Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois on May 27, 1955 · Page 14
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Dixon Evening Telegraph from Dixon, Illinois · Page 14

Dixon, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1955
Page 14
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Hie Dixon Evening Telegraph— Dixon, Illinois Friday, May 27, 1955 Page 14 Propose Nine Sites for U. of I. Chicago Branch CHICAGO W— Nine sites have been proposed for a permanent campus for the University of Illinois' Chicago undergraduate division. x The Chicago plan commission said Thursday the proposed sites had been studied for more than a year before being turned over to the university's hoard of trustees 720 W. 7th. Dixon ^^^^ NkwspaperRRCHIVE® « . for a final decision. A bill appropriating four million dollars for the establishment of a permanent Chicago campus now is pending in the Illinois House. The acquisition of the property finally selected would be financed by a special legislative act. One site under consideiation, the plan commission s?id, is a 1" fvcre island that would be created in Lake Michigan noitheast of tnc Adler Planetarium. Another is an S3 acre site of new land that would be created by a fill-in on either side of Navy Pier, the present location of the Chicago under- N. C. SMITH, Mgr. I Koreans "Meet to I Solve Fish Rights TOKYO (J) — Pyongyang radio today called on South Korean fisheries representatives to meet with the Noith Koreans for solving the question of fishing areas. North Korea said Wednesday that South Korean fishermen could fish in ceitain North Koiean waters during the Chogi— yellow fish —season if they came un<umed and observed regulations. FURNACE CLEANING SPECIAL For the Months of MAY and JUNE WE WILL CLEAN CHIMNEY BASE -- FURNACE INTERIOR OIL MOTORS •- SERVICE BURNERS Paint Front of Coal Furnace - Remove All Ashes ALSO -- CHECK ALL MAKES OF FURNACES SPECIAL PRICE, s7.95 CALL NOW FOR EARLY CLEANING HOLLAND FURNACE CO. Local Delivered Price of \ the 1955 Buick SPECIAL1 SOOQC60 Sir \ -www Plan Afoot to Have Five I Long Holiday Weekends By SAM DAWSON NEW YORK lil — Most of you will be atarting tomorrow on a thiee-day holiday from work. In five weeks the same happy chance will roll aiound again. And the Ions: weekends appear to have the blessing of most bosses as preferable to a work week chopped in half by a holiday. Memorial Day and the Four* of July fall on Monday this- year. So millions of workers will lay down their daily tasks this evening and not pick them up again until Tuesday. There's a move under way to get at least five of these long holi-0a> weekends assured each jear. That would require legislative action in each state to fix five hoi- MOTOROLA CUSTOM IUILT FOR 1955 AND OLDER CARS Tractor Radios — $39.95 MICK'S TV - Radio Service 202 X. Peoria Ave. Ph. 2-5571 This *B5 Bui ok _rm IftVz,*0^000^ must have Two months ago, in the public print, we said that this looks like Buick's biggest year — and we veren't fooling. But what has happened— and continues to happen-is almost beyond belief. People buy up these stunning new Buieks practically as fast as we get them from the factoiy. Buick production—already revised upw aid several times— keeps foiging ahead to new highs every month to meet the mounting demand. And Buick sales keep soaring higher and higher and higher — outstripping hj jar the phenomenal success of last year — the success that moved Buick into the "Big Three" of America's best sellers. idaya permanently on a Monday, instead of letting them follow the year-by-year fluctuation* or tne :alendar. The live Monaay nou-would ba Mtmonal Day, In dependence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and "Presidenfa Day" on tha third Monday in j-eD-ruary. Many Scheme* Almost as many people believe they can improve on the calendar as are sure they could do better with the weather. And many schemes are being batted around. This particular Monday holiday plan it sponsored by the National Assn. of Travel Organization!. The travel industries and their sup pliers obviously atand 10 benefit handsomely by making aura of more long weekends each year so people can go plates. But what about other businei men? The reaeareh Inatitut* of America asked 30,000 business firms in the country' if having fix ed holidays instead of movable ones would benefit or hurt them. The institute reports today that 90 per eent of the replies favor ha-mr five holidavs fixed on Monda; The bosses added that they thought almost all their employes would applaud the idea. Of the 10 per cent opposing. most say it would add to the expense of their operations. Some hold that their type of business can't take a three-day shutdown. These include dairy, leather pro cessing, meat packing, baking and chemical firms. One wholesaler would prefer a Friday holiday be cause Monday brings his heaviest business. something that folks just wont do without! What is it about the '55 Buicks that folks by the hundreds of thousands just won't do without? It* many things. It's styling that's boldly distinctive and fresh as tomorrow. It's beauty of line and beauty of interior decor. It's a lidc that's level, firm and steady. It's a new sweetness of handling. It's great power — walloping new YS power of record might. But above all, it's a new kind of performance, from a new kind of automatic transmission that was born of flight thinking. It's Variable Pitch Dynaflow*— engineered from the principle of the modem plane's switch-pitch propeller — and what it brings you in the way of pure thrill, mere words can t describe. Just \ ou drop in on us this very week and try it. That wav vou can see what a terrific automobile — and a terrific buy— the hottest-selling Buick of all time really is. Thrill of the year is Bulclc cm ret? sse • srm • stop s*mr> check tojs cm-oieoc accides-s .whin term AutoMMimAtf tuiixtuiaimii ZEIEN BUICK COMPANY 108 N. GALENA AVENUE DIAL 2-0151 DIXON, ILLINOIS One Andrews Tidn Will Go Home Shortly CHICAGO t?) — One of the tiny Andrew sisters, the only heaii- joined Siamese twins to survive a separation operation, will be going In releasing the fust photogiaphs ' the girls Thursday, Mercy Hos-tai of'ic.als said the larger twin, Deborah Mane, will soon be able to go home with her parents No specific date was announced The smaller twin. Christine Mai \ . also is lecovermg well. Further plastic surgery is lequired. hoss- . to provide an entne skin cov er for the top of her head le twins were separated in a hour operation April 21. They Dr. Wayne B. Slaughter, plastic surgeon, said the girls have had three operauons to pronde a skin cover for their open skulls since they were separated. Deborah now weighs 11 pounds, i ounces; Christine Mary, 9 pounds. Like Rodney Brodie. fust head- the girls lack a hard coveung lor their skull tops. Doctors have indi- ated they may wait as long a* three years before grafting bone the exposed area. LEGAL NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS Sealed bids will be leceived bv the Village of Franklin Cove Illinois, until 2 00 P M . C D S T . .Tune 7. 1955. foi matenal for 1955 Maintenance and at that time shall be pubbclv opened and lead at the village hall The pioposed eludes 30 tons i ing .Material in place Proposal forms mv be obtained at the office of the Village Clerk The Village of Franklin Grove reserves the right to reject anv ail proposals ana to wane technicalities Tiinous Patch- W uraer ot se n rosi.er President of Village Board Mav 27. June 3, 1955 s Amer'can public spends money on cigarets than it does on milk. ■mi<.i.uia.iii:ffrnr7i New General Air Conditioning 2 and 3 H P. Units Mippis re-frigerated air... u«e no *ater! The «ir in >our entire home is eooled, purified and filtered. 5 t control. Only standard electri-year guarantee! IfMERAl AIR CONDITIONING CORPORATION WaiTf, TELIPHONE Ot STOP IN FOI DETAILS WIRTH HEATING SERVICE Phone 3-9221 206 Steel Ave. Dixon, II JOB PRINTING STATIONERY NOTES for BUSINESSMEN: How to Profit from Look at your letterhead. Does its appearance speak well of you? Is it clean and neat? Does it contain all the necessary information? Does it sell? Call as today and have our skilled men show yon how to profit. MSKAVft ■OtRUTS CATA106S SttJIONCRf B.F. SHAW Printing Co. Phone S-1811 — 3-1821 LEGAL 1 Geneial; Meohai 2 Geneial: Healing and Plum tug. Venliiatinc Pipe Ccvci i": Kitchen Equipment Eld tin IVoik - Rehaciuta'ion of Wa Building cw-i3 rn Hospital, i net1 go. Mav icago State Retubuifi- of Boiler No 3 - Illinois School for the Deaf. J.uk«oirwlle "Imoi;-4. Disposal «1 Old Filtiation Plant Enuipm Plumbing;: Pipe Covciing; Bak-eiv Equipment. Electncal Woik-Relocanon of Ba\eiv Peona Slate Ho.-p.iai Peona, I^m-.i.- 6 General W o r k Ii.rlumng Electrical and Mechanical Woik-Storajre Building:. D'v<=ir>n of Highsvavs. near Northfieid, Uh- AU pioposals to be in accoidar.ee with plans and specifications which raav be viewed in the Division o: Aichitecture and Engineering; Offices. Aimorv - Otnce Building Spring-field I'hnois and 160 Noun LaSalle Street. Chicago Illinois. State of Illinois Louis H Geiding Supei vising Airhitect 2\ : 19.3 NOriCE OF LETTING Sealed bids will oe leceived m the Oifice of the Countv Supeiin-tendent of Hlgh\\a^s Court House. Di.xon Illinois on Friday. June 3. 1955 at 10 A M. D S T and at that time public iv opened net ieaci Bids to be lecened on the follow"l Alto Tup" -Sec" 101 BTK — A 3 span continuous R C Slab Bridge on R C Piles 2 BrookhnTwp— Sec 104 BTR A 2 span continuous R C Slab Budge on R C Piles ui'h necessary appioacii imD' ovemenk 3 Kai hnsa Twn - See 10^ RTR A 3 span i ontmuous R C Slab Bridge on R. C Pile Bents with necessary appioacii improvements and channel relocation Bid blanks mav be obtained at the office ot tne Countv Superintendent of Highways. A J5 deposit mil be leouired on all lequests for bid blanks; said deposit tc be refunded onlv to actual bidders and pro\ided that plans are returned within 10 da\s after the letting date The Lee Countv Road Ac Bridge committee reserves tne right to reiect any or al bids, or to wane technicalities. Bv order of LEE COUNTY ROAD & BRIDGE COMM. Fred Leake, Jr. County Supt. of Highways '"''a TV comedian is a fellow who always has a worried look — on his writers'_ faces. onus Name Your BUILDING NEEDS WE HAVE THE ANSWERS Complete Line of All-Stee! Buddings. Farmers Financed L'p to 5 Yrs. Lown Dossn Payment. Stran-Steel Products ALBERT PETERSON Salesman R.R. 1, Dixon, 111. Ph. 4-8091 LEGAL IN THE COUNTY COURT OF LEE COUNTY. ILLINOIS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF JOHN BOODY. DECEASED. PUBLIC NOTICE is heiebv (Civ-en that a Petition has been filed m the Count v Couit of Lee County, Illinois, piaving that Letters of Ad-mmisU.Uion be issued to Nina M. Stablci Public Adminisiiator of Lee Counts. Illinois, on the pre- Johit Boodv ? and plac< Cour.:v of Lee id setting forth that Mav - of uie s-aici jonn Boodv Bates and Notice/ ih heiebv given to the above mimed neisons and all whom i-'n.r'v concern ih.it. a hearing will be had on said Petition bv said Count v Couit in the room usuallv occupied bv saw Court in the Court Hons., in the Cit\ of Dixon, Lee Counts- Illinois on the 27th dav of lure 1°5V at the houi of 1C o'clock be heard, at which " sTFPLlNn p' St'HP.OCK Clcik of the Count v Court of Lee Countv. Illinois . June 3, 1955 n T :'.'.;> COI'NTY. ILLINOIS. IN THE MATTER OF THE ES TATE OF LLOYD BOODY. DECEASED Public Nonce is heiebv given that a Petition has been filed in the Counts Couit of Lee Countv, Illinois pia\ing that Letters of Administration be issued to Nina M. Stablei Public Administrator of Lee Counts. Illinois on the pie-sumpi'on ot the death of the said Llovd BoocK and setting forth that tne heiis At lav of the said Lloyd Bood\ aie Lucv Boodv Bates and Wiilian. Bou:!\. Notice is herebv given to the above named peisons and all whom it mav concem that a hearing will be had on said Petition bv said Counts Couit. in the room usuallv occupied bs said Court, in the Couit House in the City of Dixon. Lee Counts'. Illinois on the 27th .lav of June. 1955 at the hour of 10 o'clock A M or as soon there-aftei as the matter can be heard, at which time and place you are notified to be present if \ou so desu Sterling d schrock Cleik of the Countv Court of Lee Countv. Illinois. Mas 20. 27, June 3. 1955 the office of the Countv Superintendent of Highsvavs. Court House, Divon Illinois on t nciav. June 6. 1955 at 10 A M DST and at that time publ'dv opened and read for the following-1. Ashton Tup -Sec 102TR— Furnishing 3057 Cu. Yds of Gravel or crushed stone suiface course. Type B tFOB Trucks at Pit or Quai ry ) 2 Lee Center T\vp.— Sec. 103 TR— Complete grading: and stir-facms: 1 53 miles with approximately 25-i" cu ->.ds of gravel or ciushed stone surface course, T\ne B Bui blanks mas be obtained at the office of the Countv Supt. of Highvavs The Lee Countv Road LEE COUNTY ROAD k BRIDGE COMM Fred Leake, Ji County Supt. of Hishwavs Mav 25. 27, 1955 NOTICE OF CLAIM DAY Notice is heiebv gisen to all persons that Monday July 4 1955, 13 the claim date m the estate of ALFONS MAES. Deceased, pending in the County Court of Lee Countv, Illinois and that claims may be tiled a?ainst_ tne out issi id date with- MARG VRET MAES, Executor Georsre Spitz Attorney DeKalb. Illinois Mav 13. 20 27, 1955 ATTENTION RESIDENTS OF LEE COUNTY The Veterans of ForeiRii Mars Anv. Post No. 540, of Dixon, Illinois, is sponsoring a campaign to rai«.e funds for (lie purchase of hospital beds, wheel chair's, in\alid ssalkers or other hospital txpe equipment to add to the supply on hand. When purchased this much needed equipment «ill be available to all residents of Lee County, free of charge for use in their homes. This is not a request for donations, and no donations will be accepted by cither the representative or the Post. E\ery resident of Lee County cooperating will receise his or her full monpy's worth in the publications subscribed to through the Capper Publications. Inc. Rcpresentati\cs bearing a letter of identification «igne(l by Mrs. Barbara Kiggs. President of said Tost, swll call at homes beginning May C>. J9oo. Ask to see his credentials. Please give him a few minutes of vour time toward this worthwhile Community Service. Veterans Foreign Wars Aux. Post No. 540 MRS. BARBARA RIGGS, President DIXON,. ILLINOIS K h W SPAPKR ARCHIVE®

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