The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on November 30, 1975 · Page 13
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 13

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 30, 1975
Page 13
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Some cattlemen may lose federal payments Tn« Texni Animal Health CommlMion wti officially notified today that M of J»n I Federal Indemnity payment* will •no longer be paid to rubwr* ^whow cattle are condemned as brucellosis rtACton. Dr. II. Q SJblsy, executive director, has reported. Ttiii action w*t uJt<m by UK USIM Animal »nd Plant Health IntMxiicn Srrvk* (APHIS i foftowto* a negative vot« by Com ni«*km Board members this full to adapt * more juingwu program to brtag the Male Mo rornou4oc« with F«kr»t rtfuiatiorai 'Indemnity payments hav* «fjwuft<wJ lo around 13 million annually )n Trias;' l>r Sibtty ttjii««d In addition, the Com' cannot write a health certificate. Cattle can come through the state from other states for foreign shipments if they are transported in sealed truck* Peter Schaff, general manager of Br*o» KJvw Harbor, wild Friday that 505 h*»d of cattle h*d be«n «port«J from Prwport to far this y«*r und Another \1T» ww* snipped the Ust half of 1974 Such a qua/tntine would ctoae down «och thipmenu tnrxju^i the harbor RffttrieUwu tmder »uch quarantine itipulate for iMpptnn cctlie out of the ulatrr O»t* it that the herd \* !h»t M jOO *Bfiu«l APHIS Itt Kfttan Co*, *tv* APHIS vei«rtn»rurt, shat tn Mich >w htrd u Animal* muM b« »t This meant that it would lake seven months to attain « qualified herd designation, ami if the owner plans to keep selling, (he herd must be tested «(120-day intervals At present, there sre no Qualified herds In Texas, Dr. Sibley slated Stocker and feeder cattle can be shipped out of state if they are branded with an "-S" on the left Jaw and are beinti M-nt to * (fuarintined fe«ctfot or to »iaught«r Steers and ipayed heifer* can move freely. Ikifm ea.n U> ihjppH out of Mate only if they are from « tfualihwl herd, and if they ar* ov«rr a year old, they mutt l>e (filed <."4}vt» \uv$vf »i« monthi can f* ^tlppiHl only If th*y arc frwri) qualified \tttd» To regain »ta!u», every brrd In th* Hate will have to Ur rurrtni u art in "All *> DM! M* tiruxkd t>*< 1 1 !.* cwcrn) urxter t*!rr day* tnrf at the F«kral pirtjtff am have pf'4*f.*«) more eilrraitve rwwarth for an improved v*«ifte, juxl IM* ttrtftfrnt ruk* lh»l tie not MAHfll OP DIMKS chapter rt»(>re» M ,utive and ciiAinnan «3< th«- Educational (.'ommmw on the T«-t«» March of l>im»-» fal«rsri (n K*tt 7>xa* ts Mr* llwlrna ',x^* Thornpswi of Jira»«ria She U U>o»-n hef*- •*!»! u«. March </? Dtrnt* Natjonal Poster Child Tommy I'atJrrson .irjd T«a» PaU<? Halus*-k T>>e Cabinet in-n'M as an ut the im-ai c h«pi«-r pLinrung and i and furi'i raising programs OIL REPORT fhr prvwrot itatr»J or if* t« Ijw pcxarraa c< *tkif>4i«<J ctafiifr* {(i rfrt a*.- t>T !.V f tatter Many factors combine in wells-per-rig average T h r » t q u « f i n I ! n * h«vr la arc UMS of mor* itS-t at fsr*w%! lfi»n at »ni !itr>r utter Af.d, McOhrr add* «•!(.} ftat !,*. l*r r«» »l.»!*>4 "Htj! the con»ct^g»f!rr« * f e MY tout Bu! cf iUci«fTi A.I the *ftrf tht fcw !<s b(C»4»* (a!!* till CHECK THE GREAT APPLIANCE BUYS IN THE FACTS (*»9t!iimt of the In »s*ch crttSciirn not !hr t« bckn* !/v»! (.«< hradrd downward trr t*tng viackwl a! aU a rate the m«r! the? drUUnsK jfKiu»!ry have 'lj*piAow;1 from lh«D «• rharijprj iiram»!>cjiii> in tc«J norma! i'lnlKin ^u>4 t\ie )c4r» Tf»M»«1 rowi Afr ac'.oally 7^* <lArk«.l d»y» oi * leAVintf th* iftciu&Arj (of prolonged >!ump in L*ck u()o(;>» Nalural!) , you d a rr. r 9'. i r d r! i 11 n g Ha^ c f ijxriwx«$ pfOf4e -.n oj>ff»!ion» were sp. all frjijiii'.'fW pfo»chir,g in !>'.'o An Mc(»htc said sh*- oil »v«-r«gr u( only i,<tj« prc«!ucft »l»o >iad rs- I ft uw that pcrirnced drilling c««np*r«J rnKvrf in )*! the J»vrr»ffe «*» to «rJy IT* m tVTi 7r«!- c«.im<ti4Ck djd WX Ircmrs orvr • !CT the nrjt "You can"! a,'!c»rd r,r» «l," fw Mid "You bv can the contract'.-* does the best pos.»jWe it) his iituatjcm, jus! a» \'.ic !Sf70 contractor did thf i<-*t puwiWe in hi*. (.'nn'raciori and $x*.<A'jf,!--r% alike shouid be. thank Jul UK- dnllxng in- <iu»tr> WAI r<o5 even further derimntrd by its slump" he ar»tJ frequently muitipie wtal <:x»rjtracl.ji niA! (*r'.or« ajsi', ** In {UP >r»ri. the )««. taut m«r«- th*n ),?W> rigi fwiir lx<en at work So-, wnbrr. the »v« age tiircv !%J. l\»! )oar>*U Jj*ck into the itae* cf the 1*7X1 contractor Mctihee fotcw >ou to *rxJ afcius< that »» if there ' (XI S^C to "Only ', c<»0 rigt art All thv». Mcilhrr usd i» *r»d the DOUR! s» m »^arp «vntr*»I mth ihc PROFITT says: WANT YOUR i To COAAE OVERSLEEP THE DREAMS of the Pilfrims hm larjefy come true in the freedom and abundance of these United States. Let us truly give thanks to our Creator, and rtdcdlcate ourselves to the freedom and equality of opportunity which hive nurtured our provident country, .STATE BAMK ClUTE MEMBER F.O.I.C. "You fine! !.7!>o ri(!!, working ar*d U>e cx\a:t sii!l ruing," he Mid "Ycsu have too (n» p\ pcriwKXid mm and can hire none You over promote t)w men you vc go! and trj to tram new onci You (mil she pftxiuccr lacks !kca>t>5>p<l wjptrrv-tsom Momnrr. he r»cr» UH* hu »wk unr ««•!! at « time ' "You have nothing le(t to r«nnibalUc.' Mctlhrc added '' YTOJT otjuipnu-nt (S older You (real t! with respect brcausc replacement prices have sky-rocketed and delivenw art- Mctifiee said other factor i that must be in vtudymg the of drilling * include the percentage of wildcat cipforAiory «eii» being clrjiled arxJ the percentage of offshore wetb being dr.SIed Durinj! the Ju!>- ,"iep!«ntier third quarter of !V7i the induAtry dnllc-d 9.JM »dh ahjle making UM- of i.fM raUtry n&s Tt-«- well* fw-r-rig average •*iss itx*i( i 65 in the vatr.p !S7X) period. the* industry was making iu>e ui nn average of onl> «S rig* while dn'tling •*ell& The wells-per-ng average was ibout 6 80 8RAGGI FOR MEN COLOGNE $450 TWUOSMKTH KAWASAKI PRE-CHRISTMAS ALL 75 KIWISAKI BIKES 64-100CC HUNTER 260CC ON/OFF K1125MOTO CROSS CHESTER SGOn CNEWOLET-OLDSMOBILE Antiquity clash alleged AUSTIN f AP) - Former state marine archeologitt Carl Clausen dented Saturday he haj claimed ownership of translation* of Spanish document* on a galleon fleet that sank off Padre (stand in 15M, The State Antiquities Commission voted Nov. 21 to ask Atty, Gen John Hill to do whatever is necessary to recover the translations, which were made by two San Antonio nuns and a padre who traveled to Spain to examine the documents. Truett Latlmer, commission secretary, said Clausen had claimed the translations belonged to him. trip. Clausen said he told the commission he would return the translations as soon M he has had a chance to make copies of them. The commission also want* Clausen's "field" notes from his work off Padre Island in 1972-73. Clausen said the commission already has the original field notes, and he is not inclined to give It copies of his copies because he feels the commission violated its contract with him. He has hired a lawyer, Clausen said, to get the 11,895 he claims the commission owes him for his monthly report last August. "Thi* came as a Iremendmjji surprise lo me." Clauaen told the Associated Prat* by telephone Saturday He said he THE BRA/OIPOWT FACTS had Juat returned from an out-of-state _^*™1^^ M JL™°** !.?<"*"*** *•.."» P«fl» I1A Ttrestone TIRE BIAS-BELTED-RADIAL The best tire buys for every driving condition! champion 4>PLY POLYESTER CORD S 3.50to s 5.45 LESS thanreg. Fall'74prices .' n c i u d >: ',;• h i! o '.v a i! s . .BLACKY/ALLS "_\ « » !•*• « l r As low as $1095 18 A78 13 i ! 76 T f 7 '• V, 'A 4 C4 JO « t llffi 1 84 21 M : ]\frj J«4 2} 14 ' J«,«i 1 VO 24 • 7a ' 3 71 77 « J VO • i"\' IM M. 9»j4...«. '<? 2* n D tup e i hR % m , p T ion DOUBLE-BELTED SUP-R-BELT 57.60toS13.50 OFF our June '75 prices nce WLACK : WALLS As low as $2495 A78 13 Blackwall *f,J4 1 *O 14 95 43 *p - 4 S4 • 11 IS . tf Sd ', 3 •» ' M »5 4? 49. 10 HJ 17 »S w.'ji .<« w..l. isst.; RADIAL DELUXE CHAMPION 56.2510*9.15 OFF our June '75 prkes V- 1* f* •. • o" - - - • • • ' ;>•-'''"•.•'"'*»':»"«« ,' '*•', V p. « , • •- '. Af/=. « 5 i »W4 7 Tires for COMPACTS and IMPORTS CHAMPION SI/195 s...«oou I ^T "' ** * " * ' HSIC95 V.".««'j' |«J a^vi-jii MINI-SPORT SHOCK ABSORBERS /•, ami 11tr »c«{ the t«mouk Moniu m«Uc* 14 each ti -wai* »*f imtalled LUBE and OIL CHANGE liu luili-,s up to , r ul high gr.idr >u Call tor appointment to avoid dolay. CHRISTMAS AMERICA AI [><».', 19?4 reco'J JiCum ONLY u'>i^ yt Ottn «*»"«< 410 TARPON INN VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER ^ .•«""•• PHONE ?M E J!?n R J Monm 8 to 6 MM325 SUh"^, M. *" «* « *> ""Jgg-

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