Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 24, 1888 · Page 1
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 1

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, February 24, 1888
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lESSTHANONECOTApAV a."l'»Vil'l!»« In i'(--"U. Onnr'ar" ..,|.«.-irtl-i W '•'"'* KEARLY TWO THOUSAND PAGES . ;?. -*!&V*i£r^ :: K "'rl-7'VKi« - '£#• •"*« Aiirtor" "A Unl "? IXIT.." "Tin KM Mmmtain Mh,'«," "Arfl. I 4 "* ""> Bri "- Tb ,?,"'- k ' 'Tr'^'^' Colt» B«<-' ll From th« P«n»i,- "Cti~k ami Co'inl.r- Clwa." •!--. «M- TM ml-Tfrtl-nl r-rlr. of 11,1. Kinj i>f tlii M.i»itili««" In Mil M"" » 7«r. F»rnr!« ropl •"" VOLUME 7. STERLING ILLINOIS. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 24 NUMBER 8 . MOSES <DILLOX Hag just received a CRT of 'Just- the thing to ln-rn in YOUR GRATES Thin kind ofweathfr. TRY IT. era mmm i pw a. a. «KoimiA BROKE LOOSE, OO1NO P.ABT. I nOI.VO WKflT. -FsflsriiiiiT ii:!5 ft.m ws-raiscnger '2:« p in. -FrelRUL «:45 p.m.142—I'reIght 8:4.1 ARRIVK FROM KAST. lARRIVK 79-r'as'wnfcer...9:iOp.m.|. f l r >— l'ns«' 77-Frelnht B :4n a m " ' FROM lO •Freight 1 :* p in. Passenger No. .Tnconnoctswlth trnlns pnst nn4 WMt on Clinton Branch; with (1. R. I & !'• «• " at Kock Island cost and west; with Galflsbnrj; iiansenepr at Rio; with main line for points> west r/ouncll Bluffs. Omnhii and beyond, and at Buih- nell for Kansas Otty and points beyond. C. & N. W. TIMk TABLt AND THE DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION GO:S TO THE BIG BRIDGE. Mlnllnl nr tltn Torrid St. Ixinla Beat the Cmumlttee Chang's the Dato to *fnno B— Mniililn^lon Demncr«t» Well Sutii- flnl—A (link In Slmidnrtl Oil— Penfi" <Hrl THlk» Alioiil Public Printing—Thr showing that tho number of employe! discharged Intween Sept. 13, '(«, and Nov. 1, "87, was S'.4, of whom 205 had bren reappointed. The second list, covering the timo between Nov. 1 and Fab. 15, '«7, showed 0+3 discharges, and 173 reinstatement*. Ho had made 700 new appointrnenta since he had been In ofilee.ont of the 2,0.'50 employes. Tbe committee adjourned to meet again on Monday evening next I MUST STOP DISCRIMINATING. OOINO BAST. Atlantic Ex.,r r .a:37 a. m. Limited PoRS..4:23 a m. Clinton P&88....6:27 a. m. D«nv«rPass...lO:28 a. m. M»rshalltown Passenger ...1:40 p. hi. OCIINO WBHT Pacll.o Ex.—2:25 a. in. Murshftlltown . Passeni?pr...l:13p in. Denver Pass...4 *4 p. m. Clinton 1*IW8..»:I7 p. in. Umlt<!d PasslOrSfi p. m. FMIOHT TBAIMS THAT CARET PASBEJTOIKH OOIHQ BART. OOIKO WK8T. No. 18 - 8.17 p. m,INo. M •.":« a. m No. 48...—. 6:40 a. m.lNo. 17 10:285,111 IMPROVED FARMS -IN- Oount.y, Ills -, IOWA & KANSAS FOR SALE (HI TR\DR. TOWN PROPERTY For sale, or trade for stm:k. TWO «.OOI> Il«1'MK.«» in Rock Falls, for S»|B. Call and see what the bargains arc. EDWARD C. UNDERWJOD/ Dlflll VB»w r<le<lttrt '" inRe wno till/ 111 ana then act; they will flnd honorablo 111VI1U I elnptoyment th»t will not take them from their homes and families The profits are laree and sure for every Industrious person, many have made and are now nmklni; several hundred dollars a month. It is easy fur liny one to make »5 and upwards per day, who Is willing to work. Either sex, young or old; capital not needed; we start you. Everything new. No special ability required; you, reader, can do it as well as any one. Writ* fcv us at once for full particulars, which we mull frw. Address BtlnKon Co., Portland, Maine. dwtf -Notice to Land Seekers! r A few choice tracts of land now In the hands of F. B. Hubbard, located In Inwaand Southern Minnesota, with TITLES WANTED While many of the lands now owned by specn lators are under a cloud of title. These lands are-sold with PERFECT AB8T11A.CTS. ITKICES FBOM SIX TO TEN DOLLARS PER ACRE. I have also a FARM WEST of EMPIRE For sale cheap, on which a good property-ln 8terli"g or Rock Falls will be taken as part payment Wow Is the time to get good bargains. MAP* AND OKSCIUPTIONS din he Imd at my onleo, and cheap tickets to show western lands. l»«laya are Unna-crono on Tliene liar- F. BrHUBBABI). Land office opposite Slaunerchor Hall,. Htprllnit. 11 In The Inter-Stnto CommlMloo DeclilM an Oil I Triuwport»tlon Cnae. ASII1NOTON CITY I WABHINOTOH CiTir, Feb. 24.— The Inter- Fob. '.'4 —The nation- • State commerce commlwton has announced "nl-brjmocrntlc com-- an opinion in the complaints of Oenrgo Rice, t. uiitteo undid part of oil producer, of Marietta, .Ohio, against the Louisville & Nashville, and a number of other southern and southwestern railroads. The charges made by Rice against the Louisvilla & Nashville Rjilroad company, the Cincinnati, New Orleans &.Texas Pacific Railroad company, the Alabama Great Southern Railroad company, the Newport News & Mississippi Valley com pany, the Louisville, New Orleans & TexiH company, and the Illinois Central Railroad company, Joined with the last namud company of making excessive charges to com plainant, of unjustly discriminating against complainant, and of giving undue and uu reasonable preference and advantage to the Standard Oil company of Kentucky, are sustained In the opinion, and the defendan companion are ordered to cease the dlscrlm (nation against the complainant Divided on Party Llnra, WASHINGTON Crnr, Feb. ut—By a strict party vote tha house committee on territories agreed Thursday to report favorably Chairman BprlnRor's "omnibus" bill to enable tho people of Dakota, Montana, Washington territory, and New Mexico to form constitutions and state governments, and to be admitted into the union on equal footing with the original states. Tho bill provides for constitutional conventions, and prescribes their mode of election, etc. The Republicans will submit a minority report In favor of dividing Dakota. Increase of Ponslon for Deafness. WASHINGTON CITY, Fob. 2».—The home committee on pensions has agreed to the san- ate bill Increasing to $50 per month the pension for total doafnorfs. KSRK'S; Wednpwlay's work Thursday in order lo hold the convention at 8t Louis—that Is, they made the timo of meeting a month earlier, presumably to avoid the heated term In n riiy noted for hot weather in summer. And it !o<&» n good >!e il like the mem- IJ<TB hnd decided upon Bt, Loulj before they met, as 111'; first buslinxw proposed was a motion by Bcott to reconsider the vote by which July 8 had been decide! upon. The motion, however, wns lost—23 to 24. A ball'it for location was then taknn, and resulted fs follows: Pan Frnnciseo, 17; Chicago, 16; Bt. Lou'^ U; New York, 1. Ten minutes' recess followed, and upon coming to order again the second ballot was begun, but before It was announced a stampede was started by .Walsh, of Georgia, who had voted steadily for San Francisco. He aro-ia and said that ho wns satisfied that liis favorite location could not be selected, and would therefore change his vote to Bt Louis. Changes took plnce rapidly from this to the end, and whou the voting consul and the re- snit was announced It was found that 8t. Louis had " hr ot there" • unanimously, Uoudy, of Illinois, making the motion for unamln- ily. Then Scott renewed his motion to recons dur th'j vnte on time,' and it was agreed to and Junp f> substituted therefor, on motion of McD.iii'ild, of Indiana. The nrTnpiion of the official call was the next Biil>j?ct of conilderatlon and resulted In the lollowlni being issued: The notional Democratic committee, having met in the city of Washington on the 22.1 of February, 188M, has appointed Tuesday, the !>th dny of Juno next, at noop, HS the time, find chosen the city of Bt, Louis as the place, for holding the -national Democratic convention. .Knch slate Is entitled to,a representation therein cqnnl to donble the number of its senator* and representatives in tho congress of the U..ited Btates.'and each tnrritory and tho District of Columbia shall hove two delegates. All Democratic and conservative citizens of the Uniiel States, irrea- spocLive of past political associations and <lft rences, who can unite with us In tho elTjrt for pure, economical and constitutional government, are cordially invited to join in sending delegates to tBe convention. [3igno I] WILLIAM H. BAUNUM, Chairman. FREDEHICK 0. I'niNCit, Secretary. Deinocr-uts In Washington generally ex- pn-a* satisfaction over the work of tho committee, both with respect to tho time and place of meeting of the national oonven tion. Ex-Senator McDonald, a member of tha committee who voted for Bt. Louis all along, says the. place and date ara tho wisest that could have boen enosou. He had not discovered any unfriendliness for the administration in tho committee, nor did he bclievo any existed. B-nntor Gorman expressed himself well satlsflad with tho work of the committee. Aa to the date he said It was tho result of mature deliberation. He adhered to his opinion that an early convention was not the best, but, of conn)-, acquiesced In the judgment of the committ-.e, A meeting o[ tho members of tho Democratic oongrefs'onal campaign committee was called to meet at the capital at night to select an executive committee for that body. Congressman Jones, of Alabama, presided. There was not a very full attendance of members, and tbe chairman was Instructed to appoint ten members on the part of the bouse to cooperate with Senators Kenna, Hearst, and" Jones, of Arkansas, on the partof the senate, and compose the executive committee. The meeting then adjourned to meet next Monday, when Chairman Jones will report the members selected. THE NATIONAL LAW MAKER& SURKTHKYHAVETASCOTT. AN ARREST IN MISSOURI THAT PLEASES THE POLICE.. aharcoal bin, nnJ won put out before much QQING TO BUST A TRUST. damage was done. The door of the bin was kept lockoci, and the flre evl iently bod been ' »-?t by Borne one through a drop door near the floor. Thin occurrence renews tbe excitement caused by the frequency of Incendiary Tbe Mnnlerer of Millionaire Snell Thought to II»Tr Hp««n Taken In — Very Cool Rail- war Robbers Operate on .a Western Train — Sennnttnn at the Colnmbni Tally- Slieet Trial — Tho Criminal nailsnt.^ CHICAGO, Feb. 24. —Information was received at police headqu irteni Thursday afternoon froiii HberilT Ehlora, of Franklin county, MiKsoiiri, that ho had arrested at Leba- Iion7'ir~vlllttK«lWar Kalians City, n man sap- po;ed to bo W. B. Tascott, the murderer of Amos J. 8nell. Tbe man eavo the name of Walter B. Lumm, and claimed that ha was traveling from Hillsboro, Ills., to bis home In southern Kansas. Tho attention of Sheriff Ehlors was first attracted by Lumm's team of spotted ponies as he drove through lb.9 village of Union last Friday afternoon. and after an examination of the fact* and circumstances portalniug to the stranger's visit to the plnce he became convinced that he •had found the Bnell murderer. Ehlers at onoo communicated the facto to tho Chicago police, and in reply received instructions to arrest the man at all haznrds. By that time Lumm had proceeded quite a long distance, and was not overtaken until be had reached Lebanon Thursday, when he was arrested . without any trouble. His description is pronounced by the Missouri officers to exactly tally with that given out aa Tascott's. He has marks of gunshot I wounds on the right hip and scars on his knoo, thigh, and botlRllbows, and around his ankles are marks of -shackles. Lumm has with him a young woman, whom ho claims as his wife. The police authorities hero are confident the arrested man Is Tascott, and officers who know him have been sent to the Missouri villiage to identify him. fires of la! e. _^ Bmngcleni Arrested. EL PASO, Tex., Feb. 34.—The arrest of Postmaster Fleury, of Paso del Norte, charged with robbing the mails and smuggling goods into Mexico, has led to startling development*. Tho lost is the arrest of Albert Kalm, of Kahn Bros., lar*o importer* In Paso Del Norte, on the charge of receiving stolen goods from Fleury. Warrants are out for tho arrest of other persons implicated. It Is believi-d that tho aggregate theft*, if known; would rtjBch hundreds o( thousands of dollars. 6PRECKEL3 OF SAN FRANCISCO AFTER A SACCHARINE SCAUR VMt Op!um Fruuiln Discovered. Niw YORK, Feb. '.'A.— In the course of his investigation us to opium smuggling at this port Collector. Magone bos discovered that while 150,000 pounds of opium was withdrawn from bondel warehouses-here, ostensibly for export to Havana during the rjast three years, only 20,000 poun Is have been Imported into Havana from this city. This collector has not yet found out whore the other 1'Jo.OOO wont He has discovered fraud! 16 the"amount of $1:10,000. In Trouble About a Woman, a. Ind, Feb. 24.—Dr. W. B. Bedell, a prominent physician, who ha* held several positions of trust, has suldenly disappeared. Ho bos been paying considerable attention to a neighbor's wife, and finally his actions became so noticed that they occasioned some talk. Five or six weeks ago Mrs. Bsdoll died suddenly, under circumstances which are now regarded with suspicion. PhlUnthroplat Corcoran JUpldlv Sinking. WASHINGTON CITY, Fob. 24.—At la. in. Friday Mr. Corcoran was "reported Milking rapidly. ' .__._ __- E PRES - |DENT)S J0K £ He Refers to a Little Garden, ot Eden Scene—Vtult to St. Augustine. JACKHONVim.E; Fla., Fob. 24.—The presi dent's party rose early Thursday morning, and after breakfasting w«ro escorted In carriages to tbe sub-tropical imposition, which they Inspected thoroughly before the general public was admitted. In the rustic building containing the ixhibit of Hernando, Pasco, and Citrus.counties a full-siiod orange tree covered with blooms and containing about 100 oranges bad boon placed near the pint- form, which Mrs. Cleveland ascondoil, and she enjoyed for the first time the experience of plucking orange blossoms and oranges from the tr ee. She tossed to the president the first orange she picked, but his hnmls woro not quick enough,- and he caught It on the nose. She offered him another, but ho declined, saying that a man got Into trouble a Ions time ago by acc.iptlng fruit ptuckod and offered by a woman. __^ BT. AUOUSTINE, Flo., Fob, 2-1 .—The president and party arrived here about noon and were escorted to thu hotel by a delegation ot cltineus, firemen, and other organizations, . whore there was a reception by tbe local military and 200 hundred children In holiday attire. In accordance with tbe president's request there were no formal ooremonie*. After a rest a tour of the' points of Interest In and near the city was made, and at night there was a public reception. All are well and-en joying the fly inf. trip to Florida to tbe fullest extent. GIVEN THE LIE HYPOTHETICAL, A Wordjr Row In Conrt — Convarme "Switches Off"— on Affront. COLUMBUB, O., Feb. 24. —The defense In the tally-sheet trial did not call Allen O. Myers to the rfitnras stand as was expected Thursday. After the cross-examination of young Blackburn was concluded, several watchmen and under clerks about the court liouw testified aa to what they saw transpiring about the court houso on the eventful Sunday nl^ht, tut noihlng Interesting was brought out, Prosecutor Hullng was then sworn. Ho was asked a number of questions tending to show that money was used by the state attorney In securing testimony. This exasperated Col. Holmes, of the state counsel, and be replied sharply, accusing Mr. Convene of trying to Impugn the state's motive, which ho knew to be pure. "We have shown that yom yourself are to get $700 out of this," retorted Converse. "If you say that, you lie," answered Holmes. "Take that and chew It" All was excitement, and every ona expected to son n blow pass, but Converse coolly replied, "Then your witness lied," Tho word firing was continued for some time, but gradually subsided until time to adjourn court, _ OLD HANDS AT ROBBERY. -r^-KT FLOATING SOAP THE CH!EF Per* tha Bath, Toilet and Laundry. •Snow Whlto and Absolutely Pure, If yonr doulcr does not koop White Cloo<1 Boap, mod 10 OHIIU tor sumple ciHie to the maken, JKS. 8. KIRK & CO., ' '• CHICAGO. WRIQHT & WILLIAMS, ?, G\S& STEW FITTERS Jobbing and Repairing rromptly Attended to. Dealers in Lead and Wrought Iron Pipe, Wood and Iron Pumps, of all kind, Hoso, Packing, Steam and Water Guages, Valves, Fittings, Bower l'k)e, &a. Kstlmates madeon Plumbing,StearosGasJoDs. Mr. B. F. WILLIAMS, . Formerly with Wm. MeCune & Co.. attends to wood ana Iron pump setting and repairing. Mr, E,-M.'WEIGHT, . Formerly with the Sterling Water Co.. gives his personal attention to all plumbing, steam mid jra* contracts, OUR LAMP P ALACK Is c.implete with the latest designs In Hanging. Stand and Bracket Lamps, Burners, Chimneys, to. Prices to suit the times. Call and see our Little Giant Lump and Eureka Safety Valve. All. - work warranted. Your orders solicited. Telephone SI. s UaltUoiue lllock Free Salt and Free Liquor Petitioned For— BIlU For Public Buildings. WASHINGTON CITY, Feb. 24.—Petitions were presented in the senate Thursday for free salt; to abolish the alcoholic liquor tax; for reduced postage on seeds, etc.; to abrogate all treaties permitting Chinese Immigration. A bill was reported to give the Bt, Louis & San Francisco railway right-of- way through In> linn territory. Mnnderson Introduced a bill lor govurnment aid to state soldiers' homesi Bills were passed requesting the president to invite foreign governments to send representatives toa marine conference In this city October 1, next, to prepare a better code of signals, etc., at sea; to oxteivl United State! laws over the public land Blrlp, aud to permit foreign government* to acquire real estate in tbe District. Tbe Washington City cable railway ibarter then came up. An amendment by Vest to dispose, or the charter to the highest bi l.ler was rejected, and the bill passed. Tbe senate then adjoumei Cox was delected as speaker pro tern, ofthe house during Carlisle's absence in Kamas to visit a nick son. McA'loo offered a resolution inquiring Into'tlio alleged, trouble with Great Britain in Veui-zusla. -Bills wore reported for public buil.liiiRS at Kalamauo, Mich, i Lo;d»i'Bport, I" 1 '.; Youngstowu, Hum- Hum, Akron, and Zaneaville, O.; Sioux City, lu.; Malison, lid,; Haloiia, M. T.; Cheyenne, \Vy. T., and a marine hoipitil at Evunavtl!' 1 , Iii'i. In committee of the whole lha hou o than pmed several public bulU- ing bills for extern and s-mthsru points, an.1 after confirmliu tho uaiua In regular session adjourned. BENEDICT AS A WITNESS. OJL.UE (UNNLNG I3UNNLNG THBE XV AU goods promptly de oTSaclw. Hpaalftl&pf.R good* and utauoa. [mhleni THBEE WAGONS dedvered to any part removing household BLVf ( ADVERTISERS r; . n rtrtrtWng ip^o wh«n in Cww :; LORD ft THOMAS ;:*n.l with lo titft.- «:r,ot obtain ailitr i. will (me' it on lili H AVE YOUR BOOKS BOUND AT THK QAZMTTSl BINDER F. UU Remark* on Ink Mill Roller Compo- sition—Kmploy«l IJUcharged. | WASHINGTON CITY, Feb. 84.—The house committee on printing Thursday afternoou resumed thu invmtUatinn of ths government printing oflio;. Public printer Benedict saij that tho toial ol the office for the tticalyoar ending June 80, '87, was $3,500,- 07S, agam.t »x',7M,5tW lor 'BO. H» u»ve dat» showing how the saving had boon mndo. He stated that certain UrroU of ink iiurebanxt. by ha pre«lec««.-'>r» at a price of W coutu per pound, which onivcd » few days after bit (Benedict 1 .) laklng the office, clogged the pr«s*e*. and »*» aiuch inforiorto lofe ho had paid 1J cents par uound for. Referring lo printing roller eompoiiUon ba said Q« bought Uu ai> ticl» «« 28 ceniA and that It w«» much b«5- Ur tb»n that «oicb bi*^p»dac«w>or h*i pa!4 49 oaau For. Two 11*4 of mtn>»» w«r« primnUit, «a* A UorrlbK DUooTurr In Chlo»eo, CHICAOO, Feb. SH.—A. little before noon Thursday tbe neighbors who ' bad noticed that matters .were unusually quiet about 'a house occupied by Mrs. Julia 'Bangreu on Rees street, broke into tbe premises an I found Mrs. Bangren on the floor apparently dead, and on a couch near by her two children almost naked, and cold In death. Mrs. Sangren was taken to the hospital, and tsay probably recover. The woman can not or will not speak, and the cause of the deaths of the children Is a mystery. They had been dead three or four days evidently, and .were in a filthy condition, having vomited -freely before death, Ths chUdren were a;boy-and girl, about 11 andlyoarsof age respectively Injunction Affalnat Gould and Sage. NBW YORK, Fsb. 21—In the suit of John Btsnton, a stockholder of tbe Fort Bcott railroad, against the.Missourl Pacific, the Fort Scott, Wichita) $ Western Railroad company, Jay Gould.iRusael Bage and the other members of the ,Fort Bcott organization committee, to set d^ido thu reorganization sob erne and Ite results,. Judge Patterson, of the supreme court, has granted an Injunction restraining the defendanlt[ from delivering, transferring, parting wltb^or encumbering any bond, or bonds of the Fort Bcott roail, secured or purporting to be secured by the Income or second mortgage, and also delivering any of il* shares of capital stock to any person ether than the plaintiff arid others Interested with him. Tbe Iowa Tax Ixivjr. DM Mounts, la.. Feb. !*— The 'senate Thursduy puusiKl tho tax levy bill which provides for a levy of 2^ mills for' 18S8 and 1889. A bill was introduced for a soldiers monument on the cupltol grounds to coat $50,1)00. Tbe bill empowering the oflloials to stamp out contagious cattle diseases was passed. The house spent the day on the comralttee'ii railway bill, and negatived every proposition that tended to weaken It. It will probaUy pass tha homo as reported, substantially. A joint evening session was held to elect penitentiary wardens. G. W. Crossley won elected for Fort Madison aud MarquU Barr for Anaiuoa*. Churchill Indicates an Epoch. LONDON, Fob. H4.— Lord Randolph Church- Ill Wednesday night, in bis address to tbe Oxford Union society,- said that if he were asked If home r':le would ever, be granted to Ireland be would answer yes, but that he could not toll the time when this woula happen. He could ouly Indicate tho epoch. When England bad coasud to be a nation of wealth, when her manufacturers and her commerce had departed; and when manly resolution and dogged determination no longer remained, and when the memory of the past was f org )tten, then, and then only,- homa rule would ~>e grau.ed to Ireland. A Western Train Kobbml by Two Men Who Had Nerve and Coolness. TUCSON, A. T., Feb. 24.—The westbound train on the Southern Puciflc road was boarded by two men at BU'in's Pass station about 8:30 o'clock Wednesday evening. After the train had start/.d the men crawled over tbe water tank, covered the engineer and fireman with rifles, and when/ a mile and a half from tho station the engineer was compelled to stop the train. One of the robben uncoupled tbe mall and express car, with th« engine, from the other part of tbe train. The engineer was compelled to move on a mile and a half further, when the robbers again ordered him to stop, and then forced tha Wells, Fargo & Co.'s express messengers to open iho oar, which they rifled, but without disturbing the malU. The engineer was next ordered to back aud take up the other part of the train, and tb« robbers loft tbe railroad 1 and started in a southerly direction. .;Tho train arrived her« ou time. The express robbery Is reported to be heavy. A special train was placed at tba 'disposal of Marshal Wade aud several oill- con with tno Indian trailers and horses left for the scene. A >*e«ro Riot In llaltfuiore, BALTIUOHB, Fab. 24.—Two gangs of ool ored moii styling themselver the. "Nines" and the" "Sixes," had an encounter on Charle* street, the b?st-known promouadeof tbe city, Thursday night Paving stoues and bricks were freely used and then pistols wers brought Into play. For a time there was a regular pandemonium, and during the melee about fifty shots were fired. Fnally the crowd. turned up Charlei street; the "Nines" falling back and the "Sixes" pursuing. In front of th< residence of Cardinal Gibbons tbe "Nines* started westward. At this point the firing became very brisk, and the throwing ol bricks and stones was kept up until the "Nines" broke ranks and ran 'toward theit homes in the western part of the city. Many ladles were forced to take refuge in storea. Only one rioter wns arrested. Be \Vu • Murderer, All the Same. • MONTREAL, Feb. 24.—An Italian named Garcenna Torelll entered Notre Dam« church Wednesday night, passed through ths center aisle to the railing of the sanctuary and alternately kneeling and standing, struck his breast with his hands, accusing himself of murder. Dr. Brennan, of Notr« Dame hotpltal, was called and declared th« man insane. Dr. Bouchard Thursday morn- Ing made an official examination with thl same result. Moanwhile detective Carpenter telegraphed Inspector Byrnes, of New York, and received a reply stating that Tor* ell! wan New York for a murdej committed last year, and asking that ho held until an officer arrived to take him ID charge. SHU JuBRlnn Bankers In Cincinnati. CINCINNATI, Fub. 24.—Frank M. Rlegol, charge with embezzlement, was arrested shortly after midnight Thursday.'. Rlegel was connected with the Metropolitan National bank up to th • time it was closed by the government, and occupied the position of assistant cashier. He was also treasurer of several building associations of which it is alleged he Is sliort in bis account* several tbonsand dollars.. - SnloldiMl In a Shooting Gallery- NEW YORK, Fob. 24.—Daniel Oakey, aged 60, went Into a shooting gallery in Bleecker street Thurs.lny anil began pactlcing with a revolver. ' Aflor llrlnc a number of shots, and while tho pioprietor's hand was turned, Oakoy put' his head into the firing tunnel, atudt the"iuuzzle~of tho revolver Into bis mouth, and pulled tho trigger. Death was instantaneous. Tho suicide had been atone time Insane. No motive Is knowa Disslnntml Habit* Had Ualued Him. BROOKLYN, N. Y., Feb. 24. —Thomas Danham, fornim-ly a wealthy ice cream manufacturer and well-known citlzon, shot himself dead Thursday. Dissipated hobite had rulnod him, and ho was. in a despondent condition. Charged Ills Kate to Whisky. ATLANTA, On.', Fob, 24.—Lewis Moore, colored, was bunged at Georgetown Thursday for the murder of Randall Wright, an- othor colored man. Mourn, who confessed on the scutlold, said whisky was the cause of the crima Indiana Veil For a Service Pension. INDIANAPOLIS, lud., Fob. .24.—The state encampment of tho Grand Army of Republic closed here Thursday. The following ofllcors were elected: Aryus D. Van Arsdal, of Undlson, commander; Sholby Sexton, of North Manchester, senior vico-oammandcr; J. B. McDonald, of Columbia City, junior vice-commander; Dr. A. R, Tucker, of Cicero, medical director; and Rev. Ira J. Chose, of Danville, chaplain. A resolution was passed instructing the delegates to the national encampment to vote as a unit In favor of a mousuro giving every soldier holding an honorable discharge a pension for life, ac not le«s than *••) per month and more for disabilities. With a Forty-Million Dollar Syndicate •» nil Hack—Mew Tork I» K l»taton Trrint; to Get at th« Interior of Several Sort* of Combination*, Among Them Milk •nd Indl4-Rnbb«r. NKW YoAs, Feb. 24.—The senate commit- too on trust* continued It* session here Thursday. In spenklng of the unwilling witnesses Chairman Arnold snld that tbolr names has boon placed on record as declining to answer pertinent and proper" questions relative to the sugar trust He said be would give encouragement to those who desire to see some respect shown to the authority of the legislature and Its committee. The committee hail got most of the Information desired, and he did not know that the matter would go any farther, bat the question would be considered this week. J. A. Dodsworth, managing editor of The Commercial Bulletin, was thi first witness called to sho-y that the prices ofsngarhad fallen from ISSo to tho time of the formation of tbe "trust," when they shot up. Pierson E. Handtord, of B. R Bandford & Co., and president of the Milk exchange (limited), was then examined. It was thought, through his evidence, to unearth a "milk trust." He knew of no other milk exchange. The capital of that exchange was only $10,0(10, and It controls only a small portion of the milk coming into Nsw York city from the state. Three cent* for each quart of milk is allowed the farmer. Tbe dealer pays the freight. Witness was a farmer, and believed tbe farmers wers benefited by the exchange, "The exchange fixes the price and the farmer may either send his milk along or keep It at home," said Mr. Bandford. Oscar W. Mapes, N. W. Howell, and Jossa Durland, all milk-shipping farmers, testified that the price fixed by the exchange was all that could ba oBtalnod for the milk in Orange county. The farmers had fought against the exchange for a year, but had been eonv polled to give in. There aro fl It) fiirmers who are opposed to the exchange. . . The so-called rubber trust was then taken np a-id John D. Vermeule, of the Goodyear Rubber company, was the first wltneea. He said that about eight months ago a meeting was held at which fifteen companies were represented. A trust was proposed and the matter was left In the hands of a committee. Since then nothing has been donw, and witness thought the whole questlou had been dropped. - OH! MY HEAD. The pain from Xonrnlpia »iu! its companion diwa«e Ilhimmstism i* excruciating. ThnnKiindB who ennid be quickly cured arv nfedi'twjy suffering. Ath-liMilm-rns will do fur others what it did for tho following parties : . V91III»m5l>oTt Ind, Oct. ». 1W7 Ha*inab«*»n artlirtMl witb tn^Tftlffia Tcr thapwrTr'urjrTtwr*. ant! trying aJmt^teTwy- tfclnn bat In rmin. 1 finally h<-ard of A^hlo- phonn. AIWT Ukinr one b<>«)« I found l« and aft*r Uklnr . lnr (nor hot- Uoaof AtlilnphnraandaiAnf PiH«,Ifmirid that I cin« 1» . bn b«tpfn« me. a tlilnphnraan , «« nntimlj w»!l. I think th« modi- o*HtT»ly a «m» cnn> CHAtmccr B. Rnrotcnt. Mt Oarmel. HI.. Don '». IW7. I haTB IIWM! Athlttpbnrod In rar fiunl'.y and . Bnd it to tie th* irwatMt medicine for neu- rilfrla in « iltrtcne* and hitvinn h«d 111 iinjpl ____ 1 faatftneduiHjnui8fart.hnps!rt MjeirfllkTViTf whereof I upoik. MlW .Itn-IA IIHILTOM. •*&• Send o«Mit« for IliplK'nnti ful rolorwl pto- tur.'. - Moorish Mnld<>n." THEHTHLOPHQROS CO. 112 Wall St. It. Y. TOOT er for the Or1irln«I (3 Sfc»», Bow»r«oflniit*tluna. JAMES MEANS' $3 SHOE. do In Hiittfin.OontfTOM ft uw> nt Coif AJfc.n, Un«coell«<3 In Durability.(^nnfort andJip. earqnrf, A pofltalcardd'-nl j on win brloff yon l»iCowifc tion how to get this Shoe ^InanTStnteorTcrritcr/. J. Means & Co., 41 Unco'n I U, DostoUtftb**. This sbne stands hlntm In th« ««tlmM)r>a nt Wrartn than any other In tho world. Thotifw.-ls Tbo^**ru will tell you tiiur^naon It you nitkUifciil. —and— rT ^ J. R. BELL d, SON will sell them to you U you will give them , ehanoe, aa well aaj FINE CLOTHING. A new and desirable stock of which they have Oh hand. Don't think of going anywhere «be, . an no one else In the city keep* The James Means Shoe Orasflneand ELEQA As they do The Union Veteran Legion. YOUNOSTOWW, O., Feb. U4.—At the closing session of tha ^national encampment Union Vetoran Loglon Thursday national offlcert were elected as follows: Commander, A..L. Pearson, of 1'ittsburg, Pa,; senior vice-commander, G. J, R. Miller, of Phlladelpbla; junior vice-commander, .Christina Stawitz; of Bt Louis. The next annual encampment will be held at Altoona, Fa., .the data to be announced later. A resolution was adopted making eligible to membership all honorably discharged soldiers who enlisted for two years before July 22, ISOL Pittsburg was made the national headquarters of the legion. • — Cot tho Price ot Coke. PrrrsBtTRO, Pa., Feb. IM.—At a meeting of tho coke operators Thursday an under- itan ling was reached resulting In an agreement to cut prioM for March 25 cents per ton, or IL50 for funiacoa, $Ut)0 for dealer., and $1.75 tor fouudrymeu. A McConnolia- vllle dispatch says that on account of tuo decreased coke production about b",000 men are idle, and that the reduction in tbe selling price ot coke will make a 10 pur cent reduo- AFTER A SUGAR TRUST SCALP. Sprockets Bald to Have Formed a Forty Million Dollar Syndicate. BAN FRANCIKCO, Col., Feb. 24.— It i« asserted that Claua Spreckels has formed a syndicate, Including all refineries opposed to tbe sugar trust, for the avowed purpose of breaking up that combination. The capital of the syndicate will be 140,000,0000, of which Bpreckels stands ready to contribute $15,000,- omi The alleged cause for the formation of this rival trust Is the fact that after Bprecklea refused to enter tbe eastern combination Its managers made arrangement* with tbe American refinery of this city which at nnoe began a war on Bprecklee. In retalir'lon the Pacific coast sugar king proposes to ahow his power by smashing the eastern trust To Circumvent the Sugar Trn»t- PrrrSDOBQ, Fa., Feb. 24.—Representatives of the wholesale preserving firms from all parts of the country mot Thursday In this city. The fluctuations and steady advance In the price of sugar sinoo the formation of tbe sugar trust is a matter of special concern to these gentlemen, who annually consume millions of dollars' worth of that commodity. It Is the Intention to form a national association, and then petition congress to take oBf the duty on sugar. . ' REBUILDING MT. VERNON. THE CHiCAGO AMD WESTERN • " RAILWAY. RAILWAY. Penetrate* the Centre! of Pot>mla-a Itlon In] ILLINOIS, IOWA, WISCONSIN, mm, MINNESOTA, DAKOTA,. NEBRASKA AND WYOMING, 1M TKAIN HEBTICB U emretnlly arranged to meet rcqulremenU of local ttave!. aswell aa to furnish the most attractive Boa»»» or through travel between Important TRADE CENTRES', iJTS BttfJIPMKWT of Day an« Parlor Cam, Slnlng and Palace Bleeping 0»n If without rival. ITS KOAD-BKW •tone-ballasted stseL ; U perfeetlanj • tion in w'ages, which the less refuse to accopt. cokertt- -will doubt- YOBK, FiU 2't-~H'inry George **yt In Tu«Standard tnat he .will not dispute Or. MeGlynu'» luanageuivnt of lh« Antl-Povorty Bod»cy, nor/ «Utrk a iw* ouo. Uk* the real mother U>tor« tflulouioq, hn will yMd op Ui4 daild rattior lbu> w« it diinMtutkuwi by •Uif* H» iioiM* Uw tooiatj «01 oooUnoe to do good vorfc. HTiterlous New* of mSulcldo. LOWELI, Maw., Feb. 24.—A postal card was receivwl at tha police station Thursday dated at Manchester, N. H., stating that a box had bren sent to Lowell from Bunoook, N. It, directed to Fred Btsvens, and aUo stating that when the card was received Fred Steven* would be no more. Th< box referred to was received a! tbe depot here Wednesday inil being uncalled for was taken in charge by Undertaker Chamberlain. Tbe box cover bears s card labelled tbe "Remains of Ellen Murphy." Ybo name of Fred Bteveus was signed to the pogtal card, In which be stated that tha box would bear the name of Ellen Murphy. Tbe case li supponod to be one of suicide. Tried to Ham • MonuUctory. PBOTIDSHCB, R. L, Feb. M.— An atbcmpj to burn the Kpragu« Mowing Uachina build- Ing wai mad* Thursday morning. '1'bii U tba largixt wooden building in tha itat* and \» occupixi by a uumixr of flrnw and aboal ljyoi Tb* fir* «ru dUcov«r«<l IB • The Grant Monument Fan(] ( NEW YOIIK, Fub. 21—At the annual meeting of the trustees of the Grant monument fund, held Thursday, the following officers were elected for tho ensuing year: William R. Grace, president; Hamilton Fiah and R L. M. Barlow, vice prenldents; Richard T. Greener, secretary, and J. Pierrepont Morgan treasurer. The committee has now on deposit tiiiO.iOa.'iO. About *;0,OUO was contributed to the f u:id laat year. , Reports of the Chlonffo Convention* CHICAGO, Feb. 24 — Nowspnporj intending to make reports of the Republican national convention are requested to tile applies tioru for accommodations with the chairman ol the press committee, R. W. Patterson, of The Chicago Tribune. Applications will b* considered in the order of flllrig. No applications from wee kly papers, or from papers that do not intend making a spec! ol telegraphic report, can b« entertained. Minnesota Veterans In Encampment. MiKNBAPOlJS, ,Minn., Feb. 24.—Tbe stat< G. A. R. encampment op?aed at the Peoples theatre Thursday. About 600 delegates art in attendance. The time w as occupied In listening to the reports of committees and tbe various pflloera, Jutoreflt chiefly centers In the selection oil a successor to Oepartment- Commandur Wheelock. Surrendered to His Tenants. LONDON, Feb. 'A— Sir H. Burke, who owns estates at Wood ford, has surrendered to th» plan offored by hit tenants, and settto- ments have bean mail* lu accordance with It to tba satisfaction of all Only Lord Claorl- carde and Mrs. Lewis now bold out In that district against their Uinauta. Hew York Dotuixjral* IManand* NKW YOKK, Feb. i*.—Luading Democrats, bora «wui «ull pUuued with tha atslnciJon ol Bt Louis u tho pl»cw ot holding tu* oatlooal sonvenUoa U is goueriJly refardwl «• • tavcrabkr rwuli for th« CJ»T«l«ud mco. CommenolnK to Clear^. Away the Labor In Demand*. MOCST VKBNON, Ills., Feb. -24.—Three thousand busy people in this city are cheered byi the many tokens ot kindly feelings' manifested by the people of the entire country. Contributions are now beginning to come in regularly, .though In small sums compared with ,the total losa. Many buildings that Were supposed to be uninjured are upon examination found to be Insecure, and are being torn down in order to rebuild. Tbe Paca block is badly damaged. ; The streets are being cleared and the sidewalks replaced. It Is stated that 11,000,000 will be needed to restore tha town. Many workmen will do well to come to this city as soon as possible: A Switchman with Brains. TTJSOOLA, Ills., Ftb. 24.—A runaway engine on tbe Chicago & Eastern Illinois railroad came dashing down the steep incline at Grape Creek Thursday morning with twenty loaded cars behind it. A crowded passenger train stood directly In Its way, and had not tha switchman quickly turned a switch, aide- tracking the onrushiug train, many lives would have been lost . Damage was cawed to the amount of 115,000. Engineer Bogart of tbe freight jumped from bis engine and was dangerously Injured. •The Worth-We«t«rn In the t»T«r.t.> Northwest. x Detailed information cheerfully furnished by ,-W 1 . A. FO^VLER, Acent, HTKBIJHG. J. M. WHUTMAM, H. C. WICItKB. Vloe-PreB. & G«n. Uangr. Trafflo Manager. L P. VIU01. CM'! ttmifu Apit. HO HOUSEHOLD SHOULD BE ¥ITHP'J» A Boman Catholic HarUI CK*«. NKW YORK; Feb. 24.—The family of John Maguire, who died at an Anti-Poverty meeting, applied to the supreme court Thursday for a mandamus to compel the Calvary cemetery authorities to permit burial in Ma- KUire'i lot The cemetery people, who are backed by Vicar General Preston, .rely on tbe decision In tbe 'case ot John Byrne, upholding them In refusing burial because Byrne was a memhnr of a secret society. A Wliconilu Man Decapitated. . BminNGHAM, Ala.. Fob. H4.-R. E. Luby, formerly chief train dispatcher of the Kansas City, Memphis & Birmingham railroad, resigned bis position last Saturday. When alerting for New York Thursday night bis foot slipped, and he fell, the wheels of tbe car passm,; over his bead, severing It from the body. Ho came here from Watertown, Wls., whore his parents reside. ; Another landlord Succumb*, DUBLIB, Feb. 24.—Sir Heury Burke has granted hU tenant* at Woodford a 25 par cent reduction oo their renta and has forgiven them tbe legal costa involve 1. He will reinstate the tenant* evicted and pay tba ooita of their molnteuananc* white evicted. Driven Out In the Cold. DUBUK, Feb. 34.—Bevearl eviction* were made Thursday on tbe Ponsonby estates, and tha cotUgon were driven out of their bouses, despite tha fact that tb* <reaih-r is «x« Iretnety cold. Much suffurtug will uum* , Tbe Elactrle Bamedy KllUd Hint. BBOOKLKM, Fob. 8*. -William Me Master*, who had twuu dlreoUd by his jjhyaioiao. fa} UM an .lift-trio balUry for heart djanan, droppoi do>>l Touiadaj ol«h. »beu b* lum*d (b« curmtt cot. vn*v«Bt.l MULTLCSI rAMILT MIOIGINL The majority of th» ills of the human bod; »rls« from a diseased JJvnr. Slin- mons Liver Regulator has boen tnemeaui of restoring more people to health and happlneas by giving them a hMlihy I4ror than any other agency on earth. •EB'THAT TOD GET LADIES! Do Your Ow» Dyalag. at Hi»»JS,wttl> PEERLESS DYES '' bare no equal tar Str*a«t!s. In" or tor Fttsttuaa ' -«:--H- i^!**'*- 11 ** ••^A'Cffl '**^»

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