Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on June 17, 1936 · Page 8
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 8

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 17, 1936
Page 8
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V '- SAlfS 3RD PARTY 1NEE WOULD BE STRONG _.. ft __. C, June 17 , hit over the cohsequences of a e third party campaign for ~'~ "'sp'cy^as Well as 'curiosity. coHcealed identity of a il"" cari'dldate—-ribur ished a ^ifleBi if p'wth, of (political conjecture ! Tjmn6r Charles E. Coughlln, who brought.-the third party possibility tO--. lljftit- but, shied from naming, ftftmes, esntetited. Himself,, for. the presfenti by asserting: -.-'.'If. thM = raan. (the possible. third party nptniiiee} runs, Landoi; will rtrifa poor.-. tHlrd." ; TBe Detroit "radio, priest, who came, to .the New Yjjrk headquarters Of nls""tiatI6hai, uiildn for social justice to make his : anriouricement, slttuungly" declined to express, an dplnton,.as to.whether drive, could unseat the Roosevelt admioistra'tibn- ;;TB6 possible, candidate^ platform, howe'yerv'he said, "Will engage the attention and, merit the. support of, at.lwst 25,000,000 voters." Almost coihcldentally. in Chicago, the Bev. Gerald tf. I?. Smith, Hold- Ing 'the reins., of the late Senator Huey P. Long's share-jthe-wealth clubs, proclaimed a "loose wbrk- inj fagreement" with the. followers of tir. Francis E. Townsend^ Father, Goughlta's.. union and' the! forces of •fijjjx. 'William. Lerhke. (RrND), co-sbpnsor of (he $3,000,000,000 Fraaer*I<6mke.. farm, moratorium bill iaei^ateU ih';the house last May. rathe*;.' Coug.hlin, picturing the potential troYd''party nominee, as alrefta&. the 'author of a tentative platlbTrh, •admitted it. was possible thatytfrV Townsend -and Mr. Smith had i'disdussed, 'th? mystery candi-: date's^m'ejrits. but said there was no conrieBti&n between the. union for social JUsfice. and the Townsendites and? the'Share-the-wealthers. Several- political: observers considered. Lenike. himself might become; the .third party leader. Lemke's name, fajfact, cropped up in Father Coughlln's, interview late yesterday but, d*ew no verification from him Others'-'mentioned included: Alfred..'E.''Smith, former. New. Yor&M governor, who. proposed to; "ta^e'a walk"'from .the coming convention of 'democrats, in Philadelphia. Senator William E. Borah of Idaho.: •Governor Eugene Talmadge, of Ge<Jrgl%, 'frequent critic of the IWjdseyfelt adhiiriistration. 'Farmer.'Governor Joseph B. Ely of. Massachusetts, who nominated Bmlth'forithe"presidency in :the'1932 democratic cpn.vention. . Father'Coufhlin reiterated-his opposition., to. 'ih^ Roosevelt administration,' and. said 'che,, republican plat' "a.stap in the direction of ilie." gravfi or d^mwracy." ./If/°ih4' x third party candidate, finally,/consents to run, on aft. "acceptable. platform, 1 ' tljq -priest add-r e<J, WeVwill 'urge, his ejection ill the Friday, (8.i45,p., m., C, S. T.) CBS addjregs, li$| ol Russian Ifeardi in Copt l^EW. .YQRK, June 17. (fP)— A f bribed iczari^t. monkr priest listened intently on/ the witness stand in court Tuesday to the reading of an extract frp'm a book which' said, ;he had attempted to t seduce- a woman in-Tsarytisis, Russia, and.-th.eri'had h'er stripped, tied tp'a cart and dragged through the streets. :aergius Trutanoff, the, former Mojjk, olaim^i ~the story is. untrue, su^og Hene-Fulpp>' Miller., the aui'hopj'and,the'publi5hefsj'pr'$100,- 000. as damages • for libel. UP YOUR . B«ntl8, yetemazingjn maWn? pile flow frly. Aft for Carler'ji tiltlq Liver Pills hy Mj^e. Stubbornly refuae anything else. Etc: Odus Mitchell Bill Anderson, Want to See Ydu at. Runner Service Station of Post Office AUTO LOANS '!ij» fv i^i^ o»ih u> BOYS DRESS r^s Sizes 6 to 141/2, all fast colors, • and; new attractive print patterns. A splendid buy! MEN'S Nt>ti-Wiife All" SiiECS 1A *^ i 1 ? 1,*, iQi L : t WttSS :ppw^sya Sizfft. 14 to 17 ... stand-up non-wilt, collets included. 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Pajr • Oxfords CLAMOR, F0$v ACTION AS REPORT OF PLANS IS;SPREAp PARIS, June 17, f/P)—French .leftists clamored today for quick govr ernmental action against 700,000 armed rightists accused of preparing to march on Paris. From leftist quarters came the assertion, tliat "the fascists" were ready to make such a march in order to .prevent the pepple.'s front government, from, carrying out its program of ; ieglslaion. Warning of "political action" by the rightist Croix de Feu (fiery cross) heightened the popular front government's problems, already complicated by bitter senatorial debate and hints of currency devaluation. "Renovation by Frenchmen of a strong, and reconciled, France" was promised ' "soon" by Col. Francois, de. la Rppque, fiery cross chieftain who, leftists charge,* is, a "fascist." De la Rocque.'s" challenge., drew excited, comment from socialist leaders who assert the rightist leader, a,"tooliof,big business," is ready to start a,French,civil.war. Premier Lqon,, Blum, supporting his. labor,- reform- measures before the, senate, tilled; with devaluation advocates by : retorting, failure of his program, might, mean .Increased deflation. ' , The new premier, drew, the name of President, Roosevelt into. the. critical exchange, characterizing the program of. United States' democratic, administration, "an experiment vaster, and '. deeper, than. ours." "He first took measures.of, great. importance," shouted Joseph Caillaux, former finance. minister and a new convert to, the devaluation movement. (Caillaux, apparently referred, tq .devaluation of the United States dollar.) "But Roosevelt worked under less favorable conditions than ours," replied the socialist premier. "We want to make a start." The debate caused suspension of consideration of the Blum labor measures which. were rushed to speedy approval in,the, chamber, of deputies last week. The bills would grant labor's demands for a 40- hour week, raise wages, provide collective , bargaining contracts and exempt war veterans from certain taxes. Collections of Income Taxes Show Increase WASHINGGTON, June 17 (/P) — Secretary Morgenthau said today that collections during the. first. 15 days of r June .showed' an, increase , of slightly more than 18 per cent over the comparable period last year. Total second. Instalment payments on 1935:. incomes were estimated at $276,053,610, compared with $233,067,894..last; year. The collections were reported by telegraph by the, various collectors in the. field. The month's .receipts.are expected to , reach about $375,000,000, It was. said. The president's budget' mesage estimated total receipts of $1,434,111,301, has been received, as, repealed on • today's treasury state-* ment. EVEREST ABANDONED DARJEELJNG, India,.June 17 MP) —The, British mountain-climbing expedition abandoned \ its attempt today to reach the. summit of Mt. Everest. Members of ;the party head^ by. Hugh Ruttiedge-. returned to their, base camp after being held below the summit for-weeks. by raging . storms and < mohsoonal winds. Latest- Thing for Piles Gets Results RigR Now According to records „ of, man> cases during§t tert,years, an improved, treatment called Drysorb (USReg) solves the painful-trouble Piles and its serious drain on vitality. Drysorb • is a refine'd, odorless lotion, and unlikp. old remedies is easejess, so, tha^i th^e.tissues take it up at' once, arid relief'quickly follows. It may now be obtained from IJrysprb .C<j., 10Q-B, St. Louis, Mo., or from the OREfTNEV DIlUG STORE, Pampa. . Adv. ARE THIS, SEASON! Self -covered; buttons are Important, this season. Let uq c^vpr thein for you, HEMSTITCHING Let 'tis Hemstitch that «ew summer dre«| for you. Singer Sewing Machine Co. Phone 6M CM No,

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