The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 12, 1914 · Page 15
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 15

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 12, 1914
Page 15
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flmday Norntnf, Wly 12,1914. THE DECATTJK R E V I E W Page Fifteen New Pentecostal Church of the Nazarene. To Be ted!cat«d Todav by Rev I G Marten of Chicago Nazarenes Have Finished Their Building. *ni« n» w biijHIrnr erected hy the TVntfi out 11 fhurch of the Nnzarem w t l j b« dr t! a led toda the dedicator} ·TTtirti b In* Kl/pn by R«v I G Mar- I n r t M n r of thfl Naznrene church of CM 1*0 Thr f t n n l r e t w i l t b« tuld rtiirlnK tl » (1 i\ at 10 TO a m 2 3fl p m n n d 7 "n p m Tti*» : r t h if" l i n ' O t l ni Hi s t r of 1i o J h il i n if i\ tu f I is i n "s i by tlip cr i i k r * ^ in n fru n nil in! r of y n r » It In nt I I " N t h CI ntt n K t r e t t Fh n ^ w w t i u c t i e is n nent j franif 1 i l i t * t i t n j nt n st f ·hour f i ' P \ u a **\r \ ii IT* tor of tl « 11 u h T » r i h t l in Ptlntr* \ v h i h 1m *··? n t f f c on for a ft w n i s i t n in a T»lsc t r t !r i h samp Mot k is t h t h T h « I · Mtirnift u p l Ju \ 1 » in the new i l!ns I ' ·*(· s r f ·» nrc "hflnr c^n t i f l *»\ UPV R M K H I of O!1v**» n«*t*tpr1 ny I ,\ E O Crockttt BILLS PAID FOR HIGHWAY WORK The hiq.iwiy commissioners met Sat urrtaj afternoon and allowed bills amounting to $878 65, as follows Preston T Hicks ........... $ 8650 John Dipper Pat Clark Claude Sowers Ffl Vnrch D M Reed H Flo\d H Dlsner W H Blss 4 5 0 1 4 4 0 13 2S SO 1350 8 0 0 325 7 8 0 Glenn Tangney ., 13 50 W i l l Cullen M _. 5 rmk Erkert ..... .. . 8 0 Sam KaJney .......... 28 l.eo Trlmtn _ S3 Ben Pei kins . .. . _, 26 am M n b rry ,. . 28 r B Bolton 2S U U Hl*dsoe . . 7 r Haridotk . . . S L J j L.ukemes er ... . . . 9 J n Leach . . 16 ** m M Cauley . I i Inn l^abor . 5 - in G u i d o n . 20 of ussisnusm Presbyterian Sunday School Organization Appreciated. This flvrnlnt? th* S mdnv achool or rhfpl'a of th*- rirst Prr^b t*'·in- ch imh i n d * r t h f 1" . i r r ^ h l p of Otort, f U i i l h e r M 1» to n-«Ht In the P C I i t t · Thr m Mr w h i c h It 1m* fur r'» rl rtnrlnir the o f f n l n c : « x p r f i ^ P i of tf *· ^ r t| i\ prhool his » I ie 1 a «re it »1ri' if » f « *» ire*fit* · w h l h t h e school hnit hn 1 i h f I n i t v r » r The pn'-tor and nil U ( ^ cot u r c t e l w i t h the rhiirrl) h » » * x - «·» 1 th* Ir ni prer-iation of tlr- "xr^-1 r t w rh they h a \ « done dtir Jnar f * P nt i ^ n r ! i r k r i i m f »r the a v r n l n R ssrvlrp ·ml w i 1 fi?!n at 7 85 p m 1* ai fol Io ^ t r h "I ir^t Prf^hvtp'lan Sunda* ' \ i v» * Srrrmdo c BraBTft, * V mi ! w n ^ o r March (R. ^ flpn«r ) 7n n ii on and Olorla. *-*tt t fr m " T j\irla PI I^ammennoor 1 n /. ttt ) ·- r l t t u r n R p n d l n K " » \ « r t t i r * » 'The flildal Rose" (C LAV in *- l ti «er \\ i r 11 in \ I l e r k k ^ I ^ on A. ^ons i I 11, rri.d l i e k s . ... Ij ite Brooks . . . John 7Ulers . .. . L. \ l k t n T T\ i\ ts W ill i m ^ '-t uisul Hir % Ml i K h t I n\ "\fe n r-irl I l i i K h o s I rank H u g h e s John Han or -, I* rank Cami.ron Dick Ciiey V I emhia: . . .. r H Park .. ,, WHEN BAINS OVERTAXED BIG CITY'S SEWERS. All Farmer City Attends and Enjoy Trial. Clinton July 11--Thursday was a gala day at Farmer City, when a city caie wa« tried amid the plaudit* of practically all citizens of the town, to the extent of the city hall where the case wag tried by a Jury. The ca*e originated when ten boy» were ar- reited for disturbing the pease by firing' fireworks on the evening- of July 3, and the morning of the Fourth Bight pleaded guilty but Delmar Bp- stlen and Russell Huddleston pleaded not guilty and were defended by attorney L. E Stone of this vlty U R. Herrlck, city attorney, prosecuted them The case was called before the magistrate, J Q Jones and a change of venue was demanded No justice could be found, so a messenger was sent In country after Squire Sypult and the Street in Paris, Trqnce. The most extraordinary scene in Paris, where during a heavy rain storm reoantly the stre»t caved In at «ev- eral points and vehicles and men and women were engulfed. Several were killed. Th« catastrophe le said to have been due to faulty engineering In constructing the subways with which Paris U now honeycombed Paris has a network of huge sewers and the tunnelling of the mibways besides these lo weakened the (treats that they gar« way U.S. SOLDIERS ON A "HIKE" TO CALVESTON. the trial began at 1 o clock in the afternoon It was completed at 11 30 the same evening and at midnight the six Jurors returned a verdict finding the boys guilty and fining them 18 and cost* Three hundred people attended th« trial and stayed to the last The lawyers are both men who have fought In some of the historical cases of De- wltt county In th« circuit court, but both stated they never worked sc hard before In any one ease Law wai cited from Moore's criminal law to th« latest decisions »nd as the presiding judge realized the humor of the sit. uation as much as the Importance of his position, h* allowed man? witty remarks all of which brought down the house In a storm ot applause at ^ arlous times MR. CORK TO GIVE HIS LECTURE It Will Be Illustrated With Eighty Picture*. Deflator Sunday school workers are 10 be especially favored. On July 24 one week from next Friday evenlrg Hugh Cork general secretary of the Illinois Sunday School association, will deliver hit? illustrated lecture on Us trip to Zurirt, Switzerland, at the First Presbyte^an church He attended the world · Btmday school convention Mr Cork has eighty colored lantern slides with which to 1 lust rate his lecture He Is an able and fascinating speaker There Is no charge for thto address Mr Cork will be here on hi* war from the county convention of Shelby conn- Every person, especially every Sunday school worker, should mak« It point to attend. Every summer 'hikes" are part of i the regular routine of the regular ar- I tillery of the United States army, just I as the are with the militia though I the latter s "hike 1 li usually a short Regular Artillery. the regular artillery Bets the real article The Mexican situation furnished oc caaion for a good deal of r»al work by the regulars that was not considered one and often only near camp, while as Indicating open hostilities but merely a good chance to get actual war practice The troops of artillery, at Texas City, for Instance wai sent overland to Galveston, mailing a picturesque sight that was not overlooked by a photographer who happened to be nearby S87S 65 i'f^--fnrT Tornat Solo Valm «s tho J» . I i i I Hr h m l \1 n r ^ h l r k «- rm r P i n A M i m l n n t J J f e * « « 01 dm '-Mlt* -- "In f tf opntra'a B n i k ' \ r t h f n v s J,o\f aonfir ( I Oclmilf r ) Hor · tl t t n PoMl i\f M tr h " T n t r v nf tho Ol i »tor« f J u l l i m I ut lk CHORISTERS AND CREAM AT SCHOOL I'lnlin tor HoootCnc Friend Fund of St. John K flovir Plans havr hi en completed for the I c ere n urn Hi to be held bj St ' h n » choristers I h u r s d i v evening at the P A Giistmnn sehool Tho social w i l l te In chnrge of St Johns oholr M \ l l l i r y Ths soliciting ha« met w i t h r e m a r k a b l e nuccess a* everybody h«» been Renenus In donating toward the Bocla] Five hundred tickets at 10 each have been placed In the hands of th» choir boys for sale The Ie haa already been x e r y good. It Is htped that the nubllo b« will tenerou s in Its patronage of the social the proceeds are te be added to the bojs camping fund REV. W. S. DANDO IN TOWN TODAY fir anil llr H X Hi.hlcr 1MI| F.I. r h n n K o 1 hln Mf»rrtnliK E l H S 1 hlc pint r nf the Conttr B i l l o t n rh irrh r v i f f t ^ to ex chant* i i l l t« w i t h Hnv %v s nan do of t h p I l l T t i nnKregntlonal church t-un hu m o r n i n g An a n K ' m f ri'i hnvp bfen mndt to ^^^· el" trie f n n i p'ni-cd In the church Divorce Aaked. Anna P Tcdrow has filed a bill for (11 or«v f-om Char'ea W Tedrow T»iev were married at Osp n in Oct " 1"5 snd lived t o p t t h e r until Nov 21 1013 ?he charge, him with hablt- ui] drunkenness and nks the custody of the two ohlldron I'orih l'«r«T 'nr Inh.K.-nihble M 1 1 " K e n n e t h V Oliver e n l e r t n l r t I Ka B l b l l e S e n l n ^ club at a rioi h p irt\ «t her h mu 2101 North \\ o 1' i\ B l r o f f \ V e f l n e « d i v n f t rnoon All ni' ml ( r«i except three were pres i nt Mr* f l f i u d o E Yonng v n s a I, i -t Tl * j i f u rnoon was spent In ^ e w l n f i Brifl i rr h e r l t i K D a l n t \ r e f n aliment 1 * »er. m r \ e d bv the hooters anilsteil I M r i W i l H i m G P T j n e The r L. l i a r montlll\ hlls'ne^s meet- lui! w i hi Id and It wns derided to enter! i l n the hiinbiinrls of the club I h ir di\ nfternonn at Fnrles park Plans ir-- being made for nn onjov- · ble t i m e for everyone Supper w i l l be ser ed «t the dining hsll at the parki rilarfu belnr laid for t w e n t y four The next meeting w i l l be hi Id Julv S2 at the home of Mr* W i l l i a m G PaSne 540 West S a w d e r street AH memltrs are requeitMl to at'end. M . E. fVahndr Annoutlree. \ \ i l l n m F P r a l o d v IF today an- n o u m n i K hl« r n n d l i i i \ for tho noml- natl n for rnunt\ rlerk on tho Republican t l i k e t Mr P i l o l y believes his four year.' term «· i o u n t \ treasurer prnve him ex- perlenre w h k h innkes him well fitted tor the office The Lack of Ihrre Gluten. Boston Transcript--Fth«l--So Kat« Is f i n a l l y married How did she oome to take, the plunge'' M r l e -- S h « rllrjn t She was ahoved off M t r r e e vounsrer si'st rs MRS. SULLIVAN, AGED 73, DIES IN IDAHO Wns for lears a Resident of De-atnr and Mt. 7ion "Mrs Catherine Sullivan, aged seven ty-three for many years a resident of Decatur and Mt. Zion, died at her home In Nezperce Idaho on June »7 Death was due to a weakening of the heart She had been III about three week* At the agre of sixteen, Catherine Con nelly came to America and located at Decatur where fifty-four years aso ehe ·was married to Patrick Sullivan To them were bon nine children Mr S u l l h a n died about eleven years ago after the family had moved to Mt Zion She is s u r v i v e d bj se^en children all of whom were with her at the time of her death In announcing myself as a candidate for the nomination for Clerk of the County Court of this county, subject to the Republican primaries I desire to say to the Republican voters of the county that I fully appreciate the work and duties of the office and If nominated and elected would bring to It mv experience of f o u r years a county treasurer of the adjoining county of Christian I was born in Christian county this state and h a v e resided In Illinois all my life I earnestly solicit the support of the Yotars for said nomination at the coming primaries William E. Peabody Try American Velvet Ice Cream Today and you'll see for yourself why it's so popular with ice cream eaters. It's made pure--in a sanitary plant. Try some today, you'll be delighted with its general, all around excellence. We deliver anywhere in Decatur. mencaix Ice jp BOTH PHONES. ompaivy 1275 N. WATER ST. Mr. and Mm. Jack Batter Vr and Mrs. T B. Jack are slowly reco^er'ng from typhoid fever Mr Jack Is now able to «K up every d*r Airs Jack's temperatur* is normal The Thimble Club Election. O B Violet thlmblt olu» will July Prices On Medicine Cabinets meet Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs V H. Shank, 1844 East Prairie street sasre New Summer Styles Arriving Daily Opposite 5 and 10. Both Phones. A Medicine Cabinet like cut, all white enameled inside and out, 19 inches high, 4 inches deep, with 2 glass shelves and a 9x 12 mirror, worth $2 00, for only You cannot afford to be without one for the bath room. See our window displaj of medicine and Dewing cabinets. They are real bargains. with a camera is one which is not all over when you get back to town. The pictures will prolong its pleasures indefinitely. ~ THE WAY WE FINISH camera pictures makes them worthy of preservation and exhibition. You dislike to show poorly finished pictures to your friends, no doubt, and it is small satisfaction to put them in your album, If you want any information or suggestions on picture- taking, ask us. We will be glad to assist you. ALI DEVELOPING AND PRINTING Ansco Cameras and Films. Photographic Supplies--Expert Camera Repairing. 256 N. MAIN ST. V /k V A V A v' M. A. Peabody 121-9 E. NORTH ST. If You Ever Expect To Own A Piano NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY We have a stock of over 35 new and used pianos and you can now buy from us at the lowest prices and on the easiest terms ever known in Decatur. PINE NEW MAHOGANY PIANOS $190 including stool, scarf, 10 music lessons, 20 sheets music and instruction book. 18 SLIGHTLY USED PIANOS at from $100 to $160 on easy terms. Some of them are almost like new. Remember, we own our Suffern Buildings and have no rents to pay. We have no salesmen on salaries. We play smash with high prices and terms. Don't fail to call and examine our pianos this week. Suffern Music House 2nd Floor Suffern Bldg., 351 N. Water. Take Elevator. 1FWSP4PERS

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