Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on December 27, 1948 · Page 8
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 27, 1948
Page 8
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Sack Cement Must Be Kept in Dry Place dry if it is to airts quality warns the Portland Ce ment Association. nf^'S 1 stora S e b '"s, or storage or smaller quantities in tightly covered cans is recommended. Portland cement, should be - , - Prn« > < msofar as is practicable. Proper storage requires the exclusion of moisture and protection against circulating air since the air carries moisture. .First consideration should be given to the surface on which TP /u °f com ent are to be piled. «,-tl °° r is dirt > or is P av ed with concrete which has not been placed on a porous vapor sealed sun-base, sacks should be piled on a temporary plank platform laid on stringers so as to support the floor about 8 inches above the floor level. It is recommended that a layer ot tar paper, with edges lapped 2 Ring out, oh bells, ring out our Yuletide wishes to one and all. May the joy and peace of the Holiday be with our friends always. Boomhower HARDWARE inches or more, b« this wooden platform are piled onto it. If *n tight wood floor is to \T lsim Jr this should be similarly 1,, ,,' with tar paper. y covered Keep Files Lo w Sacks of cement should K placed closely together to rt air circulation and air contact sacks. It is generally not conv^" ient to make the piles in tier* J, than 6 or 7 sacks high S m ° re If higher piles are Used ,. sacks should be placed as head • and stretchei-s, that is alternate! 3 lengthwise and crosswise, So a </i y tie the piles together and lessen the danger of piles overturning Because of the possibility f some moisture coming through o condensing on the exterior wall's of the storage building, it i s ad visable not to place sacks directlv against the outside walls. Instead maintain a continuous space be~ tween the walls and sack piles Exclude Air Finally, in order to reduce air contact with the exposed tops and sides of sack piles and to guard against any possible roof leakage it is recommended that the tops and sides of all piles be covered with tarpaulins, waterproof paper weighted down to insure tight contact with the piles, or other similar covering. Once the cement has bee-n properly stored, it should not be dis~ turbed until it is to be used. Cement when used should fc e free flowing and completely f ree from lumps. Sometimes cement in the lower sacks of large piles assume a "warehouse pack," that is it appears to be hardened. This condition is minimized by limiting the height of piles. If the "warehouse pack" does develop, it usually can be broken up by rolling the sack on the floor. Presence of lumps which cannot be pulverized readily in the hand indicates that moisture ? S i^ ee u n absorbt *l- Such cement should be screened to remove the lumps. All doors and window openings m the storage space should be kept tightly closed except when it is necessary to open them for removal of the stored cement Remove the oldest sacks first. Cycling Made Easy by Farm Inventor Perry, Okla., (U.R)—A Noble county farmer who got tired of running after his 5-year-old son while the boy learned to ride a bicycle has patented a device to meet the situation, Max Groom, the inventor, calls it a "bicycle stabilizer." It is attached, easily, to any bicycle and puts a wheel on either side below the pedals. ' Groom thinks his invention will be of particular help to semi- invalids, too, and is so pleased with it he's learned to ride a bicycle himself for the first time in his life. Break for Prisoners Tacoma, Wash., (U.R)—Prisoners at the city jail couldn't believe their eyes when 78 pints of ice cream were distributed with the compliments of the police department. It turned out that the chief had not become a father. The ice cream was found on the highway where it had apparently fallen irom a delivery truck. The finder brought it to police headquarters, where it was consumed "in a welting condition." emmi Illlll:.! TMPYU T rt ;-. IN uw LOOK— The Neil Garrisons 906 4th *w i -, , mporary housing. Early this vear'tvW *™$ V " had a 4 ' sta11 ^ ara ^ e ouse bui1 ^ fence and below is th! outwarc result Te Chouse i \° i rem1odel 5 r a Permanent resi- stone and large window sace er .. > has been done in Indiana lime- ciobe-Gazeit« Photo house of c resu e ouse stone and large window space permits ™ > home, ^zch has been attSctively knds aped "nd , - latchen the rooms - The Onions should be held under water while peeling to avoid shedding of tears. SPECIAL! Lennox Oil Conversion Burners Complete With Automatic Controls .50 Plus Installation and Tank Regularly Sells for $183 This is the Famous Lennox Gun Type High Pressure Burner. Act Now and Save ThJs Offer Good Until Dec. 31 Only F. H. A. Terms — 3 Years to Pay. Ray E. Pauley Co. „.,, ^ * . Sheet Metal Contractors 421-25 South Federal Phone 963 Your Heating Dealer For Over 30 Years COOKS KNOW. . . GAS HAS GOT IT F OR THE EINEST IN MODERN COOKING F °R AN A" Automatic v r«ults . . . proven econl' ' ^"P ar« positive advan v ' e which will come to you as (V owner of a new ROPER gas range. For that "Cook Book Look", with a steak, for cx- ompie, you'll go far before finding the equal of steak prepared in Roper's broiler. SMART COOKS KNOW.-MAS GOT IT COOKING a ' Masonry is Replaced by Metal Wall Graphic illustration of the ver practical considerations involvec in keeping building codes abreas of improvements and modern developments in construction is furnished by two large building projects in New York City, according to the Central Contractor. The substitution of metal wall (filled with fireproof insulation) for masonry walls, is expected no only to effect notable economies reflected in lower bids for the construction contract itself, bu will actually add approximately $24,000 a year to the operating profit of each building—at present rental rates. The calculation is based on t<_ fact that the new code no longer RELIABLE PLUMBING Call 989 202£ North Federal J. C. PUTH CO. — ROPER and ONLY ROPER GIVES YOU \ JEWELS OF COOKING PERFOK\ "Simmer-Speed" Top Burners ... the ri S nt foot speed for your every cooV "Staggered" Cooking Top ... plenty of room for four large irttndk ... 'M Bi .. 3 . in .l" Baking Oven ... speed, ever, heat, economy... and del.c.ou . "*'* - fine oven ec ^$- Bis "3-in-1 Baking vjven ...sp««u/ •»*•• •——/ —".—"7...— Ilt"lnita-Matic" Clock Control... fully - automatic, utterly carefree, fine ° vt "J^V gl'-Glo" Broiler Burner... Infra-Red rayi that penetrate rapidly, broil «v«' «> « UIC * , SHEPHERD'S * reelinc and best wishes this holiday season S GAS & ELECTRIC COMPANY EPHERD'S NT & WALLPAPER Second St. S. E. ason City* la. , specifies a minimal wall thickness Metal walls have been usec previously but the code required that the metal spandrels and mullions be backed with masonry not for structural strength, but for fire-proofing. The new code requires only that the wall be able to withstand a standard two-houi fire test and a wind load equa to 30 pounds per square foot without undue deflection. The newly designed wall units meet these re quirements fully. More Rentable Area But they have an over-all thickness of four or five inches ii comparison with the nine-inch minimum for masonry walls The four-inch saving in wall thicknes; means the addition of one-third of a square foot to the rentable area for each lineal foot of wall. Since rents in air conditioned office buildings in New York City now run from $5 to S7 per square foot per year, this additional floor space means an addition of about $2 per lineal foot of exterior wal' per year, or in a 20-story building, about $40 more profit per lineal foot of exterior wal]. The two buildings for which the use of these spandrel walls is now being considered have about 600-foot perimeters. Hence the annual increase in profit with the modern walls would be about $24,000 for each structure. Iowa Is Prepared The famous Empire State building in New York has already supplied two decades of experience in the safety and praticality of this type of construction—probably the most important change The H.C. BROWN AGENCY FOR DEPENDABLE INSURANCE .... • FIRE • WINDSTORM • AUTOMOBILE • COMPENSATION • PUBLIC LIABILITY First National Bank Bldg Phone 1019 nf tested mints an SinCe the days of in ancient Egypt. ,, \refore gratifying to note 108611 n ° W buildin g atC ° £ It>Wa P rovidc d and modernizations pac ° with improve Urges Scx tudy for Youth for youtSw'aP- 3 ^ education ged by MrS " Ma ~ educational con- bel GHer a of the Nation a Pf eath here. "Any e which fails^o e acter guidance personal and "can hardly claim tol' children and youth t . real iiv- Killcr Buried With Bambersr, S. Car., (U.R and his 60 victims are a common grave here.r Smoak, owner of a chick near here, dug a single gt the puppy which friends hat him and the 60 chickens the killed the first night on his Smoak said the chickens worth about $2 apiece. w PPy \ • e May this be the merriest Christmas season ever for you and your family. C. J SMITH Electrical Construction 12 Second St. N. W. PHONE 3250 Oil-O-Matic offers everything you want in completely automatic oil heat—including the economy and long, trouble-free life that only the famous Low Pressure Principle makes possible. Units for any size home, old or new. KELROY FUEL tf FJURNACE 37 4th S. W. Phone 441 There was a young. Wy of Corl V/liote fa made a-forhme-in po«k. He bought ior Kii doug^ter A tufor wlto taught W ;'' TotaUocfc grc^»«on a fodr^' Say "Merry Christmas" this year with a beautiful cabinet . . . one your wife wi!l be mighty proud of ... Hand made by our experts . . . finished beautifully to attract the most discriminating eye. G.E. PLAITS* SON MILL WORK CABlNfTS' 714- So. JEFFERSON MASON CITY IF IT'S WOOD. WE MAKE IT f'H (394 Building of Today More Comfortable Today's houses and other buildings are more comfortable anc more convenient and better suitec to their functions than those of any other period in history, Melvin H. Baker, chairman of the Construction Industry Information committee, stated Saturday. "At the same time, these improvements mean that the new buildings of today are much more complicated in structure, more elaborately equipped, and inherently more expensive to build' Mr. Baker said. Have High Standard 'The constantly improving character of our modern buildings from houses to factories, reflects the rising Hying standards anc more discriminatory demands of the American people. Comfort was formerly a luxury in almost any type of building. A king of old was far less comfortable in his palace than an average American family today, even though many servants performed endless chores to overcome the inconvenience and discomforts. "Today, it is the house itself that performs. The modern house is designated to save labor and steps, to keep out dirt and dust cold and heat, to have controlled temperatures and good ventilation. 'The ordinary new house has at least one complete modern bathroom installed, a central heating plant, stove, refrigerator, and kitchen cabinets installed. Its rooms, closets, storage space, and mechanical equipment are carefully designed for what is sometimes called household engineering,' and it has_ many other features contributing to comfort, convenience, and usefulness. Comfort Considered "In factories, we have come a long way since the first structures Special Sale Johns-Manville ASPHALT TILE ,'/8x9"x9 7« EACH SEITZ Dec. 24. 1948 . 23 Mason CJIy Globe-Gaietta, »»»•* fity. t were thrown up solely as pL . tion for the machinery ,\ housed. The comfort of work* now given great consideration'. the plant is designed for the 4i a n? sequence of specialized mantCIm luring operations that are / quired. There are high standal\_ for lighting, temperature aj- humidity control, freedom fro dust, and other conditions affec ing comfort and efficiency. > "The new science of industrii building design is essentially j development of the last 30 years While providing specialized pro-J duction features, the building ini* dustry has, at the same-time, beetfa able to simplify and standardize^ many parts of the structure and V obtain greater efficiency in con- * struction. "This combination of-standardization with specialization . .has been the keynote of modern Indus- '• trial design and is influencing a i wide range of buildings,' particu- ' larly schools, hospitals, factories, stores, and office buildings." Musical programs broadcast ( daily to the crowds in Waterloo ; Station, London, have proved highly popular. A public opinion •' poll shows that passengers of all ! ages favor lively music in the I mornings and soothing selections i in the evenings. I LARSON Furnace Co. HEATING CONTRACTORS Repairing, Rebuilding and New Installations COAL, OIL AND GAS, , FIRED UNITS , MUELLER-ARMSTRONfi FURNACES 3 15th St. N. W. Phone QUICK Automatic Gas-Fired HOT WATER HEATER • Deptndable, tco- Domical, efficient QUICK Hot Watir Hesters provide a ready supply of hot *ator...ev«i when demand Is great. Advanced *nglneerine, quality construction niakg the QUICK outstanding. And the cost Is so reasonable! LOOK FOR THIS EMBLEM Insist Upon the Best! KELROY Fuel & Furnace Co. 137 4th S. W. Phone 441 Interior Fashions 216 5th St. S. W. • Family Cheer • Va/u« to hoi** • Beauty • Cozlnett •Comfort • Easitr mealt Dealer Inquiri Invittd MORE FUN AND GOOD CHEEI For Your Family and Friends! Your family and friends will enjoy thjf beautiful breakfast nook. Durable new plastic upholstery in many colors, fire and stain- voof, easy to clean, comfortable cushion! \d back rests. ''our home can have this modern nook *0tonly $20.00 per running foot, L or U • «S' s P arklin 8 chrome base table and "Postered chairs extra. No remodclinir r Paf t, ary ~ built to fit y° ur kitchen or ret* reatjc room. 1 cou P° n be\ow and representative C ° Sh °i w - you sam P Ics * n d *i*« no obligation to you. ou?add£ K -, A ' r ? n » nccd : P « dep't letter our aaarc^ below in your inquiry. ' booth$ '. Mbl " St0rcs to increase ness. to show b»ti- NAME ADDRESS Mason City Tile ant Marble 918 N. Federal Phone 4674 Mat JUST PASTE COUPON ON K»T/ f

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