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Sterling Standard from Sterling, Illinois · Page 2

Sterling, Illinois
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Thursday, April 29, 1897
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ILL,, A.FRIL J», 1897 PROCEEDINGS OF THE Board of SnperYisors OF WHITESIDE COUNTY, ILL., APRIL SESSION, 1897. < STATE OF ILLINOIS, ) gs WHITESIDK Cpujrrr^ J k ' , The Board ol Supervisors of Whiteside County convened at the rooms of the Hoard in Morrison on Wednesday, April 21, A. D. 1897, at two o'clock P. M., in' pursuance to a call made as provided >>v law and was called to order by A. if. Hendricks. Mr. Overholser was chosen temporary Chairman.- Oithe memberB.who.holtLoTer.. from 1896 the .following were .present; to- r witrOoseph-Sr Burns,-William-A.--Beswick, James W. Ross, John D. Fenton, Charles F. Gifford, A. R. Hendricks, Marcelhis Kidder, Lea S. Kauffman, James Y. McCall, Hugh Shannon. George Tallcott and Oscar Woods. On motion of Mr. Devine, Messrs. Devine, Woods and Murphy were appointed a committee on credentials. Mr. Devine from the committee offered the following report: Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen of the Board of Suvcrvtimrs : Your committee on Credentials find the cer- tiacatea of the following named gentlemen In form tiud that they are entitled to seats In this Board as Supervisors from their respective towns as followtt, to-wit: Albany, C. A. Olds; PropbetBtown, Gilbert Rogers; Hume, Henry Wetzell; Garden Plain, R. K; Murphy; Sterling, J. P. Overholser, supervisor, C. A. Wetherbee, naslitant: Coloma, H. F. Batcheller; Ustlck, A. N. Abbott; Hahnaman, Edward Devine, Union Grove, George E. Goodenongh. We also find filed by town cleric with the County Clerk report of the election from Lyndon of Allen £. Fanncnter and from Montmorency of C. Miller. We would recommend all above named Individuals be admitted to seats in this Board. "P.. WOODS,' On motion of Mr. Shannon the report was adopted. Mr. Woods moved that we now proceed to an informal ballot for Chairman for the ensuing year. Carried. The Chair appointed Messrs. Ross ^and Gifford as tellers. As a result of the ballot-Mr. Rogers received 17 votes, Mr. Talcott 4, Mr. -Woods 1, Mr. Miller 1 and Mr. Ross 1 vote i Mr. Fenton moved that the ballot taken be made formal and that Mr. Rogers be declared elected as permanent chairman. Carried. The chair appointed Messrs. Kidder and Beswick to escort Mr. "Rogers to the chair. Mr. .Rogers assumed his duties as Chairman. On motion of Mr. Wetherbee the members drew lots for choice of seats. Mr. Hendricks moved that owing to the long service of Messrs. Batcheller and Devine tbat they be permitted to take their choice of seats. Gamed. Mr. Hendricks moved, that the rules gowrning the Board last year be adopted as the rules this year. Mr: Overholser moved to amend by addin, -another committee of three, designate as a committee on Printing and Stationary Supplies. Amendment carried and original motion as amended ear- On motion-of-Mr.-Fenton the Board —proceeded to-the-selection_ot_lirand ' ~ iL/rwcdi^v* vw—v«v "•-*Jurors for the May Term, A'. D. 1897. of the Circuit Court of Whiteside County, on the call of towns the following named persons were selected, .to-wit: William H. Runk, James W. Newcomer, Norman Thomas, Alexander J. McNeil, Charles Sturtz, Francis O'Neil, sen., Cyrus Cleaveland, Watson Vandemark, David Pittman, Gerhardt Dirks, Myron C. Bump, Irving D. Wpod- 'ford, Henry D. Helms, Charles J. Warner, John J. Guild, James A. Meighan HobertG. Hulett, Samuel W. Murphy W. Alberta Startzman, Mark D. Burg hardt, Alexander P, Thompson, Robert L. Burchell, Martin Jenks. -'•• Mr. Beswick moved that the above and foregoing named persons be ant they are hereby declared to be the per sons selected by this board to consti tute the Grand Jury for the May term A. D. 1897, of the Circuit Court, in and for Whiteside County, Illinois. Car . ried. . Mr. Miller offered the following reso lution and moved ita adoption: Resolved, 'That the place of holding election In the Montmorency election precinct b< changed from the Golder School House to thi Woodman'Hall. Carried. Mr. Hendricks moved that a com mittee be appointed to receive Physic ian's bids on County House and Jail Carried. The Chair appointed Messrs Hendricks, Fenton and Gifford. , On motion of Mr. Fenton the Boar adjourned to 10 o'clock to-movro« morning. • . THURSDAY Arnn. 22nd. 1097. The Board convened pursuant t adjournment, all the members being present. , ' - •. . • Minutes of yesterday's proceeding read and approved). The Chairman announced the follow ing standing committees: FINANCE—Deviae, Wetherbee, .Me Call. CLAIMS---Kauffman, Burns, Abbott COUSTY HOUSE -AND FARM Cl-AIMS—• Kidder, Olds, Goodenough. MISCELLANEOUS Murphy, Wetzell. JUDICIARY—Fenton, Wetherbee, Gif ford. ABATKMENTS-r-Miller, Ross, Olds. PUBLIC BuiLDisos-^Overholser, Ilotss Woods. '••'•• FKBK1E8 ASD ToLL BRIDGES—Mur phy, HendricHs, Batcheller, COUNTY FAEM, HOUSK ANU INMATES— BatelieLjer, McCall, Goodenough. COXJSTY OFFICERS—Hendricks, Tal cott, Wetajell. FEINTING ANI> STATIONARY —Abbott, Fenton, Shannon. Eo.UAU2ATioji-^-Woods,. Overholser Murphy, Gifford, Talcott, Miller Burns, Shannon, I'&rmenter. EjOt'CATiox—Parmenter, Kidder Kautt'man, Beswiek, Dtsvine, Shannon MoCulJ. Bills and claims were presented ami f$tffti-vetl to the proper committees, Mr. Bu/ms presented a petition for a i over Peter's isk»tf$_ii in tlie towi ,tea, mov^d tt»$4 the pr&yer o" » petition fee f*-*ste4 au4 tbtit thi f!f.Ti fr.trn r. P. r» T A. M«ht?"<" to pr'ft* Mr. Dfvinp mov<*«l to aro^nti thnt th** •5am*' he rcfcrrcc! to ihfl r / inimittc t e on Printing and Stationary Supplies. Amendment carried nnd original motion as amended carried., Mr. Ross read R petition from H. J. Heusinkveld asking for an abatement of taxes vrhich was referred to the committee on abatements. Mr. Batcheller read a petition of C. U. Geeting asking for an abatement of taxes, which was referred to 'the committee on abatements. Mr. Hendricks read the report of J. A. Nowlen, M. D. as County Physician for the past year. Mr. McCall moved that the fesme be accepted and : placed on file. Carried. Mr. Hendricks as Chairman of the special committee *to whom was referred the bids of Physicians for medical attendance at County Farm and Jail read the minority and majority reports of said committee, to-wit: \fr. Cnatrman and Qtnttemen of \1\c Hoard of Snpcrtrfsors: \ The Chairmnn of your committee to whom as referred the bidn of Physicians for medical and Burprlcal attendance at the county house and Jail for the ensuing year commencing May st, 1897, would respectfully submit the follow UK report on the matters before them: Two >lrts were recelted, one from J. A. Nowlen and one from Seger A Rounds, each being for the aunl of. 8200. _. Your Chairman would report that n riew of the faithful nerrtea rendered by J. A. Nowlea during the past ytar hla bid b« accept-. d ^»nd thccontract so awarded as per his bid. A. K. HKNDIUCKS. ifr. Chairman and Gentlemen of the Board of Supervisors: , Your committee to whom was referred to re- elvc bids for medical attendance and medicine urnlshed County Farm and Jail would re- pectfully report on the matters before them: Vould report that they received two bids, one rom Be per & Rounds and one from J. A. tfowlen, the bids were for J200 eaf-h, and your ommlttee would recommend the receiving of lie bids of Seger A Rounds for medical attendance and medicine furnished for said Connty Farm and Jail for the ensuing year. JOHN D. FJNTON, CHAB. F. GITTOHD. And moved the adoption of the min- srity report. Mr. Fenton moved as a ubstitute that the bid of Seger & lounua be accepted. Substitute lost and minority report adopted. ' . Mr. Parmenter presented the per diem account of W. J. Johnson, County Sup- rintendent, and moved that the same >e approved and that the Clerk be au- ihorized to certify the approval thereof. Carried. • . •' _ The, .Clerk read a communicatiori from T!n.i'nt,y ' to' make a quit claim deed to the northeast quarter of Section 1, ToWnship 10, or the 'purpose of correcting the title. Ir. Overholser moved that the same be referred to the committee on judiciary. Carried. ' Mr. Hendricks stated, that J. W. Alexander, one of the judges of elect- on in district No. 1, town of Sterling, lad resigned and moved that Stewart Cuhn be appointed in his place. Carried; Mr. Batcheller moved that the claim of Edward Macomber for reward of lorse thief captured by him and referred to the judiciary committee at the March meeting be taken up and reported. Carried.; Mr, Miller moved to adjourn to two o'clock p. m. . Carried. THURSDAY, Two O'CLOCK P. M. Board convened pursuant to adjournment with all the members present. Mr. Kauffman from the committee on Claims offered the following report, which, on motion of Mr. Miller, was adopted ;_______: __ U __ : _____ .___". _i ___ ifr. Chairman aiul Gentlemen of the Board of Supervisors: Your committee on Town Poor Claimu would report that they have examined all claims presented to them and recommend the payment of the following and that the clerk be directed to nrdera on the county treaBUrerjto the claimants lor the several timountH, allowed its' follows: No. Name of Claimant. For What. Ain't. 1 Elmendorf * Qsell, flour, $2576 2 Wm. H. Mitchell, bread, -------------- ----- , - 4 41 3 O. A. Olds & Co., dry goodH, 18 55 4 O. O. Hugglns, groceries, , 215 5 C. F. Lusk «t Son, " 6 00 6 Beach Bros., — " 4 00 7 C. F. Lusk & Son, " . 22 71 8 U. I. Haslet, meals to trainpn, 1 0 Beach Bros., groceries, 11 58 10 Moses Dillon, coal, ' 27 10 11 W. P. Taber, meals and lodging, 2 2? 12 Wood Bron., groceries, 12 88 13 John Clavin, coal, , 16 2." 14 John Ward, coal, , 16 25 15 Jas. P. Overholser, groceries, 11 66 IU S. O. Baldwin, groceries, 10 75 17 Jacob Treasher, coal, 18 John Kohl, groceries, 14 0; ID Jay Seely, bread and supplies, 80; 20 F, H. Geyer, coffin and burial, 10 0( 21 A. T. Abbott & Son, groceries, ' 1314 23 R. Y. Breed, coal, 8 50 23 A. T. Abbott A Son, groceries ' 16 47 24 R. L. Burchell, dry goods, 80; 25 W. J. Pace, groceries; 5 Oi 26 John D. Fenton, meals for tramps, 1 5( 27 C. H. Atwood, groceries,' 7 28 F. C. Barrett, two loads cobn, 2 51 29 Mueller A Grove, clothing, ' ' 350 30 Geo. W. Burch, coal, 7 31 31 J. C. Snyder, meals to trumps, . 3 00 32 Patrick O'Brien, milk and butter, 4 30 33 Richards & Sons, groceries, 13 84 34 George M. Gerdes, groceries, • 74 35 Perry Polsel, caring for body, 2 00 38 John Mosher, " ' ' 2 00 37 Patrick Bradley, ' J ' 2 00 38 John Ford, ' A ? ' 5 00 39 James W. Hurlbert, groceries, 3 00 40 McCrea, Schwab <t Co., " 315 41 M. L. Washburne, " 4 83 42 A. C. Stanley, '" 11 73 43 J. V. McCarty, coal, 14 Of 44 John Woltera, groceries, 5 45 R. Green <t Sou, " 32 83 4B E. G. Wheeler, coal, 2 00 47 C. E. Bailey, groceries, , 19 44 48 W. H. Hurlbert, meat, 8 M 49 W. C. & J. C. Suyder, coal, 5 70 50 Coe &., " 22 35 51 Meister & Rohrer, stove pipe, 1 05 52 W. H. Shaw, coal, . . . 0 7t All of which is respectfully submitted. LBA S. KAurpjjAN JOBKl'lI S. Bl'BNH, A. N. ABBOTT. Mr. Miller from the committee on Abatements' offered the following re port, which on motion of Mr. Ross was adopted: Air. Chairman and Gentlemen of the Board of Supervisors: Your committee to whom was referred the several petitions for rebate of taaes would res pectfully aubmlt the following report on, the matters before them : IB the matter of the petition of H. J. Heusluk veld your committee recommend a rebate o. taxes to the amount of 15. W, acting however ac cording to a statement made by the assessor 01 the town of Fulton. -In the matter 01 the petition of C. U. Geetlug we find that the prpperty mentioned in the pe titlon was taxed in school district No. 4, where us it is situated in district No. 5, and your com mittee recommend that a rebate of taxes to the amount of ifl.OO be mode to C. U. Geetlug, the difference being In the tux levied In the different school districts, ' ' • Your committee further recommend that re bates so made bo. charged to the funds where they properly belong. ' ____ C, Mu-LKii, C. A. OLDS, J. W. Ross. Mr. Beswick from the committee on Miscellaneous Qlaima offered the following 1 report, which on motion of Mr. Burns was adopted; Mr. Cltalrman and QenUemen of the Board of ' ' ' Your committee on Miscellaneous Claims would report that they have «x»mined all bill& pi'tisejitfa to them, and reuooimeud fae payment at the following iuiU tbat (Ue clerk bo dli- cct&d v> orders oa thu county treasurer to tte clajmautu'fuv Hit; liEVcml uuiyuuw alluwet tafoiiuvva: N«. NJUU* of Cl»Unau,t. ForWhskt. Am't 1 J. Jf. Bai«l, vnnvuess fee», 9 6S 80 S A. G. ishorUi., Jtf- X>., aai'v v<Mi «n>; t eJ 10 00 3 if., |«. D.iiv, sei'V ;tt iJOat ifyoxl ex, 10 W1 ! Tl-'-n-'*'' t* »'-l', "* • ^ * "' it-ii-f >1. f "" r i A K Hf>>>f'fr, »«•• •,<-< "--•! '' ' <--- t-Tf" A ft* *5 II M c Srtlt». r^p-nt i -a I «r f thir-'. t4 *" "! \V, H. Hi~w-irti, ro-i-'H'' 1 * f" •«, < 5 W S 3. W. A)P»tt«^'". JM"*! 1 " '•"•«. 2 !'' B \Y. 3. «7rthp«-*on, >--rj-"TF,f-«5 «supf nKt-f, !S"7 W 10 J. A. NowSen, medicnS ahenrfnnc*', 1 W 11 Hame, " " . 3 SO 12 Sarac, medicine, I SO 13 H. K. Wflls, mrdlcM ntt'nOnnce, 10 SO I. E. J. McKntlrc, " " 11 00 15 Frank Fitzgerald " " 125 75 18 Same, " " ' TS 17 Same, . " " 31 00 18 J. H. Koshtf, •" " 13 iS All of which Is respectfully submltied. ., f W. A. BESWICX, HEKBT WKTZKLL, R. R. Slt'RFUT. Mr. Fenton from the committee on Jndiciary offered the following report, which, on motion of Mr. Woods,, was adopted: • . . .'•,.' — Mr: C7ia.rmtm and Gentlemen of Ihe Board of Your coffl»tttce to-whew wss referred the t>e- tltlon of L,, J.teendall asking that a quit claim deed be tnftfle to J. F. Shubert by Whiteside County for the northeast quarter of Section 1 (1) Township 19 (19) Range 8 (6) east -of the 4th ?. M. and also the' petition of Edward Macom- XT asking for rt reward ol one hundred dollars 'or arresting Joseph Blckford nllas Joseph Bradford, horse thief, »n3 delivering htm to the Sheriff of Whltestde Connty, wonld respectfully submit the following report on the matters be- 'ore them: ' i We recommend In the matter of the petition of L. J. Kondnll »8 agent of J. F. Shubert thot ,he prayer of the petition be granted and that Whiteside County, through and by the County Clerk of said County, make and eiecxjte a quit claim deed to J. F. Shubert of the land mentioned In said petition. We also recommend that the prayer of the petition of Edward Macomber be granted, and hut said Edward Macomber be allowed the re' ward of tme hundred dollars for nrrentinpr said horse thief, Joseph Blckford, alias Joseph Bratl- ord, and that the County Clerk draw an order on the County Treasurer for said amount to said Edward Macomber. All of which is respectfully submitted. Joint D. FENTOH, C. F. Girronn, CHAHLES A. WETHEIIBEK. - Mr. Devine from the committee on Finance offered the following report, which, on motion of Mr. Fenton, was adopted: Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen of the Board of Sujx-rvtsors: Your committee on Finance Claims wonld report that they have examined all bills present- id to them and recommend the payment of the allowing and that the clerk be directed to Issue orders on the County Treasurer to the claimants for the several amounts allowed as folows: >fo. Name" of Claimant. For What. Am't 1 Gco.D. Barnard * Co., supplies, 104 2 P. F. Pettlbone & Co., . " 1 <* S Same, " .2650 4 Same, . i " < 3 "9 5 Same, • " AS 8 Same, • " 3 75 7 J. W. Ros», cash expended for poor, 3 25 H Gilbert Rogers, same, I 25 9 D. C. Walte, same, - ,. 3 75 0 Charles Bent, printing, -., --..„ ,1340 2 Same! 1'" ' 12 M 3 Sterling Standard, printing, '• 1500 4 Same, " , 14 05 5 Spike Pub. Co., " 3 35 6 Gossert A Langdon, " and supplies, 12 25 7 Same, " ' " 2 50 8 Spike Pub. Co., "' " " 460 0 >I. M. Pierce, supplies, ; 2 75 » Woods A Whltcoinb, suppllCH, 8 Oo Z\ M. M. Marshall, " .. . - SO J. A. A,URui8li. O. A. R. case, 12 02 23 Same, same, • -8 8fl 24, Same, same, . 20 80 25 J. M. Burtcb.Barue, .,••- -330 28 Jas/P. Overholser, same, 22 03 27 W. H. Shaw, supplies G: A. R. case, 1 63 .28 S. G. finUlwiu, same, . 10 00 ,3) MorrlHOU E. L. * P. Co., light court house and grounds, ., 11 88 M) Same, same, . 8. 1 "^ 31 Same, same, 32 20 33 111. Asy. for criminals, olothlirg, etc.y -10 28 •a 111. Nor. HOB. for Insane, " • " 64 45 34 Parker <t Mentzer, printing, supplies, Q 50 35 Marshall * Brlnker, supplies G. A. R. ( . case, ' • 0 88 38 Prophetstown Echo, pub. proceedings 25 00 37 Wood Bros., not allowed, bill $21.68. 88 Charles Bent, bal. pub. proceedings • - 0 28 30 Parker *.Mentzer, supplies, l 1875 All of -which Is respectfully submitted. E. DBvrnE, C. A. WETUEBBEE, J, Y. McCAlL. Mr. Kidder, from the committee 'on Farm and County House Claims offered the following report, which, on motion of Mr. Hendricks, was adopted: Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen of the Board of Supervisors: • • ' . . . Your committee on County House and Farm Claims would report that they have examined all-bllls.presenteito theni-and-recommffnrt the, payment-of the followingund that the-clerk-be directed to issue orders on the County Treasurer to the claimants for the several amounts i " lowed as follows: . , ^. _ • T, ^ ' ^ No. Name of cTalmant. For >vtat. • Am't 1 Reynolds ASmith, coffin, . 800 a Geo. E. Ely, wood, and posts, . 88 00 3 Same, expenses, ' , 0 08 4 Woods & Whltcomb, hardware, "' 3315 5 S. W. Robinson, " 34 75 8 Empire Man'f'g Co., harrow, 9 00 7 J. P. Overholser, groceries, 33 65 8 J. A. Nowlen, balance on contract, 100 00 U R. H. Donichy, barrel apples, , i 80 10 Henry Thellen, labor county furni, ' 23 08 11 Ed. Fry, labor county farm, 2981 12 George E. Ely, female labor, ! . ' 65 50 13 A. R. Hendricks, drugs, 350 All of which Is respectfully submitted, MiHCELLUB KlDDEIt, C. A. Otna, - C.'E. GOODENOUOU. '"" Mr. Abbott, from the committee on Printing and Stationery, offered the following report which, on motion of Mr." Koss, was adopted:' Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen of the Board of Supervisors: Your committee to whom was referred the offer ot THE ROCK FALLS NEWS for the publishing of the proceedings of the Board of Supervisors and the bound-pamphlets would respectfully recommend that the contract be awarded to TUB ROCK FALLS NEWS upon the following terms as stated in their bid'.Namely, $35.00 for proceedings and proofs and $25.00 tor the -bound pamphlets at the end of the year, (500 copies of pamphlets.) All of which Is respectfully submitted, A. N. ABBOTT,' > • JOHN D. FENTON, HUGH SHANNON. April 22,1897. '- , .' Mr. Fenton moved that the same conditions apply to all weekly newspapers published in the county as last year. Miv Shannon moved to amend that the price be mat|e 815 in place oi 325 as last year. Amendment lost. Original motion carried. Mr. Woods moved that all bills for printing and stationery supplies be referred to the Printing and Stationery Supply committee. Lost. , , ; . The Chair, appointed as committee on Fenton bridge, Messrs. Kidder, Murphy and Fenton, Mr. Olds offered the following resolution: April 22, 1897. To tlit Honorable Board of Sujxrvlaors of White- aide County: ••- , WoxiiKAS It has become -apparent that the rural counties of this atate have ID the, past paid more than a just proportion of the taxes assessed for state purposes, therefore be it Itesolved, That the assessors elect of this county be and they are hereby requested to meet In Joint netuilou at 'the Supervisors room in Morrison 111., on Monday the third day of May, 18U7, at 2 o'clock P. >I. to agree upon a rate of asseasiuent upou the actual value of the property assessed iu this County for the preueut year, to the end that such rate Bliall bt uniform in the several towns, and the County Clerk iu requested to notify the several atmes- sore of thin County of the time, place- and object of suld meeting. C. A. OLDS, Town Albany. Mr. Miller offered the follqwiug resolution and moved its adoption. , Itoolwxi, That the County Clerk be Instruct ed to get the opiuloii of Mr. Stager, the State Attorney, whether John H. Ferris pay his tivxeu in Colouia or Mootuioruucy ou Ills property iu controveruary heretofore before thi» Board, and that the Clerk be further Instructed to uaU/y (tie asaeattorM of aald towun of Coloma and Uoutrnoreucy of the oplulou of Mr, Stager. Mr. Burns moved that the members be allowed their mileage and per diem for attendance at this session. Carried. Oa motion of Mr. Overholser the Bo.ard Attest: K W. li'owis, Clei-k. BI»<! T(»*.r« i-— Thing* «f Carr«>nt Interest, An Oregon gtrl with two enitots med Mann and Metis* decided! to be a Mann. Tha present king of Greecs, George L, carae to the throne ia 1863, at the age of seventeen. George E, Edgar, who bnilt more than 200 houses in New York, hai died at the age of 8«Tentjr-five years. 0. A. Barber, of Salem, Ohio, clftlmi to Late a violin that was made la 1414, and believes it to be the oldest In the world. '•' '•.••' ':•• • . , :" '• ' ;' Of the 293 Popes only eleven Included Leo XIII, have reigned more than seventeen years. The longest telgn was that or. Pius IX— Thirty-two years. . The moat valuable collection of stamps, in. Russia, belongs to a Mr. Breitf use, of St.' Petersburg. It Is arranged In over 100 volumes, and is valued at 1,000,000 rubles. The population of London, England, ta4,306,411. Lawyers were known In Babylon 2,300 years B. C. ' The new London bridge across the Thames edit $5,000,000. Ague causes 460 deaths in every 10,000 annually in Borne. . . < . The Congressional Library contains about 700,000. . The Union pacific railroad owns or controls 7,681 miles of line. California has the largest per capita wealth of any State in the Union. Only one out of every 1,000 married couples live to celebrate their golden wedding. A' caterpillar in the course of a month will devour 6,000 times its own weight Yincennes is the oldest city in Indiana and was,the capital of the State from 1800'to 1813. . THIS IS HARB LUCK. Al- Mlchlcau Sinn.Driven to Writing by leged Actloui of Hli "Wife, Chief of Police Basor, of Michigan, received the following tale of woe by postal card in Thursday morning's mail. It is copied verbatim: Lawton, Mich., Apr. 21,1897. Mr. Cheat of Police.! "If you sea a Big Bay horse and wagon 2 men and 2 women, the women are Dark hare and the men are light mustache, the Big -Man Bight Eye out. thay Bun away from thir-family, the young Woman Is my Wife and her Mother, thay are 24 and 40. My wife left 2 little Babies thay sold'goods that did not Belong"to^ltieWthareT 7 " thir name is Ion Scot and Edd Carver and asbreean .Lamb and . my wife Myra Hool. Direct to A. N. Hool Lawton Mich." West Science Ridge. Misses Gladys and Buelah Bush are visiting inPrairieville with their uncle, S. Wilson and family. • Two young men in this vicinity know to a certainty that the "airship" is all bosh, but the other evening, while on their way home, they saw, or thought they saw, a moving object over in one of the neighbors' fields. The object was about the size of a wagon, but was minus wheels'. A light on the same, guided these two young men and-they followed until they came to a running stream, when the object stopped, turned and started toward them. Both took to their beefs.—They would never have told they were "skeered," but"tb"e "object" squealed on them. We pledged to never give the names away, BO the world will never knovy unless—.Don't forget the ice cream soda, though, Joe. Henry Super and wife, of Jordan, were the guests of D. F, Ebersole yesterday. . • William Miller is busy tiling part of his land. : Horace Metzler, who has been spending the past week with his frlend.Baird Hopkins, returned hom,e Saturday. J. Beeler will soon erect a handsome 82,500 house oh his large farm in West Science Bidge. ..'..';-.. 8. Wetzell has beea engaged as teacher for the coming school year. . Mr. Wetzell ia well known, an experienced teacher and will give satisfaction to'all Mrs. George Landla and Miss Ida were the guests pf Mr, and Mrs.i E. Landis. Frank Ebersole now sports a new horse and buggy. Now, girls, there's your chance. Messrs. Henry Frey and LeFevere, with their wives' visited with M.r. and Mrs. D. M. Ebereole Sunday. - And where ia that gopher?—that dead(f)one Mtea Hai had given her for the zoology class work, That gopher was never stuffed and mounted. There are othera, but where did 'Vtjiat lifeless one betake himself ie what bothers her. Meeting of the Criterion Society— the following officers were Delected: President, Ella Ebersole; Vice President, Josia Hemmlnger; Secretary, M108 Hax; Critic, Max Breoale?; Treasurer, Ed Hurting. f*$H *Mess;i. G. Havens »ad JEI. KauSEmaa visited A. Hartlag and fanaily Saaday, April m. OHIOAOO BiAJOKJETS. Fnrniihed by Chicago Board of Trade; branch office rear First National Bank, Sterling Illinois. Harrison Telephone, 16. Long Dlstiuioe Bell Telephone, 89. ; WHRAT. May .... July .... Apr .... Corn. May ..... July ,... Apr,.... 72J 719 24 May .... July .... Apr .... Mesa prk May .... July .... Apr .... L»rd. May .... July .... Apr .... OPKN. 8.40 8.50 4.07 4.17 8.47 8.65 4.07 4.17 LOW. 703 8.37 8.45 4.05 4.15 OIXJ8B. 8.87 8.47 8.37 4.05 4.15t 4.05 12 O'OLOOK—CASH MARKET. Wheat. No. 2 Bed, 87@92. " 8 —'.I - 80@88. -J " 8 " 70@72. " 2 Hard W., 73@75. . « 8 " " 09@72, f, " 1 Northern Spring, 7C@77. Corn. . , No. 2 White, 24>». •' 2YeUow,t4^[@>i. ", 8^ 23M. " 8 Yellow, 23}£@2<_. Gate. • No. 2 17Ji@>_r, " 2 White, 22024. «« 8 16017. " 8 White, 18@22. Car lote today—Wheat, 13; corn, 74; oate.147. . Estimated car loads tomorrow- wheat, 4; corn, 107; oats, 173; hogs, 30,000. ' HOG AND OATTLB BEOKIPTB. April28. '97. UNION STOOK YARDS— Hogs 30,000. Cattle 18,500," ' .; ' ' Sheep 15,000. Hogs left over 1,000. ;" Kansas City hoga tp-day, 10,000. Kansas City cattle to-day, 9,500. Omaha hogs to-day, 7,000. . ; —Onrahsi38ttleto-day, 8,000; ^ OPKNINB. ' Hogs opened weak. Mixed, 3.8504.02; good he*vy, 3.85 4.07; rough, 8.60Q3.70; light, 3.85Q 4.02. ,'-- - | V '/ .•••'•*.*. ; Cattle lOo lower. " •'•''.' Sheep lOc lower. , ; . | OLOfllH*. ' ' [ Hogs closed slow. . . Light, $3.8504.07; mixed, 3.8504.05; heavy,83.85084.00; rough, 3.5503.70. Cattle slow. Sheep steady. A number of ; indisputable reasons why you should ' buy Wall Paper of J • • , . . •-• j 1 . • • . HALLETT, THE Call on him and he'll tell you why. RELIABLE MAN OB WQMAK. ASSUHJID INCOME W PA? EVER OP- POH SIMIIxAR BERVJCH. The Coimopolltaa t2»g«uiat, edited by JOHN WAL ALXXil, wi»hc» to add a quartet ol s oiitllon to ill clicotUe, slrtady the laug- c»t, oftutclUxent ihinkiog reader, jiojjejscd by nay periodical to the world. IT IS PREPARED TO PAY HAIOJ- SOMBLY FOB ASSISTANCB REW- DBKHD. It wiaiiea the eorvices oi one reliable man or woman ia every tpwn, village, country distjriot, oi maniifaotu-riug establiaimsait ta every State. All that in reqwiied of an one la teliabiMty, swmwtnsftS «ip work. Wo matter oa wkat otlt&v work you axe *nsag«a, it will pay yoa to NOiBY ITYlil. NEW MATERIAL. Shirt Waists -f^ With Detachable Collars and Ctiffls. ' with White Collars antt Cttfife. •, t - '•' - ! All of the new ideas in SMrt Waists can be found here. We are now showing a large sortment of the very latest ideas in' Shirt Waists, manufactured to our special order by one of the prominent man tifacturers of the country. Every Waist we show ISL NEW THIS SEASON/ * SHIRT 'WAISTS-'. J _-,ri nicely laundered, ready to tty styles, usual- 48c— • ' OUR PRICE wear, pretty styles, usually soldat48c— ' SHIRT WAISTS-- ."; with Detachable Collars and Caffs, in great variety of nobby patterns, nicely made, value up to 75c— A o ' OUJt PBICE 45C SHIRT 'WAISTS-In all the chic materials of the season, and in all of the new and pretty colors, 'elegantly made with white Collars and Cufts— 81.25 values— . OUB PRICE •There will be many advpn 'tages in making early selec tions from this handsome, •'••-.•'.- : .'-,.•,.. stock.- : :-;:': .80We«t8dSt. Opposite Randolph House, "THE JUNIOR" ifapeis PERIODICALS. . A choice line of Tobaccos and Pipes. We solicit your patronage. BERT WOOD, Prop. Gait House Block. JOB V, PRINTING. O to promptly «i«iut«.t at rpgulur ri VHV XT^KT »nr* B E DA I ^TABUSHED «8»i. GOLD CURE SANITARIUM rii ij^| For the cure of... " , OPIUM, MORPHINI, TQ8A6C0 AND DRUG GOOD

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