Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on March 5, 1936 · Page 4
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 4

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 5, 1936
Page 4
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^-t, OJETY) spent in rags for At the close of the Birldge game, MM; Roy Long held high club score. Guests of the hos- Dlxon, tess were Mrs. Claude Mrs. Mark Sluss, Mrs. J. B. Meeting of The afternoon was G. C. W. Club tearing and sewing Mrs. Kate Miller was hostess rugs to the G. C. W. club Thursday, Guests of the afternoon were| hostess February 27. A pot-luck din- Mrs. Ida Beadel and Mrs. Berner was enjoyed at noon and the tn a Cless. Refreshme afternoon was spent piecing served by the hostesses, blocks. During the busi- Wood, Mrs. Francis Folcey, Mrs. Paul Davis, Mrs. Warren Gaer and Mrs. Fred Cronkite. Refreshments were served by the Qlllib hSAvsi^i\*2. i_»u.i nig line wuoi— i ness meeting the annual report n - S. Club of the secretary-treasurer was Meeting given. The election of officers Mrs. Rollie Bender entertain- for the coming year was as fol- ed the members of the H. S. lows: President, Lila Wood; Club Friday evening, February vice president, Kate Miller; sec- 28. Ten members were present, retary - treasurer, Edith Miller; and responded to roll call with assistant secretary, Anna Casey; one ° f Aunt Het's sayings. Visitors present were Inez Invited guests of the hostess Miller and Pauline Beck. The were Mrs - Horace Fleming, Miss next meeting will be with Mrs. Fanny Wilson and Miss Norma T *.1*. Ti>.ni.t. Aui. __ mi—.. i »^ «r I RlTeVi TTV^T* •frll.a r\v*r^rrv*n *v> "RjT»»n For the Homemaker Ideas, Suggestions, News for Women Readers not grease the sides of the pan. I Mabel, Claude and The oiled paper prevents the Smith. Refreshments ~- r -j cake from sticking to the bot- corn balls and candy were ser torn, and buttering it on the ved. side next to the batter causes There are a number of chang- it to peel easily from the cake. es being made in this neighbor- The cake rises better if the bat- hood . Gus Larson is movmg ter clings to the sides of the back on his own farm, Glenn pan, therefore they are not Barnhill is moving on the Lee greased. smith place, Carl Herbst to the There is no definite dividing Harry Gray place, Herman Wur- THURSDAY, Lulu Brotherton, Thursday P M, March 12. Legion Auxiliary For the program, Mrs. j Francis Folcey read an article, Is There a Scarcity of Good Husbands?" Three tables of bridge were The American Legion Auxil- play f^' Mrs ' Holace Fleming . _ I T*£l/tiailH »"\ (V -fV* f% rmf\e*4- <n*«lnn n ** i3 me American region AUXU- r " 7 " lary. met at the home of Mrs. " Ce v ng , the — • - • — - i Mrs. Mark Sluss club score. The next meeting, March prize Clark Barteau Thursday even-'™"- MarK Sluss received ing, Feb. 27, with ten members and one guest present. After the business meeting, a short patriotic program was given, consisting of singing "America" and the reading of the Consti-i,, .. , _- .. tution of the United States. \ Congregation*! Meehng and the 13, will be at the hotel, when the club members will entertain the men. Red Devil's Food Cake "How can I make a red devil's food cake?" When this question is asked of Belle Lowe, associate professor of foods and nutrition at Iowa State College, she counters with "Why should you want a red cake?" An excess of soda is the chief factor in producing the red color of the cake, Miss Lowe said in a recent radio talk. And this excess of soda, she thinks, influences the flavor of the cake detrimentally. For those who do not object to the change in flavor produced by the large line between a chocolate and al s ter on the Wm.' Wurster place devil's food cake, Miss Lowe Mr. Meadows on the Herman says. The batter for the latter Wurster farm, and Jim Tindall type of cake is usually thinner, O n the Thompson place, and the and soda is nearly always used. Lee Smith family to Lenox. Most chocolate cakes are rich-) Lee Smith er since they have a higher pro-L^"'" * fv,. , f DOl-tlon nf fat. ami «,£„,. £„„ last Fnday to €nter the hospital. Virginia, pecially asked to be In the ser- of pop vices at this time of the year. The hour will be 8 o'clock. More detailed information will appear later. Pray for these meetings The last Sabbath evening of this month will be Young People's Night. The young people of the church will conduct the entire service. We will want to hear what our young people have to say about the things of Christ. The Y. P. C. U. will be led this Sabbath evening by Joan Clipson. Time: 6:30. THE PREACHER SAYS: The portion of fat and sugar than devil's food. Stringtown Mrs. Will McCloud spent a few days last week with friends in Corning. Alfred Buxton and daughter) Claudine were Creston visitors last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schaffer and family moved to Creston Bert Hinshaw and Herman Wurster were Bedford visitors last Thursday. Herman Wurster was a Shenandoah visitor Saturday. The remainder o'f the evening the was was spent in sewing for Veterans' hospital. Lunch .served at a late hour. Celebrated Golden Wedding (At U. P. Church The congregation of the U. P. church met Saturday to give a farewell to Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Jwyant and Mrs. Gilbert Douglas. About sixty were present for the dinner at the noon hour. TI/T,. ^ HT TH- j T, , During the afternoon the Aul,SL£? JS; ^±* e ^H°™ Mclntyre Missionary Society | held their February meeting and also gave a miscellaneous shower for Mrs. Glenndon Walter, formerly Miss Juanita Wyant. Meeting- of G. V. C.. Mrs. K. U. Parker was hostess to the meeting of the G. V. C. ladies at her home Tuesday evening, February 25. Roll call was answered with a print and a biography of the artist. For the program Mrs. Ben Wurster read one of Rudyard Kipling's poems. Mrs. Roland Walter presented an article on England. celebrated their Golden Wedding anniversary with a 7 'o'clock dinner Tuesday evening. The color scheme of gold and white was carried out in the decorations and food. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Bennison and family, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Currie and family of Corning, Miss Ruth Lown and Miss Berta Bennison. Meeting of the , BL E. Social Union The Social Union of the M. E. church met at the home of Mrs! J. W. Walter Friday afternoon, February 28; Assisting hostesses were Mrs.' W. H. Madden and Mr*. Cowan. amount of soda, Miss Lowa suggests this recipe. 2 squares chocolate cut in small pieces 3-4 to 1 tsp. soda 1-2 c. boiling water Put the chocolate into a sauce pan or bowl. Add boiling water and soda and stir until chocolate is melted and mixture begins to thicken. The chocolate should melt without having to heat it if it is cut fine. Let cool while rest of ingredients are prepared. (A full teaspoon of soda gives a redder cake, but also influences the flavor more.) Mix the following by your usual cake method. 1-4 c. fat 1 c. sugar 2 eggs 1 1-2 c. flour 1-2 c. thick sour milk 11-2 tsp. baking powder last week. Roy Schaffer and family moved to the farm. Mrs. Henry Moeller and son Thursday, had some where dental tsp. vanilla Add chocolate mixture last and bake' at 375 degrees F. until cake begins to shrink from the side of the pan. Miss Lowe prefers to line the cake pah with oiled paper which is buttered on the side next to the cake batter, and' she does and brother, Carl Denz, went to Creston last Mrs. Moeller work done. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Brown were Corning visitors one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Chenoweth moved this week to a farm eight miles north of Afton. Mr. and Mrs. Ernie Foster and son and Mr. and Mrs. Harry Thompson were six o'clock dinner guests Sunday evening at the Frankie Miller home. Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Miller and Helen, Mrs. Kate Miller and daughters, Mrs. Bud Spoonamore and Frank Key spent Sunday at the Frank Council Bluffs. Curt's in NOW ON DISPLAY WITH THE METER - MISER rrv' Kt < ,-3-S* NEW PRICES AS LOW AS . — 3S?JS$SSZ^~ Meets ALL FIVE Standards for Refrigerator Buying! 1 LOWER OPERATING COST 2 SAFER FOOD PROTECTION 3 FASTER FREEZING— MORE 1C* 4 MORE USABILITY 5 FIVE-YEAR PROTECTION PLAN $107-00 • The new Frigidaire is unuing in beauty, quality, low price! What's more, it bring* you an utterly new way of chooiing die right refrigerator—on the five ba*ic standard*. Bay no refrigerator unless it meets Ail. jTVB—and prtmttM Come in and let nt'pmn to you bow the new Frigidaire cuts cttrrmt fott to tin bout, Ho*> it . keeps foot? safer and frttxn mon ittfafttr. How the sealed-ia mechanism is protected, for FJro Years against service expense for only Fire , , Dollars included in the purchase price. •. ' ! See also Frigidaire's marvelous new convenience. Up to 42% man usable space in front, easily reached. Full-Width Sliding Shelves, Portable Utility Shelf, Super Freezer, Double-Range Cold Control and scores of other advantages. See—compare—and you'll agree Frigidaire gives most for your money! .todkrtor baittrlcMM* Only Frigidaire dares to give you the Food-Safety Indicator- . _„ , , ,,„„„„, . visible proof that foods are kept at Safety-Zone T( perature, below 30 degree* nod •bovt 32 degree*. ' ,••.;•<!! > ,,-•: Iowa Southern Utilities Co. Prairie Gem The neighbors of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Smith went to their home Tuesday, Feb. 25, with well-filled baskets to spend the day with them, before they move to their new home In Lenox. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hargin, Mr. and Mrs, Ed Baker and Ella Mae, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Leach, Mr. and Mrs. Oeo Ferguson and Georgia Lee, Mr and Mrs. Frank Nelson and Harley, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Owens, Myron and Paul and Clara Knox. Mr. and Mrs. Smith were given a pair of book ends as a remembrance. • The Butterfly Girls Club entertained a group of friends at the home of Merle and Marjorie Ferguson Saturday evening. The occasion was in honor of Mabel, Claude and Virginia Smith, who are moving from the neighborhood. The evening was spent playing Progressive Rook and music. Those present were Don Beggs, Helen and Donald Round, Myron, Paul and Eldon Dwens, Homer McClintock, Har- .ey, Nina and Thelma Nelson, George Wurster, Joyce and Ella Mae Baker, Thelma, Jean and Alice Mae Harvey, Ronald Hinshaw, Merle and Marjorie Ferguson and the honored guests, CHURCH OF CHRIST I. G. Randels, pastor 10:15 Church School 11:60 Morning. Worship 6:30 Christian Endeavor "Win the one next to you." What implications in that clarion call! Modern men may become apostles answering that call. Did you ever wonder why the early .church grew so rapidly, and have a lingering yearning for like power and results? Well this is plainly spoken of in the Book of Acts. "And they (the lay members) that were scattered abroad (by persecution) went everywhere preaching the word." No sermon however powerful can take the place of personal work by the laymen. We challenge you to undertake that duty. Three Months Personal Workers Soul-Winning Campaign to _, March 22. The first sermon is "Racketeers hi High Places." Immensely important Board Meeting at T. J.Killion's Thursday evening. UNITED PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH NOTES > , Rev. W. A. Thompson Bible School; 10 a.m. Preachin, 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m. , YJ.CS.U., 6:30p.m. : : U Ahead of us are some very important events in the church calendar. This month the boards of the church and the pastor are preparing to complete the every member canvass. Let us all be prayerful and willingly do our part in God's glorious work. Then too, we are looking forward to a great series of Pre-Easter meetings from April 6 to 12. In this week of spiritual emphasis we shall have the privilege of hearing seven different preachers from seven different denominations. These men are the apostles of Christ's universal gospel and all the members of the church are es- authority of Christianity depends upon its demonstration of power in the life of man. When God's love and purity and iope appears as actual realitie n our lives, men will turn tc the eternal Christ. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev. L. T. Knotter, pastor Sunday School, 10 a.m. Church, 11 a.m. Sermon topic, "Steadfastness. The Loyal Aid will meet at the home of Mrs. Wainwright, with Mrs. Wainwright and Mrs. Eckels as hostesses. There will election of officers. M. E. CHURCH Thomas Kelly, Pastor Sunday School, 10:00 a.m. Morning Worship, 11:00 a.m Epworth League, 6:30 p.m. Evening Service, 7:30 p.m. At the morning worship service the pastor will preach on 'A Man's Fall." The subject for ;he evening sermon will be, 'One Whom Ye Know Not." We extend to each one a cordial invitation to attend our services. When confronted with a ^mptatipn to do wrong, quash t quickly or it will quash you. • ——T JC W. F. M. S. The Woman's oreign Missionary Society has until Friday, February month! One <*"„',; the entire Bible thm,B two months. There good in the Bible, Why us in reading at l east ter every day? Looking March 15th. day. We are hoping people will make a Sum to get out this sund ay aso turn in a roll April 5th. We Palm Sunday as noil Can If — •* public confession of would be a splendid it. call *HU our not been March 13* ^because FOOrySALE .The Ladies of the Social,!Union .will hold a food sal? a<l the. United Food Store, . They will also serve individual .portions of pie and doughnuts W^th coffeei/The ser- j^ia^G.;'t)urin^ the. ! have a ^^ The Lenox » d ''ass, «i Kn $1.50 per year THURSDAY, MAKCH Dependable Service AT Moore's ALWAYS Send your laundry J us and see how de] pendable the servicj really is! Every bun] die washed individuj ally—fine linens given! expert handling. I Miore's Lanid| Mondays, WednesdaysV Fridays. Ermaud, Telephone 96 0 W MAN ' S Cattle Sail Private M. J. Reidel of Hiawatha, Kan., walked 14 miles in zero weather to attend military drill. For his trouble he received his regular pay, $1.25 and a ride home in the captain's car. POSTPONED As «*¥*' *-•—««.o auuiJUWeSl L « nox ; 13 miles east south of Primary No. tniiniiintmmmm at public sale at i east >nd-3 miles L or 3 i No. 25) , March 6 commencing promptly at 12:00 45-HEAD OP CATTLE-45 You Won't Take Cold—If When the streets are sloppy in the spring and you get your feet wet and then develop a cold you blame it aU on the, wet feet. Have you ever stopped to think that something else might be the cause of your cold? If your body was perfectly "right" you wouldn't take cold. The body itself would take care of the matter ;of wet leet and they would be nothing more than a matter of discomfort to you for as long a time as they were wet. You won't take cold, if you keep .your body m perfect condition. Visit your Chiropractor and make sure there is no pressure shutting off brain stimulation from any part of the body. Take a few adjustments while you are feeling well. You will keep on feeling well. Chiropractic adjustments will break lip a cold quicker and easier and with less discomfort to the patient than any other method of healing, but why wait .for the cold to develop? Vfhy not head it off by keeping your ( spine,in perfect ad' justment. X-ray and Neurocalometer Service Or E R. Pennebaker CHIROPRACTOR *^-; Office 2 Blocks West of Telephone Officer-Phone 114 T. B. tested. I have hSf"! nothing but tors have can" years, I have culled ' ? eenaise « farm years, i nave culled my herd ve ec ° Tds an <* thr° SaSSSMSpSSS «°ws range in age from 4 to 7 vL&S *****?> The bul production, afe and indiviV' I*™ 1 description in reea each cow enters th? J n ? lvi ?"al characterfsttnB Sii IS i £? n ' ? fe and individual cow enters the rfar i«h «.*« «ww enters the rinr iiii,. Jf* r i lole ™«cs will be rivi 5—HEAD OF HORSES—5 !fl HAMPSHIR E HOGS-23 5 26 head of fail Hampshire pigs, MISCELLANEOUS c»rn pioflT'TnV 11 !? 16 r °w John"n^«" eere ******* hayloader, ^nder^Sunf 5 pre aderjT DU^D rail*' P wer Pulverizer; III Awheel Sr* d o° n Bl "ck B s **^ e '^°» <«"» Back: f >og houses- fi ? xt12 ' 8 xlO aicf lift ^ heef t^er; 2 chaste "»> washfn'Lfl^tbrood^to^^ny houses; 4 "A" - jnachine.irke 1 '^ 5 ^ 68 ^ IncubaTc^Dextefdoi numerous U Ll° rk ' 15 ° «*• of hav ;^ ors ?P° wer Fairbanks enf" _,_. -?ous other articles;T 3"^J°£ e >' Adders, forks, scoops size 15 Te "ns: CASH. *a, IOTKS, scuufa •"-• DeLaval separawf st * r Earl Mclntyire;

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