The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 25, 1859 · Page 1
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 1

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 25, 1859
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OTNE 25, 1859. NEWS. 'B'ITI wo, o» MASOK sriur, siAE>ALr»»«oos». : )>fcU/ Paper; potllihed every morning, except Honda; Tn-WMkly Paper, Monday, Wednesday »nd Friday. • n e*k|y Paper, every Tuesday morning. , TERMS OFDAILY PAPER. . flatly Paper tot one year, payable In adraoce (1,00 TJCKMS OF TE1-WEEKLY PAPER. Trt-Weekly Paper for p&tfew l .payaUelnadvaiiee.t8£0 ?*RiI8 TO THE WEEKLY PAPER. Weekly P»pw for one rear, payable In advance...$1,00 ItATES OF ADVERTISING IN DAILY _ Ten lines, or leas, of Honparefl makes square. 1 square, 1 day. fl-OO 1 do. {days. 1,50 1 do. -8dsy» ... 2,00 1 do. 4 dart .... 4,60 1 do. -6dav»..... 8,00: 1 do. i do. -4 . Iw«t 4,00 -SjOO 1 square, 1 month., .» 6,00 1 do. Smontba.. 10,00 do. 8 months.. l£jH do. 4jnonths.. do. 6n>onth».: 16& do. 9 months... 20,00 do. lyear.... 80,00 Rounds & Langdon, ADTFHTrSINC AGENTS, 1 »6 Kandolptl Street, ar« authorial to receive Advtftttemenit far and all Oit leading and are ik* OHLT and «x- 'Agents in t/ie SorOaeett/or a IN^TOWN AND OUT OP IT. MASK POMEKOY; Editor. !*Ictcoralofrlcal Hecord, for Jane 28, '69 lepibyC. H. QARDISEB t CO., Drag0sU, 19 Spring 'For Telegraph and Commercial matters sec Fourth Page. The Sons of Malta meet- §y Richmond holds service at Albany Hall 4.30 p. m. C^~Tbe U. 8. steamer Michigan has left this port'for the east side of the lake. E3P Stop in at Strickland's and get the July number of Harper. It is unusually good. er. J. C. Richmond is expected to preach in Chicago on Sunday evening, at St. Ansgarios Church. "The Ravels are in Chicago. They would do well to come here when through with their Garden City engagement. S&* FRUIT IK Niw TORK —The crop of apples and pears promises well, while peaches and cherries will prove a failure. _ , ,.. .... . :; Baid'Hany |to flick, therel Richmond and "Brick," I can't ice.the difference between them; ' And no were yon go, please tell )f yon know, ' ror there ls"nt a donbt trat you're Been them, : Qopth BWt, 'tis the easiest thins; ID the world, ... To unravel the cause of your sorrow: FortheKector has sarnpHa 6f bnlni to let, And "BrlcY, being "short," has to borrow! f/V« Democrat last night. Bald Harry to Dick, as you're ehootlog at "Brick," Let me make you this one saggestiob, His going to a Priest to get you a feast, Is amove no*one can question, When this It does show—as ontilderi all know, (But never at It have wondered), That he .never could drart on one of the craft, (a) For trains, and have bis draft honored 1 (a) The poet here a! udes to those oT the craft who write for the free Dtmocrat in particular, stndthos who think with that paper on the "Poem'' que»'ltm, I general. The Hokah Chief says the wheat crop of Houston Connty, Minnesota, is a fortuigh earlier than last year, and promises a rich harvest. TBS RAIN.—Copioas rains fell in many parts of tbe State Thursday afternoon, am Thursday night at La Crosse the rain fell in torrents for five hoars. At Whitewater they bad a nice shower, bat none In Janesville. UNICIPAL COUET—His HOKOB, JUDGI FOOTS, PRESIDING—Thursday, June 24.— Thomas Kennedy, drunk, fined $1,00. Com milled fi days in default of payment. Patrick M. Dermott, assault and ba tery, ined Si.00 and costs. Philip Jacobus, assault and battery upon he person of a lady, continued to June 26th. J£g~ CA.B.ELKSSSBSS —The mailing clerks in onr post office are the most careless fellows with government stamps, w« know of. The other day we pnt one worth ten cents, on a etter, jast as nice and pretty, and the letter was going to a lady, besides, when on putting t through the window, he struck it with his hing, spoiling the stamp completely. Hundreds of dollars worth are daily spoiled in the same way. Tbe NY Herald says that a scheme of ontracU for cleaning and repairing streets, &c., is now on foot In the Common Council of hat city, amounting in all to $3,275,000, by which, if carried into execution, the city will plundered of at least two millions of dol- ars From the tone o( the Herald 1 i remarks, •e judge that paper is opposed to tbe contract- Hs mating just a few dollar* out cl a little ob like that. large assortment of superior household furniture will be sold at Hood's Auction Rooms this morning at 10 o'clock. WHEAT.—Reports from the interior counties of tht- State say the wheat crop is coming along all right, and promises an abundant yield German writer observes that in tbe United States there is such a scarcity of thieves, that -they are obliged to offer a reward for their discovery. —The earth is needing a good, wet, vanning shower. Everything is dry— except ye editor hereof- coming intolerable. and the dnsl is be- HEAVV BUSIKKSS.—Nearly $300,000 worth of reapers were made in Rockford, Illinois, last year, and the business is mnch larger the present one. SENSIBLE.— The St Paul P,otie tl will not attempt to ni the time when Wiard'e ice boat will -be put in operatiob Very sensible newspaper is the Pioneer. OF ITALY.—Strickland & Co. bare laid on our table a copy of Wells 1 new colored map of the seat of war, &c. It sells for 25 cents, and is well worth the money. 8®- Harper't Afapoztne and A tlantie Monthly for July, is just received and for sale at 25, Wisconsin street. Call and buy a copy. WM. E. TCNIS & Co. CLOSED.—The Union Bank of this city has relinqnished business, and deposited in the office of the Bank Comptroller, at Madison, sufficient money to redeem all its notes, on presentation there MOKSIECE BILLI.—This gentleman gets along very slowly with his Nicaragaan Belly Transit Canal. Jonah got through the Belly transit route in *hree days, and acquired a world-wide reputation by the feat. GUTTISG OUT-OF IT.—" Did 1 under stand you to say I was lousy, sir ? '' " Oh, no I I merely told my friends that when it rained lice in Egypt, 1 thought you must have been walking there without hat or umbrella—that's *11 ' " tJ^ BAEBBB.-OUB ABDS«MEJIT.—Jumpertz, the wife murderer in the Chicago jail, amuses himself by spearing bud bugs with a sharp wire as they crawl out from the cracks of his cell wall. He has become BO expert that he can prod one right through the brisket every pop. §y T he well known and popular grocery store of A. J W. Pierce is to be removed on Monday tot e new building of Mr. Bowman, near the Post Office, on Milwankee street— This will be a convenient location, and Mr. Pierce will continue, as he always has done, to keep a first class family grocer*. OSTAGE STAMPS.—As a great hue and ory has been raised about the little job of coun- terfeKing * few million dollars worth of post-: age stamps, and as the operation has inflicted a heavy loss oc our government, we would suggest that hereafter the President be required to write his signature across the lower part of each genuine stamp 1 Slow COACH,—In Dubnque the other night, there was a fire. A fter the crowd had dispersed and the engines beep,.pat up, a sleepy'individual from his chamber window saw the blaze from the rains, jumped oat of bed and heeled it. like a whitehead .for the alarm bell, at which he worked BO lustily that tie soon brought out a larger crowd than did original alarm.' That man will do. HUB LOST.— A little girl, five years of age, child of Darid Houae, left iw home on ftalkera Point, on schtol, since which , the 22d, for nothing has been seen of her.' She had on when she left home, on 1»er he«dia<5beoked gingham bonnrt, «ad* black jjaUenj. feather belt about her waUl.' r Any In- *Brm«tiOBTel«iTe to tbe ohild wffi be most tbaiSlrfnlly'teceiTea by ler diitretted parente, «*d*r»lbmlwwmrtwmb«ptM for the game. TH« CASE o» Ex-Gov. MATTESON or LLIHOIS.—For several day* a trial has been oing on in Illinois, investigating certain barges tnado against Ei-Gov. Matteson. He was said to have presented canal checks to tbe Treasurer of the State for re-payment, after they were supposed to have been by him destroyed and in which operation the State was fleeced of $223,000, but the Grand Jury have decided that Matteson is all right, and that no fraud reats/m his shoulders. E5P~TnE LIGHT GUARD QUICKSTEP.—This spirited march, composed by onr fellow-c tl- ten, Professor Hempsted, and dedicated to the Milwaukee Light Guard, has been published in handsome style, and is now for sale at Hempsted s music store As plared by the American Cornet Band, in New York, Albany, Detroit and other places, during tbe recent excursion of the Guard, the Quickstep was universally admired. It <s arranged for the piano-forte, and can not fail to become popular. EXTRAOBDINABY SWINDLING AND Ktl- EZILEUENTS \ — The Mew Ofleaoa Delta con iins a full account of the extraordinary swind. ing operations and embezzlements of two nerchanti, operating In that city Their chemes of rascality had been carried on sue- essfolly for a series of years. The parties ngaged in tbe transactions were a man named Woolsey, of the firm of Wools -y & Etheridgf, ( New Orleans, and an individual named nryee, who carried on business in Mobile, nder tbe styla of E. H. Fairehild & Co. It eems that there wne a systematic and well- aid scheme of villainy, whirl) W.-IH to be ef- ected on strictly commercial principles. Tbeir Ian, t Benin*, was first to »sUblish tliTDsplvrs 9 reliable meirbanU, extend Ibrir credit a.« ar as poisiliU, and abscond with their pock ft.-. nil. In all ihlt they appear to bave admira [y succeeded. Etberidgc, a yonng man d r erly of Hiokiuan K.utnoky, waa on? uf ieir vctims , he di*d ^bout two weeks <.hi.-p. MASONS T IK WISCOHSIS. — From th« Madison Pat-not we learn that there are now 107 Lodges in the jurisdiction — 105 made rr- tnrns, showing the following result : Muter Hasoni Pellov Crafts Entered Apprentice Initiate- 1 Parsed . . ....... Raised Admitted Demltted Suspended Expelled Died Bejrcted 3,828 igo 813 07] 591 9« 140 S»T 168 14 23 The Order, it will be seen, is in a highly prosperous condition . JEEBMT DIDDLKB..— Some days since we mentioned a few of the operations of one J. £. Smith, a limping German, ag»d 28 or 30 years. He was for several days banging about the city, hiring livery horses, getting trusted where be could, and coming it over every one he knew. The last we heard of him, he had bought a farm and .stock of a German, and was to pay in day or so. Tbe stock was delivered to him, when be sold it off and left. — We hear of him every few days, and again advise every one who does not caro to be swindled by a lame, hatchet faced German, about 28 or 30 years old, to give him a wide berth jy HBALTHT YEAKLISO — The Green Lake Democrat, L. B. Drary editor and proprietor, has just completed itt first year, and is ready for the second — anxious for the race. At the time the Dmoerat was started, we felt an interest In iu prosperity, as we do now, bnt feared the times were somewhat costive for such an enterprise, tha more especially as Berlin is » repnbliean city, and Green Lake a republican county. Bat tolent, energy, and perseverance hare made (be Democrat one of onr most welcome excbanges, and established tbe institution on a safe and paying ground', •nd procured for it tbe largest circulation of any paper in that section of country. There are good democrats in Berlin, and if Drurjr'i paper >s well sustained, there will be more of them. SAFES i» TBE EBCKNT FIKB.—There were several Safes in Young's buildings at the time of the recent fire, and the manufacturers of them were, of courae, exceedingly anxion to s«e how they stood the teat Berliner & Bruno, m innfaoturan in this city, had three Safes In the building, and Schumacher &s Johnson, alto manufacturers in this city, had two Sftfcsin the building. The three roano- factnred by Berliner & Bruno, belonged, to A. F. Clarke, Cary & Pratt, and Mygatt & Schmidtnar. The two manufactured by Schu. tnacher & 3ohn»bn,; Mongei io Wtri; iP. Young, and D« Mor ( & Raymond. Mr. Strausi hada Berliner & Bruno Safe in his saloon, bnt it was got oat before the Are got started, and even the paint OB the outside wa« uninjured. ' : • '. • - , Sale wa« not in a part of the build, ing where it was exposed to the greatest heat, one side of it being close to one of the outside walla. The books in it were scorched some* what on tbe outside, bat were all right so tar as the inside oi them was concerned Gary & Pratt's bad its contents nearly destroyed, and It was smoking badly from tbe inside, when it was dog out, snowing plainly that the'content* were consuming while the Safe was under the rains. The Safes of Mjgatt &'Bcbmidtnei, and De Hor & Baymond, we believe, had their contents consumed Had not Mr. Toting- left tbe outside door of his Safe open, we haTeno doubt it would haw atoodthe intense 4 beat; and'brought IU oin- tents ontoftbe fiery ordeal uninjured." _ \ ~S Pe»kftnif]y, with their two fnllseU of m*l. low toned bellsi-their well cultivated voices, their high order of musical talent, ihelr wcoal- l«nt singing, their Swiss op«tame», their ehsr- •oter duetts, and their skilled harpists and violinists, will gird a concert at Albany Hall to-night. It will be rery Urggly attended,las an opportnnitj to bear such charming mnalo don not often occur. (Jo early. ... J. Walworth, Esq., editor of th« Rroh- land County Observer, delirers tbe oration at Richmond Center on the 4th Will he get Richmond to write U for .him T—FreeDeme- Tbat's the question I Will he get Richmond to write it for him, or will he write it himself? LEGAL ADVEBTISIJIS —We will do any Legal Advertising in the Firemen 1 1 Journal -for ODB-half tbe rates allowed by law. We call the attention of the Judge of Probate.Cirouit Commissioners, Lawyers and others to the above fact.— Detroit firemen's Journal. And the Detroit Firemen'> Journal ig a rat, and a smaller one than we ever knew before.— Thank God there is DO euoh Journal iu Wisconsin. WK Don't BELIEVE IT —The Junes' ville Time*, speaking of the b'g run of billiards made there, says : " The balls were not ' froie In the jaw of the corner pocket,' but were Dear the centre o .he table, snd about 18 inches from the oush- on—the cue ball being nearest the cushion. Secondly, the cafe ball fms'tiot -prayed WIth'the Inger or butt of the one, but with the tip of tbe cue. Thirdly, the balls did not touch the cushion. Fourthly, the run irau made while playing 'an honest gamo,' with an opponent Lastly, the points were fairly made, as can be attested by several spectators." We dont believe one word of it- In the first . there ia no mau living able to play an lonest game of billiard*, and make suob a run.'' It ia impossible to do it, without moving the balls further than ttate.1 If th« >layer will, Rome time when in Milwaukee, >lae» the balls as the TVmrt says they wrre placed, and make one fourth tlie number said o have been made in Janesville, w« will stand he " hampers," and come down as gracefully mortal ever did. Talk in earnest about making a run of 6,000 I Humbug \ If a man iad the balls in his coat tail pocket, and should Ide down hill all day on a earl load of punk- DS. Lr couldn't do it. Barbout. ,. K., _ ~— Coats has ran off frOtu.TJallatin, Tenni, wjtW a sportW character name&O. J. rjShe took wjllj Jjer k fn money bahjngtnfr to her husband. L He his eon* eluded to' let her slide, and applied' for; a divorce. — Change ' 'f~-| ' He is a sensible Coat, not to p«t/l«fter his wife, after she had eloped with a Sariui/r, even If he be a jeW shaver I I : ue Berlin Oourantthns dlseoaraea after a visit to thh city, aboot Editorial Convention time. j .' ;.'•;? "Milwajakee seems to Bland the sho&k and revnltion|of thfrhard times remarkablj well. First class bniliiings art 1 going up Or? every hand, and her business: men, tbougli:nbt new doing a viry prosperous basfness, aiejfull of hope, and determined not to relax Ihiir^efforta to prove lier one of th« 8r« cities in tbu .West. West Waiter street seems now to be doing tb.e most in the way of building. Twent^-ppB first , __ class whojsale stores.being in proceaj of. ereo- i A LABOB STCBOKON CAUOHT.—An N'UMBKR r> . HJT IT«M» FROM' THB_ LA Ciw*3« RKPBB- HOAK;—tha clear wafm' weather ; prevailing- dow-a-daya, la jost the thing for com, which is going ahead rapidly. ' '_" '' "'• A. Johnson, £«)., is the orator for thu 4th at Black River F«lls. He will give them a goocTaddreas The road to the depot is nearly completed Next week wagons drays and omnibusae* will benp to tbe cars. Field strawberries are selling iu (own for a shilling a quart. They are gathered across the river In any quantity. A. W, Shepard Is about commeuuiug a xtono block of ttro or three story buildings on the corner of Second and Slate streets. Un our trip across the State lam week, w« nowhere saw better crops than are to seen in La Crosse Valley. Corn is backward in all parts of the State; oats anil spring wheat look well. Winter wheat looks fv(\ in most place). 803) SHEKIFI'S SAI.K. STATE Of WISCONSIN, Circuit Court, Milwaukee County, f Lnclen Battles, EUecutor of the last will an,I lejtam&u of Joel Buttles, deceased, against Klli»belh Oreeuneld, widow of Atlolph Qreenli.;l<l, J ceased, Louis Aaer and William Claudar Foreclosure. 'irtae of anil gmrsuant to a judgmeat rendered HI aid Court, 10 the above entitled ictlnn, dated December 31.1, 1358 1 ihall expose for sale in.I i-l! it Sablic aucttoo, at the Pout Office in the city of Milvnu- te. on Mntortlay-, ihe 2* day of July, 1859, at the huur of 1 p. n. of that .lay, K AMUSEMENTS. ALBANY HAi.I K T H K H I TNr J. ii ' N I < r K FO "IV J»ATrRD\ V. JI-NF -lUili, JTlti \ it, I,, THE ORIfilNU. AND -.»,>«, D !lKN'.p'.V\ ».ii PEAK PAMI LY de3Crlbs«l premises, or so may be. Deceaaary to raise tne amount oiLs>id Interest dnd costs, toother with Hie e\i*Ki tn »lt : "Lot number 4lxtren (itit, in bin. fc ime hut dred an.l twenty-seven t rii|, m ttie fc-i .in ffard cf the ,-,iy (if ililwaunee. County .11 11 waukee, Ht«u oi Wisconsin. Dated Sherltl S office, Milwaukee, inr.) lit MS' OOO*5. I SOWN k tViDEN, I A I La N4> W OR ft, * a, ii i,^. .lion on the fast side of West •Vataj-, , below Spring street. Indeed it j« <y, 8 j. 3TA Clr..ii i U<i HII Kit II- . K I 1 1 »• . IHCONxlN. i HU; tV Cl- | sturgeon, the largest fiffh ever taken in the 1 « Ilium Le >, Baraboo River, was caught about thrw mil-si ., *••""« this is tb* best location in the city for> j^bols- below the village last Friday, <jnd on U,e fol- I wu'bV K"T u » i ' sale business, and it is no wonder thai capitalists and business inea are appropriating it.— But we shall RIM more of Milwaukee by and by. We w 11 say just here however, ihit, Milwaukee adterprtae culminated in the) election of the Newball Boose, in which it ffrfuld tie difficult to suggest aa improvement, itsjbosts, Messrs. Kjean & Rice, are eminently qualified for tbeir arduous duties, controlling thfe vast eiachia<-ry of their gffat house with as-mucb regularity and precisian, asjhongh it|w«re the riioiplesi matter imaginable. There is ii place for everything, and everything must bb In its place in Its appointed time. Everybody is pleased With bis surroundings and himself, and nobody frets or worries. 1 ' ' t3?~iKOoi»o«uJTT— T\n, -dentiner"t •Local has outdone \Wbstrr The item of "Bam- boldt Oelebr»tiou,'' m tLat" pap»r says — : | "A celebration In oouimeuioratiou: <f( the rec>»t dejath of the illustrious-, jrlum- boldt, trillV Leld at Albany Hall OD Tuisday evening next Gov. Randall and the Estate officers, Mayor Page and the Council, ', t«Sll be present, and the orchestra of tbe Musical Society and other associations will take partj. Addresses arn expected from speakers, and tha orchestra will furnish music. The programme, we understand, is soon to lie published."; Now, tb« definition of Celebration, by-'Web- stcr, is given thus : "To make known 'with bon >T to distinguish by ceremonies or mark3 of joy. Ej-tet/ is stronger than prai t; )»tt cam. mnnoratr eVeuUi which we desire to cherish iu aSrotionatH- remembrance, ly appropriate riU-n; we .T/r/-rar« by demonstrations of pubiio joy. proc-ssions, \c." ' If tbe local of the Sentinel thinks it aimat- er of public ^ratulation, in the death; oif the great author of Cosmos, which was Wrj unfinished by his death, tlieu he might cotigratu- ate himself that Webster died before ptrtot,- ally instructing him in the us* of contmon English terms,and bow to U? j>rop«rly applied. HHINIOSS OP rnr I N viit, >ald April f N v irtue nf at..I i aid Court, jell aa lowing day brought by his captors to town, where we had an opportunity of making observations upon him. His lordship weighed ninety-four panada, and measured ovur -six feet In length, but still more remarkable I was the manner of his capture. Mr Wm.Crnw-1 >l«» foi,owin«r deacrib-.i ford, in company with Ins nephew, happened to lie fishing for cat-flah with a book and liue of unusually large situ, ojlinn the hook aooi- dentaly caught in tbe fleshy part of one ot Mr. I. Ir -en, ISoS. I shall etp,..e fur ^..- », I - Auction, at the Pout utfice, n th.- u.'y . Ullwauktr, n s I u < ll n } , 11> <• 26lh day of •Movc-inher. 1859, ai l>i-h.,ur ..!_" r «. .r that In/, ed premise, 1.1 wn BELL EINGEE . Sturgeon's fins. The pole'soon bruaking, th«y followed the fish's end of it as it floated down stream about thirty rods,when the yonng man undressed, dove into ten foot water, caught the rod, and, after an hou» or two, succeeded in palling him ashore.— Baraboo Republic. MARRIED In Poi Lak«, June 18lh, by tt-». UU', ( ai tli Piral Co»greg«Uonal Church.) Eer. Qio. L Trcs.K, t, Ml!> B«u. BiiDii.L, formerly uf Mlls-aukee, Ice ( ; ream <ind Strawberrj Sociable. T HE Chgrtli of Ihe Pilgrlnu being near in coinpletiun. ItsTiuateea irnl Frier.J, prop-.H^ prrv..,u- ti. ;t 1 "The east thirty feet "f lot Mimoer lirr blork number one Nun.Jr.- I an.l *i > [llStl, in the .-'eeoii'I Want >f -h*r I' Uoljoty of Milwaukee »nd BLal* f \\ . with the building and impr weroentj th Dated Sheriff's ufflc.-. M Iwiukee. M,j _:„, RT^l VI I HL;. i fc'nl-ri- P >f|t F I! « J. VAST I>u«, I Pl'ff. Atl'y | A J LAMiVVilltTHY OUU| SHKIIirr'a •* i 8TATK O* WISCONSIN, , Circuit Court. Mllwao*e« Cooni.?. t M ; luj Tttumua I Mons. J-;an U . H . Altr^d P' r'r-'. V K. ISOCIA1. OATHKKINO In tlie tame, corner H\ii*n-6r anj /'.tr* sln-*t<t, With Befrcihci-nU of PtrawWrnea, K-« Cmni *nd Mask The proceed* lo alJ Una So-:i«ty m the effort m which •hey_\re now eDjfftgtd. Admi«aloe at the Jnor 2ft,-. HOUSE — Below w« a few eitracta from different papers that 'cau e to hand to-day, relatire to the Newhall Hons^ of tbis : .city. VON OKI T*(H ,\ WINKI. EK AITURNma AMD OOONSKLLOB3 AT HW, I*:--Empire KI.K ., fi\ ^ K*«t Water it. MILWAUKEE f.rfi, ... »-;,.-,M^;V NALE Or Kl liMFI KK. t-uoD«. NIL 4 ripnoj str tfr -, , rning, A Parter'mn f<»rt-clu^ur- N virtue of tail J' i *n.l Aj -I f 1 ualK I.j . March IT. !S.'i9, 1 «dall '*i\><>*<- '..r ,A,^ n^ 1 "T ,1 P ,;, Ic- AuctloD, «t th^ V .Ht 0'B<-«*. in 'Ii- -ly •( \r ' t , ,<.OD Kalurduy, ihe £d duv of July. :-•••> u the hourof 1 v M. ,il ih;it .lay th*- r<.u..wu lk ' i^ H .T-b-.l inortif^frtMl pr^tnln^^. nr (" much ft;r>" '. La a, — n^ Oe33ary tn riiigr Ih*- Amount jf <anl u.tjrn^r ', • '.rr • •.' ln.1 costs, tturt-lher with the ex ;,-na^i .f gale ., » t "iJluctt number twenty -;«til ri>i. ; C!» r * . »dd,tluQ, m lh^ ElKflth VVir.J i' ,;i.- • ,• I M »aullee ind C'tuDty )f MD^ajB-^. i:i-j *iar- .• Dated Sheriu"* urlu-e ATLK B OGDtts. i PI'tPi Atl'y f Mllwauii««. A^' ; i J LA>'-» v\ SJl.-rlff *I •*7Sj Mil. Kit •§-«! SA I aTATK ui' WIs^uNsl.-., i Circuit C-iurt. M .*, i. -.(' ..... r i' ft? .-ii- i-. « i, . ir-l , . , T» , . '.'( t-.i N ( i , \ ^« M.I i, ,,!• Our <»(JT-u i us 1 . . VI < AT ALBANY t -. ... •* . \ liljl I'.»••. A T Hood'i SalurJajr l pentra] ws Roots HD<1 K'li'ht Sale Positive of ^./u4»'h»ll^ furrulur ( P,r!,.r. H- i »n,i [I ni U>o towards the N«-w- Vti cndorsH all " Itot t«a and hall, the most convenient hotel WM ever saw — Xclirroor ( Iowa) Times. ' " * At the depot WM foand carriage in fralt- ug lurnrry ua t,. tbn N^wljjl! Hotue, it bnc-e he Inrp-it and l»»-l kept hotel in tl.e Htv ll-r.- verytLing i.-i .-levant an,I ooDr,-ni,-rj! j '.f.,,r O57J 3T*TK OF WISCONSIN, Circuit Cnurt. MllVaukei- <'oun-y. Itchardtf riumoer. Mitchell .^--rer, Th,.tn»s Ly[ie* Oiobe Bank. Louis./. Claude, Ar,i/ai UQIJ T' -.(up*. and Daniel Wells. Jr I N virtue i.f and pursuml t.. K jul/mei,t rr:jl--e.i n laid Cnurt. In 1-- al.->r. -nt.t'.-! .-i.i!.. ,la-e' ill- t»elf-h .«y i' > for salr ao>l &elt Kl (-ublir lnliiet.'it> .f Mllwrauii^p, . ilay oi >oTpmbrr, .f that Jav. t),' fi|:.i»M, ? • ej ur to moi-ti th. ri-<>f v* imounl ,i' .a:.! jiiLiK.nenl. • ith tlie tiT-*' ri *'' B "' •»''•• •• ' II IhM <-. r-air. ; i^<-v tl.e C ur.iv K19 I , Sal tl r d It } , [ h I* I gtll • ' ' I >< r ! I H A L. 1. a a J(>':i MILITARY BALL t| t>iil»oiiM- r > l i i 111 IK N « ' I' 1 ( I M I »l l id it seems had no knowledge of the dishonesty of his partners. At a meeting of the reditora it was found that the two enterprising dividuals, Woolsey and Duryee, had swin- led to a large amount, and had not only em rezzled all the means of the hon**> of f^Eth<-ridgi>, but had also ".walked'' into thers to the amount of $75,000 or $100, uOu. 'oolsey escaped from New Orleans, without xciting suspicion His wife remained until he aflair was made public, but did not tall concerned about it, and left shortly after, .oselr watched by the police, with a man amed Witter Duryee and bis wife vent to a illage in New Tork, where an officer arrested im ; but the Qorernor of the State refused to ant a requisition, and he was released — oolsey's wife i« spending the summer in In- lana. The whereabouts or her huiband as not yet been discovered. 'SCHDMACHKE & JoHNSOM's SAFES. — W« all attention to tbe letter below of W P. onng, whose safe was subjected to an UDIISU- ;lv eevere test at tbe late fire It was a large ne, weighing 4,000 pouadp, bail! witb an out de and an Inside door. Tbe outside door as not locked, and when tbe safe upset, the oor naturally slid from its hinges, and fell o far from the safe that it has not been innd in the ruins ;et. Notwithstanding its accident, which left bnt one door to pro- 'Cl the contents, tbe books aod paper* were •escned after being In the fire forty hourt. in a ach better state of preservation than could ) expected. Tb« heat was so intense as to • eit the beav? iron wheels of the safe, which ai fonnd in the rains,bottom aide up. There not OOP fire In a thousand so trying to safe* this fin was, and we consider it remarkable lat safe and contents were not utterly de- royed. Below is the latter : MILWADKIK, June 23, >59. fiwjra. Schumacher it Jokmon — Oentlemtn : in justice t« yourselves, as well as for in- irmation to the public, I will give yon a tatement of the oircsmstaooes in regard to tbe .fe purchased of you. It was a double skfe,' ith two heavy outside doors, and single plate cside doors. The moiling previous to the re in my block,! opened the safe and left it, as as my Custom during tbe day-time, with only io inside doors looked j the outer doors being ft open. Daring the day a little SOB of mine ijout five years old, accompanied by my aughter, and a yonng daughter of Jndge A. 8mith,came to the office. My son in pUy- ng about the safe, shut one of the half doors, nd my daughter, at the suggestion of Mi'a milh, closed the other half door, lest tho boy might hurt himself In playing with them, 'his was done without my knowledge at the me, and when I left the office in tbe evening, saw that the doors were closed, and 1 sup- osed them locked. Since the fire I have ailed to mind that I opened tbe doors in the lorning, and also, that I did not lock them gain, and upon enquiring in my Tamily, learn* d the facts as above stated. The books in the safe are preserved, and he loose papers, though charred, are, most f them, partially legible. I am satisfied that while the safe stood np with the outer doors losed,po damage wu done to the contents >ut that in falling, tbe outer doors being nn- ooked, opened and Ml off, and then lett only die inside doors u a protection In front,irWcu rould not be expected to accompllan tbe pnr. xwe, M the heat WM so great M tomVlt Ihe Wheel* of the Bate. I am satisfied that had the outer doors Tnen looked/no lajniy would ive been done to tbe contend, and indeed tan surprised that without these doors, tbe oontents wew^aot entirely destroyed, - I'am yonri, &c, ** Headquarters w-i> al iLe Now ball }l»ii--, !-•• tno.'l magnib'-errt structure uf ih^ kiu.i I »••! ftl.t- p^sl.oard. IN reputation at such >« so vTr!l t-stabhsh-d ami is to thoroughly ! known throughout the land Uiat i teslimouiaU to its VTI rtli ate rend.-re^. Moons— Pwlog( Ktco'd ** Our mood aod mixsioD led us, as ^matter i ofci 1 j>opn]irhom«ol all mantinci— who b«v, uue regard for comfort and pleasure —lh« far famed Nrivball Hoaae, where w- found tbat many of otrr iirethnrj of thj; doill and sci.«?oi>, bad already booked th^nH?!i-e* lor » general Rood tlnin, and like Sir! John were "Uking their ease at th«r inn. ' Messrs. Keau i Rice are who know hofr to keep a good House, and do it in good filth. None leave their hospitable, roof. l,nt wL.'il are gr»ti6pd in all . s en*es.— Sparta IftrnlJ * " * We all had snaLa »t tb« first table at tb»l palace of hotela the .Vewhill Msase, and at nfgbt fresh made up clean hvds ib brije airy rooms without being crowded .-iii'in a bed. And ail when tb« city and home were thronged with strangers. Many a poof devil of an editor enjoyed tbe rare luxury of haying at I™?! six warm meals In succession., lAnrl §uch mealf dinner lieginning with " Ox Tail Sounp" and e iding with • Strawlwrries and Cream," and all the interludes tilled in with Bucb delicaoiefl as " Fried Frogs, French Style," " Chicken Pie,'' etc , etc to Ibe^nd of a long and beautifully printed iiat of qtber detioaoies, which wprc served with ft , J .11), H a; OTIC t i in Arthur v County ..f I> tot I* re l usinjr 'T r th- u f aa J lac, -la t, j » \.. ecrf.l* anil td v an t« t * *• ^ciively nhfttl <1- r< . # ' 1 • f Ll.»- Railroad, for ant I.- tti^ pri-v «i ni Corp rutu.t: « vi 1 Hi. Smlfi taoda irr sti. 1 Ian la arr I j \l*r; I Count\ arnl , PTlI Aurpofla'-ilel'-vfa fiu:. ir^-1 ^tl-'') i e . tintr h uo>1 p t^i srti Ih • r t ,- ('i 10' f-<-' n w. 11 * . t ree »n.l l(renl> f'^ht ^r.r H .u-jjrnl(n. »'T^, Win(t the land oorupinl tiy ih* I ^at^ mruften line of the Milw iuk-'i- ;ia.l^ Lompinj. acra« f-^ f.^tl -T .1^ '.^* T b^ i '.. » i> That purl of «n-ii ni« mn<- i9) *n I ten , 1 *ix^€i, nur h<.t r&nge twentytv>. ^2*^1 ^aat, -I ><i I "ri. t: f \V;« -n at tfc*- intentrvtl-in u.' tht-.e.-ti,-.r. l:n tiODl V to,l IU with If,, ihcrr of l.tL ta.te.Bd prompt, to o,,r .| n* in all at dinner on one day—it was a wonderment to us ntrangers in culinary departments, where they got them all ' how jh-y cooked them so nice and qnick 1 and how they knew who paid and who didiri J Messrs !>el«r«n s le MVh gar., humir^ilti.H cnaiDJ', tuence Bouth Biity-two r forty-two »nd three-lenthi (4- 8j chajnfl to i west quarter tectton line in section Line (9 thenc* ' l.n*- ilx and eighty-five ( 1« in i f.-: = H ) rajt an i on taut quarter can " keep a hotel,' 1 and jhey over il in a moment and nothing ia out of order bnt what they know it their b<iu»e |a full Thrynilll. as they preaitip over it as landlord — I.a L'ioise Republican No w'ondpr p it as long COALS or KIBK — Th- Chicago to Cincinnati were treated rather shabbily at some of the. party thought by (he Queen (jity. und c'perially by Nic Longworth, whoiper- mitted them to insfjeot his win*, vaults and ad. mire his machine for corking bullies, l>ni did not exhibit ,hU uncorking instrument. His Catawba wa* vot«l dry, of course. ; The Chicagoan." IriTited.the Cinoiuoatians to a retnrn escOrsion, and dnriirg their gtaj contrived to apply coals of fire — several heaps _ The Com»irf.cml'i correspondent tells boir^and • hen Cincinnati "wilted." The treatment which our KiouraionlMS received froni the Chicago people contrasted strikingly niith that extended to the Otiicago Excuralonista in CincinnaLi In the first place nearly all the Railroad Companies ih the northwpel tendered ua rides over their roads. Then the Yacht Cl lib got np a regatta for oar bpnufit. and gore 5 us a Rteamnr to travel on, thfl Fine Arts Expos! tion was thrown open lo DS; the Audubon Clnb Roema ditto, and carriages provided to take us to tbe Pigeon Shooting. The Street Railways were free to ug; there were frpejex- cnrsiona to Cattag" Grove and Hyde Psrfe. — When we w^nt on the moonlight exonrsibti on tbe lake, the Lake View House was i! laminated in onr honor, &o., &c Some point of irjusrest in the city ^as spoken of by one of oar party "Can I go there 7" he auked "Sir, 1 ' Bald a Chicagoan, your ticket will admit ynn fo^ny thing in thfe otty." Captain Lanman !{ri of the Revenup: Cntter Michigan, lying |n;th« harbor, showed the excursionists over tlie Vessel, fired offline "Long Tom" in their Udnor, and then said, "if it will oblige yon gentlemen, I'll blbw np the Teasel. -Speak thai Word and I'll tontjb the magazine '' All these heaps of coala weft borne with some degree of comfort, bnt whfefl at every entertainment arid on every excursion "LOHOWOETH'B SPAKKUINO CATAWBA" flowed more freely than watef ,iCin- cinnati "wilted." It was the last (fluid ) imnce that broke !the camel's haiek. Cincirinati apologized Cincinnati besought Chicago to come to Cin Hnnati again if they dared --- ••'"• , Yorj* B LDOBES — A few days ago. eUlad came Into thi's village leading a beautiful ftttle badger, one bf three found in a nest on 5 Web- star's Fralr!^ a month since' A farmer ji'ing near by bought him for a dollar and ft Half, and took hi n' the same day to an ambrotvpe gallery and had big picture taken. YoW Wisconsin i« Jrery Veil behaved, and taml, an will make t handsome pet — Baraboo i public. Tlw Zetland Canal Repaired. • | 8 v'OATHMtMs'.ll if., Jnneal.'~ Thebreai tn^tn^ Welland Canal has been repaired,-«td, boatsr aril] commeno* fusing thronccb taVAit.-^ 'J ; ^ r ft. reflttii (ti *5) chain* t<i ihe 9«>utri c&*t corner of of i«rnty-»»*ren and ieventj-«cf rn on*- hun !»aid trsrt fifteen 4 IS) ct.a mi to the «ou'_ri west .-oinerol land own*d by Uavid M<:Uf>utfa], iheDce D'-rtli suty two (6^) 'ie)rr^e« ra«t thirty-arven and f.irty liTf une hdDdredtrifl ^87.4A) to thr eajt r-nrner ,f lal.i linlti tu UIP plac* nf hejfinniQif A^.> lti«- :.,ll.iw^nrf piece or patcel of land c. maicnv ng at » *ii hull dre'l and mty (6CO) feet Wf<t of th^ nirlh ri«t curn t -r • f the dnuth ea»t ijjarter nf seetion n>nr (dl, In town • IX (6), north of range twenty-two (i*) PIU»I. runnir f thence soutn on- I untirr I an.l nthty , l-\'l) r .r- • tnence tn a north we»ur y dim- p n two hu.'idr.d and flrtefti )'Jl. £ >) feel to the n-.rth 'in.- '•( *a;.l ,uirtc, t^t-tl..'.. 3-«noe eltflity i^l') f^et ra«t I" point ' t>^ir'- '.'i^c. r.-.n- a"".ip hfteeti une hundri-dtK^ il.'i I'H)1 n' »n a.'r^ if Innd. Mu tt AClik 4 CH • *r,.i a ii a< i o C^UPA.^T, by U. B 11 ALL, P. rmdenl. To HAUDBL K. WoHTHljiuTus und othet j. uwneri ol tai.l land e-J Uwtt ll* V . • ithin \ "tnpjai I May 1 ; l\wi. 1 .u , snr nit ft HTATK OK W MCfJNS C T a.t Cf>urt Mu« v.fc -- C M .-ha^i H.n »P.I W liumi Tunl.r dc.- 1 ., , . ,U»i.t L J. iRi«l C"«in, in th- \hov«- -r.t 19. 1*39. 1 ihiil . \ f..f cu.e OIRCt'lT COURT, t kii|wB>Qke« County. t 4tel D. Bull to.I Henry D Hull, I*U nt>a», Anthony Artori. >:• ^uons for Muury Dv , m%rnl on Contract. Gurtisa C. G«rdtiier and j \Coui. uoi «t-rv.) Sjlvanus Lyon, Defeod'ti. J The State or Wlscons.n, i.i ih^ nrmve niiDie-. .lcfen.1 AOti &D<] rttch of t em Y OU are hereby riumroone-i and required to aaawrr thecomplaint ai l&>» action, whicti ttu beeo filed .« the office of ihe Cleric of the Clmm Court, Oou-nly of Milwaukee, at the Court House In the City of Milwaukee, and to iervc a copy of your answer to the la'd complaint on it e subsiribera. at their offlc* in Lad Ington 'B Block, in the City of Milwaukee* within twenty iiay» after tf.t- service of this summo&fl on you, e\clu- •ive of the day of Qicb service; and if you fail to answer tUe Bald complaint within the time ftforeaii.l, the pla n- ttff» In this action will tike judgment tgaloii yoa f-ir the a of eight hundred and thirty -flv« dollars and Berenty-one cents, with Interest from the da/ of December, 1367, besides the costs nf thla action. Da.ted May U, .SKI. BUTtKB, BCTT11ICR A COTTR1LL, «w Plaintiff's Attorney*. 680] Nil UK •»'£*' STATE W WISCONSIN, ( Circuit Court, Milwaukee County, j Robert Menilei ami 1 Robert W. McClellai,, | Barrl Ing partner)) ol 1 Judgment the firm of Bfenxlea \* ^chan.cs Lie Due 4 Co., against Olemena Kamschulle. I N Tlrtne of and pursuant to a judgment rendered in laid Court, In tbe abort entitled action, dated r>b roaryo, 18S9, lihall expoae for salt aod jell at Pub- llq Auction at the Post-office, on tbe corner of Wlacon- •tn and MDwankee atreeti, In the City of Hllvaultee, »n Saturday, tbe ^4tb day of May, 1559, at the boar of S p.- M. of Uiat day, pursuant to Chapter 120 Eerbied Statutes, entltlud of the Hen of "Mechanics and oihen," all the rlnlit, utle anJ luMrcsi of the above named defendant in an'l to HT follovtnp property on the 8th dagr of Februaiy, 1SS9, lo wit: M A certain building situate on l-u No. twenty- two [22], In block one hundred a d thirty eight [188], ID L. W. WeelJj subdljlsion tn thr north westquarier ef section nre(A| Mj hth Ward of tbe City of Milwaukee. Alsu IBn Interact ol tbetalddefendant tn and to the laid'" No 133,oq theSthday ofFebrn-ry. 18W.' Dated Bheriff'f Office, MB»»»k. . April i, J H9. " ,» ' r.ANi: woaxiiv I i ' M-l • .. Ala. FlHcaaa, LTIDI t Mom, i Fl'fA Att'yi. •l-law6w .. Tha above sale Is hereby postponed to Saturday Ihelltb dajy of June, 1869; at the same place and time of d»y. ShtrtlTa Office, aWwaoket, May 14, '.ani.Co.,Wte. BaT" The above sale is b reby farther p*stpon*d la Batarday, the 3d day of gtptember, 1858, at the same place and time of day. . Dated BberUTs Office, Hllnnkee, June 11,188». | A. J. L ANQ WORTBY, M>erUrMUCo. WI*. ao«15 , In stor LATTOK Vtxrif b«ur if '.' r u . >' cm t IV! oi th*- Revis^.i fitatui.^, -f \lrfh!inii*» and i_MJu r* t 1 T.^ r Lh- <1ct>-ad%iit da.l m tn. I t- ;.rfrni«i>B oa tht* I'.Uh .lay «r i |.i »ft«T, v i "That part .il th- north ***\ ND :ll, in t.iwu<thip N-. ", N n rlli »n,| -:i-i ,f tS,- \1rn.. City and C«>unty •>( VIllTO« lunitn, and '-Uimeii i>y ih« certjiin *n;i^ *n-l .»* Jul>, ' U C'latus, PI'lTa ,*u'y ) «O3l.- A J 1. O«-J WORTHY Sh'll Mil C.' W ClltCl IT Col KT. . Mllwiuk^^ Touritv \ Ransom Ri<:e, n»Tid P Hull. | R. L. MuTor.1. i Robert B. Bet), i Byron W. C'arttr 4 i Charles §. Clarke. J State of Winciiann, l-< the J«feti.lant.i »L«. r i.i.n-.- I Y OU are hereoj juuusoned «nJ required t<> «iuiw.-r the cotD[»la]nt in this action. wh, ( -h wait Qir-.l n the office it the Clerk of Ihe Circuit Court. ..( \ltlwau- liee County, on thli thlP4fcenth ay of June, IvVj. and il which a copy Is herewith sej-v-d upon y.,u. in-i to *erTe a co[?y of your annwer to tlie t\nl i-otn- plaint on the suberibers, at 'heir [Hi-e. >.<« d «ml S; Aihany Bufldlug, Milwanfeee, within ninfiy lays after tlie service hereof, excfustve of Ol» .lay oi such serrlcp; and If you fall in answer lh^ -Mid complaint within the ttme aforesaid, the plamtitf in this action will apply to the Court fur the relief .It-man.I ed in th* complaint. Dated June 13, 1*59 UNCHES, LTNDE t MtU-KR jelo-lawow Plaintiffs t Attorneys $!• Loui> 1 AM .n. !*„... ' u-.l 1 1 tin*. -I,.- . urn H N< IO77] «i!ll-HIFK'S STATE OF WISCDN91N, I Circuit Court—Milwaukee I'ouaty. | Henry S. B own, and 1 Miriam Holton Brown, i ! Judgment of I I and Sale. 1 1HK C. .,. •-.,. I'....-,. '- v -. ,. .„! .,, June, 1-.,'.» i, i.-'ti L . .ppr •-,•( •• ••••• -• That th» alley through I.I ,:k 19 Ktun-n W 1--I to th.- -«tn»l..lird <rH.I,. Owners ol pr-ipertv >u «HI l tl'»v i-. n tr* hert-by n-.titK-d t m in,- <iti.l ,n, r.w^i twenty tw . l;»yi fr c in^, ,r ' v u- -itr ->t t ers .if thu E'ghth Wtf d Till ,MIU->- th.- *.-im an<l i-h»ri:.-.t u ilio re-*p^.-'.-— m* i.-- -rt n .e-.M-.'iit K l.'rl D HtlMNKIl. I'" James P. Whitney, and Verlsja, his wife, and I Henry Oadwell. J I N rlrtue of and pursuant to adjudgment rendered iu satd Court, In the above entitled action, i!ate<! the 47th day of June, 1359, l ihall aipoiu for ia]« ami tell at Public Auction, at the Post f-mce In the City of Ml' - , , wautee, on SATURBAY, THE 1TTH DAT OF JEPTKM- V b - w «'P 't Vonharn .n.l i ,-rtral It «KR ISRO. .t <I,.Vnnrnr4 » II n/ th.l ,iai th. f.,1. l ' 'he Seal tl th,- «r ir, H .illlon - lie M A*' Oh 1 Ii H. SK.\ 1 T WKNT V-FI V i: \\ VIC BKE, 1569, at the hour of 3 r. ». of that day, Uie following described! mortgaged premises, or no much thereof as may be necessary to raise the amount of said Judg ment. Interest and costs, together with the expenses . f sale, tha following real estate 1 , lying and being In tha County of Milwaukee, and State of Wisconsin, an I known and described as fallows, to wit: " Commencing twelve feet south of the northwest corner of lot nine (9) to block, twelve (,1'J), in the ronrth Ward of U» City or Milwaukee, running thence eait on a line pa allel wnh the ' north line of said lot to the east line of said lot; thence south on the «ast line of s*ld lot twenty four (24) feet; thence, west on a Uno parallel with the south line of said lot to the welt line of satd lot, and thence north twenty, four (24) feet to the place of beginning, and tbu buildings thereon." Dated Sheriff's office, Milwaukee, Jane 14,186S. OaoiB, B»ow> A Qaon,) A. J. LANS WORTH Y, PITT'S AU'ys. .{:. tterlffMU.Co., WI». "l> .f >:n 41*o, A Ouj M.i Wv , With Porlr-»lt.-l 'JO centu, »t .f the rSi.'Hr.. j| 'n... 31 the ilul^r-* " Kurope.- 3TK.lCM.vN II i. 1»4 K-xit »'»(.BUTTER. call the attention of IFamiltf* 'o my (jei.-c tlons of OUO1CK HUTTKK. 1 am daily refielving by Kxpresa, choice lou ^t Butter from the best Dairle* in the State, which for quality tod flavor IB uoaurpa^aeJ. Prices always Co correspond with the '*m»rk»t rate*," and quality irarrauteJ Orderif -( Urtt>.'d uid sent to ail parta of the city free. JOHN W. UKDY\RD, Grocer and Win* Dealer, 151 £aat \V&ter itreet. \ .1

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