Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland on May 7, 1898 · Page 4
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Denton Journal from Denton, Maryland · Page 4

Denton, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 7, 1898
Page 4
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M E L V I N , STEELE A. JOHNSON. EDITORS A N D P R O P R I E T O R S . SATURDAY MORNING, MAY 7, 1898. A SOUTHERN BARBECUE. IDI 1 Northern Traveling M»n^s Diverting Experience In Louisiana. "I was down south last fall." said the drummer, flicking th«j ashes from has cigar, and .tilting liis_cb.iir to a comfortable angle. "Got caught for a week by qiiarantine iy a little backwoods town iu Louisiana, 'ill the piuy woods,' as they call it there, and the things I saw during that week would fill a book. Among other things I saw a barbecue. Ever been to a regular, old fashioned southern barbecue? "Well, I have, upon i ts native heath and in its most primitive state, I gu6ss. ^Really, I think the people sort of go't"?up.the barbecue"foy my benefit as a bind of public entertainment in my behalf, killing the fatted calf, as it were, for the prodigal who could not go home. I appreciated tiie courtesy, I can tell you, and never missed a detail of it from start to finish. "The barbecue was given at what they called tho 'picnic grounds,' a little grass grown, underbrush cleared space at the rise of a hill. Preparations for tho affair began the day before. Among other things a grassed pole was erected, and a cou- pla of old negroes were sent down th« hollow by the spring to dig the trench for the barbecuing. The process seemed a very simple one. All there was to it was just a ditch about 15 or 20 feet long, 3 feet deep and 4 feet wide. v "In the bottom of this the men collected some pine splinters, kindled a fire and then fed it with oak and hickory and ash wood till they had the ditch half full of glowing coals. "This took them well into the night, you see, anfLbefove day they cut n lot of slender oal; saplings into lengths and laid them at intervals of eight or teu indies across the ditch over tha fire. Along about this Umo tho men came with the meat. A whole beef they had and throe muttons, and when they spread them out on the green sap- x lings over the glowing coals those "great, brawny, bearded men, w i t h the light from tho pine torches glaring on their faces, looked like a race of ctiniiibills preparing for an orgy. -"All night they staid there, the good fellows, with forks and spits to . turn the meat, nnd with great long handled mops which they dipped in melted lard and vinegar to baste it. And maybe you t hink it wasn't good, ·that barbecued meat. Just wait until you taste some. There's nothing like it. "But the people! Before clay they began to como, covered wagons and ox carts full of them--men, women and children. And the baskets they brought full of biscuits nnd corn pones nnd sweet potatoes and custard pies and cakes! I don't think 1 ever saw so much to eat nil at once in my life. And the watermelons! Wagon loads of them were put in the branch to cool. And tubs of sweet cider big enough to float in t "After dinner the fun began. There were foot races, sack races, jumping contests, greased pole climbing and greased pig chasing. "Now, among my acquaintance!: 1 was a small boy named Tige, or, at least, so called; aredhaired, freckled lad, son of the man I boarded with. Tige and I were good friends, but a lazier lad I never saw, BO somehow I was surprised when he appeared as one of the contestants for prizes. However, be did not enter either oi - the races nor the jumping contest. "But when it came to the greased pole, lo, the freckled Tige led all the restl Tho way that chap stuck tc that slippery sapling was a caution, and when be reached the top none cheered louder than I. The same way with the greased shoat. Tige was simply 'onto' the pig and staid there. "By right of being a guest and therefore to be honored it fell tc my lot to award the prizes. Tige was to receive a six bladed pocketknife and a pair of spurs--hardware in my line, you know," the drummer interrupted himself quite unconsciously, "and when the little scamp came up to get them I caught a wink in his other eye that seemed sort of suggestive. " 'Tell me how you did it, Tige,' 1 said when I had given him his prizes " with appropriate remarks. " 'I ain't no fool, if I do have fits,' 'be said, siill winking. " 'But we are friends,' I urged. " 'An is havin keepin?' he asked. ",'Yes, having is keeping, sure," said I. "Coming quite close to me, he winked frantically and said in a hoarse whipper: " 'Pine rosin 1' "Then, holding out his palms and turning up his heels, he cut and ran. But I understood. The little scamp had taken the precaution to literally cuke his feet and Lands with fresh, sticky pine gum and so had held his own by right of stratagem." --Philadelphia Times. No Via Scrubbing Him. During the last Afghan war the following joke was current throughout the army: The dirtiness of the Afghan is proverbial, and it is said that on one occasion General Boberts captured a soldier who was so exceptionally dirty that 'it was thought necessary for the safety of the whole camp that he should be washed. Two genuine Tommy At- kinses were' told off for this purpose. They stripped the prisoner and scrubbed at him for two hours with formidable brushes and a large quantity of soft soap. Then they threw down their brushes in disgust and went to their captain. "What is it, men?" "Well, 'sir;" ,ihey replied somewhat excitediy^we've washed that "ere Afgian^iaplfor two hours, but it warn'£;nny^good. After scrubbing him, air, till our arms were like to break blest if we didn't come upon another suit of clothes I "--London Globe. * : (CoiHimieil Ironi 1'irst page.) en times. Mrs. Bnller's nurse liacl to change her patient's dressing gown twice, and her ninicl was requisitioned to do her hair. And at about 4 o'clock a knock came at Mr. Buller's door, and Mrs. Buller appeared, leaning on a atidi and escorted by her mirse. · She was received by the imrso arid established with imicli circtmistfuice in the armchair prepared for her reception. "I'm awfully glad to see' you," said Mr. Buller, with constrained politeriesb. He was rather pathetic in his enforced recumbency, and he was looking very white and thin. "You must have bad a horrid tinie." "Pretty bad," she said, "and so have you, I'm afraid." "Willoughby talks of sending me south," said Mr. Buller. ! , · The conversation thus' far ijiacl been characterized by the utmost -nonchalance and· composure, each party having steadily avoided a glance in the direction of the other. But at this juncture he, with a self confidence entirely unjustified by events, turned politely in his wife's direction. She looked round at the game moment. Their eyes met, and --it was all over. "Delia, my sweetheart, how white you look!" "Oh, George, my old darling, how thin you are!" ^ The ejaculations were simultaneous, and before they had died away Mrs. Buller,'with a little hop and the assistance of the table, bad reached the sofa and had subsided on to the floor, with her face buried on her husband's breast. "Oh, George," sbe cried, "you were quite right! Bicycles are horrid things, and so are horses. Oh, George, you might have been killed 1" "I might, darling," he said incoherently. "You were quite right, too, Delia, dearest. It's been the very deuce of a time! Do you know how long it is since you really kissed me2" She did not answer, but she lifted her fac6 and-appareutly she felt that the performance which ensued was a good deal in arrears. They went south together and each was so busy superintending the complete recovery of tho other that they quite forgot to be up to dafeaudare no more a strictly society couple.--Mary Angela Dickens in Washington Post. She Two Romantic CovtrtsliSjis of the Mar- ·lial of France. In The Century there is an article on "Maximilian's Empire" by Mrs. Sara Y. Stevenson, who was in Mexico during the entire period of the French intervention. Mrs. Stevenson says of a romantic character in French history: General Bazaine was at this time the most popular man in the army. Hitherto eminently successful in all his military undertakings, he had risen from the ranks, having won his honors step by step upon the battlefield, at first by his courage, later by his remarkable military ability. He was a plain looking man, short and thickset, whose plebeian features one might search in vain for a spark of genius or a ray of imagination, and yet under the commonplace exterior dwelt a kindly spirit, an intelligence of no mean order, and, despite a certain coarseness of thought and expression too common among Frenchmen, a soul upon which the romance of life had impressed its mark in lines of fire. The story went that, when a colonel, he had in Spain come across a little girl of great beauty and personal attractions who seemed to him out ol place amid her surroundings. He picked up the little wild rose as it grew on the roadside and conceived the notion of transplanting it into good, rich soil, and of giving it its share of sunshine. He took tho child to Paris, where he left her in a convent to be educated. The soldier continued his brilliant career in the Crimea, Italy, Syria and Africa, and when, after some years, he returned to Paris he found the little girl had grown into a beautiful and attractive woman, whose heart was full of warm gratitude for her benefactor. He fell in love with her,and, breaking through all rules of French matrimonial usage, married her. Her charm won for her nmny friends in the circle which his position entitled her to enter, and hei death,, which occurred under peculiarly distressing circumstances, soon after his promotion to the command of the army in Mexico,was a cruel blow. The news of herdeuth reached the general while away from the capita on the brilliant campaign which added the greater part of tho coun try to theprojectecl empire (Novem ber, J8C3). After a funeral mass which he heard with his officers, he retired to his tent, and, alone, fought that hardest of all battles and con quered his own heart. In a fe\\ clays ho returned to his duty, am" no one ever know what had passet in his innermost soul. Two years later a ball was given at the quartier general. Bazaine who had lately been promoted to the rank of marshal (1SG4), had stopped for a moment to say n fev words, when one of his guests, i young Mexican girl who was waltz ing by, suddenly stopped near us having torn her dress. Pins were produced, the damaged ruffle was repaired, and the girl passed on "Who is itl" asked tho marshal evidently much struck with her ap pearance. "It is extraordinary,' he muttered, "how much she re minds me of my wife." He lookec distrait, and shortly after excuset himself and wandered off in tho di rectiou Mile, de In Peun had taken The courtship was a short one Maximilian, in order to facilitate a union which he deemed to bo in the interest of his government, gave the young girl as a dowry the palace o San Cosine, valued at $100,000, anc thus was May united to December Two children were born to the mar shal, one of them in Mexico, anc never was father prouder of hi young wife and of her offspring than was the marshal. 7TLBERT C. TOWERS, ATTOKSBY-AT-LA W nyALTER SPARKLIN, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, UKNTOA", MARYLAND. OFFICE ·» I - L I I ,I/\s. N. TODD. Enj. 6 QUICK CURE FOR I COUGHS AND COLDS, PYNY-PECTORAU The Canadian Remedy for all THROAT AND LUNG AFFECTIONS. LARGE BOTTLES. 25 CTS. DAVIS LAWRENCE CO., Lim., PROP'S PEBR DAVIS- PAIN-KILLER. FOR SALE BY Fresb Groceries 1TAVING restocked my GROCERY DEPARTMENT, I »'" "o w prepar- d to supply my customers and tlio ubhc generally with e v e r y t h i n g in hat lino, fresh and at' the bestqual- PROFESSIONAL CARDS. Denton, Maryland. ~kSCAR C L A R K . AttiTn«y-at-L»\v, · DKNTOS, M A R Y L A N D . Collections and nil professional business iromplly iittninlcd to. TTfriLWIER EMORY, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, C E K T l t K V I L I . I C . n i I "Will practice ulso in Caroline, Talbot and Kent county. yy, ALEX. IIUTSfXN, * ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, DENTOX, IMAKYLAXU. Will practice is the courts of Caroline nd adjacent counties. rt-\ PLINY FISHER, A TTORNE Y-A T-LA I)', DENTON, MD. All business entrusted to my cave will ·cceivc prompt attention. Collection at sluirns n specialty. FTARVEY L. COOPER. ATTORNEY-AT-LAW, 1JKNTON, MAKTI.AN1. Close attention will be given to all busi- e.'s entrusted to mv euro. JOHN W. CLARK, JR. Box 68. Derjtorj, A\arylQl Will sell property in Caroline or any of he adjoining counties. U I L L A l t l E . LEWIS iC WEST, A TTORNEYS-A T-LA DENTON, MD. Will practice in the Courts of Caroline ['altotund Queen Annecounties. DR. ICNOCH GIZOKGI:. ])R. P. R. I'ISHIIR GEORGE FISHER, Physicians, Surgeons Gynecologists, DENTON, MARYLAND. Office at residence of Dr. Enocli aeorge, Main Street. J.~B. K. EMORY CO (KMORY A NKAVITT.) --GENERAI-- COMMISSION MERCHANTS LIGHT STREET, Baltlirxore, ·WM. II. DEWEESE. FllKD 11. DE\VEE8JS OWENS, DENTON, MD, Office in the Court House. Mortgages foreclosed, estates settled uiu prompt attention given to nil business eii trusted to us. Will praetieo in the Stnte nnd Fectcrn Court. WM. H. DEVTEKSK, State's Attorney fo: Caroline county. PAINTER AND DECORATOR, . . . , DENTON, Mi. Hns lindten years' experience in thceitic of Wilmington, Philndelpliin and New York, jind is now ready to mnko contract mid guarantees skillful work, fair price nnd entire satisfaction DRS. W. T. L. D. KELLEY - : DENTISTS: -- · MAIN OFFICE: EASTON, "Will prar.tice at Preston on Mondays Dentor on Tuesdays; Fcdernlsburg, sec ond ftnd fourth Thursdays; East Ne Market, first and third Thursdays. Host work guaranteed. Gas administer ed. Tbonjas Carn CONTRACTOR AND BUILEIi, Ridgrely, Maryland Contrnets tnkcn in Caroline and adjoin ing counties. Thirty-three years exper icncc. Plans nnd specifications cheerful! furnished. Best of references from Cixro lino, Talliot nnd Dorchester counties. Seeds and Plants For Sale, CANTALOUPE SEED: A n n e Artnulcl, (Enrly.) Improved Jenny Liiul, Norris, (Lute.) RED RASPBERRY PLANTS: M i l l e r , . Cuthbcvt, Biamlywine. LUCRETIA DEWBERRY PLANTS STRAW HE R It Y P L ANTS: Glen, Mnry, Clyde, Enormous, Lloyd's !Fnvoritc, Brnndywino, Michel's Enr)y,Greenville.LiKly Thompson, Tennessee Prolilic, Gntidy, liitbnch. AT RKAbONAitLE TERMS. RICHARD T. CARTER. ; rVni.'vTo::s, O O K N -1-1: vn. Notion?, Ribbon? AMD 1VTE W GOODS ! OW PRICES! £J. BARNES, PRACTICAL BLACKSMITH HORSE-SHOER, DENTON, MD. I shnll constantly keep on hand » full nssortment of Iron and Steel for nil kinds of Farm und Wngon "Work. I cnn furnish you all sixes of now wheels and nxles, mid lcst classes of liorsc-sliocs at short no- tico. I guarnntcc nil material nnd work lit lowest prices to suit llic hard times. Shop on Third St., opposite Livery Stn- ble. Give me n trinl. JOHN J. UARNES. My stock of t h o latter is very com- lete, and my lady friends w i l l do veil to call and examine my goods )efore going elsewhere. Spool Silks, Cotton. Gloves and Hosiery, and in act a {fencral line of Notions. Drop u and see the stock. "\Vc liitvc inst opened n l.irije invoice of S1M5ING GOODS, und 11 lieLtiT collection from u hid) to choose li:i« never been offered in Dcnton. To be upproci.atocl it must be seen. Your inspection i? i n v i t e d . lie prices will bo :i very ·.tiu'ilinij lV:i- iro of tlio s.iles IILMO for tlio n e \ L t b i i t y rtys, und buyers will do well to note them. low would sonso of these strike you .' Percale, 10 rcgulur 12c. kind ; our pi K G . while it ists, only 8c. A bettor guide at 12c. Oysters and Ice Cream, For ;v good Oyster Stew give us a jail. Ice Cream will also bo served n season. Any q u a n t i t y supplied or family use wlieu desired, als at shoit notice. . JULIA DAY, Successor to Jarrj«s II HGfl WILL BE FOUND A GOOD STOCK --OF- Boots, Shoes, Hats, Caps, Etc., --AT-J. M. BBAVBN'S, HILLSBORO, JID. Larje StocK of GROCERIES AND QUEENSWARE You can also find at the l_ IJ M IB i: ID Full supply of all kinds of Lumber. Siiwiug and Planing doue at short notice. Ceiling Flooring, Shingles, Laths, Doors, Windows, Etc., always on b a n d . F. W. KKDDEN. W. F. M U K P H 1 REDDEN MURPHY, DKA.I.UKS IS FIKST-CLASS B U I L D I N G MATERIALS -- A N D -- CONTRACTORS AND BUILDERS, D E N T O N . M A R Y L A N D . Prices on (ill goods warranted to 1)0 a low ns those offered by city dealers. Mr Murphy, H builder of long experience, \vil have charge of the practical work, nm satisfaction guaranteed in every particular Frank C. Bolton. Lee B. Bolton BOLTON BROS PA1HTS, OILS AND GLASS. PRIZE MEDAL E, 1 ^ PAINTS El*in«, tb« Farpily Machinery Oils, Tar, Oakum and Pitch ' ENGINEERS', MACHINISTS, Steamship and Railway Supplies 418, 420, 422, 424 E. PRATT ST., TREES ^PLANTS The leading varieties of Ap pie, Peach, Pear, Plum,' Cher ries, Small Fruita, etc., for sal by A. G. GELLETL? CO., , MT. JAMES T. MORRIS, (KtDOKLY, MD.) Wicfilf riiit aoi BlacMtli, AND . EXPERIEHCED HORSSEHOER. In sill branches of my business I gum nntce satisfaction. In horsisliocmi; 1 hnv the endoiscnient of best A u t c r i n n r i n n s . JAMES T. M01UIIS. For Sale, Five million (o,000,000) Tennessee Pro lilic Strawberry plants, nt SI.25 per thons uml. TIIOS. H . E V E 1 5 N G A M . 1-23-fim. Concord. Mil. B. KINNAMON, A f u l l line of fresh confectioner; alwnys on band, .at REASONABLE PRICES. BEEAD PIES, ETC I WILL HAVE A NICK IGE GEEAM FAfilOfi, IN SEASON. Subscribe for the JOURNAL. Ladies' and childien's patronage solicited, :md the children especially looked after. Lov/ney's- Chocolates a Specialty. Also a f u l l l i n e of CIGARS AND TOBACCO on Iiaud at The Old Bakery T. BOYER, CONTRACTOR AND BUILDER, DKNTON, MD. Calicoes, :iml Cc. liliio and Jji:;ht Print*, plain lid ia'icv" de-iifii!', 6c Pique Remnants, 10c,, tie roijiiltir loc. kind. roin oo. up. Ginghams, Lawns, ogiiliir pnec lie., oiiv price. lOo. We IHVC mi excellent nssortment of these. Table-Cloth, hoico quality Irish "Linen, oOc. per y:\rd. 1'iintnlooii Good« :it various prices. £1.00 Smyrna lings iitSOu. A.. 1C. COOPKll I5HO., Dditou. Md. Sp A \fi. - -S A IS H BLINDS AND * LL ;BUILDERS GOOD-- CHEAP .U9HSOX3 9JB GpOOQ '/\C*9T^ ISIJTG OO'Oli^ SQM¥Oa 1HW JBiOniA H9MI NM01S 'd '039 Suuoou Cot this out for Future Reference, Buy Your H O R S E S AT KING'S MARYLAND SALE BAKU, AUCTION SALES Monday, Wednesday and Friday Throughout the your. We deal in nil kinds, from the very bt'tttoUio very cheapest. 400 HEAD oV IlorsDs. Mures nnd Mules, always on huiid Visit us, it -vill pay you. PRIVATE SALES EVERY DAY. VTII.I. L I N K OK INTERESTING TO FARMERS! ^^1 V jWt ^ul*^ ^\ ^ Vr "~'o5y '\ tV. A line of Implements second to none on this Shore, Suited to your Wants, and Sold under a Guarantee. Better Made and Made of Better Material, and decidedly the Best Finished Line Now Known. OSBORP COLUMBIA CORN HARVESTER AND BINDER, a m 4 COLUMBIA BINDER TWINE. X« OSBOR1 COLUMBIA MOWER, ONE AND TWO HORSE JAMES KING, Prop'r, 6,8,10,12, 14 16 N. HIGH STREET, Nctir Baltimore St., otic square from Baltimore Street bridge. I5ALTIMOKE, JID. Osbprne Columbia Low Down Grain Harvester and Binder OSBOKNE C O L U M B I A KEAPEli. OSBOHNE COLUMBIA. REAPER, No. 8. OS15ORNE ALL-STEEL TEDDERS. OSI30RN K, A LL-STEEL S K L F - D U M P 1JAKK. OSBOIVNE ALL-STEEL H A N D - D U M P K A K K . OSBORNE REVERSIBLE FLEXIBLE DISC IIARROAVS S5f · 1 Osborne Spring-Tooth Harrow OSBOUUE COMBIN VTION Sl'KING-TOUi'lI. CM'.ORNK C O L U X L I t l A AD.' 'JVl'A ULE L'EG-TOOTH. O . I ' t i J N K K I G I D ItRVEKS- T ' '· "l-^! 1 It MtROVV. i - :c ^ i: !'i:i v \t. DISC I ' N k i t O ' . V c [;V,::NK .-ri.xv SITING ·'· o- - i .IAKKOWS. «.^.-UllSE HORSE HOE CULTIVATOR. ' E V ' V N S CORN PLANTEJl. PERFECTION PLOW. The only Chilled plow made with a Ribbed-Back mouldboard positively preventing break- PAINT SOLD UNDER GUARANTEE. ACTUALCOSTIE8STHAlf*1.25EEBGAl. W. E. BR01MN, - - DENTON, MD., SOL.K AliKXT. Before LeaYing for War LEAVK 1'OUK OUDKB WITH DEOTISFOQKS D E A L E R S IN ng. ' Castings furnished for any registered Chilled Plow ever made. Any of these goods furnished you with a warranty in your own your own possession. You have nothing to risk in. trying them. An inspection will pay you. Sold on liberal terms. WM. J. BLACKISTON, DENTON, MD. UNDERTAKERSEMBALMERS AMD FUHERAL DIRECTORS, DENTON, MARYLAND. Twenty year a of experience enables us to insure entire satisfaction in every particular. Our shops are fully supplied with needed material, and first-class workmanship is'guaranteed. GOOD TIMES ARE HERE AGAIN! Al tin's sciison of the year, when it is everybody's nim to SAVE MONEY ·we have come to help you by ottering you prices in Cypress Fence Boards a Specialty, TO THE PUBLIC I I (Ipsiro to inform my friends of Den ton and the public roundabout that I will bo at the store of STEWAKT BKOd., in DEHTON EVERY TUESDAY, where I will be prepared to take ordf'is for all kind* of JEWBL- KY and to mnke repairs. All work will receive prompt Jitten- tion, sinsill repairs being nnulc before leaving town. Oiders loft with Stewart J3ros. will be cnre- fnlly attended to. I Uiiink you for past favors, and hope to receive a continuance of thorn. MOSES THE JEWELEB. CLQ1HLSG t l m t w i l l surprise you. nnd nlso j n = t i f y you to buy, as we mint have room for SPR1NG_GOODSI WK AUK OFFKRISG S U R P R I S I N G BARGAINS in Dry Goods, lints, Mcn'b nnd Liulios' iio ami Fnio Foot-wciir, mid ulso n Tu 11 nnd Complete lino of Notions. COME AND GET THE BENEFIT OP THE TIMES. COAL,WOODWAY ----et«#+e- The public will find constantly on baud at my coal yard at Den torn Bridge a full supply of coal, stove wood and baled hay, which I will deliver in auy quantity anywhere in town. Stove Goal, 2240 Lbs. Per TOD, $6.00 Egg, Chestnut, 5.75 5-75 STOVE WOOD BYTHE LOAD OR GORD HAY BY THE BALE OR TOM, DELIVERED IF DESIRED. OYSTER SHELLS, GAS LIME, BRICKS AND LUMBER ALWAYS IN STOCK. Wharf for the use of the public for landiug or shipping all kinds of freight. Hauling of all kinds done at reasonable rates. L. B. TOWERS. THOMAS H. MITCHELL, .MANUFACTURER OF Sasti, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, Brackets, Newer?. Hand Rails, Cabinet Mantels, Balusters, Etc. ·©-Estimates Promptly Furnished on nil kinds of Building Material. o\A.:M::E3s T. OOOIFIEIR,, Undertaker and Funeral Director r . A ivr-r-» Mr. Cooper's long experience in embalming and nil the other branches of his pro-- Tcssion, rendor ubsolutely curtain the proper performance of his duty in all matters intrusted to his care. All cnlls, either by Jay or night, promptly answered. Kesi-deuce on Alain street, opposite Brown's new drug store. BALTIMORE BARGAIN STORE, RIDGELY, MD. !, OProp. DR. ANNA GOING REGISTERED PHYSICIAN, Twenly-fivc years' experience. k\.Specialist in Diseases 01 Women 5'only. Private Sanitarium of high J/rcputc. Absolute privacy nflord- , ed. Female Regulative Pills J-.! 00 per box. Advice ly mail. (6D3EAST BALTIMORE STREET. BALTIMORE, MD. Vegetable Compound Tor Female Complaints, $1 Wives without Children consult we. WEHAVENO AGENTS Kut htvo sold direct to the consumer for 25 jcars Bt nholo- silo prices, saving him tho dealer's profits. Shipany- hlicre for examination. rvcrythlog warranltd. I t S c t j I c j o t Vclnclcs, 5 1 stales of llarncfe. , Surreys. $iu to SIM. Cnrria- ?gcs, Phaetons, I'rape, Wcgon* _ cttcs, Spring-Hoid and llilV »»,71. Bnrroj RirncM. Price. (16.00. Wagons. Send for large, free Ko. 106 Surrey. Price, nHh curium, , AssogJmsdljforJii. Catalopio of all our Btjrles. tbade.apreBudrcDdcrs.t60. is(c*SuKlU(orl ELKHART OABBUQE AMI iiAiiriEsa UFO. co. w. B. PKATT. ««·/, ELKUABT, mt. T. H. EVANS COMPANY, FRUIT AND PRODUCE COMMISSION MERCHANTS, No. 214 Light Street, Baltimore. Maryland, Vegetables; Maryland Pca c hc« and Sweet Potmloea.

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