The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 25, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 25, 1859
Page 4
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1! BY TEEEGRAPH REPORTED FOB THE DAILY NSWB. AFTJERNOCiN KEPORT. IVevr. HiunpaWrc'] COKOOED.T N, H., Jane 24. In the New Hampshire Hoafte of Eepreaent- atires yesterday, A Btringent billia relation to the rendition of alleged fugitive slaves., was reported by tbe judiciary committee ~~ The Trill provides that any person who shall aid or abet inany rendition of a person claimed as a slave, shall be punished for the first ofience by-fire years' imprisonment, and for ~ the second by imprisonment for life. The bill passed its first stage by & vote of 134 to 101. '' Washington Mattera. * WASHISOTON, June 24. The war department has issued general orders with a view of enforcing the greatest possible economy in ihe military service, especially in the conveyance and distribution of supplies. No buildings are to be occupied, nor any extraordinary expense :ncurred, except by the authority of the war department, and no persons shall be hired for purposes immediately connected with the troops, excepting the necessary guides and interpreters. All hired persons-not authorized by the tenor of the order, will be forthwith discharged, and the services, if necessary, be performed by the enlisted men. The receipts into the Treasury last week were $1,210,000. The drafts issued were§11,421,000. The amount subject to draft is §3.046,000. The Times' Washington correspondent says Secretary Floyd, continues in delicate health, and serious apprehensions are felt for the result. His family are anxious that he should retire from his present position. HP hns removed to the Soldier's Home. Judge Douglas left this afternoon for New York, where he will spend several sWks. AlthongTi Governor Walker dined with Mr Buchanan on Saturday last, ht declares t,he continuance of their previous political differences, and says that no one can ever iufitifv or excuse the Lfcompton outrage. LAST KVKNINO'S KKPOKT. Murderer Executed. TOLEDO, July 24 Michael Beaudion, who murdered Antaine Opal. Dear Manhattan, in ihis county, April, Democratic Convention. Si. LOCJS. June 24 Santa Fe mail with daU* to the 6th arrived at Independeuce to-day The democratic convention was to meet at Albnrojierin on the 7th. It was expected Oters would be the nominee for re-election to Conpresh. The opposition talks of running Col. St. Vrain. OOMMERCIAI,. •OBO. OODJUET, «DITOR. Ji ...... OMIOE Of THE DAIT.Y NEWS,1 Milwaukee, Jnne 24,1868. i MOICTABT.—The banks report money matter* u remaining very uniformly M heretofore. Exchange still •teady at 2 percent. IQ Chicago .exchange It still np to ZX, though the banks were not qnlte BO ihon. Io fllnclnnatr yesterday the Gatttte reports the money market ai quite active with large country and local demand for bill*, at well at a large demand^ for extern exchange. The rates were no higher. « N«w TORI MOKEI MAETET, Wedne«d«y, June 28. The lover rates of Interest in Europe, hart led to an easier market here; and there woull be little uneasiness felt If It were not for the discrimination agalnit aecond c'ait aecnrltle''; this bean the most tererely upon those who Are the most argent borrowers, while undoubted signatures are taken at rates even below oar recent quotations. Foreign Exchange closed firmly at the quotations glyi D this morning. At the last moment, & shipper, who had once revoked his order, conrlnded to send the specie, so that the export by the Africa was larger expected. The Africa took ont 1551,600 In specie. Stocks are dull, and there Is not spirit enough on the market to sustain prices-.— Jbvnia? of Ovmmtrce't Jf- Nzv OoDXTiBnna.—Tvos on the Lambertvllle Bank, N. J.; fires on the Bank of Oommerct, Erie, Fa.; twos on the Traders' Bank, Boston, Mass.; threes on the People's Bank, Derby Line, Vt.; fives on the Fanners and Mechanics' Bank, Oamden, N. J-; ones on tho Traders' Bank, Hewport, R. I.; threes on the Railroad Bank, Decaiur, Ill.j twos on the Central Bank, Middletown, Conn.; twos on the Hanover Bank, New York City Bauo8Tor» AXD PEOPUCE —Some sales of floor oo- cnred to-day, bringing prices ont fairly Into view and showing them somewhat higher t\an was apprehended. Holders bave been pretty firm in their refusals to sell at a decline, for a few dflys, hence the lightness of the trade recently. On change we noted sales of 400 bbls of Spring Extra at G,12% f. o. b., and of 100 bbli Stone Mills, ibe best city brand of Spring Wheat at 7,00. In the afternoon Spring Extra brought 6,25 for 600 bbis. Flonr settled down another 2c to-day and closer 1 with a etlll doirard inclination. The rec ipts and sales Imvf been pretty liberal hotrirer, which would serin to indicate a conviction on the imrt cf holders that high drioes for the present are u;.l to u<ffl.»ctt-ti. and witli the abundant n*-w crop frnro the ?uulh alreaily knocking at the warehouse doors, and out own g-ving promise of a go »d yield, and harvest close at hand, the best policy Is to let the old crop slide for whar U a ill bring and use the proceeds in securing ihe tirw OaU were quite dull We Doled a MUE I tale to the trade part) In the roornlnr at 43:, but 40c were asked In rain afleward?, and evenSS was refused in btr jriven by 1857, waf= handed in this city altoul OD« p clock I nnme, thougii nad the offer been made to the npht per- to-day ExfOUtioD private j , iD1 lt wou id have been accepted. Oorn was more firm, but the transactions were liuii- t»J, 70@71 being th« prlrea paid by dealers for shelled. One lot purchased for the outside figure-* was lesold to go Into the country at 75 Pouitoe* readied their ca!uioinali''g point yesterday and to-dat tend down war.Is baiter and Epg9 are both better. Wool it more a-tivt and price* a s*iKdc betler, as the wool IB of better quality and uior- pains have been taken in its prej-a'atlon for market than vere with the ! I Prop Mendota Bpencer, BndkJo, 141 tons md«, 62 reapers. - ' . :. ... . •-, , ' SchrBepnbllc, Lewis, Buffalo, 100 tons coal, 1T» m lumber. • •- : •; 8chr No way, Johnson, Henomonee, 100 m lomber, 160 mlath. . , Schr J. * A. Stonach, Otto, ManUtee, 70 m lutn, 18m n shingles, 1 bbl old Iron and braji. flchr Driver, Davidson, flretn Bay, 60 lumber, 100 m shingles. . .' CLEARED. Jun 23j). Btmr Cleveland, Dongal, Grand Haven. Btmr Traveler, Sweeny, Chlcsgo. Jon24T>. • Schr Toledc, Saveland, Haskegon.. Bchr Q. Barber. Nelson, Haolstee. Prop Foant-ln City, Peck, Colllngwood, 408 bbli 8oar, 530 bus wheat. Prop Ontonagon, Wllklns, C hleago. Stmr Cleveland, Dongal, Grind Haven. ;Pfop Mendota, Spencer, Chicago. Bchr Driver, Davidson, Qree i Bay. 6t» r Traveler,Sweeny, Chic-go, Btmr City of Cleveland, Bquler, Grand Haven Republican State Contention at Barllnton, Iowa Bi'ELiNQTOK, Iowa, June 24 lU-polilican Stntc eonvpntion at Dpsmoineg. OL tlie 20ud. nominnU'd the foUc^i: p tirvrt for Gornrnor, S .1. Kirktvood. f • : ••. IHT. frTnor, K. 0. Rahck; for Supr-in L .,vh. L. P Lowf, L. P Plocklon Hnd (."&!,-|. Iliildwin. Rpsolatiout conrtt-mDint: Cas«' uaiiirsHzHtinn letter, slav*- trade, and Map^Hfbu&tMtF amnDd mcDt, were passed WaBtilngTon Maltpra. WASHI^OTo^. June 24. Lord Napier, in a private letter received by tlic> Ust sleam--r Irorri Europe, Bays hi- dues not auticip:Ue any tnovetiieni in the diplomatic body whiob wil; send him to a post diflei- ent from that fit th*- Hupnt-. wljich Ije expects to read, in July A report has fur pom»- tiuir Keen current that Commander Mallary i.« to be detached from the National Ohservaiorv Those best acquainted with fchoL 1 li t K k • r ' • to plan- h:ii. in whirh nap:.' - elevation to llml service li^ would th iti*rt pay tba^ if this | ( , ouKi t^ vritb tbe vinw -- noi Purred Finor liis iii t tLai wiibout such i • :u ih- !m- of innfapr flrgt lota ihs* ame m. Apents ai ttit counirr wri Ire j buck l ' 'li-Rlers refirese nt the Dew clip a* Te>y pood, ' In many iDSini.ces much better than heretofore More f'llni are Uiket. in clcmimp Hud prepannp so thai tbt wool is (>rfsi-nt.<l rijrht and lijrht Thlf IB &* U Ph. uld t-f. Wl rr ]• -o.Ju.-f-rs utrtvc to cx.-el It, wl,at tfit-y raise and t>r)' ^ forwa.d. rather UIMI Lo pk.n t-urt -ithvr \-.\ tr,f trirk* o' tradf, tf.en will Wiscnuhn. tak< a Mgh r.-nk TUT h-t .-trri. uimn«l res^urres ^ il o uu kee \\ liole»nlt> Clarke I. rKKluHT.*— ttnn nl the usual rate*. w;th upward l••(->(?ency The pr -pt-tler Fi>ODtam Cltj for <\,1 linjrwood with 6 3 bMs flour and 6*io biif wht-al FLOCR—bnn and tnor t - fc*tiv»> Rfcnpi* 153 L>h : s, shipment? 60S bMs Salt-* ll"- 1 t-btf Stone Mills 7.f*\ 40(i df MidtBnnCltj Mills f. o t. . 6,12^. ^ do Mapncha and Phnenlx MlDi 6^5; 6l' do Wh ir Winter T.nO Tol^l 1,06(1 bhlt WHEAT— 2.- U.wtr, activt-. Receipts T.TTi bue, bu« Sale- S50 bun No. 1 at 1.O2, fin i do n do .xira Dulling l.'-'O. [,.000 do No I i al h-i.*"*, l.tii:. 16i dc, *:rtra Nr, 1 at • d .11.2.'. 1 n&i eaU-j .nARINK *m KLL1GENCE The following vessels paas«d Detroit on WeJ- neiday : ' Boood Up—Schooner* Fred HlU, W. H. Stevens, Ma- ceppa, Rebecca. Bound Down—Propellers WUiona, Yoang America, bark Bonora; echoonera Antelope, Rerolrlng Light. ' JSP" The Rochester Union saj» there ITBI a breach Buiiday night in the Erie Gftual, near BusbnelPe Ba«in, which will probabtj Bospend Dartgatlon on that level for two or three days. We L»ve not received full particulars of the disaster, bat Jo not understand that it Is a serious affair. WKLLIVD OAJIAL DRXAK.—li 1» confidently ex-ected that the break will be repaired BO that vessels can pas- on Monday. tST" Tt^e schooner Buaqutrhiana lately ashore near Marquette, passed Detroit on Punday in tow by the propeller Manhattan. She wa» on the way to Cleveland (or repairs, the was not n-r.oosly damaged, and wl 11 be ready for sea shortly. ES^ The propeller Block man Is in the dry dock at Detroit for repairs. When re| aired she will resume h-r place between Suidusky and Fremont. Ai-Rirri) IT BCFFALO, ?2o.— PropelUr Ctiicago, Herrick, Ohio go, from Milwaukee, 1,711 bbls flour. CLiMttKD > RctM Br.FTALO. 2-D —Propeller Plymouth, Dickson, Chicapo, Propeller Ilacotah, Ovillim, t. tri-ac-). LAKE ToKBiae — Tit« Grand Traverse Herald esti- matrs that there are upwards of one thousand six hundred vpfBels navlpatinp the Northwestern Lakes, the B-ggretrate burden of vrblch is near half a uiilllon ton*. It require* over lhir't*en thousand r^earoen to nsripate thin fleet, which traverse* upwards of five thousand mi lee of lake and rl er coast, tran«portlnp proj>erty i atued Hi six hundred miDions of ,'olUrc. Ba!& OOLDMBU.—The Chlcafro Pre«* says ; "Tbe brig Columbia, which went istmre at Death's I>oor, a short lime anno, will be a t~>ial losi Fhe n-^nt no a le-lpe of rocks, hnd «ill probiib.y go to pipr«*« m *h«- first pale " He Ort Ar.Ais —The litrhttnir a few day* s'n»e, h; In her. an 1 1s ou; Hpiii, a.11 t3T~ The r F. Su-amer the ca*t iJt- nf The laki- L Hi*r, which was firm k by i^ had a new foremast put -jpht — ( hicnyo /''•r-a LEG AI.i AD VEKTI8BMEMT8 Newcomb Clerelcnd, Tbe La Cr<i«e*MH.} waukee Rsllfoad Co. J I H porsumfce and byTirtaft of a writ of tlerji Issaed oui pf the District Court of the Unit^ .. for the District of Wisconsin, in fayor of the «|I4 ; Newcomb Olevelind» Plaintiff, ftffaJnst the La Croile^ Milwaukee Rail ftoad Compauy.defeudarjt In toe ab&tfl entitled CSUBC, t«^ed for the amount of one hundred and twelve thousand tvo hundred and eeventj-onis dollars and seventy-fill ccnU, recovered by the siidjPjUny against the aaid defendant, the Ttb day of Ooioler, A. D. 3857. by ihe judgment cf the said District Court, tested the twenty-second day of October, A. D, 1667, to me. directed,Ijhare levied upon and shall sell At Public Auction, on ll^ievday, the lAth day of December^ next, at*the United States Marshal's Office, In the Oltgr if 2111- waukee, at Iff o'clock In the forenoon of said pajf, the following property, to wit: The La Cross* A Milwaukee Railroad and all the Interest of the LaO>oase A H|l«aakee Railroad Cortpany therein, with all tbe frauchli^si'rlghts and privileges thereunto belonging and appertaining, Including roads, roadways, rlghu of way and real ea tate of every description, road beds, trades, tfesjrails, station houses! and buildings and grounds, tbeos and grounds, enjrjde houses and grounds.shops and grounds, water booses; and grounds, cars and. appartenafites, locomotive erigines and appurtenances, more pshticn* larly described Iu the folio wing schedule (mar 1 — J -* v Also, all that portion of the LaOrone and _ Railroad, known as the Watertown D)vlslo&| or said Railroad, and all the Interest of the said LaCrpsdp and Milwaukee Railroad Company therein, with;, all tt» franchises, Hghts and privileges thereunto appertaining, Including toads, road ways, rights of way Md reil estate of evtrj description, road beds, track*, ties, rails, staticniticnses and buildings' and groun^sjihops andjp-oundB^water houses and grounds, enginij nouses and grounds j <jars and appurtenances, locomotftrji and appnrtenancM; also, about forty-five thousand oars of Railroad Iron,'more particularly described in trie fol- owing Echedttle (marked B.) I '".Also, lots 9, *0 and 11, In block 8, and lota 1. 2i 3, In block 47, IB the Fifth Ward of the City of Milwaukee.— Lots 1 and 4J in blo^k 156; lots 1, 2,4,6, 6, 7, 8, 9, $0, 11, I'Z, 13,14, In block 155; X of block 1ST, except M,S and IU of the bayou adjoining said block; X of Iots$j9 and H, all of lots: 12, 18 and 14; H of lota 16 and U knd E X ^ 1&, in block 159, in the Fourth Ward of th« City of Milwaukee. ; •> (Schedule A., referred to abort*.) One passetMr depot, one elore house, two freight depots, grain platform and shed, blacksmith shop, tbre> tank houses, machine shop, stationary enpine house, paint shop, lumber Bouse, coppersmith shop, Iron house, blacksmith shopt.turn- table, circular engine boose, car shop, all In th4 (£lty of Milwaukee; tank house on nectlon twelve of Bald*- Kail- road, uoe. ditto on aectlon 22; passenger and fr^i^ht ue- pot, at Richfield; one turn table ami passengdV and house and passenger and frelpM aepct at iiarjfnnl, passenger and freight depot at Ratticoc; paafle.Qfr«r ami freight depot aud tank hou*e at Woodland; rltttn at Iron Ridtft; lorn table, passenger and freight ilepot, engine iioust> and tank house at Horimn;* pjiasen- ger and freight depot at Junction; ditto at Rttllin? Prairie; turn'table, engine hour^, tank house *iid[- paji- bfQtrer nod freight depot at Heaver Dam, paj»»eapei" aod frtjipht dt-pot and tank hou^c at Fox Lake; p4*4>nper and freight di-pot al Cambria; passenger and freicpt depot, turn table, tank hou*c and en pine h<mm4 at Midland, pallet)per ami fretpht depot, turn Lahlej Alpine hdUM- and tahk house at PurtagtOity, together Srlili the prouud» u|>«c wtiioh nark ho uses and buildings are xiiuaU'd and irtiich art: sppurtt-oant thereli. T^tnty- oDf lorotnniive engioes, ten first cla.«B pansrn^tr! cars, two second class ditto, fuur oappage curs, 164 h.»o»e frnpl.l cant, 120 plarform, 3u jrra rel firs abtl 17 l^rhedult- B., referred lo above.) Out engine house IL the City of Milwaukee, one ulalirKi t.c.u.i« «t the Juurtinu, oue <litt-i ».n<l wdOii shed at Htrffaakc^; one slalloi. housti it Han.Lfl.nd, one ditto at Pint- Lake Mu- lion; on** waifcr houw, one w<.od she<l, and out, italic n roachi[je shop, rar »hop, tilacksmith ph.»p, two "tlonwonld by law be entitled to demand, shall be considered the highest bidder. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Jane 6,1S6&. jeT-lawtt . U. J. THOMAS, D. hi. use?, li. r, ht- aiu. c ami Wi r h -urtr shed al WalerK.ft nj l Lowell, stnl it t|f. JLEOAL ADVERTISEMENTS. 1036] SHERIFF'S S..I>E. [rfewi. 8TAT« OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co. ( [Robert Armstrong Daniel Donnelly, i against .Loulla 0. Sinclair. Judgment and Sale. Mechanic's Lien, I N virtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In said Court, In the above entitled act'on, dated the 19th day of March, 1SI9,1 ahalJ expose for sale and svll at Public Auct on,at the Post OfflVe, In the ell; of Milwaukee, on fralurdav, tbe 23d day of July, 185», ti the hour of 2 p. u. of that day. pursuant to Chapter 120, Revised Sta tiles, entitled "Of tne lien of .Mechanics and others, the following deft-rib d- premises to wit: M A certain bulldlug^ituate «.n 'ot number fourteen 114), In block number jitj-nlne toil.) in flie Pour'h Wsrd of the t liy of M Iwaultee, County of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin, together with all the right. M le. and Internt the said defendant, Louisa (J Slo-laT, h ><J in an I to said n t number fourteen (14), In Uock number sixty-nine (C9), In !!,<• Fourth Ward of the Cily ofUllwaukrr." Dated SherTs Office, M:l»«u!ie,|, June I, I'O'J. R. K. Anaas, I A. J LANOWOIiTHy, STBs Alto.ney. f S enrl M.I. Co., Wla. y la tbe U. S. District Court ) for the hislrict uf \VKconsin. t'M'I'JhlO HTATI-:« Tl^ HSH.4.L'8 MALE. Hosts Chamberlain, Jr., vs. Ebeneztr Dakiu Y virtue of « iiu PJures writ of Kterl Kacia^ Issued out ul" Mul under the seal nf ihe D-atrict Court of the United States for lh« District of Wincuosln, in the above entitled cauae, tested »u the ^th Jay of February, 1S&9, t<j me directed, commanding me of Lhe poods and Chattels, lauds and teneiuent.1 of the above uam, <1 -Je- femiant tn cause to he made a certain sura "f money therein spec.fled, I hav«r leviec* upon and shall sell at Public Aurtlon, to the highest b|.i.l-r. on Wednesday, the iTth .icy o( April, tifiy, at ) ,,'eloca P M., at the L'nitr.i 8iatfK M.irihalN Otiice, in Lhe City of Mil- wauk-e, in uu! Dftrtct, all ih« ripht, title and int'-rest Which thie nb^ir iiApirU kl**-r,ez r LMkm had on the thirl**.-ntri day of July, v-50, .'r hi-* nrr- ir.|iiiretl. In and lo tr.e fuliowinp desTit"--! real csi;ilr,-*llU'itr, lTin(( and tieina in the County ol i*r,i i > ,,ri,i fnit i.f W la- OODflin. to wit "I*it our ( i , in hlr.rk K. In the village of Nrs.'.kori, wuh thf tuill u.^-r.. -ti -. iu^ tf ,l, with all It-' [nachm<-r y an-t ihe w Mi r [-0* .-r .-,".,.,•• ^ | ( x ,,-rrw' 1 h LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS. [LEGAL ADVERTISEMENTS 1080] sftF.RlFF'3 SALE. STATE OP WISCONSIN, | Clrcnit Court, Milwaukee County i John 8. Bcyd, ) against I John Jennl* gs. j Thomaa T. Re*ive, | Judgment ,,( G.lbert W. Bae, j an J BaL Percy U. Isham, WIlMara t,. Pe««n mil | Edward (i. Black, j I N tlrtoe of and pursuant to ajud£n>enl rend^e-* \n said Court, In the above entitled ». UUQ, Jat...| the 3d day of Jane, 1S59. I shall expose f^r sal • and sell At Public Auction, at the Post-Omce, In ihe City of Milwaukee, on MnlDrdAV, tlie lOtls dnjr of September, 1859, at the hour of 2 r * ofili:itd*v, the following described mortg tged preoiis** or 4 i mu. •< thereof as ma; be nereseayy to n*:*e tl ^ amount .,( satdjudgme t, interest aud oust •, i. Krt •-i * ihtfier*. peoars of sale, t > wit: "All hatplere*r parcel of Int..I .i •(!.• l uuuty of ililw u*e>- and Mai.- >' • -- .ii- •.. kn .vii Ld .1^3. nh. <1 as 11-- ..'.l, i.' two [»]„ In biueS si,ty-lwf. [ Wa/d, of the Chy of M.'».u Dated ah riff'i Officr. M.I. i.r UPB^U A (JaitijM. v ^ i Pl'ffs. Atftj , )eH 3m-lin-w 106.1 1 BT.tTK O' WT.<Cf>r Circuit Court Vlllwaunui; SHERIFF'S S \1 i l-V. j>um-. , i denjtimtn F Arnold, I Nancy 0. Arnold, Alonio L K , L:man Elmnr,., Ju»Vph Halm. John Prien. llorzan II ( oieMau. Hernia;. I. r,f. »n,l J'.bii W,.,ie. I S \ Irlii.. ,r in I -ur* sm.l Court n t-h-- t the h«?T, l low inrtl. %n i i» Mil- I 7 f b I p.- Ml Kill t t -x STATK OF WlSl.o.V-I.N. Circuit Court—Milwa.m,- t: .1: John b. Baa*<-n. John Henry Kller*. Anna K ihlman K in. -.,, * William W. C..II-II.HIH, Heary .-'t.-rni, Herman Sierm Henry Kunkei, *u i Frederick Kni-j.'i i .N /frtue ,-l .u»l yu. -uai.t i . said i.ourt, in ihe *t>>.. r > i U |- Hi l iK -.VI.-ir'l 4th day at PublK wank,-*, thereof Judi.'ui'- of silt-, ->l June, 1-Ci'J. 1 An. ti.jn, *i th,- 1' . leti-rit'rd ,mayb^fi « t !i*> t 7 th run.- aary't' Also, ii. II i ao't lot- - ^ stands, all i 2 and :i, n. - aO'l i * block li. i. one , 1. i - Also, lota i > twelve t). r balf or I, t . Un < 1 vim-Ma r. ,i ',: lots !» .1 . ' IWe. V, . ll rt four, ti vt, - t«-n. t' '.-p. lot .1, riv~ ,,» .... -lfh!, 4 I all--> r > I .1 . t I i. i ihe vi .. i l villa,;.- ck K. ,, '..,,, k U. ! h*i llery ' 0, tn II l"t-t j IOIM -me ( i ) | j .-r. , I, ii, , r, i u,, i lut ,\,, I r^e (Si, four - ,.n Mill jt ,. . eleven, | I the sonth I -ortv f.-el front on Hi,- pond ai block k. rune, ten, eleven, ' « O. Ion n-.e. two, .«?.-o, iw.ivc. ihir- t/i. •n. half <,1 . » K. I -U- :jur. -11 K 11 . t BY TELEGRAPH. M * t'LOL'B- Mn'kel dul.. n.'ied T.>m. June 'J I" good frr«h er> »acfi b' iuses mj bu;l'i.nk' u[ipurtena.n< iherclt- .^. n cars, SS rick carp, 1 \i )Ut 4'J,fc'J bam "i H\ilr ,».: <> •!., wh.rL I sr.a I, -.init- <l»y t at two o'clock p in .near ir>r La '' .-vi . '»-|*ot,.-t t.i.-, k- 4" *:i.l 4l,,(t tl.r ,'it y '•! Milb nUk 'l nb<-ut 42d l>arn 01 Railroad iron, wluth 1 slii.t * :, jr . '(-.--'^i.P. M , the ^aroc >lay, al iJouninab 4 C T~ T.'-- \\ U. 1-M MI Kit M J THi •am- h-.tir in<! 11 I.". irt -I i 'I « It MI A I '«( N t I.F. I i H H : .-:S 1 st. NaUiRL liar aid LtfatTiaui pointer! !•«• tin to ti-ft •'ui: Tbf trial j-oi.rt H L Narr M.'iwrr have Iwn ap ii-pnrlinfiit af n Board i small Jir*--flr»iH at mnv In- prnsHrji-^d. will oomri^iti-t- * T- Trow R[ tbr 6,.o f..r iturx- tin pnnd extrft wt-i»:ern, 6.5 1 Ohio—clo>lne tju et. RVE KL I'R—,1i.i: 4J.4 WIU-AT—dull »n.1 dr ii for mlxttl i. u-|.ern, l.K. RVK—du BARLKY - dun, ( CORN—urji:h»-f-n. i-alr mixed iri^.ii-rn: «t!a'-4 In (or rpl ri'l|o«. S2 f..r r um: OAT.- 4^1" Inr >tatr-. Fl.Ol'R -•• in -deri'.e del wa- i, RRIC- .,1'IHJ bbl- M .' Clnratr Bjinnp wh« *1 t i.'/ C,6ii for ellr» ^ ;«, 6.^7^^ aijrt OM''. T,ST-^ (S.7.T.'. fi.r ii WUAT-dull »air« !.ll 0 C*.)RN—firm, saV- li "•«) bui al Chicago at 7^ *. . (MT^—Bteadr; no nale* H-ltLET ,:ull. K\ i -firm 1.1 l.Ooai.ix,. W H KEY—nom tia, nt i CA>A PR! lOHT* --, f,,- fl-ui . N. » Vorn 6, t>&( 44' ff-r extra 6,2."> £6,40 fo b.frt 1 for i)u . 1.50 lor tr.i.-<i Ii rr.l Mich.ffiti. tn ..! tl.t f&r lilf 4lt. .1 I'. S. .M» -.[.• i. H » M.,w ul in-r - 0*rf, Mil" A r. a & r y, 1 * ihy - r»v Tic H. « -i.a. W^Y WITH YOITR MONEY JOHN W LEDYARD, Cash Grucer ;iiid Mine Deakr, >O. 161 i:\ST " ATER ST. HE BE5T I-L*CF Tu BfY FIM (,RKEN AND l.p JA\J H -d MOC'HA ( ~t BLACK Tbf lusi (.la FEE?. T'.f t.esl pl&fr in r.i. r nir.- FVRTP." Tin twsi |,iac.f U buv all Ljnilt o! MOLASSKS Tin- besv )>|KCI- u t>uv Rl 1 . kind- o( BCUAK.-, Tkf >. -si pin-, ic hiii all kind" of SALT FISH . Tin- <». p.M-i t,, huv Cms- i lilackireli'. FICKLE-. Tn f bf«i plio. t. buy all tindu POKEIGV SAlTFj- T!,t- !.,-«! P ;«.-.r l. l.nv a'.l kuiue TIE FRUITS . The |H:«: |iiu<-, 'c l.uv M.'(.AE CURKI) HAM.- Tiir hem pin-< t>. SMOKF.IJ BFEF, The besl pincr lu Imj CUOK F. BCTTfcH Thi l>*81 plucr in I'liv I'-.LK ALE . Ttif lie.ii plict lo buv FOHK1GN ALE and PORTER Tlif be>M |. ar f 1<. hoy TOILKT SOAPS , Th f l>«n» lo i>u>- ah kmd f WASHING SOAPF Tin 1.^. i p!;.r^ u. tiuj best STARCH , Tlif W. ;,, fc r< lo buy FIGS. RA1 S 1SS. PRtrSKS The busl piacc U> buy all klndu NtTc . T&4( be.-. plfc4-e LO bay pure LIQUORS fpr family list Tbe hem pl»c<- to buy Native and Forelcrj W'INF.-l , The besl plare to Imi a ctm<l l>m iIKiAHf . The bee: plar. tl; bu> MeereliHuin 8MOKINOTOBAC 00 Tbe be*; plRft K buy rii>rr; xnd low cost CHFTCING TOBAC.O . Tb«. b»st place tr buj Weidharo Pine Apple CHEESE Thi heft plan to buy I-'np! F! and The be>t place 1C buy C od I,O('D? . Tbe be»l |,lare 1C' buj GO 1 1* I -ItAP. Tbe best plm-< n, buj Hi. ku.df (i ti CEP,I K? , We aek the rlun-np r>f Milwaukee to ir\ at — ri'-h vid poor je24 JOHN W. LETTARD K M 1 ' i , O Y M J-'. N 1 . S.~>o a iHonifa and all Kipcn-c>, Paid. A N AGENT J* wnr]te<] ir, every tfiwr. ar<J county irj the L'niLer] ^tatep to pnjrage In a reajiectable and ewy buslnes-, by whlrli the above profit* may be certainly roamed Fur (urttier part culare, addrc^F Diu J. H eBRT WiEsEK, corner 12tl. Strict and Broadway. Neff York Citv, enclosing oat- Postape Stamp. Jell-di«--8m a". 1 and t^i.-i-tii v . '"•'-' ^ '2.6,(HJ from HUP o tr oni Wli f luh, f>. -'- 'or extra M.. ' .t extra*. . T..lede. >t T";l"V •y 6, i--nt.i. Man >i-, il b a,'I UUl i aak-o, October i7. l^Sti . M J lll.)MA>j L . .1. Miu-rial err(')- A.ljn'iriie.1 :. $ -j«iaj . **"\, jvt ill .>'t-li. . i u., tl " •• **Ukte, ri.-rpt II.c najt- f 1; ?V'..-0-\i;c il , W '. IC n H rfe !•! • .>ti_r, Jmiu«ry 4. liVjnl V r. a , *nu VV earjcs'l »y, >an\. \ 1-1. . • < irt - M «-. I6-ill 3f7~ IJ r i. ]»> , Ui M , Rt t.'i «lt ivtdVc e ltn.1. U. S »atfi nf Railroad Ir N< > TICK. »> Kt Lhe , U ) - to^tj! c, 54n 1^, 1 *v* j . J.THU>U.-*, L" .- M.tfsiu nrrct'j fiiTthcf njj.^^.^ f Frbruary, K.-5, »: 1 L i.'f |. aJ'* Di^e. M tra.ukr.-, ric on trif nUtir.«-d in r- Jied die J."-< i; v tl y if, M^uUity. fehrti p H., an.l 4 f'rh>ck p 'M ' ' , l-Vs a I .'1 n'. I Or I f Mi. (ft i M fn , ^ M i .t •, J\:,ua THitMv* >- 4, l-Vv l» prK-i-pt M H.I Hit. .r A - -'• tir CirCUlt (.' UIM <.,T I -t-d l view Ihe prerc.B.-? p- Isi -la-.e 2Tth. al 10 o'- 1 .r K i. LJ'2<CH^O|M-_C|rri TT C '«rriini.L«'ii Orr-.-n. i il«« Vr, . June 24. IV* t «ii' I- received at r, • •}, . l3.'.9, al 111 i . . I tir 1M(, J» M»h.h»r» - i. K- rrt.y ,.( Jane, l Otlfr, MllT 1(1.1 Cirr.-.u C- j- .. F.-m W"[.,, Ml I U II » •> x IF » i.-C'lNM.N. M i.^aun ..• t'.. u -,t7 J~..-,.!. R Tr,.i ; Domestic Exchange T HE hiphnst raLep paid for all kinde of Gold and 811 vr-r Com and Bullion. Exchaagf canBta-ntly for Bale at the lowest pricta. AJ I in alt t dealing in Specie and Exchange my entire and exclosive bus in ess, l am able LO pive my cunto. merBttc adraotape over current G(,nirefi. List of price* wll\ be furnished fit my office, IV'O. 62 WISCONSIN STREET, Dnder tbe BaptiHttlhurch, nearly opposite the Custom House. roar24-d6iD AMERICAN CORNET BAND! READT TO FURNISH ANT number of Instruments, from one to d twenty -tffo, for Halla, Parties, Parades,^ KxcnrslonB, Ac., Ac., at reasonable ' rates. Apply or addrcaa A rnerlean Cornel Band , HempBted*fi Muulr Store, 178, East Water si. ANGUS SMITH & CO., Storage, Forwarding & Commission MKHCKANTS. Proprietors of the i.Ait<;i: t:rt.VA'rou AVAUEIIOUSE, At the terminus/ of the Milwaukee 4 Mississippi and the Milwaukee, Watertown t Bamboo Valley RaHroads 53^" Liberal advances made on property In store, or for shipment to Eastern Markets. oct28-dtf CALL 1\I> SEE —THE>LATES/T STYLES —OF— —AT— DUTTON/S! aprlS J. J. aCOUTB ........ ....... ................. WALL 3PAPEU J. J. 21 WISCONSIN SXBJEET, mroETiits, waousiu AMD UTAH. DUUKS a Paper Hangings, Window Shades, &c. Competent workmen eeot to all parti of tbe CHy and Country for Decorating and Paper Hanging In all its tranches, all work warr»rj%eu. febSS OKEAT _ EXCITEJMBWT ! Tbe best assortment of the an est \Vatcbctt. Silver W»re, Jewelry and FANCY. GOODS £rer brought to ftUlmakee. Jnst the thing-for Holl dfcrprewnU. Just received very chctj> for awb. • , MATKON^k LOOMffi. ' d«16 SGlJBwt WaUr street, HUwmkee, Wit. SMOKED HAJULIBUT. E Smoked flWUbnt»t hiiirotd Jr. Chicago hi ihat pomt Ior:i,r- G 'trade n.»<l Agrlru I lura I. PfBCElbE OF \MEElti> Co/L b\ THS. FjtlSi H (tO T EE5- MKK7 —Owing to the fR--t ihat the Kuphut) poveTmi-nt ha» declared the shtpruetit of cr-a: u Franc* or Austria to he contraband of war, the French poverniiicnt hai bc*-n compellrd tr- peek supplies in th'. Tolled States and the N. T. H*riiid underbtands that n contract h*s been made wflh jiartles in Prance, In connection with a lea !iu^- French houct ID New York, to supply Dial p..v- ernmerit with SJOO.WK.' t«nc of American coal, for the n«e of stearc Te«sel8-of-war. The parcha.«»p will include both anthracite and bituminous coal, to 1>» d«- llv.redat Marseilles ar-d other French poita 8onie resales have already been chartered by prlrate parties, filled with coal and cleared for Marseilles. The coal to be supplied under th* contract referred to will chiefly, if not altnpether, U r,,nveyrd out in American ! veieels chartered for thn purpose. ' ZrrBKsifiK orTa^DR.—A movement ba« Juit been inniatfd ID New York and otht-r cities, hy tra<l-nf r<>m- m* Interesu, for the erieniinn of our trade nn tie ' Black, and Mediterranean Sean. ! iAKDlNKR, Ooo.j.t' r l.( )S'l'. * \A and six project nr *:r^ Awarded br learlnf it n\ iNf rv wln<1'.w f Ih* Poit-Office, or with 1. M Wai.r -t , Jur.f 1'i, ls.',p ,.-4 ]»t N< )TICJE. jCtuij arid , r".n, | In the District C"iirt ••' L>it r ' '. Cnlled States, forth* D-otrlct Schr Charley H'.hhard, f r.f \Ylfcnnstn. her hoats. tacklt.appar j In Admiralty el and furniture J Smith A Salorooi., Procti.r* B Y v;nue ^ a Mor:'-'.u ,g«u<-d oat of thr saiJ C< urt at the inctanc*- »f th«- said Llbcllants, for the cum (.f three hundred an.) iwrnty-threc dol.aru ai,d f-irty- ihrf-e rci't', clalmrrj hr thr-r for supplies, I hm ^ at- lacked lh«- said schooner, her boats, Ac , at Milwaukee Nuttr-e in therefijtf-e h^Tf-hj (firea to all persons claitn- inp Kir said f- T. Chiilrt H'l>t*ard, her boau, tarklr, appar-i and furnUure, or.knowing or harinp any thing to Jiiy.why if f r.hiu<- uhuuld not l>e condemned and unld pur-uani t< th.• prayer uf fRid Libel, that tlu-j W nnd appear ttof.i-r ",c na«l Cr-uM tn t>e held In MM! f .r thf sai'l I)i«trii • f Wisconsin, at Milwaukee, f-n tl t r twenty .f-pt.t ... nf June. 1VV, at Eleven f.Vio.-k in the forenoon < ' On- said day, If the same shall be a day nf jur:»i '^tion, oth«rWiBe on the next dat nf jurln- Jur.r- 1 .". 1-0^, at S i/H.-rk f n ai the r-«;.-cti , tj" j.&r^-s r-ji-niiruie.l abort. 5J*rsh*r» t^tlice, Milwaukee, April 15, l-wi3 j a[.-ifi-.t!a«U M J TllnMAS, V .- Mal-vha.1 5^f~ Tl.t- aUT'Ve sale is brrei-j further a-lji-ufnfd l« ffednes lay. the 1 4ch day of J ny. Is5^, al 11 &'<SO''k *. K , ul t',e U. A Marsh\l'i < Ml).;-, Mil» aukre, -r<V* ,-t Uit- si,, i .j] R»)lrc>k.J .r-. tl me-i: .,,;,,-,! , : , »,-r («" H , 9 tin. :. tvrr- adjourned r* «(.rCli r ti V t.. *V r.Ji !«••)«:<). jjttiy !•*, 1 V>-, «i ~i o'clock r. M., an.l Friday, July Id, fST>", • I E o'ck-ck r. M , at u.r re^|"-. t. v c pi aver. nirdl>cfl f •,' Mar*h-*r* t tjfce, Milwaukee, June 1-5, 1 vVs jeI6-Uwtl M J.THuMAti, L h. MarthW- p»y Thr ahdte -air is hereby furtfier a<ljouflitdl tu Wedn*-j»tiaj, the 111.', day • ( Au*ru*t, is^^, M li o''~id' k A. M , ai the UnUe.1 l-tau-i M^r^iiAi's Offli-.-, vi,,vAt^(rr eicept the sales • f raiiruHii iron m- 1,1. -u.--\ -. -,'J-i-Ou •K., which are hd^irurne-l reep-rt \ r y ;•. ,i .- , r\> -j)a v , Autrudl 11, !%%(?, ul t o'rii.rk t M . an-I Kr ,Uj t JKuj-Q-l U'-DtMl atKiVr. * Mar ihs.l'f- iJtLc--. Mi! I N Mr inn! «»ri :. : llo *. : «n in.- sain M Cla F Ti'nt. i u sll^ Kir K-> -TATk OF WlilXIN.-lN Cir uii C-.un. MJWHUK-- C j^i . v i ^ n.... ii» i ) . i he IT ill '•? ete-n an I . W K I ; ., diction O,. and In make thr MarfhaO O(i -n Rtul there to interpos cpationi in that Behalf. iwauket- , June 2-*, 1869. M. J. THOMAS. Man-nil CITT COMPTROLLBB'-I Ornct, ( i '.r.tract Department, June 24, 1K#. | rilHK Common Connc.l hy resolution adopted Jun, J. 20. I8ft9, having approred of the recommendation of Lhe Street CotumisKmucrs of tue »th Ward, ii IH n r dered That Teu:oQla street from »ouLh line of sec. 15, Utn T, ranpe 2i ea*t, to tbe north line of uld section l&\h 9th Ward, be graveled and the sidewalks curbed an. planked. Owners of properly on said street are hereby noUflei to make ihe above improvements within twenty-two days from da'e, or the Street C .mmlsalon' n nf th»- 9 ( j Ward, will cau?e the same to he dona and charged to the respective lots, according lo law. j*-24-dfli K. L'U.. (iaK-DLNKR, OompUoUci-. GINSENG '5 IOWA. — During the laM BODI were proBpectlnp Tor ginseng in slu- Ohickaaaw, Iowa. Ttielr nearch many of them making from |3 to $S the root. DEPBEDITORE o» THE CORH.— The pipc< and the rat* in Illinois arc d, etroyinp a corn. eek Bt-vern! per- the woodt oppo- wan Bticceanful, per day digging in Iowa, .od deal of We were shown a sample of new wheat, on 'Change this Qjornlng, frown on the farm of Mr. Henry Amet, In Illinois, a ttion distance from thl« c-ty. It )• of the red chaff variety, and the berry li veiy plump There are five hundred acres of thij beantlful wheat, which, It Is thought will turn oul thirty buihel* To the acre.— tl. Lvuit Jfnn, Slut WBEAT HAfivr&T.—Waeat harrest ha§ commenced In tbe Great Miami Valley. A field has been cut near Mlddletown. Ohio, which Is estimated to yield f 0 bill to the acre. Wheat harvest has also comm-nccd In Southern Indiana, and the crop l« reported ai glr : ng general satisfaction. N«w WBHT.—Messrs. Webster A Barter exhibited on 'Change to-daj a bunch of new winter • heat, of the Turlety known as "Bin Steam," taken from the farm of Mr. John DldlaJu, Bloomlngton, McLean County — It will be reaoy for cutting in ten days, and will average about 20 bushels per acre. It was a fine sample. Several samples of the new grain, from various lec- tionj, were exhibited on 'Change to-day, all of which were of excellent quality, ll Is conceded that the quality of the wheat this season rill be ann»ullly good. The first receipts from Kentucky are expected the first week In July.— Chltngo Tribune, 24<*. MARINE RECORD. 1859. Fort ot ITltUvaukce Jnne 24. ARRIVED. Jun 23t>. Btmr Traveler, Bweeney, Chicago, 8S7 ken lead, 82 bis oranges end lam, 19* bis lead, 245 pkg* sundries fiehr V/. 3. Whaling, Vance, Buffalo, 000 bbls .all, 167 m lumber, 81 m aqtagles, «,405 plcketg. fichr Henry Norton, C.rberry, Plercenlle, 80 cordi wood. Bohr Emma, Leigh, Maniatee, Mm lorn, 86m square - - ' - - • . Schr Toledo, Sareland, Uuikegon, M m'lum. Bchr O Mbbla nlghwlnei. on, Whltelake, 85 m Sa, Nelson, Manlstee, K) m .lumbW, 65 m snuigles* •-;"-. j..i •••'•• v • - .• ' - PropOnton«gon,Wilklnji, Colling wood. ','!... ,e. ten-City orOUretoia, Bonier, Brand Haven. BchrO. D, HonU, OanroiL , 0»«rego, 3,100 bblitalt,9 "' ' " ; - " ••---•'; ••- MII,WAUKKK BAZAAK. C, DELORME&OUENTIN 169 Eajti Watrr Street, NKXT DOOR TO MESSR* BEADFORD BSO'8, IKrOBTZKB in- DULKKE f* fancy Goods, Toys, Willow Wire and-Taakee Notion Also, Embroidery 0-oods and Zephyr Worsted mySO .^* - . _ NOTICE. T HE A«>eicrnent Llit for t .'several Wardu, of thi the City of Milwaukee, o il br open for the exam] nation of the taxable Inhabit^ nta thereof, at the Com Dion Cuuncll Room, al 9 o'clo k A. M., on the following day for the several Wards, re-^ectlvcly Ui wit : For the Flmt Ward, on the fifth day of July next. For the Second Ward, on t'. sixth day of July next Kor the Third **"ard, on the -eventh day of July next For the Fourth Ward, on U,. r (fhth day of July next For the Fifth Ward, ofl the n'nih day of July next. For the Blxlh Ward, on the t leveolh day of July next For tbe Seventh Ward, c n the twelftb day of Jnly Dext. . fir thr Eighth Ward, 6n the thirteenth day of July nex . For Ihe Mntb Ward, on he fourteenth day of July next And the City and Ward Assessors will make such ne- oetsary addition to Bach llsti and correct the same, by changes in valuation or description. Je22-dlOl i.SO. COGSWf.LI., City Assessor, Oily of Milwaukee. NOTJCh:. CITT COUPTROLLCB*B OrncK, [ Contract Department, M II, June II, 1859. f T HE Common Council, by resolution adopted Jane 18ih, 18&9, approTlng of the recommendation of the Street Commissioner* of the Eighth War', It I* ordered. , That the following describ d lots, part* of lot*, and parcel* of land In the Ughth Ward of the City of Mil- wauker, bo declared public nuisanaes.aiod filled In accordance with the estimate of the City Engineer, on file ID Che Oomptro )er'» office, viz : - • Lot 11, block 88; lot 8, block 87; lota 10 and 12, block 81; lot 8, block 88; lot «, block 46; Ion 2,4, 8 and 10 block K; lota 2, «, 6.8,10.19 and M, block M; lotll' block 13; lot* 2 and «, block 2; piece of land between lot* 8 and 10 or 9, block 113, lot* 8, 7, 6,6, 4, 3, 2. and li block 118; lots 6.'7, 8 and 9, block 1M; lot. 6,8,1 and 8, block 121, include X street*; lot* "I, B.», 10,11 and 12, block 110; lot* 9, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12, block 41- hl'.'Ai'K 6 ,'!^ 0 ™* l?'^ 0 ^.,! 8 ' El!? 8 . 0 ^"" 1 '^K ,n« ,-,... of »onth ^.. 100 feet or triangle piece uf land. In the northeast corner of the north-wist X of aectlon 6, Eighth Ward. - - v ' : . ^ jOrnera of above described property mre hereby notified to abate the nuisance* OD the tame within thirty day* from date, or the. S reel Commissioners of the Eighth Ward will oaose the Burnt; ti be done, aod charred to the re»pective lot*, par** uf lot* aod parcels ot land,* tocordlng to law. | . ..-., 3ell-d6t E. L'q. G ARWNSK, Comptroller- yj»» Parlor an"d r Bedro»m adjolnlog for a genii and wife, and jereral room* for single gentlemen, can be hsd. toi ' KiM, by »pplylng at : 8» Jearetton It. boarder* can al»o be accommodated. jelf" w»u»^.. Julj ]J, laio. Jjl^ il J. THOJtlAK, L .« Uarthsj). f^ff Tt t &l..) vr sal. i.. l.rrrl'j fuiL.'.rr ailj^ ufCnd to \* ii. l.rsdaj , Uit lith la* ..I rlrf''.f-n.l.»r, lli&i, J^t 11 o'r A u., AI ll^- I . ^ s|ar>>!iai'K iJUjr^, Muwau^c^, c-Vcrpl Uie 11,1^1. • r llallr<.iL.I iron ir,*-i t.. tir.l in scbedul? U.,«F.icti arc adjoornfil resist.lively (• Wetia^^'y, rirpuini-er l.'i.>, al -1 <, 1 clo,-» PH., »nd Pr,.UJ, 8«j>- U-nit'er 11. 1 V>!1, ai ri n't-l-'Ck r K , at the rri»iMT$ive piftoe.-* n.tnl.ulu-c ati-.vt;. : Mjirbhal's ut&c. . M IWKU*,-.-, Aai:ml 11, 1*:>H. augK-lav.l Jl J. THuMAC, I . ." fif~ Tlif above *»lf ii lirrenj furUier ailjouthrd to \Ve»IIie*OHJ, lUc '/Vtfi ilny «if Srptemlter, 1-vV-s, at 11 o'clock A. H., at the U. r 1 . Marshal's Ottirv, Muwsukcr. excrpl the Rjil«j ol Itailr-a,! lr-»n ro--ntiut,r(l in •"cbeilulr H., ahlcti are aj|ji>urnetl rt-aperl.. veiy lit iVearitsitay, fteplernber -Jil, latn, al ^ u'clors y M., an.l r nday , Of to l>er 1.1S&5, at 4 o'rlt'Ck P. «., Ml the resppctlVr plices roenuone*! a bo re. MarMhal'* Office, Milvaukte, ?H f-t 15, 1S^. ecptl6-la»tl M J. TtiiiilAb, U. S Manhaj. t3ff~ Tfie al..)ve sale i» hereby furtner ntlj.>urbe4 to Moli lay, Uie Rixt'i [la^ ol December, th^S, at 11 o'clock A. M-, ai ihr I'. £ Marshal's odice,, except tLe Balrti ol Kallroad iron mentioned iu BCheditre^if., wlikl. are adjoamed resp«ctl\i;ly to MoDd&y, ITecdrrj- b«r 6, 15&», at j o'clock p. H , aud Wednesday, Di-otrfl- ber 8, 1KC*S, at B o'clock p H., al the respective plsjcrs meDtmne'l above. . : Jlarslial'i oOict,'Sil«aute*, Sept. 29, 1SSS. ' ».-ii'.K)-.,un6« M. J . 1 HUMAH, U. B. Manha). ^3ff TheabO'? sale la liereily farther adjou/aci^ tn Weauoday, tut 12th day of January, IH59, at 11 .v'ric.ct a. M., at the U.K Marshal's Omce, Milwaukeu, sidbpl ' Ihe Bales uf Railroad Iron mexAloDed In the scheddle^U., ; vtil«.h are adjourned respectively tu WedDeaday,tJa^iO- .ry 1*2, Ia6il, at £ o'clock p. H M and Friday, Jaimfcry 1 14, 16fj9, at 3 o'clock p. M., at the respective ptacesim;bt>- looed above. ; ; Marshal's OQoe, Milwaukee, Dec. 6, ISoS. : j decT-oavtt M. J. THOMAS, U. 8. Marshal. &T Tne above sale 1s hereby farther adjuarqed to Monday, the 14lh day of February 1S59, at 11 ofclook. A. M. t al the D.£- Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except the sales of UaQroad Irou mentioned In the schBdiile B., which are adjourned respectively to Monday, refiru ary 14, 1WJ. at'J o'clock P. M., and Wednesday, February 16, ISW, at 8 o'clock r. M., at tbe resptctlfe places mentioned above. . • Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Jan. 12, 1S19. . : janlS-oawtt M. J. THOMAS, U. a. Marshal f&~ The above sale In hereby further adjourned' to Thursdaj, the 24th day nf February, Ibl'J, at Io u'cldcb A v., at the U d. Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, except the hales of Railroad trun mentioned In schedule ll., which are adjourned respectively to Thursday, F^bfu- arj 24th, ISS9, at 2 o'clock r. M., and Saturday, fthro- ary 2uih, 185u, at 3 o'c nek r. M., at the respecijre places mentlone<J above. ' • Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Feb. 12,1S5». i > feblg-oawtt ' M.J. THOMAS D. 8. MarsSali tf Tbe above sale Is hereby further adjourned/to Wednesday, the £Sd day of March, 1S69, at Iu o'clock In the forenoon, at th< 0. 8. Marshal's office, Milwaukee, except the tale* of Railroad Iron mentioned ilB schedule U., which are adjourned respectively to tv«d- nesday, March 23,1S59, at 2 o'clock P. v., and F rid air, March 26, 1859, at 8 o'clock p. M., at the respectjre places mentioned above. ! Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, Feb. 84,1S59. i febU-lawtt , M. J. THOMAS, U. 8. Uanljali *^^" The abovt sale It hereby farther adjoarnitd^tp Saturday, the 2d day of April, 1889, at 10 o'clock A. •., at the United Stales Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, ei- cept the sales ot ballroad Iron mentioned In sche/ B., whleli are adjourned respectively to Saturday, i 2, lt£>«, al 2 o'clock r. M., and Monday, April 4,1859, 8 o'clock p. M ,. at the respective places mentibntJd •bore. ' i •' : Marshal's Offlte, Milwaukee, March 23,1859. ; > : mar24-lawtt f: M. J. T1IOHA8, TJ. 8. atarshaKt: ty The abotd sale 1* hereby farther adjonrned to Saturday, the 7th idar of May, 18J9, at It] o'clock i. li., at the United Stales Marshal's Office. Milwaukee; ejc- cept the tales oljaallroad Iron mentioned In ich^drAb B., which are adjourned respectively to Saturday,Way 7,18£)»,atS o'clock p. k^ and Monday, May 9,18!», 8 o'clock r. «., at the respective places mentioned above. : ; 1 ' f'.'H. Alt' (Jin«i 1 -Uu I o .1 '; ,-TATK ilj, if 1 "f a'i i j..ur*ua..t jurt .n the »b»v- K)d. 1 ihali -1 i, lay, th. nnur ..lip i : M : anil * r. i l 11 r il .1 > . C.:., • \1 .»>.., — . .. tl li ) l> f July, S .« 1 N , r t C'-unt v j .ra H Hn,rr,t, H-nry Irri •I., w, William : BanK, (ireenli { > virtu- .-if an.I puni •aid Court, in Uie »b fuant lo « ju.lgni f,l »rt.,>n. iai W, IN^. I "hall ^ipoa^ fnr pia.r nn.l »rli »t Pm,,i,- tion, al ihe Court House, in the Guy .,1 Miivaoke •iittnrilH). ibe 9th tliiv ol July, lv- the hour .,f 2 p H., cf lLat liy, l.he fo^.i-am^ |^*,-r tcortpapeij premises or so ruurh thereof aa ma lumcieui lo ratue the amount of ,a;,l ju.ljrmei.t, n e»t ar.'l co?M, tnireth^r Wilh ei penle^ of ?aie. lo *.i **A1I that reruiin Iran, piece or parcel of ( >u,.l known and n>*cribe*l a.4 follows, to wu 0>ty lot .No. two t i), m r.l.K-li .No flrty TV*I££I, <Valken Point, Fifth Ward, Oily of llil»»,,ii,e, C .unty of Milwaukee, Stale of Wmcuiis.n Dated Milwaukee, April 4, Mi I OK IVl! •i M, .> J, 'lit'-, l.'i ' N: -1 \ ik-^ l . .,1 ,- !•• « f 3 t K I PTTTs fjRIDLST, ( *.tt'ji t T i tH RT. e Ooanty HEK1IAN L. l-ate ,-h'ff Mil. C , Wu. P«l,Ti-.lln, j ap* nit VSumtnona f; r uu August Pfedln | tra. l iCom Stat« of Wi»consin, to August Fredtn : Y OU are hereby summoned and requ.rrd to a'.si the complaint In this act,on, which was Bled 'n office of the Clerk of the Clrru t Court, County of klil- wsafcec, on the twenty-fifth day of January, H and to serve a copy of your aniwer to the «ald <-« plaint, on the luhscrlbem, at their office, Nos 6 and "i Albany l:uli,llng, Milwaukee, wUhln twenty J> after the service of this nummona nn you eicln»1ve of t' e day of *nch service; and If you fall to answer the said cnmpla nt wtlMn t^ie time aforesaid, the plalntltT T o '! action will lake judgment ajalnit you for the • tni uvo hurdred dollars, with interest from the • v.h day or July, nne thousand eight hu dre<l and fifty-elsht, bcsldrB the c 's' s of this action Wun«u the Hon At.'RTHUU Mo RTHCR Jad?e of laid C^urt, at \< Lwiukee, tl 2V). day of January, iu the one ih' e'ght hnndred and flfty nir.e. FINCUE3, LYNDV * MILLER, 5 lawuw Plaintiff's A lorotys MUllliffN SA.L.K. (MOV STATE OF WIHCON8IN, I Circuit Court, lfllwaakr« County ) Marshal's Office, Mllwaakee, April 2,1S59. aprS-lawtt ], M,J.THOkAB,ff.S.; CF~ The above; sale 1* hereby farther adjoarnerl to Monday, the 6Uj' day of Jnne. 1859, at 10 o'clock jj. >!„ at the Dulled States Marshal's Office, Milwaukee, ex. :ept the Hie* ofigajlroati Iron mentioned tn BChala|s 9., which are adjfturned respectively to Monday, Jnie 1,1869, at 2 o'clock p B., .and Wednesday, JuneB, £&», atSo'olookij. «., at the rupectlve places rhett-- tloned abore. \: T ! i . M«r*hsl'» Officij Milwaukee, Maj-T, 1859. . | || ' 1'- i ~ . mayS-lawtt j :. ..M.J. THOMAS, D.8. '^T The abov£aale Is hereby further (djonrntd |i» Saturday, tbe l«h day of July, 18A9, at 10 o'clook ju «„ at the Cnlted) iutes Marshal's Office, Mllwaukee> except the sales of Railroad Iron me: tloned In schedule *i »Wch are a-ijonrned respectively to Saturday, July M»». at2 o'«totk> iii, and Tne«iay, July 19, H « at S o'clock _p. K , at thj TWpectlve pliicti mentlonid above, •;:'!.:. ,.-'..-'.- •- i li In the sale of tlie franchliea and other corporate bii' perty,theperten'»hoihiai saUsfy theeiecution.triUj all legal fee« and fflrptniet thereon, and shall agree fo take tuoh franoblsi ror tbe shortest period ol tlme,'»n4 to teotire'durtngtluit tltn» »U loch toll aa «aldcorp6ri* Qsorje W. Peckhsm, ag\lnst Uathlas etor.e, Marrln Btonr, aud Nathaniel Torapklci. Executiao. B Y rtrtue of an execution asucd from said Co«rt, t* me directed and Jcllrertd, agaltst the foods, chattels aod real estate of the »bore named defendants I have seized an l levied .n •* l,ci fourteen [14], block sllty-one; lots four [4], five [61, and six [6], block eighty-nine, la the Fifth Ward of the City of Milwaukee, County of Milwaukee, and Bute of Wisconsin, aod all the right, title and tnterut which tfi.- itld defendants, or either of them, had In and to I said premlata on tbe 24tb day of October, I8ST, •• or hare ilace acquired thereto." Which said properly, as aforesaid, I shall expos* for lals, and sell at publlo auction, at the Court House In th« City of Milwaukee, on BATUttDAY, THE SCrra DAY Or JPiY, 1S65, at the hour of 9 r •. of that day, to satisfy said exeiutlon and cosU. Dated Bherlff's office, Milwaukee, Norember 1,1SSS. IttOKra, LT«D» A UIILM, i HERMAN L. PAGE, Plaintiff's Attorneys. ( Sheriff Mil. Co., Wls. Jel7-<w-oawnrst8w-!awlut8w ^ SHERIFFS SALE. [News BTA.TE OF WISCONSIN, I Oircnlt Court, Mllwaakee County, f Lewis Ulike, ) 1 : atrtlnst > Judgment Foreclosure. William W. Keith. ) ' I K'vIrtue of and pursuant to a judgment rendered In laid Court, in the above entitled action, dated February 21,1859,1 shall expoie for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post-Uffice, In the City of Milwaukee, on Satnrdar, tbe 8th day of July, 1859, at the hour of 2 r. x., of that day, the following described mortgaged, preraiaej, or 10 much thereof as may be necessary tn. rV«« the amount, of >>ld judgment, iatefesS and cosu, together with CJT. pensei of sale, to Tit t - ' ;f the equa 1 undivided one-hair of lot So. one. In ,i block Mo nln- ty-Ove, and the eqa»t ondlvld*d .'me-half of lot six, In block. No. one hnndred and eleven, all ta ih» Fifth Ward, of tee Ci^yot . -IMilwaukee, In the State of Wisconsin. Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, AprUS, 1569,5 A. , (h« .n Ihe 1..^ . . ,, Kfe. hem,! ou rt »i»-r'» fuint city, lu Uie County .il ilihr iu Uated dheritf's dlBoe, Slilw^ok, 'isi:Hia, Lisus i MIUJIH, i .\ J Plaintiff's Attorneys. \ i aprl-.lmlin^w J J* > Of Jul). A pril 1 AMiw ?r'fl \I t 8TATK Of WISCONSIN. i Circuit C..urt, Milwiukf,- County \ DavM SI >li8c«r. Asmau^r. t A <aiii.4t J imes ^lieritT, Christian riherltl. n.* » •*. '..u'.ai.r, TorrptiQS, Charles Kimor, John .-t.^nif. \ o . ,tn . iron i.'oni(.any, Jamej .-Jniilh, r'lr.Jun .--im. u Vl.»in^w Ban, Conra.1 J..|m J 'yi!ii.jy, tt ,11 mi. Cm!.IK ^»mes W. Ueubrry. I S pursuance an.l by v rtui- ol i ,ail^,in;nt rvn.itfr-.i In this action, and enter? I in the olli t «e of iie '" VrH ,,f thljt Court on the 1'Jtn ilay of Aprl I-C9. 1 *\- posc fur laid And tell at public aucl:»n »l the i'o^t in- flre. In htr city of Milwaukee, on SMIurfllly ll*«- .'.)cl (lily 0« July neit, at the h..ur -r i i ,•!,,.. p ui. of thai pay, the following lesmbeii^:iar.| premises, or so much thereof oJ maj be 31 e* «:»:iry to raise Lhe amount of ssi.l ludgmen:. tnter*iic tna -nat^. together tfiih tlie expenses of th-a fait-, tn wil '•All that certain pltrce. or parcel 01 land kno*rti a.n<l iteai^nated as City lot uninber Dine ( 1 J\ n blo*;k number fourteen (14), Walk r'a Fifth WarJ, city of Milwaukee, county of Milwaukee an i State of Wisc^na.n. Dated SaerllT's Olfice, Milwaukee, April ^litti. I-^u'J. EUIOBX, Bu«k3 i OuulIT, i A J. LA.NO1VOHTHV, Att'ys for PI'us. ( ["h'tr Mil i:.> . W,, »priO-3m-lawlu2w oil F H I I t • 87TJ SHERIFF'S S.iLf. STATE O? WISCONSIN, ( Circuit Court, Milwaukee Co. i Andrew Mitchell, again&t John Cooper and Marlon Cooler. I N virtue of and pursuant to a judirmcnt rendered In the above entitled action, dated April w, Isna, I shall expose for salo and sell at Public. Auctiorr, .it the Poat-Oflice, In the City of Milwaukee, OTI Saturday, the 2Oth day ol Autru«t. 1359, at the hour of 4 t. »., of that day, the following described mortgaged premises, or so much thereof us maybe necessary to raise the amount of said judgment. Interest and cc 119, together with expense of sale, the following, to wit ? "All that piece or pireel of land iltuate In the County of Milwaukee and Stale of Wisconsin, known and described as the west half of the north, west quarter of section ^19], town <HX fBJ,tiange.twenty-aae [21], containing olneiy- two sera, according to the United States tur- vey, excepting one half acre leased &y John and Marlon Cooper or one of them to .-'chool District No.lixfej, In th- Town oj'Oraenrlt'id. ' Mllwauk>«Go«aty.', DatedSherUT* Office,Mlfejutee, Slay 14, ISfil) TJrHAM A UXAB.1 A. J. J:in,-, !<:«. I n-ini»T M.VI. ino*n - jrit v "'t Un- i IM|> iln lir Thi-.I Mil wiulce Clri-utt ill I- It IK»~'> O? ^ , Mil,i ii..Uiij^n ra».»16-8m-lin2w Sh'IT. Mil. Co , ' , Crw OdutTnoujia'3 Orno*, i Contract Departftent, Mllwauree, June «3,1S8». f T BE followtajt deacrtbeii lot In the Seventh Ward, of the .City, of .Milwaukee, will be bencauedt ta tie •monct set opposlti U by Oiling It with s sufficient amount of eanb to abalejh* noltanc* thereoa WM. A. NOIKS, '' i "'- VICtOB 8CHUTTE, ' ' BlrMt Comrainioaerx. Lol 8, btock If, Oeutflt 1806 56. jeSS-dSJ K. VH-eABBE»IK > Co«iu4roU«. Ji'dt-ph Vinliui. ) )i I N value .if and pur-*u,tnt •" -» jn«uin. i. .l.-r-.l s\i ' t-ourt, in 'ne ibiiv- -ni.i ^-il i> u. n l.dr.i .1 I lay .if June, 1-.19. i .hull »«;MIW [,,r -m. <n.l •-!! Public Auction. »t the I' ••f'-Otln-i-. MI " .• ' 'iv '; M wiukce, on snfnrduv, lb«. lOili <iuv < SO plem nv r> 1 -*y ll il'e tmu- > J K 4 M :h day. the li.llowlr.ij (lefrnlietl mort^-ii,'i.:| ,ir^in""-- ir irp.u'h ifierenf *.s mny he nece«^:vr-, '.i • t » 'tt^tinou "f »alil judirment. interevt in.! -i>»i.*, l..Aether vlth -.1 eTpen^es or .4),', to wit "Ail that piece or t ;trrel nf mci,i iituate In the (' ,un*v of M "• ••!':.- • .1- I .St*ie of WisconBlb, tnuwo ind l |e e rribeil 19 'he north lialf of lot eleven plj, m b o.-k one- hundred *nd ninety- eli;h4 [1U.S|, in Etogcr'a Addlclon, in the First »ard, ol the tny "f Milwaukee. • Paled SherlfT'i Ortlce. Milwaukee. June '.'. 18fi». UpuiM i (iBiJiM, i \. I. LA.N(J« OKTHT, Pl'fTs Att'yi. ) !>h'lf. Mil. Co., Wt«. M ASS'S PATSST PAJ!CHSEST LKTTSK COPYIHO Book. a rood i je!2 luw prices, far nale TEBilY * OLSAVSit, 13T East Water itrtet.

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