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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 1

Lenox, Iowa
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Thursday, March 5, 1936
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r»c»" unesota !*•-. - • olumn One! Written Chiefly For Our Own Amusement IIIIIHIIII v L. s. iiiuiiiiiiiiiiR you ever stop to think of fa handy thing the human i is? It was just made to for man to work on. Beng at the top and working own through the several you can see that it sup- everything that is neces- |in the way of a location, resting place for some of Is inventions. Take, for in- |je, the shape of the head, ideally made for wearing |t. The hat slips down over dead until it rests upon the land eyebrows. IT H U len there is the nose. Dr- ily designed for smelling I breathing, both of which Idone with the inside, the Ide offers a swell place to [a paii- of glasses while the again come into the pic- | by protruding from the at just the right place to as anchors for the glasses lep them from sliding down hose and into the soup. The [are also handy for other The hair, if worn may be tucked behind and they may also be em- fed for holding pens and . Truly, t the ears are of importance to the body. II II ff ppose there was no nose ling up between the eyes. LENOX TIME TABLE Published in the Interest of Lenox and Surrounding Communities. VOLUME SIXTY-TWO 100 More Added to County Pension List J.ENOX, TAYLOR COUNTY. IOWA, THURSDAY, MARCH C. 1936 pose, for instance, the eyes in the forehead. How in |rorld would you be able to glasses. Or, on the other , suppose the ears were loon the shoulders. A pair lasses could hardly be moor- i them If they were that far from where they should |e shoulders are handy as a ig place for suspenders and the iadTes wear [that are always slipping The shoulder is also egically located for scratch- ears when the hands the dough or are too dirtj employed for that pur ff ff 11 • le waist, or part of the bodj j above the hips, makes i |ble for some men to dis with suspenders and use shoulders for something The hips are probably thi j serviceable of any parts o |body for they don't stick quite far enough on some Be and much too far on 'ff ff II le knees, bending in such a [that they jut forward in- of backward, are very By as a work bench for smal (such as breaking kindling Total Receiving Aid Will Be 230 in County; 30,000 in State Taylor, county will receive 100 more additional old age assistance awards as a result of assurance from the Federal Social Security Board at Washington that Iowa will receive approximately $2,800,000 in federal funds during 1936. The number of aged persons in this county who will receive assistance checks will be increased to a total of 230, by April first, out of an estimated 30,000 recipients in the entire state. This announcement is made by Byron G. Allen, superintendent of the Iowa Old Age Assistance 'Commission, upon receipt from Washington of a United States Treasury check for $548,100 as a start toward matching Iowa's old age pension fund dollar for dollar. This half-million-dollar check covers Iowa's allotment for February and March. During the remainder of the year, the Iowa Old Age Assistance commission anticipates receipt, each three months, of $780,000 in federal old age pension assistance. Iowa's check for $548,100 was the first to be issued to any of the 18 states whose old age assistance set-ups have been approved by the federal government. Also, Iowa's check was larger than that issued for any other state, the state of Washington being next with a check for $420,000. Payments made to other states on the basis of matching each state's, old age-pension dollar, were as follows: Wisconsin, $393,750; Michigan, Nebraska, $346,500; $347,130; Missouri, ng the flat King nuts, etc. iron The while calves pe leg stick out just enough iat men are able to keep socks more or less up pro' they wear garters. ff ff ff fien it comes to decorating numan frame with orna- man didn't have to use Ingenuity. All he had to do to make the ornaments for are many places ready raiting where he. can hang The ears, for instance, &rm their work quite nobly put a great deal of moving and they are made to or- for attaching earrings. In plden days the custom was pch a small hole through far and insert the earring this hole. They called fercing" the ears. ff ff ff didn't take man very long 1 that he could wear rings flngers without interfer- vith his work and he does long some savage tribes pps are pierced and distend- means of wooden disks they stick out like a couple aim leaf fans. ff ff ff iln returning to the shoul- and to the neck, we find i* we had no shoulders w£ d not be able to wear a Snakes originally had legs one or two species still have nentary legs bu,t the ma' of the snakef have evi- y decided they can get' " without them, ponse- tly they have no shoulders ips and you never aaw a $315,000; Mississippi, $183,750; Maryland, $168,000; Idaho, $157,500; Alabama, $105,000; New Hampshire, $58,800; Wyoming, $55,944; District of Columbia, $47,250; Vermont, $43,544; Delaware, $33,075; and Rhode Island, $30,030. In commenting on the receipt of federal aid for the Iowa old age assistance program, Governor Clyde L. Herring said: — "It should be borne in mind that every payment of the $2.00 head tax really makes $4.00 available to Iowa for old age pensions. The federal government is matching every Iowa old age pension dollar and the federal allotments to Iowa will increase in direct proportion to tax collections. There are still many lov/ans delinquent in the Town Council Proceedings Lenox, Iowa, February 7, 1936. The Town Council of the incorporated Town of Lenox,, Iowa met in adjourned session on the above date as by action of February 4th. Mayor Cassill and the following Councilmen were present:) Eberle, Madden and Tyler. Because of the fact that a Town in Iowa voting recently on a proposition similar to the one voted upon in Lenox on October 4th, 1935, had not included the rate of interest on Bonds in their question, a Judge of the Supreme Court had ruled the election invalid. After a lengthy discussion as to how the above mentioned Court decision might effect the Town of Lenox, Councilman Tyler presented the following Resolution and moved its adoption: Resolution Calling Special Election WHEREAS, heretofore and on or about the llth day of October, 1923 this Town did enter into a contract with David A. Baum of Omaha, Nebraska providing for the rental by .the said Town of a tract of 162.95 acres for a period of fifty (50) years at a stipulated rental of $1,600.00 per year; and WHEREAS such contract was entered into by the Town for the purpose of acquiring a water reservpjp or water supply for the ' " * " Municipal and such NUMBER TWENTY-THREE use 'ofrthe' Town's Water Works Plant Golden Rule them to help further this worthy cause of assisting the needy aged." payment of this tax, and I urge DEMOCRATIC CAUCUS There will be a Platte Twp. Democratic Caucus Saturday, March 7, 1936, at the town hall at one o'clock for the purpose of selecting delegates to the county convention. GEO. S. BEACH, Twp. Committeeman. LENOX GIRL HAS JOB WITH FARM BUREAU Miss Verlee Gordon of Lenox was offered a position as office assistant in the office of the Taylor County Farm Bureau last week and accepted it. She is now working in that office in Bedford. Since finishing high school here where she took the commercial course, Miss Gordon has jeen working in various offices around town. make wearing a coat and pants. ii n n The wrists serve as a place or bracelets and wristwatches. The idea was late in forming n man's mind. He finally figured put the idea when he be;an to notice that his wrist wasn't doing its full share of he work of the body. Now he traps a watch on one wrist and someday he'U figure out omething t<? use the other one body & deaily arranged.. property has at all times since the date of the said lease agreement been used by the Town for ;hat purpose; and WHEREAS negotiations have jeen commenced with the said David A. Baum looking to the acquisition of title to the said iact, the same to be paid for out of the future earnings of ,he Town's Municipal Water Works Plant at a price of Forty Thousand Dollars ($40,000.00) to evidenced by Water Works Revenue Bonds; and WHEREAS such transaction as contemplated will result in a substantial saving to the Town and this Council deems it advisable to submit to the electors of the Town the question of such acquisition for the benefit and use of the Town's Municipal Wtaer Works. NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED BY THE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF LENOX, IOWA, AS FOLLOWS: 1. That a special election of the qualified electors of the Town of Lenox, Iowa be and the same is hereby called to be held on the 9th day of March, 1936, at which time there shall be submitted to the qualified electors the following question, towit: "Shall the Town of Lenox, Iowa purchase for the use and benefit of the Town's Municipal Water Works Plant and System the North Half of the Northeast Quarter (N 1-2 NE 1-4) of Section Five (5), Township Seventy (70) Range Thirty- two (32), West of the 5" P M in Taylor County, Iowa, containing approximately 82.96 acres, and the South Half of the Southeast Quarter (S 1-2 SE 1-4) of- Section Thirty-two (32) West of the 5" P M Adams County, Iowa, containing 80 acres more or less, at a price or maximum expenditure of not tp exceed $40,000.00, plus interest at the rate of not to exceed four (4%) percent, payable solely out of the future earnings of such plant and system and issue Water Works Revenue Bonds not in excess of such sum for 'that pur pose." •'••'. 2. That such special election will be held in the Gymnasium Building; at tenox, Iowa on the CHAMBER OF COMMERCE ELECTED NEW OFFICERS The Lenox Chamber of Commerce completed its first year of operation Monday night and elected officers for the coming year. Clark Barteau was elected president; J. G. Leckliter, vice president; and the matter of a secretary was left up to the board of directors. Directors elected are C. E. Gaines, O. L Copeland and L. F. Davis. A report of the business handled during the past year was made by the retiring secretary, H. Roy Long. The following resolution was adopted: Resolution Whereas, Mr. V. H. Tyler of Lenox, Iowa, has been suggested as the proper and logical citizen to fill the existing vacancy on the board of water department trustees; And whereas he is a man of unusual ability and qualifica- .ions fitting him for this particular work; And whereas, his years of service and personal interest in .he water department adminis- .ration and water works projects are self evident; And whereas he is not seeking the position, but we believe the position is seeking him; Therefore, be it resolved that we the Chamber of Commerce Lenox, Iowa, met in regular session this 2nd day of March, 1936, hereby urge ourjhonorable Mayor to appoint T|r. Tyler as a member of the board of water department trustees, and humbly request the i honorable members of the Town Council, for the Town of Lenox, Iowa, to approve and sustain such appointment. Signed and respectfully submitted by 6. L. Copeland Roland •-A'.'rWalter, Resolution Committee. GOLF CLUB OFFICERS AND COMMITTEES NAMED O. E. Bricker will head the golf club this year. Chas. Beck was reelected vice president and R. A. Walter was reelected secretary and treasurer. Directors who will govern the club this year are Wm. Dey Ermand, Francis Folcey, O. L. Copeland, Chas. Beck, Hugh Tyler. Girls Sectional Tournament Is Going Into Second Round OBITUARY OF MRS. HOWARD C. HOWES Ruth (Phelps) Howes, daughter of L. W. and Mary Phelps was born at Kokomo, Ind., Sept 12, 1895, and died Feb. 17, 1936 at the General hospital at Kansas City. She was 40 years old She grew to womanhood in this community (and attended public school 'here. She was active in church and Sunday School work. For some time she worked as a compositor in .he printing office and then went to work for the telephone company. She then moved to Des Moines where she continued .11 the telephone work. She was married to Howard C. Howes, Aug. 27, 1923, at Des Moines. They lived in Des Moin- about a year and then went to Dayton, Ohio, where they remained two years before moving o Kansas City, where she spent the rest of her life. . Ruth was favorably known and generally liked. She made friends easily and was a favor- te with young people. She is survived by her hus- )and and daughter, aged 11, icr mother, Mrs. Mary Phelps, her aunts, Mrs. Emma Bastow of Mounty Ayr, Mrs. C. J. Kirby of Afton, and Mrs. A. A. Lutman of Shenandoah. Funeral services 'riday at Hope were held Evangelical :hurch of Afton at 2:30. The Rev. Walter Cerka was in charge, assisted byithe Rev. Mc- vlican Church, nishing was made in Greenlawri ceme- ery. of the Presbyterian the Presbyterian fur- the music. Interment Committee appointments follow: Membership: Don Tyler, Earl Wilson, wood. Gail Potts, Allie Heg- Social: Mrs. H. A. Stephenson, Mrs. B. L. Walter, Mrs. Doii Tyler, Dr. D. L. Bare, L. B. Anderson. Club House: Ben Walter, Glen Leckliter. Grounds: O. L. Davis, H. A. Stephenson, L. B. Carruthers. Greens: Dr. M. J. Sluss, K. U. Parker, Warren Gaer, Raymond Miller. Tournament: Elaine Stogdill, Fritz Cronkite, Verlin Sweeley. M. R. FLEMING COMPLETED 25 YEARS AS LETTER CARRIER M. R. Fleming, rural mail carrier on route two out of Lenox, celebrated an anniversary this week. On March ed 25 years as a 1 he complet- mail carrier working out of the Lenox post- office. Mr. Fleming started carrying mail March 1, 1911. said'eth dayrpf JHftTCh, 1&36, and the polls shall be open on the said day from the hour of 8:00 o'clock in the forenoon until 8:00 o'clock in the evening. 3. That the election board shall be as follows: Judges Clerks Jay E. Hughes R. A. Walter J. G. Leckliter Earl Wilson Rob Ben Davis 4. That the Mayor and Clerk are hereby authorized and directed to prepare and publish in the Lenox Time Table, a newspaper published in Lenox, Taylor County, Iowa and having a BOYS TOURNAMENT AT BEDFORD NEXT WEEK Seventeen high school basket- all teams including four Class A schools will compete In the state sectional tournament to be held at the Bedford high school gymnasium, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, March 12, 14 and 14. Afternoon sessions Thursday and Friday will start at 3 o'clock. Evening sessions will start at 7:30 and there will be sessions Saturday morning and evening. Teams entered include Lenox, Clarinda, Clearfleld, Bedford, in Class A, and Sharpsburg, Northbora, Benton, M a 1 o y , Blockton, Delphos, Redding, College Springs, New Market, Gravity, Blanchard, Conway and Braddyville, in Class B. SNOW PLOW CAME LAST WEEK; ROADS ARE OPEN One of the county snow plows was brought to this part of the county last Thursday and began cutting the .drifts that have had the countrysid.e'/shut in for the past month.'' Because of the fact that the weather had turned warmer arid the snow was melting the' plow was operated at night. ',;/,.' The number of country people seen in town has noticeably increased since the snow plow came to this/part of the country. Many of them had been able to get,.to town only by walking. Most of the traveling was done with sleds through the fields as the roads were drifted full. The people up in this section of the county were mighty thankful to see that snow plow arrive and they tell us that as it roared through the country at night the folks rushed out of their houses and staged little celebrations .all up and down the road. TAYLOR COUNTY IS LISTED IN HEAVY INFESTED CHINCH BUG AREA Recent word from A. D. Worthington, Extension Entomologist for Iowa State College, indicates that Taylor county is located in the heavily infested chinch bug area of Iowa. Mr. Worthington bases his opinion on counts that were made for chinch bugs in the late fall and early winter of 1935. Fifteen different counts were made in Taylor county during the period of hibernation — the count running from as low as 54 to as high as 12,144 bugs per square foot. However, Mr. Worthington states that . population densities shown are not to be regarded chinch as a bug forecast of infestation the that general ' circulation good and sufficient said election, once therein, a notice of each week for four consecutive weeks, the last publication to be not less than five (5)days nor more than twenty (20) days before the date thereof, and such election to be in all respects conducted as required by Jaw for the Town of Lenox, Iowa. Town Council (Continued on page 8) might occur in 1936. This will largely be determined by the weather conditions during the spring and early summer months. It will be membered that lots of wet weather is detrimental to new broods of chinch bugs however, the adult bug which lives over winter can stand a lot of severe freezing and wet weather without killing them in great numbers. Mr. Davie, county agent, suggests that this should not be taken Ss a scare in regard to the chinch bug situation but should be given consideration by the farmers In planting such crops as barley and other small grains as there is a possibility with favorable weather conditions for small damages to be done by chinch bugs in 1939. CELEBRATED THEIR INFREQUENT BIRTHDAYS Mrs. Leona Scott Harding celebrated her birthday Saturday, February 29. We suspect although we do not know, that it was her fifth birthday. Marion Tuttle, well known to Lenox people, celebrated his 24th birthday Saturday. When was here on a visit about ;wo weeks.ago he told some of his friends that he was born Feb. 29, 1860., That would make his age 76 years although it would include only 24 birthdays. TOWN COUNCIL RAISED PAY OF TOWN CLERK At the insistence of W. C. who hfas been town clerk for the pas,t year, the town council vote'd to increase the pay of that office. The clerk's salary has been $50 a year but .he action of the council Monday night Increased it to $10 per month. Mr. Lewis says that the work of the office is too great to make t possible, for anyone to take care of it ..properly for the old salary. Mr. Lewis says, also, .hat he has no intention of applying for the position again as his own work will not permit him to give the time to the ob that it requires. Final Game Will Be Play-* ed Saturday Night At 8:30 O'clock By Margaret Carruthers The first round of the girls: sectional tournament was finished up Wednesday night and, one game of the second found Was played. Scores of games played so far are: First Round Cromwell 30; Gravity 28 Lenox 27; Clearfield 17 Blockton 19; Orient 16 Corning 37; Ellston 30 Maloy 29; Conway 23 Second Round Prescott 33; Nodaway 20 Both Prescott and Nodaway drew a bye in the first round and entered the second round,: of the tournament without hav- • ing to play. There has been the dope already. ONE APPOINTED; ONE RESIGNED TRUSTEESHIP At the regular meeting of the town council iheld Monday night V. H. Tyler was appointed a member of the board of trustees of the waterworks department. At the same meeting the resignation of L. F. Davis from the waterworks board was read and accepted, The board, to be composed of three members, now has but two, Tyler and George Cheese. WELLS WILL TAKE RADIO "TRAVELERS" TO WASHINGTON, D. C. How did the White House get its name? Where have mice been trained to live with hippopotamuses? Answers to these questions, as well as many additional facts pertaining to Washington, D. C., "the nation's greatest showplace," are ito be broadcast next Sunday by .Carveth Wells, famous reporter and explorer. This is to be the second of the new "Exploring , America" programs sponsored, by Continental Oil Company^ , In snext , Sunday's broadcast, Wells pla ; n?Vto draw interesting word pictures of the odd as well as the evsjjy.day sights which attract th<j>u$ands of tourists to the nation's capital each year. A featur#.of the program will be the stp,^ of Major LTSnfant, French engineer responsible much of. ^Tashington's present day beaulty, ; Local liners who wish <$e hear WflWm Sunday, Nfcrch may do ?o, f by dialing ata WHOatl/j0/ an upset in Conway was conceded to have one of the strongest teams in the tournament and was also last year's champion. The upset came when the strong Maloy team decisively whipped the Conway aggregation 29 to 23. Maloy is playing in the upper", bracket of the tournament and,. will meet Cromwell tonight at;. 8 o'clock. The winner of this: game will meet the winner of the Thayer-Blockton game (set for 9 o'clock Thursday) in the semi-finals Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock. In the lower division Lenox ftr doped to win from Corning. .-1 This game will be played Thursday, evening at 7 o'clock. If Lenox does win the game the. Lenox girls will then meet Pres— cott in the semi-finals Friday afternoon at 3 o'clock. If the tournament should go- as the dopesters have it flguredJ Lenox and Maloy should meet in a red hot game at 8:30 Fri— day night. There will be a game at 7:3» Friday night in which the losers in the semi-finals will meet. . Supt. Clampitt of Dexter is. officiating all games. Whether due to road conditions or for some other reason, attendance at the tournament has not been large so far. It will probably pick up as the tournament moves along toward the finish. Last Saturday night the local basketball girls played the Massena girls on the former's floor. The game wasn't scheduled until Saturday afternoon. White Lenox beat them 26-19, the locals had to put up a hard fight In order to come through victorious. On Friday evening of last week the Lenox first team boysf played the Osceola firsts there, were defeated 21 to 16. Johnny Schmitt, local forward, was unable to play, as he had .nfection in his toe. Declamatory Contest Held The declamatory contest was held last Thursday in the high school assembly. Winners in each division are: ORATORICAL: First, Eugene Swarts, speaking "The War Prayer." Second, Louise Locke, "The iross of Gold." DRAMATIC: First, Grace Clipson, '"The Dog Wolf." Second, Thelma Hunt, "Honey." HUMOROUS: First, Joyann Clipson, "Resting Easily." Second, Aleda Cox, "Ma and Johnny at the Picnic." Dean Saunders of Creston Junior College judged the contest. The three first winners will go to Clearfleld March 19, to speak. Home Economics The freshmen home economic girls are finishing up their slips and will make a blouse for their nest garment, *to$SSs**&i *»m *• m*

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