Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 26, 1959 · Page 12
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 12

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1959
Page 12
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itwm\ *jrea TME PAMPA DAfLV NEWS 51st THURSDAY* FEBRUARY 26, 1958 Year The Race Is On For something close to three Minnesota., Missouri, Now York, decades Americana have become Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Inured c.t the idea that Uncle £'im, Texas and Vermont. in his wtrticoed palaces on fie, Maine, and Wyoming are even Potomac, was going to be the considering instituting a slate biggest grabber of loot and spnnd-'property lax, and NSW Hamp- BETTER JOBS By R. C, er of dollars in t'.ia nation. A mighty flood of wealth 113W 'shire is mulling over the reaction | Is to a head-tax. poured out of \Vnshingbn <'ach Ihe big four In the of state year So -real is the tide of money I™" ««: New York, Ca.ifornm, and '-=0 deep 13 tho depth of .',ebt Micliisnn ami Minnesota. lh ft fisurc., emnloyed «ro as - tronomiral. It i> only 0:1 mi lion miles to the aim oi our sol.'ir sy.-s- tern, but the "economy" bU'lgct of VflSO crimes to J77 billion. Vi'hila v.'C shake in our boo' • in anticipation of filch tremeiviius ''economy,'' word come:? that th.c separal.3 states of the nation pro about !.o make 1333 the year for i.heir pTSatest in:: putsch in 'ii-*.- ,ory. Almost anywhere you Vvoi; on'the rifp of ti'-a United S'. '-v. you will be. looking at nn >' ren in which stale and local taxes arc expected In rise thin year. About the only Fta.1 <"» where Ibis Isn't tru; ar^ Nc\v Jersey, Ohio. 11111101.", Florida. Iowa and Indiana. Kv^n i'l ther? states, ! •'.-.-ever, local UIXC.T arc cxpedc 1 lo lire. So while the great flood ron- tinues to flow toward Wa?hinf'on, a moun'.ing tide of rushing cb:i:irs is swirling in en most sta! : < api- In New Yori;, tho $2 billion annual state budget is considered In- fKleoua-.' 1 by almor-t half a billion doilar.1. Governor Nelson A. F.ock- efeller n demanding six new tax incrcas^-*, in addition to the higher g!i.-'oliii3 tax already voted rich and growing, is into a debt at the ra'.e of C.ICO million a yonr. Governor Eel- mir.irl Frown v.-ant^ .51."iO mil- !ic.:i in 1 !"' to nt;?p; this drain. He. van:.-; n.^ht n?-,v taxes and a butl- r;et of 52.2 billion. Michi:nii is bankrupt. Governor (r. Mennrn iSonpy) V,"illi;uns has had t,-i po lo corporations to gcti them t" pay next year's tnx Una yenr to koep him from the poor lioii-e. H? i.M acting for an 18 per cc'it in 'r.".-\«c in mo.-t la:;c.-?. Miiime.<;o!.u':-? Governor Orvillo L. Freeman has asked for eight srpara'.e measures to boost tax .\ 0v ,. o.hecl: the facts. Without the h.g four above and tola and rn many a local city hall or county court house. The nio:;t of the other states have bcc:i people of America, arj \.\i i" running poll r.icll into one new their chins. How long they ran sen-ice, after another. remain swimming uneier such con- expandhv; their opsnUions, paying cliticns U a. growing doubt. higher wagers, grabbing more and Lei'a take slate, taxes spcciii- more power ami authority. Many ca'iv *Xcv/or'higher levies are of their citie.-. which arc beiii- considered in tin following eyeing tlv sociali.nic "metro 1 pro- fieklT and states: POS"'* "ml "™ confidently schem- Pcrsonftl income taxc.l ar c ,iow ing I :> cr-mr-cle with f.tal- govern- bcin" talked about s.-iiously in merit:; on the basis cf profligacy California, Idaiio, Michigan. Min- and n.'w an:! finer .services for all. Whs Are $6tiali$u? Very ie\* people in thU co\)ri- try think they bglievtf ifi SociaN ism. Whethef or not they believe in socialism would depend entirely upon what i.? msartt by the LTtft socialism. As Voltaire said, "it you w.ould discourse witfi m?, detinft youf terms." There are probably as many brands of socialism as there ar? peop'3 who believe in rome phase of socialism. As in England, Bevin advocated a different brand ot socialism than Atller, A socialist of course Is a man who believes in socialism. Webster's first definition, of socialism i:-: "A political and economic theory of social organization based 0:1 collective or governmental ownership and democratic management of the cs.-enlinl means for the production and distribution of goods; also a policy of practice ba.'od on this theory. Socialism aims to replace competition by ro- oporalio;i and profit seeking hy racial service, and lo distribute Inc"im"- anrt soci-a! opportunity more equitably than they are now believed ir> b; distributed." That might be summed up by raying, that anyone who believes in the state having tho right to initiate force against an individual !••> Ink': part of his properly to Rive it to another believes in a form of socialism. In other words, anyone who believes in any form [ subsidy from tire state believes i.i a degree of socialism. 'Ton I'nr" One man win believes in a certain amount of rocialisnt will say that another man is going "too far" h socialism. Rut neither one can tell how far "too far" is. The man who says socialism is goin? "too far" without defining it i,; in effect saying that everyone would have to conr? back (3 him evory lini3 \~> determine how much socialism wo should have. j Any law that interferes with a .States are:| f., oc , , inc j unhampered market is a Duflii WEAU.CAN Lf MINI * Robert Alien Reports: j m . m p « socialism. Such laws v.-ould include tariffs; compulsory i savings, where the money is ta!;- , s 'y'y| rn over by the stair; t lilt! lull. (,.'or( toi-in" r-i>ns Minnesois Oa Hi--! tl.'vpJNtli sUl:.'i'fii : and Pcmisyh-mia. ryr-1 Maine, Mis.-'Hiri, Montana, York, Ohio, Pennsylavania Utah. Sales taxes are up at bat tryJi ; I.) nil.- a! l!i£ :i t'lo^t i-itn't':', !:::; incnriT'l were- ; iirillff tli.'in planred and thii:-. d-- : ri'.i i-.v pi; :-• a. cut-ha-k in pnend-j ig. Ins'.cad. .'''I t'.e. i:v--pii .I'ro-.i of-,'cy.- th? polilieans is aimed at drown-1 anl ing tne taxpayers just as fast ns j possible, | Th? only comne'ition among our' in Jllino's. Maine, Massachm-'lts, multipVi.-:ity of g-ivernments renn.-ylvan.a, South Carolina, Vir- to i- n the area of trying ginia and Washington. "-t v.-hic'.! agenry of force State tobacco t,-.xe:< are b" : nT drown out the most talked about in California, Idaho, the taxpayers slnrte."' possible time. Integration be d al;o- what has be?n We agree that if is ft deplorable effort, and since there is so mnclv fact th;U fo).10 people don't like talk iib-ni: tiie sii.'cc.".sfnl welding: some ether people. Idvuii-;tic.iliy, tf-get-h'-r <•' youn-; people o! two we s'loukl nil love or,- separat-; r.'cr-. it r.i But hum,"<:i 1 -inf..; f.' I n. tn.'l? n-::t to rxa.Ttm- 1'ie short o,' t'T- lu'erJ, n jt only jii g.^tlier and their viinngnes-; and ability n acconiph:';i! d. love cvccynne, i.ut in their o \" n There; nre, for purposes of tabu- ability and wilhnglii-'.'.s '.o be lov- i;u;on, t "ii .slates in the deep Soulli able. whicli liav.' l.vrgi-ly b"cu the tar- Against the fscts of life as they get of the drive for integration. In nre. our ov:n f:dc;al goycininoiil ihc.- B suites there a:c n tn'.al of la sioutly arra 1 '.? i. Bv Jvupre.i.ic ^,r,oO.O!.-.J Xc^rn children of .school Court edict. H n now a crinv? for a.",-> \V!T) arc a'tending government a peiv/ri I") r.-.eici'-? a lv;;al i ! i"j- .'iclioo':-. Tlvi schools they a"« in, udicfl P",ain;'t another pe.-.--oii be- nre paid for by la:; in r.ey. ^'o c'-iU"2 cf iare, r.-'!r';io,i or nation- there caii l.-e n.i l:ic,< of (•duc.-ition- ality. And i:i tir> (•::"•? of iX^-';ror- nnd y.'liil" 1 -'. a failure ti linn' ai/oiit a'; ft iacci in ';ov ernmrnl KC!IO-J!.'< :.s no,.- piini-habli by all i.iaiin-r oi d.r; <;nn.:.".|ueih- c.-. AdmiUip^ «';ai:i I';.''*. p.Tip If shr.uld not hc'.d p.vjii.ii' ;*; ;'. ;'>,n.;' OthiM i for rc'i o;i o.' iaci-, rc:.'ji-.i or nntionaliiy, va i.'.m iniii;'.in' minimum \va~r; laws: nrnduated income tax laws; graduate:! inheritance tax I.T.VS: ta:; supported ciiurchcs; regulations over bank credit—these a.-f a fcv.' of ihj various forms 1,1 '-uc,:ili.hi. Any tthj L^li-.=i Hi -ili/' i,t Uic-e Lilicy'cJ ill A iicii'ci of SuJialii'ri. They aid nn a.'Li-.'iipt \>> sul^jiitut- 1 force by ua,- (.,' tiic K" v< -'i'nni''iit for Viilun- I ;ry tr;;n.-;iction». Tiicro are in f.ift liunrircd.; of trillions cT farms of s'iriaiifrn and cn'y or," 1 farm of Am^ric^ or can,tali:-m—name- ly, that all 'ran.-actions are (inn.? on a vo'.untnr;,' basis instead of a compulsory basis, as i? the case in ,=;erns' rtafe rociaii.-m. '••'o one bns any to find! o'ajrciion ti voluntary socialism, v.h?:'.? peop> voluntarily share an< rhnrc nlike. but the sociali-sm that Oes.troy.1 iniliati\'e, inipoverislics the jieoplc. and works injustice is wher-* the socialists advocate us- ii)' a the state to take from one to t;iv? i'> another, and giving the bureaucrats who do the taking pirt c.' tin loot. Slate roc .''.li.-'ni h based on ths theiry (lift migl:t makes right Much At Stake In Demo's Group Meeting WASHINGTON •-- Considerably ,S e n a t e Democratic Campaign more is now at stake at t h i s j Committee; and Representative Looking Sideways MILWAUKEE — it is one oi ths great commentaries on our American civilization that you cart board a plane bound lot almost anywhere in tha United States, cast to west, north to South, arrive in even a raging blizzard and find actors nt work acting. They may bo amateurs who have put together ft community group, college students on a campus, professionals in winter slock or professionals on tour— but they will be acting. The plans from New York touched down 0:1 a frozen, k-y runway, its jets murmuring and chuckling quietly, sped across the coated paving and came to a braked halt in front of Milwaukee's fantastically beautiful and opulent main airport building. Another jet was bubbling on the runway, ready to close its doors and strca!? for New York in advance of a howling snowstorm. John Deal came out, bound home after two weeks in winter slack here, wo passed a few hasiy words am! he boarded hi.5 plane. I went in, rrlrioverl my luggage and was soon in a cab which slithered and shuddered through the six inches of snow on the roads. Once inside (own, the going was better ns plows shaved the streets clean. V,'e passed the old Pabst Theater and there the lights winked b the snow: "Look Back in Anger," with Pippa Scott and Donald Itarron, the company lour- ing under Theater Guild subscription auspices. Pippa is Allan Scott's daughter, of Los Angeles and drama school, has had two plays on Broadway, both failures. But, undaunted, she is out touring tho winter circuit. Her last show on Broadway was "Miss Lonely- hearts" and her de.but on Broad- week's Democratic National Committee meeting than the selection of the I960 presidential convention site. As this sizzling backstage row Is : POLITICAL — Kentucky polls Michael Kirwan, Ohio, head of the. House Democratic Campaign Com-. mittcc. i shaping up its outcome will also indicate that Governor "Happy" determine whether National Chair-1 Chandler is riding; for a fall in „„„..., „ man Paul Buller holds on to his trying to hand-pick his successor, by EDWIN P. The Doctor Says: , M.D. Hankerings Dog Show Deplete Owner's'Dog Sense' Ky HENRY MCLfcMOUE To please, a young niece, 1! thought was A cocker spaniel, t!d broke a pledge of many yean,is proud of "Dusty" or "Dai.iy standing last week and went to a or whatever the cocker's name Is. He points In hid feathers with dog- show. 1 wanted to find out if the passage of years had dimmed by ob- actions to such events and when pride, speaks glowingly of his cars. a dog igainst dog shows is that they in- .•ariably prove disillusioning to a dog owner. A man owns. say, a cocker spaniel — or what he has always way was as James' play $2o,000-plus-e.xpensc3 job. For if the coalition, ft Jin the May primary. Lieutenant! >,„: Governor Harry Lee WatcrficJd, j _..,.... , . D y,..., ~, .,,_.:, ^^ ,.. ,.[observed sinco Biblical times, but Hypnotic phenomena have been lo iipscl the rci Uon ui" I fj* Angelc.-*, ijeleo- k(\4 III I whom Cliandlcr is strenuously sup- or the Democratic gd'jer- ! sc'icntiiic nnd medical interest in nomination, appear* to (| ie subject waa fii'ot arouse;! in that, Buller'a ouster will fol- in short order. b<i ruiiuifiif uuiiSiderably bchilid uri ! oppusition ticliet. of furnicT Ap- peaU Jiutgrt Bert Cotubs, for f!ov-! 1 ernor, and former National Hous-l the' latu-r part of the eiglittentii century by Anton Mesmer. low in short order. i ernor,Tnd"fo™er NationarHons-1 This man claimed to be able to To replace him, this potent op- |inj , Ac!minisU . ator wibon Wyntt, -ire dineaso by what he called position group has two significant foi . Uc ,, lpnnnt novernor. Four '.'" This ho nev/ possibilities: years ago, Chandler d e f e a t c d ' thought war? .-ome kind of mng- Jfatthew McCloseky, millionaire combs, but it now seems he will : nctic infiuenco which_ flowed Philadelphia contractor and long- turn the tables. That would bi a , from him lo tho patient. The time. Dcmocratie, National Treas- ( aU [ j,tow to Ciiandler'a avowed! fl) " vv;ls Hioroughly _ rliscrcdilrd urer, who has been at odds with ;arn bitlon to be a presidential can-|«"d tllr? ' Pl ' nl hypnotism (instead Butler during most, of his tenure. I ditlale next year . . . Vice Presi-jof mesmerism) was introduced Edward Kolev, former Assistant f ] Cn t Ni\on assigned one of h I s i by a Brlli-h surgeon 7n 1SI3. 1 'Secretary of the Treasury, who chief assistants in, to pepping up'. Apparently the. first attempt to organization's! Perform surscry with u palient Of t'-.i.; lol'il, L'." r i''. ret still jittciuJin-,' -d |;il'ic:i and (ii.str.bu'e what is produce;! more justly than it can b? f!-:i • rn a voluntary ba~i.-r, Iliat pi'a ivc'l ml ^:! all t'.u'y produce if t!iry [irod'.lce ";rn much"; Hint t ": «••'.:«•" riu-t (ietc;-m;n' 1 hn'.v much ni;i'i i.; f^rmitted to>;> n! v.hat h" proilvicr'. Il is only natural that most pco- p!? h.'lie\:- i:i a fo'.'ni of Focialism. J^'lis rvpivssed about the f-'am™ tiling v. ';• a', tic ;•; '•a! 1 , aii'l h'-oad i: the v.;iy, that I vk-'h t > r!"-s'ruc;ion isoc.alism, ini^iliir; for.-ei, ae.d m:my tilers I I vliie.i <;-) in ilirreat' B tenure s:.M,t i-i tin g?.l.", an.l n.irro'.v is v. hich k'f.fVMh unto h.'J a.i head of the "750 Club" has col-j Young Republican lected. since the firrt of this year, | throughout Die country. Charles'; hypnotized was made in France more than $100,000 to pay off the McWhorter, former Young Kepub-M" 18-1- Th(% f '''- c( rur^lcal proce- party's $730,000 debt from the 1956;ncans chairman, in tackling this «'uro can-led out r,n a liypnotr/.ed campaign. That's more moneyjjo)) is • stressing "bringing new than Butler has raised In several [blood" into these groups. years' trying. Chief McCJoakey backer for Na- patient in England seems to have Prominent among; the Democrat- ] Ic leaders who have cither con- : Aft"r yo.'irs (if effoit, riot.-!, t ifrcodo:n, li':rriy, respecting iiu ria\-i;ri''.:in.'j:-'. dyn:\inil:ngs ». n d flaring 1'f.: iility in ;t thousand c.t- if-s ,'im.l lo'.vn:-!. a totnl ff Irt'i Nof-j :(.:•':•! ;\i-:>. ntleiiilm.T v-'liai were for-' nv-r-y <sII whit-.' «c)-./)o!s . 'ih i Ifi.") i: ; . div.dcd i:.!n 1,'j corn- r.'.uni'iri in tour f.latv.s. Thi-< totril iin-'.udi-:; Hie ;;o Negro student r, y.'.'.n, undoi police cscoit. were, force I iii'.o all white schrols in Ale:.;i!Tii"'i, Arling'on County and Norfolk, VirgiMi:i. ri.'i -entiy. T'nerir tir? 73 Negroes in \\inle scaooia in Ar'.,an:-:a?; -I i in white Mutual c.n..T:r.i scln/ils in Tennc-:-flfj; 1,'J in white from schools in North Carolina. tional Chairman is Governor Da-1 tribuled or pledged SI .000 as mem-' vid Uawrence, who is also the vet-; hers of the "7o(l C'.ub,'' to raise] eran National Committceman from ' $750,000 to pay off the party's 1056; Pennsylvania and the leader of campaign debt, are: Senate Demo-' the. coalition fighting the choice of cratic Leader Lyndon Johnson. ' Los Angeles for the I960 conven- former President Tinman, Mr.", j lion -- that Butler is vigorously! Eleanor Roosevelt. Adlai Steven-i advocating. '.son, Speaker Sam Uaybuni. for- 1 Chicago or Philadelphia is (a- mcr National Chairrnai William • vorej hy this bloc. 'Boyle, one-time National Chairman Working closely with Lawrence James Karlrv, former National; in this tinder-surface drive is an- Chairman Frank MeKinney,' other veteran National Committee- George Killion and Edwin Paiiley Iman, Jacob Arvey of Illinois. He of California, P.oger Steven.'', Ne\v n lie s:i,d: "Knter \o in \nntl Chicago's Mayor Richard Da- York financier . . . Cilifoniia'.i alt gat-: fnr wide is the i jpy R re pnlliusiastically for Me- Governor Pat Brown has chansred j Cioskey B.H National Clin.irman. his mind about not gi\ing the. Latest private polls indicate Democratic talk at next month'.?, proxies will determine the o u t- banquet of the famed Cridiro'i come of the convention wrangle. Club. After first deciding again:-! Both sides are scrambling furious- that, Brown reversed bimye'f and ly for them. ;Will represent his party at this an- The, coalition's strategy at Fri-'nua] event. House Republican ri;.n iniirit/.v, dcvcljpmen'i, an-1 i^y's K,tional Committee meet- Leader Charles Hall.vk. Ind jing is: First, to vote, the conven-. will "do the honors" for his! ;tion to either CTaicago or Philadel- party. j fc.y there b? tiiat 'jn ( 1 it.' V.'irl-:iu; forms of sociali: m have more and more popular j phiSi " few devices i.ioiv latc'l n ong-'MHi r .is a le';.'I fnrc^iiieiii of who rlo not 1;'.'." cuc'a oui ths .s;i:iT» i-la.sFl'or-:,i. Tl'iis p'.y n voliticai dnvn- appoaranrc <,! bro Which i'pprar.-.!ii •:.• i cr-tu.-'i v.'i'.ich \'. ill LI but broihcrlv ]nv< : and affcctio.i \\-ill not pr<j\,- earth that ha.-t bo: i .--ilted wiili T!r-ri viol?)!'""'. And ti'u> tidj of aggr-. ; > at ;;'! fi.'ni a.-,':n:-t pc'i :;r-ir-r, tha 5'juth, v !io hold to pr.?jUdic?.=i which ti'.c-.- ;'.'lmitli.",i!y should not have, Menllv, lr'.-< no,.- ris"-n l/i a point-i weicin aiinosl any kiiul of .inierpils?, an p:-;pl').'--i r i:i i onld result. i:a a Jittle At tiif) uK.nio H llr,:i'e i'» coniid- ing. •ra''i! '. c:'ov,ia™ on tha j-srl of com- in-:nt:Urr.i Rr-n.-rally, that no i.itcgntlion . Florida. (J^or- Mi:JS!;- - .sip| i anrl 1:1 ,u,a . I ouj.-ian.'i, 33 Sfiiil.'i <.'<u ilina. ot (jri til-' b-'fiis cf the money aiifl e:."i)Cii('"-.1 thus far in this dents, only 78 Negroes have been the results appear to admitted into H student pojiulation less than overwlr-lm- of ths schools affected of 25,223 ing. whit? students. But it should be underlined In North Carolina. whci> w O v- a Ui;:t thro-.'shout the South, Negroes eniinem gi.-lviol enrollment f'o r inte-rration has ot-'HU'- are not out of Fchool. for o-x- whitc.-s ccrnes lo 7i;t,i>0') and for i i.i Virginia schools. ample: in Arkansas, v.'hich has a Xc-jio----. SM/jfCi, only 33 have S.nca no eivl of lii? nation'? s.otHl p.iiollme'H <.'f .'',16.11! while been intograletl in thrc of Ixis Angeles as | proposert bv a subcommittee handpicked by Butler. If thft fails, to blo'-k any action on this issue until later this year. To formulate last-minute plans, cnnrot leach the opposite . fc|)d partU . u , ai ., y to confer w , th _ their congressional suppoiters, op-] pos.tion leaders arc assembling In j Washington several days before j the Nationr.1 Committee. F ore-' mo.°.l among the group's congres-l sional backers are : | Speaker Sam Rayburn. Tex.;' House Floor Lead"r John Me-j Cormack. Mass.; Senator (ieorge | Smathers, Fla., chairman of the! because th;? youlii of tii? land b"cn in contact nail school tf.'ichei's in pui'jlic schools who are j.-i" 1 ^'' and no'.'.r'-'sanh advi>- c.'iting, a form of socialism. Public schools f.-;uu v,h-'t llvv arj daiir; -soeial- j.-r.i. And rs mo t people lcar:i b;' imitating, it i", only mtural ti:r:t ti"> youth of tils land v.ln have Iwn tr;r.:ird in |v,ibli!; schools gro'.v up to l^/li^e in var- jo'i> ft>rm« of s.iciah-ni. S i-iali»m H tli? c.\;u'l antithesis n." (!hrist,anny. Socialism is based Bid For A Smile A );\rnl a KOfH I'"* trcasura lias spent on st'Jdent.j lo.'!..'5.'>i roinmuni- YOUR FREEDOM NEWSPAPER s t u- ties which bayu schools that ac- ! . conirnodate 15.918 white students.) I If would seem, on the basis of i :!!:•; evidence, that if a similar; janioi'nl of time and money is go-i ling to !mve to be spent for each 1 | of th'j Negro stud.-nt.s who is prcs-' i eiitly attending an «1| Negro in'-ti-! —'tution, the ('bft will e.-cceod the on initiating force, and '"hris- i t.anity is b.'scd o.i lo\e and char- ; i." and voluntary actions. i i. is liim that people analysed i t'.i?ir own beliefs and acts to rie- ; t "-mine whelher or not they aie advocating a phHV of soc;ali>m |T?.'orR they themselves condemn j t> K-i;jlists. j If a Mian is afraid la answer pny question about Ins belief in ] h'iw the gtj'.'ornnient should ba . limited, he i> undfiubtTily a so«'.'i! 't to a (»>gree and t!«jcs n r jt - c»cu laiow it. i . UfP|) I'Kf 'I'" 1 " Tlu» liil "' f'' 11 I c Ilia ' man •« I feel I,flier in-.rin-; " if* S'ttC« t-1'H ,', ,.) i-w.iy A man in been performed in IS.'IS. Another surgeon pcrfornicrl nn amputation of tho le;: with tho p:>l>«it l:ynnoti/cd four yc.-im Inter, Durin:; Iho pact ten years or ro. (ir^ pi::r,ibiliti"s of hypnosis in ir.'Jiicti'in of pii'i during n:i!'™rry, cr for ollvr 1-1? )ii", l'..i" nrou.'c'l irn?v.r:l inlerc.-t. Act- ).•;!, rr,' !-i ( --> prominent '.tlir'iolo^i; t i! i~ the c:i!y mr.' 1 ^; of nn?Rih°ti.'- iii-^ a f:itirnt v. iiicli cnrries no dn nncr. Ilypn:isi.; can he a pleasnnt r-;- pcrie.'i-e, rlimiintiiu lrn.iio:i (r f";!!- ot rur^ry. U c:in, nnd pro'.i;;!.)!.'.', slioulrl, l:e com'.iinrd xvit'i (•ii'Miiir- :.! r:".cnhr.v.a or other me'.'.v c<h of icdut'ir. ; pain. Tli?,.? are. many ways oi pro- ('•.iciii;; li.'.-pnojis finrl many r;- planal: ):is of vhat it rcn'.ly i:;. HOA^MT, nv>"i >,ti'dcT.:.s of tiio SiiV^'t '"PPon.- t.) favor tho thc- o.-y t!;."t it i-i ;i st.'iif c.' "rr.ns- g.--''at-:l ;.;;^':^i|i),i;ty." P.iin cnn h? Ic.'senprl or eliminated in many people by hyp- no'.i.T su^^csti:):!. but a puticnt under hypnosis \\ill not carry nut Mr;s:-s;ioi« v.hicli cjnflict xvilii (-.-; i)'s,c rnor; I print'lplrs. A liypmti.:rd p'tiient may re.'uye to firry out sir'rjcslk.n.s nnd can ".!• v. ;iv:5 |::T.I!; the 1 trnncf. r.c"ri!!y, n rfnort on h\ pno.-; s cirr. ' f.'ori t':c Council i :i M->ntr.l 1 /••!!, :\ oi th- Ainrrican M-dk-al A.:sjc.a,,r'i. T?? r.s? of liypno^is, this r'lwyt stair I, has a ie:'o;v r:i/c;l plac • i:i nvili.'in:- .'in I is a u-c.'iil t'^ciiiiKi',: • in 1'v 1 Invitr.vnt of c-r;-:.:i i!!ii".:srs \:'.'.:'n en-pio;-- c I Then the man attends lie last ribbon had been awarded'show. Out come the cockers tot I had to admit that it hadn't. j judging. He has only to see one One of my chief complaints of them to realize that he doesn't have a cocker at all, find ihat "Dusty," as sweet as he might be, bears no more resemblance to the champions of his breed than 4 rooster does to a road map. ' Dusty's" ears <ire the size Of airmail »,lamps; the champ'.ons have cars Ihnt sweep the ground like a duchess s gown. The feathers of the show dogs are of peacock length, while "Dusty's" nre more like the bristles of a hairbrush. Tliis does something lo a man. I know, for nt this show I saw toy poodles which, if they really were toy poodles, proved that my .own "Clinrlle" couldn't ever hope to be one even if ho spent two years in a vise, nnd hnd his feet bound. I have tried my best not to let on to "Charlie' 1 Hint I know he has been operating under falsa pretenses, but ho has caught on just the same. I catch him trying to pcninch up when I am around, hoping to make himself appear sinniler than he. really Js. Another of my complaints about dog shows is that hardly ever does the dog you would most like to own, svin anything. The dog that bounces about, has the most np- pealing eyes nnd face, and the one you'd like to share your sofa with, invariably is overlooked by the judges. The winners, or so it seems to me, nre always solemn dogs. Dogs that look us if the problems of the world :-e-;U:d in their hindquarters, -jr tiog* th.'it behave so per- j ft-ctly yuu havi! tht" R'ljling they j.'irc afraid to be themselves, even I for a moment. ! The end of the show is a littlo : h.-ir.'l for me to tnl;e. too. The ! dog:t. winners nnd l.isers, are popped into their cages,thensta- I popped into their cages, then sta- tion-wagoned away tor another set. of judpeq to peek, peer, and pry Into their shapes, sizes, dispositions, and behavior. . ' It's just not a (log's life, that'a all. the load in Henry - "Child Of Tor- tune" — about ,in American hMr. ess. James was fascinated by the (heme, since he did this one and "Portrait Of A Lady." The cnb lurched on through the ."now nnd presently we parsed (ho Fred Miller Thenier, a memorial to the brewing heir who did n much to assemble the 5100,000 u.«cd to convert nn old film theater into what is probably tho mor.t modern and best - equipped winter stork arena theater in the United States. Milwaukee has ninny families of industrial and brewing wealth nnd they nre lovers of theatre. But the Fred Miller Theater does not only attract wealthy patrons. People of r.ll economic levels go lo it weclf r.'i?r week alter week, a rap!, willing, interested nnd constant audience. It puts on the best plays of Broadway, engages one lend — man or woman, as ma case may be— from Broadway and the professional resident company fills out tha other roles. They have finished with "Visit to a Small Planet" nnd Ilorton Koolc's piny, "The Chase"— this one starring John— find now arc- doing "Tho 'Country fJirl," slurring an ai'hvss wlu shall bi» iouu-li£i:, but I'll lit Kl:n.l whfii sh..' C'jrnes IjOiTiS. Alter that curnc- "My Three Angels." with John Car/adine, nnd then Vicki Ctimmings in a new play n^vcr before re-en anywhere but whicli has a chance for eventual Broad- w.iy presentation. You take your bride to Frenrhy's after theater for steaks and beer, Milwaukee bcrr, and twice groups ot .s ; .-c at larger tables come over lo say that they, too, albeit amateur.*, are rehearsing for plays to be done in their (.\>mmunity theaters in March. Milwaukee is a city strong for theater, it believes in nnd supports theater, a tcsti- niuny lo its essentially German background. Germans love theater ami the Germans \vlio rrmic tl'e ling way from Berlin and Bavaria to Milwaukee generations baric brought tlirir lovu i.itact w.lh them. The other 'argp group here i.; Poli-li. and tiie Poles own to a passionate love for theater. TV gp|<i short sir'ii't here and it is ivflectnl in the basically corny, hillhiliy kind of programs which original? Ir-iT. But theater ii s.)ni"!hiir; r'se — sc;ii?iiiins c'.n- lural and beloved. ! Pat Hrown says that capital i punishment doesn't cliscoumge ', ciiine. But I nsver heard of a j murderer who didn't give up tha hab.t after going through it. i JACK MOFFITT dramatization mat i-.;-e meat for the c'wi'b.tiin. ('''I'tiin aspects of hypnosis .vtill remain \:nl;nown an;l ronUovcr- sial. The general ODncI'j?ibn of the report n tliat Uiere ;:'•(> ('.?!mile ninl projier u ;cs for hynnc.". s in medical aivl dental praclie? conchu'tcrj by Ihosp who are prop- rrly trained, but there is a f- yere lack of proper lraini:r; fa- cilitic-;. The report nl:i ihnrougiily « -v f'emns the ire of hypni):in f-v en- lai.'imcnt purposes. Living in ths lop of luxury is dangerous, because you never know wiicn luxury is going to stand up. «xu« , ir.r Jieal and ('.rn-a ro'/.x'vcr, i.i a r.'Mi.'-:.?, it ii un- firtuna:.' i.'iat iiv.ufiiv; h;. p:i .'."-'is 1; senrr.illy ro simpl? a milter t'l it it rc'i.'.j'.s l.til, 1 or no Icv.V r. .'-.I I s';ill rr tr.i.n n';. It l"nii.i i^eif t:) u\Ci'siiiipliiicatjc.» and I c i C A xiilli n.I i .Mr. t Mopsy j'lluv.C'l I" ^. l ;^^e ui'.-i a f)i.-J — nlrl»r .KIM \\l--n - lli. ! . - rt 111 Ui» ilia*.' CHIP WHY DO V<?U CAIL MOMMY pie ? uiouUm " S *> 4 i- 1,1 ecJicatcU lu j.u-unioling sui'J preserving YOUK jn ,,. prejudice;^ t (,,. pnce of ha( . OS \vi;ll 'a.3 our own. k'oi only when man is free to control re ,j (i,,, payment for a sense of he pioducea, tan be .ievciup to MS .Umodt capabiaucs ranktin-; injustii.-e which IUKY t'loois ! tlr.-:-e I'-n states ]jj;,> a spring 1: I'D per' fr^siiet, we marvel at/the temerity in reiail | and the tensicity cf tho;-c who are >tar uiji.-iJe I'Clail H-UJMB /.oi.e. i-.-Jm i ;r •'"Kin' {. omcmlj -|;j tj^,, disUirrance. .ji'Ut-i-s a'-t.einod •-• lo.-a.'.iii'ii Kcr.i-d Ly can- biluiOay I.'}' i lie I'aniiM IMIJV ,'.'S»5 At>:!i:»'ni '»a>. i-hui.d iju < .'..'.',i *!• 'li'-i).'iiinieii!.a. Kulerc I"- 1 ' '< SUBSCRIPTION RATES Ui». Jl.'j.ii'.' i)' i year J^.\ nia.l >". Lit :>a pi ii c. >cai I V'i'lieil i'.ill eih- love is \\;' |-ain that l-iroth- n<-l ircatrl b-,- gov-i Lcs Girls ACROSS J Feminine appellation 7 Becky Sharp's :'clioohn;ito in "Vanjly Fair" Ii Rat 15 Nihblcrs Ki H.iiicilcfl l7Ja:>.-.r ; c-;5 I3r.c;c;:..-j ; 20 Oriental coin ; 23 I-'ydnl digit l '1 \ Pronoun ; 25 Tear 2 7 Act in 3 by turns 2!) Art (L.-.:ir.) 31 GiDboii S^RcdcM 33 Bustle 31 Appeared 37 Location 40 Go by 4 1 Gocitie: 3 «Ccrtifica!» 4J Ren us (:.b ) 48 Scottish s:\cepfoH 47 Ncith.r 43 Fo:;n a i:o'.i0.1 51 Pom <'.;:.-.] SI Rcn.ii: :r SSOu'.hr. -s 5G Mountain nyrrmhs DOWN 1 Infants 2 Redactor 3 fll'Vi. VL•1 Coin:; h town (prcli.--:) 5 She ii l'io|i:r'y ,1'iOCll .tlO.T 8Mv (Fr.) 9 Edited (ab.) U Renter 1 Dc'tain in poil :! Solar tiisl.j a FcnlhcrcJ r-:ai'f .2 Trai i . 1 Epic '3 Small po'.jtiot !1 V'jiJi^stcrs iO Pilots 5 J n r • ? $ f/ f IT 3 — 4 22 77~ w 3! 35 30 1 3.1 iU 5 r v - Answer to Pravioui Pimlo H M u s 1 ^ 1 T A B E f. A M|/ Ul< f5 C e » M riji . |( , 2JS.' ne • c> A Je =,[<= r 5 N ei I_E 1 • Al! F" 1 E ? elo MIA [ I AIL. A ft ' V O EC sS- = E ?-~ — \/ ^ A i i J D •A =• u _o 2 1 W;E N! A B — (= & vs A M e. 5 f: C? 1 U ^ A, L, o s s fiiU i^i<; N (= e -j 4. f P c A * R " :3 T E 1 C f, e e N _R ~£ •> A !o JD r ? - R 3 A = T JS Mora 42 Social uni'.j sorrowful -11 I.»ck of hair Hebrew 4J Feminine ascrti:- namo Fcmals rabbit 50 Scatter, Brid»2 as h^y holding 52 V.'orthlcsj K;its ;.'.. ay table bit Cr.i'.'f (injiic) 53 Impair t !T 1 J }I'I •1 •ii ft "I | ' Jl 55 T ^ •f .7 3 fl fl H » M w- >' J to fl II •0 ^ ll ^* U,

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