Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on May 14, 1898 · Page 2
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 2

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1898
Page 2
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INAL M E L V I N , STEELE JOHNSON. EDITORS A N D P R O P R I C T O R S . SATURDAY MORNING, MAY 14, 1898. THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. It is well, at times, in order to properly appreciate our own cherished institutions to read the opinions of those uot favored w i t h t h e m . T h e - l i g h t of. contrast brings out p r o m i n e n t l y t h o benolicial features as well as the defects, it' they exist. The following f r o m a Western paper s in this connection, quite appropriate: American educators are much given to complaining of the reluctant support given our admirable free schools. But the recent address of the N a t i o n a l Union of Teachers of England show's that they fire not alone in t h e i r complainings. In this address, delivered at the t w e n t y - n i n t h a n u u n l conference, Prof. Wadding ton practically declared t h a t the English system of board and voluntary schools working side by side is a failure, and he pleaded for "the removal of the proper education of the child from the arena oE dogma doctrine of party politics." He spoke this as a churchman and the master of a church school. "How long," he asked, "is the education of the English boy and girl to be subject to the fitful generosity of the benevolent, while the superior education of the Swiss and the German is undermining our industrial and commercial supremacy in the markets of the world?" The English board schools, supported by imperial and local taxes, last year had nearly two and a-halE million pupils, and the voluntary schools, supported in part by voluntary contributions, had nearly three million pupils. There were 20,976 teachers in the board schools and 26,470 in the voluntary schools, or one certified teacher for every eighty pupils in the former, and one for every 115 pupils in the latter. The difference illustrates the superiority of a system in which the schools are supported wholly by public revenues to one in w h i c h v o l u n t a r y contributions are depended upon even in part. There is a corresponding difference in the compensation of teachers per pupil t a u g h t , and Lord Rosebery. is quoted as saying that this difference represents a monetary sacrifice on the part of the teacher or the employment of children to act as guides and captains to children well nigh their own age. Tho school system in operation in the United States, as well as in parts of Europe, secures substantial u n i f o r m i t y among schools and such general education that it is sustained cheerfully by public sentiment. Although it is much to be desired that the educators be. better paid and that tho educational standard be raised wherever that is possible, the system must be regarded as in every way preferable to the mixed and complicated system of our English neighbors. SPANISH BOMBAST. Official dispatches from Commodore, now Rear Admiral, Dewey, awaited with a great deal of anxiety after the meagre reports of the Manila-battle, had been received, ; were given to the public last Saturday and fully confirm the report of a wonderful victory gained by our fleet. The destruction of the Spanish fleet and the forts adjacent to Manila, seems to have been even more complete than was first given out. Not an American ship was seriously damaged, not an American seriously h u r t ! It was only a short time before that the Spanish Gover- of the Philippine Islands issued a grandiloquent address to the people there still loyal to the Spanish government, in which he said of Dewey's fleet: - " Herstjti.idron, manned by.loreigners, possessing neither instruction nor discipline, is preparing to come to this archipelago with ruffianly intention, robbing us of all that means life, honor, and liberty, and pretending to be inspired by a courage oif which they nrc incapable. - " American seamen undertake as an enterprise capable of realization the substitution of Protestantism for the Catholic religion, to treat yon as tnbes refractory to civilization, to take possession of your riches as ifthcv were unacquainted with the rights of property," to kidnap those persons they consider useful to man their ships or to be exploited m agricultural and industrial labor. "Vain designs, ridiculous boastings! Your indomitable bravery will suffice to Irustratc the realization of their designs. Yon will not allow tile faith yon profess to be made a mockerv or impious hands to be placed on the temple of the Irne God, the images yon adore thrown down by unbelief." In the light of subsequent events in Manila Bay, where the superb bravery and discipline of the Americans were displayed, as was also their magnanimous treatment of defeated foes, how puerile and weak the manifesto appears. How woise than weak, also, especially in this land of broad liberality in religious matters, appear the foolish sayings of the Governor in reference to religion. The most picturesque command in the army of invasion of Cuba will be Theodore Roosevelt's rough riders. Notwithstanding the conglomeration of swell society men from the cities, cattlemen from tho plains and athletes from the colleges, there ·will be few bodies of men, of equal number, in the army who will do . belter service for their country than they. They are dead shots and born fighters. The campaign for the Republican nomination for Governor is on in dead earnest in Pennsylvania, between Col. William A. Stone, supposed to have the Quay forces behind h i m , and ex-Post muster General John Wanamaker, backed by better-methods Republicans. Each is making a tour of the State, and the personal references to each other, in the speeches, are quite caustic. EDITORIAL NOTES. Major John M. Burke, in reply to the question, "Is Cuba worth fighting for?" says: "Commercially, yes, on account of its p r o x i m i t y to the United States, being as near to our continent as Philadelphia is to New York. It runs about seven h u n - dred miles in length and in parts is one hundred and fifty miles wide. There is no doubt but what it is tho richest spot of earth oil the globe. Tim strategic i m p o r t a n c e of Cuba has been recognized by all our Secretaries of State, and public men of foresight since t h e establishment nf our government, and while con- t i n e n t a l Europe may kick at the Monroe doctrine it has only been the Monroe doctrine t h a t has prevented t h i s nation overlooking its own welfare and uot appropriating Cuba long ago. Practical politics and common sense would have acquired it years and years cone by. The island has had about a million and a half inhabitants, but it is capable of sustaining ten millions, from its n a t u r a l resources, who have become patrons of our m a n u f a c t u r e r s . At the present time it is estimated to be worth $300,000,000 to us, as its trade is over $150,000,000 a year when promptly handled. The American flag 1 , without regard to the hands it is in, is a b o u t the worse t h i n g to tackle in these daj's. The small boy, with a d i m i n u - tive flag pinned on his jacket, will defend it from insult with all his might and main. And the men, as recently shown in a California town, compel those otherwise inclined to respect it. After m a u l i n g an Englishman who said the flag was "no good, anyway," the California defender compelled the Britisher to go down on his knees and kiss the flag The general opinion among the Kent county peach growers, says the Weics, is that the peach up to tliistim is .ill right. It is wonderful how much the peach can can stand for it was the universal fear that the ice and cold of the past month would surely kill them. Nevertheless they are still hanging on and in large quantities. The fact that they are yet on the trees is very encouraging. However when the warm suns come they may possibly be found dead and all drop off. The sweeping naval victory in Manila bay resulted from energetic and well-directed movements on'tlie part of war vessels and superb gunnery. . With Commodore Dewey to direct the movements of the fleet and our boys in blue to point the g u n s "there'll be a hot time" for any craft flying the Spanish flag that comes within range of our big guns. The rising price of wheat and flour brings to the notice of housekeepers tho excellence of corn meal as a palatable article of food and as a destroyer of dyspepsia. It is urged that it is more digestible and more sustaining than wheateu bread. Perhaps it will be more extensively used when the price moves up to the two dollar mark. The Monroe Doctrine seems likely to get a lively shaking up in all its parts by the war now on between Spain and this country. The necessities of waifare will force us to "interfere" with Spanish colonies whose independence has not been recognized by the United States. Senator Edelen, who died one day last week at La Plata, Charles county, was one of the most prominent and useful member of the Maryland Legislature some years ago, and many people throughout the State deeply regret his death. Now that wheat prices have reached such interesting figures it is very Comforting to know that the acreage to be harvested this year is nearly sis per cent, greater than that of last year. Wo are justly proud of our judiciary, and believe that it has not a peer either in or out of the State.-- Gentremlle Observer. "It is the Hest on E«rtli." That is what Edwards Parker, merchants of Plains, Ga., say of Chamberlain's Pain Balm, for rheumatism, lame back, deep seated and muscular pains. Sold by Hugh Duffey, Hillsboro; R. J. Colston, Ridgely; W. E. Brown, Denton. DIED. BETTON.--On Wednesday, May llth, Joseph Daily, son of" James C. Betton, aged two months and ten days. Weep not for him, «ho now nt rest, Where care and pain no more annoy, Has reached the haven of the blest, And realized immortal joy: His spirit smiles from Hint bright shore, And softly whispers, "weep no more." --AUNT M.U.GIK. Royal mike* tbc food pure, wholesome end delicious. POWDER Absolutely Pure BOTAl. Minna fpWDtH CO,, NEW tOIW, - . PHILADELPHIA, Monday, May 9, 1898. CARPETS A PROCLAMATION OF ECONOMY. Hard work to push a wagon up hill. There must be f r e q u e n t pauses; and wheels are scotched to hold the progress made. Carpels have been marketed at a loss. A few months ago pi ices were advanced--part way toward profit. They are not up the hill yet. But, trouble. Production ran ahead of calculation. A quick marketing of some thousands of yards can alone p r e v e n t a serious break. We could be depended upon to bring about the result most quickly. Hence-THE MOST DECISIVE BARGAINS YET tire a n n o u n c e d here now. It is the scotch to hold the wheels on the Hill. It is youropportunity--if you can pet to Philadelphia speedily. Add to these facts the following detail as to prices and soits. It is A Very Great Carpet Sale 10,880 yards, 47 styles of Wilton and Ifxtra Velvet Carpets-best qualities; all new this season. SI.25 to 81.40 grades, all at SI. f),G25 yards, 22 styles of the next grade Velvet Carpets, well assorted, larn;e figures and small. 81 kind at 75c. 13,000'yards, 45 styles of A x m i n - ster and Moquette Carpets, all brand new, m a n y with borders --a collection from which any room of almost any house can be b e a u t i f u l l y covered. SI kind at 75c. 10,700 yaids, 47 styles Tapestry Carpets -- Roxbury, Sanford and Smith makes--full assort- m e n t for rooms and halls. 80c and S5c Carpets at 65c. 5,900 yards, 18 styles, of another good grade of Tapestry Carpet --effective and economical floor coverings for summer cottages. GOc Carpets at 45c. TRUSTEE'S SALE --ox-- A Dress Goods Argument AND SOME PRICES. Plain fabrics--coverts,Venetians, poplins, whipcords, and the like, are in great demand this year by women of tine taste. But plain :o6ds call for a care in the buying. He sure, first of all, of the quality --therein lies the beauty. Very low pi iced dress goods have their uses, but avoid them in plain weaves. This group will give safe a n J good selection-Plain color Poplins, 51 to SI 75 Mixed co'.or Poplins, SI 23 to Sl.oO Oivcit Clutlis, SI to Si.7o Wliipcoid Coverts, S1.2j to SI.73 There will be need for dresses of lather rougher sveave, for o u t i n g at least; many will choose them for all wear. So here are the Cheviots !iul .Serges. 75c to 81.75, and f a n c y weaves from 37j^c. BLAC GOODS--High in favor, fair in price, and a gooJ black dress is us.efiil till the last of it is gone. Fashion and popular favor center on clacks this year. All-siik Grenadines start at 37£c. All-wool Challis, 31c to S1.23 All-wool Utaniines, 23c to S1.23 Pl.iin Moliairs, 2Sc to SI. Silk-and-wool Hernanis, SI.25 to S3. Summer Series, 23: to S1.23. Princess AN explanation. The M-iv other clay we said that r-i« oc we ' d sold 5 9 2 L P airs UIOVCS of t h e Princess May Gloves in a week. That's exact. But it wasn't the biggest week's selling. That's the gait they're going at now. At Christmas times we sold 10,000 in a week. We should twice double present sales, for these are Real Kidskin Gloves at One Dollar All colors; black and white; button or clasp. And they are made by the best glove maker France has. Ninety Thousand Dollars' Worth of New Shoes The shoes--spring and summer sorts--deserve a special reception. They have it. Shoes are no more prosaic than is m i l l i n e r y -- f o r there are at least seventy-five entirely new styles shown here n o w . . The ultra-fashionable shoe for women is mannish. The modish shoe for men is low cut. This is more than a usual shoe store, for our foot care starts with designing right shoes, gathering proper leather and watching the m a k i n p at every stage. The shoe business hasn't centered here by chance. We sold upwards of a million pairs last year because we deserved to sell them. Judged by ruling shoe values--and we have submitted the more promising shoes from the other stores to the analysis of the k n i f e to know their structure --it is safe to say that in shoes from $2 to $6 a pair we effect for you a clear economy of $1 to $2 a pair. Such a business makes possible values like this-2100 Pairs Women's S4 and $5 Kidskin Boots at $3. Button and lace, tipped with patent leather. Bull-dog, opera and coin toes; seven widths; all lengths. These shoes were to fetch S* and $5--thousands of pairs like them did fetch those prices. But these in addition to our regular stocks, and out they go. $3. John Wanamaker. LTnder and by virtue of power nnd authority contained in a deed of trust from Martin J. Cohcc to Henry R. Lewis and Willard E. Wot, bearing dine the 17th day of J a n u a r y , 1808, nnd of record among the land records fur Caroline county, in -Liber K. (J. I' 1 ., Nn. OS, folio ol'2, llic undersigned, in- trustees named in .said, deed, w i l l sell :it public sale, in front of the Conrl II(iii5o door in the town of D u n t o n , M a r y l a n d , on Tuesday, the Itli pf June. 1898, between tlic; hours of 2 and 4 o'clock, ]. in., of that day, the f o l l o w i n g described real estate, to wit: All that L O 7; PIECE OR PA R CEL of land and rtretni-ps situated on the cast tide of yi.\th street,, in llic town of Denton, a d j o i n i n g the lot and property oi' Joseph E. f J u t l c r on the north, and more particularly described as lollowi-: Beginning for the outlines thereof at tlic soutli-west corner of tho said Joseph E. Butler's lot and thence runs in u southerly diicction along the east line of snid Sixth street 00 feet, tlicnco in mi easterly direction 110 fcrt, thence in a northerly direction and pnrnllel with the lirst lino aforesaid (iO feet to the said Joseph E. .Butler's lot, thence in n westerly dirm'tinn with the south l i n e of the said butler's lot 110 feet to the place of beginning, containing 6600 Square Feet of Land, more or less. It being the thu same hind mentioned in a deed from W. W. Lowe and vile to the said Martin J. Cohee, bearing date the 21st clay of September, 1897, and recorded in Liber K. C. F., No. 03, folio 8-J8. The above properties improved by a new two-story Frame Duelling, with back building, and single-story STORE-ROOM. This properly is very eligibly located both for a residence and business stand, being on Sixth street and near the depot on the Queen Anne's Kiiilrond. This property will be sold subject to a mortgage of ?550, due on the 27th day of September, 1901, and payable at any time prior to thnt date, in sums not less thnn yiOO nl the option of the mortgagor or his assignees. TERMS OF SALE--Cash on day of Sale. Title papers st cxpcnseof the purchaser. HEN 11Y R LEWIS, WILLARD E. WEST, JAMES W. THOMAS, Trustees. Auctioneer. r Jc jffit iftc -A iSi j£k j - t/te Siyn of the Crystal Globe. R. B. BOND'S GROCERIES THIS WEEK. aoc 12c 18c ISc Canned Lobster, Good Salmon, Best Flat Salmon, Boston Baked Beans, " " small cans, OSc 18 Ibs Graulated Sugar, $1.00 Cod Fish, per pound, 05c SHOES. Misses and Ladies' Russet Shoes, $1.00 to $1.75. Ladies' Oxford Ties, - - 90c. to $1.75. Men's and Boys' Shoes, - up-to-date prices. MEN ; S GOODS. TOBACCO, ETC. 7 Packs Cut Plug, Best Cigar in Town for the money. BICYCLES, New Tandem. 11 $100.00 Wheels, 25c t * fao 30 2nd-hancl Wheels all prices. * Working Shirts, Summer Pants, 25c 75c Overalls, Boys' "Brownies" J. O. TAYLOR WITH -, o, LIEJIIB FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, East CaraeLerL St. REFERENCES: Traders' National Hank of Baltimore; First National Bunk of Slewartstown, Pu. · liranch at Stewartstown, Pa. HUTSON, ATTOHNEY-AT LAW, DKNTON, MARYLAND. TRUSTEES' OK V A L U A B L E ItEAL ESTATE, NEAR THK TOWN OF DENTQN. Under and by virtue of a decree of the Circuit Court for Caroline county, sitting us n Court of Equity, passed on the 13th day of April, 1898, in a cause therein pending wherein George "W. Davij and Samuel N. Homey were complainants, and Sarah E Salisbury nnd Richard J. Saulslmry were respondents, the undersigned, as trustees, will sell by public auction in front of the Court House door, in tho town of Dciitou, Md., on SATURDAY, MAY 14th, 1898, between tho hours of 2 and 4 o'clock p. m., the following roll estate, to w i t : All that lot, tract or parcel of land, situated in the Sixth Election District of Caroline county, Md,, on the comity road lending from Denton to Hillbboro, adjoining the hindb ofC. Jf. Lloyd, et al.. and "is about li miles from Denton, and containing 21-2 ACRES of hind, more or less, and improved by :i New Two-Story Dwelling and other Outbuildings.i Terrrjs of Sale. Tho terms of sale as proscribed by the court are: Oiie-lmlf of the purchase money to be paid in cash on day of sale, nnd the residue in n i n e months from day of sale; the credit payment to bear interest from day of sale, and to be secured, with surety thereon approved by tlic said trustees. Title papers at expense of purchaser. OSCAR CLARK, HARVEY L. COOPER, Jonx "VV. CLARK, Jit., TRUTKKS. Auctioneer. MORTGAGEE'S SALE Ol - A V A L U A 1 I L E Pieces Land, IJy virtue of a power of sale continued in a mortgage from Adam M. Washington niul Amy Washington, his wife, to William F. Leonard, bearing date the 10th day of Jnminrv, 189'j, nnd recorded in liber K. C. P., No. 02, folios 2(W and 203, one of the hind record book for Caroline raunty, Maryland, the said William P. Leonard, mortgagee aforesaid, will sell nt public unction, "to the highest bidder, in fiont of the store-house of T. E. Willoughby, nt Harmony or Fowling Creek postofHce, Caroline county, Maryland, on Saturday, 21st day of Hay, 1898, between the hours of 2 and 4 o'clock, p. m., the following property, to wit: AH that tract, part of a tract or PARCEL OF LAND, situate, lying and being in the Eighth i election district, formerly n part of the ' Fourth election district of Cnroli tie county, Maryland, on tho north side of the county road lending from Harmony to the town of Dentoii, containing Four Acres of Land, more or less, and is improved .by n good comfortable 5c, a Yard, Oar Motto is to Sell Yon Good Goods at Bottom Prices. ' ID-welling- one and a half story high, with a back building and necessary out-buildings, all new. TERMS OF SALE-- CASH. Title papers at expense of purchasers, WILLIAM F. LEONARD, Mortgagee. N. ALEX. HUTSOX, Attorney. Teachers' Annual Examination' Office of the School Commissioners, ) Dcuton, Md., May 10th, 1898 ) Notice is hereby vivcn that the next Teachers Examination for Caroline county will be held on Thursday and Fridiy, June 2d and 3d, 1898 nt the Denton Ifigh School Bui'ding. The morning sessions will'begin at 0.00 o'clock and close at 12 o'clock noon; The afternoon sessions will begin at 1.80 o'clock and clone at 5 o'clock. Candidates for second grade certificates will be examined in the following studies nud must make a general average of seventy ner cent, and tlic percentage in Arithmetic nnd English Grammar must not fall below the required general average. Orthography, Heading, Writing, Arithmetic,Geography, Histoiy of Maryland and the United States, the Constitution of Maryland and the Constitution of the ULMtcd Slates, English Grammar, Physiology, Algebra to Qiiadratics,Geonietry, one book, Theory and Practice of teaching, the laws and by-laws of the public school system of Maryland. Candidates for a first grade certificate must make a general average of eighty per cent, and in addition to the above named studies will be examined in Natural Philosophy, Book-keeping, Geometry, four books and Algebra through Quadratics. All teachers \yhosecertilicates li.ive expired by limitation must take this examination. By order, M. B. STEPHENS, o-12-St] Sec*y Examiner. M01TGAGEFS SHE -- ov -A VALUABLE FARM, IN CAROLINE COUNTY. Under and by virtue of power nnd authority contained in a mortgage' from Rboda A. Blades and Owen C.~Bladt!s, her husband, to Charles W. Single, bearing date the 10th day of Dcccnibcr, A. D, 1887, and duly of record in Liber L. J[. G., No. o2, folio 105, one of the land record books of Carolina county, the undersigned, as mortgagee, will offer nt public sale in front of the Court House door, in the town of Den ton, on TUESDAY, THE m OF MAY, 1898, between tho hours of 2 and 4 o'clock p. in. of ih tit day, the following real estate: All and singular that furni or tract of land situate, lying and being in the Fourth Election District of Caroline county, on the road leading from Preston to Choptank, whereon said Owen C. Blndes now resides, adjoining the property of Jehu Blades and others, and containing 190 ACRES of land, more or less. This farm is centrally located, convenient to rnilroad station and stcamboiit landing, and is in n high slate of cultivation. Said tnrin more described in a deed from said particularly Owen C. Ula vj. BARNES, PKACTICAL. DENTON, MD. I shall constantly taep on hand u full assortment of Iron and Steel for all k i n d s of Farm and Wagon Work. I ciin furnish you all sixes ot'new wheels and nxles, and best classes of liorse-shoos nt short notice. I guarantee ixll mnteritil and work nt lowest prices to suit the hard times. duly of record in Liber L. H. G , No. 51, folio 531, one of the land record books of Caroline county. TERMS OF SALE. The terms of sale are: One-thin! cash on day of nlo, and the biituncu in two equal instalments of six and twelve months respectively, the deferred payments to he 5ecured by note or notes endorsed to the satisfaction of the mortgagee; or all cash on the day of sale, at the option of the purchaser. CIIAKLES W. SLAGLE, Mortgagee. GKO. W. WILSOX, Attorney, Elision, Md. W E INVITE YOUR ATTENTION this week to our line of Ladies' Slippers and Oxfords which liuvc ju«-t arrived, and arc second to none. We have nil grades, black and tan. and all prices. Wo have received this week also a lot of LADIES' SHOES, chonp in price but high in quality. We can sell yon a piiir of shoes for Sl.26 and guarantee them to give satisfaction. You ought to sec our $1.23, SI.-30 and §200 grades. Ladies' Shoes in stock ranging in price from |65c. to $3.50 per Pair. A good stock also of MEN'S BOYS' and CHILDREN'S SHOES Sec them before purchasing. The season is here for STRAW HATS and we h a v e them in all pricos and styles. Please remember our low prices on Clothing. Suits for Men, from S1.75 to §10.00. When You Paper Your House, Give us a call for Paper. We have all grades, and are selling at the right prices --same as all our goods are sold at. Come in and sec us. R.AVCOLLINS DENTON, MD. THE SPOT CASH STORE. Order Nisi, Oscar Clark, Assignee, vs. John K. Riddle and wife, "Wm. Diddle and wife. In the Circuit Court for Caroline county, In Equity. Ordered this Uth day of April, 1898, that the sule of the property in these proceedings mcnlioncd, made and reported by Oscar Clark, assignee, bn ralitiud and confirmed, unless cause to the contrary thereof bo shown on or before the twentieth day of June next; provided a copy of this order be inserted in some newspaper printed and published in Caroline county, once in each of throe successive weeks, before the bi.Uecnlh day of May next. The report states the amount of sales lt be §900.90. CHAS. W. HOUBS, Clerk. True copy--test; CHAS. W. HOBBS, Clerk. GETTING ACQUAINTED' ·*· WITH THE. "THE GOB E," Baltimore's wide-awake and progressive Clothiers, Hatters and Furnishers, wants to make the business acquaintance of every reader of this paper. "Coming" events cast their shadows before." A "coming event" that will interest and instruct you is the issue of the spring 1 and summer edition of THE GLOBE'S «4CATALOGUE»» which will be published and ready for distribution about the latter part of March (perhaps sooner.) hen you've carefully read the catalogue you'll be lots wiser. We think you'll like "THE GOBE'S" way of transacting business 'cause its a fair, square and honest way, so different from some stores. All we want you to do is to SEND US YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS AND WE WILL MAIL COPY OF OUR CATALOGUE TO YOU AS SOON AS IT'S READY, s 8 West Baltimore Street, three doors from Charles, _ BALTIMORE, MD. Peerless Machine Shops, EASTOltf, MD. PEERLESS TRASTION Insolvent Notice. William G. Bradley vs. His Creditors. In tho Circuit Court for Caroline county. bio. Shop on Third St., opposite Livery Sla- liivo me n trial. JOHN J. BARNES. ,, BALSAM (ntuiMf ud beiutUtef the hilr. PromoCM ft JaxaiUnl growth. B*v«r Mil to Bnrtore Notice to Creditors, Korrell P "Reynolds having applied for tlic benefit of the Insolvent Law of the State of Maryland, there will be n meeting of his creditors in Denton, at the oilico of tho Clerk of tlic Circuit Court for Caroline county, nt 3 o'clock, p. in., Friday, May 20th, instant. .JAMES 0. MULLIKIN, nwyU-98. Preliminary Trustee. W 1 ILLIAJ1 E. GKEKNLEY'S UAKBEH SI10P, (Sicmart JiniMing, next door Bride Hotel) First-chish f u r n i t u r e nnd appliances, nnd competent workmen, insures satisfactory service to all customers. Popular prices. The proceedings in the above entitled case lmvin; been read and considered, tho court hereby approves the election of T. Pliny Fisher, permanent trustee for the benefit of tho creditors of the w i t h i n named William G. Bradley, insolvent, and the said T. Pliny Fisher, us permanent trustee, after executing and Hling a good and sufficient bond to the State of .Maryland in the sum of one h u n d r e d dollars, conditioned for the faithful discharge of his duties as such trustee, and after its approval, is hereby authorized and directed to proceed with the execution of his trust. And it is further ordered Unit the said petitioner appear before the Circuit Court for Caroline county on the fourth Monday of June next, to answer such interrogatories,and allegations as his creditors, endorsers or sureties may propose or allege against h i m , and that ho give at least forty days notice thoicof to his creditors, which said notice shall bo published weekly for the period of forty days by inserting a copy of this order in some newspaper printed in Carol in o county cnce a week for the said period of forty days. WM. K. AIAKTIN. True copy--Test: CUAHLES W. HOBBS, Clerk. Business Men Take Notice! By virtue of Chapter 204, Acts of 3898, I am authorized to issue n license to every person who shall apply for the same; but J am expressly forbidden to antedate any license, or issue to any person or persons any license other than in the month in which the same is legally obtainable, under it penalty of §50.00 for each and every offence, nnd nm also required to lay before every grand jury a list of nil licenses granted by me for two years prior to the meeting of such grand jury. OHAllLESW. HOBBS, d-7-3t. Clerk. PUBLIC LOCAL LAW, OPERATIVE IN CAROLINE COUNTY. PASSED AT THE JANUARY SESSION, 1308. AN ACT to ninciid Article six, ten and twenty- I one of the Code of Public Local Laws, title, respectively, "Caroline Coiinlv," "Dorchester County, nnd "Talbot County,""sub-title "Pish." by adding three new sections tliereto, to be designated as section l-1fi A, of Article six, section 182 A, of Article ten and section 116 A, of Article twenty-one. SUCTION I. He it by the General As- sembtyofjtlnrylnml, That Article six, ten am! twenty-one of Hie Code of Puhlic Local Laws, title, respectively, "Caroline County," ''Dorchester County," and "Tnlbot County," sub-title, ''I-'ish," be, and the same are hereby amended by adding three new sections thereto, to be designated respectively as sections one hundred and forty-six A ofArticlesix, one hundred and eighty- two A or Article ten ,-md one hundred and sixteen A of Article twenty-one. 146A, of Article bix, 182 A, of Article ten, and 116 A, of Article twenty one. It shnil not be law ful for any person to keep, put or allow his, her or their Until seme,, fykes, pound- nets, btakc-iicts or other devices, except hook and line, to be in or used in any of the waters ot the Choptnnk Kiver or any of its tributaries between the hours ot twelve noon on each and every Saturday and sunrise on the following Monday morning, nnd any person violating any of the provisions of this section shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof, before any Justice of Hie Peace in and for any of said counties, having jurisdiction in the premises, shall be fined not less than live nor more than fifty dollars for each and every offence, or shall be subject to a forfeiture of the seines, nels, fykes, boats and appurtenances thereto belonging, or both fine and forfeiture in the discre- lion ot the Justice; provided, however, that the accused shall have a right to pray a jury trial, or to take an appeal to the Circuit Court of the county wherein the accused is arraigned as in other criinnal cases of the same grade, upon giving the usual bonds required in such cases. Autl lie it enacted. That 11..- Act shall lake effect from the date of its passage. Approved April y, ISIS. JJ.OYI) I.OWXDIS, Governor. JOHN W1RI" RANDAL!,, President of the Senate. LOUIS SCHAKl-'KK, Speaker of the House ot Delegates. Ortice of the Chief Clerk of the House of Delegates. I hereby certify that the aforegoing is n true copy of an Act of the General Assembly of Maryland, passed at the January Session, 1S08. /.. HOU.SlCHOI.mCK, Chief Clerk of the House of Delegates. PEERLESS J EPARAT03S, PEERLESS SELF-FEEDERS,PEERLESS WEIGHERS AND BAGGERS, PEERLESS SAW MILLS, PEERLESS PORTABLE, DOMESTIC AND STATION RAY ENGINES AND BOILERS. OUR GUARANTEE: We will guarantee our Peerless Threshing Rigs will do more work and bv-.tzt wor ; rhin any other make of machine on the m irket, o r ' \vc v,-i i pu them side and side and take the best fo- : 10 on«y. Aiso Imperial Stackers by the carload. Repair n 7 ,n all branches. Bicycles repaired, re-enameled and nickle-plated at Reasonable prices^ For particulars call on or address for catalogue. G. M. WXXTGARD, Telephone call No. 35. Near P. W. B. R. R. Depot. CARRIAGES! BUGGIES! BINDERS. MOWERS RAKES! H AVING- just completed a large warehouse, I have on hand a complete stock of Carriages, Spindle Buggies, Dnytons, Speed Carts, Farm W neons-- one and two horse. THE QUEEN OF T1IE HARVEST FIELD is the OSBGRBB COLUMBIA BINDER and beyond "sn doubt sttlhds without a peer. The No. 4 Mower is the lightest draft. All-Steel Hay Hakes and Hay Tedders, with bicycle and interchangeable wheels; Disc Harrows; Spring-Tooth Harrows. The machines and implements are all in stock now. And don't forgot that Osborne Implements succeed where others fail. I am in a position to quote you the very lowest prices on everything I handle. Am HEADCOWAR^ERS F0R BINDER "WINE. Give me a call; and let me give you a few points on prices. H. M. THOMPSON, - - HILLSBORO, MD/ FOR SIXTY-SEVEN YEARS. HA VE BEEN MANUFACTURED. Year ly Year they have teen Improved. They are better now than ever before, Indeed, they are as near perfection as a machine can be- made. Hence the great demand. Call on the agant, Jonathan Evitts, DECTTOXT, M-S.inrii-S.XTD. Examiners' Notice. We, tlic undersigned, having been appointed by the county coiiiinissionci's of Cnrolino county to enter upon, examine, nnd. if found neccssiir/, lny down n public rond, beginning on the rond from I'eder- nlsburg to Denton, on n line between the lands of William Trice imd S. Collins und ruiining eastward between Lliu lunds of Williiini Trice find C. Lewis in a straight lino, crossing the lunds ofC. Lewis und J. liosscr; thence southeast to it line between the hinds of U. 1?. Trice nnd P. Trice; thence eastward to F. P. Covey's line; thence to county rond leading from Sinith- ville to Federalsburn, hereby give notice that on WEDNESDAY, J U N K 15, 1808, at 0 o'clock ft. m., wo will meet nt sftid place of beginning to execute our commission. The County Surveyor will please attend without further notice. L. J. BLOXSOM, L. N. TODD. ELIAS W. WILLIAMSON", liny H, 1808. Examiners. ^^ DRUGS AND MEDICINES.

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