Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 30, 1941 · Page 15
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 15

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1941
Page 15
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^ u rgfel i -.Q. ct °k or ^Q- -— inq Daily STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS e«tahli»h«4 1 TERM NT. _ ^ T \NT)ART> l?69 JutW 2* 1918 _ Co Pnrsi Scrims O»n<-mi Ms A.V>V!R!<» Svps to Tfllifton th* our!« do^s. Evtdfntly thf th««lr constitution, too. Oppr«it? p F~ Ormnrton D W BntppKl Hi SWTlme s* &K-OTK! Clns.* EM SER AS30C1A IXD PRESS "Th« As.«ociat«l Pi*s« is IT entitled to th* us« for r tion of nil new.i dispatch?? f frith* <<W? l» that T«I hrij- <io?nfthlns withwiat har- it marfr oh«r»let<« hr nest It micht coran. Cv '-' some c.v-.f- r r.marf to appoint Cor- him out of In* pr«c- Kovrrnmrnt c»n win TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION BT mat' m Whltcsido and nd)om- m«t counties - r*w vest 1500 six montru *2 75. three month* $1.50. one month Is cents Cash * Un on1eT ,, By man outside Whtteside and art- O:r country has high-fa'.utln stanriardv No politician a £r«<j jcuow bv 1/UllJlft «.vi»..---* r ^^ BOUths 13.75 thrw months $200. M month 75 cents CaMi *ith order Per we*k delivered by carrier in •Ither Sterling or Rock Falls 20 cent* payable ever? Saturday morning No papers sent through the noatofflce In the city carrier district Sterling or Rock Falls A Thought for Today • A good man out of the good trea- ~tun of the heart brlngeth forth good thln(r$: and *n evU mRn out of MS evil treasure brkngeth forth evil [lings—Matthew 12:35. Everyf white will have Ha blacke, said every* sweet its soure.—Thomag Percy. Tomorrow's Birthdays John Palmer. Harry Peufzh, J. W. Itorrell.' Mrs. Eva Strasser., O. E. >. Mrs. Charles Wiegand. sr., j; Edna Gosscl. June Earllne « ak. William Ebcnezer, Mrs. L*s- Knabe, John Man-In Wolzfelt, Donald WUlhlw. Bonnie Church, Hobert L*V«rne Linboom. 4. Rock yall«; Frank W. Rentier. ST., and Fr«nlt W. B«nner, Jr.. Hahnaman; Iward T. Gibson, Prophetstown; _>rdon Pierc*. Tamplco; Mrs. L. E. '!»ylor, MllledgcvUle; Lowell Keith Xeim«r. Walnut. TVxJay —Mr*. Catnerine Martin, 10. fit«rllnc. Quillen's Quips Instead of building planes to fly m hl«her. to get on th« enemy s Ittl, why not build one with re 'ItoeUoff sights to shoot an enemy •bove and to the rear? W« all wish to be loyal to our elected officials, but shouldn't they first b» loyal to us by kicking out] the people and things that harm ua? ftih doesnt desire a declaration ; wpr. He *hould call it "a resolution .to embarrass the President, benefit Hitler and advertise Fish." 'Poor morale means that young- jtltn te uniform share the unoer- Bty ftlt by their folks back home. Tootball for women isn't a bad Tfc« quarterback could cry: counter behind that line. Oe let wttfc WNind effect*. ih« •Mat make war aeem •aUI they develop A I* give M atnetU. Tte *i«nt vitamin restores the col- ' t» W h*^- Now " only they'll to restore that what Xhina on merchant ihip< can't hurt Itub* under the surface. Why can't ahipa have listening devices and Witts'* !• • name? Well, if kit *••*, people will boy etim *f literary edds and i yea selected them. , luperiority in material equipment has now been overcome." •^Official Nasi statement. Is this STAMPS ffurkey's Inonu Admires !U, S. and Great Britain ]1)RESIDENT of Turkey's fence* ,* littinf republic Is gray-haired, r IaUved«tfcinntd Iwnet Inonu, who ifliMJU himself embroiled in the painftroo* lime of power politics. Turkey, coveted defender of the (Dardanelles, is under pressure {from both the Allies and Axis, could UM the D»rda- |» launch a flank attack on and also a naval war in Black Sea. England needs Turkey to protect newly-acquired tarritari* in Iraq and Iran. Thus 11-year-old Inonu . has _|iten forced to play the devious "•un* of appeasement. Turkey's .•oun* U not clear but it is likely • to tat whichever one Inonu chooses. A compensating feature for Alliac ic Inonu's admiration f.'fir blland and th* United States. Of his leading policies has the wesUrnization of Turkey. 1W» stamp above, which pio 'tot** Preaidcot Roowvelt, liwnu .'pad a map of North America, is an iltot example of Turkey's •dly aiUtude toward this cuun- It waa iscued in commemMrs- of tht ISOU) ftnnivtraary of CiitoiUtuUc« of the United READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS. TOOAfS KHU SOMfSTNiS mj a N«t«4 fast , *ii! he avalldble ?n nwm«f «r««nti- j Lietferkrans chef** mar b? ;i«ed UK thin Mind into * buffet *T«J 'ln^"WcktaU cre«-m ispresds A stuffin* f« fists or for large eity. Perfect for R bine tTp* jn uddiOon to lcd rzzr-.. fnrirhrd towt, coff'-r. mi Ik L'in"h'r>Ti . TVscfc b*an r-n-jp. f!5*nV;f'irtrr nr.B'. hnrd rnnrh- chtP- 1 ' 1 . tra. rr.i'k. Dinnfr: Psn-bro;)fd round emon h-ittT. m»5hrd po- sT^n.rd h;wrol!. whole »hr«t birad. grap^. n-vorted Arr.rr.<a!i ri'.ff.^ and caltrd crackfr*. coffee, milk. sil of it in the form of o'.hT kinrtx «•. »:!nble for the Amer- iran tnbir. T-'x-iuy, American rriee.^ 1 f;:',e<i ". :lh mounds of Jttyl pple. pimento and reli-'h vnrie- Plentiful *:ir»plles of It*ii«n and Amcrir»n fty]* (?r«ted ' ^re Rl/o a\at?ftb!e fff msr- Co'fspp rh^e.^^ .*ervfd ; in this ro',in*rv. Srr~> * rhff."-; jr']y pr.d rn/.n. slightly .'-altrd nth fniit, lor de.v-rt. IfsIrT-;. sU m r^purnte romr>»:" nnri nov-, m-sr^t. ,vfrT!--:'. too. ; c',ir:',rr,h'r. !•.:!'•". One rtjp * tr> chee.«*. 1 nip mind dre.vUr.K. 1 t«b!e<<jv>on gelatin. 3 fab!e«TX>OT* rc>1d wa'T. 1 rhripped psrrifrUo. 1 rhnr>p*d err<?n pepper. ]-? chopper! riir-ini^T. f'Rycnn". hire add a fo remain:: -. , r • ; !-i o o ; snd r->'f>r:nE. . n :n1 xl'iyr add a Pour in rar ~n f^ri o i i j . t id'* on" «*n,'J for srr economical. iring oxrrilent ! Ptnffed FrnH* Brie, bi'ip. Lt"-j l>rge blf^k grapes. rhil>d. derkranz snd others, prore.ved ; ed. and stuffed *'ith one of th* nckaged cheeses of all types «l<o : , tail crenm yprep.dA jr? ri'-ll r>si a ITRV i- another T' Fpenal- i snit 1-C pin! rrrani. v :> a .^p.'adj JOT nr:d Erf 1 !-) ir^r-'-ih; •. r 1 - ' i.": r '.:-R. - ) pc.rti^s Bv y\!i"*' nrd STERLING DAILY GAZETTE'S FUN FAMILY Amrricnn chrthiar clirp.^r i.s one of thf roncpntratrd food,? now be- rin? shipped to Enslnnd. Although Encland L< to recrue about 40 per cent of ovir ArnPriran chrr^c pro- HOLD EVERYTHING! "You complain because you get a few airplanes without propellers—look at me! I get a whole squad without anv brains!" SIDE GLANCES Oftlbrftith "Your son Had better come back tomorrow to have that tooth out. and you'd better come along, or send me a fish net so I can catch him!" THIS CURIOUS WORLD colours. yo;i rfTi ndd K r !si';ri t:;rn , in mid ^a' ;,:'•.•] a;;d Fn-iff pr' ' "' ^5 f <a t *» ^ •• ?>•- r-' ovrr n*>t in 1^3^ 3F. pxiundl OUT OUR WAY BY J. R. WILLIAMS OUR BOARDING HOUSE with MAJOR HOOPLE X PON'T KNOW VVHV TH' OOVERNMEKJT PdUND (TOUT— &UT TMEY MAP A. COUPLE THIS? OH , THIS ts PER. TANKS: WC'RE GONNA^ TAMX.S-- GOT 4 3H NAVY.' SHORTAGE'S WILL. GET TVIC- i^ AUTO- VATlC DOOR,VAT, WA.CJOR 1 : «*^ MOW ABOUT A OiRECT OVER- HOOKUP BOULDER VO-J GLORIFV DOOR'A AT, VO'J 6O O*4 TO GREATER TUI.M36/ THE 1 DUMB WAITER NMiTW 6OUNO _,;xTRIVIALDE.TML AMD TALK ? ; ' THAT WILL SPROUT BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Fountain of Youth BY MERRILL BLOSSER SlMCC TW*T MIU« CAME NsHD QaOOV^ JUCT HABMT BttN T>« / ITS MAM01O OVUM, MIOS — VKAH AND WASH TUBBS Man's Work Is Ntver Dont BY ROY CRANE MO YOU AftftrfT. VO/WI TO MBBT \«X1 AT TOB Att- woarr M TWENTY MMMUTB^.-SOMSTWM** OUT JCMtakCtB M>USTQ««* «un. »• TWID TO PULL A «*«r OMC 9/ CQMT WTtcroa AMD WE TQACfDTHCM CLJAA TO COUIT MCTIMeO.TMi W««MOT f«M AFTWl! WMEU1MESAM RED RYDER Preparing a Welcome BY FRED HARMAN ALLEY OOf "" If BY V. T. MAMLIN wtUi tour *• itctt t«*4. FIX. OF THE OSOIMN THAT CAM THEM FRO»A THEM. PRO*

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