Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 30, 1941 · Page 13
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 13

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1941
Page 13
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gTmgdayOctcbcr 3 STERLING DAILY GAZETTE STELING. TLLTNOIB TPairt Thirteen News of Neighboring Towns TAMPICO NEWS Hele.n H. 11.1 Hallowe'en Stunts Furnish Fun at Class Party in Tampico Member.-- of of llir R"<>-!»r the »%• p\r- >;r va.< in the TwenMrth r^nf'irv c!. Church of CM:" n' ,' I party In thr rim r h MO: taken o\<r n t\r\>-:'.-> walk. Thr patf. <\ f "the church bnsnnrnt v inch nn< decorated in Halloween n>;or«. and with corn Mfllk* nnd Iftfk oianterns. Hflllnurrn gnnirs \\rir eivo\e<1 af- whlch thr ll-^ht.- wr-r f.iinrd out ar.d n ahrxst story \vn.= toi^ our- Tlng fl brief buMnr.s.' ii-.r-rtinc in Charge of Helm Rownr, Peppy ., r pro-Went thr following officer* wrrr rlrcKvl for the ensuing year: President. Richard XJiert; vice president. Thelma Ro- nccretary nnd treasurer, Ona fat Rosen?. Lunch In kreplnu vvit-h the «eaM>n served by Thelma and Ethel HOaene. Neva and Ona Mae Ro- MHle were In charge ol the decora- and games. Birth Anniveriari«$ Celebrated at Forty Th" h'.rlhnay anniver.««rlM of Mr*. Mabel rx-nWon and Mr*. Neva ff>r\ of Tampiro. both of uhlch or- r'lrrr^l the flrst of the week, were observd at a surprise party Tuesday' in the home of the former. Bingo furnished the diversion of the f \rnina The honorees received mam- nice handkerchiefs and cards. Others pre.sent- were: Mrs. Alex MfCorr-.b.' Mrs. Vernon Denmon. Mrs O. W. Johnson. Mrs. Addle Wlnchell, Mis. Grant Goble, Mrs Minnie Pitt*. Mr*. l/i'tle For. Mrs. William Fiirrv. Mrs William Palth. Mr.« Tracy Law and Mrs William May. and MLw Mother Some Better Tamplco friends' received worrt Wednesday from E, W. Vitkrey that h)* mother was somewhat improved oil Monday. His mother. Mrs. )0harles vickrey of Akron, Ind.. fell fj| her home Fridnv canine about 8 C&IorK and was not, found until Saturday morning. Therr arc no brok- cta bones ns was first f pa red but the •ecident has resulted In n heart and condition. 4 Observe Birthday /Mrs. Claude Johnson waa guest of at a family *upper-*nd social ng in the home of her mother. ,. Ivy McKenzie. Monday eva- j, The occasion was in observance Mr*. Johnson'* birthday annlver- iy. Others present were Mr. and TC. Emery Wallgren and family, aude Johnson and family, and Edna McKenzie. Honor L. W. Denison L W. Denieon of Tnmplco observ- . his 78th birthday Anniversary Uesday and In honor of the oc- lioti hi* ion*-ln-law and daugh- .§, Mr. and Mrs. Jnck Shere and IT. and Mrs. H. J. Kolb. spent the ening with him. Soldiers Released Clayton Smith mid B*n Johnson. of whom were utationed at Wolter*. T*xfu, tinder the «• tlw aervlce, have both been re- from duty as they are over re of age Corn Picker Catches Fire at Egert Farm A.iorn picker and tractor owned bv Hrrbert Ackerson of Tampico were badly damaged by Are Wednesday afternoon while he WM picking corn on the Ran.<om Egert farm northwest of Tamplco. The nre started from the exhaiist manifold and went under the *a* tank. .The «as WM ignited and burned the ma- ehlnery. The Tamplco fire department responded to the call. Home from Service Ralph Btlckel. who ha* been «ta- tloned at Camp Forrest. Tenn.. has been released from the army, being over the age limit, and arrived in Tarnptco Tuesday evening. HI* wife accompanied him and visited ner parents. Mr. and Mrs. Alex MeComb* here until Wednesday evening. Tampico Briefs Rev. D. E. Springer, pastor of the local Methodiat church, attended the meeting of Rock River Valley association of Methodist ministers Monday at the Rock PalU Methodist church. Ml** Dorothy McCreexJy went to Chicago Wednesday and WM met bv her brother-in-law and al«t*r. Dr. and Mm. Delmar Ooode of North Chicago, whom "he accompanied to Greenville, Mteh., for a few days. Mr. and Mr*, frank Dronenb*nt and Miss Belle Johnson\ went to Princeton Tuesday whera they vii- it«d relatives. Mr. and Mr*. Wmer Wallgren and family went to Rockford Monday and attended funeral •ervlce* for a relative* of the former. Mr. and Mr*. Vernon MeComb* and Mr. and Mm. S. D. McComba of Sterling were Sunday afternoon caller* in the home of Mr. and MM. Stacy Anderton and Mr. and Mr* Emery Young and daughter Jean of Sterling were Sunday evenln* callers. H. E. Cain and Nlm Ooaney were buslnem vUltora In Morrlton Tuaa- day morning. Mr*. A. D. MckolM'orHgln, Nab.. IB visiting her •on-ln-law and daughter, Rev. and .Mr*. D. K. Soringer. SPECIAL PRICES FOR FRIDAY AND SATVRDAY Luth'us Black Raspberries .... No. 2 ran Libby't Prune Plums No. *»/i can 19c Biker's Cocoa , Ib. can 15e Goodenough Butter Ib. 39e None-Such Early June Peas ...... No. 1 can He Yellow Han fain WMolte~Kernel Cofri^ " No. * can . 15c Libbu's Sliced Pineapple .... No. JM/i fan lie Sawyer's Cheese Squares pkg. He None-Such Corned Beef Hash Ib. can l&c ChaM and San born Coffee Ib. 2Se Shredded Wheat . ... ..... pkg. lOe G Soa LAIDIG'S GROCERY Free Delivery 709 6th At*. FAtue f J* ARMOUR'S STAR—PURE ARD 2 Ib. LIMIT Lb. EEF POT ROAST Lb. TENDER mtl SIRLOIN STEAKS-1/iC . Lk. 22 C Li 23 CHEESE FANCY LONGHORN 2S Stuffed u. 20 LANARK NEWS Par*** Off!** It4j Entertains Friends At Masquerade Party Fr?ri* Fb*rt of to 2fi of hrr .<• fit putty on playing ennirs and rcfrcsh- wrrf .tfivcd in k . W«ii/(rr Wnrnrr. KrnnfUi ."'. Ji)"* 1 Honk. Rpt!y Tnn- msn. D«lr Krf\rr. Merrill Rowfr.v Max Branlnfr, Murtin F,t>ert. R*x Martin. Violft FiirkinRPr. Do!on.« , Hammond. Murilvn Prut, )>o Ebfrt. Dnnaitene Garnfr. Max Rahn. Dorothy Derrfr. Robert Mfrchnnt. Robert fitoner. Robert Paul, Artimr Dy- w and Htien Knww. Home EC. Banquet Served to Mothers The Lanark Mothers' club held It* annual banquet in the home economic* room at the whool Tuesday evening. Mtv Ella Beck and her home economic* girU wrved the meal. The tables were cleverly decorated in keepinft with Hallowe'en. Following n short bud now meetlns the evening WAS t\irnrd over to the recreation commlttep. Mry Beth P1w*n, Mr?i. Paul Cole and Mrs. Clalr MathiB.v The evening WH« spent reading fortune.-! and playing various gxmw. Lanark Soldier Wed To North Dakota Girl Word ha* been received of the marriage of Mim Garnet Tovaas of Pargo. N. D.. to Sergeant Stanley Heath, son of Mr. and Mr*. Archla Heath of Lanark, on Sept. 13 at Co- Sumhu5. Gs. Their L- Wi Brivsifl «rrr*t. Ph^nix Cltv, Ala. P*rer)>nt H'-ath ij< a Jtrndimf of Lunsrk h:ch .«<-hoo! and I* a t*chni- ra! '.n^tr'.iCtnr in p*rftChu? ,E. Lanark Briefs *? or.fiiri Zior prr! RsndMl h'.Eh ^ri-no', ,«V)rtfnt. e n'r.' *• '!"' ra';i h at :h" Otr.o Bioyer f«rm Mon o!f:r«- ir> :h* nbwnce of the rirni .1. T Et-^man. who Is attending th" ?iational convention at Los Anef|c> Cd'.if Thr F/1-.v Mnttin family hue mn\f'd to :h<? Wallace Force pr<H*r- t\ ,!or P;r.^n ha* purchased the pinprrty known as thr George Roy- rr res i dene* 1 . Mr nnd Mr< F.dward Heath and children. Edward Robert and Sharon Lrp. of Detroit. Mich., are vUlt- inc his mother. Mrs. Archie Heath. Mrs. Grace Sweitzer. Mrs. Cora Lindsay and Mrs. Dorothy Fulrath havp'ftccepted positions at the ord- nancr drpot at Savanna. Thr Ernest Walter* family will move ?oon to the Minnie Frederick property. Mrs. Minnie Frederick will leave for Ohio. tA spend the winter with her children. Thr Edward Martin family moved to the Walter Force property! Wednesday and the Tom Croften family moved to the house vacated by the Martin family. Donald Rosens spent Wednesday with his brother-in-law and »Uter Mr. and Mm. Cornelius Nordorff at Thompson. The ladles of the Methodist church held their, annual chicken dinner and baraar Wednesday. Mrs Morrell Ploeger and Mrs. Barbara Roth ipent Wednesday in Frecport. HEAVY flRCHA8ER* I Between 1300.000 and .$400,000. worth of U. S. revenue stamps i are purchased daily by each of the' three cigaret companies in Worth Carolina. NATIONAL FOOD STORES "Be Sure To Visit Our Kew Kodein l -To-Date National * Food Store In ROCK FALLS Owning This Week-End" ATIONAL FOOD STORE SCHLOUGHS SELF-SERVICE CASH 4 CARRY Small Charge for Deliveries. Phone 807 30 W. 3rd St "IICHELIEU-PURE FOODS" Richelieu rayMIH NO. 2)2^ N °- rVMirHlli • • can •• can Riefcelitu NMKM PIE SPICES . . . 10> Rididitu - $JLniTHIEADKIAUT2;.;2J« Richelieii Pin IICKWNEAT FLOORS^ 33* Rkhelieu NK MAHAM FLOUR .! Richelieii WHOLE W'N BEARS ?., No. 2 Rkhelifti MAMMOTH SUGAR PEA. can Richelieu MHCER CLAMS .... Richelieu Mistiri ir TiraiR firms — -^ IS* can No. 2 can FUIOII CORN MUFFIN MIX 113/4 Ot 4 if pkg. Ji i Genuine MILWAUKEE RYE BREAD 24-or. fl "f loaf If OUR BREAKFAST 181 C come PfflLADnPHU :2:,717 ••vlnga SLICED BACON Wrapped In CalUpfiana. Mat Hi crisp brown. PEACHES HALVES or SLICES TOR HIGH SCORE ON VALl'E ARMOUR'S LARD Pure High Quality «% 1 Ib. mit STAR LARD etna. EVAP.MflLI 23 C Fort Dearborn CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES c Crltpy, crwiflMini w«nd«r cco';iat m«d« fram pur««(, fln::» ln|r*dto«iti «nd rich, /ii-awMt pvr* checolot*. in|oy ttitm eflM «t Ihii Uw prlctl 17! ^•••••••••••••••••^ I DOUGHNUTS I H BW*Mftl**MAR BAivl«4 «§• BlAtiB A* ftufj%« • H • nflftvRVI IflVIV rlvin 9* WV^ ^ ^^ H I crtrf. luy ••v*f«l 4«un fw ooi. | Qg I MOTTI APFUOPil f"^ I JUMBO I A Mn«, a, • ^ ^^^Mlbl ^H W ^^OT^fWVW CATSUP COMEACA1N S^Mrti^S 4 •tAND *£•• lOe LHIY'S W " UTO •Vi^Niii^PinWP' ^PiW I ^iniF MAUL HOUSEHOLD Itafrwact ...3'^lOa NATION A 424 Locust Strut, Stirlinc, 111. DELIC101-H FRUIT COCKTAIL . . . 3i£¥£.29 e MICHIGAN FREESTONE BONNIE LASS PEACHES COME AGAIN GRAPE JAM GOOD WHOLESOME STANDARD QUALITY TOMATOES COME AGAIN 29 oz. No. 2V'2 can 2 Ib. ' jar 19 oz. 19 C "t No. 2 cans EARLY JUNE PEAS . . 3 N o 202 °c z an 8 VITAMIN RICH TOMATO JUICE . . 2 46 oz. cans APPLES, Extra F'cy Mich. Jon., 6 Ibs. 25e CARROTS, f'cy California, good size, bu. 5e IETTUCE, solid f'oy quality, large bud 6e GRAPEFRUIT TexM ^±" -ta 6for25c POTATOES, Fuey Rid I5lbi.27e ONIONS, Dry, Faiey Ydlow Lb.3e OELERY, Fncy Washri MIcMiM . 3 itolkt lOt RUTABAOAS, 3wMl aid Toflw . . . 2 Ib». 6» SPROUTS . . . . . . Ilb.bnl9e All HAZEL FLOUR FLOUR 73e C«me Salad 27e ••^•••••••••••••^ " vH^^^W ^Vw^^v ^^^^R^^9 W^^f • fc^^^W ^H JUMBO TWIST I r; •Mfa^fA WMte iM^fJI B ™ ' T^T^ T?T:^--.i^ full M>*a. A* I * ^^f> "*^ ^•^•r ^^ IJ.A* " ^BE H r ^M ^^^^^^M£^^ aAM^ML lvB( ^^^ ^f ^1 ••••iBBHMHVBHMBIHiBIHB/^— ' Amerkfta. Brick, Pimento, ' .VelveeU Hmenio, Velv*eU Kraft Ohtiii 2 Lgt 33c Cranberry Sauce OMM Spray 2 Can Flake* KELLOM'S ...... '£5o I U«. 11 ot. Pkft. lie ; *w»ft'« Br«okri«ld Oraam Oh««»« 2 VX I3« Kitchen TteU« flaor j 25i 80LD MEDAL ",'„" 99o Finer Meots At lower Prices Veal Loin HoastHlb. 29c Veal Loin Chops Ib. 29c Pork Butt Roost Ib. 22c Ground Beef Ib.19c OOEAN PIKE . Lfc. I2ia FfRON FILLETS Lb, Ita SPARERIIS . . Lb, Ilia WM^ UM!MN, tb. II* Ptaaek MUM TOILET SOAF 3^. lie U Sato-Wlilla TMf Uat TOILKT SOAP SWEETHEART 4^ III le tola— White TMjr Ual FACIAL SOAP Weeollwry 4 A»arfc«« famUy UIB 10 Pw PIM raarkt KLEK ,...„„. 2 SS-35* s I-M. fkft. lla OXYDOL r^?- 57« M-aa. f»«. II* AMertcan HABM— Many Delktau VarUtiti Bwwasat 4 *t£T »• (Pliia B«tUa Mpa^t) C»u*m»*4 Mine* Maal HUE SUOH ..... X" 12* PaatAke Fkmr AUNT JElliA ",£ lOo Byrap VERMONT MilO "J* IBa MarffaM Va|«UMa HAMARINE2.^27* BtU's Bad MAR. OHERRKS '£ III 14-e)K. CATSUP 2 V" 29« Ctm* Again SwMt, t«aal Mi*a«, Bcliah aad DW lalhrHn Tlssii r.u Stt 'Wkw^iutfl RtAte ll^ftttA WtMcj JbMrkM Ohititi. 290 «•*. '10c MOKLES „ Caaaa Again fiala Queen OUVES ;:;';~ 2*e ^••B^Riw™ ^^^r^ 7^^^^^ l-ac. QUAKER OATS 2^: lit Uaa. Pfcja.lla FOOD STORES

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