The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 2, 1971 · Page 13
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 13

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1971
Page 13
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HIE tlRAKOBPORT FACTS, Freeport, TexM, ThurMlay, Decemter I, mi* Page 1) fpf Sale 105 tana for Sid or Unfwrnbhed Houses (or Sale Houses for Site •Jtt*. (Hilt, Inn. H» nart fill IM«»l»rt Will miff! * Kr mli<«,t.D ptrllti (111 At t**(i 4 C«4<f>trr Jtl Ittl III IIM BRWOSWOOOlfAlTY' »»•», <»Klr«l •>•«< »*/ ' -H»*l>l*f Ml* *M| '»«!. IM >M'll*«tlt AIM nf»*«»tMt ni ttr* Mm.»lrti,ltit*l*M>wMf U OfltM Out (Hut, 111 (Wl NIW >M UtID Mmti in Fiw It DM* Kttat m It It FOSSEL'S REALTY 798*2700 B RAZOR I A IfOBOOM, Wit* Uff* rfw. ) wit* tuff at «tf **4 ***) wi Tvl^ tr»*( Call Ml 01 10AM - MOTHINO X)»H NO CLOtINO COI'I I Ml*, Business Rintils USE FACTS CLASSIFIED ADS TO MAKE ENDS MEET IM 1C 0«»<i«»«. in- M Mw t wi, II AC MM VvlMlf, lit* p»» AC, it A£, »tu<» At/. >, AH t<M.O OUT Of HOUIII - Wl Resort Property PROPERTY SERVICES SKI.Ktl OFFICK SI'ACK Hri *1 H*tt*i f •$* I** »WA»f« HifV Iffi»f1 f «4 Nk 233-2678 LAND OCATORS 297-3494 r>«y or Night Dick Griffith. Keillor f C* *« HE'S COMING BACK ...TO WORK. DON'T FORGET. HIRE THE VET' I U<lu«t *• 0 tlt.Vtt I W»b*< 4*" I «> It. MX I Wll<*«, Wl *• tll.Wt VM V.IMK. in IM »UH«MM*. H»»« «•«**' ROWLAND REALTY 297-6543 OUt f »tVO Wl-M-lt t-H *** ft. ***** Mobile Homes for Sale ULAttD VO t*»« «vl». f>l'*tM t» Ctl-M *«* MM *•* II . I »1-H I »»«**"»» K*«»i »«».» I* »(All T (»f I'M COHI.KAHCIS Hlt.\/i»HJ'IIHT Hr*d> for AUltw Lob (or Sale ALL NEW 1972 MODEL Till CITY MOKII.K HOMI-1S «wr III & -ilJ CtUT E LAND FOR SALE Irtvest/nent Property Opportunities COME BY & SEE WHY BEST TRAILER Marc lor SM Kit HKAI.TUHS IT. \H-KH ( u V II ( O. Trailer Lots for Rent IK VCH AUK I.VTV.HKKTKl) IV til VINC.fHlll'KHTV Hit IK VOl HAVK TU SKI,I, . T Jt»Kl HHVAN \H( HKM.T ISTIHANKHKI'O No monr\ dt/un, Jissu AM.I.KTOV MIIHII.K IIUMK IdU V \>l»ro. SAVE $3000 JOE TALBOT REALTY 297-2436 Mobile Homes for Sale ; 310 DOWN * * * 3 BEDROOMS - 2 FULL BATHS BRAZOSPORT REALH *agc»rp«. braulilul drap<-> i*ilh Uircrk, Urge ba> window*. ru>tum appJiancc*. including washing machine. 12* munlhl) pj\mcm» at IIOb.J.5 ANGLETON MOBILE HOMES 1913 S. VKl.ASn) REGAL HOMES, INC., ANGIETON 849-8801 I 1 tl AC«H - 1141V IIM H. Mtl <t«l> K »w (>tv Ui IW •»«f M^,,' HM'I> AWI1ICA.H 8IAL1V ;. I ChU > I » *»l|* C»M »tl l»»l A ».ll »,l»«'0 m »M KM) OK YEAR a.O$E-WT MAKE OFFER OLIH*OOOtATOU IWntKK . I •n*4Alw Mini. 1 I-IWM l»> mi Drcrmber I,»e bavv 20 ncu and i u»fd uuiu that \»f Imu- gol to muvr ANOLtTON — I mil.l Will *(i4i CHIIK M tunritc A tA'. »OI REALTY. Ill !IM Tei« Better Homes 297-2418 IM tINOIN VANB. all brand name homo YOU can be proud of. To hrlp.>ouuul — Me u ill |u> for U>r (ii-»t two uignthi rent bi the lot ul your rhuice and will give >uu a $1W gift certificate lo the store ol vour choice. The (lr>l pa.vmcut is not due uiuil January IS. in:. Now ii ihr chance to buy w better home, get a belter chokr uud grt better service |>lus receive M ACRi ItActt ill IM Ott HI«K 10 c«il*o«n I ,.»n AWIKICAN BCAITV. 1»> UU Wit.l I'»M t«4 »" »*>>« ••*> <f«KIX> I*. I I'"' l« 'tM<l * *« rftvnd homt 1 Iti M Aurirui. Wnr«w4 tot R4>»in AIHJ m> rti./ vli Cwiitti koinii Ivi M* Mlvt m. iiw,ii.,v.t m. (M.c.i AwtmCAN at ALT T uuu. McKAY REAL ESTATE >««t«iu><i OUN MAC MOW«l II) JtCAMOtlt - > »R 1 M«l>. I <•' III tYCAVOIIt - l»i»» "H" > I ' IDIVCAMOIU - «-•» «•"• ««. >*" ' It OWKSU - 1 ».*Mm. ) l<m I CAI CMAA tilth 1*'0 1)1 COMMf HCIAL AUIAK Pmt4 M VU'I UHl p«c tcr* f'OAn AMI RICAN RiALTY. Aimail AI ill HBH.IMMON - ) »K >•» •»><«' »« ll m I" •'«* 26V5.U2 or 265-573« (low; lo KM Wmi taw on pimlt l«l Ml POPULAH MA«K(TPLAC{ l«r An t.qwt lOllRloi tlw Cl»»H<'«) Alii U )0 iK dllcr llmtl nt/MI Hi IwltfM* t»4lt U AHilwd A** TwroMck m* AFS student to present program WK8T COLUMBIA — The gathering has been planned regular December meeting of for all AFS student* In this the West Columbia Chapter of area. Through the»« ex- the American Field Service pcrience*, Susana 1* learning International Scholarship more about life In the United Club will be held on Tuesday, States. She will return to Dec. 7, at 7:30 p.m., at the student center of the Columbia High School. Mrs. Don Berry, president, announced that this will be a very special meeting. It will be the first time Miss Susana Sanchls, this year's AFS student, will present her slide talk. Miss Sanchis is from Argentina next July. 71 storms did '235 M in damages Mendow, Argentina, and is MIAMI (AP) - The 1971 hurricane «ea»on officially Is making her home with the Mer leaving nine deaths and Jack Pattersons She a a an estimated 1233 million of senior at Columbia High property damage in the where her American "sister," united States. Susan Patterson, is a junior. "Thai's pretty small cotv Mtts Ssnchis' year in Weal s id cr jng we had five storms in Columbia was made possible a rwi ^^ e ^ U.S.," said through the AFS International National Hurricane Center Scholarship program which is forecaster Paul Hebert. a non-profit non-sectarian organization. The Atlantic season ended Then; arc two American at midnight Tuesday after Field Service Programs. One spawning 12 storms — five ot program annually brings over them hurricanes — since it 3,'XO students from 61 coun- began June 1. Edith, Fern, low to the United Stales. Ginger, Irene and Beth grew Another, the Americans Abroad Program, sends over 1 ,vti American teens yearly to the rrxjnlries overseas. On iM-c ~. Miss Sanchis will tell all AFS members about | her home in Argentina and ! about her life as a Texan \ Tiv-re •* ill \>K an informal "get i acquainted" time at the end of the meeting when refresh- to hurricanes, with winds of 75 miles an hour or more. While, nine persons died in the United States, Hebert said the toll around the Caribbean is unknown. When Hurricane Edith, the season's blockbuster, tore into Nicaragua on Sept. 9 her winds were clocked al 160 mpb and she was pushing high seas Reports on casualties along Edith's path varid considerably. Hebert said. men Ls -Ail! be served Anyone interested in international friendship us in- vitrd to UK? meeting to hear .Sanchii arid lo meet her Columbia High has an ac- IMC AFS club this year that holds monthly night meetings and several representatives from that organization will also attend the AFS meeting Susan Patterson is president of the club The- southeast Texas art-a of AKS. which includes s<rhcx>ls from Houston. Angleton. El Campo. Dulles. Baylown. »n. I« slor of Lmt >' ^apUst Victoria. Port i Lavaca. San Antonio and ! Austin. among others. j rcccntl) had a gathering of ; AKS students al Kice ; I'nivorsily which Susana atiended Srx- had a chance to Mrs. Browning rites Friday Funeral services for Mrs. Manda Browning. SO, will be held at 10 a.m. Friday at Lakewood Funeral Chapel, with the Kev Jack Richard- visit classes al Hice and live in the dormitory and to visit NASA and mi-t-l Astronauts, tr*- Iiomfd Stadium. UV ium aixl to bt- with the other foreign sludent!> Tlu» wcrkend. Susana w'tl! lx- in Kavto"*n where another Robbery murder motive Church in Richwood, officiating Bunal will be in Restwood Memorial Park A local resident about 10 years. Mrs Browning died Wednesday in a local nursing home Survivors include two sons, 0 F. Browning of Bremond, Tex., and H. D Browning of Hereford: one daughter. Mrs. U>la Warren of Wealherford; 21 grandchildren. 70 great- grandchildren, and 23 great- great-grandchildren Youth revival TKXAS I ITV <A1' men were found shot to death here Wednesday Tl>e> were identified as (Inner M l^iont-y III. abool 25. a drug store employe, artd John David-srin. 28, an em ploye of a tiaKeston hotel v,as in an automobile and Da>-idson was on the ground at the rtar of the car Ikilh had boon shot in the h<'ad aixi Davidson also had txvn shot in the chest Police chief Rankin Dewalt said the immediate area on the south side of the town i when- the bodies were discovered was not inhabited Several chemical plants were nearby Dewalt said robbery was the apparent motive as wallets and identification belonging to both men had been taken. The police chief said the car, which was registered to Looncy. was parked at the side of the road. The ignition was off and all doors were locked except the one on the driver's side. FKKKPOKT - A youth revival in progress at the First Pentecostal Church, 805 West Second, will continue through Sunday Sen-ices are at 7 30 p.m. M. R Perkins, youth minister, and Dan Roland, pastor, invite T'* 0 the public to attend 'BUG 1 IN PHONE /S BABOON fAPE TOWN. South Africa i. AP i — Subscribers at Kloof Nek Forest were left to wonder about the new bug in the teleph<Jne system when bells rang (or ro reason and some heard only barks, growls and sucking sounds A baboon had got into the unattended exchange. It pulled instructions from the wall, pressed every button on trie switchboard, spill milk on the floor and finally ate the only pen of operator Michael Anhauser who had le/t for a few- minutes. "I don't know what to put in my report," Anhauser said I HOSPITAL ADMISSIONS I I UIMMIMTV HOSflTAL OF BRAZOSPOKT 1 WKU.VESDAY: Joe Jaurequi Hernandez. Brazona Mrs S V (Patricia Ann) Carleton, Angleton Gene Ross Martin, Freepcft Mrs. J. D. tOdella M.) McAndrew. Freeport Thomas Shea Garvin, Clute Mrs. C. W. iBebe Marie) Nichols, Freepon Mrs C L. (Barbara R.) Sid*s, Fre«port Mrs J. K. iGenevieve) Loving, Clute Zaran \V Hendrix. Lake Jackson Krnest Fredrick Keppler, Freeport Donald Kdv.ard West Jr.. Angleton Mrs. J D (Patsy Ruth) Mime, Clute Mrs B K (Susaji K.) Walker, Angleton .VNGLETON-PAABl'RV WEDNESDAY: Kay Besch, Angleton Hilary Duiner. Angleton Mrs. Ament Mott, Angleton

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