The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas on March 14, 1966 · Page 2
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The Baytown Sun from Baytown, Texas · Page 2

Baytown, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, March 14, 1966
Page 2
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Monday, March 14, 1966 con Call Stock Quotes (Courtesy of Dempsey-Tegeiw & Co., inc.] 58 AHis-Chalmers .* Arlan's Dept Store Am Tel * Tel Anaconda , Armco „ S2?« Ashland Oa 52% Bendix 79 Beth Steel 35% Carrier Corp 73% Celanese 70^i Chrysler 52Vi Delta Air 8714 Diamond Alk 34% Douglas Aircraft 85% Dow Chem Dresser Ind 33 Du Pont --214 El Paso Nat Gas 20% Ethyl Corp ................ 34% Ford Foremost Dairies Gen Elec Gen Motors ---- Gen Tei & Elec ........... 42% HoL4P 49% Interlace Steel 38 IBM 499% Jones & Laugh 64% Xerr-J£cGee ..*.......-..» 6S% Ung-Temco-Vought 63% Magnavox 9514 Marathon Oil 79 Monsanto 79 Nat Dairy 77 NatDist 32% New York Central 76% Penn RR 63% Pepsi Cola 78% Phillips Pet 53 RCA 50*4 Raytheon 43% Schlumberger 74 Sears 57% Shell 59 Sinclair 5T% Socony 85% Sperry-Rand StanCal 72% Gen Tire 31% Stan Ind 43% Georgia-Pacific 59% Stan N J 76% Gillette .- 34% ; stan Ohio 63 Gordon's Jewelry 3S%jStauffer Chem 50 Grevhound 207~|Sun Oil 70% Gulf OU 53%.Sunray 30 Gulf States Util 24H'Technicolor Halliburton 4S ^= Syr.tex 9S% Hoffman Electr 19U Tenn Gas 23% 75 20% 110% Pair Continue Their Battle On Bone Cancer Texaco Texas Eastern Texas Gulf Sul Tidewater Union Carbide 62% Union OU of Cal 51% United Air Unes 114% Upjohn Drug 74% U. S. Steel 49% Western Equities __ _ i Westinghouse 62% BUFFALO, N.Y. (AP)-Two XeroxS 226% men with the same type of cancer take a second step today in their fight against the fatal disease. Robert F. Allen of Tucson. Ariz., and Harry T. Giffith of Flourtown, Pa., who face death from osteogenic sarcoma, bone cancer, prepared to trade blood in an effrt to help each other. Ten days ago, Allen. 29, and Griffith. 63, exchanged portions of cancer tissue in a rare trans- Auto, Aerospace Union Votes To Authorize Strike HOUSTON (AP)—Members of the United Auto and Aerospace Workers Union voted here Sunday to authorize a strike with team of surgeons at Roswell North American Aviation, Inc.. Park Memorial Institute, the 'builders of the Apollo spacecraft state's cancer research and.that will take man to the moon treatment center. I The strike, if called, could af- Nadler said it was hoped that j feet testing of the spacecraft at each man would develop in his | the Manned Spacecraft Center blood a resistance to the trans-lhere. The dispute includes dif- planted cancer tissue. The references over wages, sistance would be returned to! wise Stone, assistant director fight the original cancer tissue j 0 f the union's aerospace depart- by daily blood transfusions pverj men t. said negotiation sessions a period of two weeks, he said, j are scheduled to resume later A hospital spokesman said | this week, adding that "four or plant operation performed "by Dr. Sigmund H. Nadler and a both men were in good cndition and good spirits. For La Porte . . . a distinguished event! EXCLUSIVE LIMITED ENGAGEMENT UfcORGH STEVENS <3REATKST SIDRY EVER TOLD Ajlmission: Adults 51.25, Students Sl-00 Children 5Oc Sow Showing Thru Wednesday five" sessions had been held since about mid-February. He | said a deadline had not been i set for the strike but indicated I two weeks could be the maximum time limit. Among the issues. Stone said, is a 55-cent-per-hour pay increase North American voted to start Dec. 29, 1965. He said the union was seeking to make the increase retroactive to the workers' date of hire. Pension, insurance and seniority plans are other issues. Stone said. North American builds the Apollo spacecraft in Los Angeles. Calif. BRUNSON NOW THRU WEDNESDAY Why was she branded as Madame X 1 A ROSS HUNTER Production LANA TURNER JOHNroRSYTHE-KEIRDULLEA SOc TU1 1:00 P.KL, Decker DRIVE Ef THEATRE * TONIGHT * DOUBLE FEATURE SEANCONNERY A-N-D » BDtaO OU»c ProOuctan ^ Sunanon JfcHnaiiWiejDmK-fiai'jttTtpaer! Klansman Takes Issue With Claim Of KKK Violence HOSTON (AP) — A high ranking member of the Texas Ku Klux Klan took issue Sunday with a statement by the group's ex-leader that the organization was "bent on violence." Royce McPhail of Crockett, Tex., resigned Friday as grand dragon of tne Texas Klan. In his letter of resignation to the Klans imperial wizard, Robert M. Shelton of Tuscaloosa, Ala., McPhail said he was leaving the Klan because oi its tendencies toward violence. John Astinwall, second in command when McPhail resigned, retorted Sunday, 'Texas is probably-the only state in the union in which Klan membership has remained clean. I do not believe there are violent elements in it." Earlier Sunday, leaders of the Texas group met in nearby Jacinto City to elect a grand dragon. His name Application For Conditional Voter Registration Certificate (As prescribed by Voter Registrar in accordance with Election Code) TO: Carl S. Smith, Assessor and Collector of Taxes, Harris Couafy, Houston, Texas; I, , (print or type name), hereby apply for a Conditional Voter Registration Certificate under the provisions o£ Section 34b of the Texas Election Code, and by this instrument furnish you the information necessary to enable you to prepare my certificate. I have not been issued a poll tax receipt or an exemption certificate entitling me to vote in either state and local elections or in federal elections for the voting year 1966. Age years Sex Occupation I have resided in Texas years. I have resided in Harris County years. I have resided in (name of city or town) years, I was bora in (name of state if native-born; name of country if foreign-bom). I am a (fill in native-born, or, naturalized) citizen. My home address in Harris County is ...» (Street address if resident or incorporated city or town; otherwise, route and box number.) Mail my registration certificate to me at the following address: I understand that tne giving of false information to procure the registration of a voter is a felony. (Signed) •By (see below) THIS APPLICATION MUST REACH THE OFFICE OF THE "ASSESSOR AND COLLECTOR OF TAXES NOT LATER THAN MIDNIGHT, MARCH 17, 1966. DO NOT APPLY FOR A REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE IF YOU HAVE ALREADY BEEN ISSUED A POLL TAX RECEIPT OR AN EXEMPTION CERTIFICATE FOR THIS YEAR. Persons holding paid receipts, nonpaid receipts for voting in federal elections, or exemption certificates do not need to reregister under the provisions of the Emergency Registration Law. •NOTE: Husband, wife, father, mother, son or daughter may sign for each other. (Brother and sister cannot sign for each ofiier.) Gemini — (Continued From Page 1) as a second target for a later Gemini mission — Gemini 10 — and astronauts on board that spaceship hope to recover the packages left by Scott so scientists on earth can study what happened. Fulbright Says Panel 'Fostering Controversy' WASHIN'GTON (AP) — Sen. | far more to strengthen our ( sus as to |j. W. Fulbright said today the ; country's jxssitioa than to weak- Technicians at Gemini launch ! Senate Foreign Relations Com- Jen it. " complex 19 today were to turn^ittee which he heads is "fos-j "The hearings have been crit- on the fuel cells aboard thei terin g controversy" in the hopejicized on the ground that they " - - • • • _• , • convevec j an 'image' of the spacecraft, and check guidance systems of both the spaceship and launch vehicle. Loading of liquid hydrogen j and oxygen which orovide elec-! 5 ™" 5 l ' trical power in the fuel cells *** country was to be completed. of attaining a true national consensus on Viet Nam policy. The Arkansas Democrat, who has criticized President Johnson's Viet Nam policies, said is divided about American objectives in Asia and ,.„ , ,«-v, ,, - only "the honest and responsi- More man 13, , 00 gallons oil i airin o differences" can b i airing fuel will be pumped into the Ti- rfear tan 2s huge tanks about mid- s Wft 0 committee resuming night tonight. The final count- ; hearL on Wednesday. day the terminal countdown on the launch vehicle getting under way two hours later. At pad. the the the National Conference of Higher Education in Chicago and maJe public here. Atlas-Agena launch i Fulbright said, "I believe that final countdown isj. he pu bli c hearings on Viet responsible airing of differences scheduled to begin shortly be-| Nam> by bringing before the fore 3a.m 'American people a variety of Shortly after 7 a.m. Tuesday opinions and disagreements per- Air Force Maj. Scott and Arm- taining strong, a civilian, will be roused from bed at astronaut crewi . headquarters on neighboring j jMerrirt Island and receive a I final 20-minute medical examination before sitting down to a- breakfast of steak and eggs j Their backup pilots — Navy Cmdr. Charles Conrad Jr. and Navy Lt. Cmdr. Richard F. to the war, have done United States as divided over the war. Since the country obviously is divided, what was conveyed was a fact rather than an image." "The hearings on Viet Nam were undertaken by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee in objectives a s o translated policy as well." Fulbright said the committee is asking questions "because China and America may be heading toward war with each other and it is essential that we do all that can be done to prevent that calamity, starting with a concerted effort to under- Sweetwater Hunt Puts An End To 2,300 Rattlers SWEETWATER. Te.x. (AP)— Some 270 brave snake hunters may oe captum j 2.300 poisonous rat- ^-i.-ii->^: ?.-« _~*7 : . . . . tiers during the three-day annual Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup which ended Sunday. The snakes weighed an estimated 2.800 pounds. The roundup, which is sponsored by the Sweerwater Jaycees, was viewed by an estimated 12.000 s;>ectators, who swarmed over the countryside the hope of helping to shape a! declaration Sunday by Vice true consensus, even at the cost | President Hubert H . Hilmphrey of destroying the image of false one," Fulbright said. stand the Chinese people and i to watch the hunters probe crev- leaders." 'ices and rock formations to Fulbright's speech followed a j bring in the snakes from their winter quarters. , of "It is perfectly true that we i j lan ,.y ~ ~ are fostering controversy and, L _ __ for my own part. I do so without | ^ isolated apology, because there is noth-j of mankind Ing wrong with tne nonest and <?pid and, more important, because intelligent decision-making and the liJttTiiiQtiil \_ltTV-iOiV7** *******-***fe Mm*** ; - - f the crucible in which a consen- "^ Pf°P Je HOSPITAL Admitted to Gulf Coast: Kenny Deans, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jessie Deans, Highlands, Room 208. Terry Maywald, son of Mrs. Marguerite Maywald, 311 N. Gaillard, Room 121. Kellie of Mr. Lynn and Jones, Mrs. daughter Clarence Jones, 208 W. Lobit, Room 115. David Lanford, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Lanford, 1204 Madison, Room 101. Larry Cox, son of M. and Mrs. George Cox. 5317 Little, Room 104. Christina Venable, daughter of Mr and Mrs. James Venable, 109 E. Defee, Room 104. Angelique Pryor, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Pryor Jr., 1515 Burbank, Room 104. Robert Foster, Houston, Room 204. Mrs. Willie Smith, Channelview, Room 220. Mrs. Irene Scruggs, 1300 Olive Room 105. Mrs. Belinda Harris, 3419% Vlichigan, Room U1. Mrs. Thelma Evans, Sparger, Room 126. Mrs. Luda Rollins, Channelview, Room 213. Johnny Kanarr, 156 Mapleton. Soom 217. Mrs. Agnes Hataway, 211 E. Lobit, Room 127. Mrs. Leora Teague, 306 Scarlet, Room 122. Admitted to San Jacinto Methodist: George Richardson, Seabrook, Room 319. James Fezzia, La Porte, Room 224. Paul McLean, Highlands, Room 321. Assault Charge Filed Against Woman Here Mrs. Eunice Clay was arrested Satuday night by Baytown Police on a charge of aggravated assault filed in Justice of the Peace M. M. Brown's court by another Baytown woman, Irene nev jMalvoix of 700 Yupon. was! Mrs. Malviox who told Bay- Mrs. Carolyn Russell, 618 Park, Room 331. Mrs. Nettie Coleman, Baytown, Room 320. Mrs. Elizabeth Potter, 3210 Ohio, Room 206. William Frazier, 2316 New Jersey, Room 316. William G. Hairston. 1500 Willow, Room 321. Mrs. Duffy Purvis, 1601 Willow, Room 337. Harry Lee Singleton, Highlands, Room 203. Mrs. Marian Mulkey, Baytown, Room 303. Alvin Capps, Channelview, Room 324. Mrs. Bessie Duvall, 3232 Missouri, Room 313. Mrs. Martha Sikora, Crosby, Room 246. James E. Seale, 21 High, Room 338. Albert Reynolds, 3414 Cedar Bayou-Lynchburg, Room 347. Appropriation Bill May Keep Congressmen Busy WASHINGTON (AP) — A (would be paid by funds from the 513.1-billion appropriation bill Social Security trust fund until Gordon Jr. — are to report to, the Gemini launch pad at 4:40 a.m. to participate in final flight preparations. Three hours before they -ride into space, Armstrong and Scott will be escorted to a dressing trailer at a launch pad next to Gemini complex 19. There technicians will attach medical data-reporting sensors to the astronaut's bodies and the spacemen will climb into their flight suits. They are scheduled to arrive at complex 19 about 20 minutes before the Atlas blasts off and close the hatch of their spacecraft just before the -'.tlas' mighty 390,000-pound-thrust engine roars to life. In the prime recovery zone and a SG-billion tax measure may keep Congress busier than usual this week and fan the fires of controversy over foreign policy. Both are emergency measures and by-products of the Viet Nam war. The appropriation bill Most of the snakes are not he believes the containment killed but are kept for display "aggressive mil-j purposes, sold TO reptile zoos or a worthy objective! used in medics! research. The Peking regime should i deadly venom is "milked" for n the family j use in research projects. j Champion snake hunter of the the United I ^ tn annual roundup was Bob several O'Donald o fCiaytonville, Tex., who caught 384 pounds and j earned a trophy and S50. i Second place went to Ray Communist l 00 ^' 01 " and c - w - Carii ' e . both 'of Roscoe, Tex., who captured 165 pounds. Joe Jackson of Dallas captured the longest snake— 68 inches- Total prize money for the event was S300. iChina for the rebuffed by leadership. "I am afraid we are going to have to wait until the men of the... Mao generation are out of positions of leadership," he said. "But in the meantime we ought to maintain as best we Rummaae Sale can a spirit of friendship toward ALAMO PARENT-Teacher As- the Chinese people but recog- j s ociation rummage sale will con- July 1, 1951. |nizing what the regime is andjtinue until 4 p.m. Monday and The new revenue would come]making that regime understand 9 a m to 4 p m Tuesday at 14 about 635 miles Cape Kennedy a southeast of full-dress rehearsal was planned today for the recovery of the Gemini 8 spacecraft Friday morning. The exercise, directed by Mission Control Center at Houston, Tex., involves the prime recov- before the House Tuesday and is expected to pass by Wednesday. It has not been considered by the Senate. The bill carries the exact amount of money requested by President Johnson to finance the increasing cost of military and economic programs in Viet Nam and other areas of Southeast Asia. It would raise to about S60 billion total defense appropriations voted for the current fiscal year ending June from restoration of recent cuts in excise taxes on automobiles and telephone calls and a revision of the withholding system designed to keep taxpayers current with their income tax Isa- and also speed payment of tax bill already has 30. The passed both the House and the Senate, but in different forms. A compromise scheduled for passage by both branches Tuesday would raise an estimated S6 billion throush fiscal 1967 and add ery ship — the aircraft carrier j about 300,000 persons 72 years Boxer — as well as search and: old or older to the Social Securi- rescue helicopters launched ;tv benefits rolls. The pensioners from the aircraft carrier's deck, j corporate taxes. The administration requested the tax bill as an antiicflation weapon. Two other bills on the House docket this week are expected to stir contrwersy. they cannot achieve their purpose by military power." Funeral Notices GIUJAM Irene Eslelle Gilliam. Su-nset Drive, died °t 4.30 a.m. SunSoy Sorlnjs. Iowa, and lived rnony years Beuomont before coming to Boytown nine One would Drovide an official years 050. She mode her home with her . * ,_ ,Vr__,_: .__ *_ .u^ daughter. Mrs. Dorothy A. Peyton, her residence in Washington for the vice president. The other would allow the Interstate Commerce Commission to order Daylight Saving Time during six summer months for all time zones in the nation. Except for the compromise tax bill, the Senate has no major legislaltion scheduled for the week. Last S415-million aid bill, the original version of ord Warren of Bavtown; a' daughter. week it passed a emergency foreign ° R G 1 r 0 v-lae«rv.c eS will be held ot 3:30 n m Tuesday ot Forest Lawn Memorial Par* Cemetery In Beaumont, witti the Rev A. L. Jordan of MerncrtaS Soct'St Cnyrcft. offlcJalinp. Burla 1 will be under direction of Paul U. Lee Funeral Home. WARREN Howard Milton Warren. 35, of 7O2 S. Sevent.1 died at 3;30 a.rn. Monday in a hospital in Baytown. Warren, an operator for Diamond Ai- kall Chemical Corp., was a Boytown resident for 15 years- He was a former resident of Mont Belvleu and c member of Cedcr Sayoo Baptist Church. L«~ '* t t ,r--: —/I *v hts wife. Mrs. Mary Warren of Saytown; one son. Jirn How- its tax measure, and a create 46 new federal ships. >\ilt f-^ Marilyn Sue Warren of Baytown; parents. DU1 .Mr. and Mrs. John M. Warren oi Alxin; judge-; end one sfsfer, Mrs. Barbara Jean Sm.'rfi Mildred Room 218. Wilkins, Baytown, New Arrivals: Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Garcia 1122 Live Oak, a son born March 12 at Gulf Coast- Mr, and Mrs. Donald Harvey, 418 Pearl, a daughter March 13 at Gulf Coast. born Hollywood Lures Prince Philip HOLLYWOOD (AP) — Prince Philip of Britain, on a charity tour of the United States, dashes about the Hollywood area today in a whirlwind of activity. The 44-year-old prince, who is the Duke of Edinburgh and husband of Queen Elizabeth Q, was to address a campus gathering at UCLA and receive an honorary doctor's degree. The schedule also included lunch at 20th Century Fox and a speech to Variety Clubs International tonight. The touring was less demanding Sunday, when the prince visited Palm Springs, Calif., to help raise money for charity at not announced late Sunday. town Police sh e ' was stabbed by a P 010 , match ne arrived in Astinwall, a Houston resident, i Mrs. Clay at the Blueroom at said he was not elected leader j 709 Oak, was treated in a Bay- tut that the new man would j town hospital for wounds in the make an announcement "some- 1 left side of the neck, left jaw time in the near future.' 'and over the right eye. A MdbJfom How* Fairmont Park AN ESTABLISHED COMMUNITY 2 MILES WEST OF LA PORTE ON SPENCER HWY. GOOD DESIGN plus GOOD CONSTRUCTION plus GOOD PROPERTY STANDARDS equal "GOOD VALUES" YJV. - F.H.A. - Conventional $15,000.00 to $35,000.00 HOMES FROM Palm Springs Saturday. The prince stayed Saturday night at the home of petroleum A dummy capsule was to be hunted down during the exercise. After docking with the Agena their first day in orbit, Armstrong and Scott plan to conduct some maneuvers to see if the weight of another object in space — the Agena — can be accurately measured by instruments on board Gemini. Wednesday morning Scott will slowly emerge on the end of a tether with life-supporting oxygen inside a pack on his chest. He will work jiis way SUN SPOTS ot Lomcx. I Funeral services will o* held at 4:30 : o.m. Tuescay at Eorrhman Cnapet. M!n- j Ister wits be the Rev. E, R. Burns ot Cedor Bcyou Baptist, interment will be : in Cedar Crest Cemetery under direction ot Earfhman Funeral Home. Dean's List JIMMY PARRIS, son of Mr. and Mrs. G. D. Parris, 1305 Wright Blvd., was named on the dean's list at Sam Houston State College in Huntsville. He is a senior. Dinner Session BAYTOWN BUSINESS and Proto the rear of Gemini S and put on a back pack and an additional 75 feet of lifeline stored there. During his nearly two and one-half hours outside, Scott will become the first space mechanic by tightening and loosening bolts with a special power tool. He also will retrieve radiation- measuring and micrometeoroid- detection devices, take pictures and look at th e stars. "The primary purpose of EVA — Extra Vehicular Activity," Scott said during a preQight interview, "is to evaluate the life support systems necessary for one to complete the lunar mission." Scott said Armstrong will have the toughest job because "he'll be flying formation with the Agena and flying formation with me and watching systems and changing cameras. "All I have to do is one little task at a time outside," Scott said. fessional Women will have a kins, 212 Buniet. Members are to bring their own flower supplies for a flower clinic. Hosoital Meeting A SPECIAL meeting of the board of trustees of San Jacinto Methodist Hospital is set for 7:30 p.m. Monday to give formal approval of legal instruments incident to financing the hospit- live a liifle better City Accepts Annual Audit The city audit report for the 1964-65 fiscal year was accepted by the city council at its last regular meeting. Cecil Bobbitt, certified public accountant, attended the coun- expansion scheduled to start dinner meeting at 7:30 p.m. within the next few weeks. Pres- Tuesday at the Tower. Mrs. jrient G. E. Vaught will preside. Mary Beeman. NASA public relations representative, will be the guest speaker. Flower Clinic LAKEWOOD GARDEN ciub win meet at 9:30 a.m. Wednesday at the home of Mrs. E. M. Wat-' H. M. Warren Is Dead At 38 Howard Milton Warren, 38, of 702 S. Seventh died at 3:30 a.m. Monday in a hospital in Baytown. Warren, an operator for Diamond Alkali Chemical Corp., was a Baytown resident for 15 years. He was a former resident of Mont Belvieu and a member of Cedar Bayou Baptist Church. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Mary Warren of Baytown; one son, Jim Howard Warren of Baytown; a daughter, Marilyn Sue Warren of Baytown; parents, Mr. and Mrs. John M. Warren of Alvin; and one sister, Mrs. Barbara Jean Smith of Lomax. Funeral service will be held at 4:30 p.m.. Tuesday at Earthman Chapel. Minister will be the Rev. E. R. Bums of Cedar engineer and land developer c JL™f ng t ° tans ";' er ^ U 5 sti ° n , s ,^^ ^^. „„„„,„„ ~ u . Lou Taubman - where Presi-! abo ut_the aud.t and dsk lur ac " he in Cedar Crest Cemetery un- dent Johnson stayed two years ago when he visited the desert vacation spa. A sumptuous poolside luncheon was served Sunday, with | about 60 guests, at Taubman's mansion before the prince and his party match. went to the polo ceptance of it. During the Feb. 24 council meeting, Bobbitt was given a contract for performing the city's audit for the current fiscal year. The city's financial records are audited on six-month and annual basis. ner direction of Earthman Funeral Home, ALL YOU CAN EAT • II TUESDAY - 5:00 P.M. UNTIL 9:00 P.M. ITALIAN SPAGHETTI WITH MEAT SAUCE CHICKEN 'N DUMPLINS BAR B-Q LINK SAUSAGES SERVED WITH GREEN SALAD—TOASTED FRENCH BREAD Frontier Barbecue 1007 N. MAIN 583-9772 Vandals Damage Home In Bayway Vandals did an estimated 5500 in damage to an unoccupied home at 6315 Bayway over the weekend. Billy Earl BarnhiU of 214 W. Homan, owner of the -4iouse, told Baytown Police he discovered the property "in shambles" Sunday morning. The ceiling was ripped out of the kitchen holes were kicked in two walls, nine windows were broken and the screens were torn. Personal items stored there were emptied on the floor and thrown outside. Items of furniture owned by W. R. Travis were missing and other pieces damaged. Barnhill said he had checked the house Friday and everything was in order at that time. The initital investigation was made by Patrolman Joe Huntley. Hodassah Meeting HADASSAH members will meet at 8 p.m. Wednesday at the Jewish Community House for a games party. Husbands and guests are invited to attend. Meet The Press SAN JACINTO Chapter, Nation- j al Secretaries Association, will "Meet the Press" at 7 p.m. Monday at The Baytown Sun. Other secretaries who are n °* members of NSA are invited. Arthur W. Hunger Is Dead At 40 Funeral services are pending for Arthur W. Hunger, 40, of 1604 Florida, who died at 5:50 a.m. Sunday at the Veterans Hospital in Houston, A safety engineer at C. F. Braun Co.. he was a World War IT veteran. He belonged to St. Joseph's Catholic Church and Knights of Columbus Council No. '2738. He I-ved here two years. Funeral arrangements will be announced by the Goette Funeral Home in Savannah, Ga. Survivors are his widow, Mrs. Emalir.e Bunger; seven children, Arthur, 14, Kevin. 12; Terry, 11: Gerald, eight; twins Clarissa and Clare, six; and Daniel, five, all of Baytown. He is also survived by his mother, Mrs. Mary M. Bunger of Savannah, Ga.; a brother, James Bunger of Richmond, Va.; two sisters, Mrs. John Xameron of Savannah and Mrs. Harry McBurnett Jr. of St. Petersburg, Fla. with Spring Cash from COMMUNITY Does the grass look greener in your neighbor's yard? Perhaps he got cash from us ... cash for gardening, home improvements, spring clothing or other seasonal needs. You can do the same'. Tax- time, bill-time, shopping-time . . . it's time for you to start living a little better. See us today for your springtime loan. LOANS $1OO • S5OO • $90O • S14OO AND UP COMMUNITY FINANCE CORPORATION of Baytown VV Texas Ave . . . . Phcne 583-7316 Serving r^e pecp<e of Teras for ever 73 years' Volkswagen Litrie Known Facts About A Well Known Little Car! DID YOU KNOW? i Did you know that Volkswagens are engineered to operate entirely satisfac- jf torily on regular gas and give you a true 30 miles per gallon.? ^ TEXAS MOTOR IMPORT 604 £«st T«xat Av«. AUTHORIZED DEAIJEB Phone 582-8113 i 11

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