The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah on October 5, 1971 · Page 20
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The Ogden Standard-Examiner from Ogden, Utah · Page 20

Ogden, Utah
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 5, 1971
Page 20
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6B ._'. Ogden Standard-Examiner, Tuesday, v October' 5, 1971 SHORT RIBS THE FUNTSTONES YOU BET/... HIS- OlVA/S A NEWSPAPER / *.. , SHUCKS!.,. THAT'S WORTH A 1 STOP •ON HE COMES- A VEKV /MPORTANT £UPR?££ i "WAS- -HW£ I l&i WOMAN ON EARTH? j _!_•• '_-»-.-i- . «-^ W/5/V J'O SAID ' sbu'ge TORCED into CUOSE PROXIMITY vjrrrt owe: OF THE . TrflWG '-BUT BEFORE I DO, I WAWT W PERSONAL OPIHIOM.BUT A« ESTABLISHED FACT THAT JACKET YOU'R£ vj£ftRiH& stinks.' SCANNING THE STARS By SYDNEY OMARR seriously. 'firm.. SCORPIO Be diplomatic (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): ' You .may feel 'friends -are op•^^•••^••p^Mo^vi^^ i — .'-vu • niaj -Lvti jLJ-iciiuo aic '-'J/ Wednesday,,thought, action. Highlight posing your desires. This, very ! original concepts. Give fun play | likely, is not the case. Your 'A.-—:— i .— could bs off is to 'permit 22>. aming, . however, markB 'Key now " Forecast for October 6, 1971 Aries seeks to Stand out, to|to . lead, to gain recognition. The| CANCER (June 21-July nature of this native is;Money 'and friends may energetic Sitting and doing mix.. Know this and be prudent! SAGITTARIUS (Nov.22-Dec eiietgcuv,. wiim & .."I. __,.-__ •a, _„„,:„,. -,y,,q!91V Ptnlr) rAin nn pnttinsiaCTn nothing is opposite to mainspring of an Aries } ot hers to" have their say. Your not | j. 0 i e j s that of keen observer. the in connection with paying andj21): delay when it^ 6 A C in- collecting. Pass, dividual. For Aries, the keynote comes to borrowing, lending. j arran g emen ts, disbursions. is action. Some famous persons i^g^ and financial angles needjpi sces person appears to be born under this zodiacal^signj.^^.^.^ (involved. Aggressive relative Gorshin and Ann Miller. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Self-indulgence now proves expensive. Analyze needs. Have - ••• - • il - : — foolish. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Avoid jean best be ignored—in a actions based on anger, im-iway. nice UNCLE RAY'S CORNER By RAYMON COFFMAN Niepce Told About Early Photo Tests By ROY CRANE Living at the Thomas Frenchman Niepce. He started same'-time as ( Wedgwood x • was '&', named ' Nicephore ,work with! sunshine pictures 11 years later: but went I than Wedgwood, further ahead in the fl HAVE FT HERE. A' CERT!RED CHECK FOR $10,000. SHE ,, WAHTED TO MAKE SURE YOU WHAT SHALL I DO, •ROD? WHYNOTTAKfc IT, KELLY? XOU MAY WftNTTO BUY A HEW CAR OR. SOMETHING. THANK Y5U FOR THE LECTURE, BUT WHAT'S THIS ASOUT-A CHECK FROM MY -GRANDMOTHER? >S KEtLY YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER ARE VERY DISTRAUGHT AT YOUR LEAVIH6 HOME'AHD NOT WRITING. ARE WELL FEP AND CLOTHED. STRINGS ATTACHED field. He is i given credit for being the first to use a camera to take a lasting photograph. . Niepce was of middle age before he started to work with photography. At about the time j of his fifty-first birthday, he ' wrote this letter to his brother:. "I made an 'eye' withj Isadore's ring box, a little thing of. 'squafe shape. In my workroom, while facing the open window which looks on the oigeon house, I made the test. On the white paper, I saw the whole pigeon house ... I iBARNEY GOOGLE and SNUFFY SMITH •y FRED IAS SWELL know there are things left to do,. many hard! REX especially to fix the prints, but with work and patience a person can do a great deal." FIRST BOX CAMERA In some of his .other tests, Niepce." employed a cigar box ] with a small hole at one side. It | is believed this was the ; box camera." At the age of 64, he found better methods, fun without being „_.._. ., Remember to save for that,Permit proverbial rainy day. Key is to j act as _ Iccept added responsibility. You! Professiona gam aUUUlia uaocu uii -"lav-, ~- . - _„„„ pulse. Tendency is to feel op- CAPRICORN pressed. You could say. do thing 119) = v™™** * . . , _ . t,.i._ ^.nrTT.r%f A fV which Finances cause later' regret!Accent also is this foreknowledge to! deavors.jelations with opposite preventive medicine, sex. " " wrote: (Dec 22-Jan.i "The discovery I have made are activated, j is to produce, by the action of on creative en-light, images which come ino> the camera. The thing I have Achievement is keynoted. Windfall could be featured. « (Jm «* rou are What happens happens in a Be ready. . _ tt Lunar cycte is indicative of.rmnor matters big 18): Relationship is tested. Don t rush to your ideas, views. S success in oil support may be traveling. Key i selective. Avoid any is more self-reliance. Stress;of panic. Demands greater independence ofjperson should not be taken ^j^ Re ^ secondhand stories , "— ' reports. Assert more in- used with best asphalt dissolved _.. lavender. A thin coating of^this varnish is placed on a plated tablet. "The plate can be used in thej camera as soon as the varnish i is dry. Even after the plate has ] been exposed, the future picture j cannot be seen. The next thing! to do is .to bring out the hidden! picture with a solvent." • general YOUNG HOBBY CLUB By CAPPY DICK A rolling pencil caddy (Figure 2) is easy to make by following today's fun-project directions for boys and girls. Start by cutting the centers out of two paper plates, making two perfect disks about five inches in diameter. At the exact middle of each disk cut a hole that will fit a section of paper towel core five inches long. . Cut a series of small holes in each wheel to receive the; pencils as in Figure 2. The holes must be in identical! locations in each wheel. i Paint the wheels with yourj poster paints. Also paint thej towel-core axle, using a color j that contrasts with that of the) wheels. j Fit the wheels onto the core. | When you are sure the pencil! holes have been perfectly lined j jip, secure the wheels with applications of glue. When the glue has dried, the rolling pencil caddy is ready for use as in Figure 2. Not only will it hold your pencils, but you will find 'it "fun to roll it along the desk top or the floor. Tomorrow: Gappy Dick's new dependence. leifiet will be sent to you wifi.-- chirge H you inclose • stamped, self addressed envelope. Send your letter to Uncle Ray in care of this newspaper. 'DAILY CSOSSWORD PUZZLE ACROSS !.__ waist 5. Villain's cry S. Canyon phenomenon 9. Astairc- . Rogers THIS easy to make rolling pencil caddy has paper plate wheels. prize—A lionel train set! Mothers! Don'r despair when con. {routed with tht problems of how to entertain your children and their fritnds at a party or scout meeting. There's help close at hand in Cappy Dick's "Birthday Party Stunts" booklet. To jet a copy, send 50 cents in coin and a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Cappy Dick Booklets, P.O. Box 42S77, Evergreen Park, Illinois oD642. (2wds.) 13. Food fish 14. A stretch of eight notes 15..Thrice (Lat.) 16. Rorsohacix material IT. Alphabet unit 15. Snail's 3S:'Kind of number 39,'First-rate 40. Prefix for ahead 41. Insect DOWX 1. Basketball's Jerry 2. Back complaint 3. Certain rifleman •i. Seed vessel 5.'Expiated 6. White wine 7. Quick to learn 10. Knjoy , an advantage (4 wds.) 11. Prevented 12.Vacilla- tins' 16. Cake Ifcsterdmy'i Antwer decorator -• 25. Clamorous • ' 2T. Gum. in- gjedient 31. Storyteller ? ' 33. Sicilian, •volcano 34. Convena 36. Bite •37. Exhaust 19. In advance 20. Beef grade 21. Dreamer's architecture 22. Hques- trian position. The Puzzle with the Built-in Chuckle O Rearrange letters of The four scrambled .words b«- low lo .form four simple words. G U N L E T - 1 2 N AP C £ 3 6 Y N I T 4 5 V i ! « H E KS A N . 6 7 to" Line from pollution "poem" from.a reader: "1 shot an arrow jn ihe air and — —." 10-J .fk Complete the chuckle quoted ^^ .fay filling in the missing 'words you develop from step No. 3 below. IT PRINT'NUMBERED LETTERS IN THESE SQUARES UNSCRAMBLE LETTERS FOR-..ANSWER • Yesterday's Answer -Damask - Natal - Going - Mallet - TO STAND Boy: How about sitting on my knee? Girl: What about'-my husband? ' -• Boy: He'll just have TO STAKE). IP 20. Vivacious 21.- — in on Cprofited) 23. Appraise 24. Son of Jacob 25. Hard-hit baseball 26. Greek portico 2T. Woody Allen's forte 28. Trampled ' 29. CoZored 30. Illuminated 31. Pot top 32. Kind of - muffin, 35. Paradisiacal 37. Elaborate affair DAILY CBYPTOQUOTE— Here's how to work it: A. X Y » I- B A A. X » , J« . I. O K <JF E-LI..O-W • One letter simply stands for another. In this sample A Ja used for the three L's, X for the two O's, etc. Single letters, apostrophes, the leng-th and formation of .the words are all tints. Each day the code letters are different. A Cryptogram Quotation L I K G D R T 35- . L J T-REHRSL LJ D MQ S.OMH- M T . G J I EMFO G JI DIFI/ T JL EMLO LOR i-F J S -M R L G- JT K'WKT. — CKF.FR L J W VfK G- Testerday's Cryptoquotc: ALL KAKKIND IS DIVIDED INTO THREE: CLASSES: THOSE THAT .ARE IMMOV-. ABLE, THOSE THAT ARE MOVABLE, 'AND THOSE THAT MOVE;—ARABIAN PROVERB :(© 1971 Kinc Fcaturas Syndicate, NOTHIN'J! THREE SOLID DAVS flPO 1 NIGHTS I SPEWT PLflVlW'CflRDS RN'I DOW'T HflUEA DflDBURN THINS TO SHOW NOW ME HFWE LUKEY 1 .. 1 HOW MUCH DID VE \W1N; HONEY DOODLE? ty DALE CURTIS MORGAN, OK COUUP rr HAVE BEE« THAT you PA6EP AT ALL—T«AT VOtt ASKEP THE WAITER TO PKETENP THAT YOU IVERE 5EIN& C4UEPTOTHE PHONS COULP >OU SAVE B££N «QW ? COULP IT HAVE BEEN SOMEONE ELSE WHO HAP you PA&£P HERE ? I WAS WITH JUKE FROM S£V£N UHT1L AtfjtQgT' yW/DU/SW^ ' I COULPN'T «AVE FoiLowee T«E POINT I'M TRYIM6 TO MAKE IS T«AT Z D-IDN'T CALL »Elt>l HERE LAST HOW WOUiP I HAVc KHOWK YOU W£R£ HERE ? LEE FALK A PHIL DAVIS MAGICIAN MANDRAKE YOU CAN'T G5T OUT THAT WAY— THERE'S FIRE. WALL Of W#E /SOARS BEFOG, GAT6S Of>e/V- COME OM, YOU GUYS, WHAT AKS YOU STAND(N<5 THERE •v SAUNDERS and WOGGON AROUSED BYMAR7HSS STEVE PA/HFUU.Y OKAY/ 1 HATE TO KWOCK YOUR BEAUTIFUL SLOCK OFF/- BUT J WILL /--IF YOU DOWT TELL Me WHEBE THAT.5UITCA5E 15 ---RIGHT MOW/' DKA6S f/IMZSt.? TO M£ PEE7 W THE BATHROOM By JIM BURNETT A GEORGE CRENSHAW I'M GOKNA -SWEE.? 1U£ FLOORS, <57RAIGHT£N UP MY ROOM WORK MOM AMD HOM& By ALFRED ANDRIOLA THEY KNOCKEP MR OUT AND TIEl? ME UP ANP F1LLEP THAT DOCTOR'S 8AS WITH OUR BEST RlrJSS/ THE SIRL CLERK ADDS. I THINK WE'LL T 1 THANKS, HAVE TO CHALK \ KERRY.' NOW THIS ONE UP TO J MY FEMININE FEMININE r - / INTUITION INTUITION/ J TELLS ME ITS FftST LUNCH TIME.' I'M HUNGRY! BEATS ME HOW you SPOTTED THEM FOR 6AK- DITS.'-.JUST POLICE KNOW- HOW. I GUESS/ THEY'ASKED TO SEE SOME ENGAGEMENT DIAMONDS.. THEN TOE MAN PULLED A SUM AND.. THAT'S ALL I REMEMBER/ AS TK£ POLICE AMBULANCE DRIVES AWAY WITH THEPEAP WOUNPEP GIRL FRIEND.. IF YOU EVER. CHANGE YOUR. MIND—CALL ME! ANY HOUR. OF THE DAY OR NIGHT! OKAY.? YOU'RE. 5UR.E L CAN'T TALK, YOU INTO TA'WNG-TMAT JOB AS MY SECRETARY? I DECIDED TO TAXE THESE WITH ME--&.ND DISTRIBUTE THEM PERSONALLY! • WILL YOU EXCUSE ME A SECOND i.CORV? SURE MR. PENDLETON!

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