Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 24, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 24, 1888
Page 3
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n n.A7,F,TT7C: f. FEBTCUATCY 1RSS. 4-3 03 rt o3 ro 0 03 05 • • I H I c IM <D W CQ 0 a 0 g CQ CQ CQ m CQ CD .8- H •V CQ CQ CQ I O M Evening Gazette. TH» ewi stands. jia OAirrmi can be had at all the Price TWO CTBSTH. _ FllIDAY, FEB. P CJ a § b HOC1KTIE8 TO-S1WHT. Abraham Encampment No..40, I. O. O. F. Business of importance. ,1. H. Hoofstitler on Temperance in liroadway church. Rock Kiver Lodge N .. 012. A. F. and A. M. Special. Third. _ \VE A HE in recelot of a dispatch from the American Tress Association innouncing the death, at Washington, 'itc.flO o'clock this morning, of the eminent philhnthropost, V7. W: Corcoran, an account of whose Illness has ippeared in all the papers. Mr. Corcoran built the Louise Home for Indigent Ladles, erected and donated the Art Gallery bearing his name, Oak Hill cemetery and sundry other benefactions, beside a gift of a large sum of mouey to Washington Lee unlver- slsy. He was a bank** at Washington. During the war his sympathies were with the south. He was 87 years old, a remarkably handsome man and benevolence beamed from his countenance. Despite the large sums he gave away he died possessed of great wenllh. He was immensely sally beloved. popular and univer- —We publish elsewhere in these columns a letter written by Miss Emily Gait to her father. The letter was written in Spain and was forwarded by Mr. Gait to his family here. She speaks of the Alhamrmi, immortalized by Irving, who although he saw through eyes somewhat poetical and wasdisposrd to make romantic every spot, still his work is a masterpiece, nnd is read delightedly by every student of pure classic English literature. Miss Gait tells of the present condition of this palace of the olden Moorish kings. —A visit to the gas-projecting well yesterday afternoon made us acquainted with Mr. Hines, one of the proprietors cf the well-drill who kindly initiated the editor and Mr. W. B. Price (through whose kindness we were able to be present, for with our avoridupois we couldn't possibly have got so far) Into t 1 e myst«ries of deep-well drilling The drill was still plowing through slite, in which It cannot progress so rapidly as tnrough limestone rock; yet, even in 'hat element, headway in made at the rate of six feet an hour. Among ot'ier things Mr. Hlnej told us that las t year he had a contract for a well with a little town in Dakota, snd that he went through thirty-two hundred feet of the same shale as that the drill was now walking through at Hock Falls; and th-»t at 3200 feet the village called a halt, being absolutely bankrupt, and the well was abandoned. The peculiarity about it was that the shale was BHKVITIKt*. rap—Mr. Z. T. Gait is convalescing idly. —A big chimney (smoke stack) Is going up at the brewery. —The factories are all busy, and trade is good at the stores. —Complaints come in of a pond corner 1st avenue and Third street. • —Mrs Jarvis Dinsmoor givfo a tea this evening from 8 to 10 o'clock. —Horn to Mr. and Mrs.John Short,of the First ward, this morning, a daughter. —Chronological: To-day is the anniversary of the capture, in 18in, of the I'eacock. ' —Henry 13. Johnson got a judgment of $03.50 and costs in his suikJigninst John Dornhuah. —Please hand in'your items of newB. A newspaper always welcomes the bringer of a good item. ' —Chauncey Mulford and Tom Myers have completed their terms in the county juil and have been released. —The busy man cannot find time to bicker and he is too liberal In views to be angry with one who differs with him..' —At three o'clock thia' afternoon cloud's are heavy and durk, the wind Is oast north east arid there Is strong prospect of rain or snow. —John Ahrens & Bro., have rented the store known as "The Fair", and will stock it with tens, coffees and fancy groceries, about March 1, next. —The streel railroad sentim-nt grows, and It is as certain to be built us that Sterling exists. At the proper time the matter will be brought up for action. —William McCune & Co., have purchased the machinery and tools of Messrs. Cavert & Mallory. a»d Mr. William Bennett .will conduct the business for McCune & Co. —Mr. E. Leroy Gait is in receipt of a cablegram from his father. Mr. Thomas A. Gait, dated at London, and saying will sail for home, March 1 dry as powder all the way. Thia does no f often happen, and he added that he offered to guarantee water, if the village would allow him to go ahead. That's one thtng, sure and certain: if the drill is permitted to g i down deep enough It Is bound to bring water. But It Isn't water our peo.-le want; they've plenty of that; they want to strike salt or gas, or coal, or some other element of nature that will bring added wealth to our city. —The Lowville, New York, Journal and Republican, of Feb. 9, (we are indebted to the Morrison Sentinel for the Information) says: "One of our townsmen who is passing the winter in Whitealde County, Ills., writes that the suffering to man and beast is terrible. He states that cattle have died by pcores from hunger and cold. 15ut little fodder Is to be had." The GA/.KTTE would say .that.the.joan living in our midst who would write that kind of stuff about us Is not only pduce of liars but a vile ingrate. While, like all other regions in our latitude, wo have had some cold weather, there has not been H single case of suffering to man or beast in our county this winter. This county has more "fodder" in it tins year than it has ever had before in its history, ~ Thirty degrees below zero is more bearable In this section than is zero in more southern and eastern latitudes. .There is_a rule among savages, even, to avoid doing Injury to those among whom you live, and breaking of bread at one's table is guarantee of protection; but that Lowville fellow living n our county comes from an awfully nggestive place, for none but a low character would slander the people with whom he Hvea and particularly at the entire cost of truth. A copy of this, paper will go to the Lowville Journal and Republican, that It may learn the character for veracity of the "townsman In Whiteside." .' —The GAZETTE neyer had any patience with the practice of giving bonuses to manufactories to settle in one's midst. The evil of it IB shown now at Aurora, where the watch factory —Every citizen is interested in having laws in relation to the moving t>f trains enforced, for citizens either travel themselves or have friends and relatives who travel. There is a law which requires trains to slow up and stop on approaching a crossing. A few days ago a train that was passing through Sterling and that had been delayed by a wreck, narrowly missed a collision here at Sterling with another train by failing to comply with this law. A railroad train has precious lives on board, and every official on the train should feel the responsibility every minute and hour. There should be no Birch thin& as taking of chances; it is these taking of chances that account for more than half the accidents ou railroads. There should be no such thing as getting careless through years of service, for a single moment of carelessness has caused the wreck of a train and the wreck of the peace of mind forever afterwards of the careless person responsible for the act. provided lie lived through its perils. __— The Salvation Ar.ry, which at one irne so nourished here that it attracted crowds nightly into old Farwell Hall, now lacks a name and a place, in soms localities It is in most flourishing condition, but various causes com bined here to decimate numbers, until linally the Captain found it needful to t>reak up -camp; and Hud some more desirable territory. It may be that he found that Satan no longer had any forces to dislodge, for we are an awfully good people in this portion of the earth's domain. Take Freeport, now; why, the Salvationists find lots of strongholds to charge and are daily gaining strength. —As the weather' grows warmer the greater will be the need for guard- Ing against the tramp nuisance. The way to take care of it is-to put the tramps to work on the streets. i> iaftnlatlon. The iirm of Haskell & Bush have dissolved partnership, and the business hereafter will be continued by both parties, separately. W. N. HAS I. I. Hrsn. Siotlre. The business controlled by Haskell & Hush, witk real estate dealers, landlords, tenant*, money loaners and insurance patrons, has been assumed by I. I. Bush. Oflice at the old place.of business, I. I BUSH. 9 The Boston Store is always at the front. Its prices are lower than the lowest; Its goods best of the best. 8 PEOPLE'S COLUMN, BT-We will Insert three llnM In this col--«| umn one time for 10 cents, or (or 40 cents a week. KMh additional line will be 6 cent* a single Insertion, or IB cents a week. KOK 8ALR. H OUSE, No. 722, on esst side of Broadway, rioar the north end. _ 1[ rRICH miles south of Bex* e, early new, room's, good out bulldliiRS, nultuM F ~RM of 160 acres, 4 1'alls B"oil home, nearly new, remaining 8 ' for name. AclrresOy nostl. , Will be sold on easy terms. AclrresOy . box MB. B-iTlInu, Ills, or personally, W. W. Pratt, Hock Falls. __ " I WILL sell at auction on my fann In HopHliis township, Friday, Mnrcli 2. the Nonn<m StiU- llon, Hercules. Also, nt>out 25 Iieud o mare« anil colta, Blioats, cows, &C. W. H. Iturdlck. M A (iOOI) fann of 210 acres, four miles north of Lyndon Terras easy. Crhtwetl, Room 0, Academy of O NETldetarbuL' ness. Cheap, Vlndom. eet. NoVlsYlie"tinie to buy. Apply to laskell & Co , Exclusive ARontn. Pop corn sociable by the young people of the Christian church, in G. A. R. hall, next ,Tue adav evening. Everybody invited. •• Oranges from 25 cents to 50 cents a <iozen. A fine line of dried fruits Choice tea dust at 20 cents a pound ut I'umbleson's. : See Co. the tf new ad of N. Carpenter & • Sterling Boomlnft. CallWT. T. Tanllorne'-for plan *nd specifications for nil kinds o buildings and cut of same. tf Apply to J-- U9 ' " __ y and two sets sUitfe hnr. taken soon. Charles E. g DEAL'S Ends. DEAN'S Havana Filled. DEAN'S Silver Ask . DETROIT Free Press. A 1,1. S-CEWTKRM. It For snle ** fuller's Book Store, D. J. I»OL.L,OCK:, AND Sfrw Addition to Rant Hook rails. IAf\ LOTS for sale lit B great reduction and IOU oil ensjr terms. .These lutyju* B by, 178 tf RARE Ufllee l» Rock fall*, »vcr the P»at Office. The barkman. Buzzard, will take parties to and from Sterllnn to Dr. Pollock's office jree of charge. Wortl ot BUrliir ui R«k MU fn v 100 Lots in Sterling sold^ Tn 15 Hay*. v A Few Bargaim M Hand- / OOD light bob-sled >-nd a democrat wagon. U Enquire at this office " A LETSrewery and fixtures for sale. Georne E. Kogers, BWrllng, lib). Address, tf "VbaTKKNT. F UKNI8HE1) room, large and airy, for one or two persons. Apply lo A. M. HetfleM, 318 west 4th street. • '•' WERE SEO. W. CHAHBF.RLIN. ACADEMY OF HUSIC. STEELING. ILL'. R ESIDENCE of E.W. Kelson and the store room under Farwell Hall. Apply to J.^ A. D ONT Bleep out of doors when you can get..» comfortable House for from six "> •<•»«• dollars per month, of F. B. Hubbard. to seven O FFICES for rent In Bell block, being desirable, and finished In elegant shape. Apply to J. B. Bell & Bon. tf ^^ C OMPETENT girl for general housework, ply ut 507 \Vi-8t4thntrcet. _ _ LolH JorMHlc. I will offer fur a few-days my remaining 4 lots in Park Place at a bargain as 1 want to dispose of them. Call onOEO. W. CIIAMBKULIN and learn terms and prices. C. GOSIIKKT. tf THE CHILD HECOVICHED;—My little girl, aged sevenyeuis, was aflllcted with a severe cough and cold. She could not sleep but coughed almost incessantly. I was Induced by a friend to try Chamberlain's Cough Remedy,, and was abtonished at the immediate relief it gave her and the cure it produced. I would not be without it in the house for any, price. I have tried many remedies for coughs and colds, but this is superior to anything I have ever tried. J rof. J. M. MKIIAN, Capitol City Commercial College, Des.Moines, Iowa Sold by Strickler & Hoorse. tf Nobbiest line of new neck wear just •ecelved at Goldsmith's mwf 13 The Gems She Wore. BARGAINS IWACKIfl. /Bargains in Lot*. B&nrain«\ tn Hotues and Lot*. F«r tilt! /The Present Prices will not b« contlnu»«l\ long for a Boom Is approaohlng. THE PLiCEOFALL, Gochran's. CHOICEST AND BEST HOME-MADE IMPORTED TOBACCO All the Brands of CHEWIN6 TOBACCO- that he next. —The case of Jacobs vs. Jacobs was given to the jury at ten o'clock this morning. The case of the Wood Har vester Company vs. George S. Hoove is now on trial in the Circuit court. —Sheriff Keefeyr now has a goodl; number of inmates in his county hotel. The advantage his boarders have over •those at-other lodging houses in the county is that they have no board to pay. —Tne Miller-Hubbard suit took up two days ot the court this week, and the case was finally dismissed byjhe Judge, each party paying his own costs. There were upwards of twenty- five witnesses examined. —The Morrison Sentinel says: "The EVENING GAZETTE of Sterling has commenced its seventh volume, and as a daily- paper, is steadily growing in favor with Its patrons. It is one of the best dailies outside of Chicago." —A man named Martin Lemer, a German working In Bassett's wagon shop, got his hand in'a planer yesterday, and lost the middle finger of the right hand at the middle joint, analiad the tips of the two adjoining fingers cut off. —Mr. J. H. Miles, of Mt. Carroll, haS purchased the Interest of the Boystou Bros., of Aurora, iu the butter color factory of Strickler, Royston & Co. The Urm as now organized is Strickler Bros & Co. Mr. J. S. Strickler will, as here tofore, manage the factory. —The Northwestern wrecking train was called down to Fulton to-day to /XUiULttt Tf MW**' Vfc*w ..-,-— — r threatens to leave unless the citizens there will take 830,000 of stock, it claim- Ing that it has been offered 8100,000 by Know where to buy. We'll tell you for nothing. It's where there's big stock of latest styles in dress goods and all kinds of dress goods: Best some other city to locate la its midst. If we lived at Aurora we shduld say, "let the watch factory flicker, if it Is <o 'dlspoged'." Just as soon as the several cities of the country get to buying factories to come to them, there will be witnessed the spectacle of their bank ruptlng themselves; for factories that put themselves on the market to the highest bidders will remain on the market. It will be, easy for- them to claim breach of contract on the part of citizens, and will pull up stakes as often as they can get new bids. It may be proper enough to offer power in part, or In entirety, or abate taxes tor three or four years, but out-and-out donations of money are unbusinesslike and the practice can only have originated with factories that felt the need of considerable-boosting." The Aurora w«tch. factory, we have understood, is In good financial shape and has no need of assistance; but if it has got where it is in the market to go to the highest bidder, Aurora had aa well let it go. —Following IB the list of prisoners in the county jail Feb. 23rd 1888, with their sentences, kindly furnished by Sheriff Keefer; Swan Peterson, selling liquor without a license; 200 days in jail. Louis Kaiuone, assault with a deadly weapon; 90 days in jail. Patrick Bgan, to keep the peace: six place to go to, because prices are cheap est. The Boston store. •• 8 RANGES. Home Leiier COOKS AND RANGES GUTJL.ER.Y, HARDWARE & STOVES At ray new store on Third street, opposite Ja- coM£la]e'8 Merchant Taltorla* establishment Lewis P. Wynn A large stock of watches, clocks and silverware at Clark Glddlngs & Co's. Also they do fine watch repairing, tf " Don't forget that Keeney & Harrison have a few plans for houses and are agents for Asbestos fire proof roofing and metal shingles. See samples. New goods arriving dally at Goldsmith's. ' mwf 13 The Boston Store leads In low prices and good goods. 8 The value of thought cannot be told. Just so with the best of everything. Take Dr. Biglow's Positive Cure for all throat and lung troubles, if you appreciate a speedily and thorough cure. Pleasant to take. 50 cents and 81. For sale, by O.A.Oliver. "Velvet" tmd 'JJ>7." Two choice brands of cigars. Sold by dealers; C. H. Seloff, manufacturer. Oar Stock IB too lance and mu«t b reduced at onee. Warranty with ear. Instrument. 85 OO to 910 00 per Month CUT KATKS CONTINUED. CO., Oalt Home Block i INDEPENDENT : GROCER, MEANT THE -OF GROCERY . Is the most Independent Grocery House In Sterling. We make our prices and sell GOODS SO LOW That prices astonish every one. . All (toods sold at the lowest llylug prices; no ovor-cUwgtng. A child can (BUY GOO<DS At the HKB BIVJB as low as a grown person Tbelargest and flilest stock to select from; every thing first-class. A large stock of Fine Cut, Flag andBmoklng . TOBACCO'S Bought before the recent advance*. The IBKB HIVE customers (ret the benefit o! the low prices before the advance. A luge stock ot Gilt Edge Immense new stock of mens, boys and chijdrenfl clothing just received at Goldsmith's. mwf 13 Try St.'Patrick's Pills and compare their effect with any other kind made. Embroideries, WlUte Goods, rloK Jinan, to seep iuo pouto. m* i wmn. «."«««.«•- j months fti. jail. Michael Flemming. They contain the good properties of the IA4WUVUU »" 4 _ I ,. . Al,rt M-invlTAf- /*/\m_ malicious mischief, one- year in the penitentiary. William Hobart, larceny. six months in "county jail. George Sullivan, larceny ; 60 day in jail. John Sullivan, larceny; 60 days in jail. Will lam Herborn, selling liquor without a license; 00 days. William Herboru, • older preparation In the market combined with the most valuable medicines discovered In modern times. -As a cathartic and liver pill, St. Patrick's are perfection. Sold by Strickler & Boorse. Don't neglect a cough and let it re NEW NEW BRAIDS JDress Goods, »»x. Trimming e» PASSAMENTRIES, was called down to Fulton to-day to license; 00 oajs. wimain ne>ui»u. Don - t neglect a coug h and let it re get away .the debris of a wreck at the selling to an Inebriate; SO days. John ^^ ^ lrritate yonr lungg when a safe Burlington crossing, a freight engine Bradley, selling liquor without license; d edyreme 4 y C an be had for 60 '—- "-- -~' 1 "~ 1 ' cents to Dr. Blglow's Positive Cure, of the latter having ruu into and demolished a car loaded with grab], the car being part of a freight train on the Northwestern. —Help Is needed greatly at Ut. Ver uon. We would again invite the attention of people of Sterling to the fact. Our people are prosperous in degree greater then ever before in their history. Yet even our people may some time have calamity befall them and require outside aid. As we would have help in dlstrew, «o should b* ready to aid others la distress. The GAZBTTK will forward any »am« that may bo left with it in aid of th« Mt. Vernou •ufl««w. 8100 Hue and committed until! fine and costs are paid Albert Conoway, petit latceny; 00 days in jail. Philip I'eine, selling liquor to an inebrate; 100 days in jail. John Follen, selling liquor to an inebriate; 60 days In jail. Stanton Morgan, giving liquor to an Inebriate; 30 days in jail and till the costs are paid. Charles Cochran, giving liquor to aa Inebriate; ten days in jail and till ccata are paid. William.Keller, petit larceny: 5 days ia jail. Bernard Oltmanns, committed till May term of Circuit court, to awaikthe action of the Grand Jury, on two ; held la each <*«*« to 3. A. Oliver. fay Yoar Tuxes. The tax boofes for Sterling tovnsshii are now open at the Sterling Nations Hank. A few days yet in which to pay personal taxes. Will be at tho Bank evealnga from 6:30 to 8:30 o'clock. WM. A. CONNBLLY, • Tax Collector- ie ofliea ui Assessor ol th SATINS, RIBBONS. PRINTS, GINGHAMS, MUSLINS, mcj CORSETS* TABLE COVERS, HOSIERY. GLOVES. Curtain Goods, Towels. ALL THE UDIES USE THEM. At 43 u« SO Cent* per Gallon. Book Cuidy nrtpa, pate white. »t 75 Ce«t« fn Gallon. ' . EOCENE OIL NOD exploslre; the bent oil sold In this market, at a» low price an inferior oils are »ol<t eliwwhere. Dont bo deceived and buy low teat oils aud run the rl»k of being burned op., .Uemetnber you buy the Aa my expenses are light, I can and will sell chopper than can b« bought elMwhar*,, J. UENDMAN. At the BEB HIVK. Snow Flake, Paragon, and Kansas Winter Wheat: all Boiler Patents and all Winter (Vhoat; makes better and whiter bread; keeps moist longer than Spring Wheat Flour. A genuine article In Pennsylvania Buckwheat Flour!! Ten thousand pounds sold last seasou; f Blx thousand pounds sold no far this »ea/ son. This Sour has no equal Iu this market; Is made by tlie latest process; patent hulled; no black specks. A flne stock ol Qctnned axil Qri^d 'Fruits. California Fruits of all kinds; The Oenolue Down Kaat MAPLE SUGAR! R. L, SCJMBRO, THK «*•

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