The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 25, 1859 · Page 3
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 3

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 25, 1859
Page 3
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LEOAI* ADVERTISEMENTS PROPOSALS For materials {bribe NaVT DSFAHstUT, • Bur Construction, Equipment. Ac., May *>• 1859. S EALED PROPOSALS to furnish materials for Ihe navy for the fiscal year ending 30th June, I860, will be received at this bureau until« o'clock, p. m., of tbe SOth'vf June next. These proposals must be endorsed "Proposals for Materials for tbe Navy, Bureau of Construction,*^" thai they may be distinguished from other business letters. Tbe material* and articles embraced in tbe classes named are particularly described in printed schedules) any or which will be furnished to such as desire to ol- . Icr, on application to tbe commandants of the respective yards, or to tbe navy-agent ne mat thereto, aod those of all tbe yards upon application to this bureau. This division Into cl sees being for the convenience, ot of dealers In each, such port'Ons will be furnished as are actually required j"or bids. The commandant and navy-agant of each station will nave a copy of the schedule* of 1 be other. yard«, for examlnatiun only, Trom which It may toe judged whether it will be desirable to make application for them. Offers mult be made for tbe whole of the class M any yard upon one of the printed schedules, or in strict conformity therewith, or they will not be considered. The contract will be awarded to the lowest l/onajidt binder, who gives proper security for Its fulfillment. Tbe United States reserves the right to reject all tbe nidi for any class, If deemed exorbitant. All articles most be of the very best quality, to be delivered In good order, and In suitable vessels and t ack- agea, as the case may be, at tbe expense antl risk of the contractor, and In all respects subject to tbe Inspection, measurement, count, weight, Ac., of the yard where received, and to the entire satlsfactloD of the commandant thereof. Bidders are referred to the commandants of the respective vards for sample.*, Instructions, or particular description of the articles; and, all other things beinf equal, preference will be given to articles of American manufacture. Every offer, as required by tbe law of 10th August, 18*6, must be accompanied by a written guarantee, the form of which 4s herewith given. "p»n«»cnly whose offers may be accepted srtll be notified, and ilie Mfite»gJ.will be forwarded as f oon thereafter at practicable, which they will be required to ex- ecuu within ten days after Its receipt at tbe post office or navy agency named by them. Sureties In the full amount will be required to sign the contract, and their responsibility certified to by a United Slates district Judge, United States district Attorney, collector or navy agent. An additional security ,_twenty per centum will be withheld from the amount of the bills until thr contract shall have been comi-leted; and eigbty per centum of each bill, approved in triplicate by the commandants of the respective yards, will be paid by the nary ngent at the points of delivery within thirty days after its presentation to him. Ills stipulated in Ihe contract that. If default be made by tbe parties of the first part in delivering all or auy of the articles mentioned In qy class bid for in tbe contract, of the quality and at the time and places above provided, then, and In that case, the contractor and his sureties will forfeit and pay to the United States a sum of mopey not exceeding twice the amount of such class, which msy be recovered from time to time, according to the act of Oongreoa In that case provided, approved Uarch 3, IB4S Class No. 6 to be delivered onr-fourth part on or before the 15th May, one-fourth part on or before the 20th July, one-fourth pan bj- I he 20th September, and the remainder by the 1 st December, I860. Class, 8, the whole by Ihe^Dth May, 18CO The remaining classes to be delivered one-fourth part on or before the 1st September next, rne-fourth pan on or bt-fnr»' 1st D-- cember next, one-fourth part on or before the 1st April, and tbe remainder on or before the 30th June, 186(1, unless earlier required with a notice of tt dive days, comprising at each delivery a due proportion of each article. Class 10 and all fallowing, if additional quantities of any of the articles na-ued therein are demanded, they are to be furnished on like terms and conditions previous to the expiration of the fiscal year, upon receiving a notice of fifteen day* from the bureau, the commandant of the navy yard, or navy agent. l,- Form of Offer. of in the State of -, hereby agree to furnish and deliver, in the respective navy yards, all the articles named in the classes hereunto annexed, agreeably to the provisions of the schrdu'es therefor, and tn conformity with the advertisement of the Bureau of ' onstructlon, Ac-, of the 19U) May, 1S59 Should my offer be accept e , 1 request to be adrlressed at — , and the contract Bent to the navy agent al , or lo -, for slpuatuif unu certificate. Signature, LEQAI. AUVKKTifciJBMBNTS Summons.—For Belief. (Com. not ser.] etRccn OODKT, i • Milwaukee County, f Theodoslus Btrang, James B. Adrtance and Stephen B. Btrang, against 1 nathan Magto, Almlra J.Magle, JatnrsA.Swaln, Frances B. Swain, The State Bank of Wisconsin, Joseph M. Ogdett,. Peter V. Lane, William B. Guild and John Ogden. State of Wisconsin, to the above named defendants: Y 00 are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint in this action, which was filed In the office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court, County of Milwaukee, M Milwaukee, on the 19th day of April, 1858, and to serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint on the subscriber, at his office. In the city of Milwaukee, within ninety days after the service of this summons on you, exclusive of the day of such service; and If yon fall to answer the said complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiffs la this action will apply to the Court for the relief demanded In the complaint. Witness the Bon. ARTHUR MciKTHDfi, Judge of the Circuit Court for said County of Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, the 14th day of Apr!, 1659. K. MARINER, apr*0-law6w Plaintiff*! Attorney. CIRCUIT COURT, I Milwaukee Oonuty. f Simon Johnson, 1 against Harden M. Thompson, Albert HcFadden, f- Summons. James W. Cannon, and Laura Gannon, his wife. | The State of Wl consln, to the above named defendants and each of them : V> OU are hereby summoned and required to answer M. tbe complaint In ibis action, of which a copy Is herewith served upon you. and to serve a copy of your answ r to the said complaint on tbe .subscriber at his office in the City of Milwaukee, within ninety days after the service hereof, exclusive of th- day of such service; and If you fall to answer the s ad complaint within the time aforesaid, the plaintiff will apply to the Court for the relief demanded In the complaint. -*— 1 Wit,ess the lion. Arthur McArthnr, Jndge Baal. >• of the Circuit Court for said County of —v- | Milwaukee, at Milwaukee, this 13ih day of May, 1859. J. LiUUE, FlalntltTs Attorney. The above mentioned complaint was filed May 16, 1899, In the office of the Ulerk of said Court, at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Dated May 16,1869. maylb-la»6w J. LiDCTF, Plaintiff's Attorney. Circuit Court, «:«untj of William B. Trcadwel , John S. Perry and Edward Norton, against B. H. Young, Mary A. Young, John W Bachelor, I. D. Rogers, ). tt. Morrison, William M. Sinclair, A. Gun- J-jnlscm, 1L Velverton, B.C. Walker, J. A, Dreyfores, G. Salterlee, G. A. Bennett, L. T. Wilcox, G. t. Perry, J U. Backer, B White, G. U. Wright, G, 8. Murfey, J. M. Benedict, J. O. Meeker, J. M. Perkins and O C Melts. The State of Wisconsin to the above namtd Defendants: ! IBB:—You are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint tn this action, of which a copy la herewith served upon you, and serve a copy of your answer on ns at our office, numbers 8 and 4 in the mute Baok of Wisconsin building, i the City nf Milwaukee, within thi ee mouths after the service hereof exclusive of the day of such service ; and if y< u fall to answer the complaint as aforesaid, the plaintiffs will ap- ily to the Oourl fur the relief demanded In the com- ilalnt. Dated Milwaukee. March 13, 1:169. G A A J. C. STARKWEATHER. Tiff's Atiorneys, Mil. Oily. Witness Hon. George W Uate, Judge of the —'— i ill Judicial Circuital Plover, the ZSd day 8x11. f of March, A. D. 1859 —,— ' GEO. B_ WALBR1DGE. Clerk. The complaint lo the above entitled cause will be lied in the office of lur Clerk of the Circuit Court, ~\>rta>e county, at Plover, on tht i! Ih day of April, 858. G. A. i J O. 8TA KWEATHER, aprl'l-law6ir Plaint IPs Attorneys. Oircttlt Court, County, t Zetottai A. Cotton,^ » r-^ 1 •gainst y Christian Wand. >) : B T virtue of an execution lined from said Court, In the above entitled action, to me directed and delivered against the personal and real property of the above -amed defendant, I have seized and levied on' the following: ' •-'•••. "All tbe right, title and Interest or the laid Ob U- ' tain Wand, in the following deserted real estate, on th*»thd«y«f September, IS5S, or has since acquired thereto, to wit: Two acres In the welt half of south wnt quarter of section seventeen (II), town seven (T), range twenty-two (22)east, In -the Ninth Ward of the City of Milwaukee, County of Milwaukee and • State ef Wisconsin." , Which laid property, Irshall expose for sale and i U at Public Auction,: at the Post-office, In the City ol Milwaukee, on t>atnrd.aj> tbe 9tb day of July, 1869, at the hour of 8 r. M., of that day, to satisfy laid execution, together wllh the expenses of lie. Dated Sheriff'! Office, Milwaukee, Hay ST, \ft». J. LANGWORTUY. H. L Lma. * PI'ff«.Att'y. f maf2?-law8w Sh'ff. MU. Oo., Wls. 881*1 SJOBONER'S SALE. [Neva STATE OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee County, f Matilda Foote, against Herman L. Page, George B. Uallory, Garrett M. Plti- gersld, Sarah Fltxgerald, bis wife, Thomas T. Beeve and Gilbert W. Roe. Judgment of Foreclosure and Sale. I N virtue of and pursuant to a Judgment rendered- in said Court, In the above entltleU action, I shall expose for sale and sell at public auction, at the Court House In the city of Milwaukee, on Satur» day* tbe 18th day of June, 1859, at the hour of 9 F. M. of that day, the following described mortgaged premises, or so much thereof as may be necessary to raise the amount due to the said plaintiff, Interest and expenses of sale, to wit ••Quarter block twenty-nine 129], In the eait half of the south west quarter of section No. twenty-one [SI], In township No. seven [Tl, north of range twenty-two [2SJ east, In the Pint Ward, of the City of Milwaukee, In tbe County of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin." D«ted Ooroner'i Office, Milwaukee, Urc. 16, 1SSS. flLDO t COT, I BOUKET WASON, Jr., Pl'ff« Att'ys. f Coroner Mil. Co., Wli ' . The above sale 1> 1.0*., o-cd to Monday, the 1st day of August, 1859, at the hour of 3 r. «., same place. Da ted Mil rrnukes, June 18, 1859. EGBERT WAS. N, Jr., js!9-dlawtt Late Coroner Milwaukee Oo. (New* Mi!,, Wat; & Baraboo Valky HUMMKK SALE- . B. DMt itness. •The schedule which the bidder enclose* mu't be pasted to his offer, and eabh of them signer by him. Opposite esch article In the schedule the price must be set, the amount carried out. the apprep ite footed up for «ach class, and the amount likewise written in words. Form o/ Vwimnte*. The undersigned, , of , in the State of , and , of , In the Stale of , hereby guarantee tl,al In case the foreToIng bid of —— lor any of the classes therein named be accepted, he or they will, within tec dayi, after the nrceipt of Lite contract at the post office named, or navy »g 'Dt designated, execute the contract for Ui*- same, with good and authcienl Bo.etles; and in case said shall fail li> entT into contract as aforesaid, w t fruaranlet t- make pi.ort tlie differrncr between the offer of aalJ and thai which may be accepted. Signatures o! two (TUKri.iiUin, C. I>. K. r Date. Wltn.iiE 1 hereby certify that the above named — are known tome ac men of property, and able to make j pootl their guaranty Date Slpnaturc. O H To be signed by the United States district Judge, United States Dlstrii-t Attorney, collector or navy apenu The following are the classes required at the respective navy yartU KITTKKV, MAINE Olas* No. 3. Hhit*--oak promiscuous timber. No 14. White-ash oars. No if, U'tuie-oak staves and heading No. 21. Iron. No. 22. Spikes and nails. No. 2£. Ue&d, cine and tin. No. 25. Hardware. No 21. Paints, oll», Ac No. S2. Leather. No. SS, Host No. 34. Brushes. No 3~. Pitch, tar, rosin No. 8& Tallow, soap, oil No. 89 Ship chandlery No. 4t). , Stationery. No. 41 Fire wood. CHARLESTON, MASSACHUSETTS. Class No. 21. >ron. No. 22 Bplke! and nails. No. 2» L-»d, line and tin. No 25. Hardware No. 27. Pain s, oils, A~c. No. 26 Flax caovas. Nu. liH Cotton canvas. No. 30. Flax and cotton twine. No 3*2 Leather No. 83 Hose. No M. Brushes No 86 Bum- tup and dry goods. No 87. Pitch, tar and roitin No. US Tallow, soap, oil. No. 88 Ship Chan ilerj No 40 Stationery. No. 41. Firewood BROOKLYN, NEW TORE. Class No. 6. Yellow pine plank sloc^k lops. No. 10. White pine. No 11. Ash, cypress, white-oak boat board*. No 12. Black Walnut, cherry, Ac. No. 13. Locust No. 14. Wbite-ssh oara, hickory bars and nntu No. if, White oak staves and beading. No. 16. Black spruce No. ib. Llfnurnvitae. Nu -1. Iron. No. 22. hplkes aud nails. No. 23 Lead, zinc and tin. No 2*:. Hardware. No. 27. Palnu, oils, Ac. No 2*3. Flaji canvas. No. 2S. cotton canvas. No. KO. Flax anil cotton tu-lne No.3L.Glass. No. 81 Leather. No S3 Hose No £4. Brushes. No. SJi. Bunting and dry goods. No 87 Pitch, tar and roaib. Nc. 2b. Tallow, foap and 011 No. 38. Ship cnandl^ry. No. 4*1 Stationery. Nt, , 41 Fire wood PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA Cta.9i No. 3. White oak promiscuous timber. Claa* No 11. Ash, cypress, whJte oak boat boards. N., 12 Black wajlnut. cherry. No. 14. vflnie asli oars and hickory bars. No *ls. Lijrnumviuit No 21 iroo No 2S Spikn and nails. No. 23. U-nl, zinc and tin. No » Hardwsre. No. 2!. Paints, oils, Ac. No. 26 Fl&x c&nvan. Nu. 2U. Oottoo canvas. No 8u. Flak and cotton twine. No. 81 Glass. No. 32. Leather. No S3. Hose. No. 34. Brushes No 35. Bunting and dry goods. No. 81 pitch, tar and rosin. No. 8*5. Tallow, soap and oil Nu 8B Ship chandler). No. 40. ftationery. , WASHINGTON, IHrTRIOT OF COLUMBIA. Class No. 10 While pine No 2l. Iror. Nu. 21. Spikes and nallB. No 23. Lead, zinc and tin No. 24. Pig Iron No. 25 Hardware No. '.'7 Paint: and oils No. 81. Glass. No 32 Leather. No 83 Tallow,soap, oil. No. 88. Ship chatidltry. No 43 Tank and galley Iron. No. 44 c'halu Iron No. 45. Ingot copper. No. 11. Bellows. No. 4S Poles GOSPOKT, VIRGINIA. Class No. 16 Black spruce. No. 21. Iron. No 22. Spikes and nails No. *2B. Lead, einc tvnd tin No. 2S. Hardware. No. 27. Paints, oils, Ac fto 2S Flax canvas. No. 29. Cotton canvas. No. Bu Flan and cotton twine. No. 31 GUss No. 32. Leather No 38 Hose No. 34. Brushes. No. 35, Bunting and dry fronds. No. 87. Pitch, tar, rosin. No. SS.Tallow, soap and oil No 8J. Ship Chan H—-V N^40 Stationery. WAKE1NOT X, FLORIDA. Class No. U). White pine. No. 12 . Black walnut, cherry, Ac. No. 1&. White oak staves and heading. No. J^l.oD. No. 22. Spikes and nails. No. 2&. Lead einc and tin. No. 25. Hardware Nn 27. Paints, oils, Ai No. 2J. Cotton canvas No 30 Flax and cott.<n twine- No. 81. Glass. Ne. 8- Leather No. 33. Hose Nu 84. Brushes- No 35 Bunting and dry good. No £7 Pitch, tar, rosio No. 2e Tallow, soap, oil Nn. 8S Ship chandlery No 40 Stationery muy24-law4ir. 1278] siicitiri•>•> SAI r. I\CM-» STATE OF WISCONSIN, i Circuit Court, Milwaukee Oo. | Robert Haney and John I>i-Bow,1 against Dennis Nugent and James Nugent, execution. B Y virtue of at, execatioo issued from said Court, in the above entitled action, to me directed and delivered against the goods, chattels and real estate of I>ennls Nugent and James Nugent, I have seized aod taken the following described real estate as the property of tbe defendants or either of them, to wit: f Lot number four (4), block one hundred and thirty-four (184) in <the First Ward of the City of Milwaukee, County of Ullwankee, State of Wisconsin, and all the right, title and Interest which the said defendants or either of them bad In and to said premises at the date of tbe filing of a certain warrant of attachment heretofore boned In tbe action, to wit: On the 6th day of June. 1858." Which property, as . aforesaid, 1 will expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Court Bouse, in tbe Olty o! Milwaukee, oo Saturday, (be 26tli day •»! September, 1858, at the hour of 2 r. •-, of mat dayto satisfy said execution and costs. Dated Sheriff's, Office, Milwaukee, August 9, 185S. BurLEa, Bomiox ft OOTTEJIA, I HERMAN L. PAGE, Pl'Os Att'ys. | Bh'ff. Mil. Oo. Wis. auglO-dlawBw £gr~ The above sale is hereby postponed to Saturday, October 28,1S5S, at the same place and hour as above named. Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, August 25,1858. HERMAN L. PAGE, sept£6 Bh'ff- M "- Co-, Wis. f3r~ The above saleis farther postponed to Saturday, the 20th day of November, 1S5S, at the same place and hour as above named. Dated Sheriff'« Office, Milwaukee, Oct. 28,1858. HERMAN L. PAGE, oct24-4w Sh'ff. Mil. Oo M Wls. ,a»~ The abovesale is further postponed to Saturday, Feb. 18, 1859, al the same place and hour tu above ° Datr' riff's Office, Milwaukee, Nov. 20,1658. HERMAN L. PAGE, norfl Bb'ff. HU.Co.,Wli ftT The above sale is still further postponed to Saturday, August 20,1859., at the same place and hour as s*ove\nsaned. HEBMAH L. PAGE, feb20-l»wU Late Bh'IT. 1111-Co., Wis. C HARLES-ttDENTIN A CO-, comer of Kast Water mod 5'aann street*, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have for sale Eeal farlate, iotbe City of Milwaukee, in large or •mallparcel*. Building lota in ever; Ward oM City, of all sixes and prices, for business or resldeuo ana on ea«r-«rm«. Also, imtll ftraa of from 6 to 20 acres,near .the Oityj :for fardcaing purposes. Also, s-«ver«lth«iu«nnsof,acre» of the botttenlng lands in Wi»c«n»toiB^msmtWMto«uitanyd^t-gd. N PURSUANCE of an order of Ihe District Court of i. the United States, for the District of Wisconsin, msde on the 16th day of May, A. D., 1859, 1, Daniel H, Richards, assignee, In bankruptcy of Jotlth fc. Mr Cliiro, will sell at Public Auction, at the Court House, tn the city of Milwaukee, on the fifth day of July next, between tbe hours of nine and tea, tn the forenoon of that day, all the right, title and Interest, which the B&ld Joatali E- McCiure had at the time of QUng his petition In bankruptcy, In and to the following real estate, and In and tu the mortgage hereinafter described and all the right, title and Interest, which I, as said Assignee, have In and to the same, that Is to say : Lot .eight, (&) Egan's subdivision of block forty-seven, 147, school sect.on addition to Chicago, 111. ; also the North half (>>,] of Went half (H) of East half, (H,) North Weatquartrr (k) of section thirty-six (86,) town thirty-nine, i39.) Norui range lour een, (14,) East, and on' undivided fourth (S,) .•! K. half ( % )of N. E. quarter (Ji) of Bec twenty, (SO,) town thirty-nine, (88,) range fourteen, (14,) and or»e undivided hali, ().,,) South West quarter ^ ) of section In enty, (IfO,) t,,wo thirty-nine, l8fi,| ran*.'*- lourlevn, v!4,) and one-third. ( ^ ) of East li If ( S ) o ( fouih East quarterly I of s-r!,c>n eighteen, ll\j town Hurt) -Dine, (39,) north range fourteen, (14,) all lu L>OL Ouuniy, Illiools, and east of Lhe third principal meridian, aud a mortgage oo the above quarter, (jrc) the South West quarter (\) of gectlou twenty. (2UJ town thirty-nine, (39,) rauge fourteen, k 14,i given tu J. E. McOlure by William Raymond, dated August 1st, ;S37, to secure f l,7EiO, and recorded , also lots one aud two, (1 A 2) In block two, (2.) \Vo cuU'a addition, to Chicago, in said County of Cook, and the following omitted to be scheduled In lot nineteen, a9)!n block^thlrty, ^30,) school section addition to Chicago, ID said Couuly of Uook, alsu lot one tl)lci block eighteen, O b .) &Q d lots five, (&,) six, (6.) seven, ( 7) and eight, (8,) in block forty-three, (48,) In the school section addition to Joliet, Will county. III. Dated at Uilvaukee, May l&th, 1859. DANIEL H RICHARDS, may20-dlaw6w Assignee. CIRCUIT COURT, I Milwaukee County. f William P. LyniU, ags^lnst Ephralm Mar.ner and Joh J Orton, rxerulors, aod Ida Jane L-wts, executrix of the last will And testament of Allisurj Lewis, deceased, Martha Lewis, Sarah Lxwls, Mary Lewli, Martha U. Lewis, Elisabeth Louisa Lewis, Wm. J Lewis, David P Hull, Jabei H. Foster Joshua Hathaway, Jamts B. Johnston, Adam Nurrie Charles H. Itergman, Isaac H Knor, Gordon Norrle, Boben B Bell, Byron W. Clarke, Charles S Olarkp, Harrison Ladington, Nelson Ludmgton, Daniel Wells, Jr., Anthony G. Van Bchalck, John Duffy, Moaei gin- ni,tt, William Galwsy, James Relly. The Farmers' a Millers' Bank, Henry L. Palmer, Augustus Greullch aud Hermann Scbwarting, assignees or Tbe People's Bank of Haertel, Greenleaf * Co, F.dwln G. Tyler, Horace H iiuon, Jasper R. Goodrich, William Bailey, William Greecslade, Lrn J. Murrlck, William H. Merrick, Tbe Marine Bank, Mary Adams, adminis- tratrix of Frederick, ff. Adam«, deceased, Chariei W. Willard, and John A. Paga, executor of the last will and testament of Heiektah H. Reed, deceased State of Wisconsin, to all the defendants above named : \ T OU are hereby summoned and required to answer the complaint In this action, which was filed In the office of tbe Clerk of the Circuit Court for Milwaukee, on the*12tb day of May, A. D , 1S69, and to serve a copy of your answer to the said complaint, on the iuh. dcribers at their office, Nos. 6 and t) Albany Building, Milwaukee, within ninety days after tbe service of this summons on yon, exclusive of tbe day of such ser vice; and if yoo fail tn answer the said complaint within ttie time aforesaid, ihe plalnt'O In this action will apply to t',t C.>urt for tin- rrllel demanded tn the complali.t Dated May 12, Is69 FINCHES. LYNDK i MILLER, mayl7-law6w Plaintiff's Attornr-ys. Execution. 525] StieiilFF'K HALE. (IMeus STATE Of WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, MilwankeeOounty. f The Globe Bank, ] against | Daniel It. Richards, I Garret VI.el, | Jasper Vllet and | John B. Smith. j B T virtue of an execut on .ssued from said Oourl, In the above entilied aclion, lo me direcled and d«llv- crid against the personal and real property of th- above named defei danU, 1 have seized and levied on Lhe following real eslale, t> Ing and being in the C ty of Milwaukee, County of Milwaukee and Slate of Wisconsin, to wit : ."Situate in the north east quarter of section 17, tow 3 7, range 22, beginning at tbe soulh east corner of said quarter section; running along the east line of said quarter section north lo a point &84 chains south of the north easl corner of said quarter section, being tbe south easl corner of land conveyed by s&id Richards lo one Christopher Scloepf; thence with sooth line of said land conveyed lo Schloepf west lo s point 860 feet easl of middle of Green Bay road; Ibence south 100 feel; thence west 860 feet to middle of Green Bay road^ thence along the middle of said road noulh lo Ibe south line of said quarter section; thence west along said soulh II. e of saldxj tarler section lo beginning, containing about 84 acres, being on tbe east side of tbe Green Bay road. Also the following real eslale sllulelnlhe said north easl qnarler of section 17, town 7, range 22, beginning at north easl cornsr of said quarter section; thence west wilh norlb line of said quarler secllon 25.24 chalnti to middle of Green Bay road; thence soulh along middle of said road4^6 chains to north weal comer of land conveyed by Daniel U. Richards to Christoph Schloepf; thence west along north line of said land to east line of said quarter section 26.24 chains; thence north 4 88 chains to beginning being about 12 acres, and all the right, title and Interest of the said defendant or either of them In and to the said premises and appnrt«nances on the tenth day of October. 1661, or since acquired thereto." Which said property as aforesaid, I shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, at the Post-Office, in the Oily of Milwaukee, on Saturday, tbe 14th day of may, 1869, al tbe hour of 2 r. •., of that day, to satisfy tald execution, together with expenses of •alt. Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, March 28,1858. PnoBca, LT*DS * Unxia, I A. J. LANG WORTH Y, , Pl'ffs Att'ys. f flirt Mil Co., Wls, mar2°-law6w tf Tne above sale Is hereby postponed to Saturday, the 28th day of May, 1859, at the same place and time of day. Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, Hay 14,1859. A. J. LANuWOETHT, msylS Sh'ff, MIL Co., Wls. ^BT The above sale is hereby further postponed to Saturday, the 44 day of Jnne, 1859, at tbe same place and time of date. Dated Sheriff's Office, MUwanke», May 23,1859. A. j. LANG WORTHY, may!9 ' Sheriff MU. Co., Wis. ISr^The above sale Is aereby further postponed to Saturday, the llth day of June, 1859, at the same place and. time of day. DateJ Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, Jane 4.1859. A. J.I.B.NU WORTHY, JeS Sheriff Mil. Co., Wls. 0g~ The above sale Is hereby further .postponed to Saturday, the 2d lay of July, 1859, at tbe same place and time of day. Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, June 11,1859. A. j. L ANOWORTHY, je!2 Sheriff MIL Co., Wli. WESl-EKN UNION — AND— W i»coHBin State Telegraph. Connectioirs: with all .Lines East; ft\BX Wisconsin Btato Unoi' run from Milwaukee to J. laOrosse, Fend do. Juao s)nd Waupnn, on Railroad Routes. Also from Milwaukee foJanesville, Madison, Vatertosrn and Prairie du Owen. Stations atalltmr portant Intermediate points.., ,. _ ; jar~Oao«hourifroml^.»t,to maylw-dtf ' A.wKLLKR, AgeaV' ' 181] STATE OF WISCONSIN, j Circuit Oonrt, Milwaukee County. * Heel U. Camp, against Daniel U- Ktebards, Jsrret Vliet, lesper Vllet rnd I John B. Smith. J IY virtue of an execution Issued from said Oonrt in ) the above entitled action, to me directed and de. ivered against tbe personal and real property of the above named defendants, 1 have seized and levied on the fallowing real estate, to wit : Beginning at a point in the line between section 19, and 20,1287 feet north of the quarter section corner, running thence west 6»9\ feet to the east tine of Fourteenth street; thence with said east line of Fourteenth street, north 7C4 feet to Beaubran street, or tbe extension of that street aa represented In the plot oj Vlt-t's A dition U the city of &.,lwaakee; Ihence with the south line of said street, east 506 feet, thence with the southerly line of said street northeasterly about 910 feet lo an angle in said •treet; thence with the sooth line of said slrerl east about 60 feet to the point where the south westerly line of the land conveyed to Abram Vliet by deed recorded in Milwaukee County In vol 61 of deeds at page 81U, crosses said south line of said street; thence with said southwesterly line of Abram Viiet's land sonth 47 degrees, east about 609 feet lo a point on Eleventh street, where said line is intersected by the west line of Abram Viiet's land, according lo deod recorded in vol 61, of deeds at page U4S, thence south with said west line of Abram Vllet's land 12.88 chains to a corner, thence west with boun- ary of said Abram Vliet s land 8 chains; thence south with said boundary 615 X fcet to north line of Sherman street, Ihence with said north line, vest D.92 chains to section line; thence with section line north 969 feet to the place of beginning, containing about 80.70 acres, and belntf situated In the east half of lhi> north easl quarter of section 19, and In tlie west hall of the north west quarter of section 20, town 7, range ii. Also lots 9, lo, 11, 12, block i. Lou 2, 8, 4, 5, e and 7, block h Lot 6, block 4. Lot 6, block 6. Lot 8, block 18. All tn Vllet's Addition to (the city ol Milwaukee, being ID the *>asl half of the north easl qaartt-r of seriion IV aod the west half of N W it of section 20, town i, rauge 22 east.— Also the following real estate beginning ai a point in section I Ilie between sectlODs 19 and 20 at north sl,U- of ShermaQ ilreel aud 82*3 feet north of tlie quarter section corner, thence with sectloL hur uortl, 9^9 feet, thence west 3tt9i^ feet to tun niilr of Fourl4-etilh street, Ihenc^ wild east ,lde ul *ald ft rt-rt, south &^9 feet lo north Hide t.1 ao allr, . llirnce Witt, north bl<le of said alley nonth rant, rly Mfi ler! to north sl.le of Sherman street, thence Witt, said uiirlh line of tiliermao street 2O1 feet l« place of beginiilue, containlut: Il>£ acres more, or leas, beinf; situated ID the east half of the nurtti cabt quaru r uf s^'-tivt. 19, t,-w I. 7, rntjt.r « US east. Also L«»t 4, block 89, HKCUI..I \Vard. North % lot 5, block 8y. S.cnod Ward. Also the follow ,n k rpal esLhlr being ID the no HI east quarter ,.l »•- t,..n IT. town J, rantfe ?., beginning at a *.»HIII n, Hi.- weftt line of said quarter section lo.oo .,, north of the s.»itr west corner ol paid quarter sectioD at Ilie nortl, west corner of lands ri<oveyed by Daniel H Richards to »tie John 1'. Shoemacher; thence with said west lintr uf said quaru-r hecllon north to a point b.l£ chains south of the north wt-*t Corner of said quarter section, thence east 14-Tu chains to middle ol Urteti Bay road, tbeoce along middle of said road south to pomt 1U.I4> chains north ol the nouth line of said quarter sectlou, thence west 14.70 chams to place of beg-miilng, coolaltutig about 82 acres and be ng ou the we»t uldr ot the Green B\v road. Which said property, as aforesaid, 1 shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction st tlie Court House In tlie Oity of Milwaukee, on Saturday, tlio lutb Day of march, 1869, at the hour ol V p. a., of that day to satisfy said execution, together wllh expenses ol sale. Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, Feb. 8, 1859. Kisoara, LTIDS 4 Miu.ia, i A J LANGWoRTHV, Pl'ffl Att'ys. f Bh'fl Mil Co , Wls Jan3f>-dlaw6w ff Tbe above sale Is he eby postponed till Saturday, the 26th day of March, 1S59, at the Post Office, al the hour of S p. v Blierifl'i Office, Milwaukee, March 19, 1S59. A J. LANGWOETHT, mar20 Sheriff Milwaukee Co jy The above sale Is further postponed to »Vrd- nesday, the 6lh day of April, at the same place ami time of day. Dated Sheriff's Office, Milwaukee, March 26, Is'.*. A. J. LtNGWoRTHV, marS9 Sheriff Mil Co. B3P~ The above sale Is further postponed to Saturday, the list day ol May, 1S59, at the Post-Office, al Ihe hour of 'I p. K., of that day. baled Sheriff's uffice, Milwaukee, April 6, 1S19. A J. 1.ANGWOK1HY, apr7 bbenff Mllwaul ee Oo. gasjr^Tbe shove sale Is hereby furlher postponed to Saturday, the 28tb day of May, at the same place and time o-f day . DiOed Htierlff 'i Office, Milwaukee, May 21, lg.*>9. A. J. LANOWoBTUC, mat 21 Sheriff Mil. Co., Wls. ^s7~ The above sale is hereby further postponed to Saturday, the llth asy of June, 1S59, al tlie same place and time of day. Dated Sheriff 's Office, Milwaukee, May 2s, 1SS9. A. J. LANUWOBTHV, may29 Sheriff Mil. Co., Wis £ff~ Tlie alovt sale Is hereby further postponed lo Saiurday, Ihe 2d fc'ay of July, 185V, al Ihe same place and lime of da.. Dated Sheriff '• Office, Milwaukee, June ll, 1&9. A J.LANOWOBTUV, ;elS Sheriff Mil. Co.. Wif. O N and after Monday, April «h, and until farther DO t Ice a Pasienger Train vrtll leave Milwaukee fron the depot,foot of 8eeondstreet,forPewatskee, Harlland Pine Lake, Oeonom»woo, Watertown, Lowell, and Col nmbua at4^0p.m.,arrivingmMllwauke«at \135 a. m Passengen arriving! at Milwaukee by the Ullwankee I Chicago K. ft- • to tir&ue 4 Mil.K. K^ and Mil. A MUl B. B., or by Boat, can proceed to the above places. • Connections are raade at Watertown with stages foi Lake Mills, Jefferson,WaterlocsUanchetville,Sun Pral rie, Cottage Grove-and Uadlson. Also atOolumbui forLodl, Merimac, ASaego, Fall Hive', Leed's Corners Bamden, Ixrwville, Dekora, York, Arlington, Bristol >>m for all points to tbe Welt and North West. Passengers arriving ai tbe Junction from the abovi places make connections h the Milwaukee A Mlssli slppl K. R., for J&ncsviUe, Madison anil Prairie dt Ohlen and at Milwaukee, with roads to the Sooth, We* and North. aprS ' 8. 8. HEBRILL, Superintendent., "lS59. " AKKANU-KMKN T, ,1H3^^S^^^3 hjSS^^^BBFn ; —VIA— MIOHK5AN CENTRAL —AND— 6. Western (Canada) Railway T RAINS leave tbd Great Central Depot, footofLaki street Chicago, as follows : 4:OO A. rtl.-DRRTOlT ACCOMMODATION,(Bun days excepled), arrive at Delroil 6.0X r X- 7:O(1 A. W.—OINUINNAT1 EXPRESS. (Sundayi excepted.) Arrive al Indianapolis p. sl.l Cincinnati S:3U r. M. S:OO A. HI,—LI&HTNINQ EXPRE.-S. (Sundays ex. cepled,) arrives at Detroit 7:00 P. M. Suspension Bridge or Buffalo 4:0) A. M ; Albany 3:00 p. M., New York 9:0( P. H; Bjslon 11 P. u. «:OO P. HI.-Nll.r> ACCOMMODATION, except Sunday- 8:OO P. DI.—NKW TOttK AND BOSTON KXPRfcf, (exceplSalurday.) Arrive at Detroil 7:t5 A> *•; SusiHrnslon bridge or Buffalo 4:8U P. H-; Albany 4:00 A. M.; New York, •10:00 A. M., Boston 2:09 r. K. 8;00 P. in.-^CINCINNATI AND LODISVILLE KX- PRBSS. (Kxcepl Saturday.) Arrive at Cincinnati 8:ol> in.; Louisville 4:00 p. 1. One train on Sunday at 6:00 r. M. The 8:00 A. u. and 6:00 p. M. trains connect al Paris with u>« Buffalo A lisle Huron Railway, for Bufif" and all points e'f at; at Toronto with QrandTrunk Railway, to Kingsu a, Ogiieushurg, Montreal, Quebec and all poinls in Canada blast, Nor>h«in Vermonl, New Hampshire and UalDe. |3^~ Baggage checn«d ihrough. Through llckets for sale si the principal Railroad offices in the West, anJ at the general office, corner Lake A Dearborn streets, opposite the Tremonl House, Chicago, and at the Depot, 'oot of Lake street. R. N. RICK, Sup'l. U. J. HriLDiso.Gen Pa§s. Art. *P rl2 _ Detroit <fc Mil. Kailtvn*. THE Bles ler <:|cvelunil will lake her place in line of the Delroil A Milwaukee itailway, on Monday, Ihe 14lh March- Passi-ngers wislilng Ihrough llckets can be supplied on and after Monday next, at 230 East Water street, or at the office on tlie dock of the Delroil A Mllwauke. Railway Oo.— Due notice of the time of ileparinre will b« given. This will make Ihe shortest, cheapest and quifkest route to all poinls Ka,l. mar* 18.19. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. VI i I u nit I* ce RAI1L KOAI>. THI 1 . SHOltTKST AND EXPKD1TIOI S TO KOI TI-:I Winona, Read'i Landing, Red Wing, PRE4COTT, ST, PAL'L AND bT ANTHONY rhiingrol Timii, Mondny, April 1, IS">9. 1ST TIIAIX 1,1 AVTS TI II.VAF.KCE 11 00 A H., Arriving .st JantMi-il'e -'30 P. M ; Mailmnn 381 P. M , I'r.ine .|u I'hi-o-MKIP M tlonnectinj.' will lli^ dn Clilrn and 1*1. Paul Packrta, which 1.-SV,- Prainr ilu Chien on the arrival of ihr -i Oo P M Train. ID TIIAI\ I.RAVF.M h-Oft P M., Arriving •» Janvf^vtl Ui:t» IV M. •3*T~ Kar. l» all [mini* «D lli l«u a* nriy other KoulC «t THANSPOR'N K. K. \UUUtifrom trltpori.) ArCKT Ka^ine &• ;op»$iy 1858, -., MONDAY, DKO. trains will run as follow!, viz : ( QO1NQ WEST. •teaveBaclne for DivlJ— yreirht* Ace., * A. M •Leave lUcine for lieloit— Passenger, '1 r. M. \l GOIN0EAST: [Leave Belolt for Racine— Passenger, 7:<fO A. u. Jteave Datls for Eacme— Freight i Ace., b:oO A. M. I fassengers by taking the 7 A. v. train on the Lake iShore Railroad at Milwaukee, connect at Racine with Ursln to Davis ; arriving at Davis at 8:30 p. v. Stage penyes Davis for Freeport on arrival of train. 6:30 A. 'M. train (Tom Davis connects at Racine with afternoon •trains on the Lake Shore Railroad North .nil South. \f Freight forwarded with dispatch. dec!) ROBKUT II ARHI3, Superintendent. Pittaburgh, Fort Wayne & Chicago KAIL KOAIi. w and direct Route now open lo New York, D, Plttaborgh, Philadelphia, B&Ulmore and n city, Olerelaod, Dunkirk, Buffalo, Niagara :fall*, ajiU all eajtern cities. Cincinnati, Coluoibaj, Day;ton, Springfield, Urban*, Zace»viUe, fitcubenviUe. New -ark aod Wheeling, and all Interior towns of Ohio, Paun- V flytT»Qia, Virginia, Maryland, Hew Jertry, Ac. one (.rand Unbroken R. R. Line BKrWUUf GB10AGU 4J.D TUB KAffT. FAR& Ad LO W AS ANY OTlfSR ROl'TS. 0 Those desiring to gu by this Roate will be par lilcalarand enquire for Tickets ria Von Wayne, thereby (Avoiding the annoyance of recheckin^ their Baggage. iTKAINS LSA VS DSt'uT uA' VAX KVKXy 6'7 1>A1L*\ A* tvLLUWX; B:00 p. •.—Nlgbt Eiprt-38, daily, Saturdays excepted. ^:00 A. M.—Moriilng Mall »u.l Kxpreas, Ja;ly, Sundays ^ cxcdpted. ' With bat one change of cars to Pittsburgh. { CHEOKIKO BAOQ1OK THROUGH To PttUburgh, Philadelphia, liaJUnjorc and New York, Connecting directly nrith Iraiiu on the great Peannylvt- nia Central Railroad, to alt eastern ciiies. Alao.'witfi Cleveland A Columbua Railroad to Uleveland, Dunkirk., Jiaffalo, Niagara Falls via Nrw York Geuiral and New York A Erie Railroads to New York in,I Boston, j Persona going 1 east will Qnd Uua route by t*r Lhe moai ilesirable, both from the adv&nt&git m j>olut of Jistaoce, V'ariuty j^od beauty of the country through which the toadi paxa, as well as the leas frequent changes of oar? aad the annoyance of re-checking ba^xagr rirqatreJ \>y J)ther routes. j •'acilitlei for the transportation of Freight and Live Block by this route are unsurpaued. Raiea aa low aa fcny othe^r route, and with e«jnal dispatch. ; Tickel»-&>*- *•**• *«• •<*•> *~ i* ticket offlcei In the fTeii, and al Company's Oflice, No. uo i>^mr^>ra »*nrrv, Opposite Tremont House, Chicago, and at the office r>t the Lake Hhore Railroad, Milwaukee, by A. b. LelanJ ! JSO. J. UOCSTON, ! General Freight Agent, Pittsburgh, Pa, D. w. BOha, f General "-Veatern Agent, Chicago. • Ohicago, Manh 6, 1S&9. mar6 (tlilwatikee A: C kiica^o It. K. 1859. NOTES, PLBRZHBIM^ & CO., ock of , , h ., r .„„„,. i F U R N I T U R EVER 0»?BHED IN THIS CITT, AT GREAT SACRIFICE FOR THK NEXT SIXTY DAYS. THE STOCK IS IIE1VV, AND HIST BK ^18 and 220 Bast Water Street, "~" _ WII.WAI'KER, WIS«0% S, MISCELLANEOUS. I)K. H. W. R tl>||i.;% D, VrTEHINAUV DRY GOODS, &C \ i: I **•,!.> SPRING AND SUMMER DRY GOODS! mil gentlemen, irlio l.loyp,! ll? Reill^ times professionally In the ,-oiir^'- of l^n y-ir We feel jUMtilleil ID saying ih:it lurt )>ra>-li rlor lo Ihe ueneral run of VVlennary Pr i- t.., J". JL-. -th^ad, Win Murray, Prj.-r Ul«hn,v, Krlly. An«l f w V II Jen, N. A Rmwn, James r"ittcy . L W. J Gain., Wlilte A N-wi . J im A C» H M M The Latest Novelties Geer 1 H C ll. :<-y TUS J. K- Curtis, aa Merchant. Office. Kirhy'i Wm. Wm lr-, Mai:: king sure princlpaJ MMKK A KKA N ( J KM KN '1 Great United Slate* Mail anil F.rpren R"utc. IUE only reliable and ILL Rom TO TUB EA.^T. S-CTR and Mona-W&r, and the only Line tn Onnrifclioas. Haggage checked through lo points ou and after .TlONOAl, A I'll I I. -'illl, I Llns Leave l>r|'4,l, corner til rl«t,>l* ai.,1 I: an folloa, | O:3(l A. .Tl.-tiPaiiaa P«»oasi.iS-arr.v c*£n at ^.)U f M. I:i6 I 1 . Jl.-LlrslDw |'A.-».K .IK-S ,-affo &l 6 \l f M . »i cuoorrtions wllh t»rn and .-oulh Writ, »n.i • junction, far |;«-li> on Uiat Line Freight Tram It-avt-a at 1:^) A n Freight forwarJe<l with lic^p'iLrh PaMenper Trains Irave Chirmfo tite North VV'rot al 7-UU A u , an- sre at li:50 r n an.ll^.l.', i M apr24 JN ) T MOODY, Mn.-t arrived .S iM> p a.r>l si l<>* rat f r Milwaukr* i Hi I. Kail road W it, the UD tie rs.giicU., nav.Qn tie,-n appo,. for the collect M>n and irlivi-r> i.f Cm company, bt-ff I* 1 (No b U iscun Aipnl, wh«Ti' or'lt-ri allt-QlJ'iti. i ur aul at the wartihi-uses u F\TM|:ht uaiup^trtat 4tcatn>D al U.*- om.- ui incrstiaatd .»nj iL itrret,) npcnrd can be Irfx, ai^l will r ^^il for this i.e-rt i/.at an thr Ut '.f ^iv*- prompt - hs.l hy NOTJCK. .Till. WAI KEF. t »..V. P. Ill . MaJ.ion II|.->||OP * CO . UllRl. DETROIT & MILWAUKEE Hallway Steamboat Liu? ! T'JK L\Knr..- •» '« » I I t <, j PLKASI'RK \ i i. I . O N »n- thf < May nnt, part.,-. >» - ' tt?Tt il Kap ,t. to t + rarttl i »n.| t.*.-k ti .-Neap Kir-i i uclu.J flours of rarnj Hjs,(j. t>t>*r<\ a: " 1 t M sn I line I r i. 111 A. .HUM; iM-i) i r (:iiriii CLOTH lJt;pAK I'M K N' 11 I H t •- - t ',-•* • , Kir- .'Mill i" 1111 i K ,M. WILLlAil JKK\ 1.-, K OF TJMK U N jini) dfu-r Mon«i»j, April, irmtt.-* f>n ihc Mil w»uk'-.-. Wau-rtown A Karatum \ *ll«-y Ra.lrcai will arrive in Milwaufcir nt li.JsJl A H , MJ*! .irpart a 4 ^iu r. tt. H. Jt. MCHRII !.. Snp'U O S nn-J »fl." Apr'l yu, i..,. „, ,.,-,. r. , ..( ,- r,tra«~t tor ni%l. r all/9 tia. i..».| « I.'.- ,H * » r iubt,tr. y Ml « f I! H*LL, It 'ari:« J i «"»nv. < oarli XI ,1 ,s. HAKNKS liia>THKli> OUR JOBBING DEPARTMENT I 1N59. iiD FAVORITE ROUTE 1IIF \OIMIlt it > TRANSPORTATION COMPANY N ' > \ i i. \ . DETROIT &, MILWAUKEE R, R (Now (.p^D»Hl L.I l.ake Michigan./ (>< iDKNSHl ' AUK T UI H( -\ I ,V I IT I It » \V 1- ( AKIN ! bADUI.f.RY HARDWARE TI<IMMIN< Forming s Semi-Weekly io« I Arts, opened ; M 'I 'City of Cleveland.' & "Cleveland (Tiii-rttuuhljf retHl>ii l>-.r thifl rc.ol*- ) N AND AFTER I. njl.ur;" « i! it,- VKRXIil.NT Lh.MRAI. KAll.Rn soo UHV (jOUDS 4«D V.iNKtt < I I J . A i ' I i • I ; , ' i n *• 1 - » v , , . U .J-hlH i 1 "-' H \ \l I , 1 r - , M N- ' - . , \l . ' K 'I I N |x | I i i V| NUT, U < 01.] /'.>,, nil H. O N AND \r •er,fpr Trains will run MONDAY, June folio*-*. : (JOINU WKST r&es'rr, Bo.,...., s Thirty F, bctweeu «t Cla..i O«ji»l Hoali cjro.JTro), {Albany t\<- F'r.Uri(e.J C*n» N v \* \ o r k. sm:nif »' [Newa STATK OF WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee Oi.nnty . | AJonio I'otUr, agal nst Jonathan Taylor, Ichabo i Smith, The Farmers' and Millers' Bant and Urorfe W Peckham. Foreclosure. I N virtue of and pursuant lo a judgment rendered In said Court, In the above entitled action, dated October 9, 1858, I Shall expose for sale and sell at Public Auction, al tbe Post-Office, In liiv of Milwaukee, on Nalunlar, Ibe tA day of July, 1S59, at the hour of S f n ,of thai day, the following described mortgaged premises or so much thereof as may be necessary Lo raise Ibe amount of Bald juogtncnt, iDtcreats and costs, tOfreUier wilh the expenses ol sale, lo wit : "lx>t number l«o |2J, In block numbered elgbty- seven [87J, In tbe Fourth Ward of Ihe City of Milwaukee, In the County of Milwaukee and Slate of Wisconsin" Dated!Sheriff's,Office) Milwaukee, April 1,1659. Bsows 4 OODEH, i A. J. LANQWOttTHT, Pl'ffs Att'ys. ( SherlffWH. Co., Wls. aprl-8m-llngw .•*up. Bridge, depart •Detroit, depart. •Oswego' arrive Si. Jobns, arrive . Grand Rapl<ls, arr. • J rand Haven, arr. Milwaukee, arrive.. . Milwaukee, depart 'Grand Haven, dcp Grand Kip,,1s, arr St. Jobna, arrive . Owosso, arrive. .. . • Detroit, arrjve flus. Brtdfre, arrive.. B:IMl n so. 3:05'. 4:80' Noon. KAST Mail i ipr'i M 7 55 11:40 Jep'l i. a i 11:20 6.80 4:00 1.15 •2:20 A. U. 4:50 BUT] SHEHIFF^S MALE. (News) BTATK OF WISCONSIN, I Oircnlt Court, Milwaukee County. f Alonzo L. Kane, against John 8. Fillmore, George W. Peckhao and Gilbert Bor. Foreclosore. I N rlrtine of and pursuant to a Judgment rendered ID said Court, In tbe above entitled action, daied March IB, ISM), I sbaitecpose tor sale and sail at Public Auction, at the Post-Office In tbe City or Milwaukee, on MUurday, late 2d day of July 186», at the hour of S r. H., of that day, the fallowing described mortgaged premises orso much thereof as msy be Decenary to raise tbe amount of said judgment, Interest aod costs, together with the expenses of sale, to wit: "Lot number thirteen [IS] and tbe east thirty [80] f«et of lot number twelve 12), in block number seventy-seven [II), In tbe Fourth Ward of tbe City of Milwaukee, la tbe County of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin." Dated Sheriff's Office, Ullwankee, April 1,1859. OOD.», BEOWX * OODM, i A. J. LANGWOBTHT, PlVs Att'ys. f Sheriff Mil. Co., Wls. aprl-Sm-IlnSw STATES MAKSHAL'S SALE. Charles IT. Willard, 1 n< David P. Hall, Marian Alton Hall, Edwin Palmer, Trustee, Joshua Hathaway, Byron W. Clark, Obarlas B. OlarkJ Robert B. Bell, The farmers' * Miller's Bank \ InJEqnlty. Henry L. Palmer, Herman Bchwartlng and August Greullch, Assignees of tbe People's Bank of Haertel, Oreetateaf t Oo^ Edward 0. Tyler, Jtbes H. roiter, Horace H. Honn and Jasper £. Goodrich. I N parluacce and by vlrtne of a decree made toy tbe District Court of the United States for tbe District Of Wisconsin, on tbe eighth day of April, A. D., 1869, In the above entitled cause, I shall sell at Public Auction. it the Cnlttd States Marshal's Officer '» U>« City of Mllwsukee, on Thursday, tbe Slstday of July, 1868, at 8 o'clock r.M., the following described property, to Tb»;east one hundred (100) feet of lotanombered — ' ' - --- — numbered twenty-fir*' In tbe Sixth Ward of • • il 18, 18U. wit: iewen (7> and tight (B) in Wook numbered twenty-fir*' (46), In Sherman's Addition, ihe'dlty of Ullwankee. ' ' Mn •rlefreshmt-nts—lli'tel in De[>ot Kt Grind Hsren. lloai will leave Milwaukee on Balurilays at H r if. for Saturday Ni^htV Kzpress passtrn^pra ve,t, but 'J M Ira n wih s <J lesvo on Sundayff. Trains leave termini dally, Sundays rxrepled.. TDK TELEORAPH LINK Is uow open for Prfsuo Brj- slscue. CONNECTIONS. AT Ill:TK<«IT-QBKAT WESTERN RAILWAY for all points EaA—MIO1IIUAN OKNTKAL and MICHIGAN 8OUTU8KN RAILROADS, and CLEVR- LAND Line of Stramers. AT «JKAMD I1AVEN—With "HURON Steamer for CHICAGO, Ac., Ac. AT Kill. W A UK F. ft—With the MISSISSIPPI, LA CRO8SK, CHICAGO. WATKRTOWT) and HORICON RAILROADS, fur all Important points Wnl and Northwest, and on Mississippi River, an>1 with Steamers for Ports on bake Michigan. Passengers for Great Western Railway gn on the Ralr- wsy Faasv BT«A»«:a, at D. t M. R. Dock, leavrog Dock at S:lK) i • , 12:0-1 Noon and 7:30 r. •. NIGHT TRAINS nave BLEKP1NO OAUS attached. The Company's Time-Tables can be had al any of the Stations. W. K. ITU III, Gen'l Hop't. WBIVSIAB A POBBIS,Ticket Agenls, 280 Rasi Water st WH. GaABail, Prelgiil A(,'ent at Comoany's Dock. H. O. WlLSrts, General Western Agenl. D. A M. R. pfflces.Uune, 18&V JeS tlOUSBS TO KKNT. W H have several Brick and Frame House* to rent on very reasonable terms. We have also for sale a vast quantity of r«il estate, co slstlngof Houses, I.of, Improved and unimproved Panes, School Lands, Ac. We have SO acrei near tbe dry, with House, Barn, A;., for the small rent of f10 and taxes. GREGORY A CO., may 1 224 Kast Water street. 1OIIJ SHEKJUWif SAI.K. (New STATE OP WISCONSIN, I Circuit Court, Milwaukee County, | Meyer Bhoyer, ) against I Judgment off Foreclosure and Sarah B. Weld and (sale. Colin M. Farmer. j I N virtue of and pursaapt to a judgment rendered tn said Conn, In the above entitled action, dated the twenty-eight day of Msy, 1?59, I shall "expose for gale and sell at Public Auction, at tbe Foil-office, In tbe City of Milwaukee, on Saturday, the lUth rtay of September, 1869, at the hoar of '1 r.u.,ot that day, the following described mortgaged premises, or so much! .thereof as may be necessary to lalse tba amount of said judgment, Intrrest and costs, together with the expanses of Bale, to wit "The loutb twenty [90] feet of lot number nine 181, In black number slxtyfoar 164], In the Seventh |7J Ward,of the City of Milwaukee, In the County of Milwaukee and Btata of Wisconsin," ! Dated Sheriff's Office, Ullwankee, Jane 0,1859. L»vr BOIKLL, J A- J. LANGWORTHT, Pl'aYAtt'y. f ! Bh'ff. Mil. Co., Wf«. JeT-a8m-lln8w | Johu Architect, JUNKAU BL.OOK, Is prepared t j farnlsM plans for all kinds of bnlldlngs at the shortest notice J : BSFEEENCE3: J.' 8. "»»«"»,) . i Jom»_H. SIUMAI, LDnmsl B*OTB««, j W, Tnf Arre, 8. FIILP, I °- g - vatom, OiiroKTB t Pi»em,j- Xrtrts 8. HIOK, C. Join. ! 7eb20 P OEK nuitets. in. store, ( %•»•»..„; _. R- tA (or aale. O at case of frt»b lig, r»owVed't!Bl»4aV at ttJ-.'H' YORK A.\J> A/./f /..I//./.O.I/; Ao<i forming a Tri-Weekly Railroad Line twtweeo Dunkirk. Tlilwaukef &. Chicago, ; igy Proprrly forwarded by Lhis I.Ine will h« labj^ci (o tut On* Transhipment. ; 1^" HcrchaoUts- marked **>. T. « O. KX. iPHE.SS," wUI bo forwurJe'i frDm Nrw Tort by \n J&prtAX fYtiyht Train orer lh* A'.*»r }'>trt t f Sri And promptly forwarJed from DuDltirk.1 APPL.* TO J. Mums, Ageni JS. T. Oo. f 177 BrosvJvay, New York. J. L W A us EI^ AgtfDl N. T. Co^ a 0<*nlles Slip, Ne iTork- OBAS. B, TiPfiS, corner 6Ui uicl Gheanui it., Phil A. BOVIT A Ca^wroKD, O^wego N. T. ; B- D. Ci^DwTKLL, Ageol, Daokirk, N. T. On4MB.iB.UB, CajaVro&D A Oo , CleTelana, O., JoHH HrtCKiso, Atfenl N. T. Co., 96 Sl*te at., lioaUm tA. OtrsmtAH, Ageot V. 0. Line, 103 State u., Uosum J. F. CmrHCH, Agent, Rouse's ^oint, N. T. G«o. PiEEBHf AfTent, OgUfiuburgh, N. Y. . L. J. HIQBY, Milwaukee, Wls , olllce LaCrossc A U &. E. Depot, J. II. CRAWFORD, i Mll , wi.^'1 O, J. HALE, f Wlwmokee, Wlseoniln, ! Office Dear M. A M. R. R. Depot. N. B.—Bhlppcn are requested to gee one of the above Astenu before making comracta, aa they are prepared io offer very low rates, and their conoectioni with the ^idensborgh and Orwego routes, and especially with (he Slew York A Erie Railroad give them unsurpassed fatlHtlea for cheap and ipeedy tranaportattoo. BOOT«. : AKTIOI.K •• i MANUFACTURED BY iiJOHN PHALEN, ^biHE only one authorised to manufaclnre the sbvoe •^i. named Boots, al •; 72 EAST WATEB 8T«EET. * The Phalen Boot Is ooe of Ihe most unique and e e- fADt rove-rings for the feet that has over been Invented. ]They are made of the best of stock and moat finished Workmanship, and are warranted to cure Corns, Bun- Inns, dwelled Feel, Swelled Head, RhnmaUsm, Gout, *c. Remember that the &>/* Agenl for these last Invented ttoots In Una City, Is lo be found at 72 Kast Water st , frhere, al#o, may fee found a general assortment of ' BOOTS A: SHOES, «;AITEtaX, AC., )Por Gentleman and Ladles tba! there Is In this market* all manufactured under the supervision of the subscriber, [may'2SJ JOHN PU1LKN. Pleasure Excursions, LTM: Pic Mr ! BROCK WAY'S ^ —OP— OMNIBUSSK8 ANU HACKS. P ARTIES wishing to engage Hacks or Omnibuses for the purpose of visiting the Gardens or for Pic NIc Vartles, can be supplied witii first class vehicles oaihr Shortest notice and moat resjsonable trrma. A line of dmlbu-ises will commence running on the 1st of Jane for forest Home, learing Van Cott's corner st 9 A. M. ami 9 p. M. The Omnibus for Wauwatosa leaves; Van Oott's it 12 K. and b T.U.I JsjT.B ROCK WAT, ; m»y20-dlm Kot t of Masun street. SIUHT ANIJ HK AKIN ; DR. F. A. € A DWELL, jjoraerrty 'df Toronto, 0. W., now of Chicago, III., the '( erblnent and skillful operator on the I ! ETC AND CAB At Ho. (8 i Randolph, corner of Dearborn street, Is f workleg miracles in the way of restoring , i LOSfl SIGHT AND HEARING, '. ppwarda of TWO HUNDRED hare been received by St. 0. wlthta tbe last four weeks, many of whom hare been, blind for months and yean, hare had .their sight restored Instantly by ddicaU and difflcttUoptraOoHt, *hlle others, »ho havs been sufferers from disease, hare been :inlraculouslj cured by mild and geotTa treat- fSie bat proof u to how Dr. O.'i swvloei are tppre. ojattdl«,<hat be 1»Jally receiring new patlentt^from Ml parts of |the country, and dismissing, u cared, his eiriT received cases. TJW ft* \f required for an examination or opinion.— Ho CHAM* for services that are not ruecMtfui, H will be stated ihen the Dallent Is received. Dr. Oadwell's -' ' - • - - -- to betutdmtatonkDr feUO-dAwfo I LOOH' t" loiuW per ct. •lIMsflufaotarrt price. lip .HAEWHOTON, 11A KN f Al . I I 3« EA.ST XlLWAl'KKS, l- 1 H ii s . Ul 'KK A U s 114 t V. 40., tstr p. 'TH \\KLL, JK.. Joisu-r , ( ,i,j r.mir I.M,,. W OULD r^spectrully annnunoe tn iheir t J is t.» Kr-t-j., thf* . -A m u.cir > u<* : ! their t>u- ne^- vinn tmuji i. -i ' may feel .ocliue.i i.> of our Urn. r^sujr-a a -if &nd beat select^U Stock of round to ih* 8l»l^, and will heretofor.-, wilh the Intcnuo To u DI&IIJ new customers uj a c»ll, we would say ane fork, fcnd Wf have factlltiea for th« purL-ha*^ *rul ,n^n afacture of g-oods that cap not be eiL*»-lled. ft r? *.re \t ftll limes ready to take advantage uf Eastern MarKeta, &Dd have btrro enable^! u> retluoe the price t( many klDda of poods, which wf "haJl cnntmuf in >el ' M th.- lowest prices in Western V rketa. We are constantly receiving *Jii Uoos lo ^ur itucK, .vAti will keep tt so complete *LS to b<-. %bi<* »i t>l nm<^ (o tilt nr-Urs for any kind of SaddirnT, i.'amair' Trim - . MsV.-!-! 1 dtock, and will Jo so m a mau u,. . , ..H.UOD In respect lo ()ual>ly and prices We alao Iteej* an nasortmeDt of Bent !nmT, Polf«, .^hufla Felloes, ^pokea. Hubs, Ac., Ac., in.] have .-ormAnl.y »n hind, or wtl) make i- i rder, nay kind .if Coa.-h, Car flags, Wagon or Team barness. C&il and >e« for yourselvps. no REMOVAL W A H -ivn^r W .0.1 W . F . B A 1 L K \ . Htu removed Lc his oUl itaod, WO. 5 I 8« EAST \VATF.R {STREET, ^((tfrpfxnt* J. .V. Bnnttitfel'it Dry (/'<wW* ^Vre, j And baring made such adijH.inn to hfs, .'»*-• 1 1 tiii*s '<ir KINK tl* It L K A I T E. AB lo t*n»b e him In i»y to the public with . th*t he i* now prrpar*«l to furniah them w;'.h •trable ityle of Pictart knoirn to she c^mm at §ach Aatouodtng Low for ea ample, cir* is to .-fy m lor H I.I. SIZK Por only $1,00 Ule. first one, and We for the Duplicalca Ai d In fact every other style of Picture, at corral- ponding tow prices. IKIPERlAa. PHOTO«HAPMS, Colored in either. OU or Water Dolors, and flushed in the highest style al the Art.J TUK vrEKl.OTYPK, A new an^popolar style of Picture, Colored in Oil, which far eicels In Accuracy, Boldness and Beamy •! flDlah, any other Picture ever offered lo the Public The« Pictures haveonly to be seen to be sdmlred. All who are desirous of saving monpy sr« respectfully solicited to call and examine Specimens at the Old Wat* *>«(, Vo. 186 Soft marlS-d6m W. t. BAY1.RY, Hai>, t ap«> au<l >i AT WMnLE>\LK VN, JNTo. 1-. A >t 1 \V \ 1 I- I MILWACKKK. n,, ', ATLAM'R: TNCLK HKN ap u, '.he \J H»la ,f D'Or^ny. SA 1 I Kl )A F a 1ST o n I \\ a A I -A r 1 < ( r 1 -, I I r %%'. li. i'^r«on:li lLLr-Illl»l anil all kinil* .r Pro. r'K'l I-. \% » 1' I is Q O .*> i r r 11 V ! -d A < o. i i 1 i \ .\ N s U i • I K .\o»-i:ipi4>oiiv<- <,:»<. rain p. Steam to the Principal Town* T I1K public i ami OJual if ENGLAND AND SCOTLAND FOR $30. ' The powerful Iron Steamships GIT!- OP BALTIMORE, CITY OF WASHINGTON. KANGAROO, Will *all from New fort for Cork direct and Liverpool, SATVJtDA ad .pled t. Private D«.<ll>ntpt, K prove itB luperlurity use. It is unllkf all brilliant, ecouomim. whal '•* njnn 1 , -ni ir-i lion. A p[>ly ii now fav'iriM ^ah ihc KUONO.MIC.\ i. LltrHT t superior U> the Li.u Oliurclu-s, Hoi,-ia, Hi. .res, H ill ilN .t)t)|)M.\.\ The CITY 0#UANCflK8TIB anj VtQO will sail from and COKK to New York once a Month. Rate of Passage from N«w York To Cork, Liverpool and" the principal towns In IRELAND, ENGLAND am SCOTLAND : Cabin,. .. ..*T6 ..................... Thlr;l Class . ISO. sengers forwarded, to Havre, Antwerp, Bre- amburg for « 5 In CaWn. «3S Third CUss. TO PABI3 On *4honri from Uuwpflo!,) Cabin $88; I1 pen?n» l wlInmgt»s.iKl for their friends can obtain * from CORK or BKLFAST to m LIVERPOOL $4». 177 Broad- Milwaukee, WlscoDSlD. Line avoid ihs risk aad ii J o ii a t li ;» 11 *' r o u t Ml )KU f l'A K h.K -|>rlll« St., Op|M)*lt.- I II I K8EP3 OONSTAiNTLY on tlaml « i»r/,, u of Mahogany, Black W*:nut and u!n-r W ,,..i ' gelher »lth risk's Metallc Uurial Uiu». The office of the Forest Ht-mt.. C».met«!ry <'..i at my place, where i tiuve the plat* uf Uie ^roi m always reaily to iccomiiany p»trunj l«. il |rey to select lots or plactsa for imrtal, mil can tie foun J tmmy place of bu&inc^ Jiky or Qi ft rit. Ooiila rrtm- angs of ail kind* for sale. sep'ja lace,to buy Groceries Is si HniMN i ORiiRBY- . t mi.- M li- i l.-a fuliK, article, in store, for tale. LAYTON « -^•^uSS33a5S^^SST3«55S<^^5SSEas

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