The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on November 15, 1916 · Page 9
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 9

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 15, 1916
Page 9
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THE, CH1LL1COTHE DAILY CONSTlf^TION, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 15, 1916 SPJR1XGHLLL, NEWS. Rev. Rutherford filled r his regular appointment at S p r i n g . Hill Sunday morning and night. Wm. McCarthy and daughter Lena were Chillicoth'e visitors Saturday. Ezra Schwab and Vernie Mast returned last week from Iowa where they have been shucking corn. George Grouse and family, Andy Prager and family. Bunk Kincaid : jmd family, Charley Williams au~S family, Mrs. Mary' Mast and son, Alva, and Nove N'othnageV and family spent Sunday with. Ben Young and family. The farmers in this section are busy getting up their winters- wood. Ray Barnes, who is visiting his mother will return to his home in Ethel, Mo., next week. Several from this neighborhood attended the pie supper at the Girdner school house Saturday night. THEATRICAL. SOCIETY AND CLUBS * Mrs. Edwin Switzer' has the second of a series of teas tomorrow after- Grith has been drawing large crowds and everybody is more than satisfied with the performance and pronounce it truly remarkable. M r . j Griffith deals in the scientin'eSsidirol: I ,_ The following ladies were hostess hypnotism just enough, to plant the comedy;'. 1 ', jj -.The^^youtig. man riding a 'bicycle 5nva hypnotic- state in 'Hawley's shoe store, window wi^l be removed to the of the G. S. T. dinner given yesterday at the home of Mrs, J. L M. Darr, and w'ho were, the.winnejrs inj:he ser_ ies contest--pi .-Bridge,'.r-ecords: Mesdames Fred Hawley, E'. J. Barney- PERSONAL AND LOCAL ' The Alpha club'wilEm'eet v Tue5day Nov. 21st- with Mrs. Fraik^Rensch. W. B. Melvin transacted business in Kansas City and St. Joseph today. Senator andCMrs.;liudso'ii.:iyill leave .the latter pa.rt.or.t4ie, weeitfior California.;;., ' -/"; . , : - ' ; : - · ;y'^-j'"~' ''· i. Mrs. : Ln?Linley, guest at'the Knapp?'', homey Vjll.le'awsoon for Fbrt.Wortif'' } Texas to visit relatives. . ': ' j stage and awakened tonight'at 8 : 3 0 . j t a c k , Charles ..McCullough',' W i l s o n , j - Dr. H;. H. Bar-wood was called to .......... , . R : , R-. J cit k;,*' r s.. Yancey, and Mrs..] Garlton, "ill.;, today bj- a message announcing the death of his' father. Mrs. George Taylor was called from Guess "nearest how* far he will ride and receive $5 free tonight. C-bming Theatre Events. -The'-Majestic theatre announce the S'wann' Mrs. Silas ^ Keeler gave'-a "Baby" party yesterday at her home in hon- appearance next Monday' of Pauline or of the second birthday of her lit- Frederick in' the charming, magnet- tie daughter, Irma Louise. Assisted ic and emotional part of Myra in E. by her mother, Mrs.' Holmes, h e r j Phillips Opipenheim's thrilling story,' aunt, Mrs. Rawlins, and a neighbor. '·The World's Great Snare." The story gives Miss Frederick every op. Mrs. S. L. Stevenson, she entertain, ed the youngsters and their mothers Your friends can buy anything- you can give them-- EXCEPT YOUR PHOTOGRAPH Watt on Studio N. Side Sq., over Sipple's. For QUALITY, SERVICE send us your Kodak Work portunity to display her remarkable · in the happiest way--by letting them talent. ' j \yatoh and a d m i r e (their own in par[ ---' · ticular.) A birthday cake and two Hazel Dawn and Owen Moore star, candles adorned the dining table, 'but in Under Cover, are to be seen here! one could hardly say that "covers soon. If you were a young woman, bora into the smartest set in New were laid etc." because their refreshments were served ad libitum York society, i£ your younger sister J and frequently. The list of guests in- had committed a crime, i'£ in order fco . eluded Frederick Irvin, Frances: Marie save her, you were forced to become j Atwell, Richard Ryburn, M'ary Belle her home in Brookfield yesterday by the serious illness ot her sister, Mrs. Emma Estep. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Newton announce the birth ot-twins, both boys, at their home on' W. Webster streec Tuesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Magill-after a week's visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Minteer, r e t u r n e d yesterday to their home iu Joplin. There was no change today in the condition of Mrs. J. F. Heger, who Is critically ill at. her home on West Calhoun street. Mrs. B. F. W h i t e of Brookfield arrived yesterday to attend the !a secret agent of the United States, Burch, Herbert 'Milton Amos, Robert i b e c l s i d e of Mrs '- J - F - He ser, who is WWch Do You Prefer? It is important for reasons of health and practical economy for every housekeeper to ask herself this question: "Do I prefer a pure baking powder like , .Dr. Price's, made of cream of tartar derived .' frongrapes, or am I willing to use a baking "powder made of aliirn or phosphate, both derived from mineral sources ?" The names of the ingredients printed on the label show whether the kind you are now using or any brand, new or old, that may be offered is a genuine cream of tartar powder, or merely a phosphate or alum compound. °~~ There is no alum nor phosphate in DR. PRICE'S CREAM BAKING POWDER MADE FROM CREAM OF TARTAR DERIVED FROM GRAPES critically ill . at her home on West! .Calhoun street. Miss Maggie and Lilt Stringer returned to t h e i r home in Trenton yes- Mrs. Fred Harris entertained M o n - 'erday after a Visit with Chillicothe came a choice 'between your . sister! day and Tuesday afternoons with ro. and the man you lover, what would j ceptions at her home on E. Calhoun Customs to aid In the detection of «v' Saale, Karl Blanchard, Doris Jane man who had smuggled a 5 2 0 0 , 0 0 0 ' Luchsinger, .lane Katheriue Water- necklace into this country--if you . son, Mary Elen Gale. fell in lovewith the smuggler yon were compelled to pursue, U it be- sa s City is the guest of Mrs. Sam Sheetz, while her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Bradshaw, visit at the home of their daughter in Minnesota. you do St. to a large n u m b e r of friends. The .relatives and friends. Mrs. Edwin Hornback and little daughter, Bettie will leave t o m o r r o w Apples !\r Sale. Good Gano and Ben Davis apples at Dr. Campbell's farm. Sprayed f r u i t . u O d w t f receiving rooms were b e a u t i f i e d with | night for Montreal, where Mr. Horn. When Mary Pickford is seen h e r e ) chrysanthemums, pinks, yellow a n d l o a c l i - is stationed f o r ' t h e w i n t e r FOR RENT or SALE--House close in. Address Mrs. John Milbank or ·phone 17(5. , 14-! in "Less Than the Dust" she will ap. pear for the first time as a star in a 'white and the sweetest music played his by the Stockton-Arthaud orchestra ] p r o d u c t i o n made by her own c o m - j welcomed the guests aud played a pany, the Mary Pickford Film Cor- soft accompaniment to the conversa.- poration. Announcement is made for tion throughout the afternoon. Mrs. early December showing. ·" ' Constitution Want Ads are winners i ?r?r EMPIRE Steam Heated SC1ENTIFIOA1 J.-V VBNTIljATET* Voris, m o t h e r of 'Mrs. Harris aud the following ladies assisted:. Mesdames A. Lowenstein, O. P. Clark and .Ton. athan Hawley, Misses Ada Roster, i Charlotte Hurxthal, Veorgia Walsn and Clara Elting. Mrs. Bolts, Mrs. O. D. Grace and Miss Hawley assisted on Monday. Many, ladies called to pay their respects and lingered to enjoy each other and the hospitality of this eiharming home. capacity of civil engineer. E u g e n i a Bradshaw ot Kan-| C- nstitution Want Ads are winners HUGHES 1J3ADS WILSOjf BY 223 IX MINNESOTA WITH AIOIV VOTE TO C (UT Unried Praia.) St. Paul, Minn., Nov. 15.--A presumably , ten precincts of civ votes and 15 counties 'Of sole votes missing, Hughes at noon t led Wilson In 'Minnesota by only on the face of available returns Visit the big Rexall OneCent at Clark's Pharmacy Thursday, day ani} Saturday. Take advan of this sale for holiday gifts. FOX FILM CORPORATION --presents-JUNE CAPHICE -ui- "Little Miss H appiness'' FIVE ACT? "' S T O C K T O N ' S ,O S C H E S T JR A Shows at 7:15 8:30 p. m. PRICES 5 and 10 Oenta THURSDAY--ANTONIO MORENO EDITH STOF.Y in ar Vitagraph Feature, "THE TARANTULA." Friday--Mabel Tallajerro in a sreat Metro Play, 'THE SNOW BIRD/ Also MUTT JEFF COMEDY CARTOONS. TONIGHT $S= METRO M o i i o n . The Domestic Science club meet- in of Tuesday afternoon ( vas r a t h e r more like a church society meeting tuaa else. Two ot its me.inbers having died within a few weeks, the club paused for a sliort memorial service before taking up the lesion. A s h o r t memoir of Mrs. E. Wells, -a charter member of the club was given by 'Mrs. Jones and one Cor Mrs. Jackson by Mrs. Matthews and a c o n c l u d i n g prayer by Mrs. Ramsey enfolded all the club membership with any sorrows:, b u r d e n s or perplexities to the abundant mercy oi' the Heavenly Father. The lesson on "The U,ome CinTT "was conducted by Mrs. T. D. Jon SB and included D e l i g h t f u l Meal Hours, Happy Sundays and Evenings in the '. Home. Mrs. Pomeroy gave a concise paper on "Hospilaiity and Simple Entert a i n i n g / ' j Mrs. Matthews reached out of the f home to discuss "Cordiality in Church Hie and t o the elderly. All the subjects were fully .discuss. ed and the club knit together by a verse, all joined i*n singing of H o m e Sweet Home. There was good attendance of members and Mrs. C. Hoyt, Mrs. Gardner and 'Mr? ; O. R. Smith of Utica were guests. During j a short social hour, Mrs. Tucker, as j hostess and her daughter, Mrs. Tompkins served delicioiis small cakes with coffee. . The next meeting of the 'club is looked forward to with interest, because Dr. Singer ot" t h i city will talk before the club on a , s u b . ject of large interest to all women. The Great Griffith Hypnotic Comedy Company The show with a 1000 laughs. Entire change of program ea evening. Admission: Aduks 25, children 15. THE YOUXG MAX NOW K l l i i V O A CICYCXE FOR 8 HOUItS T.V A HYPA'OTfC STATE IN ILViVLKY'S SI STOKE \VIXJ)OW WLIjTj BE RE REMOVED TO THE STAGE 1-VX1 AWAKENED TO?fIGHT AT S:3C GUESS NEAREST HOW PAP. HB AVlTjIj 1UIE AXT KECE1VE $5.00 FltEE TONIGHT Slip .a few Prince Albert smokes into yjjili; system! MAKES THE 1 JLJ B Mm i/^7 .B.JL1UL* GO OD ONES See ihexx*. aJ? A You've heard many an earful about the Prince Albert y patented process that cuts out bite and parch and lets you smoke your fill without a comeback! Stake your bank roll that . it proves out every hour of the day. -Prince Albert has always been sold without coupons or premiums. We prefer to give quality! There's sport smoking- a pipe or rolling your own, but you know that you've got to have the right tobacco 1 We tell you Prince Albert will bang the doors wide open for you to come in on a good time firing up every little so often, without a regret! You'll the national joy smoke AIBMEX ATTACK Z1KKBRUGGEB AJVO OSTEiVD THIS MORJflKG. (By Cnltcd Fr«!«».) London, Nov. IS.-^-Zeebreggee and Ostend were heavily bombarded earlv today by flying squadron, the admir- .alty 'announced this afternoon. Bombs ·were dropped on the backs of submarine shelters. A .great fire was noted directly after "a. hit was made on the petrol tank! All the machine returned safe' feel like your smoke past has been wasted and will be sorry you eannot back up for a fresh start. You swing on this say-so like it was a. tip to a thousand-dollar bill 1 It's worth that in happiness and contentment to you, to every man who knows what can be gotten out of a chummy jimmy pipe or a makin's c i g a r e t t e w i t h Prince Albert for p a c k i n g " ». J. REYNOLDS TOBACCO CO. Wiutu-S^ta. M. C. Thanksgiving Dinner. , The ladies of Centenary, church, one and one half .miles .south of Sturges, will serve dinner and supper at the church on Thanksgiving day. They will also have many beautiful pieces of fancy work- for sale_ A good place to do your Christmas shopping, . d2wtd The 'big Rexall One Cent Sale starts tomorrow at Clark's Pharmacy and lasts only three 'days. It T HE Ptii A Albertte tin. and fact, every Prw Albert package. I real roe«age-to-j on its reverse side. Yo read:--"Process Paten July30th, 1907." Thatmer that the United Slate»Gove: .. 'hieht.baa granted · patent^on t process by which Prince Albert -ma'tle. ' And by which tonfu* tut* « throat parch arocntout! Ev« where tobacco is sold you'll* Prince Albert awaiting : In toppy red bec». 5c: t red tint, I0c; handsc pound and half-pov tin humidors ond that clever cryjsl glasshumidor.-'w sponge-moist.e top, that keep s tobacco In si fine conditlio NEWSPAPER!

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