Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 26, 1959 · Page 11
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 11

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1959
Page 11
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Sports, \Veithet Jef.'arsrr.i Drum Steve Canyon It Could Be You Bshintl Closed Doors Tennessee Ernie Forrl You Bet Vour Life Tiic Big Story News Weather Jack Parr KFtM TV Channel 16 Sunrise Classroom It Happened La*t Might Captain Kangat 30 CBS News Morning Playhouse Arthur Godfrey I Love Lucy Top Dollar Love of L ; /e Search For Tomorrow Ouidia* Light Theatre Ten As the World Turn* Jim iry Dean Houpe Party The Big Payoff Verdict ig Yours Brighter Day Kd;;e of Night My Little Margie Popeyft Huolile&erry Hound Popeye Esjg Edwards News, Ralph Wayne WoriJ of Sports Weather Today 1 IKJVC Lucy December Bride Yancy Derringer 7nne drey 'ilieatre Death Valley Days Outlaw Mackenzie's Raic'erg News Weather Broadway Murder KVH TV Channel 1 7:55 Good Morning: 8:00 Funz-A-Poppln' 0:00 Shopper Show II :00 Coffee Break 11:30 Peter Lind Hivas 12:30 Play Your Hum;,! 1:00 Llbcrace 1 :30 The 'Shield 2:00 Your Day In Court 2:30 Music Bingo 3:00 Beat 'ine Clock 3:30 Who Do You Trust? 4 :00 American Bandstand ft:3(> Art venture Time 6:00 All Aboard For Fun 6:30 Leave It To Beaver 7 :00 Zorro 7:30 8:00 8:30 ft :00 9:30 10:00 10 :30 12:00 Rftftl McCoys Pat Boons Rough Rider! f en-4 ! Mike ttamiwe Might Court tickets to 8' Nightop 'Martin's Folly' Was Modest I ' ( , , ' .'>-!.' "••.'" •'•-'* t> Exercise On Desilii i»t»t» By WLMAM FAfAT.ft t»f*M t«!«fn«H«Wlrtl ,ttj4f, IXtontH jfav« us fu*.«day night, ss in netotiallon for purchase of « I ft result of It* mutilations, WPS ft string of radio siat'ons In the d '."Hftffil»t" forced .through ft sieve;, ; East. CBS-TV's Jack Benny win rir> * xmflil-«rrsinM "FTamlet" uilhout'h'a April 5 show live from -New FRIDAY RuNO-tV 6:30 r.oo 9 :00 9:30 10:(M) 10:30 U:OJ 11:30 12:00 12:10 12:20 12:30 l :C3 1 :30 2:00 2:30 3:00 3:30 4 :00 4 :.10 5:30 5:15 ft :00 6:l,*j 20 30 :00 :00 8:30 9:00 9:15 to :00 j 10:20 1 10:30 12:00 4 Continental fjm»flciril Today Dough-Re-Ml Treasure Hunt The PrieS 1* Right Concentration Tin Tac Dough It Could Be ¥OM NdWs Weather New Ideas Curia'n Timft Truth or Consequence* Haftf;;* Baggis Voting f)r. Mnlone From These Roots Quetin For A Day County Fair Susie Saint's Girl Friday Western Cavalier* NBC News lAca.1 News Sports Weather Northwest Passage Ellery Queen M-Pquad Tiiin Man Cavalcade of Sports Passing Parads News Weather Jack Parr dhow Sign Off KFDA-TV Channel 10 6:30 Sunrise Classroom 7:00 It Happened Last Night 8:00 Captain Kangaroo V45 CBS News 9:00 Morning Playhouse 9;30 Arthur Godfrey 10:00 I Ixwe Lucy 10:30 Top Dollar 11 :00 lave of Life 11:30 Search for 'jomorrcw 11 :45 Thg Guiding Light 12:00 Theatre T«n 12:30 As Th* World Turn* 1 :00 Jimmy D«an Show 1 :30 House Party 2:00 Big Payort 2:30 The Verdict Is Youri 3:00 Brighter Day 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 Edgf, of Nieht 4:00 My Little Margie 5 :00 Popeye S:45 Doug Edward* 6:00 News, Ralph Wayne 6:15 World of Sports 6:25. Weather Today «:30' Hit Parade 7:00 Rawhide 8:00 Phil Silvers 8:30 Schlitr. Playhousa 9:00 The Lineup 9:30 Peraon To Person 10:00 News, Ralph Wayne 10:10 Weather 10:20 The Citadel Sign off Channel 7 Kvn-rv ; V:55 Good Morning 8:00 Funz-A-Poppln' i 9:00 Shftppera Show j 10:30 Coffee Break 1 11:30 Peter Lind Hayes 1 12:30 Play Your HIHK!I and thflt int lo write two raviews. 1 A< for ft« p1«y«rs, th» present ;.j'. This 1.1 the first rsvi*w: Given, Old Vic Is not A varjMirons com- of ' 7* m'mites of playlni tor Michael Benthall and produ pa/iy and' depth". Margaret Courlanay e-director Ralph Nelson made *' nertrude. Oliver Neville us ° y the only choice open to them In Claudius. Joseph O'Conor as Po- decldin? for a hot-rod version o; l°niu« werg competent. Barbara thft play. They hatcheted out -Tefford, a little overripe for whole ns'cticn*. 'stripped down the Ophsli*. played her mad scene remaining parts Mid juggled its well. John NftvllU's Hamlet was «tructure * smill-scaled Hamlet, but per- 'icoln Jones," first Of a 10 new TV Tirotrama produced for A^C-TV by Productions. Bin dudions For iscen* had some bite; the cnalk marks I yard scene had a. real sense of> ' |chill; there was a marvelous| The Channel Swim: NBC-TVs stylized elegance about a scene in Perry Como will decide soma'Jme which Hamlet li cornerid by the next week whether he wants to Losses Told \vh,i» lo r'o sbo'-.t O n individual ,,. i«-<i olst TJti& i'AMi J A uALLl Yeaf THURSDAY, FEftRUAftY 26, 1951 Miss Taylor Frets About Oscar Race n.v VKKS'O* Hollywood SCOTT fin Roof," ftnd ''Sepflrate Poilier snd Curtis, th« h«r»!* cuffed prisoners In ttt« "The t)§» fiar j O ne.». 1% both Wer* tip fo* Taylo:-, t!ieir { | rsl Qsrar nominations •»"•** * HOLLYWOOD <wn •-- naven- i haired actress Elizabeth !nominated with four other plamo: 1 W jf n joue-is for nn Arad^my Award poitier's .-selection !in the 31ft annual O:-car ra"*, j found h3r chances for winning; im- I paired today because or her r<wl- l H'e romance with singer Eddie Fisher. kins'* men after murdering Po- shift h;s one hour Saturday night | np y loni'us; and the final duelling show to Wednesday next fall scene had movement and thrust.'nal talks on the deal will he todav b" W!lt>v r. Prvii of tlie lull was all a little like watch- launched next Tuesday. NBC-TV le ,. na , r^Vir- 5Vrv:-\ in-r an oddball Peter Ounn-JWro-'has Just about locked up a Ion?-. p ( . , n ,,,, in , r v ,, n| . ,i,,,|,,ct'ois r-n Wells Fargo show. \^rm exclusive contract with Jan- ^^ , ( ,. x ^ ,..,., ,,.,,,,,,., , () .,.,., P.ut then we arrive at the s?.c-| et Blair. Q , yol); . rf ,,. ao: , a ] p,. 0 pcr;y I-P Milton d review: The fact is Willie) General Motors will sponsor a in? fro n ( , t r, r .ia.<H, fivul. f i '• <> Shakespeare did not really intend special ons hour NBC-TV report nn i olrm :,j'-. arvidonl. <,i- o'hrv r m- ilo write a Peter Gunn-2orro- on the "World Congress o Weils Fargo play. What he wav 1 "'' 11 *" 1 " ' rom Lq< < Vegas. Nev.. 'trying to create 'was a gnat and'April 19 -- The con^rc^ Sartificial c^mos, diseased and draw fllr and spare experts lout of joint, peopled by citizens 77 nations. ABC-TV's Naked City I of complexity and richness, all of will kill off John Mclntirp. one of ithem spinning around a youn,^ its lead jman cf whirling perplexity, a so that • labyrinth of a man tranped within ( Montana i]ar on wi'i rr'n n' ; " tiv o'lK-r I\T*'\ in (b'luct ;T-!' t i v , ,. P .-,.. MAN BETV.'EEN — ^mmicr Abdcl Karinx Kasscm of oil- rich Iraq is threatened by Communist aggression on one sirlo and pro-Nasser Arab nationalists on • tho other. Kasscm led the revolt that overthrew the pro - Western mo n a r c h y • in July. 1958. dvicei hv any insurance or othnr C(,mf:flir;alion rece'.verl. Y HI ni-y not deduct the cos! o." rfj.iairin;,','repl.'icii:;,' or cle;<,' up aftc-r til:; r.T.ti:('.!''. lirnvovcr, if the repairs do no m::;e t!ia:» ic.-turo t'v. ;r. to i!3 condit.'oii immediately befon: wafl ft double honor for ths actor—he was tftf flr«t Nesro ever (o b« nominated for the top male award. Awards In Apfil All awards will be announrrtd at | "I think that all the publicity a nationally teievisftd present*- 1 surrmmdtnsr my private life will , ion< , pro » ran1 h c re April 6. i hurt mv chances to win an OR! car," the 26-year-old star said. • S'le won her nomination for her jrole as tha love-starved Maggie in • "P?t O'l A Hot Tin Roff." i The velera 1 actress, who has ' been in rmviei since a n<! her c.^mnctllion for iiin.'t covrtrd award: Rura-i nay- ward, "I Want To Live": De.borah Tl,e bs^'t supporting flctrcss floffl- !pal | on! , were peg^' Ca.*s "AunU« lVrame ... vvendy Hi'ller, "Seoarate tables" : Martha Hyer, "Som« Cams nunnlng"; Maureen Stapl*- ,„„_ ., rx)ne ] v Hearts," and Cart child, his W illiam», "The Defiant Ones," filni!r>'iri's. ........ _ . I! cad The .Vi>ws ClaMlfied Ads. can ranch -• He'll the disorder of hinmelf. | placed In the series by This all may sound very untidy. McMahon. But Hamlet 13 not an untidy play.I Ingrld Bergman, Darryl Xanucl: e V. pnLt f !/ It IS an intricately knitted sleeve and Bosley Crowther will chnt on and adaptors unravel it at their Ed Murrow's CBS-TV Small own peril. j World March 8. Guy Lombardo is ?ul . jnf r fr-im It is a play of language as weir — :' (Jcnl " nn ,, e as a play of action. The network of lines assigned to players are OUT our pvc-i!. V<:-1 los'^PR <"•'. ni;>t\cy fi"crcrt" I'un (•> from n f fiifcovrry. hut .von may not dodiifl IO-RCI flue to losing or ni;S- layin^ ni tides. Davis cxplpined 1V..U a '' •••''ictl- bl^ c;r-iin!tv 1"). ; « r:ni r."-.ult from o'.' pnvlir 1 ! <lf.-!ti\:c'l<"i o." rut pnncr.".!!'' sp??';;nt, suit from nn i'l°;it'''nlil^ a sudden, luioxpoc'jtl, or unu;:ua! nnlfrc. "Dania<;.3 to your own car i v a coll '"it., i or ac; '.• •dvr.-i?:.! only \' not p due to your 'vill'ul ne^Ii'vonr::; or to ins he re- Horace ;iin c.ifiualiv. a:vl <"> ;:•-'. value, u'JHty, of ir'rfr.l niTPure of the derieMi-r F,? .«'•, " lo Piiar-h a !o yc.rr T>S r-turn /rlvl! !.ii!( r-i nnv r'eihiction t cmrallv or th°ft lo-s," t> :!••! lif". such ::".| ;n a ill vrl-,)?. » f „ r Davis a. I- M.'icLaln?. "Som? C'aine riu'iniiit." rir.d l'-)saline Russell. "Auntie Ntiwinnt, 1 Tolly C'urtls The f'.vfi actors wins for n ?ro!(]p-i stHitiett* were Tony Oirti?. "The Def'ant O:ies": Paul Newman, "Cat On A Hot Tin RoDf": D:ivid Niven "Srpp;a!e Tables" Sidney Poiticr "The De?t. n nt Onr?." and Pioneer T-acy, "The O'ld Mpn antl Tlis S-a." hnrd- mo.-t FAT OVERWEIGHT w iru»s Mlus ' ,„,„,. in 7 rtd.vs or jolll" .• Imi'k. .No more marvKlidii rllsts, or i.iUiiii xo-i.iillPiI r.:dnoinjt ».••. (.r.i.-ki-..< or i'«!»kifs. or chew- .i th It. ••""' •••» |ian|i|f s .. ii- Mv«n.,u-r.,i. .\b^,i,,,i.My u . h , ; , vml ,„, ,, 0 , , KX of (h() ,„.„ ,, pnw cannot claim a rtc for P?Mvon;:l in : ury to youivalf, nro' ^-on-l !'.?! lo-t of ca«h prope-ty. not hurdles to be cleared, but the LONDON fUPIl — A stuff of the action. They ars knots broke into the Holloway branch of of words, both pulling toward and i the Westminster Bank Wednesday wh : f .; 1 ,. ni against each other. picUasing <nto nlgtit -- and stole It cents worth Davis ^j, character and making sense of of stamps. the co\irse of tha tragedy. u,OYD8 INSPUKS THP.UBS ' willful act. You cannot deduct cr-rion. ~ , amounts yo-.i r a y fo! '«.s, r a t/) AniniMN or the ownrr of nnotl'.'T car w i t ii rlr-'.rn'-ccl liy f' may h,i\'e collide:,". ProTjr'.y losi to rust or gradual dam-.iged in storage or hittin? t'rnma i nominations in Monday by the lion Picture Arts pnd Sciences h'- re'-rlvin" nine rai'h noli'.e anil ilnr-rMSf-.s your desire for %„;'.;,.,, . . foot). Aiilr>matl.-»:t.v your Wfighl must i.'ie f lm~ were Oiyi. a tender rome tfown. hccausn BH your own doo mi'sic-xl of a French rirl's awak- ll)r w "' t(! '' - vo11 ' "''"''i you <"'.'. l p s-s ." ' , . ,.-„ ' „ ,, . von wriK.i ]»?-•. Ot riil of pxoe.«.« fat enm.«r to love, and "The Deflnnt „,,,] || VP \ 0 ,,~ fr . nnnrvKX i.« xoid on Onrs." a tou«rh drama nbout a «hi* nuAHAXTKK: You must los« weiciit within 7 days or vour money ISc7ro and a white pnswr ey- t,nc!;. .Tn.«t rpiurti thr> PHCK-SPP to your full caoin7 while handcuffed together, 'flruexi" «•"> f^ your „ . . . • . j 'bm-'i. nnrjxi-;x fonts fn.nn Both pictui.^s were nominated as 50 ,,| w;th ;! ,,, , fr)cl mw< h?-<t film 11 " cf th2 year along; with cuarn "Auntie Mam:": "Cat On A Hit money and Is • hack RICHARDS DRUG STORE , 07 w . Uin fl smill — M-iil Ord«r» Filled LONDON (UPIl -bridge University team, which meets O ha^ been Insured by When we lose sections like "How all occasions dr> inform , against ma and spur my dull re- iven*e," )il;s the "Pi-iam's slaughter"'speech of one of the players 1 and subsequently, "O, what a , lm mh | rogue and peasant Hive am I" ^°° .*_ lh " mb L jwe are losing part of the visceia 1 ;of tha play. i j And granted that Rosencnsnz iand Guildenstern. those tedious t ! semi-people, had to be dropnej, !why the loss of Fortinbras? For- 'tinbras, the artion man, points upj !the Inaction of Hamlet and moiei 'important, in the final scene hV iservea as a springboard tn pitch jus outside the pi Ay's burned-out i world and back Into ours »Rain. •He is essential to the viewer's i perspective of the action. What DuPont Show of the 1:00 Liberace 1:30 The Shield 2:00 Your Day in Court 2:,"0 Music Bingo 2:00 Beat The Clock 3:30 Who Do You Trust? 4:00 American Bandstand 5:30 Mickey Mouse 6:00 All Aboard For Fun 6:30 Rin Tin Tin 7:00 Walt Disney Present* 8:00 Man With A Camera 8:30 77 Sunset St'ip 9:30 Bold Venture 10:00 Night Court 10:30 Shock 12:00 Nightcap News On p; property, l 1)C d',M.llK TliH Cam- tv/ren 'ii Uddlywink.s ju.^t be.'o :onal non • he amoun'. of Vii.lll.> Of I'V tlu? ca-\i.!!iv "»s D:r.'!s f,r.!r! |h.->* one of C 1 ^ 1 ep< t:> w.T-fl t> jjci. info'-nn! : .on from •'^vh'ii-.;- f-.c- l.-^;tl th- a-.;! ^ val(ifl af , e] . ,,,„,. ^ ^ )( ^ _ in fce Jj(j r . |0| ., ,,,,, J „.,. >o/ the property ami inu.t I cr f- !ond:v, l;r -nil ot tllC Miller-Hood Pharmacv Belter Prescription Service FREE DELIVERY 1122 Alccek MO 4-1469 what more (Some reasons ivhy so many owners of other makes are making the smart switch to Chevy this year.) anyone need! loiv priced and //.';:/) priced Service Liquor Stores NUMBER 2. 328 E. Frederic MARION SUMMERS, MGR. NUMBER 1 800 W. Foster JOHN CLARK, MGR. Featuring A Drive-Up Door For Your Convenience 2 Stores lo Better Serve You With AIL YOUR FAVORITE BEVERAGES Pampa's Finest and Mos t Complete Liquor Stores -LOWEST CASE PRICES- -IF IT'S IN PAMPA, Wl HAVE IT" SERVICE AT THE CURB IF YOU DESIRE ! Delivery Service - Glassware - Bar Supplies - Packaged Ice STORES 800 VV. FOSTPU MO 4.3431 Dick Pggh, Owner £. FKKDKKIC MO 4.3491 ROOMIER HODY HY I-'ISIIF.R: featuring wider seats, more luggage space, plus th:it famous Fiaher Body soundness. MAdlC.- MIRKOR /'VA7S//; a new tyj>e that keeps its shine without waxing or polishing for up to three years. A/.U' IU(',<;i.K /,'/.' IK/.S: lu'ttc-r cooled with deeper drums for saffr stopping and up to 60% longer life. Ol'l.Hlli: ID CL'Rl'M) iri.\D$llll-:U')znd bigger windows —all of Safety Plate Glass. XUMUM-: />/:.S/f.'A'; fresh, fine and fashionable with a practical slant. HI-TllRH-T (r. up to 10Vo more miles per gallon, improved normal-speed performance. I'IM-1'.ICKi'.D i'H's: cifiht to choose from, with compression ratios ranging up to 11.23 to i. IT;./. COIL >T</>/:.NS;O.V: furtlmr refined for a smoother, steadier rifle on any l;ind of road. Tl ItllOC.l.lHI'., I'Ulf'LR- I.I.IDI-: AM) l.l'.l i.L AIR suspfnsioii head a full list of extra-cost options that make for happier driving. One short drive and you'll kiw:c the smart switch is to Chevy. Come in and be our gur-st for a pleasure test, first chance you get. / W/' If. 1$: Four models of unusual ele- pance ... the Sport Coupe, -i-Door Sport Sedan, Convertible and 4-Door Sedan. I!i:i. ,•<//?>': 2-Door and 4-Door Sedans !H \vellasa-l-DoorSport Sedan—all with their own rich appointments and trim. HI^C I W/.S: Lowest priced Chevrolet models--'J-Door Sedan, 4-Door Sedan, Utility Sedan. ST.-lT/O.V If (CO.VS: A choice of 5 models—'J-Door or 4—G-passenger or 9 (rear-facing back I»Hiala Sp<>rt Coupe—u-ith a Magic-Mirror lutter that latit and now-see the wider selection of models at your local authorized Chevro et dealer's! IV! N. B»U»rd CULBERSON CHEVROLET, INC, Pampa MO 4-466*

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