Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on May 14, 1898 · Page 1
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 1

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 14, 1898
Page 1
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1845. Family Newspapar:-Devoted to LooITand General Intelligence. Agriculture 14, 1898. USTO, 30, VOL. 52, )MY OF Home Office, N. W. Cor. Charles Lexington Sts., Paul-up THE OLDEST AND WRONGEST SRETY ?1,337,707 30 COUPAKr IN TUB SOU! l l. IScconifS stircU on Judicial 1'rocccdm Accepted b the scription. licconics surety i ,n bonds of Kxccutor,, Aclmiimtr.iloi* . a n d in MI umlcrhikn.g, .n « Does nothing to contlict u i t h tho busiiit« of liW- lliiite.1 States Gw eminent as «,lo aurcly or. bond- o f ^ c n do- :f Sheriffs, Kugistcis of Wills, Cities nnd Counties of C o , , UIJJ | f * V T "--J v«. · - . « » . . - - - i and on those of Officers of .Fraternal Org; HERMAN E. BOSLEH. -\yARFTELD. Apply to BBWEKSB ft OWEHC · ATTORN EYS-AT-LA-tt. - TUNIS' MILLS, TALBOT COUNTY, MD,, MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS IN ALL KINDS OF Lumber and Building Material, Shipments made direct by vessel to all points on navigable water, to inland points by rail. Safe Money by Purchasing Direct from Manufacturers, North Carolina~Pine, Our Specialty! WE DEFY COMPETITION IK CYPRESS SHIHGLES. Saw Mill Daily STATE A'GENTS FOR ;orresponclence solicited. Orders promptly filled. FARMERS! Look to Your Interest ai?d Get Our Price? Before DRESS GOODS, 1 have ii s;ood lino of all-wool Dress Good*, forty different shades and prices, and from '20 to 70 ce-'ls per \ a i d . Cnli- coes IVrciilc-, Ginghams i-i nuuiy shades and styles. CLOTHING. I have a nice lino of Men's, Youth's and Hoy's Clothing. AloiiV all-wool Suits train 6! 00 up; K(\\ from "1 00 up. LIME. Lime £1.00 pci lum-el; F a r m e r s Fiiend 1'Kms Sl'.To. LADIES' HATS. As;ood insortin en t of Ladies' Trimmed Huts,*" Lttlcst styles tind prices. NOTIONS. A full line of Notions, Dre.-sTrimmingb, Brnids, etc. SHIRTS. Men's Fine Slnrtb, Neckwear, Collars find Culli.. JEWELRY. I can please jou in a Clock, Jewelry, or n n \ tiling ol tlic kind. HATS. I h n \ c in s'tock Men's lints in many colors shapes anil styles. CARPETS. Carpets, Mattings and Oil Cloth kept in slock lit all times. SHOES. Men's, Ladies' und JJoys Shoes in jill the latest styles, at prices to suit nil. FURNITURE. If you are thinking of buving Furniture, "l can snveyou money. Money saved is money made. HARNESS. I can please von in Carriage Harness, Coll lift-, Hiidles,"lhUter5. Whip Lap Dusters,, etc. TRUNKS. I hnve trunks in nil si/.es nnd ftt all prices If }ou n t c t h i n k i n g of buying a Sowing Machine, n "Washing Machine or Wringer, Fence Wire, Poultry Wire, Cultivators, Plows. Lime, .Salt. Pino and Con) AT LOWEST PRICES, come to me. 1 keep cvci \tlnng kept in ft General Store. Ho Trouble to Sfioff Goods at Any Time. 1 solicit your palroiKinc, W. R, BREEDING, ·\VILLTSTON, MD. Witt foe Additional Floor and Shelf Space Our customers can more easily make mi evnmination of the Spring Goods \\liu-li arc being l almost daily. In the Dry Goods Department Home line Dvc=s Goods :uo no\v ·shown, and m a n y ^tylt^ l chpnp- ci laltrirj- :iic in -tot k. Notions and Ladies and Gentlemen's Underwear, More shelf-space than ever before is occupied with hoes, the stock bpini.1, vancd; all selected with cure, nnd tho price- \ull strike j o u assuiprisinijly low. Recent wholesale purchases also include much that i desirable in the line of Carpets, Mattings, c, From FACTORY to CONSUMER. SE.39 bu\Bthis,'exaot) ' K.ittiUi Itoekei i the l,ui?est EJ/O c\ei made; per i do/un, $14.00. ' Our n e w 112- i page catalogue containing 1 ur- | iniuie. Drape- lies. (Jiochciy, / Itiiby L'niiiageb, Hefiitrcnitois. j Stoves, Lamps,' Pictuics. Mil- i ' rors, nodding, etc., is yours tor the L asking. SpceUl supplements just 1 s' bucd .110 also hoc. Wiire to-day. C.iKPET CATALOGUE in litho- 1 eraplieJ coiois is also mailed free. Wino for it. If you wish samples, ' send 8c. stamp. M a t t i n g samjiks also I mailed for Se. All Carpets tewed frcp tlii 1 * moil 111 anil IreiK"' paid on $9 iurcln«!»es nnd over. $7.45 buys n made-io-youi-meas- uie All-Won! Cheviot Suit, I cvprcssaiio prepaid to your station. Write for frc^ ciitn- | logue and samples. Address (exactly as below), 1 JULIUS HIKKS SON, ! Dept. 909. BALTIMORE, MD. VO, I HE OLD HOUSE. Heio me 50 rolls nnd it is going at 10 per yard. of matting, to 25 ectits m QUEEN ANNE'S RAILROAD CO, IN Kl'I'UCTiAl'RII.. 28, ISIS. En^twaid. [BALTO.FERRYI Westward. m ft* Who Are Prepared to Pay Fullest Market Value on Delivery. P. H. GOLT, WYE STATION, QUEEN ANNE'S R. K W, H, DENNY, WYE STATION, S, N. SMITH, WILLOUG HBY, Leave P. M 325 Arrive P. M. C 10 BALTIMORE Arrive A. M.| 1045 TO Leave. A. M. QUEENST'N. 1 800 Railroad Division* EUGENE LYNCH, DOWNES, W. H. ANDERSON, DENTON, E. 0, EOBBS ,HOBB3, W- R, PETERS', HIOKMAN, W, S. LORD, GREENWOOD, C. BURTON, MILTON, E.W, IK GRAM, LEWES, «e$s Direct Telephone Connections With Queenstown, Sacks Furnished, WILLIAM M. COM Will. HOPPS CO., Lcuv, I. M. G 2 o f631 f 038 f b 4 4 A(i Ol 0 5 3 f 0.55 G 5!) f 7 02 7 07 7 1C 7 2 3 f 7 27 f 7 31 7 3 7 f 7 44 f 747 f 7 5 5 7 o' f S O G 8 11 tS 19 f 8 2 2 f 8 2 0 8 30 P. M -iCIlVO A M. 83-3 f 8 4 3 852 9 01 0 13 9 1C. 9 22 9 2G f ! ) 3 J 0 53 10 03 no 10 no ib n 10 2( no 4i no 48 f 10 54 e l l 15 I'll 21 11 30 f 11 38 11 41 f l l 4-3 11 51 A.iJ. STATIONS. Queenstown Bloomingilnlc Wvc W i i l o n ^ U b s U 0 June. Queen Anne Hillsboro Dow lies Tuckuhoo Denton Hobbs IlicUninn Aclnnisvillo Blnnchard Gieonttood Owens £,iiining Deputy Bllctulalo Wolfe Milton Wliitesboro, Drawbridge. Jiurton, Lewes. Arrive A. M. 7 55 f 7 50 f 7 43 f 7 37 A 7 2 0 7 27 f 7 2 3 7 2 1 f 7 1! 7 12 701 0 54 f 6 50 f 0 4 6 r, 41) f C32 f G28 f 624 618 f G O b G O O f 662 f 5 4 9 f 5 4 5 5 40 A. M irrv. P. M 600 f 5 5 1 542 5 35 523 5 21 5 16 f 5 13 5 05 450 4 39 f 4 S3 f 4 2 8 K 4 2 0 f 3 5 7 f 3 5 3 f 340 3 4i f 3 30 320 f 312 3 OD f S 0 5 300 P. M. Handsome Ingrain Carpets now sell nt 27, 30 and 10 cunts per ynid. "\Vorkingiiieii will lind here n heavy stock of Farm Clothes, which will at piico attract their attention. The ligurcb sell them quickly. J.H.NICHOLSSON, DENTON BRIDGE. A LARGE ASSORTMENT --Oio-SPRING 11 · · * 'GOODS JUST EEGEIVE3) I A Well Selected Stock of HATS AND CAPS. All the Latest Styles in Derbies and Str.nv Goods. FXDX'© Q-OODS. All-AVool Screes, from :!2c. to -30e. Mohairs nnd Ilonriottus, from 32e, to 70c. Novelty Suitings, all-wool, fr,m 2oc. up. Great Vnrioty in Cliiklrcn's Jlen'i and Women's AUCTION_SALES! The Breatsst, Fairest and Largest Horse- Dcalers that Maryland Has Ever Known Are M. FOX 8t SONS. "Ww sell nioio hor«e B nnd can SHOW YOU MORE HORSES t h a n jou IMII l i n d in nn_\ stable in the St ito DON'T:MISS OUR AUCTION SALES! Ymi \ \ i l l woncli'i how (.lu'iip U P fell horses. V.\ c i \ lun -o ollered is Sold for What Is Bid, And \ o u i n n lake tlicin home, and if inis- lepicsuitccl ihip tlieni IMC!; and get your money b.mK. Tlic flints avp ^tnu'd, tliL fields ai The giouinl is 1'iiril, iho hltius .110 gray. XovoinljCT's clnll is in tho an. Touioi tov. is Tliimlcsjiriiig day. Tlio farinhonsc stniids in sheltered nook. Its walls mo flllral with ^anntli andcliccr, Its flros slnnc out with !: icndly look To uclcoino all who cuter liute. Tull Torty ycrua \K\\e come and pono Since first tliir, lioai tlistono's ruddy glow, Frtsh kindled, ilim; it" life-lit upon I'linnksgirlnt; yiu"-lb of lona ano LOIIK \\ni tho lit ot s,t|«u^g nnd dnmca. Fiom to yc-u-how short it grow 1 Read out tlie old. faiuilibr naiuc^ Tlicj Iwaid heio when his house was now. Oicindmothor* Aye, plio went tliu ilistl Giiindfathci · Bv her side lie rests. The shade .uirt sunlight, Interspersed, H.ivo fallen long above their bica'-ts. Our aunts nnd undo? Sundered vide. Their graves ho eabt, their graves lie west. As veteran soldiers, scarred and tried, They fought their fight, they eained tlioir rest. Our fatheif Denr nnd gentle lioarti A nature s\\ eet, beloved by all. How early turned his steps apait To pass from Iranian ken and calll Our mother? Britk nnd kindly soul! How bravo sho boio fate's c\ciy frown, Noi rested till sho reached the gonl Where all must lay their baldens down I Oni brother? Tov.iid the betting sun, From ua remote, Ins home is nmde, And innny a year its comso has run Since here his boyith sports ivcic played. Put by tho book I My heart is sore. Tlic night v. md= up the clinnney flee, The fires v»ithin gleam as bcfoie, Bat none siro here, s-.ue you and niel But, sister, you and I again Will heap the hearth and spread tho board And beive our kindled now nh then With all that homo nnd hearts afford. Tho scattered rciunnuts of our lino We'll sum mull 'ncath this loot onco more And podge, in raie affeUionS wiuc, The memory of thobO d,ij 3 of j ore. God boss them all, tho fond and truel God keep them all, both hero and tlicio, Until the o_!d becomes tho new Torever in hi 1 - ni.insiona *un I --Marion Kicks Harmon in Youth's Companion. _ BOEN 0^ T FRIDAY. '-·ays t h a t f-bc is do you t h i n k of time ago, and sli your \\ifc. NVhat t h a t 5 ' "Think of i t 5 I think that it is an unmitigated lio!" "Oh, indeed! Well, what do you think ol t h i h l " And he took from Lib pockotbook a folded sheet of note paper and handed it to the judge. He lead slowly: JI\ l ) i : i . r ( . M A T -- Iirot to tlic Point JiHsafo lullif ni/lH mill II.IM- fort 1 i-i'Oj-t i.uly in tlic r.oiuini; I\u!l ~i j ml lui \ o u a m l ll.i liKlo o-ic in 11 fiM weeks. The shnilT m.i. IKU 1 to "\MHjr ' j e, lint it is imlliniK sui KSUS. \oin niTu tun. Hi hi'slK.-id, W II. H. The judue looked his visitor. ""\Vi-ll ?*' "Thih is your writing, I believer 1 Tho judge nodded. "And the initials of your name form the hignatuie. Now, what do you suppose would happen if I THE LARGEST HORSE DEALERS IN MARYLAND. M. POX SONS, A U C I I O X K K K b AX I) 1'llOrillK I01l, 315-320-322 NORTH ST., 3o.ltim.ore, Wheeler Iranspoftalion Line D A I L Y STEAMERS FOR Gieat Choptank, Trappe and TucMoe Rivers. SHO S A Good, Solid, Lfldic-s' Shoo f o r # l . A Large Stock of Men's Youths' und QUEENSTOWN, MD. I j?- BJWIBORE. ID. HOUSE UHLER --DEALERS IN-- CONNECTIONS. "A" connects at D. C. Junction for points 011 the Delnunrc Chcsnpcnk^ Rnihvny--Knttoic nnd O\foid. "B" connects nt Greenwood \\ilh Dchi- wnre Division of the Philndclpliin, Wilmington Jinltimorc Uuilroiul. "U" connuclE nt Ellcnilnlc with UIP Dcl- nwnre, Wm-yliind, Virginia lluilrond FOll Gcotgetown. Monday only boat leaves Baltimore nt 5.30 n ID. Sunday only, lxnt leaves UnUimore nt 8 GO n . i n , nnd QucQiistown nt 5.00 n; in. und 4.00 p. m. CLOTHING at Very Low Prices. Furniture, Glass and Queensware. In fact a n j thing the public m u j neod in our line, at popular prices I. W. TROXKL, Gen. Mi'nnirer. C. C. WAI.LKR, Gen. lYt Pass. Agt. n Special Mixture for Potatoes and Tomatoes, a Rook, Bone nnd Fish Mixture foi Beirios. On and after April 27th, 1S'J8, er, w i l l l t i \ o L'icr J Light Street "U'h.uf d n l \ CM-cpt Sundays at 0 p. 111., fur 0\- t'oid, Trappe. Cnmbridge, Oliniwollor's, SpLi-.Han, Ciaik's, C'lioptanlc, Lloj d's, Dover li'iidufc. Kingston, McCnrtv's, tiiin- L-\\ Tudd'- 'Towers'. Wilhston, Tuckahoo Budge, llnesc'b, Coward's, Covi-\"s, Ihllhboro nnd Queen A n n e . ' A r r i v i n g nt 0\l'ou! the following mo ui- 111 time for connection with tho Dulrt- Chesnpenl.e 11. 1J., nnd ut CiH«- luitl^c w i t h lliu C i t i n b i i d g c Seafoid K. R. l i c t u i n i n g w i l l lo.ive" Hillsboro, dail.N i-\4.cpt S itim!a\ at 10 .1. in.; Covcj 's. 10.30, Coward's H; Williston 1 p. in.; Gancy's l.:l), .Mi-C'trtj't 2; Kingston 2.1 o, Do^er Hi id go 2'JO, " -Medfoid'!, ( -1; Ol.nU's -1.15, Sucietiry, ."; Cambridge 7, T r u p p o 8,:!0 ind Ovl'oiiMO ·-topping at i n t c r i n r d i ilo liindiiii^s. arriving in U.iHi- nuiie oarh tliu tollou ing uioriiing' · T A » - l . M . t l 5 I I U ' I - S TO 1 I A L T I M O K B . Fan- loi H o u n d - t r i p -- T'iist-class, " ·· " Second-cla-s, Stini^lit Fnic " !0c. We aio selling tho A D R I A N C K PLA.TT Platfoini Binders, Mo\\crs, Knko, Etc , which arc Guaranteed in every respect. IH. m. ISIlJ-JTj-I^E ' BRQ., ANDERSONTOWN. MD. SEASONED PINE (ORIGINAL GROWTH) Framing Sawed to Correct Sizes; hingles; Laths; Flooring; Siding; Lime; Hair; Cement, Etc, AT OUR COAL YARD, AT THE RAILROAD STATION, Will be kept on hand a supply of First-Class Morea · Stove Coal: It is the best I Farmers are informed that we furnish Kerr Bros.' Wrightsville Land Lime. Now is the time to give yonr order. Satisfaction guaranteed. Chester River Steamboat Comp'y Fail and Winter Schedule. FOR THE NEXT SIXTY DAYS I will have a large line of bo^th GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES AT ALL PRICES, FROM $3-00 UP. well to call on me. Carpets, Straw Mattings, Rugs, Oil Cloths, ·riist-oltiss, ooo. Second-cl iss, 30c Tiei^hl received u n t i l o 150 daily Tor n i l landnii;-: ~ 15. K. W J I E E L E K , Agent, Pier 3 Light St., Baltimore. [J 15. C O I I K I : , Aaont at AVilliston. Judge William Richards wns Lusy putting away liis jiupeis one bright winter afternoon, preparatory to leaving Ins oflico for tlie day, when he was interinptecl by the entrance of a tall, well dressed ynmg man, who said Lo wished to consult ui;n. on a very important; matter. It was the holiday season, and tho judge was the last one left in the large office building, but he acceded to his visitor's request and courteously offered him a chair. Tho stranger took a cigar from his pocket and lighted it, glancing sharply about tho room meanwhile, and spoke in a brisk, businesblike manner. "Judge Richards," he said, "before telling you my name and business I wish to mention a few incidents m your past life and hi so to touch on your circumstances at present. I see you are surprised, but I wish you to seo that I know a good deal about yonr affairs; then my business with you will bo more readily understood." Tho judge nodded, wondering. "At the ago of 2J," the stranger continued, "you commenced practicing law in this city. A year later you djsappeared out west and were gone two years. Almost immediately after you came back you mado a great 'hit' with a brilliant speech, and business began to come yonr way. You eettled down, worked liard, and your success has been great. You have a big practice, are an ex-circuit judge, and 18 months ago you missed an election to congress by only n few hundred votes. Another election comes up in six months, and yon are confident of winning. Mining investments you mado out in Colorado liavo yielded enormous returns, and you are reputed to be worth between $200,000 The Steamer Greensboro ( U A r r D. S UKOCKWA.Y, Boginning November 1st, 1897, tlie steamer Emma A. Ford, will leave Oliester- town at 8 a. m , Moncl,.y, Wednesday and I'lid.iy, stoppini; nt Kolpli'b, Bjoker's, Quaker Jfock, Uoglc's, Queenstown and Kent Island. Leave Baltimore 10.30 n. m., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for same landings. Stcnmci Gr.ititude will leave Ccntrc- villo 8 a. m , Tuesday, Thursday und Satmday, stopping 'ut tho landings on Corsica river, Jackson's Creek and Rock Hall. Leave Baltimore 10.30 a. m., Mon- dfiy, Wcdnesclny and Friday tbi tho same landings. Ugytipecial t i i p to Rock Hall and return on Saturday's only. Leave Bnlti- inoic 3 p. m , Leave Rock 5.15 p. m. GKO \VAHFIKI.D, President, J. B. TAYLOK, General A^cnt having watches in need of repair will do T. W. SMITH, Ridqely, FURNITURE Headquarters for Drive-well Material, Plows, "Wheelwright and Blacksmith Supplies, Building Hardware; Damage, "Wagon, Curl and Plow Harness, Pain Is nnd Oils, T i n w a r e , Harness and Shoe Leather, "Washing ^' ll - ehines, Belt Luuiii!;, and Steam Packing W i l l ph In-twccn (i R K K N r f U U K O U G H vnd U A l / r i M O l J K Weekly, touching at nlI landings between Grcrnsbor- oiii, r b and Den ton. On and r.fter Juh 1, steamer will leave for every Monday KU EIG11TS J10 DL K AT K. CAPACITY A M P L E The palionago of our merchants and fiuineis solicited that tliis lino may be made .-. MICCOSS. full information by in- q u i r i n g of G K O U G H K. DILL, AOHNT, D. S 13KOCK. W AY. MAS.TKB, Gieonsborougli, Md. .Oi H A U P v Y A . 1 J O K , AOENT, Denton, Md. granaries always ready to re- Wanted, To buy a lot of best White Onk Lumber; must be thoroughly seasoned, jn Hitch 2A inches thick nnd 10 feet long, clear ol"knots Address nnd stnte price. 11UDOLPII ANKLA.M, Smithville, Md. TWELVE «S FILLED WITH GOODS! I hnve a lnri;c stuck of limbed Wire Cubic Wire Biiekthoir. and Hibbun Kcu- ciug, Poultry Netting, c. TILGHA1AN 1IAHVKY, Burrsvillc, Md. JAMES SWANN, KEPRESBNTIKO TheBestLifeFirelnsurance, DENTON, MARYLAND. I S T H E T I M E A N D WOW REED'S TO GET BARGAIM5 l« HARNESS! IS If in need of a n y t h i n g in my I l l i c i t will bo to your a d v a n t a g e to c-\ inline w h n t I l i a \ c to show befoie purchjisiiiijelsewhere. My stock i n c l n d « Dustcii, Sheets, Ply Net«, EarTi|, Whip 1 -, H a i n e ^ t as low as S7, liniid-iiuKlc Ilanie--'- to oidci, Collars, ISridlus, A.\lo and II\rncss Oil, Whip Sockets, Pads of nil kinds. BSfllmncss repuiied and cleaned nt short notice. W. 8. REED, Donlim. lid. /-I PERCY DUNNING, " CONSTABLE AND COLLECTOR, J10N'1ON, MAItl'LAND Reference Deiiton Nntional Bank. and $300,000. Your social position is high, and--pardon me--in ten days you aie to bo married to Miss Holt, tho only daughter of Senator Holt, tlie most distinguished and aristocratic man of this section of tne country- I nm ri S ut so far i I ^ e " lieve?" "Yes," replied the lawyer, "right enough, but I must say I fail to see Low my private history can affect any legal biifainess you may havo with me." Tho stranger laughed easily. "Perhaps when you henr my business you may not call it strictly legal. Judge Richards"--he paused to relight his oigar--"I am n little hard up at present, and so I came to you. 1 want $10,000." "Oh, you dol" ejaculated the astonished judge. "Exactly--§10,000. Tho clay before yesterday you deposited $13,000 in the First National bank. Most of it, I believe, was to go for a certain ornament ^ou are to give to a certain young lady, but I want $10,000 of it and must have it. Blackmail, you undcrtaud." "Well, I'll be d tl!" said the judge faintly. "Yes," laughed his visitor. "You certainly will be, socially and politically, if you do not provide for my necessities." "Well, you certainly are a cool one," ejaculated tho judge, slowly recovering from his astonishment, "but betore I turn over this trifling mm to von nerhaus you will lijiullv enlighten me as to tho obligation 1 am paying off with it." The judge had recovered enough to be ironical, but hardly very angry as yet. "That's only fair. Hear one part omitted. fchowed that note to Senator Holt?" For reply the lawyer quickly tore it into small bitb and tossed them into the f'jvc. "Oh, that's all right!" said the other chceitiilly. "Yon surely don't suppofco that I was a big enough fool to give yon the original, do you: That was a copy-- tracing paper, you know. Now, jiuVje"-- and he dropped his- biinteiiug tone-- "come d o u n to business. You don't want Senator Holt to .seo t h a t note. Give me ?!0,000, and in 24 hours the note sluill be in your possession, and 1 will be out oi tho way." "Pshaw, man," said the lawyer contemptuously, "don't be a fool! Don't you suppose that a note like that can be explained away ? If your woman -- what's her name, May Eobbius? -- has any documents.bring them out, and I may talk to you, but in tho meantime I intend to see that you work out your term in the penitentiary." "But you acknowledge your writing?" asked the stranger, ignoring the threat. "Yes, I wrote that note, but if you know anything about it at all you know that I wrote it for that gentlemanly thief and all around scoundrel, Harry Roberts, after tho sheriff had shot him through the hand and he could not write for himself." His visitor lighted a fresh cigar and gazed ralmly up to the ceiling. "Judge," ho said, "I hardly expected you to give in just beta use of that note, but I thought I might 36 well try it at first-- just asa 'feeler,' you might say. Now listen to ma We are alone here. No one is around to listen. I never like to bluff- when I hold a good hand. So I am going to make honest confession, and if my soul don't profit by it maybe my pocket will. I know as well as you do that that woman is not your wife, but I must have money, and I wouldn't hesitate to swear that she is. Harry Roberts, who afterward married her, saved your life when you first came out to that country, a 'tenderfoot.' So when he got in trouble and had to skip out he came up to your cabin on the Point with his hand all smashed to flinders, and you felt called on to write that note to his wife for him and to help him out of the country. Ho was caught, however, and hung afterward, so he is out of the way. "Now the case stands this way: I am a tolerably well educated man myself, and it was no great trouble for me to tajce May's marriage certificate and make William Henry Roberts read William Herndon Richards. If you remember May, you know she is unscrupulous. I had a friend m the clerk's office, and I managed to get in there and change the license the same way. So you see \vo have documents a-plenty. You'll give me the $10,000 before noon tomorrow or 1 will show your note to Senator Holt and commence legal proceedings to compel you to provide support for your wife, uee Robbins."' The judge was mad clear through now, and he rose up and started for his visitor \\ith blood in liis eye. The stranger sprang behind the table. "Easy, now," ho cried, "or I'll let you'have it through the pocket." And tlie lawyer saw that he was grasping a pistol in tlio side pocket of his coat. He was by uo means a coward, but he did not care to run iigaiut a pistol bullet. He took his beat again. "That's better," commented tho stranger. "There is no need of violence in this matter, I hope. I don't want to hurt you. Just cool down a httlo and consider my proposition for a few minutes; then tell me what you think of it.' 1 "1 don't have to consider to tell you that yon aie the most unmitigated liar and scoundrel unhungl" said the judge, keeping his temper with difficulty. "But 1 don't suppose that n man who is so shameless as to contobb himself tho lying black- women who live iri a mining town like that was aro not usually over- j particular ah to their morals, Be- 1 sulo, lied (4ulch is a dead town now, anil h.ih boon dead for five ye.u-s. "\VLerewould you go to find a fciugle man whom yon know there seven years ago? Now listen to me. Suppose you don't give me the $10,000'? ·What happens? I go to the senator with my proofs; the senator puts his foot down on a certain marriage; you say it is all a blackmailing he; the senator says my evidence looks pretty strong; that you must prove it a lie. Then you hnve a nice job on your hands. You have got to hunt up a lot of people that you have not heard of for years, and if you should happen to find some of them not one would be able to swear that the Eobbius woman wns married to Roberts or was not married to you. All ot that would take time and money and accomplish nothing in the end. "On the other hand, give me the money--and $10,000 is cheap, too. I tell you--and in 24 hours all the documents are iu your pos=e. c =iou, arid I am out of the way. If you don't, think what my little story to tho senator means for you." The judge-obediently thought, and it was not pleasant thinking. Ho did not believe that the woman could win the case with her forged documents, but this fellow was just the kind of a daredevil to go to the senator with his story and then to law. Tho senator would certainly postpone the wedding, and there would be a long delay. Even though his daughter did not believe the story, she would suffer. Of course there would be endless talk and gosip. The story would be in the papers, old pranks of his younger days would be raked up, and even though he cleared himself finally thero would be a bitter sting left. There would bo many to say that where thero was so much smoke there must be some fire. Then his political aspirations! Ihe election was to come off in six mouths. Nice campaign material this scandal would make for his opponents! guard that you have to me can be affected by anything I can say, so 1 will spare myself the trouble of expressing my opinion of you. But you are as great a tool as liar. Admitting that you havo tho license oucl certificate--which I have no proof of except the word of a confessed liar --don't you know that it would be the oasiet thing iu the world for me to prove by dozens of people in Red Gulch that Roberts and this woman were living together as man and wife and that I lived by myself? Don't you know"-"Now, judge,' 1 interrupted the fctrangeriu his turn, "I didn't try any bluff on you, but up" and told of my story that I omitted a moment ago. While out west yon met the whole truth like an honest man, a certain May Bobbins. Remember am i yet here you are a-bluffing al- uei .?" ready. Nobody knew whether this Tho lawyer made no reply. 1 woman was married to Roberts 01 "Well. I had a talk with her some | no t, and nobotly cared. The class of These thoughts and many more flashed through the judge's mind, and he glared at his visitor savage ly. He hadn't a doubt that he meant every word that ho said. Through his light, bantering tone there ran n vein of earnestness and confidence that was more dangerous than any loud blustering would have been. Ho was confident that he .had a "good thing" whether the judge paid up now or not. The judge's "good thing" seemed to lie between paying out f 10,000 in cash and having a big scandal ou his hands. Suddenly a smile flashed across his face, and then the lips were compressed tightly. The stranger did not notice the change of expression. "Well," said the judge, "I must confess that this is a pretty tight place. Maybe we could discuss it better ovtrr a drop of liquor." He rose and opened a handsome mahogany cabinet that fitted snugly over the low mantel. In another minute whisky, water, sugar and glasses weie placed hospitably on the table. "Fill your glass," said the lawyer graciously. "Ten thousand dollars is enough money to deserve some consideration before being parted with. Bring your chair around in front of the table. It must be cold back there." He pulled his chair close up to the fire, and the stranger did likewise, so that they weie sitting right in front of the grate, with their faces not four feet from -the smoldering flames. Any one looking in would havo thought that they were two old friends taking a social evening toddy together. "Now, then, sir, your scheme is simply to blackmail me out of *10,000, I believe?" "Exactly, judge." "And you think you havo a pretty good thing?" "Sure of it." "If I understand you rightly, you say I must give you this money, or you will go to Senator Holt and toll him that I havo a wife living out west, and then you will go to law to force mo to give money to this woman, but if I give you the $10,000 (Continued ou Fourth liEt-) Study the boose. There is much to study about a goose. Just observe a flock of geese some day when you are out visiting on a farm. They'll giveyou amusement by the hour. A goose hasn't the slightest idea of breadth or depth. The assertion that every goose that pnsses through an open bain door ducks its head, no matter if tho opening be 20 feet high, is as true as can be, and, while a "goose can't be made to believe that there is no danger to its head as it passes over the sill of a barn door, it is equally pobitivo that it can creep through a 2 inch augur hole or a knot hole in a fence jubt as easily as it can go through a 20 foot door, and with inoio safety to its person. I have l.uighed myself sore more times than a lew ut tho per- hibtcnce oi some old goose iu trying to outer an inclusiirc through a hole in the fence hartily big enough to get its head t h r o u g h , while a gate big enough lor .1 te.un ot ho:--cs to pass through W:IH wide open within threo teet ot iho hole. Uixvi-n'l l!.f t u.. i.v : ..IDS. One of t h e ii'.i-:!· v.-: y so few uieu a t t a i n gieatnoBi- is= liu 1 fact t h a t not m a n y mortals can stand tin 1 jvr 'SPAPERJ

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