The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on September 16, 1939 · Page 10
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 10

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 16, 1939
Page 10
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TEN Today s Radio Programs NEW YORK, Sept. 16. — Mrs. Franklin D. Roosevelt will read a message from the President tonight at 9:30 over WABC-CBS and WEAF NBC. The occasion is National Democratic Women's Day. The President had been scheduled to speak but cancelled his talk. Arch Oboler will complete his second series of plays over WEAF- NBC tonight at S:30 with two socially-significant sketches, "Finale." THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 1939. and "Suffer Little Children." "Finale" is a tale about "Road Kids" "Suffer Little Children" depicts the plight of war refugees. CBS announces a re-scheduling of three big programs. Columbia Country Journal ucnv appearing Sundays at 4 will become a Saturday pro- grain Oct. 7. It will go on the"air at 12 noon. Americans At Work, now listed at G on Saturdays will be presented on Thursdays after September 21. at 9:30 p. in. After the networks return to Eastern Standard Time Sept. 24, the time, of course will be 10:30 E.S.T. Peoples Platform, a Sunday program, will be presented Saturdays beginning Sept. 23. The first pro- gram will be given at 6 p. m.—and all after that at 7 E. S. T. Programs tonight (Saturday): WEAF-NBC—6 NBC String Symphony; 7 Dick Tracy Dramatic Sketch; 7:30 Red Skelton, come- clina; S Vox Pop; S:30 Arch Obo- ler's plays, "Finale." \VABC-CBS — G Americans at Work, Weathermen; 6:30 Michael Coring; 7 County Seat; S Hit Parade: 8:45 Music in the Air. WJ'Z-XBC—6 Message of Israel; 7 Jackson Teagarden orchestra; 7:30 Brent House; National Barn dance; 10 Tommy Dorsey orchestra; (not WJZ). MBS-Chain — 7 Tropical Serenade; 8 Fiesta Time; 9 Symphonic Strings. Sunday brings: WEAF-NBC — 2 Answers To News I.Q. Test 1. Three years, according to official statement. 2. Interior Secretary Ickes, He has » new «on. 3. Patricia Mary Donnelly of Detroit. 4. Yugoslavia. Sixteenth. 5. True. She did not havt the power until 1922. 6. "King George's brother, the Duke of Kent. To Join British navy at rear admiral. 7. Winston Churchill—first lord of admiralty. 8- Col. Roscoe Turner. 9. False. Australia captured the cup. 10. Security Administrator Paul McNutt; Works Administrator John M. Carmody; Loan Administrator Jesse Jones. NEIGHBORLY NEIGHBORS By OSCAR HITT VOUR SUPPERS ALL ON THE TABLE COLD //-« WHUT'S KEEPING HIM-IT'S ALL -90 QUIET IN THE &ARN TOO QUIET )« AFTER HORSEFEATHEKS HUSTLED OUT TO THE BARN TO EVICT THEIR X TENANT A LONG; STCANGE SILENCE SETTLED OVER THE PLAC£{ GRA6e/NQ A HAfSPV BROOM MYRA SNEAKEP OUT TO INVESTIGATE—' Electronic orchestra; 4 Jimmy Shields, tenor; 7 Charlie McCarthy; S Manhattan Merry-Go-Round; 9 Phil Spitalny's All-Girl orchestra. WABC-CBS—1 p. m. Democracy in Action; 3 So You Think You Know Music; 6 People's Platform, "The American Businessman and War;" 7 Orson Welles playhouse; S James Melton. WJZ-NBC—4:15 Four Star News; 7 NBC orchestra; S Hollywood playhouse;-S:30 Walter Winchell; 8:45 Irene Rich. MBS-Chain—2 p. m. .Hal Stokes orchestra; 6 Melodic Strings; 9 Good Will Hour. Monday "expectations: WEAF- NBC—12:45 p. m. Words and Music; 2:15 Ma Perkins. WABC-CBS— 10 a. m. It Happened In Holly- wood; 1:45 p. m. Enoch Light orchestra; 4:45 Pop Concert. WJZ- NZC—7 a. m. Earbenders; 12:45 p. m. Charioteers; 1:30 M. Spitalny orchestra. MBC-Chain—9:30 Melody Strings. The job of preparing the New York World's Fair was equivalent to building an entirely new city of 800,000 population on an uninhabited spot. Loan OFFice ! LIBCRAL LOOPS THE OLD HOME TOWN By STANLEY » . . . PRISONER,ED X A FELLER WHO WANTED (^ TO BE A DICTATOR AT HOME—HIS WIRE / HIM UP--WHEN HE CAME TO TMJS MOK?N/NO HE WAS SO SOf^E ALLOVHR HE COUL£>/4T HAVE PJNNEO A MEDAL OM H/M5ELF W/THOUT HELP. 1 JAIL CLOSEP BAND OF^ THE CLAP ION GETS LOCAL WAE? AT THE -JA)L_ _COPYRICHT. 1939. KING FEATURES SYNDICATE. Inc. WORLD RIGHTS RESERVED POPEYE That's Nothing To Beef About, Popeye! 'OLIVE IS VARE YA SURE uoL£ T XSHE AIN'T? HLxnp'lC VES/VOU BRUTFSHEk IS SURE! ISOSPOSEW OH, WELL, I J THA'S *&(\tJ\LL SUVA THAT! J >-^ -SMIP AM' SAIL FOR IT HAS DWINDLED SCORCHY SMITH By JOHN C. TERRY ( I HOPE VOURE \ > WRONG, DOC/ ^X WONDER^ ^ WHAT DOES THAT MEAN- BEAU BRISSAC WASN'TLI5TED2 HE WAS EITHER WASHED OUT OPTHE PLANE DURING THE SALVAGE OPERATIONS.OR SOMEHOW HE MANAGED JO ESCAPE/ JUST THAT HIS BODV WAS NOT IN THE PLANE, WHEN IT WAS RAISED ' THEN—WE AAAV NOT HAVE SEEN THE LAST BEAU BRISSAC?/ BRICK BRADFORD By William Ritt and Clarence Gray I'VE GOT TO GET WORD TO BRICK, SOMEHOW, UNCLE AVIL IS BUILDING A GIANT ROBOT / THAT OH, UNCLE AVIL /MAY I TAKE ONE OF THE SHIPS TODAY CHARM HAS NEVER SEEM THE CANYONS / WHY, OF COURSE, IAY DEAR .' GOODBYE, DEAR / DONT BE GONE LONG OR I'll WORRY 9-16 FOLLOW HER-NOTE WHERE SHE GOES RIGHT, -BUT DCrVT LET HER SEE YOU r^ CHIEF/ TRAILING HER/ MUGGS AND SKEETER By WALLY BISHOP / HEV,MUGG£! IVE JXJST\/ OKI O!<! V LOCATED THE MOMKEY... I MOW TAKE ^^ 4 N' HE'S GOT^PAPPY" rf IT EA5V! DOMT 6ROADFOOTS VELLOW j[ START CMASlM' , SHOES WITH HIM!! *V T HIM OR. ^ HE'S OVER IM FELDAAANSJ , ^T ANYTHING! VACANT Opr tOjK &n< Fewwrat Syr,<fic»«, Inc., WVW rfcht* /UR. BROAD WANT US TO MONKEY FOR r HE'LL SKLJFF ALL LOOK!... THE MONKEY'S BO AFRAID OF SKUFFIN/ UP THOSE YELLOW SHOES... HOW DOYA MEAM? HIS HANDS!? HAVE WORRY! MONKEY'S BROADFOOT INFORMATION All ads are restricted to their proper classifications and to the regrular Herald-Mail style of type. Errors in advertisements «hould be reported immediately The Herald-Mail Wjill not be responsible for more than one incorrect insertion. Advertising ordered for Irregular insertion takes the one time rate PHONE YOUR CLASSIFIED AD TO 104 - 105 - 106 No ads taken for less than a basis of three lines. Count six averag-e words to the line. The average word contains six letters. Daily rates per line for consecutive insertions: All Classified Advertising la CASH-IN-ADVANCE CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING RATES Cash Kate One time 10 per line Three times OS per line bix times 06 per line Ads ordered for three or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged for only the number of times the ad appears and adjustments made at the rate earned. Special rates for yearly advertising upon request. Careful attention given to small orders. WHEN AND WHERE TO PLACE TOUR AD The Classified Advertising Department Is situated at the Herald- Marl office. These offices are open to receive advertisements from 8 A. M. to 8 P. M. daily. All ads received up until 11 A. M. will appear in edition day and S P. M. will appear in edition following day. Tha Ad-taker will gladly assist you, if desired, so that the copy for your ad is prepared in such a manner as to bring the greatest results. CLASSIFIED The following advertisements under the following classifications are arranged in ALPHABETICAL order Cor quick references. A NNOUNCEM'ENTS 1—Notices. 2 —In Memoriaum. 3—Card of Thanks. *—Flowers and Mourning Goodi. 5—Funeral Directors. 6—Monuments and Cemetery Lota. 7—Personals. 8—Bowling Alleys. 9—Societies and Lodges. lO—Lost. Strayed and Found. AUTOMOTIVE 11—Automobiles for Sale. 12—Autos for Hire. 12A—Delivery Service. 13—.Battery and Ignition Service. 14—Body and Fender Work, Painting, Tops and Upholstery. 15—Motorcycles and Bicycles. 16—Repairing and Service Station*. 17—Tires. Parts. Accessories. 17 A—Wanted—Automotive. BUSINESS SERVICE IS—Business Service Offered. ISA—Beauty Parlors. 1SB—Barber Shops. ISC—Radio Repairing. 1SD—Welding and Brazing. 10—Building: and Contracting. 20—Cleaning. Dyeing, Renovating. 21—Dressmaking and Millinery. 22—Heating. Plumbing, Roofing. 2."!—Insurance and Surety Bond. 24—Laundering. 2"i—Moving Trnrkintr .Storntr* 26—Painting. Papering. Decorating. 27—Printing. Engraving:. Binding. 28—Professional Service. 29—Repairing and Refinisnlnr. 29A—Piano Tuning and Repairing. 29B—Shoe Repairing. 2'JC—Harness and Leather Goods. 30—Tailoring and Pressing. 31—Wanted — Business ServJc«. EMPLOYMENT 32—Help Wanted—Femal*. 3S—Help Wanted—Male. 34—Help—Male and Female. 35—Solicitors, Canvassers, Agents. 36—Situations Wanted—Female. 37—Situations Wanted—Male. FINANCIAL 38—Business Opportunities. 39—Investments, Stocks. Bonds. 39 A—Investments. 40—Money to Loan, Mortgages. 41—Wanted—To Buy. 41A—Wanted—To Borrow. INSTRUCTION 42—Correspondence Courses. 13—Local Instruction Classes. 14—Musical. Dancing. Dramatics. 4o—Private Instruction. 45 A—Instruction—Male. 16—Wanted—Instruction. LIVESTOCK 17—Dogs Cats. Other Pets. 48—Horses, Cattle, Other Stock. 4$—Poultry and Supplies. 50—Wanted—Livestock. MERCHANDISE 51—Articles for Sale. 51A—Barter and Exchange. §2—Beats and Accessories. 53—Building Materials. 54—Business and Office Equipment. 55—Farm and Dairy Products 56—Feed and Fertilizer. 5GA—Coal and Wood. 57—Good Things to Eat. 5S—Homemade Things. 59—Household Goodj. 60—Jewelry. Watches, Diamonds. 61—Machinery and Tools. 62—Musical Merchandise, 62A—Radio Equipment. 63—Seeds. Plants. Flowers. 64—Specials in the Stores. 65—Wearing Apparal. 66—Wanted—To Buy. ROOMS AND BOARD 67—Rooms with Board. 68—Rooms without Board. 69—Rooms for Housekeeping. 70—Vacation Places. 71—Where to Eat. 72—Where to Stop in Town. 73—Wanted—Rooms or Board REAL ESTATE FOR RENT 74—Apartments and Flats. 75—Business Places for Rent. 76—Farms and Lands for Rent. 77—Houses for Rent. 77A—Garages for Rent. 78—Offices and Desk Room. 79—Shore and Mountain—For Rent. SO—Suburban—For Rent. Si—wanted—To Rent. REAL ESTATE FOR SALI R—Brokers Real Estate. 32—Business Property for Sale. S3—Farms and Lands for Sale. S4—Houses for Sale. S4A—Garages for Sale. 85—Lots Cor Sale. 86—Shore, Mountain, Lak« for Sale. S7—Suburban—For Sale. S8—To Exchange—Heal Estat*. S9—Wanted—Real Estate. AUCTIONS—LEGAL 90—Auction Sales. 91—Legal Not' Announcements Personals BICYCLES FOR HIRE Ladies' and Men's. DELPHKY'S, 31 E. Franklin St. Phone 5. WALNUT POINT. Mrs. Charles Ridenour, Hugers- town, is visiting with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Preston Sprecher. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Burgan. and Miss Ethel Burgan. FunksUjwii. have returned home after visiting relatives and friends at Penn's Grove. Sharptown. N. .].. and York, Pa. Mrs. Edith PheUa.pla.ce spent Saturday with friends at Smithsburg. Mr. and Mrs. Elzie Furrow and daughters, Patricia and Jene, oi! Chnrlton road, visited with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Burgan. Miss Helen Hawbnker, Funkstown, has returned home niter spending several weeks with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Burgan. Little Miss I ma Jene Farrow, of St. Paul's, spent Wednesday with her aunt, Mrs. Arthur Burgan. James Sword has returned home after spending several days at the New York World's Fair. MEN OLD AT 40! GET PEP—New OSTREX Tonic Tablets contain irx- vigorators, stimulants. 73 year old doctor says "1 take Ostrex myself." • 1.00 size, special today S9c. Call, write Rudy's RcxalL Pharmacy. Lost, Strayed, Found 10 TIRE—SlixGOO truck tire and rim lost. Call 52, Sinclair Oil Co., Ha- gerstmvn. Automotive Automobiles for Sal* 11 HKiS DODGE tupclor sedan; low mileage: one owner; sold 1'or cash. .1. O. Carson. Phone 3034. FOR HALE—Model T Ford Coupe. (.1*0od running 1 condition. Price very low. W. S.. Mi lier, 11C Waysid e Ay .MODEL T for salc:Forcl coupe; good running: condition. Price very low. W. S. Miller, lie Wayside Ave. PLYMOUTH — 1036, tray deluxe coach, A-l condition. New tiros. Sell reasonable. Harshma.n, 221 N. LoCUHt St. FOR HIGHEST QUALITY USED CARS at as much as 25% below market prices Phone 1135 BROWN'S Panprborn Blvd. & Paper Mill Rorul PACKARD A Safe Place To .Kny Used Cars 1.03'J I'AC k" AIM') (S) Touring: Sedan. OHiri;il c:ir. 10.17 PAi'KAKI) ((•,) Redan . .?r,4f..OO i:'37 PACKARD (,S) Conv Cpe (57:..00 10:17 WILLYS Si-Ml.-m :!2r..OO in,",7 CHEVROLET Coach .. -175.00 l'.t:;i; STIIDK. S<;d:in (Die.) .. 42.1.00 in::<; PACKARD cs> Sedan 4-.iri 19315 DODGE Sedan , i:i:tr. TERRAPLANK Co.-ich i ( j:;r. CHRYSLER cs) sedan in:!.-i OII.KV. spt. Coupe ... T.I34 PACKAIM) (S) Sed:in CHRYSLER (fi) So.dan • 'OSTON MOTORS \V. Franklin St. Phone 625 475.00 :M">.00 305.00 3 2:".. 00 4 Of.. 00 345.00 TODArS CROSS WORD PUZZLE ACROSS 1. Tropical resin 6. Famous lover LI. Take the dimensions of 13. Corrected 16. Conjunction 17. Subsequent sellings 19. Toward 20. Postponing 1 25. Anglo-Saxon slavt* 2G. Grocic letter 27. Alack 28. The elbow 31. Empty space 34. Firearm 3f>. That -which escapes frum a container 30. Consequently 40. Vegetable 4^. Spike of corn 43. Birthplace of Abraham 44. Trained workman 47. Book 50. Concerning 51. Thai which fits into a mortise 52. Bag 54. Silkworm 5fi. Light rain 59. Sleight-of- hand performer fi4. "Biblical city 65. Public walk borr)creel by trees Solution of Yesterday's Puzzle .fifl. Tou ani! 1 C7. Member of a dominant and military Hindu cnste 70. Salad plant 73. False Jewelry 74. Slumbered DOWN 1. Symbol for calcium 2. Bone .1. Soft murmur 4. Open court 5. Diminish 6. Trustworthy 7. Sign S. Table-land 0. Knglish letter 10. Hypothetical force 11. Act out of sorts 12. Blunders 34. Volcano 1.x Feet: .slang 18. Siamese coin 21. South American Indians 22. Copper coin 23. Cistern 24. Kvcry: Scotch 2!>. Growth of .^mall trees cut periodical Iv 30. City In N^u York st.aU 32. Allow to remain 33. First name of the third U. S. Vice President 34. Bonk of the Bible: abhr. 35. Comparative ending 37. Exudation of certain trcei 3R. Beforo 41. Precede In timo 45. Skirt of a medieval armor 46. Writing fluids •4S. Broad-topped hill: southwestern U. S. 49. Single thing 1 r-l. WiU! 52. Box 53. Operatic solo r,.->. Edge 57. Disseminated 53. Hack for hanging things 60. Philippine peasants 61. Small Island: variant R2. Pagan god «'3. Not exciting GS. Justice of the peace: abbr. CO. Dad 71. News organization 72. Pronoun 2o 5 A *. 28 35 53 21 4S So 22 3o 3( 23 •27 Jo 14- 43

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