Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on March 5, 1936 · Page 5
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 5

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1936
Page 5
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IURSDAY, , 1936 .ENOX TIME TABLE tr. and Mrs. Donald Haynes Monday morning for Los •eles, Calif., where they exit to make their future home, lorn to Mr. and Mrs. John llands, Saturday, Feb. 29, a fghter. E. ladies will hold a food Sat., March 7, at United te. Adv. r. and Mrs. C. V. Haynes had foieir dinner guests Sunday, [and Mrs. Harry Haynes, Mr. Mrs. Randall Haynes and lily and Mr. and Mrs. Donald ties. .ie Miller Chevrolet company irts the sale of a new V/ 2 | truck to Wayne Hale. tie Beach returned Monday . Omaha, where he had visiting his brothers for a [ days. das. Brokaw has bought the where Mell Tulley has Mrs. Evan Brannon and little daughter, drove to Des Moines Friday. They were accompanied home by Mrs. Wesley Gamble, who was called to Lenox to attend the funeral of her grandfather. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Wyant are moving to a farm they purchased, near Leon. Sunday evening from six until seven, at the KMA station in Shenandoah, a group from the Sharpsburjr Donald Smith, who has been in Chicago for the past two months, returned home Wednesday of last week. He had been helping his brother, Dr Phillip smith. A small roof fire at the home of Mrs. Lydla Filbert did some Saturday The bucket brigade did good work and the damage was slight. Insurance covered the loss. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Campai came Sunday to visit with hi ; folks. They have their house —.-j,. i, __ . . 77 ---- — ~j made their home there until Mrs. John Anderson of Clear 't, M ^ ney " ave ttieir h field came Wednesday olas i hol ^ g ° od ! stored at Guas week to spend a few days here J^T*™* * C *°° l Notes Mr. Anderson was in charseof ^ «™1 opened Monday, Feb his lumber yard here last M I' &nS Cl ° Sed two weeks while the manazP? Raymond ^S* *°? ^ Ortage ' " aymona | Attendance is almost back to the was G Edward and Ar?hu *** High living, and will move there Irs. O. E. Bricker, Mrs. J. A. er, Mrs. Nellie Bryant, Mrs. [H. Cash and Mrs. Mary were hi Murray Tuesday •noon 'attending a school of tuction of the 'Eastern Star. |vienne Hetz has been spend- the past two weeks at the Ie of her parents, Mr. and 1 C. D. Hetz. jst Sunday evening Walter >r, son of Mr. and Mrs. Em- Kinser of Conway, was vn from a horse and had feg broken hi two places be;he knee. He is in the Bed- hospital at this time. 1 C. Davidson is 111 at his je. |cil Carlton of Bedford was ienox on business Friday. ayne Anderson of Harlan |t the week end at the home parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. nderson. . and Mrs. Marvin Bender Clearfield ;Were visiting in x, Wednesday. v >. .,. • -s HazetfEckierif ianid her Mrs. fi|rtha Bgckwlth .of .loines, £amV'Saturday for lit at thS: Warren Eckler Shenandoah, a group from the Arthur went to Omaha Thurs" ;* re . busy , fchese days United Presbyterian church of i day of last week. Thev were SfJ- W , Nex ? W Lenox, broadcast a hp«,,«f,,i rtrivi™ «,„ n»«« ' t.V:^..™ for S1X weeks again. Students and "teachers Lenox, broadcast service. The vocal „„ were given by Mrs. K. R. Huff, Mrs. Frank Maharry and Mrs Roy Long. The address was giv- Next week is time beautiful driving the cream route for H Edwards. Mrs. Elden Mayland of Mount ' Both * i * Both declamatory contests, Mrs. Mary Denser for * ' " en by Miss Aulora Mclntyre of a few days. Sudan, who is now resting at, 1 Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Reed of the home of her mother in Lenox. in ~ —. ,., , ~- , uciimueiy uecause Des Moines spent Saturday ! tion of the roads °' ' Mrs. H. C. Killion has been' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ross having quite a severe time for Reed, the past week with infection in Henry Edward and family Re r v g and ha Mfs. —- - — dhiner - gU6StS ' ****** because of the condi- Both will be - Mr. Frank Wilkins came over on the noon train last Tuesday for orchestra practice. He remained and worked all day . afternoon ^ evening attending a Church Institute meeting. Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Copeland 1889, when they came out to Ringgold county, and lived on a farm near Mount Ayr. In 1907, a farm near Hurley, in her husband died, since she has made he home with her daughter, hav ing been an invalid for many years. They were the parents of seven children, one son Roland Homer, dying in infancy. The Diving children are: Mabel Stephens of Clearfield; Roy Robinson of Gold City, Mo.; Mrs. Wayne Hamblin moved into the Jake Brown residence east of town recently. evening in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rutledge. Miss Muriel Waterman, primary teacher, was forced to walk son were in Creston Tuesday' daughter. and called on Mrs. Maude Wells Joe Cochran and family mov- 4. 4.1, f^ j. ~«miicni aiiu lailULV inOV- at the Greater Community hos- ed back onto the Chas. Knott pl *, • farm a half mile north of town Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Douglas last week. Jerry Greene moved are moving to a farm near onto the farm east of town, re- Cromwell. • cently vacated by Cochran. Mrs. Bertha Cless, who has Orie Shum and Marion been visiting for the past two,Straight were out last week op- weeks at the home of Mr. andening up snow drifted roads so Mrs. W. H. Madden, left last people could move Saturday for Tarkio, Mo. Thursday, March 5 ,T,he Eastern Star School, Instruction; will be George Gillette, Ira Pfander, Ev Gordon and Clifford Underwood were among the visitors at Bedford Saturday. /March 9 IB school election day Kirs. A. C. Whipple spent Friday at' the home of her daughter/Mrs. Ralph Harman. ;Misa Hazel Smith of Diagonal past week here, visit- , • Instruction; will be held'''^^',^'^^*--^ 6 past week here, visit- Masoncii hall this afternoon a,t'. f :witli her sister, Mrs. Clyde one o'clock. "'.Mrs. .Alia, Youne **^ Ar * ;hux ^ ' * tit accompanied/ one o'clock. ' Mrs. Alta, ybung McArthur. ' by theft mother, Mrs. ] O f Sharpsbjirg, instructor ,of this. '•'''•'M*s. Jesse Dresher and Mrs. in Ecklpri; who .had ,been district; will conduct the school »a-Pfander visited the latter ping the-post-week-in- Des They returned home |ll Tully has moved to the Boltinghouse farm at the [edge of Lenox, and Mrs. J, G. Leckliter, fend Mrs/ Geo. Cheese were jlarinda Sunday, attending fthday dinner at the home r. and Mrs. H. E. Davidson. dinner was in honor of the days of Mr. Cheese, Mrs. liter and Mr. Davidson and T)ick. . Secrets of the Suretel.H. |n Wolfe tells of many 'as- ping experiences in the un- ld of Paris. See the Am- Weekly, the magazine |buted with next Sunday's ~o Herald and Examiner. Spoonemore and Marlon |er of Sharpsburg visited Vek at the Hetz home. i Maurine Toland and her |er, Duaine, David Morris, district; will conduct the school An-eveninrisessionwill-'be ; held at 8 o'clock. St. Patrick's Rosary Society will meet at the home of Mrs J. E. Cameron this Thursday afternoon. Mrs. W. C. Lewis will be hostess this evening to the regular meeting of Chapter FW, P.E.O. Friday, March 6 The Annette Newcomer Missionary Society will meet this afternoon with Miss Anola Toler. Miss Etta Shaffer will be leader of the lesson. Monday, March 9 The Past Matrons Club will meet this afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. C. Lewis, with Mrs. H. Barber as assisting hos- ess. Tuesday, March 10 part,of.last week at the Everett Pennebaker home in Lenox. The Dorcas Society of the Presbyterian church will meet today at Hotel Lenox. Mrs. Tom Lockhart, Mrs. Randall Haynes and Mrs. Roy Heaps are hostesses. Wednesday, March 11 M. F. O. Club will meet this men met her on the hand car and brought her back to Sharpsburg. She appreciated the ride very much. Eight miles down the track is quite a walk. Mrs. Olive Blood substituted for her until she arrived. We got several tons of coal for the school last Wednesday and Thursday from the car which arrived, on the freight from the east. The basketball game, scheduled with Zlon Tuesday, Feb. 25, was postponed because of bad roads. Coach Dahlgren has scheduled a basketball game with Conway for Tuesday, March 3, the roads permitting. This clause must be added these days. The following pupils made 100 percent in spelling last ; week: ; Grade 2, Dorothy May Selders. . Grade 3, Howard,Brown, Phyllis Grimm, Helen Louise Harmon, Marylin Pennebaker. . Grade 4, Hazel Lorairie Edwards, Ruby Fickess, Norma Jean Grazier, Howard John, Mary Louise Cundy. Grade 6, Helen Grazier, Jun- *ose Robinson, of Billings, tfont.; Maude Robbins of Elms, Washington; 'Chas. Robinson of Argentine, Kansas; and Claron of Baxter Springs, Kansas. One brother and two sisters Iso survive, namely: Wm. Doughty of Minneapolis, Minn.; tfrs. Ella Nicola of Minatare, feb.; and Msr. Al Blauer of Af;on, Iowa. Early in life she united with ie Methodist church, to which he was a faithful member, to the end. The funeral service was held at the Crew funeral home on Tuesday, conducted by the Rev. H. B. Hutchman, pastor of the United Presbyterian church. All the children were present with the exception of the daughter in Washington. Early on Wednesday they left for Golden City, where the burial was to be beside her husband in the Dudenville cemetery. Mrs. Lester Owens is very much improved since her recent removal to the hospital in Iowa City. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Steward were in Greenfield and Creston Sunday afternoon. F. R. Heyer went to Des Moines Sunday to attend a convention of the Register and Tribune salesmen Monday and Tuesday. Frank. Sherwood came from Denver, Colo, last Tuesday, to spent some time with his aged mother, who fell several weeks ago and broke her hip. She is gradually growing weaker. Dr. A. J. Abarr is still confined to the Greater Community hospital hi Creston, taking treatment for ear trouble. He is some better. Mrs. Effie Harshaw, Miss Bessie Bladon and Mr. and Mrs. Fred Harshaw moved to the sister, Mrs. Ralph Winterset. Mrs. Anna McGuire came from Osceola last week to help get the furniture of the late bt. Jeanes taken care of. Mrs. Witter and Mrs. Gretta Murdock will soon take possession of the property. The body of the late Mrs. oyd Horton was exhumed last Thursday, that a further examination of the body and internal organs could be had. The body was taken to Bedford, where three doctors examined it. Miss Dorothy Keller is suffering with a carbuncle under her left arm. Mrs. Llinn Stephens is on the sick list. Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Barrans and family are moving into the Clyde Rupert property one block west of the M. E. church. I Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Kimberly have purchased the Granville' Harvey acreage just vacated by | the Barrans family. On last Tuesday, Feb. 26, the neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Smith took well-filled flaskets j and spent the day with them as I a farewell. The Smiths are 1 moving to Lenox, where they I will make their home. Those ! present were the families of i Frank Nelson, Clyde Owens, Ed Baker, Bruce Hargin, Geo. Ferguson and E. Leach. The Hidley family had a family reunion at the parental home Sunday, Feb. 23. The four daughters and their families were present: Mrs. Zeta Kay and daughters, Leah Blanch, and Lois Marie, of Clarinda; Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hayes and Pearl Lee of Diagonal; Mr. and Mrs. Beryl Fulton of Omaha, Nebr.; and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rood of Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. Bert Callahan moved into the former Clouse property Tuesday. Declamatory Contest ., The seventh and eighth grade had a declamatory contest at the , school house last Friday morning, with six pupils taking part. The program was as follows: Music, Cornet duet, Gordon "Innocence," Pauline Herring. ''Liberty or Death," Robert Lyddon. Dramatic: "The News Boy," Barbara Barrans. Humorous: "The Bath Hour," J. B. Routh. "Gerty Gets Going," Melba Steward. i Music by the girls sextet: Virginia Abels, Maxine Vogel, Betty ,Lepley, Barbara Barrans, Bev. erly Bailey and Pauline Herring. The judges were Mrs. W. C. Henn and Mrs. L. E. Church. The winners were Robert Lyddon, Barbara Barrans and J. B. Routh. %1§ Ars FRIGIDAIRE IOWA SOUTHERN UTILITIES CO. former L. C. Jenkins property, Saturday. afternoon Dixon. with Mrs. Claude L. F. C. Club will meet this afternoon with Mrs. W. H. Madden. The M. F. C. Club will meet ;his afternoon with Mrs. S. F. Hufnagle. A pot-luck refreshment will be served. Thursday, March 12 The G. C. W. Club will meet oday, Thursday, March 12, with Mrs. Lulu Brotherton. ior Selders. Grade 7, Ellen Knott. Grade 8, Margaret Browr. Al- , Mrs . Laura ^ son and MiMrS p Dons , daughter, Mrs. Hazel Reed, ^±n, Penne - Bobby and Charlene moved into baker, Maynard Stogdill. Clearfield Events Obituary Mrs. Elizabeth Robinson Elizabeth Adaline Doughty, daughter of James and Frances (Crane) Doughty, was born in Jefferson county ,Iowa, June 7, 1858 and died Feb. 2, 1936, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Geo. Stephens, at the age of 77 years, 8 months and 16 days. She grew to womanhood in Jefferson county, and there on their new home east of the Farmers' elevator, Saturday. Dickie Bailey, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Rolley Bailey, was taken to the Greater Community hospital Friday, for treatment for mastoid. On Sunday morning he was operated on. He is suffering quite a lot. His mother is with him all the time. The Archie Calkins family are now at home in their newly acquired place, the former Witter home. Mrs. Marjorie Shoenhair an children, Marcella and Karl, re •~~ ^-^^"^•••^•••^•i Closing Out PUBLIC SALE I will sell at my farm 3 miles north and 1-4 mile west of bharpsburff, 4 miles west of Lenox on the County Road 3 miles south and y z mile east, on Wed., March 11 Commencing at 12 o'clock 66— HEAD GOOD LIVESTOCK 66 TO VOTERS OF LENOX- The Chamber of Commerce, through its appointed committee, urg- all voters to vote "Yes" at ,the special town election of March 9. The question to be voted on is the same as that which we voted up» and passed with a 9 to 1 majority, last fall. Nothing about the elec- |on has been changed. The .question voted upon is whether to buy the land where the lakes located by payment from the earnings of the water plant only, or [>t to,do so. The only reason for this second election is to meet the exact and roper rules of election as denned by a recent supreme court decision. The business arrangement is the same and the price is the same. In >tmg- Yes.,you vote to acquire the lake land in 40 years instead of pay- jff the same amount in rental and not owning ,the property. We urge every person to get behind the Town, to come to the elec- >n and to vote Yes, -ENOX CHAMBER OF COMMERCE iis advertisement paid,for by Lenox Chamber of Commerce. IBlBfijMiJMBJfiJUpMg^^ Osteopathic Statistics The Federal Children's Bureau has found that among white women in the registration area of the United States between 6,and 7 mothers die for every one thousand live babies that ?u e ^ or m- JS? Clinical Research Committee of the A. T. Still Research Institute, under the chairmanship of Dr. S. V. Robuck, Chicago has made a study of 14,000 obstetrical cases handled by osteopathic physicians all over the country. Less than 2.2 out of a thousand mothers died under osteopathic care, which is less than one- third the rate given above under ordinary care. Of the 14,000 cases reported, 195 had been considered "poor maternity risks" by other doc- i tors, and 184 of these, or 94.3 per cent)were successfully delivered. That is to say, in every thousand maternity cases cared for osteopath- ically, 13 that were successfully delivered had already been classified by other doctors as "uoor risks". The success and comparative safety in a pregnancy/and child birth under osteopathic care may be said to be due to the consistent and systematic manipulative treatment given the mothers previous to the birth of their ,babies Dr. M. J. Sluss 4—flEAD REAL WORK HORSES—4 Black mare, 6 years old, sound and in foal wt 1450- Rlari g , C J dlnff ' *, years old - sound . wt- WOO; Brown nldbur '? vear ojd b sound, wt. 1450; Bay gelding, ' 5 jS oM.^undfwl 16—HEAD OF CATTLE—16 16— HEAD OP SHEEP fr ° m 2 to 6 3 19— HEAD OF HOGS— 19 1 MACHINERY ffiS£H£S?SB& i S«sfe l w: Good Enough 14-inch sulky nlow ~ 8 ft SuK I*"F pl **5 FEED AND GRAIN Delco light Blue Grove Ladies Aid, TERMS—CASH «.•«« LUNCH ON GROUNDS R. J. Harden owner Geo, fieemer and E. & Piper, Aiicts. C. H. Young, Clerk

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