The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 12, 1914 · Page 20
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 20

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 12, 1914
Page 20
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T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Sunday Morning, July 12, 1914. Page Twenty LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING-- (Con.) *0o SOc 400 400 flOo 800 $1.20 1.80 2.40 Cost of Want Ads in The Daily Kevicw Be per line for first insertion. SHcper line for each subsequent consecutive insertion. Minimum charge 20 eent« S llne« S times 8 !lne« 8 times 4 llDea 3 Uraei · t line* 7 times 3 lines T times.......... t lines 7 times -e linen 80 times .-,,.... 3 ltn» 30 times 4 lines 30 tlmss No »d»ertliement accepted for leas tnan two lines. Count «ii ordinary words to each line. Discontinuance of »d»ertliln« must be In writing It will not be accepted ty phon«. This protects your Interests as well u ours. If You Can't Bring or Send your Want Ad ; Phone Bell Anto ifl 11 Courteous operators, thoroughly f*- mlllar with rates, rules and classification, will g!»e you complete Information. And, It you wish, ther will assist you In wordlnr your want ma. to make It most effective. Afe accepted by telephone to ·«- oommodate you If your name Is In til* telephone directory. Every Home Has Use for Review Wzmt; Ads WANTI3D--All klndi of sewlngr. Call Kim Grlseon after 6 p. m. Bell 4041, Mil WANTED--To buy, horse. Great Eastern Toa and Coffee Co., corner Main and William. SITUATIONS WANTED. ED--PI ace to do general work by woroa.» with 2 y*-ar old child. Best of ref- rences Call at once. 2224 Gracelana Av«.77-J6 WANTED--By honest hoy 17 years old, who uses no tobacco or intoxicants, steady work ·C any kind. Address G-731. Review. TouiiiT widow desires position as housekeeper for widower or care for in- G-735. Bevlew. WANTED--Work by 18 rear olfl hJga cchoo " graduate. G-6S6, Review. ^f ANTED--Position on farm, by young mar* rled man; experienced; only year-'rouna work. eonBidered; references exchan UkddreM G 653, Review. HELP WASTED. WANTBI--11.200 coU cash made, raid ' hankd In 30 days by Stoneman: $15.000 t date Join our famous $1,000 class ^vhlch nT ·olutely Insures fl.OOO per m n n per c u u n t Teti inexperienced men divided $40,000 with in W monthe. Strange Invention, piartlc tn* world. Agents amazed T h i n k - w h a t t n i invention dnes Gives every home a h a t h room with hot and cold r u n m n e water I(k50 Abolishes plumbinc, w a t p r w n r k R P beating. No wonder Hart soM Id in 8 hour $5000 altogether; Ijorteivlek 17 f i r f t da\ Credit given Come now. Investigate Posm will do. Exclusive sale. ieQiiir«-t, quick no tlon but means $1.0«0- and more for yoi Allen Mfg. C o . 3937 Allen BUff.. Toledo^ WANTED--Agents A new concentrated s drink. E \ e r y home, c h u r c h , fair, pier lawn fete, ball park. Ft nnd, *· tc , h u \ s t r Small packet- makr-s 3'j Biases--oningt.i crap* 1 raspberry, etc. A men ran t rcx.u Co., 3520 Sycamore St., C i n c i n n a t i . O. 7 n i n e WANTED--Agents e«ll "Arnbn trated he^r extract Makesby twldlns w a t e r . Strictly lepa' Enormoi profits Large salea. Send po'tfll today. Th Arnbrew C o . Dept jnsi!. C i n c m n WANTED--Salesment In e-. ery s t a t e Sesti Co.. Importers. nianu'TTuicrs and « h o l sale proct»ra T h f larcost hot.*.,, fn t h " wor ·enmc farmers a n d larpp rnr.«umers. Hon**p enerfiftir men on\\ K x p e n ^ n r e desirahle, n essential. Porrrnncnt. p r n f u a h ' * . bn r )tH-ss I your hornf- county. Goo-l r^for^ncos quired John Sexton * Co., I«ikfc and F i a n k lln Sts., Chicago. WANTED--Agents In cve»-v town to hand greatest seller out. Copyrlcnt. Photo Vo, Carda of ttncl*- Sam t a k i n g Vera. Cruz E 1 Danler, Box 834, Detroit, Mich. ii WANTED--"Would you work for 815 per w«e' 8 hours a. day? Woman TV anted to m tribute free package. Eora-x Washing Foy 4er, ward Soap Co., 216 Institute PJ., rh ca«o. l(; WANTEI--Resident ae«"t for Dscatu vicinity to introduoe and h a n d l e our Seve Hctit Selling HouaehoM '«wep8ltles V DToflM Writ* for terms and particular Hoyt Md PbHIlpa. R5-10 Wentworth AM» ' BOARDERS WANTED. /ANTED--Eoardfrs, young men to room and board. Private and modem. 903 N h u r c h . 7 4 4 'ANTED--Roomer* and boarder* by week or day. Call at 2fi! E. Main. »7flO WANTED TO BUY Wanted to Buy. .'ill pay the highest cash prices for usefl tovei. rugs and refrigerators, or will take old furniture aa first payment on new. Home Outfitters, Auto phone 1S41. 8701 WANTED TO RENT. WAXTED--A motlern houoe, closo nrtullfl. Address 242 West W i l l i a m , wc-^ oor. 777 FOR RENT--Three light housekeeping rooms Also household good* for aate at - ·""*- galn. 414 N. Morgan. 7092 FOR RENT--2 furnished rooms for housekeeping. 230 W. Prairie. llBht 7021 FOB RENT--2 furnished rooms for light housekeeping. W5 E. Orchard, 11)1- FOR BENT--Nicely f u r n i s h e d modern rooins for light house keeping. 1209 W. Macon. 12Vk FOB SALE. FOR SALE--Cheap. Furnished log cabin. bont and auto shed. Best location at Decatur Fishing Club. Dr. W. C. Wood. M,J FOH SALE -- Steam radiators and plpo; a first claba vault door and f r a m e ; threo story flro escape complete. A. Old phone l»«. HendrK. l804 FOR SAT,E--30,000 clean second hand Bargain. Call Bartello, 125 E. Main. hand brick. 7701 FOR SALE--One oak roll top desk, 1 oak typewriter desk, bath, s u n i t a r y style I No 5 Oliver typewriter. Cooper, 64«. W a i t l . . M . 1 l n r . ' "" FOK SAT.K-N-W surrey and g e n t l e d r i v i n g !mr-e; l^'S N 1'Mvvard. Bfll .'-'-.i. " M FOK RENT-HOUSES. FOR "RENT--Seven room house. 42.S E. Olive. $1:150 per m o n t h . Call 4tt) E. O l u e . 77US OK'RE^T--Klve room h o u M , 4 G 6 W. Wood, $\2; close in. Anply 907 W. Wood. Holl 351. 7MI. FOH RENT--Seven room house, IOCS M o r g a n ; ater, gue, toilet, electric lights, icnu-iit i'ment. Allen Jones, 113 Old phone, "M)i; FOR RENT--Five room house, electric U g h 1 is, water, f u l l basement, l r )-4 N. C h u i c Call Bell 2748: Auto 1086 77 FO31 RENT--Six room cottage, iofland. Bell phono 1010. FOR RENT--Seven room modern houae, ,'!4r» 8. Union. Apply L. \V. Cook, 305 W. Ma- FOR RENT--Five room m o a p r n escort heat: no chfltlrpn. 7(K N Chinch. A u t o l ' K t \ Bell 802, 77M. FOR RENT--right room m o d e r n liouse IL W. Docatur St C. W. Plcetcr, 310 P. Unl atreet. Hell o-fi6. "7' FOH RENT--Six room modern cottage, w i t h clPt'-rn w a l T In k i i c h c n "Will be v a c a n t July ^0. Call 085 B. C a n t i e U St. 774;? FOR RKNT--Port of hoiiFe, 487 Bant T,«Mf- land. " FOR RENT--Furnisht-d h o i i p p 7 moms; e r n - ptino, S4 weekly U n t i l P r p t 1. quire U.v: N Union Be'I phone 31SO FOR RENT--South h a l f cT house fit r-f't Wood Inquire at C a r t e r ' s r u m p -H 231 S. College. · i FOR RENT--Five room house on Clar nn'1 A l a f f l t ; city w n l * r . B e l l 3111. "'--' FOK RENT. FOR R K N T -- H a m loi two horses and buggy 21S . -Vionroe Bell ISyO. .MM (Continued.) FOR SALE--Now five room bungalow; modern; grate, mantel, cement basement; a fine lot; west end A bargain for quick sale. Evans Boggess. 514 MIHikin Bldg. Bell 144, 773fi FOR SALJil--Nice little home, E-Z to get; only $50 down, !!: per month; 3 large porches, shade well, cibtern, small barn, west and, on (.nr l i n o ; price $1200 If sold by J u l v J G t h See TVnlt Carver, 2,"^ X. Main. 7791 FOn. SALE--At public auction, -luly 23rd, nt 2:30 p. m , 6 room house on 57x173 foot l o t ; good well, cistern and cellar, 91G N. College St. 7G72 FOR SALE--fi-room modern h"UBs Leaf land and Illinois. Auto 3594. FOR BAI*E--$2,500 for 8 room, house, north part. Bell 2903. modern 6823 FOR SALE--MISCELLANEOUS. FOR SALE--Roll top desk, Bide board, din- Ing table liall tree, d i v a n , 2 chairs, oak bed w i t h springs and mttrtBS, commode. Call morning-.*, ]ft15 N Union. Bell 40IR 7i24 FOR SAL.K--A two room bachelor apartment; \\U1 r u r n i = h e d ; rloso in; stoam heat, h a t h ; hot and rold water; reason for selling leaving city. Address G-713, Review. I.-OR iM-'\'l'--Stores opposite roof g a r d e n on l-'lilnri.ii' j u r i e t . Sit; and $19 per month. I n q u i r e -TH X. Franklin. " xlt l BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. $ 7 , i N M s'lMi-K I N DECATUR C O M P A N Y . Nn I 5 ' t i ~ This company is onu of the hest k n o w n a n i l nioht pruspcrnus c o n c e r n s in liH c i t v ol I V c u i u r and is one of the oldest ami h. st «sMbhi.hod businesses in c e n t r a l I l l i m u s J L u i l l ino.l\e any ITHUT 01 I o n i a n \ \ i s l i i n e a Sii r? investment a good intrrust. It tan it- so;a c i t h e r In one block or in lots nf T. I K - ' The men at the head of t h i s rom- nnY are re nemzed to be l e n d i n g business m . n of c o m r a i ll'lnoi*. For f u r t h e r I n t o r - mation see me personally. 77i« C. A. H L K K S , R23 .12l-12r Citizens Bank B u i l d i n g FOR S \ MS -- F u l l equipped grocery and meat marx'.t a t b a r g a i n ; stock a t i m o t c e ; · n i i l lfas« f i \ t .'t' c . w i l l take good Ford car. bal- a n c e t i ' - h . i* A. H,, care N a t i o n a l Grocerv ' ' ' FOK i » \ L E -- A taken Main 5 two chair barber a n o p , ev- . W i l l eell /it a sacrifice if Address Barber Shop, Knst III. 7 l 1 ' FOR Ppn F i f t h * M i E - O n e of the best saloona I IP t i Id, h a l f block from square o ..treet O-7U, care R e v i e w . n FOR ^M,E--Refreshment privilege at roof K B M e n R c n s o n f o r selling; other business. A p p l y at Roof Garden. -'"^ FOR~PATs--Old established bakery and lunch room, doing good business. Address J A R , Bnx 3 2 , S u l l i v a n , I I I . ^£ FOR RENT--Five room p a r t l y m o d e l n cot- i g p - a l m n a t n e w . on car l i n e ; c o n r r e l e basement Al*-o f u r n i t u r e for Hale. Call nt £141 E W i l l i a m . "'" ! FOR R U N T -- Mod orn si car line Adlro*s 707 N room house, Kdw.irl. FOR Ri:ST--STRlCTTjY MOPKTtX 7 room mise. **1S T f a n n e l l . A u t o phone 5H79. 77U1 FOK R K N T -- E i c i i t room modern house. rt2". X- M n r u a n . "i FOR R K N T -- f - room n ,T O a k l a n d a r r l Fo house, $23, c n i - R E N T -- O m -"--r fiO, one 11-rnnm uu i?t. I n q u i r y house. East mil. i e i n house. 252 W. i«un Dimock " FOR Rr.NT. 4 Rooms 125P N C ' l n f m S t , modern..? R 0^ 3 R o o m s W. -M.uii c!o--f in n "° 5».·-· fl 1 - r o w e r s I, i n - IM'i" J i l u r h n u ? i i on I'ou.-rs J-ane "7 "-'i 5 K i K ' i n s :{fT. ^ J V i f f i t t r=t part m o d . . Ifi.'hi 5 Rooms l*rsj W. K m p St , good house. 12 OK f» Hootns "W Pei'nuir i-r , mud f u r n i s h e d I 1 -On fl I.n.nns "21 W. f r a m e ^ t , r i t v heat.. -10.01 ~i i:n.,Tiis \\\ f i n o , N. n., m o d e r n . . . . "5 "0 o Rooms S" , t ' u .IM. m n . i r r n ili *ii 5 rior-m-i West Hni'-, f u r n l s l 5 Rooms "W. I ' r . u r i ^ n \ r . f'i Kooms t"i~ S O.ik md, m o d e r n , 1*300 t; Rnoms T i i o c l t r n , east fml 2000 t Pi\ room mo lern house's, X side, SIS SHi and · r. i i f x t m " on V.'f'Kt M a i n , steam h r a t . . . . n Rooms, 740 E. Center Ft , modern. · ims M t l f , f u r n i ' - h f ' c l .... :*il N Morgan, d ' p o t . . . . !." us modern. North\\**»t end I^* 1 us moiUrn, very ! ' = i r ' i h l e , west. U'l 0 us on S t'rra. f u r n i s h e d ~~ 0 ns in R i v p r s i d e , ip^viprn -1 I !7is lc'7 Vi'. (trcen M barn lota. ! " ' nt". either sex. W o n d e r f u l w»»hing preparation which, w i t h o u t adver- tlirtair brinfrs orders from thousands 01 s n t |ff*d customers; purely veRet.vhle; g u a r - anteed -won't fade or injure rfelirnte p n o r l s ; barmUss to liajndle or e \ e n eat; ""i'"" 1 ' 1 "^ no work: exclusive- territory. Caulfleld. 3Cio Bids.. St. Louis. '^iO 7 modern, cln.f in. rlofe N o r t h in i n , ' « -i--t side- n \ e . .. lesmen scinnff «tock remedies or hor»» fioods to take order* for 6kldoo Tlr Oil A cracker-Jack seller for inmmer month..' Station Oil Co.. Cleveland. O. 7700 WANTED--Several pood solicitors, experience nnnecessary; good pav to r f ^ h t parties. Call between 2 and 4, 70S "W. Deratur. 7311 7 R n n m s 1177 ' t t ; t R 7 Hooma E:iht S '!·, nind , r'riF(% in 7 Rooms "\V M a i ' n St , f u r n i s h e d 7 Rooms N o r t h , .is-t £ '!*·, 1,'us, t o i l e t . a n l \ \ i t t - i ! S Rroms 4IK-, \V M-icon i-t d Rooms mn r-ottncf H 11. mrnlprn..'.. - j^oonm VJW W. O e c n U . r S' ^ ; Rooms 1157 -. C l i n t o n ^ . m o d e r n . . rooms \ e r v r l n t e In. m o ' l ' i n 1 Itooina 7 blocks wo«(t T U O ' ' ( rn Room" 13'!fi N*. Mam Pt , t u n . ) graraRG. :· Rooms modern, \V. "M.T '--n Pt ·' Rooms m o i l p r n . nn X C o ' f ^ c «t Several Furnished hou--.- We have ' H houses for rent. $'n.O to ?r,0 00. Meridith Kent Co. WANTET--Railroad firemen. brakemen, J120; experience unnecessary. Sen! age, yostage Railway. G 536, care Review. 7536 TOR RENT--6-room modern house; north part. Apply Crystal Tnr.ure, 7030 ·ITANTED--Government positions are easy to get My free booklet, Y 270, tells how. (write today--Now. Earl Hopkins. Washington. D. C. 7176 FOB RENT--Modern w II ventilated flats, 130, to 520: elevator service; steam h*at. Frank Suffern. S u f f e r n B M p , Wl X W n t p r 15.000 GOVERNMEXT JOBS open to man, and women, $65 to S1.V month. Write for list. Franklin. Institute, Dep't. 6\ Rochester, N WANTED-MALE. ay positions tn postoffice, rail- mall and other branches are good * under former U. 8. civil »erv1c« ·eoretary-examlner. Booklet G-35 fr«» Pat- tmum (Uia E*rrtM Goboal. Hocheater. X T. 7(07 SrAM*BD--Man te l*ara barber trade «53«pen««nt. Fsw weeks completes. F Bo "«53«en««nt. Fnw weeks comoletes. Trs\- Boea waltln? Graflnatca aunllflBcl for lob». 'Wagea while learning. Tools j , - l . Cataloirue free. Moler Barber College, Chj- ca»o. 111. ·081 WANTED-- At once, one flrat rlnra barber. good uarantee for rlRht man: mu«t b Ame tonu -- , . good guarantee for rlRht man: mu«t be nn erican; no foreigner nor boorer. J. E. Ac- Box 405. MorrlBonvltle. 111. "^ HELP WANTED--FEMALE WANTED-:ompetent plrl for Kencral bo work; no washing or ironing. 722 W. Wnrx! ·treet. Talefhonea 1738. "!!i3 WANTED--Lady who la able to manas* help in a down-town store; also ahla to buy Interest in same. If interested, addrem O 618. care Review. 7811 MSCELLAHEOUS WANTS. WANTEI--Tour painting and finishing. In city or country. Bell 4S85 I. L.. Burrls. 1T4S N. College. 7785 Boarding Horses Wanted. at 218 W. Wood Delivered and called for CHnt Bromley, Bell 807; Auto 1007 773f WANTED--A place to do penernl work; 2 WANTED--Tour paper hanging. Prices ·tilt timed. Call Bell 2SS7 or George Brf ivfty 439 S. Broadway. 7743 I WANT your w«H togging and well boring ·nd cistern work; see me at once. I53 Main. Bell 4344. WANTHD--Dressmaking; twitches irmd from comblns. 123 E. Main. Bell 4(!J)3. 744 WANTED--All farmer* to know they can h*v« dead atock removed free of cha Notify William Price 904 N. Monroe. phone 2474: Auto, S024. WANTED -- Tour painting, paper hnn and decor»tli*s: fliWt closs work jmar t«fl Condon Bros., BeH 2204. 837 E. Cundlt --- LIVE STOCK. FOR SA' cnlt Hi --Good brood mare 71",, A u t o 4HT* Nice blick drivlnB horse. corns old, »7.". K t a k e n at ones. _S20 FOR S\7,E C H E A P -- G o o d team of harne'-fl and spring wagon, -US H. mules. O I H e 77SC, FOR SALE--Nice gentle d r i v i n g horse, 14" E Cerro fiorflo. 7 f ''' BOOK. B I N D I N G -- PRACTICAL BOOK binding and blank book manuiacturing. 127 South Water street, Decntur. IIL Herman Spies. Magazines bound, names stamped in Bold on books, pocketbooks s,nd memorandum books, toilet cases, etc. BICYCLES AND AUTOS. FOR SALiK--Fhe pns^engfr Buick In first class c o n d i t i o n , ?200 If sold at once. Aa- drchs G-M", 3le\k'\v. FOH SAI.K~G.iocl 408 S TYrUT Pt. bicycle 4Shea.p. FOR SALE--7 H P. ImHun motorcycle; 1014 moilcl; 2 speed. 501 S. Mam. FOR SALE--Stnddnrd-DaVton car; qulBt. smooth r u n n i n g ; fine condition; a bargain ol the season. F-140, Review. TYPEWRITERS FARM F.ANDS (CONTINUED.) 185-Acre Farm. m Hamilton Co.. III., about 3 miles from McLeansboro. the county seat, on main public road: w p l l located and fairly well Imp r o v e d , w i t h a 7 room house, large barn. ,d well!., fences, etc. There are about S5 I'M In - \ a l l p v or bottom land, t n o r o u g n - ly ti%d into a dralnace ditch and all under a high s t a t e of c u l t i v a t i o n : balance of the f.irm Is red timber soil all cleared and under c u l t i v a t i o n except 40 acres in timber. This place Is nn ideal combination stock and S r,iin farm and can bo sold at SS5 per acre. Owner w i l l consider a good clean ftoclc of merchandise in exchange for the farm ana If necccs.iry make a loan of from $o,000 to $6,000 for a term or years. SUBMIT COFNTY FARM. No !54--125 acres located In Shelby county. I l l i n o i s only two miles from good gram m a r k e t ; land Is level to s l i g h t l y rolling with small branch r u n n i n c t h r o n n h one 40; lj acres In timber p a s t u r e ; balance In cultiva- t i o n ; ail Rood r i c h p r o d u c t i v e latvd. Has good barn, granary, broom corn shed and other o u t b u i l d i n g s , all in good repair. N o house- It burned down this winter. Price SllTi per n c r e . Will Jsell on good terms or would cer.sider good stock of merchandise, grain elevator or o t h e r good business property. Loan of $5,000 now on farm. SOtTTHEASTRX ILLINOIS FARM. No M--"·"· acres Blunted on a m a i n puolic road' % mile from the n o r t h line of Richland county. Illinois, and 3 miles from t o w n w i t h n u m e r o u s stores and bank; about II miles f r n m the county seat. The land 19 all tlllnhl,. and is a p r o d u c t i v e chocolate soil: Improved w i t h nn o r d i n a r v house and barn. OH indications are very favorable at this time, as most of the l a n d In this v h i n l t y have been loa'ort by a p r o s p e c t i n g o i l company. Trice fn.OOO. Incumbrance SJ,3,"0. M i g h t consider city property. I n J U. S. Brokerage Co. Rm. 8 Home Tele. Bldg., Decatur, 111. REAL ESTATE. A 12% Investment. $300 to $400 down buys a nlco B room new cottage on car line; newly nalnted; full basement; corner lot; electricity; food well. Price J1250. Coma and see thlt. Rents for 512.50 per month, «886 E. P. Drobisch Son., Bell 4011 Auto 107T. 158 E. Main. North Water St. Seven room house and store building; house all modern, but bath; located at 941 and 943 North Water street. If you are looking for a house and to (70 Into business see me. Will rent for $30 per month. Price 515,500. · 70S9 J. M. Pickle 427 Citizens Bank Bid*. Auto 1577. Belt US88. PROFESSIONAL. FOTI SALi:--rn.lfrwooil No. 4 typewriter new, rcnsomtilf Call 347 Stowart Ave. ,..i TO EXCHANGE. FOP. SALE OR T R A D E -- A 5 pasienrer Det r o i t a u t o W i l l t a k e truch, lot, or "orRe and w a g o n . Bell 40117. 7772 FOR E X C H A N G E -- W e l l Improve* farm, -A.1- ]fn Co.. K a n p n F "U'.int Decatur p r o p e r t y . Address J E Osborn. Hell CSI i i" s FOP. E X C H A N G E -- G o o d 5.10O equity In 5- rnom lionse for Kond Ford auto. t. H Tolly. 13C, M e r r l K i n t Pt. ' 5:M FOR EXCHANGE--A. f i n e £2.000 flve-pas- f e n g e r a u t o to exchange for hlgh-Ha"? lot in west end. S. H. Tolly 138 Merchant St. TM°' 7595 For Trade. Could use good house and lot 'In exchange for TM» of the ' cst restaurants In Decatur, r n n n i n B f u l l blast a n d doing f i n e business. Can show \ o u books for past sll m o n t h s Tl's a mone\ m a k e r ; nwrrer going away What have ou to trade. Could use v a c a n t Jots. See me fnr f u r t h " r i n f o r m a t i o n . Bruock, 127 E Prairie. T33S fIS to $25 RICET, BT.ACK L A N D No lri'J, r (--I have epvera! sections and some ii-Uf =ertions o£ land in w h a t was originally the famous "Big Grass Marsh." n o r t h w e s t ol WinniocK near Gladstone, Manitoba, Can- aila T h e r e Is no deeper or richer soil to be f o u n d any w h e r e In N o r t h A m e r i c a . This l a n d has been t h o r o u s h l v drrdcm w i t h m n l n d i t c h and laterals, and Is all ready for the Dlow It is close to railroads and mar- els, and but n short d i s t a n c e f r o m the rne- r n n n l l s of Canada. The c h a r a c t e r or the .I! and location o u u h t to appeal to any ,11- w h o w a n t s Rood land chp.ip. Thrte and range In price from Sl.T to ?:-. per acre e p e n d i n g on the lay of nnd an.] l o c a t i o n , nd can be bought one-fo..rth d o w n and a f a n c e in four equal pavm-nt. at k", 1 hi. oil l« hlack loam w i t h c l a v miVi'oll and hs easily, nnfl Is the a r e a t n = t B r a i n pro- er In Canada Nn nia.n can leave a het- Tec?cv to hi! f a - n i ' v or m a k e « b e t t e r ertment for h l t r . ' . l f t h a n to buy fome of hc«8 nood l a n d , wlu-n are o f f e r e d TO nap and on such l i b e r a l terms home of lie h r f t f a r m e r s of lla'on and Sangamon sVd^w^^^^sssrs s. d . r[ Sl ohhe°o W ners"n°nd" t'o'.^.^",^ Sa«4 vnr with you I k n o w of no b e t t e r investment In land 'todsr »t the price t h a n some ,1 these section! or h a l f sections. ',71 C. A. BURKS, 323-324-S25 Citizens Bank Bulldlnff. WANTED--To trade for a small store or smew. A d d r e s s F-77H, ReUew. r c: XTT.'--One bav mare. 4 yoarp o l d ; m i n d ' . , n d t-entle. 1100 I h s , 723 N. Monroe Bel! SrA", W. Jl Hill. "'" FOR S \I.E--Horee, wagon and harness 1722 Johns ase. '"' FOR S\LE OR TRADE--T head of good IIWB^ 8 set* or harness. 3 wogona. 1 sur- TPV w i l l f a i l p for property. Call 412i H Franklin. Bell 2S4O '^* HOUSEHOLD GOODS. F U H N I T U R E T A K U S A DR e g l n n i o g t h i s wefk we 15 111 o DRO1\ o f f e r better Both in new and h a r ^ a f n s iMn ever before. Tron Beds. Ooc each anil up. F p r l n e s . -" ltl each and up. lup^prs. S'JOO earh anrt u p W a " ^ s t a n d s , 7."c e a r h and up R dozen f o u r sewert brooms at cost These nre only a few of our many bnreatns. D. C. Holt Furniture Co. Bell 277 1 !. A u t o 1337. 252 B. Main 754S Furniture For Sale at v great s a c r i f i c e -- D i n i n g tabl»s. «ldbos.rils. b u f f e t s , k i t c h e n cabinets, rocking c h a i r s , ii- n b. ds. bed springs,». ev-ry. I h i n g to f n r n h h a homfl, at 213 St New p h o n e 13^. S. E. Minick. m'th J'ark 732-.' FOR FALK -A-H o v e n s , b i o l l e r . $ » t o \ e . 4 burner, 2 Collppe. H e l l i: FOR KENT-FLATS. on FOR RENT--Flati on Korth M a i n St., 2o* and 3rd floors, Bullarrt Fldff. I n q n f r ' I W. Billiard. Citizens N d t l o n n l Bank. 741 FOR RENT-ROOMS. 'OR REXT--Nice furnishefl room In mod- era home. Price reasonable. ISflS "W. Decatur. Bell SCO. T7«S FOR RENT--Two furnished rooms on ground floor. 527 N. Jacltaon. 7707 FOR RKNT--Sleeping rorm. modern, nicely f n r n i f l h e d ; gentleman or lady. 851 N. Main 77^7 FOR RENT--Two nicely furnlshM modern 703 W. "William. FOR RENT--Four nice rooms, npitalrs, at 17 E Main Inquire P08 E. Prairie. Bell phone 2310. ' 7 "" 4 FOR RKNT--Furnished room; modern; prl- v a t p f a m i l y , 270 W. Mnln. 7721 FOR P.BNT--Furnished or unfurulshed room, K!2 W. Prairie, upper flat. 7701 FOR RBNT--Furnished room; modern; private family. Call a(ter 6. G42 V?. Decatitr. 7GG2 I- OR J1I3XT*--T^nrnlshcfl suite, strictly modern, for Kenttprnen; in private home. Bell Wfi. ."OJ Cor. Macon anfl ColleRe. 7S41 !-'OK I t K N T -- r u r n i - = h e d mom; modern, close I n - 442 N Church. Bell 1250. 7400 FOR R E N T -- K l c c room In modern home and small f n m l l y ; gentleman preferred. Old phone 2173, 7 FOR KTCNT--· Furnisher] rooms. Modern, private entrance. C40 W. Mnln. Bell 2417. IJW3 LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING. FOR RKNT--Largo coo! housekeeping rooms, ground f l o o r , cheap. Ref, 349 E, Green. 7SO FOR RENT--Two furnished rooms, housekeeping. 1730 E. Wood. Old phone £432. 7800 FOR RENT-- Llcht hoiiBekoepinK or sleepIns: rooms; Church. unfurnished rooms, 92(4 FOR RENT--Furnished rooms for sleeping or light housckeonlnff, 42t Wabash Ave, A n t o KIM 77m FOR REXT--Ltpht housekeeping roonn n 112 B Eldora-do; proimd floor. 7700 FOR RPIXT--Sleeping and light housekeepinK rooms, 511 E. Prairie, 7689 IF f - o l . D BY HA-TURDAY a n l n K O (or $8. 44-i N. A n t o 4')01 n l c h t , $2r» Broadway. S T O R \ G H F U T l N T T f R E FOR SAT.T3. Bi^scH'p r a r i f t sweepers Wtc each Moridith Storage Co., 320-"50 E. Cerro Gordc St Bargains. T o M l n e beds, tn up; center tables. 2Sc p; savohne rungcs. S2.50 and up; bedstead." In a n d up: bed spring. 50c and up; 12 i n c h electric f n n cheap. Other b a r g a i n s too nu- ncrom to mention Eldorado and depot car« top at store. Albert C. Blickel. 742 i. Eldorado St.. A u t o 1591. 636j The Exchange. Furniture I buy, sell or exchange new or illghtljr usei 'urnituro. stoves, rug« t eto. M. A. Peabody 121-« K. North Bt. Furniture Will pay mo«t for illghtly u«ed Planoi, Fur nlturo. Carpets. Ruga, Stoves and ReCrlg eratora; or will exchange new for old. Meridith Furniture Go. Bell pboncs: 400-118 Auto: 1943. Ccrro Gordo St 820-35C 17, r CITY PKOPEETT. COMBINATION RESIDENCE FOR SAI,F No. 1.129--This residence located close in on one of the best Btrcets. lot 80x150, pnve street on car line; 2% story, 15 rooms, slrict ly modern house; Jl.OOO worth ot f u r n l t u r goes ivUh houfee. Rents for S113 per monti Stoam heat, 5 baths, lavn-torips nntt wnto closets; 3 pnrches Owner c«nld rent h n ' of house. Trice $12,500. Owner w i l l carr half This p i o p e r t y should Interest an person--man or w o m a n -- w a n t i n g an fncorr property to occupy or rent. TTf C. A. BURKS, S23-324-325 Citizens Bank Building. FOR SALE OR RENT--5 room house abou Aug 15, 1850 E. "Wood St. 7S1 FOR SAJjE--Nine room house nt 320 \T. Nort street, alt modern, city eteam h o a t , 03 fee frontage; quiet residence n e i g h b o r h o o d close to busineps section. Call R. S, Bohon 134 E. Pralrlo, 779 FOR KALE OR EXCHANGE--Property 42t! "Wahash Ave. A T. Summers, 110 Water St. 772 rOll K A T . K -- Six room cottage-; larpe Close in. partly modern; part cash. Be jBoftg^on, «53 H. f~ MONEY TO LOAN. \ R M A N D CITY LOAN?--Any amount. 55!. and C* Interest. D D H i l l , Attorney, S, 314 M l l l l k l n Bldg.. Decatur 168" WHEN--I.-WANTA--T.OAN ORRCIW FROM W A L T GAR\"ER. oann made on Purnirure. Piinos, Diamonds, I O N E T TO LOAN on good s e c u r i t y and to salaried people. E. M. Smith. 127 E. Slajn Farm Loans. $100,000 to loan on Illinois land; loans made Ithout delay. Call or writs. "785 J. E. Patterson, 01 Minikin B l d g , Decatur, III. --TOD CAN EORriOW ANT AMOUNT-N o n e too large. None too email. We lend money on Furniture, Planoe, Horses, Carriages, Goods in Storage, Cattle. G r a i n . G r o w i n g Crops, etc. E a s i e r terms t h a n o t h e r irokers Also we huy NOTES Telephone No. 31 OLDEST L ' i . \ N OFFICE IN CITY, es tabliihed 18SU. _ A. T. S U M M E R S SON. 110 T orth Water St Next to M l . l l k l n N a l l o n a l Bank. . S t f ! f » f ! 5 J 1 « J t « f S ? '. 5 t S $ ( I S ( S ) f J S ! $ 1 ! ! * ' 5 « ' « I jMonoy to Loan On best poislblo plan. First th« lowest cost, st-cond the payments 8Te arranged to suit the b o r r o w e r and can be made e i t h e r weekly or monthly. And last, but not least. everything c o n f i d e n t i a l . When you come ~ us for a loan, you can have the m o n e y w i t h i n an hour or two. Any amo'unt from S1000 un. You pay only for t h u actual tlma you keep the money. Call and see us w h e n needing a loan. Rooms 7 timl 8. Oonklln Bldg H a l f block n o r t h of Transfer House, 144 N o r t h Main street. Bell phono 2041; Auto, 1595. $ t i ; $ ; $ i t ; s ; s i $ ; » ; 5 ; t ; * $ t t i t ; i t $ $ I $ : t i t I S : » : S J : S t | · £ t } , f : OS I $ , , . [llinois Mortgage Loan Co, S ! J S ! ? I 1 t ! J f f I ! ! S S « S t t » J S t J f t 5 t ! S » ! t S f ! S » S » t t t S « 1 MONEY TO LOAN on the easy payment plan 110 and up. All business private. Deratur Loan Office C02 Citizens Bank Bldg. Vhoni: Auto, 111S; Bell. 3270. IP YOU M v nish m o t i d Water. lidl a lot. ,T A Adams will fur- 10 build you a house. 01J ( N M O N E Y TO LOAN--ON FARM AND CITY property, lowest rate of Interest; no com mlRBlon. *TM' Burtsclri Bros. Schoenle Citizens National Bonk. LITTLE BY LITTLE you can repay a loan--or all at one*. Care- f u l l y explained hpfere yon tnke tn« money Pay only for the time you use It, we lend $10 and up on ttn aquarest terms Imaglnani --private, loo TM Fidelity Loan Company 315 Citizens Bank BldB. B'» 370: Anto 5M3 FARM LANDS. Free Trip to Arkansas. From SI T ^ u i s a n d R e t u r n to view P O f T H R R X LANDS. To any one u do m a pro'-pecuve buyer land in A N v f ,., t i o n by "hotvlnc t h a t he 1 able to hu\ Mm!! tract. P ' v ^ acres ani pav o n e - h n l f d o \ \ n is e l i g i b l e to the Rbov offer, rom a n , l " " n me U" K Main St. 77v rnori.r..- I;E\LTY I:XCHAXC;E FOR H A L i : (II T R A r K -- 3 - 0 acres. Bout half of frl on 1 t o w n s h i p SI, range 3- ail good. s n i i H . i l i t i l l a b l e l a n d , good farrr l m p r o \ eiTients, ;;i', mile 1 ; s o u t h of lantha Mo., n good nl'nihd n o i n * and ^ miles frol Lamar. th,. c o u n t y w at I'ricr tlOO per acn Tf w a n t e d bv i m f r h n ^ c r m o r t g a g e s of ?|2. 000 for r, yea-., , u fir * , r l n hn placed on till farm Th.s f m i i is rU n' of i n c u m b r a n c r This f a r m is l , ' 1 r | ; s amlv loam soil. I \v i c o n s i d e r n n r b o .ibovp f i r m merchandise r income p!i,p,.u, jocatc-i in a n v good tov, from*! to *]-, orkt Xo commission trad direct M l t h n . i n i r T h e nhoM- f a r m produce .13 bu. w h f T id h u mis ( h i s year. C. T% Christy, 1^7 E I'rair'lo SI . over Post's Jew clry store. FOH C.M.E--ivntral Wisconsin farm. 1" aero f a r m u . i h cood Home, n e a r l y ncv two b a r n s ; 7r. a r r e s u n d e r pl'«'; price 5-iG pe acre; will c o n s i d e r small ··tick of hardwar In trade. For f u r t h e r particulars write A . Oleson. M o n t f o r t "Wis 6 " FOR S A L E -- I O \ V i r \ N - n S ' SB GOOD IM PROVED rM'\is AVD TOTTN LOTS AND ATiOlTv 1 ], ,JP£TON I O W A . fSV B CROFT IO\\A. wulip WEISBROD, F is now open for business in our new location at 305 Bachrach Bldg. Entrance on E. Main St np =ALE-- flB acres, miles North Rose, miles Wolcott 0 room H o u s e , basement arn "«lw f e e " bam 20*30 f e e t ; s.11 nece.- arV outbuild ings; 4 acres "." 1 "; ltbe "^i 4 nr-es set 2 vpars: lots smaj f r u i t . g r a \ e i fl sand loam soil, well fenced and watered; rlcs fsnrid, $1,000 cash. Frank C. K J r "^ i'olcott, N. T. _ ' SPECIAL NOTICES. A V N ' \ "WARD hair dressing porlor. N ^Ater; e\peri = nced hilr. dresse . p s made f r o m combines shampooed. Me Bell - « 4 i . no Indies' h a i r 7*07 Sealed Bids. clved for refreshment and lunch No Drugs No Osteopathy. No Knife, Offlco hours 8 to 12. 1 to a, T to . Sundays. 10 ax m. to 12 m. Landgrat't' Williams Chiropractors LADY ATTENDANT. Auto phone, 1250; Bell phone, 530. Rooms, 214-15 Moran-Corbett building. Cor N Water Rad E. North. Decatur. 111. 8JO Automatic Eyeglass Holders Chain guards, nooks, nal.' pina ftnfl ea 30p« Finger piece mountlnpis. expert ey xamlnatlons. Lensci of all kinds. Nos clip to fit :· no«e. Frames to f i t tn features. Are a few of the eye helps offero by Dr. Mary Xesbitt , MlUikin" Building. '25 Drs. Alsip Rowdybush, Dentists, Stine Bldg., over Hilligos Drug Co. S95 Entrance cither Main or Merchant at. Bell Phone 3177. Hours 8 to S p. m. BELL 3SS7. ADDRESS 160 W. MAIN ST 2S. 10U. macy, De REAL ESTATE. For Sale. Improved -rms: 20 i acres. Phelhy countv p p r t v ; trivle Frank Gorhvin. 11R M e r c h a n t St. PEQRAM COMPANY. 415 Citizens Bank Blrtg:. All classes of loans, to suit borrower, class house for rent. ^ CO. Bath Parlors. OPEN EVERY DAT AND EVENINGS. SUNDAYS, 8 TO 12 A. M. Etperl ed Lndy and Price tfil.OO. Gentleman Attendants. X i l l ^ C t(,J..uu. DECATUT!, ILL, 'HE EXCHANGE BANK, i08 N. Water tre«t, tnrltei y«u to ojjea · SAVINGS ACCOUNT with ONE DOLLAR · or more. W» Allow 3%, 3i/ 2 %, and-4% ntereat. depending upm~th« tin» tO'run Seventeen dollars per ton* Chop feed, scratch feed, bran, hominy chop. Straw, 3 bales for. $1.00 at 539 W. Green. Bell 817: Auto 1SSS. TOM TM N. llooro. It Poundmaster and Scavengers Will remove dead atocfc »oywh«r« In C1TT OR CODSTT. FKEE OF CHARGE Bell Dbone 2986. Auto 42811 Call ·HI City and farm-loam made »t lowest rate* Johnson Dhnock DECATUR. (Over Post's Jewe'rj Store) Auto I21 GEO. W. DAVIDSON , The Pioneer Piano and Sewing Machine Man is now locates at 315 N. Main St..upstairs. Call and see the greatest bargains In pianos and oewlns machines. Also machine* repaired. --749T Dr. Hugh A. Vaughan Dentist. 402 WAIT BLDO. Bell 378. Auto 1891. 4034 To Net 1% First Mortgage Farm Loans Kettlns T* In atnonnU from IS» t* $1,000, Security four times the amount of loam Principal anl Interest p.ysml. Btra. HENRT D. SPENCER, 220 E. Main. ^^ Decatur. JlltnoU. »nT S401 Terms Pirst- $10.000 or any part to loan on real estate. Call or write TT. Kay Boggess, Atty. 513-514 Millikln Bidg. 7765 Choice Lot on West North Street. for sale «t » bargain If sold at once. Also 7 room modern house, P l a t e roof, for sale at a bargain If sold at once 620 S. Crea, SL R. S. Bohon, 1S4 E. Prairie. 8467 For Sale. Five rooms, new ana modern, full lot, ·st $2SOO; 6 rooms, n o r t h p a r t . modern." $2000; .'. rooms, now cottage, N o r l h M a i n , a snnp for JC200 with f650 cash, nnce ?i5 per month. TCI 0. L. Millburn, 149$ 401 Wnlt BldB For Sale. New fi room bunpalow, corner lot, electric lights and f n r n n c p . r o n r r o t e basement, w i n d o w p h n d e s f u r n i s h e d , nowly papered. On eaut slile. t-lote to shops. $300 cnsh. balance $15 per m o n t h ; or will consider vacant Have throe other completely modern houses for gale on easv t e r m s J. W. WATSON SON. Bell phone IS or 3G2:t BI.T4 A u t n phone 1011 --f200 CASH-- nnd 25 per month buys a e°"4 7 room house on North College street, close In. --J3000 CASH-and assume mortEace of Jl.nno buvs 83 lots near I n t e r u r b a n shnp nnd only 3 blocks from c i t y car line, n o r t h part. Money to loan on r l t y property nt n^. Also contracts for loans, m a t u r i n g In a Jew months for rrt lonns repaid monthly. |005 N. T. Watson, SIS Milllkin Bldg., Tel. A u t o 1287. For Sale. S-room house, well, cistern; on car line; lot 40x150. J700. 7-room modern, cloee. $2.Rno D-'-oom modern. W Decatur. 13.100 5 acres. ll.WIO; 20 acres. $4.snO: 2 lots._ E. side, ?100; 3 lots N. W. Blde.Sl.S" .S, TJ. T4SO A. C. Allen. GET IT AT BELL'S. TOILET We carry all the POPULAR FACE CREAMS, FACE POWDERS Talcum Powders and all toilet necessities at the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICES. We deliver free to any part of the city. Use your phone or your neighbor's phone. You can buy the following articles at this store, at any time, at our regular money saving prices: TALCUM POWDERS 25c Mermen's Talcum 15c 25c Colgate's Talcum 15c 25c Williams' Talcum 15c 25c Lazell's Massatta Talcum 15c 25c Jess Talcum 20c 25c Sanitol Talcum 19c 25c Dorothy Vernon Talcum 20c 25c Squibbs' Talcum 20c 25c Jap Rose 20c 25c Johnson's Baby..... .20c FACE POWDERS 25c Satin Skin face powder 19c 25c Sanitol face powder... 19« 25c Swan Down face powder 15c 25c Tetlow's Gossamer face powder 20c 25c Woodbury's face powder 20c 50c Derma Viva face powder 35c 50c Pozzoni's face powder 33c 50c Carmen face powder. .40c 50c Melba face powder.. .40c 25c Melbaline face powder 20c 35c box Vogue face powder for 25c and a free ticket to the Nickel Bijou. 35c box Princess Talcum for 25c and a free ticket to the Nickel Bijou. Cor. N. Main and North. Opposite The Review. You can always do better at Bell's. 7761 iN£WSPAP£r VSPAPES.I

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