The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 30, 1975 · Page 14
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 14

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 30, 1975
Page 14
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THE BRAiOSPORT PACTS PHC6POHT, TBXAS, SUNDAY. NOVEMBER 30. Wt Pipe IM V ^ NO.WI W 3C8 * CM THE UW E ROWED PEOve THE CCtf iS SOT THE MOOSE Officers identify girl's body... AN INVITATION TO JOIN US Each Sunday for our Buffet, 11:00 a.m.-3 p.m. (Try our ro»»t b**f...U'j our *ptcl»ll.v> SALAD BAR., Comr hark »» olltn at vou lAr LARRY LASAGNA ENTERTAINS AS YOU DINE II:» t»3;WSund»y PrUtr & SaUnU; rttidnfl 7-l» pm. WEEKDAYS- TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR NOON LUNCHEON OPEN C:00 A.M. MON.-FRIDAY FOR BREAKFAST STEAKS AND SEAFOOD (Continued from Page 1' because of the thick growth of weeds There is speculation that whoever put the body in the ditch had to be familiar with the area. The spot is located deep within some rice fields and it is necessary to make two sharp turns on rice field nuuls to get to the rice canal lever Capt. Woodard said the friends Miss Kluge visited at Roshnron have bwn interviewed extensively by officers, t»th at the time her disappearance was reported and since the body was found, and at this point they are certain they have no further knowledge of her movements after she left their home. Miss Hinge's parents spent several hours with Brazoria County officers Friday afternoon after her body had been identified in an effort to give In formation which might lead to a clue to svho her assailant might have been Officers with the evidence found with the body are now working on the basis the case is a sex murder _ King t'hiirlfs I »( Hri||l,-trwl giivt* it Krvnrh irr crrjin m.inuf.K tuirr .1 yearly fn-it *lt>n !o !»•«•{> the wtrl t>i m,U injt iff rfhini rifliHitfly lor I In- royal I J^ That mono/ "TRUE GR/T" V is bock and look who's got him. JOHN KATHARINE WAJTNE' HEPBURN * ? ( - ry*V5i«*S:1 3«.@S5<* ! SHKIWT'S I.IKtTK-N'A.VT Owe Smti'.h, right, utarwlt rwiutfe- ric* l\eM ditch in northern Hrajwia Vkfwrr? ihv txxiy of Nina Lynn Kl IB, of (..'yprfsu »aj» Thanksgiving I>»y l.t Smith w talking l»> Kiwnrt Jaw* vnSwj *cjr)n rice ami krx-|M taUir in wart'? Hr toi-J t.t Sfiii',1. * car tricks '.(ft 'Iw rxr B/cen/enn/ol do//s hit Christmas shops NKWVOUK At' Ms in red Itlurt *!!•:« *lv.l !',' •"><•<•. <• 4.txt m\>fr !i>;«i >.«riO|{ :t!J"'«.r',r«.! Mttft, \crni* l» just in !,•!!'.<- >'o? '&*• r in body Ifte «pin! uf JUc*n!«uiul I!.* :n^nu(Ac!uf«T. TAl.L WKKIMS in this rice field lower left cwner of thi.* ptclun- and drauidilehhid the nude Uxly of N'IIKI her clothing wan found ftcarby The Lynn Kluge, 16. for five wwiw jfU-r Nxly was found Thank* Ud> sht' diJutppvared on (X-t 22 Officers about 4 30 pin by t»o rabbit believe the young blond Cypresa jlirl hunter's was murdered shortly after she left some friends she vi.sited at Kiwiurntj about 10.30 on the night of <Jct 22 Tile girl's bcxly *as lying near the • ^ .-..,.. il, rw* gf4f,::g up for thfir businsi tpjiof., '.fits M.i 11 juwitfit by UK in cre<i3iiu( nuHilarr of t!oU» ha.o The K? s 1 "*'-" exciting climax of Sheriff Buford Pusser's own true story. Dr. Lamb Injuries not cause of breast cancer !MJ;T Ur. '*l'.Jt 'if'.* 1 "the '• - -I.-:* i •;.*'• 4 I'r.clc S.orn. ! , i n i; o ! f. . ' • r '•• r j r The** Toy t«v» Thcsn (fsrr *•' s < ;r«- *,*LS'. !. ji BRAZOS TWIN L BRAZOS TWIN LAKE I NIGHTS 6:45 & 8:45 SUN. MATINEE 2:00 & 4:00 "FIREBALL 500" I flKF I mh Fabian Lnixi. i RATED G SAT. 2:00 & 4:00 MATINEE WOODY DIANE ALLEN KEATON The Comedy Sensation of the Year! "LOVE and DEATH" A JACK 80LUNS -CH«?L£S H X)Ff £ PRWUCTiON sj to CHARLES H .JOFFI ww w te«i*t % WOOOV ALLEN Uwtad/lftHti I A III? II NIGHTS 6:4518:55 .LMl\L IISUN. M ATI NEE 2:00 & 4:00^ WS 7:00 & |f>r> Pfi u »:!« (JO •Sl.Al'(illTKIt HOI SK KIVK- I;?, 1 . :1 ',• . : i,-..i''.:- * i", f M-.'; HC^PITAL ADWISStoNS [•'.* ii • * ;^ . •.' i J , 'r: 'ir'^ 't • -^ { *''< '• 1 - i> !•• :i)< •• : -' r < nil tt -. • .!•:)(.,• s (,-;( ».; !••»• <-,<• ! (.•)„. sm \i 1MX WAIHB IMMON 7 2 Carload Suspended For Times Call * 4s NO PASSES Suspended A TRUE STORY l. ii.-'.l'; .r n '..V •!.»-••,'••?< •-:« i : .t (!.-..- ;•.,-; V -.'. -.' (h.- , !ir/>:"i'.,:--'l >.nw »i% ^.)'i-.« f,.», ! [.;. f,..•[.-., .' ,'f.. f tiL.n . -ir>- I*-.--::, I' ,-•..'; '•••<. I .i ;it, .,: .. •,,. . .:,.-i ; .' '-«• •..>.?:/ , ' . 'l .•»;.!?•-!•' !-M -i'. • »' (...!• . |nr '.>,-. »•; .,!'.': •!•,• ',,;!/ n..t . ij'.-rc <•• •-I ii'.-, '• ,-. ••!,( '. '.• i if. JTI-! (>',U -»>) !)!•- •.>.•».') -.-i ! ,! (ri./r, ••-lHHjf <hr l»|-.\ll III UiKI! II,•• • •' >:<<•> ••', (>••• • *l-.i-i'- ••( »>..•;•• ph't-•;'.ii ii'.j'-:r - .;;M: t-.fn.-in i ;.r.''l-;. t. >;;•*.» i r'/H 1 ! kli'iv'Afl V,,!', |K'-1,' ?;.(,, Ni • r, Ahl!( ti»lU ili:{ (.|^t- !:,;=)* Kill \S M rt 'A i i i i ,HTi \ , K i via t * ItiJwrl! ,\,r,*-A<-« Mn l> i • K<<->ua . . \ ;-r, , i ! ,t [n* f AV4 '^•ri" ,'^fe ^..^ •*» w*1 < u;i. Seven Alone Slatring MWtY MAKIIN AIDO RAY ANN COLUNGS DFAN SMITH and j SfEWARI PEItRSEN as Join Saprl JUT !xi*i<j niovi'inrnt jrv) t'< Kur i- Die fijjiu r»ii(inf .id-i (iij«l in ON GALVESTON ISUHD DIAMOND LIL . BUDDY KIRK ORCHESTRA Sunday Dinner Show U.UU r.M. f rtrn >(« l&t < -Sr. Vrjf « K.trl.rnup t I'u Itrt :*Jrfl Hu-it <C*f VC TV BUDDY KIRK STEAK HOUSE siillU 1 id Ilirlf l'.il!f(ir il.iy ,ir lii'ii'i (wffiiiin.irn •«". ,HII) .in ras'^'i) il I n Iliflll S») if Vi,)l ,(((• Mv,\ Mill; .1 {{'.Hill an !;,..(', it 11 g'Mxl iilca (.n y«' it i|i.i .if tM> I ll.l>r i'tliliil VELASCO CAU FOR 233-2304 ADULT MOVIES Both Rated X CLUB I'UiHttlum !>., Uk . »'•*»$ W JOW.

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