The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on December 2, 1971 · Page 9
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 9

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 2, 1971
Page 9
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;:>! Engineers finish * environmental statement (MI.VBJJTON - HK» draft environmental impact *<*tement on the aquatic plant control pr««ram In Tew*, ha» bwi completed according to Colonel Nolan C Ktiodcs, ,<9 District Engineer. UK* statement outlines ||«. environmental effect* that and eradication of hyacinth and «'eed, in Te*a» ..,'*, *wiW have on the environment In addition, the environmental statement coven the nRrtculturnl and economic Impatt al proponed im- provcmciiU, at well ni the uri-heologlcal, lilitorlcal, cultural and uf tlic prujwrt, Knviruttintiiial programs o( iui. all o* (h« C<*ti» of Kn«i(>t*r» plaittUf* |*w*M /rani »«r Marl, drall »Ulrmrti!s r^. Mdrr the eifwU on plam, animal, and inarmc ||| t HMS ftlnlcincnl on aquatic plant control it now belnK reviewed l>y *lat« and Kwleral a«wiciw, including Die •Environmental Protection A 8 e n c y , ecological orgam/aiJixw, and other in- tereited Kroup« and Individual* following coordination of HIP aUtrmeiil. cwiliifiiu WeivttJ will l» include) in a final Malaitml whieh wdl I* fur rrview atxl by Ibe CMef o/ Knginw* in Wsslungtwi. CopiM may t<f obtained fr«- U chatx? tjy writing to Oiiimi Knsmrtrr, V S Aim) Kngiurcr Ulsirict CucfK <X KniCinm-t, I' O IUi» 1ST*. OaKratOM T<-v*» TTVfl 6:30 & 8:25 .•**»*•• NOW 'LAYING! •**•> \ II rvrt \»MK -\ lilr |l>rtr \ .1 SI MMF.ROF'42 fir, ?"t$ s | '..f r t H Injunction... (Continued from Cage I > llraxorln County'* financial condition, while severe at the time Judge Arnold tculified Tuesday, may have been at lead partially resolved without hi* knowledge. Itccord* in lite tax a»»«s»or- collector's office *bow tliat the Dow Chemical Co, complex paid what the company apparently estimate* an lialf of what It owe* for the year under the new valuation*. Seven receipt* are In TlvMnu*' words that indicate a total uf about It 7 million wan paid into Hratoria Cowly's collt-n on N'ov 30. The Dow complex oinlomarll) pay» hall ui IU lane* un N«v so of each year and 11* otl»f»r lialf on June 30, la* uffiriaib wild lt«r*-ipu v>m- recwrdt-d for OH' Oy»li?r Crttk Division, l)u« Hadische, Hie Tciss JJlvitlon, <)«• Industrial ,S*tvti:«t limttun, Uw Jiall (Iran I't/Dirr Plant iifA I tow' a p»fjcll(»fS Kaily la*! »«-k wltfn the suit »at lilrtl. Uulncl Judge 11«,(n.i3 Si<mll oj H'jtisl'jfi isujrt) a ft-s!rjil!iti|) (jfilrt llul (jmiUrl a Ui tjle ar«l (»-» i aiualiufn T-»u dJ»v> Litrr, lx«r»rf (.'(MnmiittufM-ft C«U1 »<l<»ftr<l no 1% E nuiliMi :'/r: budget a in! Ibr utuj)j'.<n (trfmuUlrd lj> II n- JjJJJfJlijl htltt 1^ 1'tit t!i4ttl alxj Aliixid No U» fair »a» »<-1 »! llul (hi* rr,! \i«- I'rllchnrd alleged lhal the suit, filed nlxiul one year ago, caused a nlowdown In work here and resulted In the transfer of some personnel lo another Job In the Clear Creek School Dlnlrict. 'l"hc administrator of the appraisal firm'* Houston office told Hichard McKlyn, one of the attorneys for CommUnionem Court, that lln-re wan a qiiwtKrti of com|X'nwilltm for hi* firm after OK; null wac filed. He teilifled lhal the rcviiluation program would have been completed in Augu«t if it liad not lx*en for the siiil He alto testilied Dial completion of the program came early in October UK; Mjit l»e referred lo wa» filed l>ec to by W HaMrom J. G I'liillifrt .Sr., i Smith, Jah|x-r I, WI!MJ»), Jotm Alexander and J W .Mex/fe Tin* »uit attack! llxf conUatts between the tounl) ,n>d I'ntcluird ami Abbuli The .MrNeill suit challcngea only Com iniMii/di-M Court iira) It A Tlwwnas "Mi'- lirs'. contract lield U-t-*i«i-(i UK- iipprauM-tn awl l>)<- cuun!) »Il|/ulal<-<) an AuguU. I'rt), ioltl(Hetl«i liatr 11ii\ totitracV. Jw*e\cT was (i-S4ri(j(JfJ yn Ki-tj 1, !4>71 aixj i> iir» contract «it!s'«ul th;il il:<u«- »4» i'loftlnj I'4>n»pj)! !or -A'nk u/xJrr tbe Ins! "wiiltaul *.« Julhotiw^d In Otiiimitbioiirr.t t'our!. \*r* r% i-t Alvj fluingrd in ^H- txr» KfliUacl ».>» an jsf,r«'tt»«i! that lwrn-i> lU.i/'jTu <'ount> to {.•:•> !hr jppf .^l»rr^ ,'roln €:n;i-Ji! t-.:l»h lUhtrid oi TTx- TUB imAZOSPORT FACTO, Freepori, Tw«, Th«r«l«y, D««mlwr2, mi, P«i Mexico says reinforced border vigil not a retalitory action [) CITY (AIM ~ Texas merchant* and Mexican of- CuftUmu admtnlxtralor Salvador Cabal dc Alva •*'f Mr*vlfn (1:1* rmfntrttl riMirim rittfiilnfffmc nt lhr> I^ir/vtn ntnrtKaBiv/wl ikn rw^/t>.A**t t* i« «!«.«. it,« rl-.., - MKXICO CITY (Al»> - Texa* merchant* and Mexican officials agree Mexico has enforced custom regulations nt the border, but di/wgrM.' tin the reaMnx for the recent action. In Texa i, there arc many complaint* that sales to Mexican* have dropped off drastically becaus* Mexicans have not been all'/wed to carry their purchase* back acrom the border. I'Vi-lingji north of the border arc thai thi* 1* a reprisal action iigiiiirtt Ihe ntenl U.S. to per cent surcharge on almost all However, this IB a complaint which occurs each year prior lo the Christmas holidays when Mexico reinforces it* vigil al the l»ifd<-r t« prevent a giant influx of contraband. "II merchant* on the other side of the border are doing Iras Ixifiinois with Mexicans U is only bwausc the big Smugglers arc IKJ limber buying large ({uanliti(*s of goods for illegal iale in Mexico Ix'cause the ftmugxlers krinw they will probaWy get caujbt." wid a government sp»ik«;*nian. "All «<.- arc drying i> lr>i;ig lo stop smuggling." ii<-caiiM.' sucli C(mimo<) a» toy* arid electrical appliance* ;ui- n.ore r-x|j<iihivc in Mirxico tlmn in the U.S. and quality of Uii-u- Mi-*i«ifi (iroiiucts is txrlow that of their neighbor much (ii'dii.-) i\ ifi b»- niiirlif by smuggling in huge quantities of these wju^i(-aftw items In tt><- past, thi* ha» Ixtn accomphsfied by p-i'iti*! l*itx^ In Mexican customs agents. 1<> iiiinUit tins Mexicio has dfitibli-d salaries of customs f«K»iii>. ;il !bi- t«r<k-r and increase) Uie riumbt-r of agents in utijii", %("v.l\ ,ip|niri(".il vuperviv«rs are m surveillance to see 0,.j' ' » »tt id CUM urns la'** art- otjeyed. As .1 liMktjtjfi. (Jif attorney general's office has M.-HI many .I);'-:.!-. !u wati'b northern r'jads !o apprehend thuse who have Mvtii k jus; iminms »!v|«i.tion (viinli or btmielw* made n l/> Customs administrator Salvador Cabal dc Alva at Nucvo l-arcdo emphasized the program I* In stop the flow of paws out of (he country. Almost all Mexican workers receive Christmas bonuses called nguinaloYm which are sometime* spent on quick shopping (o San Anlonlo, Laredo and other shopping areas in Texas. President l,ui» Kcheverria has called on Mexican* to have pride in and purchase Mexican-made products rather than Imports. Those Mexicans who live within 20 kilometers (12.5 miles) of the border legally can and do purchase much of their daily necessities on the U.S. side. However, such items as electrical appliances cannot be purchased without paying stiff import duties. Hut it is the Mexican t*ho lives in the interior who legally can bring in more U S. products that is being stopped. Ihese Mexican* are referred to as "travelers." Although It would be difficult io find a copy of the legal list of articles a "traveler" can bring back to Mexico, it does exist. li allowed the purchase for a considerable amount of personal clofbing for a man or woman a* well as such items as a camera, a pair of binoculars, three toys for each travelling child and gifts valued up to 1,000 pesos <$#).» Most Mexican travelers are unaware of this list as. perhaps, Wder agents, of this, the Mexican traveler becomes more dependent on the attitude of the individual agent. What UMially happens is an agent decides 2 Mexican is returning with "too much" and impounds (he goods until the following day when the traveler mast "make a deal" on the duties to be paid. Mexican officials deny any new practice. "We're only enforcing the laws." said a spokesman for the Department of Industry and Commerce. Alvin man injured m-ar ln-re ..mjt-l lUmirr/ Htrrcra, "! A/-.m. »,<» ln-.tli.ti al <! u s ! : i a i 'r"V-'s'-'< r > Man injured J ;'.':. < K ( N : 4* i t* i » ; <«, * u «to r, It is a trip much worth taking. Not since '2001* has a movie so cannily inverted consciousness and altered audience perception. V IK»* tor.»0ar<**'i* Uir tiA:n;jfh J f H!)in Illlrij Jti 4!!.iji»f! jstjtit; C'<*!r,;.'.r.:i !.-,i IK. 14 < r»tr. ttilft.iXfWS's I^itir JlfX^wr: J(^ifi (,*>« Jr li'rjj JtmtUi. jr»J fri f rxbj ifii! toicri !<«• t«^I ttj«"f: *V S-?^^* i,AUW wh> .^T UjfAik! r»y. IK- fjrScJ in «5jrn-.ji! «! . wufl i.'jtS tb<* Ir-rrst, i^Kltiijih: W<-dr»-via> when his f .'it '»•!! 'In- t«>.iJ j.'w], ir,!o n .1:. ;, S'.' j'Jn •:>, tix- <Jr;\<T fff a 1 ! :»'(.! ri>:;.<«!h •*.>» Uketl !o \*r^t.i '.;.;;.!!. UllltJ Hutptta! KM Hi'.- R».U I'hil'tpt } '. r i. c r -v »> '. \ zr^\ •* ;i ^ : n - jr.), ulation j«-r S'rw Jerwv. •• mile the beautiful Spanch colonul deo» oi RAMADA INN !Su fcf/,U7irUL. Alfi -CC^DiTlONEO ROOMS • SWIMMING POOL • TENNIS COURTS • HOME OF U CHATEAUBRIAND RESTAURANT i CLUB FONT AN A BAR.LOUNGE • GOU ARRANGEMENTS lr*.*ti ii^ > U»<ii> viilii t! i'f.u .'^r-j .1 "h«M!li- -*r*««*iii "•^*, % Much i'l \Kr-iSr.r»dA> v c-i!W. ti.t:rrtilitif *»t iSruv.ii! !u nrwii> unliu-i:r^ t>( TivM" 1 .; I'n! »h« ••'- ^ ^i ^'" i »»f'!' Tf I'fslrh^rd IrMifictl '.h-K («t>^v. tx-iS l-> «•.»'.!> nff» u^i ^>J Rr^. tii ^*' •"*'"*b»r «.ui! ,'ifrtl jiSV *^* cxxjtt h-, THE HELLSTROM CHRONICLE IH'IA i-.l'< So IHir t ndr» \l I vt U* I! « tod KKV 7:li & IU:U HAru«(wo rfu MIUIQUI Maria Pic 4TMAH *<M to by tt;W Sec Al.l. SKATS |2 AMUSEMENT GUIDE VEUSCO V.">f*r* ».« ij * <l i fc«*».|X « *t *. I M «? t^- BEACON W*"*r« t« it t M 41 n l"t GIFT ElV'TE KHAl SK CUT SHOP, for //ir ^'//V,s n ew)XMve\ lite UMMEU OF Hi Zud FKA. »: 1 Uouibod I't'ttrl Harbour Jutl^c Atixikt .UK 1 . 1'ntctwird .ifxi ANif!! ,i(i(irjivcr K W liarnril All tour ».om ^u^^!t^I«•^v. il A Tiv^ii'i.*^ <"<«iirit) t'lrrik Herbert SU-xc.'i- ,<mi inuri' l'riU"h.ini .lint Alitxril i'ii'.plosit-> (wive Uvn isiuni ri'mm.imi* l» aj>j**.if .i> 'A itue^-i^s JIK!(;C- i'oni|>ti>n adjixinuM rtnirt al -t p in \VixltK-.vd.i> .<IM| M-l S ,1 in U«i.i> .is a luiio fur The plainliflii an- reproentvd by Kee and l*le\ eland Uavis llruiuna i\>unt> jnd Commissioners Court is represented ti) Ihstncl AU> O^den Has* .md A.vsl District All> IUch.ird McKlya Comr I)IMI- Brown is represented by Jimmy Phillips Jr Tnii-ll I'nlrlurd. i»it ,t defetiiiant in (Jie rase is represented by Michael Phillips ami Stan Uinum The firm of I'nlchard and Ahbutl. also not a |xi>'(> lo the suit, is represented by Jimmy Phillips Sr President Many S Truman took up hi'rsfsho* pilch- ing on the White House grounds for exercise. GOT A PROBLftil Call Cnsis Hotline .'S/ i^bb Z4 Huu's DRULS • SUiClDl yO • ANtlHiNG Wf'A for MOMS.. •pr^nciscan ecxrtheniucxre t f< cial fcolin of I I ^X CROSS' 6'NC£ iaJ6 Madeira by Francis car !''.ir'.hcn\v.ire. Co;np!c'L!' iJishw.-ishvr safe, highly chip resistant, '.•..!! sic'.vr troze or fade. Scy now'ira .-uul other popul>ir Franciscan K.irtheuwaro jiattorns on ilisjilay ROW. IC-piccc Santa Light This cheerful little fellow will add a whimsical note to your holiday decorations Handmade in the line Fenton tradition, each is complete with candle. KRAUSE Because You deserve Better... "THE CHKISTMAS STOUE" HOP s uames like Kvusel Stover Candy, Imperial wid Keuloa t.lusswt-ar. Hummel Figurines and Plates. Noriukr China. tirulsh Sterlioji Cologne. Uii«ida and Gorham Staiak>s>. 1K)\\ Ml)\VN KKKKHJKT I

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