Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on February 23, 1888 · Page 3
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 3

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 23, 1888
Page 3
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THE EVENING GAZETTE: THUE8DA7, FEBRUARY 1 J3 18? 0 0 (fi a F H 5 0 0 0. •m A CM 0 . a •rt (8 * 0 -•«*-, 11 LJBT A o 0 fr •M 0 Evening Gazette. TH« KTHKIITI QiiKTrncin be hurt »t all rti new» stands. Price TWO CBSTS. TUESDAY. FEU. 23. isKS. A\I> J. II. HoofBtitlor on Temperance, Broadway Church. Corinthian Lodge Knights of Pythias. Regular. HRKVITIF.t*. —Henry Weber is Improving. —Mrs Philip Nice ia very sick. —A flock of wild Reese were seen My Ing northward yesterday. —Born to Mr. and Mrs. David II. La- throw, on the 10th, a boy. —Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Henry elrap, on the 10th, a son. —Born to Mr. and Mrs. L. 1.,. Gerretts, on the 19th inst., a son. —Horn to Mr. and Mrs. John C. Helms, on the 10th inst., a girl. —Tftxie.^'arch i^nextr Ed~"~WIne8~ ihe advance agent was here to-day. —Around the World in Eighty Hays at the Academy next Monday night. —The Dixon Bun wants the Wednesday Club to give the Chimes at Dixon. -The Wednesday Club has'declded to give the Mikado for the benefit of the library. —The case of Johnson—Dornbuah jefore Justice Alexander was settled and with drawn. —H. M. Johnson, a painter, sprained ila ankle by falling, yesterday afternoon, from a ladder. —The schools are crowded, the post^ office receives new names daily, both jrovlng that people are coming in here constantly. —Married Thursday morning, .February 23,1883, at the parsonage by Kev. 3. Brown, Mr. Fred B igott and Miss {ate Swank, both of Jordan, III. —Ohio, with an equal population, runs its State at one million a year less .ban our own loved State of Illinois'. We are getting too aristocratic. —The members of the First baptist church celebrated Was .iugtou's birthday last night by an elegant supper and a specially prepared programme. —Mr. S. F. Gleason shipped a carlond of horses to Dakota a day or two ago. ile was also interested with Mr.-Lev! Rutt in the shipment to Pennsylvania. —Mr. Shaw, editor of the Telegraph, if Dixon, says that Mr. Page told him ast fall that he would not think of tarting a. condensed milk fac ory in America but fona protective tariff. —The Dixon Sun copies the article of Dr. Crandall, first published iu this >aper, giving due credit for the sanx- n its issue this week. We refer to the article on the suggestion of ammonia pray as a preventive in cholera. —Our.friend Thomas S. McKinney has a blooded, registered, valuable trot: er, which he bought for the.smallest .urn that we ever yet heard of for an animal of that kind. He could easily ell 'the animal at a profit of several housand per-cent. —Bro. Morris, of the Hochelle .Her- Ud has his fun at us about the (100,000 appropriation. Never mind, we'll overwhelm Morris with remorse. when we invite him over to see the truoture and to dine with our good people in celebrating the event. . —Mr. H. H. Higby was thrown from is buggy yesterday afteenoon. lie was found upon the stone crossing cor- ier4thand Broadway, insensible, his ead having struck upon the paviug Officer Shultz found him and,brought iiin to and got him home. The hone lad run away and got beyond Mr. Higby'a control. The buggy was badly damaged. —When did a county clerk ever see he scalp of a she-wolf, unless it came rom Chicago V Why, in half the coun- les of the State there are men more or ess in number that keep their eyes on :ertaln ehe-wolveu whom they watch ealously, and learn just where.they finally nests they whelps. No pig on their arms brings them in such revenue annually. —Chronological: To-day is the anniversary of the capture of Nashville, in 802. What a day that Was, and how he news flashed across the country, and what sentiment it aroused. Why, oldier boys, and others of older friends, twas only yesterday, wasn't it '{. "Tis a mistake about its being twenty-six ears, ian't it f But, no, there are Tom and Bob and Jim who were born since hen, and they are married and each laa child or children of his own. .But, blesa us, how time does fly. —"Citizen" ia informed that in iVhiteslde this year, besides electing township officers and aldermen (five), an election will be held in June to choose a successor to Judge Eustace and to Judge Sheldon supreme court udge; in November, electors for Pres- dent and Vice President, governor, ieuteuaut governor, secretary of state,, state treasurer, state auditor, attorney reoeral, member of Congress.members of the legislature (lower house), state* attorney and circuit clerk; also mem- >ers of the State board of equalization X ' —We thank our friend for his information concerning road vehicles by steam and electricity. We were aware that such had been patented, but we knew as well that they had not gone Into use, and that it ia likely to be years before they do. We have taken the position (we so wrote five years ago and many times subsequently) that the time will come when wagons and buggies will be propelled by electricity. What we said was, and that Is true, that they are not now la use. Uneven roads appear to be a great difficulty to overcome; and to get & vehicle down to tU* pocket of a man of coearu Is yet, , .1 problem. —The dam meeting last night wns attended by a goodly number of citizens. Mr. J. V. MoC-arty presided anc D. 15. Strickler was secretary. The overflow committee reported through Mr. Chamberlin that there are but three persons owning overflow land yet to be seen. It was resolved that a ma-s meeting be held in the Academy of Music three weeks from last night, where the aim shall be to llnish up complete all subscriptions and prepare for the construction of the said dam. Following Is a committee appointed to wait upon all farmers within three miles of Sterling and all men able to subscribe and prevail upon them to attend the mass meeting: for Sterling, A. R. Hendricks. H. W. Bunn, Geo. F. Shuler. Eugene Scales, Harry Hoover; for R*ck Falls. W. B. Price, George Packer and Isaac I. Bush. All committees were urged to complete their duties by the time of the said mass meeting. Remarks were made by Messrs. G. W. Chamberlin. Eugene Scales, P. T. Van Home, John Lawrence and others. —"Hegular Reader" writes; "Why not suggest as a substitute for spelling matches which appears of late to have revived in interest, pronunciation matches. It would seem to me in view of incorrect pronouncing of many words in common uae that inprovement were more needful here than in spelling." Regular Header's suggestion ia good as to practice in pronunciation,— it would be safe to say that not 60 per cent of words are sounded as the die tlonary directs and many of them are far off from directions there given. At the same time, accuracy in. spelling is of great value. Ode pronounces in conversation or set speech, and it ia forgotten. Spelling, after school days are over, comes in only when writing, and words written may stare one in the face years afterward. Practice in both were desirable. There is not much chance for our language to progress, or change, now that dictionaries are in general use aud are accepted as authorities. It is only possible for pronouncing a-.d spelling to modify when both are arbitrary. Since Johnson and Richardson were accepted in England and Webster in America, there have been no appreciable changes . Hence, one may learn'Both the sound and letter arrangement, in the assurance that once learned they will continue the same through natual lives. —Old Tirner'8~yaTu~&bout~trapplng prairie chickens recalled a deer experience of his, just as soon as he "see 'tother in ' print," and he hastened around to give It to us. Along early in the forties there 'wure many deer around his place, and one day he told wife he was "venison hongry and she might git ready fur a hearty mess." He had seen a herd in a timber about n mile away-frornn his log cabin, and thither he directed his way. He had an old flint and steel, long single,barreled gun, into which he had placed a strong charge of powder and upon that two tight lilting bullets and a few uu:k shot. There was snow on the ground and a crust had formed on it Reaching the "timber," he sat down under an oak for a minute's rest and "to study out which way to go," when he heard sharp quick clicks over the crish snow. His heart beat fast. "I knowed in a minnit'twere deer. I crawled behind the"tree7s6's to beTout b' sight. Pooty soon, I saed 'em,—five in all; a buck, doe and three fawns e'enamost growed up, fur 'twere in November. They was .oping along gentle like and payin' no tuntion to me. I were awfully upsot, aut I was oat fur deer an' my old gun ied never.gone back on me yit. Well, Sir, 'long they come, close along, the live side by side. Just as they got off •agin me, I blazed away; there was such a charge, it kicked me eend over eend. When I got up, I seed aich a klcklu' on ;he snow, an' thar, Sir, shore's you's thar an'I'm here, all five on'em were down, three dead an.' 'tother two I Inished with my knife.', At this junc- :ure, we gave a loud whistle followed by such a look of incredulity that the old gentleman took himself off In high dudgeon, declaring that "ignurance al- lers misdoubts the man that knows somethin'." —IT is the duty of A paper to give space to grievance*, 'when they come from responsible parties. We say responsible parties, because often they come in from people who have grudges rather than grievances. A great trouble ls,*however, that BO many having them appear to be timid. In their anxiety to avoid detection by the parties against whom they complain,,they will endeavor to preserve their incognito from the editor himself. We have we guess, an hundred' unsigned com, plaints of alleged evils iu our mldst- the.collections, of a few months, gome of them doubtless, just, some doubtless unjust. One would think that by this time all would know that an eminently respectable paper like the GAZETTE could be contlded in so far as for the writer of an article to let the editor know who he is.. If a man were to impart to us information and ask us not to let any one know whence it eame, we would not tell if it were to save our life. And one would think, too, that it would be universally kuown that a paper responsible at law like the GAZETTE will not publish any article that could be constructively llbelous, .even if its editor were disposed to do so,—which he is not, aa all his friends do know. It IB only irresponsible newspapers, conducted by very irresponsible men who will publish plandera and scandals, the publication of which can serve no good end, but tend only to gratify a vile taste for vulgar and low and debasing yarns. As we said at the outset, the GAZETTE will readily publish actual grievances, but the complaints must come from respectable persons, who are known to the editor to be truthful and oot seeking to get even with some enemy. 'See the new nd of N. Carpenter & io. tf Mterlinff Boomtnyr. Call on P.-T,—Vaullorne--l'or_ plans and speciilcatious for all kinds of Buildings and cut of same. tf —It has been cloudy all day. The thermometer at 7 o'clock this morning was ab r ut at tht freezing point. —Mr. A. L Mohler, of St. Paul, general freight agent of the St. 1'aul, Minneapolis & Manitoba railroad, ia visiting Ing father, Mr. George Moliler. —Our city is in a prosperous condition—growing steadily and healthily; it is where it does not depend upon any one thing for Its life, but where it can project many enterprises. Our future is certain. —The accident in Rock Falls this morning by which a man came near to losing his life again comes as a warning to all who are around machinery, that'safety can be assured 'only) by constant caution. —Bernard Oltmanns, a young German, who haa been here but four months, was arrested this morning by Deputy Sheriff Drake on a State warrant sworn out by Henry Krohn, and was taken before Justice Alexander. States Attorney Stager was present as prosecutor/Two of Mr. Krohn's daughters, Mattie aged fourteen and Amelia aged twelve, testified that one evening last week while their parents were absent, Oltmanns came home from the store where he was clerking, (he boarded at Mr.Krohn'sJand attempted a most horrible crime upon both of them. Tliey resisted, and their father came home opportunely and prevented the deed. Mr. Krohn was made acquainted with the fact yesterday (it evident that Oltmanns had frightened the children Into silence) and drove Oltmanns off. The Justice aound him over" in the sum of $1000 for each offence. The evidence of the fids was stratght,although the prisoner denied the charge. He could not give bail and was taken to Morrison jail this afternoon to awaii the action of the grand jury, Officer Drake taking him down. This of Oltmann's is a penl- icntiary one, and he will richly merit i good round sentence. -Attempts at crimes of this nort should be punished jy the fullest rigors of the law. Oranges from 25 cents to 60 cents a dozen. A fine line of dried fruits. Jhoice tea dust at 20 cents a pound at Tumbleson's. ' . 8 J.nts to I will offer for a few days my remaining 4 lots In Park Place at a bargain as 1 want to dispose of them. Call on GEO. W. CIIAMBKRLIN and learn terms and prices. C. GOSHISKT. ' ^ tf THE CHILD HECOVEHED;—My little girl, aged seven yeai s, waa afflicted with a severe cough and cold. She could not sleep but coughed almost incessantly. I was induced by a friend to ,ry Chamberlain's Cough Remedy and was astonished at the Immediate relief t gave her and the cure it produced. I would not be without it in the house for any price. I have tried many remedies for coughs and colds, but this is superior to anything I have ever tried. Prof. J. M. MEUAN, Capitol City Commercial College, "Dea Molaes, Iowa Sold by Strickler & Boorse. tf j Pay Your Taxes. ihe tax books for Sterling township arelnow open at the Sterling National Bank. A few days yet in which to pay personal taxes. Will be at the Bank svenings from 0:80 to 8:30 o'clock. . WM. A. CONNELLY, dwtf 'rax Collector. For Mule. Four colts: Three, three years old and one four years old. . . J. E. SuMMEns/Galt, Ills. Know where to buy. We'll tell you for nothing. It's where there's big stock of latest styles iu dress goods and all kinds of dress goods: Best place to go to, because prices are cheapest. The Boston store. 8 A large stock of watches, clocks and silverware at Clark Glddlngs & Go's. Also they do fine watch repairing, tf Don't forget that Keeney & Harrison have a few plans for houses and are agents for Asbestos (ire proof roof- ug and metal shingles. See samples. I have 40 tons of good timothy hay for sale at my place, eight miles east of Uock Falls. Price $0 per ton. d7w8 TYLBH McWnoRTER. The Boston Store leads in low prices and good goods. 8 The value of thought cannot be told. Just so with the best of everything. Take Dr. Blglow's Positive Cure for all throat and lung troubles, if you appreciate a speedily and thorough cure. Pleasant to take. 50 cents and 81. For sale by O. A. Oliver. "Velvet" and "»7." . Two choice brands of cigars. Sold by dealers. C. II. Seloff, manufacturer. tf Try St. Patrick's Pills and compare their effect with any other Kind made. They contain the good properties of the older preparatiou in the market combined with the most valuable medicines discovered In modern times. As a cathartic and liver pill, St. Patrick's are perfection. Sold by Strickler & Boorse. tf Don't neglect a cough and let it remain to irritate your lungs when a safe and speedy remedy can be had for 50 cents in Dr. Blglow's Positive Cure. For sale by O. A. Oliver. npHB undersigned desires to sm&ouno) hIm»c]J 1 a candidate {or ta« offli:« at AntvsMr ot the town of Jordan, tublect to the npfvovai ot her d-w K K. JKNKIN3. l>l««iolnflnn. The lirm of Ha5ke!l & Bush have dissolved partnership, and the business hereafter will be continued by bolt; parties, separately. 'W. N. IlASKEJ.L. . I. I. BfHH. Xotlre. The business controlled by Haskell & Bush, with real estate dealers, landlords, tenants, money loaners and insurance patrons, has been assumed by I I. Bash. Office at the old place of business. I. I. BUSH. ( The Boston Store is always at the front. Its prices are lower than the lowest; its goods best of the best. 8 PEOPLE'S COLUMN, (y We will insert three linen In this col-" 1 ^ limn one time for 10 eenta, or for 40 cents » week. Kach additional lino will Da B centa a single In tertlon, or IB cents a week. FOR HALF. H OUSE, No. 722, on •ssst side of Broadway, near the north end. il» F ARM of 100 acres, 4 miles south of Bock Falls, gimii house, nearly new. containing 8 rooms, good out buildings, iiiltiible for game. Will be sold on easy terms. Adrress.bypostil, box 309, H'erllng, Ills, or personally, W. W. Pratt, Kock Falls. ]!• I WILL sell at auction on my farm In Hopk Ins township, Friday, March 2, the Normxn Stallion, Hercules. Also, about 25 head of marc» and colts, shouts, cows, ex. W. B. Burdlck. la A GOOD farm of 210 acres, four miles north of Lyndon. Terms *asy. Apply to J. F. Crlswell, Houm 6, Academy of Music. tf O NE side bar buijKy and two sets Blnfjlo bar. ness. Cheap, if taken soon. Charles E. Wlndom. s* New Addition to Runt Rook Falls. Iftll f-OTB for sale lit a great reduction and 1\J\J on easy terms. These lots are 63 by I7i feet. Now Is the time to buy. Apply to W. N Haskell & Co , Exclusive Agents. tf / OOI) light bob-sled «nd a democrat wagon. V.I Knqulrc at this ofllce if A LK Brewery anil fixtures for sale. ( \ (JcorKB K. itogcrs, Sterling, Ills. Address, tf FOK KKIST. H KSIDKNCK of E. W. Eilson and the store room under Farwcll Hall.' Apply to J. A. McOune. tl D ONT Bleep oulof doors when you can get a comfortable house for from six to seven dollars per month, of F. B. Uubbord. tl O FFICBS for rent In Bell block, being desirable, and finished In elegant shape. Ap> J. K. Bell & Son. tf T ply to J WANTKD. C OMPETENT girl lor general housework. Apply at 507 West 4th street. A POINTER FOR THE BOYS!! SKATES! SKATES! SKATES! OUTJL.ER.Y, HARD W ARK & STOVES, At my new store on Third street, opposite Jacob Klale's Merchant Tultorl»sj establishment. Lewis D. Wynn. Oar Mtoek !• too large and. must be reduced at once. Warranty with earn Instrument. t5 00 to 310 00 per Month. CUT BATES CONTINUED. \VEJfl,TVTZ CO., «ttlt House Block. NEW Goods, Dress Goods, »t Trimming s NEW BRilDS m PmMENTRIES, SATINS, RIBBONS. PRINTS, GINGHAMS, MUSLINS, CORSETS. TABLE COVERS, HOSIERY. GLOVES. Curtain Goods, Towels. As my expenses are light, I can and will sell cheaper than can be bought olwwhera. J. USNDftlAfti. RICH AND RARE WERE The Gems She Wore. MEANT OF ALL THE LADIES USE THEM. CHOICE DEAN'S Buds. DEAN'S Havana Filled, DEAN'S Silver Ash. ' DETROIT Free Press, AM, fuller's Book Store, Office la Roefc mil*. »TCF tk* fomt Office. - — The hackmsn, Ranard, will take puttei to *cd Jrora Sterling to Dr. Po!lock r i offloa tnt ot charjre. x Tortk <f n BUty 8g\ 100 Lots in Sterling sold 3 | § V J fw & r P' sl M CEO. W. CHAHBEJSL.1N. ACADEMY OF MUSIC, 8TERUNO. ILL. ?£•<"< 'e^l flglf, v* *l S-s sis^f BARGAINS IN ACBtt, 3 5; /Bargains in Lota, Bargsjn»\ BJj * */ In Houses and Lota. \ • g 5/ton liiliiip for Bd< ui But! \* 'The rretent Prleei will not b* oontlnntd lone lor a-Beom Is approaching. THE PLACE OF ALL, Gochran's. CHOICEST AND BEST ' HOME-MADE MPORTED TOBACCO All the Brands of CHEWINB TOBACCO. INDEPENDENT : GROCER THE B'EE[[lVE GROCERY Is tue most Independent Grocery House la Sterling. We make our prices and Mil GOODS SO LOW That prices astonish every one. All good* (old at the lowed living prices; no over-charging. A chad can <BUY GOOfib At the BEE H ITS as low an a grown person ' Thelargest and finest stock to select from; every thing nrst-class. A large stook ol Fine Cut, Flag and Smoking TOBACCO'S Bought before the recent advance*. The BEK HIVE customers get the benefit of the low . prices before the advance. A lane itoc* of Ullt Edge At 48 and SO Cent* per Gallon. Rock Candy Drips, pure white, at TB Cent* par Gallon. • EOCENE OIL MOD explosive; the best oil sold In this market, at as low price as inferior o!l» are sold eliewhere. Don't be deceived and buy low test oils anal run the risk ol being burned up.. Eemerober you buy the At the BEK HITB. Snow Flake, Paragon and Kansas Winter Wheat: all Holler Patents and all Wlntqr Wheat; makes better and. whiter bread ; keeps moist longer than Spring Wheat Flour. A genuine article In Pennsylvania Buckwheat Hour! I Ten thousand pounds sold laat iea*oo: Six thousand pounds sold so far this season. This flour has no equal In thU Market; Is made by the latest process; patent nulled; no black specka. A One nock of Canned arid Qried Fruits, California Fruits of ail kinds! The Genuine Down East MAPLE SUGAR! Vo« «aa aave ten to Bfteon asnbiQn every <tol tan worth, yoit boy at Uw HBK R. l». KIMBRO, SIMS itiva ««*etaa,

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