The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 12, 1914 · Page 18
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 18

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 12, 1914
Page 18
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Pajre Sijf . Sunday Morning, July 12, 1914. THE r rtf SW ** ^* If*** SHOULD INVES Ten Years Ago vs. To-day Ten vears aeo the world did not believe the Panama canal would ever be built Todav it is a finished product. Its opening means that the tide of trade will change in the Untied States and that the South and her southern ports will enter upon an era of untold prosperity. Ten vears a°-o the fanners of the South could not get money to properly improve their farms at any price. Today President Wilson has proven himself the Teatest real estate agent the world has ever known, and is forcing the water out of the "boasted" listed stocks of the United States, and is removing the emba^o laid on America's greatest producer--the farmer, and allowing him to use his only security as an asset for national bank loans. The world now realizes that mortgages secured by productive farm lands the safest and best securities obtainable, and from this day forward they w be the most popular securities for all classes of trust funds, because man s mismanagement cannot affect them and no water has to be squeezed out of en Ten vears ago there were only a few automobile garages in New Orleans. Todav everv automobile manufacturer either has a salesroom here or will soon have one, and will be forced to locate a branch of his factory here to save freight rates. Only a few years ago all the cotton factories of the country were located in the East. Within a few years they will all be located here in the cotton fields to save freight. The same reasons that force the automobile and cotton factories to, come south will force all the large manufactories to locate branch offices here. Ten years ago there was not a good road in Louisiana outside of the coun- lies in which her largest cities were located, and today practically every county in Louisiana is planning a system of good roads. Louisiana's agricultural crop for ^899 was $14,491,796 and her manufactured products the same year were valued at $110,949,000, making a total of $1"5,440,796 for that year. In 1909 her agricultural crop was valued at $24,786,984, and her manufactured products were valued at $223,949,000, a total of $248,735.984, almost double that of ten years ago. Figure for yourself the thousands of other things that show New Orleans and the South's wonderful growth within the last ten years which guarantee a wonderful future growth. Three Money-Making Crops a Year Remember, three crops a year are produced on the same piece of land in the Delta: Potatoes, tomatoes or other truck crop, in the Spring; corn, sweet potatoes or other crop, in the Summer; onions, cabbage or other truck crop, in the Fall. Now at three crops a year, you will find that in five years this land will produce fifteen crops, each as valuable as can be produced on the bottom lands in the North, and if northern farmers get four crops in five years and Delta farmers get fifteen crops in five years, we are certainly entitled to the statement that we have the richest and most profitable lands in the United States. READ THE TABLE OF A REASONABLE AND AVERAGE PROFIT PER ACRE TO BE EXPECTED FROM VARIOUS CROPS GROWN ON LOUISIANA DELTA LANDS. IT IS PRINTED BELOW: CL The climate b delightf ly warm, healthful, and vigorating the whole yc 'round. It Is never ve hot, and the nights are ways cool. Tha first fn of the year averages abc December 10th, and the about January 24th. Th ia a constant breeze the gulf and in the United States there ia a healthier or more people than the residents this district New Orleans ia the ter capital of America, cause when the North bound with ice and sn New Orleans is the great city in a which is always p and reliable. Here Are Answers to Some of the Questions You Witt WESTERN UNION CHECK TIME FILED RECBIVKRS NO. Form 2289 NIGHT LETTER THEO. If. TAIL, PRESIDENT. BEND flie following Night Letter, ·object to the temut on back hereof* ivhlch are hereby agreed to NEW ORLEANS, LA.. JUNE 14-14. GEORGE GATJNTLETT «Z WEST WASHINGTON STREBT, CHICAGO, ILL, ' N REPORT FROM DELTA FARMS TODAY REGARDING POTATO CROPS FOLLOWS: HOLMANS AVERAGED HUNDRED THIRTT FIVE; TABORS, HUNDRED TWENTY FIVE PER ACHE, BOTH NETTED DOLLAR FORTY TWO PER BACK OF NINETY POUNDS. BRAWUSY'B ROLLED OUT LIKE CROQUET BALLS, HUNDRED TWENTY FIVB PER ACRE. VERY FINE AND FREE FROM SCAB. NETTED DOLLAR THIRTY PER BUSHEL. I HAVE WIRED SAME MERCHANT ANR 8CHAUCK. E. L. GATES. Is there a town site near this land? Yea, there Is a beautiful townslte laid out. How are the crops transported to market from these farms? Crops intended for New Orleans market can be loaded on barges right °" Vf b a « r n «F«n k c e h Mar* A*«,rcYt£ ^TnVnVed 'for shipment Vo° «.£» markets thev will SB received by boats of the B, P. R- R- at the main wharf on t h e O i n i l on a through bill of ladine under the same t a r i f f shipments from New Orlcan to Chicago° or New York and will be forwarded by fast freight mes to destfnntk", Thus i° ^ill be noted we get the same rate on through shipments as do producers in and adjacent to New Orleans. What about rural facilities to these farms? E l e . t r i r lines are now under construction. The Southern Pacific has a] s o promised branch lines which will be constructed just as soon a, the crops from this v i c i n i t y s u b s t a n t i a t e the expenditure, and at the present inuresse. this will be. in t h e very near future. Do you ever have cyclones, hurricanes, or other death-dealing storms? Are these farms or any portion, wet, swampy lands after drainage No, a f t e r the saturated soil has one. been relieved of IU excess moUturs we have to deal only with the rain that (Bill. v nurs«lf Thll The best in the world Is for you to com. here and see for you,"!*. Thll .r we describe in our advertising matter. Give the average rainfall at these farms. ' es inches, ranging from 2.9 Inches in October to 6.4 inches In Jul. the averaee for late years. What will a comfortable five-room house cost. against cold weather and great storms as in the north. How early each year can potatoes be planted? Potatoei for early crop are planted in February. What mall service have you? Rural Free Delivery etch day. Give price per day of good common labor. Oo/d farm hands can he emptoyed at from $25.00 to $30.00 per month. later runt about II. 7S a a»y- _ This li Day Is it easy to obtain good labor when needed? Ye». Is the tend hard to work? One horse will pull a plow that requires two Tjorsei ra *,~.TM-What ia the average size farm purchased by norther* people IB I tract? The average size tract purchased by northern raen 1« »BOBt being fully equal to 100 acres In Illinois or Iowa. What difficulties are encountered in land cultivation? -,. f\ i _ - j ._ .. uvAfui iav»1 nralria £rc fTOIO ·on* Ther. are none. Our land i« a broad level ^ralri. '"« submerged logs, rocks or oth«r obstructions. You can plow a away" in the finest soil you »vsr cultivated. If I buy land now and expect to take up residence later, when sn my land be plowed and harrowed for first crop? At any Urn* and th«. 1» no acidity, alkali or « tt " ssnis^s^ S3 ss^-Afss^ and ready for market within ninety d»y§ to four months State the best time for northern men to move to these farms. no best time; you can com* her* at any time In th» 7«« matter of choice and conv«nienc«. What class of people are settling up these farms? to makt their permanent homes. _ Do you furnish abstract of title with every piece of land BSSSss-SSSSSaSSwWswa examined if you care to do so. e farms? one. of the most profltabt* occupation* a* ' s^te the United State.), alio that you can rals« and f « a . tro °'« "JluS a ' period of produotivwesi than In tht North. SOUTHER P. B. SULLIVAN, Mgr. 431 Citizens Bca lEWSFAPESr EWS'PAPER!

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