Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 23, 1888 · Page 4
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 4

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 23, 1888
Page 4
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23 1S33. From <'olrfa. P-M,™ fp.r and rtrrrliriiT v.'in ?iii!"' Saturday. Our woiUher prorihrla c;UI for a "freeze up" to follow. IltvivHl mftptiiigs still continue »t the M. K. churcli. A new arrival at Isaac Holbrouk's. The roads are getting In bad shape for hauiing and moving. Mrs. Mary Miller spent S mdny nt \V. II. Colcord's. Sho is very much afllict- ed with rheumatism and cannot get around without assistance. . C. .1. Wells, from Lanark, 111., was in town thfa week. Mr. Wells lost, his cigar stock in the recent h're at thiit place with no insurance, therefore being the most heavy loser. The last week's "Milledgeville Free Press" have not yet arrived. Won't we have newsy news when they "get thare?" Whom shall we blame? George Liinn from the northeastern part of Iowa, is visiting relatives and acquaintances in and around town. Mrs. Wm. Howard, of Sterling, is calling on friends this week in Coleta. Our -Justice,—George— Howe,—lias. moved on his farm 4}£ miles northwest of Coleta. Mr. Joshua Anthouy presented the writer with one-half bu. of his choice potatoes, wljjch are exceptionally good ones for this last year's growth. Mrs. D. C. Overholser's brother, Wm. Bowersox, has returned to his home In Iowa. Our P. M. is in St. Louis, called there by the illness of bis mother. Watson C. Holbrook Ueft jbme of his relics in form of money, pictures, etc., in t';e postoffice for public observation. Borne good Dakota views are to be seen and money over 100 years old. Mrs. Lizzie James is to be married this evening Feb. 21, at Elder T. B. Sau. ley's, Erie, to Wm. Whitney, of Wood- Bull, Ills., We extend our heartiest well wishes for their future happiness. Quite a number were invited to the rag; bee at Mrs. James Winters', Monday evening, and a right jolly time was had, too; after sewing until ten o'clock, u taffy pull was indulged in, after which refreshments were served. Of course the gentlemen Knew just about what time to call for the ladies, and got there in time to eat some of Anna's good cakes. Those invitod were, Mrs. .Howe, Mrs. Ulmer.iMro.' roucb, Mrs. McBrlde, .Mrs. Spang, Mrs. Henry — Overholser, Mrs. Fenrensen, Mrs. Meister, .Mra. IX Pit'twu, Mrs. Eld. Grimes and "the "Misses "Morris and Belle Hurless The genial Mr. Cowley of the Freeport Notion House, called to-day with a full line of samples, and ready sales. Mother Buutley met with quite an accident yesterday by falling on the ice, and sustaining such injuries as to . compel her to take her bed; just how serious her injuries ar£, we have not learned. . '\K.\T. from itloutmor^iK*}'. M. 1'. Burkett has a public sale on the;24th, as he intends moving to Pennsylvania to live. , Arthur Shepherd is. clerking in I'erry & McNeil's hardware store in Kock Fulls,,untll Mr. McNeil can attend to it himself. Jake Portner, who has beeiii living on the W. M. Dillon farm this year, intends moving to Nebraska with his family to permanently locate. . Will McWhorter returned from a ten days'itay at Morrison as a petit juror last Thursday. Mrs. Ileury H*rnum, who has been seriously ill for the past two weeks, is slowly mending. George I'fulb has engaged, to work for Mr. Tyler McWhorter for another year. He seems to be a fixture there. The lyceuin Saturday night was very Well attended considering the tttate of weather that evening. The following luestioa was discussed. Kesolvi d that high license id 'moie instructive tujin- temperance than prohibition, and was discussed by John Cramer Frank Cramer and Fred fiuell on the afllrinuUve, and Louis Ditz, B. Hubbard, Theodore Trouth and L. L. Emtnons, Jr., ou the negative, preceded by an instrumen eal solo by Miss Julia Baruum. Mack Qeergrain WAS induced to take up several minutes o£ their valuable time. with a couple of songs. After recess Frank Cramer pleased the audience, very much by giving his whole number of views by magic lantern and was tendered a vote of thanks in consequence. Lee Sturtz gave a declamation and Miss Lou Wurman rendered a recitation, "Little Jim." A full Louse is asked for, for the next meeting as that is the occasion for election. The program me for next Saturday nigh t was then reid. Question: Kesolved that the Indian has more rignt to this country than the white-man. Aflirmativf, L. L. Emtnons, Jr., John Cramer, Lee Colder, Grant Sturtz, Mike Cramer Lyle .Golder. Xegative, Theodore Trouth, Franfe -Cramer, 'George Early and John Cramer, Bert Hubbard, Cris. Shuler. Recess. Song, Miss Hattie Hubbard; select reading, Miss Emma Tanny; declaim- tion, Hermie Sturtz; essay.Lee Golder; declamation, Lee McWhorter; select reading, Mamie Johuson; declamation, Efflie Johnson;, declamation, Guy ^ Beaumont. Mr. I. B. Carolus, the proiiciont teacher of the. Excelsior school, went to Chicago to attend the graduation of his brother there, as an M. D. on Friday- County Hupt. Hendricka had a central {examination of schools in Deer Grove on Thursday. Prof. Kelly ac- panied him. Mrs. Will Wood went ou « visit to Ashtoo at her pareuta tome three weeks ago, tuid was taken violently sick thare and her liasbaud was sen'v for and went there immediately, where he baa beau aver slue*. Hit sent Mr, CiUUiw Shelttoltl down to Uko hi* place in tho work in which IIP WJIR rn- ; Thfi central examination, of Mnnl- morpncy took place at the (lolder school house on Friday and was well represented by the sch.iols tributary to that as a centre, being the Golder, Sturtz, iiane, Allpress, Nims, McWhorter and Brick. In the evening a good programme was carried out, an extni full house being in attendance Song by all ; declamation, Maud Golder; same, by Mabel Worthington ; song, by Lloyd Golder ; Essay, Gracfi Jnmlson ; comic essay, C. Longford ; song, Misses Stead man ; declamation, Hermie Sturt?; same, Charlie Pence ; same Jimmy Frank ; song, Golder school. Short talks by all the touchers present ; also l>y Prof. Kelly and Supt. Hendricks. The following paesed examinations: Grant Sturtz, Grace Jamison, Lee McWhorter. Jimmmy Frank, Lloyd Golder, Luther Allpress, Lyle Golder, Lee Golder and C. Pence, and stood in rank In the order given. ~Tne"scli'ool~"centfaT~exaniination~"fof Hopkins will be at Como, March 1st. Gait school will send about 0 pupils, Knjpire 13 and the other schools accordingly. Gait school is doing some good work now. Fred Henze was in Chicago this week and will soon know whether he will move in or not. Wedding bells again. This time one of the bachelors will be the lucky one. - M,arion Wharfleld is v«ry sick with measles. J. M. Sowles has bought two young colts and L. W. Pratt has bought three and they are now breaking them. Carl Loomis who has been in Chicago the last year, will move on his farm the first of March. Mr. T. H. Barrett, of viinnesota.made his father a short ca'.l, from Friday until Monday*-, A child of Mrs. Stoisinger is very sick. David [Boyles and Elmer Lefever are loading their household goods into a car for Iowa, where they will make their home, for the future. Sorry to lose' them, but they think they can do better there than here. Jay Angell, of Como, will soon move his family to Lyons, Iowa, where Mr. Angell has a job in the mills. . ETKI-. ULTIMATUM O~ THE MIMER3. Remllnu Hi i llttir-*" liT (;»» in ~\VYn-U " Hpt Be Itomljr fur Another Slrlko. PoTTHVtu.K. 1'a.. Full. L'll. —After a whole day'8 Bi-Hsiuii of lu>nt.<*,l diHcu-sion of the L*»wis sMtlotiifnt, run! u thorough inveitiga- ttou of the fuels as pnwnto'l bw'oro them of the Gl'nnv.uices noMH.'qnent upon the attempt .of the minor* to fulfill tha oillcial order to resume is uj.l lust Fridny, the minors' joint executive committee Weduus'l'iy evening announced their ultimatum in n serieH of resolutions recognizing the order of Lewis and others of Friday last to resume work, and requesting tlio striking employes to report for duty, at lli.i same time holding themselves ready to strike again at any time if the company does not comply with the spirit and lot- tar of tho Liwis agreement as they understand it-" ( . > The'groator port of the session was spent in hearing the grievances which were officially presented from Tower City, Glrard- vllle, Locust Gap, Shamokln, Huckschorvllle, Sit. Cnrrnel, Sbenandoa'i Hud a dozau' othor places whore men of all occupations had bet-n told their services wore not'needed. Mr. Lewis wns sent as a committed of one to Superintendent Whiting, and re|>orted to the nic'oling lint Whiting said Mr. Corbin's agrciMiiiMit with him (Lewi-) was to be carried into full effect, an intended, and thatall diff-ironcns would be amicably adjusted, and that the men will gradually be taken back. In conversation with tho United Frosa reporter, Mr. Lewis afterward said: "It will ttika 8oni« time to get all tho matters adjusted, a? dilllcnltles can't help Brining from a six-weoks' utrika of 20.000 Mien. The collieries are all to U* started. I'll stay hero a fortnight till all trouble is settled; bunt up all grievances, and hold a regular court of Inquiry jointly between the company ond the men." Mr. Wincing said positively (hat there were only from twelve to fifteen persons who, because o( violence, would nevor be taken back. •'•-''. Nathilii: will now interfere with the starting of.every colliery In the rejlon, and it is not likely tlmt any further trouble will occur, i IIM great miners' strike of the Schuyl- kit! being muled. • CONDENSED NEWS. Speaker Carlisle and wife have gone hurriedly to Wichit*, Kan., where their »on is lying sorinmly ill. anKs K ihr, Id vears old, while shooting at a mark at- Mnasillon, O.. accidentally killed Mra. Eiizrljeth Bi'ounan. The crown prince continues to improve. Ho says h? ought to have a long life to show bia gratiln lo for the sympathy expressed. "- A. L. HueMinun, of the United FreeB at Chicago, has been appnlatwl an the sub-coin- mitteo on U'legraph for the Republican na- tioual convention. —A rink at Poshtlgo, Wis., collapeed Wednesday, killing Hichari Morey, ag«i tit), and leverely woun ling J. L. Newton, Joseph Newton and William Ponko. Tno last two may dla Now York and Minnesota capitalists pro pose to construct a ship canal, co:moct- ing L'ik'H Kuporior and Michigan. The canal Is to be forty miles in length, cost about (5,- OUO.OOO and will save one day's time between the two liik-.-a While three men were working at a church In Tidln, O., the scalTolding gave way,throwing the men to the ground. One of them, William E. Finn, of Newark, O., was instantly killed, while the others sustained •eriotm Injilrioa. Mrs. Louis C. Hammer-sly, a millionaire .widow of Now York, says an attempt to rob her of a $30,000 pearl necklace was made last week as she sat in her carriage just ready to start to a party. The robber snatched the jdwels as they hung on her nock, but bis~ei- bow struck the carriage door and be dropped them. Tho police are skeptical. At Alliance, a, Woduoedur, Charles Wingard and Mary Fox, of Monroe, Mich., uncle and niece who bad eloped and were living In adultery, were arnsatsd aid jailed. Upon the arrival of a Michigan officer to taka them back, they asked a few momeuU to talk it over, and when left alone Wiagard shot Mary and then himself. Mary was dead when the officer* went in and Wingard will die. A note left by tham stated thatj they had agreed to die rather than be taken back horn-!. At Duluth, Ulna., Tuesday a large dyna- ulte blast was put in a rock excavation and exploded, but did not do enough execution. Tho hole was again filled with cartridges mod sxplod.-d with better result*, but not u good as dwirsd. Wednesday a drill was put into »a<u* hole toti tb» first stroke produced a tOT-tbU *i]ilo«loo, killing Andrew GryttUll, A»roo Erloksoo, Andrew Eikhm.l arid A. UrttUuti, »i.J otvuvly woundinjoloVMt meo. Huw tlte c*rtrkl{* r«Bu>ltt*d umxi/l'jd*l U a IMUA:..M'.I!.!S, In.]., K"l>, ii. — I h- nit^ml- nnm nt iii.> sin'i- pn''.inipni'>nt, ff. A. R, Wo'hi '--Iny. wn4 Hie Ui'^i-^t in tlin history nf .th^ or t- r. 'I'll*- numb -r nf JKV<U wn<» reported HI l"'l; in"nilH-n>ni|i. 'JH, ll'-'i; amount, 01- jiond-l in Hiniliy, fi;,i>IJ; linlniu-fl on hsnd, t'J,i««). Tiin ,li'|.nrtirifnt. hns tJ,5 :() ndditionnl invented In nn>rt/ngi!«, lii-ns nn-1 oilier MOO!!, The ir-i.uhle- t»n»~-n the South Bond and Loirnimport po«u was scttlt"! by the council of Hihrini-'trfttimi in tho morning The \V(inmn'!< relief ror|« mt't nlun, Mrs. K. B. KherwrK)*!. of Toledo, presiding, because of the contest b«>:n-fton tho two wiiip^ of the KO- cioty I by Mr«. Wulcln-r and Mrs Oor^u-'h, (-nth "f whom were present. Nn Ilpcord Tircakerd There. NEW YORK, F.'b. 2a—The twenty-four- hour go-ad-you-plnnse walk came to nn inglorious How) WixInt'S'lBy ni^ht at IO;S? o'c'ock-, twenty minutes before, the twenty-four bouts wore up. Tho crowd, which hod been ilis- giMtfxl by tho tamonoss of the closing boars, broke over tho track then, and ntopped the other walkers in tholrscramble for the dtnra. Tho Bcore was: Cartri(;ht, 128; Day, I'Jli; Dillon, IK,; Taylor, 110; Noremac, 104; O'Keoro. KM; Burrill, 95. The first five divide about $1,000 arnqng them. IOWM Protestant 'Cleritytnen Htrlke. DES MOIMKS. la., Fob. Ki.—The house was treated~ t<> a" rnrt~of surprlw" Weilries'Iayp when it wns fouri'l that owitijr to a resolution to Invite a Roman Catholic prlost to officiate in oneniiii; devotions, the f'rotestant cIci-Ry- men had struck, as it. were, and sent a series of resolutions stilting that nono of thorn would hereafter attend except on Invitation. No action wns taken, but thn house proceeded with the railwiy bill, adopting thirty-two •ei lions thoreof without material alterations. ; Til" !:if'V;t tll'VVU fplM! A f 1 ifR ifl (J''CUl- cilly fiicoiiraiziDB; the natives hav« , !•< asp(l to fry llH'ir erand "parents, ami have hdvnncPd so tar us to n?e hilhit- . 'liilly Dr. l!nii's (.'onuh (Syrup, wliicli is j a .«nre cure for ;il! liitip troubles. i This ypnr will be one of greatt-xf, i prosperity to .Sterling.-, I Pure jrold always has its base imita: tion. It Is so with .Salvation Oil, which , is worth its weight In py\A to all stifTer- ors from rlieumatisin, neuralgia or ! p;out. It kills pain every time. See ! lhat, vou pot the gpnuinp. Price 25 ct«. a buttle. Let us have street railroad. I -To ALL MEMBEIW of society: Kemp's Balsam will cureyour distressing cough. • \Ve guarantee it. Price r>o cents and «1. Trial size free. A. II. TIendrick«. drugRist. OK Kepp on! push all things along. Having in our official capacity as members of Plymouth Hospital Con- mittee been asked to test and prove the | fff.ectivp.upsa of many different articles j to be used aa disinfectants in sick rooms and as preventives of infectious fpvera, report that Darbys Prophylactic • Fluid bag been thoroughly tested dur- I ing the recentTyohoid epidemic in this place. It proved most efficacious in stay IP ft the spread of the fever. t\ II. ARMSTKONO, S. M. DAVENPORT, '.T. A.OPP. O. M. LANCE, THOS. KERR, JAMES LEE, JR. The 22rt passed without demonstration. TcnnrHflen. rrohlbltlanlsta In Coanoll. NABHVILLJC, Tenn., Feb. S3. -Tho Prohibl- tionisu] met here in state convention We.lnes- day. Twenty-three delegates to the na- tlomil convention of tho Prohiliition party at Indianapolis wero chosen and instructed to vote for Clinton R Fuk for randidato for president. Ou May 10 a candiilnto for governor will bo Belected in state convention. The Markets. CHICAOO, FeU 22.— Wednesday being Washington's Urthdny all tho exchanges In the different cities were closed anil no quotation? wern pnblisbod. iliiwn to Kpernny, which Is bnt two nn;l a linlf hours from Paris, on a. gray C'ctolicr day, tlmt would have been, called cold in California. There it was all that crnihlbi'aski'd. It WIIH dry, and there was-u suuuratlon of sunlight. ]Cper- nay is n city of 17,(HX) inhabitants, showing a queer mixture of the old and new. The wine makers having dealt fri'ely with foreigners for more than 100 years, are cosmopuiitan. They live In residence* built It: a mixture of styles, most of them elegant, Home of them palaces. Muny combine bus!ness house and dwelling, anil 'occasionally there i.s a group of buildings, in one of which the proprietor lives, anil in the others makes, stores and sells his wiiiegr The chateau style, in red and white brick, is common, poorly harmonizing with the rest of the town, which is queer, colorless and irregular. Th'jre is united with this wealth «n idea of comfort not everywhere prevalent in France. Houses and offices are well warmed, wlilch is a luxury to Americans abroad in winter, and there Is in the furniture and ornaments, of odlces especially, many things that make him think of home. All towns in France would bo handsomer if they presented to tho sight of the stranger a less extent of blank and formidable wall. Kvery. building or group of buildings, except where they form a continuous line along the streets, is shut in with brick or stone, like a fortress. It Is the ever present idea that you live hi a country where you know not what may happen next, and if you have anything worth defending or protecting you must keep it iu u defemlulile condition—must, in fact, make your house a castle. The idea has been Inculcated by so many lessons thatJt has bocome'llereilitary. Eper- nay hns times without number been baptized with blood and fire anil its vineyards drenched with'ruddy gore as copiously as with nne of the dreaded rains that ruin the vintage.—Paris Cor. Sun Francisco Chronicle, Story for Newspaper Men.. , Newspaper men everywhere will appreciate the point of a story that is told by Chicago people about W. E. Curtis, the well known correspondent, who was secretary and afterward a member of the South American commission. Jt seems that Curtis went t'o Europe soino time ago for The Chicago News, with the special mission of investigating and wr.itlng up Anarchy, Nihilism and other kindred afflictions "of the Old' World monarchies. When ho cnmo back his material won put in shape for one big issue of tho paper. It had'cost Homo $5,000. Before it could bo printed C'urtis, on a railroad train with an old fellow journalist of The Inter Ocean, talked for hours about his European-trip. The other's memory was retentive, and he printed in The Inter Ocean next day a throe column "interview" with Curtis. It wns the pith of all hia elaborately prepared article, which was "killed."—New Orleans Times-Democrat A Very DAngernui Experiment. Some time ago, in my readings, I learned of a test made among somo lumber men in the farnorth. One had given an account, sittiug around the camp fire, of how a companion had committed suicide In an ingenious way.. Ho had taken n board, probably six inches wide, and, lying fiat, face downward, had placed it upright tinder his throat, then stretching bin arms straight alongside his body, had borne down with his neck. Unconsciousness followed in a foiv seconds, and fie died nn apparently painless death. The story was received, by the lumbermen with incredulity, and I suggested k be tried. One of the party volunteered, and the arrangements were made and carried out as I had mentioned In relating the suicide. The man had remained in the position only n very few seconds when we hurriedly raised him and. let tho plank fall. He was unconscious, and it was somo little time before he responded to our labors to revive him and opened his eyes. Wo were greatly relieved, 1 can toll you. In describing his feelings, he t-aid he had experienced a rush of blood to the head and a suffocating sensation, but was powerlesa to move any of hlb limbs or release himself.—Cincinnati Enquirer. WILL YOU 8UKFEH with Dyspepsia and Liver Complaint f Shlloh s Vital- izer ii guaranteed to cure you. 2 .Let us have farmers' club. Electric Bitter*. This remedy is becoming BO well known and BO popular us to need no special mention. 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SHILOU'S CATARRH KEMEDY—a pos itive cure for Catarrh, Diptheria and Canker Mouth. O. A. Oliver & Co. 'i Don't send in anonymous communications. • "IlACKMETACK," a lasting and fragrant perfume. Price 25 and GO cents. O. A. Oliver & Co. 2 As we live, let us hold to what we have and add thereunto. WHY WILL YOU cough when Shiloh's Cure will give you immediate relief. Price 10 cts., 50 cts. and 81. O. A. Oliver & Co. 2 Frye wants to be President. IH CunHumpiton Incurable 1 H,.-;id thi! following: Mr. C. H. Morris, Newark, Ark,, sajs:" Was down with Abscess of, Lunge, Riid friends and physicians pronounced me an Incurable Consumptive. Begau taking Dr. Kind's New Discovery for Consumption, am now on my third bottle, and able to oversee the work on my farm. It Is the finest medicine ever made." Jesse Mlddlewart, Decatur. Ohio, says: "Had it not betn for Dr. King's New Discovery for Consumption 1 would have died of Lung Troubles. Was given up by dcotors. Am now iu best of health." Try it. 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Oliver & Co. i Let us have horse market. It is by copying after nature that man gets best results. Dr. Jones' Ked Clover Tonic is nature's own remedy, is purely vegetable, can be taken by the most delicate. Cures all stomach, kidney and liver troubles. 50 cents. For sale by O. A. Oliver. NEURALGIA. Nerves.—Were it possible to observe th« misery of the world in Borne concrete - lorm, nothing e»er conceived would surpass its horrors. Every one of the tlirvad-likv nerves have each a latent power to raiise excruciating pain, the hunt of \vliich is simply the limit of human emluranre. Think of the toothache, with a single little nerve at work to drive one crazy; think of NEURALGIA, With a few oi .these fibrous tormenta all pulsing painfully at once, and then reflect that at the suine moment thousands, tens of thousands, perhaps millions, are guttering alike. CHARACTERISTICS. Subtile Pain.—Neuralgic affections are perhaps the most pronounced in the enormous list of aches and pains.. Nothing is so subtile in its approach; nothing BO flagrant, acute and distressing, and certainly nothing, all the world admits, vet discovered, so completely subdues its ravages and so permanently con- qners its pangs as that above mentioned. SYMPTOMS. Symptoms.—Neuralgia is defined to b« a nerve disease, the chief symptom oi which is a very acute pain, intermitting, which follows the course of the nerri brunch nltucted, nn'd which seems therefore to bo seated in the nerve. The igeneral symptoms are: Soreness along ... the, nerve; pains alternating between an ache and acute pain. Arjalng from B disordered stomach," it Is often at-' . tended by vomiting. TREATMENT. Treatment.^-Apply ST. JACOBS OIL frequently, getilly rubbing tho afflicted purls; apply to the whole extent of the nerve soreness; keep up a gentja friction until a burning sensation is produced. AYOid iuddcn change ol temperature. 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It wns here a few days ngo that a correspondent had the pleasure of seeing .some wild mock broke for doddle use. • There are lint u few men who make it a bnsinesH to break horaes and'who possess | Bufllck'ut hkill find patience to conquer ; the flery spirit of the most vicious animal. 1 These "wild horse riders," as they are called, in addition to receiving the use of the horse while handling him, got fees ranging from $5 to f25. Fearless Frank, < a well known Tex^s turner, had been engaged to break n magnificent ^sorrel, . owned by Mr. Davis, called Mod Ranger. • Ranger was u spoiled horse. He had been caught several times for the purpose of being saddled and bridled, but the tamers : had been unable to do anything with him. The horse lot was inclosed by massive logs and the stoutest timbers, capable of successfully resisting the most determined efforts on the part of the beasts to escape. Connected with the large inclosure were several smaller ones, and in one of these 'Ranger was .driven. Frank then took from his saddle' a coil of three quarter Inch rope, forty feet long, and a second coil about linlf as long, but much heavier; also, au oilcloth slicker. Thus equipped ! ho slipped into the inclosuro and faced ths horse. Making a nooso in one of the coils 'of ropa he quickly threw It over Ranger's .head and fastened the other end to u post i called the tng post. Tho animal com menced to rear and plunge, but at every plunge the slack in the ropo was taken up and Ranger was soon alongside th,e post. Here he wns made secure with a Spanish i knot, which his struggles pnly served to i tighten. ' . Seizing tbo old slicker, the trainer next hit tho horrie over the head und neck, .causing the unIrani to rear and kick. Tho 'horse was soon tired out, and the blows !thit fell upon htm scarcely caused him to wince. The trainer next took his long |ropo and fastened it around Ranger's head in such n manner that it served as a ihalter, Tho other end-of the rope was se;cured to the post. A rope was then placed *arouud the anlmal'-a body in such a manner that it would not slip, und another rope was fastened to his hind loot. The rope attached to tho foot was drawn ithrough the one around his body and 'the end taken by tho trainer. A couplo ;of haj-d pulls brought the foot up to •thestomach, and the horse was compelled to !itand on three legs, thus unable to kick or rear. The tamer then patted the horso :on tho head and flipped the bridle on. ,Tbcn thn 'saddle was put in the proper place, and tho'stirrups "hobbled," to prevent any injury to the animal, shonld h« fall. The rider then seated himself in tho Saddle, the ropes were taken from the ;horsa's feet and body, the gate of tho pen opened, and horse and rider dashed out on the prairie. For fully an hour the infuriated animal reared, plunged and jumped •fcbout, vainly endeavoring to throw his ,rlder, but Ilnully, becoming exhausted, .came to « standstill, and had to be urged to even walk. It was then that the horso was broken.—TOJOS Cor. Globe-Democrat. \ : An English authority gives assurance that tho following is un Infallible remedy for the woolly aphis on fruit trees: "Mix u jplntof gas tar with a pinlof dry powdered clay, add gradually a gallon of warm, soft water until the whole ia converted into a paste; this should be applied to the trees by means of u brush during winter; it d»- ktroya all rowel life and doea not barm ' -" (6- Schiffmacher, , oil hand a cig stock of Live Cedar (Posts, (he fast I - ' \ V , J£ichigan Sett (Fine Lumber, all kinds* of (Building Jdaitrial, Sash, Qoors and (Blinds, Coal, Lime; Ctment, Hair, etc., etc,; . . Everything at Lowest J&ar- Tcet (Prices. 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