The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 15, 1916 · Page 12
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 12

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1916
Page 12
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\ THE CHIKLIOOTHE 'DAILY CONSTITUTION, WSBJMESDAY, NOV. 15, 1913 THE CONSTITUTION j P o r t a t l ° n - This program, disastrous i n c l u d i n g tj l e C h i l l i c o t h c j C o n s t i t u l l o n , T;je JMaii and Star and CIuHlcoLhe Demrjcivu Own^cl a n d p u b l i s h e d by .1 A 31 K «. K . VT I T l I "V S. E n u n d at 1e Postoffico at CliilUcolhv' Missouri as M rond-class, m a t e r . as it would be, is strongly supported. It must be vigorously opposed it it is to be defeated. To t h a t end everv c o m m o n w e a l t h and ever} c o m m u n i t y m the United States that is interested in a iivcr or a harbor should be represented at this convention Jos. E. Ransdell, President. S A. Thompson, Secretary. KVAT,O-V NEWS. 'minis OP scesr nifTio.Y. DAIbY b-.- C a r r i e r in t h e C i t y ot C l u l l i c i i r h f . p t r year Per we k DAt-LT by Mail. Postage pan! in LU-m^ston C o u n t v . lu-r year DAILY by ilm' Postage paid uut.sulr. ot I j i \ i n g b t o n C o u n t y , p- r yi'fir · - · .Sj \YEEKLY, pOiUjje p a i d , pet year ciicrur..\TIOV. Adi-tailod s.v-01-n'statement OC c i r c u - T h u r s d a y to transact laiion w i l l be nn-n-^h-a at a n v t i m e Le ivis Linlon s p e n t w l i p n requested Viy an a d \ e i t i s e i I ,, ,, THE opi-jci.ti. :M3\vss'\PP.U OF L I V I N G S T O N C , . T I I K C I T Y O F C I l i r . H C O T H E Mrs J F. Hendrix and two children. Glen, and Lorame, lelt Friday [or Iowa, where they will spend a few week's with Mrs. Hcndrix's parents and other relatives. On a c c o u n t of the dis'mal weath- j er Sunday, but few were present at the Sunday schools. Mrs. \\". G. Kerns is spending a few days with f r i e n d s and relatives in ChiUicotae. Miss G l a d y s returned to school Monday m o r n i n g . She has been con. fined to lier h o m e the last two weeks with tonsilits and m u m p s S. O. L i u t o n w e n t to C h i l l i c o t h e business. Sunday w i t h ! Mr. and Mrs. Henry Fullerton. Morris rake went to Kansas last Thursday for a short visit with relatives in d i f f e r e n t parts ot the state. Misses Nellie Linton, Rhoda Shan- UNDER Minnesota's local option law, 44 counties have voted dry and 1,050 saloons have less than two years. been closed in FARM-TO-KITCHEN PUN WiNS C a l i f o r n i a G r a n g e r s D e c l a r e T h e i r Ex p e r i m e n t Has Proved to Be a Success. Success for their direct marketing experiment was claimed by the .grangers of Sacramento county, who · have been operating their enterprise- under the David Lubin plan oC selling farm products direct from the country producer to the city consumer, the Sacramento (Cal.) correspondent ot the San Francisco Bulletin writes. They hav.e expressed hope that congress would take some action recognizing the plan The Sacramento county grangers, headed by Joseph Holmes, master of the California state grange, assumed the burden of the experiment. After the first eight days ol operation Holmes said: "There is no question in my mind about tho feasibility of the plan. It presents undoubted possibilities and would be u great success " During the experiment the parcel I post is not being used Instead, the . grange sends a motor cir around to | gather up and distribute the products. I To meet this expense and other ex| pense of operation lags are sold to farmers a t a rate that would equal the parcel-pot charges as set forth in Lubin's bill, tuese rates, by the way, to bo special for farmers. Here's how it works: The farmer mails or sends in tags non, Lyda Zirkle and ell Venard t o o k | on which lie ^designates the products dinner with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Es- i terbrook last Saturday evening. James Fullerton of Chillicothe is visiting- friends and relatives in Avalon. \ PEACE is a thing greatly to be de-l Roscoe Haynes and family l e f t Sat. sired but hard to get--for instance, see the millions of trenches of Europe. peasants in the THE newspapers have been weeding out the cabinet since the election lor the president, but Monday the President says he will make no changes in his cabinet. So there you have it. "vVho'se right?' u r d a y for Lacene. Kansas, where Mr. Haynes work in his -father's hardware store. Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Sears of LaPlata were here Saturday and Sunday vis- daughter, Miss Mary is teaching in the" high THE Wall Street betting ratio was awfully misleading. Then just think of the straw vote. Whatican be said in favor of the old skate? He is entitled to membership in Teddy's an- nineus club. ARRESTS for drunkenness in Toronto during two weeks of the wet months of September, 1915, were 457 and tile same period during the prohibition month of September, 1916, the number was 88. The arrests for ail offenses was 742 dur- iting their Sears, who school. The Ladies Aid Society cleared a neat sum. of money at the sales of Roscoe Haynes and Wrn. McKerrow last week. Mrs. Wm. Blackhurst and Samuel Millay and Mrs. Elackhurst's daughter. Mrs. Beers of Nevada, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Byackliurst. he has for sale and the price at which he holds them. The city housowif mails, telephones or brings in her 01 der to the central office, paying witb coupons. The orders are distributed among the farmers and next day the motor car delivers the products. The farmer receives cash to the amount of the coupons. The grangers assert that their plan saves housewives from two to ten cents a pound on all products. TOWN IS BUILT ON POTASH T h r i v i n g C o m m u n i t y Grows U p cause of Discovery of Almost Pure Article. Be QUITS AS CITIZEN BECAUSE OF ELECTION. A Helena, Mont., news item states that tlie Rev. Francis von Clai'en- beck of H i l l a m o o k , Ore., has sent hK naturalization papers and a letter ro- . .signing Ills citizenship to the district ing the prohibition period and 1,66= | c o u r t o , erk hei . fi v^ ]etter , u pa ... says that "to see a man returned to power, a f t e r an administration anJ. policy b u c h as we have seen d u r i n g during the license period. HAVE the business folks been thinking m u c h about the proposer! convention hall lately. The people's | m e / , money in a convention hall would be | .the one fine co-operative investment | Ti no i e of the community. It w o u l d Eurnish | Ulfle ^ the country with a school of educa-] tion in all things agricultural a n d , h o r t i c u l t u r a l and good roads. | the past f o u r years, is too much gam Qwog dcM Qf g r x t j _ y o t e Qf l h a n k s to t h e alm . e _ said reverend gentleman i'roni Tilla- raook. IF the European countries einue their war of slaughterin con- lui_ , J CLASSIFY inanity for two years more the only remaining people will be women and o u g n l v moacrai e v e r y convenience, children and if there shall be any ol !' closa in Desirable. W i l l rent either the male population left they will be t j u r n i f c h e d or i m t u r I U 3 h ed. William helpless cripples and sick ones. Even j H Haillbv , U9 B _ clay . P h o n e 7a the old men will be filled off. We still confess to liking the republican campaign, clogan (?) "He Kept Us Out of War." ' FOR RENT -- Six l o o m bouse, thor- 15tJ Hoffland, Neb., from a little railroad siding a year ago, with two or three cars standing on the track, has grown until it has been placed on the railroad map as a full-fledged town, shipping out thirty cars a day. Hoffland prom ises to grow still more, the Omaha World-Herald says. It is all on account of potash and its by-products. The fields at Hoffland are the only ones in the United S.,ites where the almost pure artic.o is found. In Utah and southern California, where the mineral is taken from kelp beds, tho cost of reducing the pure potash from tho vegetable matter makes the marketable product expensive. Here is found an almost pure article that necessitates nothing but pumping, boiling and drying, when it is ready for the refinery, w h e r e it brings the heretofore unknown price of 15300 a ton. A Chicago packing company has contracted for the town's entire output for five years. ^ They do more than please your taste-they satisfy ! " That's why Chesterfields are like a good cup of coffee -- they taste fine and, in addition, they satisfy! But, besides letting you know you've been smoking, Chesterfields are MILD. tool Chesterfield is the one cigarette that can give you this new delight (satisfy, yet mild), because no cigarette maker can copy the Chesterfield blend-- an entirely new combination of tobaccos and the greatest advance in cigarette blending in 20 years. "Give me a package of those cigarettes that SA TISFYl A W i l l i n g Worker. An amusing incident is told whicr took place in one of the occupied dit tricts of Belgium whore the German occupier doles out potatoes to such of the starving people as agree u work for him. One recipient pidsenc ed himself before the German author ities and declar«d himself quite ready in return for a supply of potatoes to and Fireside, a writer says: work for the Germans and only for .. Too m mrmers, progressive in them. Be seemed quite decided and mOst respoct ^ ho r a i s e orch . r( , genuine In his offer of work. CIGARETTES Clean Up Tour Orchard. In the November issue oE Farm l r u l t 5 do u o t a thoi- "Then you are quite willing to s,gr, asked the German ollsl1 an . d general cleaning up ol the H'ATIOXAJi H1VERS AX1 HAKBOKS COXGRESS. Members of the organization, dul appointed delegates, and all others interested, are r e s p e c t f u l l y notified FOR SALE -- Kitchen cabinet, 6 dm ing chairs, one rocker. Phone 157S-M. 1530 Webster SI. 15-C. 0't-ed Cat's For Sale Cheap. As our winter shipments of nev. cars are arriving and to enable "us to nake more room, we are offering the that the Thirteenth A n n u a l Coiiveu-1 f o l l o w i n g used cars at e x c e p t i o n a l l y tron of the National Rivers and Har- j ow pr i c es. Now we mean low. f o i bors Congress w i l l be held on AVed- these are pi ices that will astonish nesday, Thursday and Friday, the ( 3 o u _ as we m u . t c i ean (.hem o u t . 6th, 7th and Sth of December, 191G, in the Asseiub'y Room ot the New \ V i l l a r d Hotel. Washington, D. C Governors of States and Territories, mayors of cities, t o w n s and villages and presidents of commercial, J industrial, agricultural and 1 1913 SLudcbjker Six T o u r i n g 1 1914 Studebaker Six T o u n n s 1 1314 Studebaker Four T O U I I U T 1 1916 S L u d e b a k e r Six Touring. wa ter- ·way associations are hereby given authority to appoint and accredit delegates. T-hey are earnestly requested to give the matter immediate a t t e n - j a n d get our p r j c e s . tion and to furnish the secretary with ADAMS AUTOMOBILE 1 1313 Studebaker "35" Touring 1 1914 Paige, Four T o u r i n g 1 H u p m o b i l e Four' Touring. 1 Auburn Four, T o u r m g _ 1 R. C. H. Four, Touring. Come in and let us show you these the declaration? officer. "Yes, quite willing." "And what is your trade?" "I am a grave digger," replied th' Belgian stolidly. She C o u l d n ' t Have It. A smail boy who was sitting next tc a very haughty woman in a crowded car kept sniffing in a most annoying manner. At last the lady could beai if no longer and turned to the lad "Boy, have you got a handkerchief?" she demanded. The small boj r looked at her for a fow seconds, and then, in a dignified tone, came the answer: "Yes, I 'ave. but I don't lend it to strangers."-London Chronicle. the names and addresses of the dele. gates appointed by them. The convention will be addressed by distinguished and able speakers from our 'own and other countries, some ot the addresses -being illustrated -with lantern slides and moving pictures. In addition to the prepared addresses, important questions ·will be presented for general discussion by- the delegates. The "war against waterways, far from, being at an end. is being waged w i t h increasing violence. The work of improvement has been seriouslr COMPANY. SUPPLY 13-S Asparagus Is Healthful. Asparagus has often been called the "king's vegetable." It was cultivated by tho Egyptians, and the ancient Greeks used it as a medicinal com pound. We find it cultivated in Rome in 200 B. C., Cato being one ol the first to encourage its national planting. Grandmother's Medicines Our grandmothers were wise m the virtues of the herbs of the field. They used to gather and store roots a n d j ommend asparagus In cases iOftheart, herbs and use them to cure the a i l - ments of.tlieir families--wormwood, thoroughwort, sage, rue, 'Camomile-the list might go on and o n ' o f ^ t h ? ' healing plants with which they made I us familiar. orchard b e f o r e winter closes in. "Brush piles, heaps of leaves, rubbish along the i e u c e rows, aiid un- talable f r u i t are allowed to remain i n the orchard u n t i l spring before being b u r n e d or otherwise disposed ol. Nearly all the msect pests t h a t make trouble for the orchard o w n e r take advantage of e v e r y t h i n g in the n a t u r e oi rubbish in which to spend t h e winter. Time spent lato in ths Idll clearing everything that will b a i - bor insects is a p r o f i t a b l e light when j the enoni3 r is tal:eu at a 11' paid before Xov. 13ih, snb^crip. ,t!0iis to tile ra,ilj- Constitution by mail will Bo $2.3U. Alter that time --positively $3.OO. Xotico, J3ridgo Contractors. Notice is hereby given that sealed proposals will be received at my office, until 12:00 o'clock noon, Saturday, December 9th, 1916, for the Modern scientists agree that the construction of seven re-inforced con. highly beneficial reftults obtained from eating asparagus are due to -its large content of asparagrin. Physicians rec- stomach and kidney trouble." - Complex Bookkeeping. The one fundamental principle un- crete bridges. Also -.for the grading of what is known as 1 the Haynes hill. I reserve the right to reject any and all bids. JO BROADDUS, n l B w t d d l Bridge Commissioner. the cost must be less than the selling I The Constitution has served yon is that | w ell for the past year. We will do Now their grand-daughters get now. $3.OO after Nov. 18th. delayed, and the evident object of t h a , [druggists, ready prepared for . ^, . , ... , better' the coming year. Send In your price. In the operation of this prln- I ciple agriculture is no exception, j extracts from just such good old Farming, however, is such a complex roots and herbs, f r o m the nearest business, and the different enterprises | making up the farm unit are so intricately related, that it requires an ex- i . . _ f rt _. , , . . r J tctUClJ' l e l c t L e U , UUtlt. 1L J I 3 V J U U t l nil ISA- opposition is to procure the entire^ One such medicine, which women find pept bookkeeper to Juggle the flgureB abandonment of our waterways, .best for their own ailments, is th- aEd asce rtain v,-h6ther there has been ( ·which would necessarily give the j well-known Lydia B. Pinkham's Ves_ proat or IOSE i Tailroads a monopoly of, inland ,trans. +.ahlo Sompound. Children Cry FOR FLETCHER'S "·: f-- «=i T O R 3 A Read the Constitution Want ads. WELU1ADE-ACTIVE- SKATj» 7; $1280 . Quality r u n s through the 7 passenger 6-30 Chalmers like in a mine, reason for vein of gold That is one Jts jaiprerne abiiity in a c f i n n . The price is very low on this car-- $1280 u n i i l November 30. After t h a t $1350. [All prices f. u. b. Detroit] ChiJiicothe Motor Co. A . E . N o r m a n C. E. Murphy M. F. Alcott CONSTITUTION "WANTS" GET RESULTS JEWS PA PER I IN £V SPA PERI

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