The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 17, 1973 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 17, 1973
Page 6
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Williams - Easter/ing Broaddus - Goubatz Mr. ««d Mrs. Charles Allen Willwms Mf making tlteir hv»nw in Santa Ana, tattowinjj their marriage Jtste 1st at the Kwl BapUtt Church ot \\herr the couple were united in marriage in « tlouble ring ceremony officiated by the Rev, UedfortJ Owt-y. The bride is the former t*ana Margaret Hastening, (laughter of Mr and Mrs (i J IvWrrlmgol Kreepott She is a graduate o{ Rr«xtvt|x>rt High Schiwl and attended Itamspurt Ckillege ami Seven K- Austin fume University She \<t presently employed by W T. Uram Co. tn California. The bnvkgraojn is the *w ot Mr. and Mrs Charles W Williams ol Freest He i* » jjrsutiwle <if UriMinport High School anil attended presently a l-anee Orpoeal in the I'niteU States Marine Woddmj; musii- W4» provided by Mrs. Ueiw B0}d wilt a sok» by Vlaugerwte Swuilortl Candelabra.* *ith pink satin ribbon* (tanked the ar- ehwiiyenltttned with Ktiglmh tvy and daww*- l*»rijie baskets of pink and white munis were on both Mite ol the altur Given in marriage by her father. the bride »ure a formal gown of while stlk octfittu.i styled mth ait empire WJUM. wooped neckline and gently flared *ktrt Hand clipped and *caito(Kt) than lilly tote. crolir««Srre4 with pvdrlv edged. thr nicvUine and (rtmmexi (he lull bi»h«>p ifarten. Deep w.'jtk>iR «>< lac? draw a ted Ihe *)urt aisxijs »Uh liny (»>«•* o< organ** Trie m.m:ilU v«| ai silk iUu«!i>n was t«ntewl with thanutty late ihJl (urntrd a full pink ami white gingham tie. The maid ul carrmt a Ui*kct d pink mum* mxl white itoi*ir* ami l>ride*maida carried baskets ul white nuint and pink t8a«»e», both ^evented with pink and *htte llttl man «a» Ureg Hanikvn >'< r'te*p«rt and (truoimmen *>err Clarence l.!uiujkle» aivd lloimle -Smith, ttUh oj (>><?<?p«rt (ting tx-arer wa* l>aviil J*rv*je«H>», flower girl *»* I'attt Ka*t«rlinj(, *«ter o< the brulr. envd twhef* and t-»« dteti(Shter» *ere Terry ^!a>ti-rlmg. t*x)t/ier ol the trute. and Mark Vnltsam», trothw a( <h* bn<b(Bts*«n Tlw bride'* mother *ore a tuw pml ilri-f and Ihe Making their horn* in CnJlegeStatwn lolk>*ln« (heir marrUge and wedding trip to lUlUtareMr and Mm Mark Urudddu*. The couple *ere united ut marriage on June 1 at the r*fr«t United M«th«di«t Ctwrvh ut Uke Jaek.*iw with l)r Harry V. llankln oiltvuiirm at the double ring ceremony The bf nk it the Iwmer Mi** .Sheryl Marie Uaubalt. tUugtiter U Mr and Mri SVtlmer M liauhau rf Uke Jat-kvai She i* a graduate s4 Itratoraw*! High S«hu»t and creeitwJ an AA depe* ln»n itratuipurt CoJkjte in WJ, She u prr*enlly a wvretary for UraKMpurt IMunibuijt aod wa» petata irf late with »e«d pearl* and iridescent beatU *hkh heW a tiered eibo* l«fi«lh veil o/ lllunton Slw earrwd 4 bowtuei while orthub, red ru*e* and baby'* breath with white {(reamer* Matron di bui** *a* !*r» J A and brbknmaktt *ere UaubaU, «ti(rr ul th« trtd" frmit Hou*(u«, ami tK»uui tKIrr ')< th* btld» y«|k<w l«* wanted itre-« ti>xh wore eor*a#e* ol «V»r>!\t; (lower* The bride pnmttnird e*ch with * Soo^ ilrm pint rutr 4t the ncreiuvity ,S»n- earned ;> peik v*re«lvear5 rtww. white 'i'lto*-»J«i> Itotl with huitiv port) memtcrt Stchuh. U«btte I'antmie Kr<d*e Mvitun Suinkr Jan«i »i«i UHUU Zifferft tun o( Mr jnd Mr* WtlUam J HfwuiiJut ui (lute, u a Junior at Tetat ftJ u y t'S a.* »» »(^nr«\lK*. ftur attar «*i devcratini bury, *ith l«tn and f«S txjw-t Thr tc«»«/»« rait wa.» li/wj wtih milk hufckr* »«h t«*n! pink ai*l white L»ce ureamrr*. Maul frf Iwmir was Sue n'h uJ fr'rtvjjurt, and maid* were- -Shell* Wither* and Dwinj t.kfcn. bwth ai KreepoM They »vte *>rt*rtt nfcrtt tidily i'< p<"* and whitr wh 4 t wi ite p a and *ft»l »(<«•<« ami iJ iMirt Stsc ai.«j ami iifvti£ (wy tft* in My led »>*h jo empire- wabz, «,-w>f*~i.l nwWuie Umunetl in MR, AND MRS. OIARUS .\U£S WILLIAMS Marrieti In Hr*t tjid ttijxlM THE BRiUOSPOKT FAiTS Krerport. Texas. Sunday. June 17. 1913 jwrtie* 4 i.tti.w:vUa<<iruut tNiaifC in the h.-}*!* o( MM (irtvi* by tunhbfr* at % I'hufvfi. a ami btf her w 4 jn <n«ciaji vt ntir-iiioni taev fo*mc4 ih* r a •w.nh » fci They j.l KJJ.J Jt titti ift UK; •of*- «h»!e *!h Jl joke »>«»T4 .» i-K* ifJia 1 ; rfc<c Nc !ll with lltH'ked «tra*b«rr»e» thr JfM*r» were l/IWHWtl with white e>tte* Us* ««4 r«d wtm tiH«(i Tts*y wore >.l Satiti ••-"• FRO" 00 l k* i ft*) '-''W tf'i i/ »f-p!f.ti | '••• t ••tf--i*i J J'."- -. i,"". t !ljl. -t tit. 1[< ;^' ,^"i: come and see the convertibles soon/ PRESCOTT'S LaLr D£AI? ABBV Her past teaches her to say no By Abigail Van Buren **" f/***^ "*"* 1 *<. to **" •*<"*»«'»< ••«-" »•• IHUM AWV r*** Mt n..™-,•• «««« «,« u wtW M» tvl, *M YWI lkA*v9 I fH*lrf 4N»MM M*V y*4 j£*ifii 6«r MJtr t ^MUltf Ul*t |'}illH£'* ! *€ trt*S trt>»*J5liWfi C *•?> *• ClhMjtf T*UHMM»-'II f M«M liflA. *»c ' , t ' t *t M* ABBV I am » I>;«*r~4fc! ffrl «1th ao pa-»j I have "nude few*" wiih «o many k>«*ri that I now minder it K will «r>«r be ta etpfcuawn o< r«iU km when t wouM Uke U to be There ti iomecoe who probaM; wiU be taking m* la share (me with him. I'm *ur«. I drtptraicty wxot to Avoid «oto« ttao MMtlwr aitair ta wfekfc I wiU be my putiffie (or «ooMa0« to trip wtti. Alt o( coy •tfatn hat* ended m ay ha«1«f coaUns?t (ar lh» don't wajx to make thai mMakr agaia t MB no-w i^iusg otth toeacoo* who »>BU ta car* (ar me *i a perx» He h«iat pmwuml BBW (ar **z Us that ! hare had kncn and that it h* pujbod tb* trutler could Include himjctf cm U» Eat. Yet, to fir. t)KAK ABflY t M) * lETUrsnl wttRVMt vuj t to ! her thci (f»tcj wt» waii a^/rtmi t« ate* awSuwl £ot*t*st *a <•>» tfcn*. M*} Uw? fus About tfes«« ««««&§ «n« UM «Jt*'»r<w wwi £**!. eU Sfcn tr V f»« tfrt M - t. h»r «tn(h*r ("4 OC.\M IT ;we VFW Aux/llory meefs Tutsdoy What do i i»j it our MTKMB low* tie »tll think I'm pUjlag ittmo li I My "*BP" to Urn when he knotrt f«« uid '"JT*" to other*. I have learned that U * »cn»l larohvtBMtt t» h»W g«. U the rcialionihjp turvi-ne* U mi«t b» (or other r««w«a, which wtfl jiv« DM «lf retfwcl an) * r«lin< of worth *» • TV DKAK ABBY jit W>jt tJuch. Abby? HC*Z)ING OfT DKAK HOLOINC: V«« kw ID* r%M Mr*. YM CM tty -••'• wtti hMccrity to4*y «»t« OM yw k*»« uU ">»«" My fiuatktnrl uri I ary at 1971 h* "bicb b* bwght « mjrrvnj ra [J9I. and b«io««Ji*«i Wo * my kiwiiMcw. «wi I tewd (rota him ttecw tft *i! aw tauarrtcd ttJ« to ffciao SPANISH CLASSES MILL OUTLET SPRING BONANZA 80/20 FANCIES IKEW SHIPMENT OF IHES.E LOVEtY | 1 PR Df IS AJ? E WOW I !D<£. SO?, POLY JESTER AND »^v con OK ARE UM I 1*5" BOLTS, TAKE A LOC*: AT | ITHESE TODAY DRESS PRINTS IBOLTS & DOLIS OF BEAU OFUL ioo^.t0rrci«. conai & |p{XYESTE« BLENU5. MACHC4E IWASH & WEAR. 45" WIDE. 100 POLYESTER DOUBLE KNITS YARD COTTON KNITS jUST 1HE RKHT WEIGHT FOR •SUMMER PLAY WEAR. fiO" WIDE. KNEK LEKGTIC. puuios. & SOUDS. nHYESTEl FIU.IM6 lfJO?,POLYEiTER KlUEH. WASHAUI-K. K0» ALLEHCEK1C. REGULAR JI.W CREPE PRINTS (BEAUTIFUL CftfPE f'REUS Jtf3 I IK TIME r'at TlfCet SUMMER loi.a;-5ti. !».«?. POtTtJTtH 4 4.5" 1 VIDt Cli IKA.TS, T1E3K PHGiT5 AHE Oi R£C ' YAHD • YARD COTTON DUCKS IHE5E t/JCKS AHt i'EHFFCT FCKl SUM>.lESt J'LAYWEAR. 1C«A COI-I TCK A^I> 4S" Witt' Cti ISd.TS.I CW.IE Ci WHILE WE HAVE iOMfc'I LEFT. uu< YARD DRAPED COME NOW. WHILE IHE S.'fl'LH LASTS. BLEHK. Gf C.OtTUW. 1'OLYESTEKi. ANDACETAIES. TO &4" WIDE. W* h«ir« two married ch»itif»o »fti ttsiW.-tn I k«tp i»;*»tf bury. Mil tnwrt nwrfrtj. 1 tjna'1 mm w« luiTO* w ntrmorr DKAK HAPT1KR If* M( twyrttt**. Wki •«•» ;«• DtUH ABBY My 4}vn/«bi Jj horik" on my (wX ixv*«wnaa? My r^** *•*»«» .-VA"---" X oo MC 00 UPHOLSTERY MATTELASSE MERCERIZED THREAD SPUOl 117 «. M«| 2IJJ Cintf.Ttiis MILL OUTLET USE QUH CONVENIENT UYAWAY SAT. "jeih*,-<ii« aod ofcittrws " DEAN M1XOTKM: "O»»<, Fofherhood... * CuoUnurd (rutii l*a<e I» KtJ.KNK BRIVKMAN «< Urai(>na. *hu><- two dji.'^ilftl Jff UUt fit i*t*fjl TvtitM hu fatherhood by y^fnf camp*if4 *i(h thtftft tv^*. ar«i •hose' uau-ai KiShrt't Iby cdcUatWJn w a family (pit (i^ftti«r (ur turvdt Itwre ace 4 " to? u( thtt«jt»" Uu4 he tivuid like to <t> lor ha It* helping nut in tin* 1 ! oi You h»^« jjimelwdy *hri» )<»u have (tiildriT! J-\>lr;>» tll'TON &( Bra/Mia. (jih*T o( unc tod dkr. »J>TI u'* important lu pruvidv DK-III »iih a gocd hoirit- and the right at- l)ul jUne all UiUtgt he would like tu gne hit ditW a *4f«, peaceful »(irhl (>fp«n<bn|{ upun tus ilull. I)* U^jttlwr Church, if andiiij)! "Ihe U-»i lhu)|{ aUxtl bantf a httlwr, Iw tiicl. "M *|HTI )uu 'Aulk in the <Jwr, MM) >uur ditld riuut and K r *' J * > ou< ' rwtk, li-ilmg >ouh»j* inucli lie ra» uiiMcd you during the day," Love, pence, security, awl tujjdlitfTit** The>' uv ail a {iitft ul tii« (ii»n> (iittled IUI«g« I > >W4 U«;» to rid* hjjffta OuS thin ftt ' A WIMISTKH twatrty) *••«' WE CARRY A COMPUTE LINE OF AT I -TMI " IUNLOCK THE DOORS ...with the keys to true beauty that you can Learn at AfNBu Bendy Cfffff Featuring Ihe finest in complete beauty training. * Co«m«tology * Manicuring * Instructor! training *N«w Pr«cl»lon Hair Shaping *« Blowing and Appultitmenl Dpru Monday SetfMary ThruK<;iw<ia> Styling, ''Smart Worntu KM wr S«mct and SMI •£4I/TY COLLEGE i 121 Cbck W«> Uk* ^*\ ^^^^^/^ "ttiMtfiMAAMtf M^tf It :.....' -j -...,:,-,::—-: r ..T-.TTUil—;. :,-f . mi.

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