l tf:**irj >/ VVIn.-dn-m MAP OF THK SEAT OF WAK I Known lntl llescr1b *- 1 a ^ f-'»o«-., t., »u " OiimmenctD^ twelv« feet vuith .it tfic rur'./i are<-t corner ol' lot aio^ (91 n IU. .-k. t\v»lv. lj f J»rDI-» P Whllllry. «[, | lr Vrrlsaa, hl» wir^. k:i.l H~ary Cailiv«ll. I N virtue il »mt |,ur»iaiu :.' iaiil C<iurl, ,<> Mi^ 4l)t>\ Ith J«y of June, I ^9. I ihull ftv-nr •.. Public AiiL-non, «t the P -nl • !tU-t- .11 »aukee. nn S.tTUKIM Y. THK l.TH [.. i' OK -* lay. PKICE fMEW Map of Northern and Central Italy, tbowmg Ll. tbe 8eat ml the War, Position or the Armies etc.. to which Is attached a small Map of Europe—all for '^5 cenls. Also, A nae Map of the Theatre of Ine European War, wltb Portraits of the Raters In Europe, etc.,— price 30 cents, at STBICKLACTO 1 CO-8 je23 184 East Water .Street. BUTTER. I WOULD call the attention of Families to my elections o- OHOIQB BUTTER. 1 am dally recetrfng by Erpresi, choice Iota of Butter from the belt Dairies In tbe State, which 'for quality and flavor Is unsurpajsed. Prices always to correspond with the "market rates," and quality warranted- Orders tollelted and lent to all parts of the city free. JQHNW.LKD74RD, Gcocer and Wine De*l«r, 161 Cart WaUr itreet. iQ tfae Fourth \Vini .if this Oily - runnm^ thence eaji m * line y» ,m,,l *itfi j.,. north line i>C taul lot tu the -nm im,. ,r ,^1,1 lot , thence south on lh* east Hut- \( %AII( u.t twenty four (-4) feet, thent-f west on t um- paraltt*! with the joutirilue ,( <anl i«t t-- tfir- west Une of laid lut, iml Lhenou aorth tw-ttuv four (24) feet lo the placo <>( rjt?«tniiii».t, in.l ij JO buHiirngs thereoi.." I>*teil tjhentT'a .jrrice ( UilvAultet.-, June U, 18^9 aotiv, Blows A OODCN, [ A J. i.ANGWOaTHY. Prff'l Att'ys. t SherllT 1111. Co., \Vl» AMERICAN CORNET BAND! IS NOW RSADV TO fUBNlSH ANT ntzmber of Instruments, frotn one toj| twenty-two, (or Balls, Parties, Parades,4 Kirqi^lons, Ac., .ie., at reasonable ' rat«s. Apply or address amorlean Oornet 3asd, -it it Hmpcted'i Katie Store, 1!3, Swt Water R. J( -l

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