Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa on February 27, 1936 · Page 8
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Lenox Time Table from Lenox, Iowa · Page 8

Lenox, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 27, 1936
Page 8
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THE LENOX TIME TABLE. IOWA RATE—10c per line for first Insertion; 5c per line each insertion thereafter. Display classified, 25c per inch. For Sale COBS FOR SALE harry. Frank Ma- 22-1 able at very reasonable prices. Come in and see them. L. F. Davis. 17-t the said Election d«y from the' LOCAL People read the Classified Ads You are doing it now. Wanted FOR SALE — two acres, set in raspberries, small house and double garage. G. A. Bryant. 22-tf OATS FOR SALE- Finn Gray. -Orange Pride. 22-tf WANTED — Brooder house o building that can be made in to one. Inquire here. 22-lp Legal FOR SALE — Cow, 4-yrs. old, fresh soon; 2 Chester White sows, farrow last of March. C. T. Boltinghouse. 22-lp FARMERS PLANT GOOD SEED WE NOW HAVE a good line of first quality seeds at right prices. We do not carry cheap southern seeds in Alfalfa. You cannot tell where Alfalfa seed was grown unless the sack has a government tag sealed on the sack so no seed can be removed or put in the sack. This is a verification tag showing where the seed was grown. We have the cheapest Timothy and Korean Lespede-za or Clover. We will have a good line of both quick and permanent pasture mixtures. Red Clover, $13.50 per bu. To see this Clover is to know it is worth the money. We reserve the right to change prices at any time. This clover was grown in Minnesota and is not irrigated seed. We will have a full price list out next week. 22-1 J. W. ABRAHAM, Prescott, Iowa. FOR SALE — Seed Corn, 92% better germ. Sold on basis it will grow. Harry Gray, Lenox Cafe. 22-2p FOR SALE — Two No. 1 milk cows; 6 shovel cultivator; 2 section harrow; 14 in. walking plow. Ralph Reynolds, phone 8M. 21-2 SEEDS—We have a full line of the best farm seeds obtain- NOTICE OF SPECIAL ELECTION IN LENOX, IOWA, TO BE HELD ON THE 9TH DAY OF MARCH, 193G TO: THE VOTERS OF LENOX IOWA: You are hereby notified that a special election will be held in the Town of Lenox, Iowa, on the 9th day of March, 1936, at which election there will be submitted to the voters of said Town the following public measure, towit: Shall the Town of Lenox, Iowa, purchase for the use ant! benefit of the Town's Municipal Water Works Plant and System the North Half of the Northeast Quarter (N'/a NEM) of Section Five (5), Township Seventy (70), Range Thirty-two (32), West of the 5" PM in Taylor County, Iowa, containing approximately 82.96 acres, and the South half of the South- cast Quarter (S<4 SE>4) of Section Thirty-Two (32) West of the 5" PM. Adams County, Iowa, containing 80 acres more or less, at a price or maximum expenditure of not to exceed $40,000.00, plus interest at the rate of not to exceed four (4) percent, payable solely out of the future earnings of such plant and system and issue Water Works Revenue Bonds not in excess of such sum for that purpose?" You are further notified that the voting place and the polls shall be in the school Gymnasium, Building in Lenox, Iowa, and the same shall be open on Note These Savings COFFEE, Big Buy, per Ib. __ RAISINS, 2 Ib. pkg. 16c SALAf^DRESSING size COCOA, 2 Ib. ,pkg. 17c MATCHES, 6 boxes 19c RINSO, large pkg. __. 21c PRUNES, gal. tin 29c PEPPER, blk. Ib. qt. jar SALT, table, [ 3 Ib. pkg. 8c KRAUT, Ig. 2'/ 2 can lie STONEWARE 1-4 OFF All sizes and kinds. Now is the time to buy I what you want. WINTER MERCHANDISE you can use, and LOOK AT THESE PRICES! RUBBERS, men's heavy, 2-buckle §1 27 $1 f»Q vnliiA nrvur JL* $1.39 $1,59 value, now BLANKETS, double, cotton, large size, 70x80, $1.98 value, now COATS Men's sheeplined, buy for next winter. $5.39 values, now $3.98 $4.39 values, now $2.98 CAPS, Corduroy, special 37c , SWEATERS, all colors and sizes. Children's 49c, 79c Men's 98c, $1.29 JACKETS, Men's blanket lined, g-j £% now only •*•* BUY YOUR WANTS AND USE OUR FREE DELIVERY Vogel & Wood Merc. Co. hour ot 8:00 o'clock In the forenoon Until 8:00 o'clock in the evening, and that all qualified electors of the Town of Lenox Iowa, may vote at said election upon the public measure above set out. WITNESS the signature o the Mayor of the Town of Lenox, Iowa, and the attestation of the Town Clerk thereof, this 7th day of February, 1936. C. B. CASSILL, Mayor Attest: W. C. LEWIS, Clerk. Published In the Lenox Time Table February 13, 1936. 20 and 27, SCHOOL ELECTION NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING, INDEPENDENT DISTRICT OF LENOX, IOWA. Notice is' hereby given to the qualified voters of the Lenox Independent District of Lenox, •latte Twp., in the County of Taylor, State of Iowa, that the innual meeting of said District jvill be held at School Gyrnnas- um (west side) on the Second VTonday in March, 1930, at 1 'clock P. M. and closing at 7 'clock P. M. A Director will be elected for term of 3 years to succeed ;has. Leach; One for 3 years to ucceed John Porter, and a 'reasurer will be elected for a erm of 2 years, to succeed Ben Vurster. The meeting will be open for e transaction of such business us may legally come before it. Dated Feb. 24, 1935. GEO. L. GOODALE, Secretary. ubllshed in Lenox Time Table, eb. 27, March 5. TO COMPLETE 1935 CORN-HOG BUSINES Completion of 1935 corn-hog business will be under way in Taylor county soon to permi fftial payments to contract signers. miiiiiiiiiiimiHiiiiiimiiimmiimiu Lenox School (Continued from page 1) imiiiiiiiiiiimimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimimi Pass out papers, David Miller, lose Mary Schaub. Pass out books, Louetta Smith, )ean Roe, James Calvin, John larlan Abbitt. Take up books, Donald Krahmer, Doris Jean Elder, Jean 'eatsworth. Erase blackboards, Margretta loone, Raymond Abbitt. Hold cloakroom doors, June laldwell, Bob Gray. Answer door, Paul Ethington. Sixth Grade These pupils are writing stores about pets, in language. There were ten A's in spelling ast Friday. They have been studying ,bout the Ozark mountains in eography class. Wendell Ranels told the class many stories f interest concerning this, as te had been there. Louise Kimball and Richard Preston have been absent. Eighth Grade Last Thursday this grade made drawings of the sunset. The Junior High boys played Prescott last Friday night, but vere defeated 29 to 9. Mrs. Claude Dixon and Mrs. S. Copeland were visitors ast Tuesday afternoon. High School Another six weeks period rought these names on the honor roll: Seniors: A's B's can Harvey 3 1 Mildred Walker 2 2 'ecil Reynolds 1 3 Vlargaret Carruthers .... 1 3 Juniors: Robert Bennison 4 0 Grace Clipson 4 Frances Ecklin 1 Sophomores: vlaxine Ferguson 4 0 Leona Baker 0 4 Dwain Boyer 0 4 Freshmen: Lois Clayton 3 1 Edwin Bush 1 3 Jack Moore 1 3 Leila Orr 0 4 The first and second team girls went to Prescott last Friday night for a practice game. The victories were divided as ;he local seconds lost 16 to 5, but the local firsts won with the core reading 24 to 19. The boys and girls teams were triumphant last Tuesday night when they defeated Gravity on the latter's floor. The Lenox girls found the Gravity squad a much improved team but still defeated them 47 to 26, while the boys won by a ten point margin, 34 to 24. The local first team boys have a game scheduled with Osceola Friday night. The game will be played at Osceola. A letter to Mr. Davie, county agent, from Director R. K. Bliss of the Extension Service of Iowa State College, stated, authorization had been received from C C. Davis, AAA administrator, and C. W. Warburton, director of the Federal Extension Service, to continue the work on the 1935 program. Secretary Wallace has authorized the use of existing county control associations and committees where necessary to com- )lete county work. County Ag- nt Robt. M. Davie will turn the ssociatlon's records back to the ommittee. These records had ecn placed in the county agent's office for safe keeping pending further instructions. Earl E. Taylor, chairman, and other members of the corn-hog :ommittee will complete compliance papers and other forms necessary to determine the ob- igations of the AAA to Taylor lotmty farmers. These will be submitted to R. M. Evans, state :ompliance director in Des Marines, and forwarded t o fVashington as rapidly as possible. Approximately $250,000 is due farmers in this county for compliance with corn-hog contacts. Check writing machinery will itart in Washington and officials expect to complete payments on the past year's program as rapidly as possible. THURSDAY, FEBRUARY »>• Sharpsburff Chas. Boyden has received word of the death of Brainard Bassett on Feb. 8. Mr. Bassett is well known here as he worked in the Clyde Miller hardware store for years and was also an auctioneer. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Crte of Colorado Springs, Colo., are visiting here at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Key. As Sharpsburg was snowbound on all sides at the time they came they found it necessary to walk 6 .miles through snow drifts to get here. We have had no trains for two weeks and the roads have been blocked with snow, making it impossible to reach us. Coal was getting to be very scarce and the coal in the school house was divided among suffering families. At last O. M. Brown's two trucks and the Art Caven truck brought in a supply of coal. Elwyn and Albert Fickess went to Siam Thursday to visit their mother, Mis. O. W. Fickess, who was ill. Word of her death was received here Saturday. Arthur Clabaugh of New Market, was here on business Saturday. A number of fans from here attended the basketball tournament at Bedford Friday and Saturday. Miss lone Foster visited over Sunday with her mother at Hopkins, Mo. Mrs. Hazel Dunbar of Cre.s- ;on came Saturday for a visit with her father. Mrs. D. M McArthur returned home with her Saturday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Grazer were Bedford visitors Saturday. School opened here Monday fter a two weeks vacation be- ause of snow blocked roads and he coal shortage. Mrs. Lydia Filbert spent Fri- ay afternoon at the D. S. Penebaker home. Albert and Glen Fickess and .ieir families attended the fun- ral of Mrs. J. W. Fickess Sun- ay. Mrs. Clyde Tayler and J. E. Rutledge were chosen as delegates to attend the state Republican meeting in Des Moines, Monday, Fb. 24. PUREBRED LITTER PROJECT ADOPTED BY 4-H CLUB BOYS The purebred sow and litter project is designed especially for the 4-H club boys who wis'h to specialize in livestock breeding work, says Robt. M. Davie, county agent, in reminding boys they should adopt this project by March 1. Enrollment in Taylor county will be accepted until April 1. Boys taking up this project obtain a purebred sow at least 5 weeks before she is due to far- row. The boys are assisted in this project by a committee representing the purebred swine breeders in the county and the county club commitee. Where the members desire, all purebred litters will be inspected by the committee when the pigs are between 10 and 15 weeks of age. Pigs approved by the committee are registered, while the remaining pigs are fed for the market classes; A litter for the county show consists of four pigs, either boars, gilts or of both sexes. Litters exhibited at the Iowa State Fair, Des Moines, may not include for than two boars. Boys enrolled in this proj eel study purebred swine production using a bred sow as the beginning unit, approved management and feeding methods for the sow. before farrowing time and the 'development of the lit- Candidates Announce FOR RECORDER I hereby announce my candidacy for the office of Recorder of Taylor county, subject to the decision of the Republican voters at the primary election June 1, 1936. Your support will be appreciated. PERRY O. CROUCH, Bedford, Iowa. FOR SHERIFF I hereby announce that I am a candidate for the office of Sheriff of Taylor county, la., subject to the decision of the Republican voters at the primary election June 1, 1936. I will appreciate your support. BEN LONG, Bedford, Iowa. Pedestrians of Delaware are forced by law to carry lights when they walk along the state highways at night. Violation of the law provides a $5 penalty. FOR STATE SENATOR To the Republican voters of Adams and Taylor Counties: I am a candidate for the Republican Nomination for the office of State Senator from the Sixth Senatorial District of Iowa which is composed of Adams and Taylor Counties, subject to your approval at the Primary Election on June 1st, 1936. O. J. KIRKETEG FOR SHERIFF I hereby announce by candidacy for the Republican nomination for the office of Sheriff of Taylor county, subject to the decision of the voters at th,e Primary election to be held June 1. 1936. Your support will be appreciated. CUBTIS O. MELVIN Benton Township FOB COUNTY RECORDER I hereby announce my candidacy {or the Republican nom- ination for the office of Recorder of Taylor county, subject to the decision of the Republican voters" in the Primary Election to be held June 1, 1936. CHLOE H. WISDOM, Bedford. FOR COUNTY TREASURER I hereby announce my candidacy for the Republican nomination for the office of Treasurer of Taylor County, subject to the decision of the Republican voters in the Primary election to be held June 1, 1936. J. R. HENDERSON Bedford. FOR COUNTY ATTORNEY I am a candidate for the Republican nomination for the office of County Attorney of Taylor county, subject to the approval of the Republican voters at the Primary Election on June 1, 1938. GEORGE A. SCHOENMANN Blockton FOR SHERIFF I hereby announce my candidacy for the Republican nomination for the office of Sheriff of Taylor county, subject to the decision of the voters in the Primary Election to be held June 1, 1936. E. P. SIMPSON Bedford SHERIFF I hereby announce -my candidacy for $he Republican nomination for the office of Sheriff of Taylor county, subject to the decision of the Republican voters &, the jprimary Election to be told June l7%39, JTQiJ$r ?• WALTER ' mmmmmmmmmmmmm+fi ^H .^^^^^^^^^J^^^JMJ^IIJJB^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^.^ ,; ' •i BEANS Choice Navy Pounds RICE Fancy Blue R OSe TC 'p n ,, n ,i n 19cl Pounds, Salmon TUNA FISH, light meat, 1/2 lbl 1 l ALASKA PINK, 1 Ib. tall can 11! flat tin Giant Size Willipoj n tl 1 Ib. tall can BUTTERNUT, the Coffee Delicious, 2 pound can CARROTS, garden fresh, r bunch ^^ APPLES, $-1.29 Jonathan,, bu. 1 LETTUCE —This week we are having extra large solid, white -I n heads -Lvrv LENTEN SPECIAL! FISH, sable, whole fish, -i Q j pound IOCS Ocean tender loin or I Haddock fillets, 2 Ibs. BACON .SQUARES, I sugar cured, j o pound 1 Oil GET RID OF WINTER DIRT We are using HRH on our painted walls this week for yourself what it will do. Does not harm the Buy it here, per pkg. lOc ••••••••••i ter from the breeding standpoint, judging of purebred hogs, purebred hog values,-and purebred hog registration and pedigrees. One of the oldest persons in the United States with an authentic birth frecord was Mrs. Sarah Ellen Johnson, who died recently at Thomson, Ga., at the age of 112. She was born at Wrightsville, Ga., on July 18, 1823, when James Monroe was President of the United States. Mrs. Johnson was well and active until a few hours before her death. At Augsburg, Germany, a memorial tablet is to be placed on a house nearly four centuries old, where what is claimed to be the world's first newspaper, the Aviso, was established in January, 1609. Some author ities, however, list the Frankfurter Jornal, established at Frankfort-On-Main, also in Germany, in 1615, as the first real printed newspaper. "MKiiimreBBia -:ProfessionalCai witmt Read the Ads GEO.L.GOODALEI OPTOMETRIST Eyes Examined Glasses I GOODA1E JEWELRY . Lenox, Iowa O. P. ARNOLD Funeral Director __. Licensed Einbalraerl Lenox, Iowa J. H. BARBER Funeral Director Licensed Embalmed Lenox, lows JAMES R. L0_ Attorney and Counsellor *II| Farmers .:& Merchants Bank! Bedford, Iowa General Practice in All . State and Federal Special Attention Given to Settlement of: Frank Wisdom Q. J. w Wisdom & Kirketej LAWYERS Special attention given to self ment of estates Bedford, Iowa THE MONTH OF WET, RAW WEATHER Don't let this thaw mislead you on „ r - inff w^ti?*!. h h / re wil1 . be plentv of coaf bin*! ing weather before spring is really here. T Y C liftVG COfl I f\\*f\d\*fifl **M «] • j v • 1*1 **TV, vucu uruereu End moving* this wavtol TQlm f*ni*f\ *C J.1 l i ****** J.lllFYlUg lti.1119 TTrtJ * v I take care of the balance of the season. llr frnm e nn 0llowi !V g good coals coming in regu-| lar trom now on through March: £m? C Q°' ?? C , ream of im nois in 6 inch p ' 6 x b mch egg and 2 x 3 inch nut. SUNSHINE large lump, Iowa's best. BLACK MULE, the tops in Kentucky. Brood ye r°FnJ P f eCially P re Pared Blue on Tan, £ el I° r your brood «* stoves sack A i 6ady sacked 10 ° ^ to the hardcoaV 80 reffUlar baseb urner size of when the car arrives, ™ 39 CLARK

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