Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 7, 1971 · Page 25
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 25

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1971
Page 25
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B-JO Alton Evening Telegraph Thursday, Jan. 7,1971 fHE JACKSON TWIN? By Dick Brooks MP. MtCB&SKX CM * >cu TELL MB. T TOP Draws? OSCKSOK WHEEE 'VOUC SOCIAL V -r WINK ^cuRrrrcjftcp is IN xx«? HOUSE? V WE NSP IT9OTOUCAN GEDMEDICACe VUH, JUST TO LOOK AT OU7 I rr AT NK3HT /vAAKES XXJ PIACE, V THINK >OU CAN HEAR OUNDR.'V THINGS /N THERE MOOSE By Bob Weber YOU'RE NOT MOVING AWAY 30ST BECAUSE ANTS ESCAPED FRQ/W HIS ANT Mei IT'S NOT OUST THAT.'... ITS HIS WHOUE , BLASTER ZOO! OCTOPOS/ CHICKENS' PIGEONS.' MONKEY.' DOCKS,.,, THINK I KNOW HOW THEY ESCAPED\ . ,- *, FRONN AAY ANT ^ FARM,,, THEY'RE CARPENTER THE WIZARD OF ID By Parker and Hart V^OR^/Mt?- VJ9UPO- LANCELOT By Coker & Perm WAIT TILL VOU TASTE THE KECEIPE FRO/ATHI& NEW COOKBOOK. X BOUGHT/ WELL? HOW P0\ YOU LIKE IT? TIGER By Bud Blake THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith IEFF COBB By Peter Hoffman VOU'D THINK SOMEONE J \WOULD HA5s/E ENOUGH ^ GUMPTION TO GO OIS UP /K FEW ANSWERS]... SOMEONE; nL.S-SOME ^ VES, MRS. BRISKER! QUESTIONS.., ) EVEN THOUGH I ABOUT OUR < KNOW HOW WORRIED DAUGHTER? JL VOU BOTH MUST BE! AND SEVERAL HOURSLAT£ff... HRMPHL.tWe. GIRL IS ALL OVER THE FRONT PAGE.. AND WE HARDLY . KNOW A THING "* CONCERNING HER! ...LOOK, CHIEF.' AS TO SALLY BRISKER...I... SHORT RIBS By Frank O'Neal WHAT PO YOU FOR A SUBSTITUTE? CLIMB THE WALLS/ ' WINTHROP By Dick Cavalli WHVAPe 'JOD LVINff OH THE FLOOR IN THAT 67RANQE POSITION? By A. LEOKUM Why docs water evaporate Win The New Book of Knowledge (20 volumes). Send your questions, name, age, address to "Tell Me Why!" care of this paper. Include Zip Code. In case of duplicate questions, the author will decide the winner. Today's winner is: Debbie Arnoni, 12, Ottawa 5, Ontario, Canada Everybody knows that if you hang out wet clothes on a wash line, they will become dry. Or that the wet pavement after a rain will gradually become dry. Evaporation is the process by which a liquid exposed to the air gradually becomes a vapor or gas. Not all liquids evaporate at the same rate. Alcohol, ammonia, and gasoline, for example, evaporate more quickly than water. There are two forces that act on the molecules that make up every substance. One is cohesion, which draws them together. The other is the heat motion of the molecules, which makes them fly apart. When the two forces are fairly evenly balanced, we have a liquid. At the surface of a liquid, there are molecules of the liquid moving about. Those molecules which are moving outward more quickly than the neighboring molecules, may fly off into space and thus escape the force of cohesion. Evaporation is this escape of molecules. When a liquid is warmed, evaporation takes place quicker. This is because in a warmer liquid more molecules will have the speed to escape. In a closed container, evaporation stops quickly. This is because when the number of molecules in the vapor reaches a certain point , the number of molecules that fall back into the liquid equal the number that are escaping from the liquid. When this happens, we say that the vapor has reached its saturation point. When air is in motion above a liquid, it speeds up evaporation. Also, the greater the surface of the liquid exposed to the air, the faster the evaporation. Water in a shallow pan evaporates faster than in a tall pitcher. Fun time The Kiddle Box 1. When is a baker mad? 2. What kind of bed is a three- season bed? 3. How can you quiet down a loud overcoat? ANSWERS 1. When he beats the eggs. 2. One without a spring. 3. Wear a muffler. HOW MANY 3AN. 7 V T S P ft M 1 K 1 0 F £ R N U L How many words having to do with flowers can you make from these letters? Use them in any order. See tomorrow's paper for the answer. Win The New Book of Knowledge Yearbook. Send your riddles, jokes, to: "Riddles, Jokes; Tell Me Why!" Give Zip Code. Today's winner is: Beeky Johnson, i, Orem, Utah. Telegraph want ads work wonders! KERRY DRAKE By Alfred Andriola NO.'PEOPIEHERE THINK MR. FLORIN DIDN'T THE DEAD GIRL'S JPAID THEM A LOT BARENTS DO ANYTHING <OF MONEY NOT TO, ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED X ®*. DRAKE.' GRACIE^ ITS ' OL I STAY AWAY ANY tONSER.' } MY BAGS. PROMISED TO J IT'S STILL LEAVE F I TOLD VDU.' ^JN MY ROOM.' I I'LL SNEAK IT OUT AND ToKA^ PONY/ ' SHIP IT TO YOU '..THERE'S THANK'S- THE BUS.' PLEASE TAKE /SOODBYE.' IT TO THE AIRPORT/ DAVID CRANE By Greig Flessel IN MINUTES THE TORNADO IS <3ONe, _ _, BEHIND/V PATH OF DESTRUCTION,., CRI|Sc>r H/\NO DESPAIR /RISE FROM SMASHED IN BOULDER BLUFF RIVETS By George Sixta POOR =3 GINNY IS , 1-7 HER STUFFED \ DOG IS LOST] __!/ I'Aft BROKENHEARTED TOO BUT t suppose IT WAS THE DECENT THINS TO QUINCY By Ted Shearer BUT, QUINC/THAT WAS I...2...3 WEEfCSAGO,,. STILL CAN'T FORSET HENRY By Carl Anderson Okr&ftriepk True Life Adventures FUNNY BUSINESS By Roger Bollen NINETEEN BABIES / ... BETTER SET THE CT.EBCCK, Rivers Answer to Preview Punle ItifllrtbuU'J by Kinjr Featured Syndicate. LITTLE PEOPLE'S PUZZLE §i ACROSS 1 Calabar Hi ycr, a mouth of tho Niger 4 French river 9 Scottish stream 12 Fish 13 Dined (with has) 14 Edge 15 Masculine nickname 16 Got up 17 Boundary (comb, form) 18 Penetrate 20 Drive back 22 Abstract being 24 Agriculture . (ab.) 25 Thinly scattered 28 Electrical machine 32 Metal 33 African worm 35 Narrow inlet 36 Malt brew 37 Race course 1 circuit 38 Seine 39 Go to bed 42 Claws 45 Possessive pronoun 46 Health resort 47 African antelope 50 River in Mississippi 54 Gibbon 55 Dislodge 59 Beam UO Morsel, as of food 61 Tennis term 62 Summer (Fr.) 63 Bitter vetch 64 Woody plants 65 Roman bronze DOWN 1 African river 2 English stream 3 Departed 4 Acquires knowledge 5 Rowing implement 6 Japanese name 7 Legal point 8 Inherent power 9 Let fall 10 Ireland 11 Masculine appellation 19 Always (poet.) 21 Sea eagle 23 Vendor 24 Adjusts 25 Heavenly body 26 Heap 27 The dill 29 Italian river 30 Demeanor 31 Tidbits for equines 34 On account (ab.) 40 Electrified particle 41 Roughest 43 Fruit (pi.) 44 New Guinea port 47 European river 48 Den 49 Crafts 51 Range 52 Scold 53 Lixiviums 56 Dry (comb, form; var.) 57 Priority (prefix) 58 Night before an event 9 14 I/ LJ 10 •«» 11 MMM <w •awvi "8 'iiaood ' dwnr 'e 'aaiBONiwwrw 'i '3NiHDvw oNiMas —UMOQ -Nooava 'oi 'aivHD '6 'aiova ' 'Nld ONmOU '9 'HOiOW 'S '310d >—ssojay ' (Hewspaptt [nltrpme Ann.) I

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