Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 17, 1930 · Page 10
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 10

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 10
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10 OECATUR HERALD FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 17, 1930. OECATUR.HERALD BOARD ACCEPTS ST, LOUIS CO, BID ON BONDS Park District to Receive Estimates On New PavUon November 3 4 1-4 PER CENT. IS RATE . of the _ IVottur Purli d. In n mfbitng Tlmiwtft) 1 evening. ftcccptml tho hid of Ihe MI»H ttppl Viilley Co.. Si', (cir the b«fl'9 SIMUMO bm«l Msuc, 'fin Mini- pwiy otfofcid n p r e m i u m uf $1.18C. The accepted offer niehns thnt tli* bond* will h o n r nbotit 'M per cent Interest. thfl lowest of n n v inibltc Inv provmtnt hnml Hinc in ihi* ·!!·· (rfet'a history. To Slurt Smut Th* bfihnl mitii1it!i'* approved plann for lh« n*w Nd«on pftrlt pavilion. to bo flnniwo'l with pnrt of (ho bond liBUft money, about f 35.000 of It, Bid* fop thr o*nilruftion contract will b« luIvcrtlMMl for nmt ofiencd by thf board fit i o'clock on the «ft?v- noon of Monday, Nov. 3. Worlt will hn ilarl'tl (ti ttio prtv). lion M ronn thprmifter ns poiMbl*. In sftewdmier w i t h the honrd iro-| arum of rfiicvin( xinctutlovtnont, Th* eoiifltmrltcin Jn1 wltl b( let In five conlrACli, the Kitnrml contrftfl. «fid scpurntp" cotitiicU for 1 plutuh- [nfc ftnd limiting. FI -ilnte mof, "Iccti h- wiring nod fl-mtn-i nnct · irmi)!') floor I'u Hiite \Vlnjc The pavilion wilt hnve n mala u n i t 140 tiy 70 frtl icltli ft (nrKn wine Concession* will hi hi Ihe wins In n corner of the pavilion will he Btoiruf 1 iptici), w n r m n l lv ti «tove foe Innehe* of plcnlcltots. The 1mwnii»nt will ran tain ft lure* hentlnfr liltint The floor of tho rnftln unit «'lll he ultftM for dftnelnjc, Jcu Fin/,1 sir, purk thnt enullntt f**r of r.nlto Shoio d f l i ) !» f; Tho work 1»us bon completed TtetwoAU Sunlit lint (It and South Jnckfion fldnew A large fill, placed recently. )M to he nllowod lo soul* btfora the »ucf(ict t» oln- dcred for t r f l f f k Stewp lmt\lM the drive exleuslwn wttl b» SISTER OF CUNTON WOMAN^SUCCUMBS CLINTON -- ll'oMl hri/i niachett H l n t n n of tlir dertth of Mrs. Kninm l.d^fr. r.r u native of 15* Will county,: who dlHl (i w^ch iiffo of honrl trou-' hlr In her homa In Bticlionnn. Midi.' Th* funeral and burial wdi neld there. I Mrs I.fttte wrm born In O»Wllt comity A p r i l 3, lK7fi, thn dauKhtur of ,loji(i[)h And llonur Achorsoiv Sh«l n n i mnrrleil Dec. !0. 1896 to Henry Lake. Three children wer« born to this union, «lv wllli tha fn(*i«r ar* left, She »l'o IctivM t h r e n brother*, mid one sliltr, Mrs, Utilh Bnlter who UVM in Olntdn. Toklo, Inge hnti troelfd fiTHStt ne« l A PEEK INTO THE FURNACE Shown * £'l(»n, Mlfrul.r Flr« Tlt»t'*i bnentoifl tho *onl wo In froc from dirt and ftrc-chohlnj[ dlatc. It AIJi cfil--cure fully screen of I nni! »(-lcotoil fur n\w Ordtr "Vour Cml Now! CONSUMERS ICE GO. 701 X. Vim I'h, 4130 Decatur Woman Could Not Sleep w i t h xiofluich ttuubti and lndl(tfslkn. I lunl tiftvfivn [vnltiM nl Rtul hm-dtiif vory nervcuu and , lint si ('dp nt nlnlH, t was wcnh (ill «rrn out trotn " hud ill flDrt Apotjf bofoftf ftiy "Aftfr iftkitiK n xlioil trcnttnent of Pur* Popiiin t nm much better In flvdry «nv end I um ccrtdlnly glml T Irlo^t tli [11 tituilluirit My stomach In much bMtsr hnd my norven «rc btck to norm*l Agttln, Now 1 rtm w*|| at nltfht *nd get mi fo^lln" ««· f am not troubled with (| th^ Convincing prWf ijf th'ln kind TM , to th* merit* of VARA PKPSIN li , In from huiwttnj* of benefit ' ui«r», Why ··i 1 !''. 01 '- .wh«n frorn th« til. WSPAPEKl 10 C»ke» Toilet Soap 49c LUterine Tooth Paste 14c BLOCMKUHLCQ PdMC* Tooth Paste 34c Tooth Paste 34c Saturday! Co-incident with the Opening of the Beautiful New Main Floor we Announce the ST ANNIVERSARY SALE 51 9 to 10a.m. Only CIGARETTES Lucky Strike* ; Camels Old Gold Chesterfield Limit of 3 pkg* lo Cwtotncr $2J500 PurcAoae of Sheet* RockforJ Pewter and Silverware Price 1/2 Do your Chrittmat Shopping now! IVs lire Indeed furtunatu lit being nbK' Lo ttocuro thla wonderful aasottment of PMvter. Prautlcally every concolv nhln ploce tm rept Muntwt In the grouji · and nit priced just one-half what you pny oho where. Manv plocts of Sl1veiwar« Is Included, Her* li an opportunity to bpgln your Indoetl! --Main Floor A Rermarkable Anniversary Purchase New Beaded Netkwear l /2 Price Regularly $1,98 $2.98 Th« new voguo for Pcadid Noo!tw»ar Is Uklrg the country by nlorm, you have no Idcn how you ran change the effect of an cntlro Dress with one of these lovdy beaded nets or collar and cuffs. Ecru linden trtnmiet vrltb Black, Green and Red, --Mftln Floor ALUMINUM SALE Big Valuet 77c Excellent Quality WHILE THEY LAST qt, Double Boiler 4 qt, Strainer Pan 6 ql. Convex Kettle 10 qt. Round Dwh Pon * I 8 cup Col. Percolator 10" Angel Cake Pan 4 qt. Co) Tea Kettle 141" Baking and Roasting Pan --Btttem«nt Listed Here Are Some of The Great Values $5 Lorraine Blankets, part wo ol $3.49 --Mnln Hum 1 Women's Wash Frocks, Form erly $ I for 54c --Bnvntrn' Women's Now Travel Print Dr esses $2.98 Lot of Girls' $1 New Wash Dresses ;r7? 9c Women's $1,50 Silk Hosiery, a pair I^T. 97c Little Tots' Chinchilla Coat Sots v "1?^ Little Tots' Camelino Coals, 2 to 6 ^Tlto'Sii --M*xiunln* Flour Boys' Corduroy Knickers and Longies $1.39 --Bnsi'TM ni Boys' Knickers, with wobb cuffs, special 89c Boys 1 Bath Robes, sizes 8 lo 12, special $2.69 Boys' Sheep-lined Learner Coat, only $6,95 Boys' Union Sails, sizes 4 lo 10; warm $1 --Biwrti-nt Nod-Cling Rayon Slips, white and flesh $1 --B*t"" 'it Women's Silk Hosiery, irregulars; full fash. 69c Girls' Long Sport Hose, special, a pair 24c Boys' Three-quarter Sport Hos e, sizes 7 to 10, pair... 24c --Bawni "itt $1,39 Drapery Damasks, a yard $1 Crlss Cross Curtains, $ 1.29 va lues, a pair $ I $5,95 Transparent Velvets, wanted colors $3.95 --Main Floor $2 Queen-0 Crepe, guaranteed fast color $1,39 --Main HfiV $2 Canton Crepe heavy quality, a yard $1.29 --Main F1n.,f Up to $5 Fur Pieces, collar lengths, each $1.79 --HliiIt Flonr Men's New Pajamas, with crew necks $ 1.98 Men's Ties, choice of now patterns, special 25c Men's Shirts, plain colors; very special Women's Beaded Neckwear .................. i Price --Main Flour Women's Washable Blouses, new styles ......... $1 .98 -Multi n»iir Ban-Kin, the ideal sanitary napkin ................ I9c -- Mnln S2.98 Rayon Pillows, various colors ............ $1.98 -- i « Women's Wash Cape and Sue do Gloves .......... $ 1 .93 Japanese Embroidered Handkerchiefs .......... 6 for $1 _.Vn|" Rwr Sheets RocHford Silverware and Pewter ........ { Price --Mill ** ..... Let of Leather and Silk Hand Bags .............. $1.74 Shoe Bags, with 12 pockets, special .......... f . 49c Hanky Bags, ideal for gifts, special ........... 7""!" 79c , with four supporters, each ...... . . .""."'" 49c Pirdles, 10 Inch, very special .......... r.l* 98c 100-yd. spools sewing thread ............ 7 spools" 25e -- Mrtln r *"^r Truth Sheets, 72x90 inch size, special ............. 94c _Ml»'« VI^OO B^atrf'ffl Prin»ed Qvills, rreat value ............ . $2.59 New Net Curtains, gold color, $ 1 .29 value ...... 7. !*" " S I -- "IJfcM** " 4 40 inch Panels, 2£ yards long, special ............. 98e Saturday Only} Chicken Dinner Spring Chicken Cream Pea* Potatoes Grnvey Apple Sauce Coffee or Milk 35 C Mutn Special! 29c Invader Prints v rit y a i d w of fn-ch jitu (jrlni* morli- fd low tor ii yrcnt otie-dtiy arlllrnf: Almost 350 dirfoteiiL )iiU«rit* to chooKa fiuin . , . urn) fiveryivric In Hunftut anl abuolinciy boll proof Dur)t colors for Fa!) and plenty of Jfglitcr p«i terrifi, PurchiiHi enough for «cvrfl! frochn . , . ii iid for aprons and olilldrfn'n 'Ir^niiM: lovntkr Prlnttt Af-nUm 1'rtnu 19c , Mntu Remarkable Valutt in * Women's Ready-to- Wear Womtn't New Fall Dreuet ........... $13.85 -- S Wonwn'* Warm Winter Coat* ........... Women' i to $100 Fur Coatt Women't $3,95 Jertey Drcwci .......... $2.98 -- IlKWWflt Women's $3,95 Travel Print Drtttts ...... $2.89 ·~ltiiM'it)i'nl Women'. Winter Coat* ................ $14.95 -- i i r IJDI $46.75 -- S*roin1 r I'wr $49.50 Women's Stylish Gloves Just imagine buying a genuine kid or cap* Cloves for this Jow price! These ar« great value* and are shown in slip-on style or one* clasp styles ni you prefer, A toft quality of kid or washable cape that give* splendid Black, brown, beige and all size*. (ilov**, Main I'loor A TUBE FREE With Any Tire Saturday Buy a Defiance tire, at the lowest prices in Decatur, and get a tube to match free of charge. IT'S HERE New Scr««n-CnV JACKSON-BELL with TONE CONTROL AH-EJectriet DyrMinii Spwlttfl Sev*enGfid Detector! Four ScrMn*Grid TuUtl IHunriMted Dialt On«Di*l Control! Sin Tube* in till ShMded Ch«wU! An Ideal Radio For --The Small Home --Thf Bedroom -- The DM -- The Apartment -- Away to School --The Office Sensationally Priced the Convenient Block Kuhl Terms 59 SO Conplttt J.

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