Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 30, 1941 · Page 12
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 12

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1941
Page 12
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Twelve STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING. ILLINOIS Thursday, October 30, 1.941 News of Whiteside, Carroll, Ogle, Lee, Bureau and Henry Counties J|!ljflf»ftWl9HlSs>WwWBlSftEI W SwSi^WBft . Btra, QfT»M Will Revive kouting In Milledgeviile; Part Of U. S. Grant Council On? of the greatest movements of »!1 times for community work among bovs. for their traimnc in their Insure time, the Bo* Scout mo\ement. I? to be given another trv :n Mil- ledcevUle. This was der xird upon Monday night, by the MiliedneMlle Commercial chib. which voted to be the sponsor of the troop in the community, and help with the finances which will nin between »1M) and $200 a year. The Commercial club voted to become the sponsor when ft was made known that, no troop could toe organized unless there was a sponsor, and that probably 30 to 40 boys may be enrolled when the movement get* actively organized. The Commercial club meeting followed a short, time after 23 boys met In the village hall to hear about scouting, explained to them by Field Scout Executive Harold Bekkerus of Freeport, in the U. S. Grant scout council. The boys were all very enthusiastic about the movement, and appear anxious to get started on their scout training. Lavern E*war*s Scvatnastor The revival of scout work in Mil- fedgeville la due largely to the effort* of Lavern Edwards, principal at the grade school, and C. O. Grigs- ny. chemist at the Kraft plant, supported by John Hinners and Muril Werfal. members of fcne high school faculty. Mr. Edwards has already >een chosen as scoutmaster by a committee from the sponsoring club on behalf of the community. This committee, named Monday night, is comprised of Lawrence Kreider as chairman. Homer Crouch and John Parks. They will confer on a place flf meeting, etc. The rules of the national organisation require these three coounlUeemen to pay 91 each 10 act. They will act as conferees with Scoutmaster Edwards on any problems which come up in local scout work. Their appointment was made by Stephen Adee. president of the Commercial club, and met with Club approval. Mr. Edwards Is not new in scout work, and Mr. Grigsby. who has been named the assistant, also has had experience in scout work. Mr. Edwards has been a scoutmaster for Bve years. At Pranklin Grove, where he was located for sever*! years, he •rtunted a troop which is still active. To have available one with •m yean experience in scout work ts) supervise the work is fortunate, In most places where scouting starts, swdem have to be trained. : The last charter to scout work in MilMieviUe was In 1933. when Mr. farmer trade school au> nt had charge. One of the scouts. Oftborn fJum- was privile^d to make thr trip fn the in'Tnationsl smut, jamboree m England in l!X'a. HP is now n sco'jT pyrr^itiip. liv.'ir.K rha HP of thr?" rrr.m'i.rr-. with h'-ftriff.mrtTS n* Parr-. 11! Ift?2 ,Sc«iit« in Council The U. S Grant sen 1 it co-mcil. with hpariquaiirrs at Frrrport. is (omprL'pri of thrpp counties in Illinois anri thrcp in Wi.' The council maintains a c rn;i; ramp nt Applp Rivrr. around 1f>0 arrp-V, with fine rottacp"; and a swiinmins two!. Thprr are 1022 .vont.s in !hp r-ounril. There are four towiis in Carroll tonnty no*- pncaRPri in .v-ont work. Savanna Ml. Carroll. I^inaik. and t'.ist. rprpnflv. Chadwitk MillPdcp- ville will make the fifth town in the c-ountv to sponsor'.votnme. Doing Something for Boy* Speaking about .^routing tjpfore the Commercial dub Mondav night besides Mr. Bekkerm. Mr. Edwards and Mr. Grigsby. were two men from Savanna, both active on committees in scout work. Mr. Al Reiner, chairman of the Savanna Scout Advancement committee, told of the work of scouting, its background and purposes. "Scouting has been very close to me lor 11 years." Mr. Reiner said. He told of the inauguration of scouting in Savanna many years ago. and the changes that have been made in gang activities. -Scouting gives all of as an opportunity to do something for the boys of\the community in which we live. Boys are a great asset to the community, they are the men of tomorrow, the future leaders of our communities. We all want them to develop Into the kind of leaders we think they should be. "In a boy's life there are three places which in * routine way have supervision over him. First the home, the school and the church, and probably the school has him most of the time. But there Is a vast amount of leisure time for the boy. It is natural for the gang to be formed and without, proper *-in*TviMin thry i K?M. MnrtP<i on the Trrtr.g trarfc. Milledgsvilla Briefs Sonui'.ne Mrrjp *• br>v : n ! •:m n-:r<r- tcr. f r? ^ f f' !•'.'.-, r< Cr j Mr rarr.p A M In Mr •. n:-d thr \'.\ Mr f; TWkcr-.L-. , ar.r.n. xv r>r' h v Mr. of P-.. Itir T. T . P. (i:an* .'<o;; tn';; littlr ovrr t9 per -. r».r. Ui'-if tuit IIPI f.srarv Tl'.f >/"(>•]• lia\p thr l/'Xl Ix^'k. TliP < n- <!'.:ne to rnroii a r - a :.^ for irci^tra'uin ' of L" a nrr to tt-.r < o'lf i. 1 ; A Br>v and mak;ps money i-:^ r-(:rl viJv TilPrp ikp.v. and poxvibly hoy \\ 50 rr Scout is thn'" of his o'.vn. '-r air o\rn i .:c!" summer camps. Boys likp to kr.otv other.- are interested in thrin and want to see (linn do tl-.e risht thine. Thcv like to earn nioiirv. It may develop that scouts nsll be available for work around the stores or homes, shoveling snow, mowing gra.<v«. hoeing gardens and that scouts suitable for this type of work can br secured by" contact wfih Mr. Edwards. This has not beeii worked out at pre-^nt. for the movement is just getting started. William Maoerry ami Wayne Sprccher were the first two scouts to pass their firM. tesuv They were given DIP tests Tuesday by Scoutmaster Edwnrds. Others were to pass tests Wednesday. Social Club Hostesses Mrs I>IIR Lee and Mrs A. B Coylc were cohoMess to thp rnrmbrrs of the O. E. S. social club, in the Lee home on Tuesday evening. Eight tables of bridge were enjoyed. Mrs. Lena Strrmer received high score prize; Mrs. Emma Voltiner. low score, and Mrs. Elizabeth Overholser the special prize. -.kf of Mod^to. Calif. .ti v for an pxt*>ndfd M ; ,: ;-i -i-.r home of her sister Mrs. H' .> Mill'-r. M:* M- ra S^rt^r rpturnprf home M(-::rinv frr-n 1 . a two wppk.s' visit i ?!"•• i-.r-nip rf !IT ,*on-in-l»w ar d.TirlitPr Mr. and Mrs. William Hun P RUT Minn. ar.d M:v R. F Puterbavig' \VPdv.' ic dRy in Chicago. Fn.rna Voltmer rptump Moi-.riav from B week's vis: ' >:nmp of Mr. and Mrs. Clai TC \Vl-,paton. M. n Bprnheisel and Mr' I rr are spending a fpw da'. in Porkford in the home of Mrs Aurand POLO NEWS Llndenniinn Mis COLET* NEWS Reporter. Mrs. Grace Waltee*— Fh«B« S3-MOI Masquerade Party The Young People's Sunday scboo of the Main Street Unite Brethren church and their teach er. Mrs Lawrence Dauen, will en tcrtained the othpr classes at a mas querade Halloween party Prida night in the social rooms of th church. Various games and con test.* for which prizes will be given will furnish the entertainment, Among the Sick Mr.v J. M Winkey of near Coleta returned to her home Tuesday from St. Margaret's hospital at Sprin Valley, where she has been a siir Kical patient. Mrs. F. R. Overholser and Mrs j Marvin Carbaugh visited Mrs. Che.s 1 ter Linton at St. Margaret's hospl Ul. Spring Valley. Wednesday. •UTTER iNDCPCNDfNTlY OWNED Pare Creamery Now to tiMilctPillstuni g T^OYAL T> -"" I)LUE OLEO Algood 2 Ibs. 43c ALWAYS Michigan Gate* Nil, ULIfe GrlsMS Golden Affto. I fts, 25c Texas SeeMes* Cnpshwl S,.lle •M. 8lae Msneatlne Jmays.lllbs.2S* Cranberries, Green Beans. Sptwrta. Canliflfwer. Celery Hearts, Green OnUns, . Radishes, dowsers, ••bhnrtf Squash. Endive. Peas, Bntabagas. Spinach, Acern Teaaatees, Carrels. , TnraistC Cetery i. Sift i I 1^. Mh) lilt iwicr. (CmriduBCM at Ptlb- MBIT'* •«• im m» »iy cScrU treat or k*k* bos four f aaily Mrdt rvtrr 4n .) 2. Cut IB »•» €. riMMMia* UMil quite tar: add l» c, Mrtnt Bippv 4iaM*i Mix vtiL S. Add 4 <• , tt HMMI «M««k M iMrid t^ttWr. 4. RoU •f dauch tar kauam; pUcc im 9-ia.pic !>•«. S. rw-br I* t. Mis with IM r. (*» Ik.) carh ol «MM^ ^•SlNrf avii AB^ VMA> tf. CMikittf AB^ Mi4 me. imitttftt iMMto mow ^ c. afla. *« c. ant djry hMri •«•*« fcraini, M up. «n\ M «H>- mw. ak*d »HI. Tiu« M» ftm. 1. Hoti mi of PMUT u> M-ia. inirirmin Cut one K dimaiad. *•*•' ptatu. Airmnf •» itluvnird: ««il n>fcnnn ami; m« «*«r. «. FUcc »lw •ppfe>ribni«aMv; bnuh with mrtacd ka^ •nx fWait tUI yen ttue ihM trmttr. Sktr. a*rii-iB-|wir-n«uiJi ntuo t . , . kcar tte *Ofc«r M4 M AK>I U arouad f«ur uUrl Thm voull BMIW wltr u ptn la ute ite •our tkM't a^»«w««d fac your pram- IHM. l-uh Ikouf dunag •lUiac. MBfUn «< rilUbur)'( ant •» tnud for cnmy-wtulc cater ... teUac quaUtf y>M (»• br wrr o4. ltarw*rr.«ftual b*Ua« tnu «rc nidr kMtr to lix IIBM* daih!) 9. a*kr im fc« otra <4M* F.) 19 BUAUIO. ard>Kr brat to «wd•rate (»•• r ) fw ••out » nu«. Cut te fcidgr ihiatil BMCO; itric wiih ko( t»nil» kMICC. rUbkHinr's k*M » mart tkui iutt SJMI it'» tkc k»riha*r of «U your k4li««. DOCTOR SAYS- Eat Better—Fed Better G***: fnads Mt Milr »leaM the palate ••( are imparlant to all rran« s«Mi nealtk. n>yal Bine, with 2* years faithfulnew to •oallty nave rained the confidence *f thmuands •? h*useviTea ahrays rater to KEEP THEIK FAMILY WELL AND HAPPY BOYAL BLUE SANTA CLABA GLASS DISH FBEE WITH SU-Z-Q TOMATO OB 1 LB. PKGS. 2« tt. Pkf. MoIt-0-Meol pkg. 22c AB-BC APPLE IT lit MAB8HMALLOW8 DICCO PEACH * PsnHsT MlV 1C OK * • Mi HHsm can PKE8H ROASTED I21e Lge. Cans BOYAL BLUE CBISP TOASTED CORN FLAKES 11 OZ. JBO. PKG. AB-BE SOLID PACK 19m. Cans TOMATOES 2cans19c BOYAL BLUE NEW Pancake Fl'r Ipkgs. 15c 8U-Z-Q FBESH BOASTED COFFEE Ib. bag 19c 39c HTAUSHTTI Om. MACARONI 7 w. Pagm. RED CROSS 3 pkgs. lie AB-BE cur HOUB FBESH Is aa. Cans GR. BEANS 2cans25c AR-BC BEG. OB GIANT EAS •• w. +fmmm 2 cons 25c BOYAL BLUE RICH SYRUP pt. jug 18c SPECIAL Ic SOAP SALE $ 4bors22c CLEANS CLOSET BOWLS BIWLENE. ^ lit WASH CLEAN WITH OJHALENEXIt* FAMOUS CAT POOD rss'inii^ifc DOG FOOD l'Mswii4";^r ll« BOYAL BLUE-TIP •ilCiiit .9 S«XM 22§ CLEANS A MILLION THINGS •AKIfE 2 ^ lit EJfhtcns HMHC 8HANKLESS TENDERIZED AT stTBUn MLT ALL MEAT SLICED •HMEI •!• ••••V»*W^P»BnWHr ••^•MB lb.21c FANCY SLICEt IACIN a R, SMITH __ TAMPICO I KARL W* Give »*H Gnmi SUMP*. I •!• IMMIM * lit*. MM. KARL THOMAS •tjm OLTMAN-S BOCK PALI* Four Initiated at 0. E. S. Ceremonies of Corinthian Chapter fid in conn w 't:-« > ] with tiiP r^R'.iiar rr.Tt.nE of C"r:ii- ttiian rhnptpr. O. F. P. of PO'.O. . ;>rr.«.rnt from Dorothv rhs;>trr of I>ixon and RpltiMa rhsp'pr of I^sj;- BrV. Mrs. Howsrd Emmert of Duon WB.S Rtirst of honor. Mrs. Lois Cniickshfink »«.<< thp soloist on thp prosrnm and f.a:-,? spvrral srlcction.<; durniR thr crrr- monips. A social hour followrd ri;;i- ing whlcli rrfrp.«ihmrnts were srrvpd in the dLnlnR room. Dpcoration.<; and t«blp appointment.-; were in keeping with the autumn' season. Residence Change Mr, and Mr*. C. W. Lebfr and daughter Betty of Polo moved on Wednesday from the former Mrs. Ted Hutchiivon residence, recently purchased by Charles Oat?, to the Sarah Schreffler estate property on South Division street. Postnuptial Shower Mr- RTfv;;} f>f fri'-IitJA »• ft pt !5i inT.* 1 ' 5;;rn r;- at hf'T av f-rnin? <-«7r.p!:rr.''n'Brv to rv-nairj Mari r . r . R'':'"*."hm r n?. t ; ,^r.-, r--; ;-.-.• ;;-r •-.nAf.V, ft I th?* of !;;^ f ', f ',': \ ! t Child Fractures Arm Af Poio Playground Wi'.i.r'Ty. -Jf>::'-r. ;r '".r:", 1 -vrar-nlrj ,*nn i-.f Mr a : M %; r «. \V:.;;am Jnnr. 1 f-T i''. Pr>'.o. <.-;;;r;rfi * Jrarturp rsf »r-,r;: j,r '.r\\ off 3 p.'a'Errvmd .•.lin" on '\".f T > "\<} ursdf .-c l.f*-'. crounfl.^. H^ Ka'!:T::.' > P;.HV JV't.ra :'.nn;>ital at Uixr>r. ^h/T*? E-ray examination."; wrrc rnacir. Polo Church Events Tr.p vo.iiic v>coi>> of th ! r;v;rrh rnjo-.r-n a ;i»r:v ;n tr.f baspment of the church T'.iP.-drtV f, PHillE Mr. atifi Mrs. Miles Rocrr.s pntrr- tamed thr members of tr.p Pre.sby- tprian rno:r at a scrambip dinner at their home west of town Wednesday evPninK. Games and a social time followed. Entertains Club Mrs. Henry Reynolds entertained the members of the W. R. c. Stitch and Chatter club at her home on Wednesday afternoon. Polo Briefs Moats snr! Pincisv in M:.' K H. Thrv vi rrf Mr*. D. A. Stenrrmrk district mating of the Women* So- r\f\\- of Christian Service of thp Methodist churches which was. held in Rock'orrl Tuesday. Mr. and Mr?. I.x»w-i.s Clarence Emhrv spfnf thr home of Mr and Wool.ipv :n Rr>ofcford. accompanied horn'' hv Mr.v Ernbifv * ho hnd hern visiting for a /ew day, 1 , in thp WOOISPV hcirr.p M<"<damps, Most.":, Woolsey and Embrey !>.!P sisters. Mr. and Mrs Willntd Webb had as thrir Sunday dinner Ruesrs Mr. and Mr.v Irvin Paul. M:.w Ida Paul. Mr.v Clarence V/pbh. Mr and Mr.v Guy Donaldson and Mr and Mr.v Howard Dennis and dauehtrr Wilma. The occasion honored thP birthdav anniversary of Mrs Paul. Mrs Frank Nlman spent Wrdnw- (iay with Dixon friends. CHADWICK NEWS •efwrter, Mary Tayler— 1M Mission Band Party Miss Margaret Shibley entertained the older members of the Mission Band of Hope church at a Hal- lowe'en party Wednesday evening at her home in Chadwick. Third Birthday Tn observance of the third birthday of their daughter Jeanette, Rev. MLsf. Madfllng French pntertain- Rrv. and Mrs. T. P. Locnnert and and Mrs J W Bucklin of nt-ar Chadwirk recrntlv pntTtainrd Mr. and Mrv CJrorEP Kiio^^'- and daughter*, Mr. and Mr^ H'nry Kri! nnrl riauKlifpr and Mr and Mrs. Howard Etrnre and da\ich;pr. Parfy at Grade School Thr pupil.' <"'f thp Chadwick srRd*> ^rlioo! win rr,' n ' p. Haling p>n party Friday af:pr;:r>on in thrir rr.-prc- tlve room. 1 ;. Chadwick Briefs J. F Shrrrirr i- ill and confined to hi« home in Cliadwirk. Richard Cirnrrnt of Maromb .'pent Wrrinp'.ria 1 .- ritli his mother Mrs. Annette Clrmrnt a PERFECT ICING! / BREW HOT-DATED WERK OAV 'COFFEE JEEBIES'FAR Kroger't Hot-Dated C&ee to roMter dated — Guaranteed Freeh — not dated days after roasting as so many "so called" fresh coffees are. Nerve wran- g ling, digestion wr*ckihg"Coffee Jeebies" of stale coffees just can't stay around Hot-Dated. Selected from the world's finer coffee*, Hot-Dated is always store rround and you SAVE as much *s a dime on every pound! Prefer It— Or Awr Otter Brawl FRB*i 3 b^ 53 c 2-1 Ib. bags 37c Special LATONIA CLUB LAKGE 24 OZ. BOTL. PLUS BOTU'DCP. SSSffSf^ HOT 1 AV. DATKD Bag Pure <f /\ It). C"f c Granulated A W bag 9 i RIITTFD Country Club Lb. «*.£ c DU11CK Print) f b 37c roll 3|jC Countiy ^J No. 2 1 /! Club O cans KICE KJUSP1E8 COUNTBT CLUB U. S. DEFENSE SAVINGS STAMPS ON SALE » 10c and 25c 24 1*. ILLINOIS BED EATING ' POBK * BEANS PACKEB'S LABEL 'I. 1 22e 14 "' FNURS 2^2le PACKER'S LABEL PLUHS 2 -;.;.' 26e EMBASSY SALAD NESSIN6 £ 27e GELATIN DESSERT TWINKLE SpkgJfe botls. Jonathans 6 Ibs. 25c • COUNTRY CLUB Grimes Golden. .6 Ibs. 25c • Q|j|| Q^- Q^ NO. t j|^ Texas Seedless KROGER S CLOCK DQUfiNNUTS One 1 ^ c Doien XIHBI Sugared or Plain. '* EATMOB CRUHEMIESu lie Texas Juice Doz. MICHIGAN JUMBO 21 C COUNTRY CLUB TOMATO JUICE 3^2 : COUNTRY CLUB N.B.C. PBEM1UM PORTO RICAN POTATOES SUlk CELERY CALIFORNIA* box Lb. Box Idaho Russets 2 1 Ik et EATMOBB CAKE FLOUB GOLD MEDAL WHITE OB YELLOW etna, Twisted & Sliced CLOCK BREAD 20 oz. loaf The Miracle Value! Pkf. I2e .•UNMAID SEEDLESS ALPINE IMITATION IAS8Y PEANUT ^ITt ARMOUR'S "STAR" |BM|Mj| HJHBHJ can SfcSjBJ STEAK *a . ..... 350 POT MAST . .... . IQc END CUTS : Swift's BrookfieU Tiny Link ... Lb. MAS QUAKER OATIES .... KROGER OMDY MRS 2 ,„ 6* PACKER'S LABEL KAONES 2 ^.' Ms COUNtBY CLUB APPLE JELLY .......I'UJU fELS-NAPTHA MAP 10^43. TOILET TISSUE JWIBSOFT ^.'I7» TOILET TISSUE WAUMRF f^llt III W. 3rd ST H STERLING IN wTini ST., ROCK FALLS KROGER SUPER ftlPRKET

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