The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland on September 16, 1939 · Page 5
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The Daily Mail from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 5

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 16, 1939
Page 5
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THE DAILY MAIL, HAGERSTOWN, MD., SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 1939. HIGHLIGHTS ON THE SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON (Th« International Uniform Lttuon on the Above topic for September 17 is Micah 3:1-12 •:«-8, the Golden Text being Micah 6:8, "What doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?") By NEWMAN CAMPBELL THE PROPHET Micah, subject of today's lesson, was a contemporary of Isaiah's. But while Isaiah lived in Jerusalem, Micah the Morasthite lived in Moresheth- gath, about 20 miles southwest of Jerusalem. He was a country dweller. Micah. was said to be the first man in his world to announce his dream of universal peace. Rulers and princes oppressed -the poor people, and in picturesque language Micah rebuked them and threatened them with ruin if they persisted in their evil ways. "Hear, I pray you, O heads of Jacob, and ye princes of the house of Israel; is it not for you \tq/ know judgment? Who hate the good and love the evil; who pluck off their skin from off them, and their flesh from off their bonea." This language, of course, is hia way of saying that the people were greatly oppressed so that they had nothing left and were cruelly treated. "They build up Zion with blood." he says, "and •Jerusalem with iniquity." Then he assailed the priests who, for the most part, were afraid to tell/the princes and rulers of their wrong doing for fear they would lose favor and with it their soft living, their feasting and fees. These seers and prophets thought they were immune because they performed the rituals in the temple, although they did it but for money. Imagine what courage it must have taken for Micah to stand up before the rulers of his day, and even the preachers, and tell them they were terribly in the wrong and I would suffer for it. Shall Have No Visions "Therefore night shall be unto you, that ye shall not have a vision; and it shall be dark unto you, that ye shall not divine; and the sun shall go down over the prophets, and the day shall be dark unto them," he warned. "Hear, I pray you, ye heads of the house of Jacob, and princes of the house of Israel, that abhor !judgment, and pervert all equity (They build up Zion with blood, |and Jerusalem with iniquity. The heads thereof judge for reward, and the priests thereof teach for hire, and the prophets thereof divine for money: Yet will they lean upon the Lord and say, 'Is not the Lord among us? None evil can come upon us'.!' Doesn't this speech remind you of Jesus driving the money changers out of the temple, enraged that the House of God should be made a market place? "Zion for your sake shall be plowed as a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps," he tells them, because of their wrong doing. Micah's dream of world peace he tells in the very familiar words: "And He shall judge among many people, and rebuke strong nations afar off; And they shall beat their plowshares into pruning hooks: Nations shall not lift up a sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. But they shall sit every man under his fig tree: And none shall make them afraid: For .the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it." Although little is known about this man Micah, his words will always live and bring help and comfort. How wise he was, and how well he knew what will truly bring happiness to mankind! What Does God Require? "What is it the Lord requires of thee?" he asks. "Wherewith shall I come before :he Lord, and bow myself before :he high God ? Shall I come before 3im with burnt offerings, with calves of a year old? Will the •ord be pleased with thousands of rams, or with ten thousands of ivers of oil ? Shall I give my firstborn for my transgression, the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul? "He hath shown thee, O man, what is good; And what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, 'and to walk humbly, with thy God." With these early worshipers burnt offerings of animal flesh and fat and oil, and even that greatest of sacrifices, the first-born son, were offered to appease the wrath of God, but Micah believed that the Lord of Hosts needed none of these things. Just being good—showing mercy when needed, being just and "walking humbly," not allowing pride to puff one up, no matter what happened, that is what God really wants of us, and no matter how humble we are or how great, young- or old, we all can please Him thus. Distributed by King Features Syndicate. Inc. «> WE WOMEN By BETTY BRAINERD Keep Your Marriage Secret "I am 45 years old but since 1 am a small.rouncl-fnced type of woman I am extremely young looking. I nm serious when I tell you that people have asked me if i am in my twenties! 1 do not tell my age as l believe that is my own business, and I laugh it, off by saying 1 am onjy 16! "My first job in the large eastern city where I live was for my husband. Of course I was not married to him at the time—20 years ago. However, we haA'e been married IS years. We were married in another city with only a few of my luishand's relatives present. We all decided it was best to keep our marriage a secret. I wanted to make a name for myself in the field of fashion. Not wishing to identi fy "myself, I will explain that my husband's work was in the textile or fabric field and I started out as a secretary in the office. "Designing clothes and the like has always interested me. There is a great deal of jealousy and professional rivalry in such work and those closest to us thought it would be better if I insisted upon continuing t.o work, not to let it be known A Suit To Suit All Budgets St. Paul's U. B. Plans Program Congregation To Observe 150th Anniversary Of Founding. In preparation for the 150th anniversary of the founding of St. Paul's United Brethren Church in 1790, during the next two weeks there will be an "Every Member Visitation" of the church membership by a group of women and an "Every Member Canvass" by a group of men. The year beginning October 1, 1939 and closing September 30, 1940 will be known as St. Paul's Sesquicentennial Year and numerous special'features will characterize the life, work and •worship of, the church and its or ; ganizations during this year. The purpose of "Every Member Visitation" is to secure a larger attendance at the worship services of the church every Sunday during the coming year. Every member will be asked to sign a "Church Attendance Covenant." The commit- te in charge of this visitation is composed of Mesdames E. N. Funkhouser, chairman; George D. Bell, Maurice Johnston, Russell Smith, W. A. Clopper and F. F. Lusby. Other women assisting in the work are Mesdames Howard ^Shank, H. B. Picking, Harry Day, L. F. Sterling, Howard Powell, Charles Mam, William Buchanan. Reginald Strouse, O. W. Bellinger, John Swemly, Clarence Eldridge, James Warlow, Max Fiery, Carlton Higgs, C. A. Tamer, M. B. Keener. Hubert Schindel. A. B. Station, C. M. Horst, Harlan -Thum, Joseph Reynolds, H. U. Yeater, Clarence Harbaugh, John Kreps, Wallace B. Caum, George Rohrer, E. B. Sefton, Joseph Zimmerman, W. D. Winters, Stanley McCoy. ,, The "Every Member Canvass" is made biennially and is for the purpose of securing subscriptions on a weekly basis to the current expenses and benevolences of the church. This work is in charge of the finance committee composed of C. M. Horst, chairman; E. N. Funkhouser, M. B. Keener, C. Walter Baker, Joseph S. Ward, C. E. Har- FIVE Micah—Me»sengerofSocialJustice ILLUSTRATED SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON .Scripture—Micah 3:1-12; 6:6-8., By Alfred J. In the time of the prophet Micah the common people were oppressed by the rich; made to work hard for very little, and scourged when they rebelled. Most of the prophets told the rulers just what they wanted to hear, because it meant that they then lived in luxury, eating of the fat of the land. What does God want of us, asked Micah —sacrifices of many rams and "rivers of oil," or even a first-born son, for the sins of our souls? To do justly, to love mercy and to wa' humbly with God, is all that is requir: Micah answered. (GOLDEN TEXT—""- u , 6:£.» SUNDAY IN THE L , CHURCHES First Brethren Antietam and Mulberry Rev. Wm. H. Beachler, D. D. Pastor Sunday School 9:20 o'clock Rally Day. Morning- Service 10:45 o'clock "The night of the S. S. to Every Christian's Support." Y. P. Service 6:30 o'clock Evening- Service 7:30 o'clock "The Manna—A Type of Christ." Mid-week service, Wed. 7:30 P.M. Christ Reformed W. Franklin St. Rev. H. A. Fesperman, D. D., Pastor Sunday School Morning- Service "Living- Life Over Again." . 9:30 o'clock 11:00 o'clock Evening- Service 7:.">0 o'clock "By Products of Living-." St. John's Episcopal S. Prospect and Antietam Sts. Rev. Walter Byron Stehl, D. D., Rector Morning: Services 8:00 & 11:00 o'clock No evening: service. Washington Sq. Methodist Washington Ave., "at the Square" baugh, Dr. F. F. Lusby. These men will^be assisted by the following members of the official board and men of the church: Clarence Keedy, Horatio Wilhide, Harvey M. Miller, Albert Reese, Howard Powell, Joseph Reynolds, Joseph Zimmerman, Fisk Elgin, D. C. Miller, Jr., A. O. Keedy, George Bell, William R. Eckstine, William H. CHpp, E. J. Phillips, B. C. Hartman, John R. Wagner, A. B. Zimmerman, George Rohrer, Wilmer Kretzer, Albert. Werking, Norman Reed, Hubert Schindel, Roger Haynes, P. A. Station. Tyson R. Waltz, E. Warren Smith, Dwight Gabe, W. A. McCune and Harry Bitner. that I was married to 'the boss.' J heartily agreed. Had some people known i was married to R they would not have been 'themselves' around me. I, too, would have been handicapped because posing as a single business woman I was able to gather much valuable information 1 would not have been able to get as R's wife. "1 love R more than it seems possible to lov e another. Never have I met a man who is a pal in every sense of the word as is he. He is 57 years old but has the viewpoint and vision of a much younger man. In appearance he looks much older than his actual years. He has had very severe illnesses in the past eight years which have aged him. Two years ago bis doctors told him he would have to stop working if he wanted to live. It took a great deal of persuasion but finally a year ago he was forced to go on a trip for his health—and he has not been working since. "What with business conditions, illness and other financial drains, we have very little money. I.too, have had severe financial reverses due to illnesses in my own family. R is very despondent and I cannot seem to shake him out of it. He lives with a brother who *s stone deaf and I have my apait- ment. f suggested that w e announce our marriage but R thinks this unwise since I am known to be the only wage-earner and it would look as if [ were supporting him. Not for an instant would I hurt R— T truly would cut my heart out before I did. 1 want htm to be happy. Do you think we should continue on with our 'secret' marriage or that we should announce our marriage? "My salary has been cut and cut. We could not. save money by living together because arrangements would have to be made for his brother and others. I have given yon so many details—which I have asked you not to print, in brackets—to give you as clear a picture as possible. "Mrs. R." * * * Dear "Mrs: R": Rev. John E. hort, pastor. Church School 9:4^ o'clock Morning: Worship 11:00 o'clock Evening- Worship .... 7:30 o'clock Prayer and Praise Service will be held on Wednesday evening: at 7:30 o'clock. The Salvation Army 326 West Washington Street Major Amel Shultz, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning- Service ....... 11:00 o'clock Y"; P. Service ....... 6:30 o'clock Evening: Service 7-45 o'clock Assemblies of God (BttfKl) Howard and Spruce Sts. Rev. Ralph Jeffrey, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning Service ...... 11:00 o'clock Evening: Service ...... 7:30 o'clock Gospel Tabernacle Pentecost Ross and Lanvale Strtttt Rev. G. W. Gross, Pastor Sunday School 9:15 o'clock Evening 1 Service 7:30 o'clock Prayer Meeting: Thursday 7:30 P. M. Zion Reformed N. Potomac St. Rev. Scott R. Wagner, D. D., Pastor Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning- Services S:4-~ & 11:00 o'clock St. John's Lutheran S. Potomac St. J. Edw. Harms, D. D., Pastor Sunday School 9:30 o'clock 11:00 o'clock . 6:30 o'clock 7:30 o'clock "The Christian Hope." Ttev. D. K. Stonesifer will preach at the evening service. Morning: Service "The Idol Maker.-?.' Luther Leagrue Evening: Service First Baptist W. Washington St. Rev. P. B. Watlington, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 o'clocl Morning Service 11:00 o'clock X- — Service 6:15 o'clock Evening Service ...... 7:30 o'clock Prayer Meeting- Wed. 7:30 P. M. Emmanuel U. B. Summit Ave. and Howard St. Rev. Paul E. Holdcraft, D. D. Pastor Sunday School 0:30 o'clock Morning: Service 10:30 o'clock "Principles of Social Justice." y. P. Service R:30 o'clock Evening: Service 7:30 o'clock "Stop! Look! Listen!" Mid-week Service Wed. 7:30 P. M. United Brethren In Christ Corner Locust and Antietam Sts Rev. Charles L. Herr, Pastor Sunday School ,0:30 o'clock Morning- Service 10:4. r , o'clock "To Him That Hath Shall Be Given." Y. P. Service Evening- Service ... Holy Communion. 6:45 o'clock 7:30 o'clock Seventh Day Adventist Mulberry Ave., and McComas St. W. R. Riston, Pastor Sabbath School. Saturday. 9:45 o'clock. Morninf Service. Saturday. 11:00 o'clock. Prayer Meetinir Wednesday 7:45 Volunteers of America 76 Madison Ave. W. Sylcox in Charge Her. .1. Hi. Crox*white, S. S. Supt. Boys' C. C. L. Tuesday 7 P. M. Girls' C. C. L. Thursday 7 P. M. Sunday School 2:30 o'clock St. Mark's Lutheran Washington Square Rev. Roy L. Sloop, Pastor Sunday School 0:30 o'clock Morning- Service 10:45 o'clock St. Mary's Catholic West Washington St. Rev. Fr. J. Francis Leary, Pastor Masses Sunday MorninK 7:00. S:OU. 9:00. 10:30 o'clock Evenint Devotions 7:30 o'clock Grace United Brethren Corner W. Church and Winter Sts. Rev. G. I. Rider, Pastor Sunday School 9:4.- o'clock Morning: Service 11:00 o'clock "The Water of Life." _ K-. 6:30 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock "Friends of Jesus." Second Brethren 835 Spruce Street Rev. Roy S. Long, Pastor Sunday School 3:30 o'clock Morning- Service 10:45 o'clock "He Who Runs Miiy Win." Evening- Service 7:30 o'clock "Standing in One's Own Light." Bible Study Wed. 7:4. r ». at home of Luther Lupp, Boonsboro. Che (Sotoen (Text "Turn us again, O God: and cause Thy face to shine, and we shall be saved."—Psalm 80:3. Church of God 628 Salem Ave. Earl E. Marquiss, Pastor Sunday School 0:.';o o'clock Morning- Service 10:4'j o'clock Y. J?. Service 7:1.', o'clock Evening Service S:00 o'clock Church Nigrht. AVer.l. S P. M. Presbyterian Washington and Prospect Sts. William S. Hess, D. D., Pastor Sunday Schoot 9:4 5 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock "The Bewildered World." K 6:30 o'clock St. Paul's Evangelical Cor. High and Franklin Sts. Rev. Walter J. Dice, Pastor nday School f':"0 o'clock Morning- Service 10:30 o'clock "vening- Service 7:30 o'clock Trinity Lutheran Potomac St. and Randolph Ave. J. S. Simon, D. D., Pastor Sunday School 9:30 o'clock lorninjr Service 11:00 o'clock Y". P. Service 6:30 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock Church of the Brethren :. Washington and Mulberry Sts. Rev. A. M. Dixon, Pastor unda.y School J)Hr> o'clock Unrninpr Service 11:00 o'clock First Christian South Potomac St. Rev. Wm. M. Norment, Pastor Morning Service 9:30 o'clock "How the Church Moves Forward." Sunday School 10:30 o'clock Int. & Y. P. Service ... 6:30 o'clock Evening- Service 7:30 o'clock "The Behaviour of Love."' Woman's League Wed. 7:30 P. M. St. Paul's U. B. . Franklin and Locust Sts. Rev. F. Berry Plummer, D. D. Pastci Morninpr Service ...... 3:00 o'clock "A Trinity of Truths Concerning- F!u rvl on BOH ring 1 ." Sunday School 10:00 o'clock o'clock Evonfntr Service ...... 7:30 o'clock "Truth Will Out." Christian Science Society 235 N. Potomac St. Sunday School 9:4.", o'clock Morning- Service 11:00 o'clock Subject: .MATTKk. Golden Text: P.«alms 73:26. My flesh and my heart faileth. but God is the strength of my heart, and my portion forever. Heading room. ^3.', Xorth Potomac .St.. open Monday and Friday. 2:30 to 4;::0. whore th« Bible and the Christian Science textbook, hv Mary Maker K fitly, mny be read* pur- chn.vod or borrowed. Church of the Nazarene West Side Ave. and Church St. Rev. C. L. Arnold, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning- Service ...... 11:00 o'clock y. P. Service 6:45 o'clock Evening Service 7:45 o'clock Howard St. Methodist Howard and Chestnut Sts. Rev. Joseph T. Riley, Pastor Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Evening- Service 8:00 o'clock The Church of God Rev. F. H. Snavftly, Pastor Summit Ave. and Baltimore St. Sunday School 9:45 o'clock Morning- Service 10:45 o'clock y. P. Service 6:45 o'clock Evening- Service 7:30 o'clock Church Night 'Wed. .7:30. Union Chapel Corbett Strett Morning: Service 10:45 O'clock Evening- Service ...— 7:30 O'clock Sunday School 2:30 o'clock Cottage Prayer Meeting every Thursday. St. Paul's Methodist N. Potomac St. J. E. Kemp Horn, Pastor Sunday School 3:45 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock "Life's Leftovers." Evening- Service 7:30 o'clock "Brooks That Dried." Mid-week services Wed. 7:30 P. M. Millers Tabernacle Pentecost 1100 West Washington St. Rev. W. A. Miller, Pastor Sunday School 10:00 o'clock Evening Service 7:45 o'clock Prayer and Praise service Thursday evening of each week at 7:45 o'clock- Second Christian Church 65 W. North St. rtev. W. H. Taylor Morning Service .... 1! :00 o'clock Sunday School 3:00 o'clock Y. P. Service 7:30 o'clock Evening Service 8:00 o'clock Asbury Methodist Jonathan, near Church St. Rev. W. S. Jackton, Pastor, Sunday Schoi-j y;30 o'clock Morning Service 11:00 o'clock "A Human Impossibility." Evening- Service S:00 o'clock "You Live in God's House." Ebenezer A. M. 40 W. Bethel St. REV. D. A. WIL5OX. PASTOR Sunday School ^.-30 o'clock Morninj? Service 11:00 o'clock "Saint's Asylum." Evening: Service S:00 o'clock "Our Father." Zion Baptist Jonathan and Bethel Sts. Rev. Charles P. Comer, Pastor Morning Service 11:00 o'clock Sundav Schoo" 2:00 o'clock Y. P Service .. ^. 6:45 o'clock bvenins: Service ,. 8:00" o'clock SUNDAY IN COUNTY AND SUBURBAN CHURCHES SHILOH U. B. CHURCH. Rev. E. R. Andrews, pastor: Sunday School ........ !>:"n o'clock Y. P. Society ......... 7:00 o'clock Evening- Service ...... 7:45 o'clock ZIOM LUTHERAN CHURCH, Williamsport, Rev. W. C. Huddle. Pastor: Sunday School ........ 9:20 o'clock Morning- Service ..... 10:30 o'clock Harvest Home. L,uther Leafirue ........ 6:30 o'clock Evening 1 Service ...... 7:30 o'clock FA1RPLAY CIRCUIT OF THE CHURCH OF GOD, Rev. Clarence McGaha. Pastor: PAIHPLAY — Kible School ......... 3:00 o'clock V. P. C. E ............. 7 :()() o'clock Evening: Service ...... 7:30 o'clock Prayer service Thurs. 7:30 P. M. LOCUST VALLEY— Bible School .......... 0:30 o'clock Worship ............ 10:30 o'clock C. E .................. 7:30 o'clock Prayer Service Thurs.. S P. M. CHURCH OF THE UNITED BRETHREN IN CHRIST. Boonsboro Charge, R. L. Stine, Pastor: BOONSBOKO— P.ible School ......... 9:30 o'clock Worship and Holy M1DDLETOWN D. B. Middletown: Combined S. S. and Worship fr:30 o'clock C. Russell Hicks will speak. PLEASANT VALLEY U. B.— Sunday School 2:00 o'clock Worship Service :>;00 o'clock TRINITY CHARGE, THE CHURCH OF GOD. Chestnut, CHEWSVILLE R. Taylor. LUTHERAN CHURCH. Smithsburg, Md., Rev. Max Huddie, Pastor: » Sunday School U. B. CHURCH, Grove, Md., Rev. G. Pastor: Sunday School 10:00 o'clock Y. P. Service 6:30 o'clock! Evening: Service 7:30 o'clock! Prayer service Thurs.. 7:30 P. .M. ! ST. Rev. E. R. Andrews. Pastor: Sunday School f>:30 o'clock 10:30 o'clock Morninpr Service Y. P. Service ST. JAMES UNITED BRETHREN C. Kott- PETER'S ^-- 6:45 o'clock Evening- Service LUTHERAN CHURCH. Big Pool, ler, Pastor: 5u nday_Schpol ....... 10:00 o'clock 7:30 o'clock CHURCH, Clearspring, Md., THE CHURCH OF GOD. Zittles-1 Luther L . Hare. Pastor: Communion RKNEVOLA- Rible School MONKOE— Bible School ..... MT. LENA— Kihle School Worship and Holy Communion . ..' 2: 10:30 o'clock 9:30 7:30 o'clock o'clock 10:00 o'clock 1:30 o'clock 0 o'clock CHURCH OF UOD. Mt. Briar, Rev. Gardner R. Taylor, Pastor: Sunday School 10:00 o'clock Prayer Service, Wed,. 7:30 P. M. Morning- Service 10:1.", o'clock Sermon by ]i«v. J. T. Huddle, D. D., of Cotty.sburg-. Y. P. Service 6:30 o'clock CHRIST EVANGELICAL AND REFORMED CHURCH. Cavetown, Md., Rev. Edward T. Plitt, Pastor: Sunday Scliool 0:15 o'clock Morning Service 10:15 o'clock "The Mighty Mite." Harvest Home. Y. P. Service 7:30 o'clock WILLIAMSPORT METHODIST CHURCH, East Church St., Rev. Robert H. Hi Her, Pastor: Sunday School 3:30 o'clock Morning Service ;... 10:30 o'clock "The P**ril of a Serious Time" Evening Service 7:3(1 o'clock "Urf.-iking Down the Walls." Prjiyor meeting Wed. 7:30 P. M. MT. T A iToR LUTHERAN CHURCH, Fairview, Md., (Clear- spring Parish.^ Luther L. Hare. Pastor: Sunday School ]0;0n oVlork Morning Service ;i:r>o o'clock Rov. Harry Richivine xvjll preach. Y. P. Service 6:30 o'clock Evening Service 7:30 o'clock "Christian Education." town. Rev. G. R. Taylor, Pastor, j Sunday school . Sunday School 9:30 o'clock ' Morning service 9:00 o'clock Morning- Service 10:30 o'clock Prayer Service. Wed.. 7:30 P. M. ... 0:1 ~> o'clock , .. 10:30 o'clock Kev. Harry Richivine will preach. Y. P. Service 6:30 o'clock TRINITY REFORMED CHURCH, i CHRIST REFORMED CHURCH, Boonsboro, Rev. Groff, Pastor: Sunday School Morninpr Sorvice .... Harvest Home. Addison H. . !>:30 o'clock 10: IT> o'clock Sharpsburg. Rev. Groff, Pastor: Sunday School Addison H. 9:30 o'clock OTTERBEIN U. B. CHURCH, Falling Waters Road. H, C. Kottler, Pastor: Afternoon Service . 2:00 o'clock ST. JAMES BRETHREN Church Lydia, Maryland, W. S. Baker, pastor: Sunday school f<:30 o'clock .Morning Service 10:30 o'clock Evening- Service 7:30 o'clock Morning .service at St. Jam«_-s. Evening «ervic»- ;u j ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN CHURCH. Western Pike, (Clear- spring Parish.) Luther L. Hare, Pastor: Sunday School ?:30 o'clock Y. P. Service fl:30 o'clock! Evening Service 7:30 o'clock • Rev. Hnrry Richivine will preach.! REHOBETH UNITED BRETHREN CHURCH. Williamsport, H. C. Kottler, Pastor: Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Morning Servic* 10:45 o'clock \. P. Service 6:30 o'clock Miss Doris HufCer. Evening Service 7:30 o'clock Rev. F. G. Mentzer. Harvest Home Services. ST. JOHN'S REFORMED CHURCH, Clearspring, Md.. Rev. J. W. Huffman, Pastor: Sunday School f :3«'i o'clock V. J'. Sorvicu fJ::;o o'clock Evening S^rvii-f ST. PAUL'S REFORM ED CHURCH. \Vc-stern Pike, near Clearspring, Md., Rev. J. W Huffman, Pastor: Sunday School r<:r,o o'clock THE LEITERSBURG LUTHERAN- PARISH. 1. D. Worman. Pastor: ST. PAl'I.'S— Sunday School -' : "9 °' c ' oc k .Morning Service 10:30 o'clock J A<'< >!:>'— Worship 2:00 o'clock P. HARD'S— Sunday Sclu>.,i c«:30 o'clock BETHEL U. B. CHURCH, Rohrersville, Rev. C. R. Sechrist, Pastor: Sunday School 9:30 o'clock Rally. Home Coming .... Evening Service .. Harvest Home. 2:30 o'clock 7:30 o'clock Morning Service Y. P. S.-rvio- .' 10:30 o'clock] Kv.-niner MT. V E R X 0 N REFORMED CHURCH, Keedysville, Rev. Addison H. Groff, Pastor: Sundav School 10:00 o'clock CHRIST EVANGELICAL. AND REFORMED CHURCH, Funkstown, Md., Ed-ward T. Plitt, Pastor: Sunday School 10:00 o'clock Morning Service 9:00 o'clock 7:30 o'clock ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN : CHURCH, Greenoburs, Md., R«v. < Max Huddle, Pastor: 5?unday School 9:30 o'clot'k service. I Evening Service 7:30 o'clock band. vni , then you should announce your Continue to keep your marriage a ! marriage for people in new sur-; names secret as long as yon work in your roundings will know nothing of his present, line of work. Von ar e a i financial condition and he can be grand woman and your husband i a "retired capitalist." for all they might suffer if his former business j know! Any decent man but espe- assoeiates know of bis financial cir-! cially such a fine man as your hus- cumstances. Of course yon can,! band hates to accept Just give me your first and some friend's address will receive it. BETTY BRATXI-YID. KEEDYSVILLE Send pen name and real name in every letter. All communications 6SO money—or you say. help him in every way'partial support—from a woman no j confidential. Betty Brainerd. possible and be just as devoted as j matter how much he loves her. All' Madison Ave - Kew York City, if you were both under the same j of the personal things you wrote me roof. Everyone knows you are de-j show that th e best was nor.e too! In recent speed tests, says Chas. voted to each other and now look | good for you when R had money.! E. Frily, Jr.. a Texas game mana- i Style No. 3007 is designed for sizes 12. 14. 16, 36, 3S and 40. ! Hats No. 2506 is designed in one size, adaptable to any head size. ; Send FIFTEEN CENTS (15c) for this PATTERN. Enclo«e 10 j cents extra if you wish a copy of our Summer Fashion Magazine. j AM orders for the Morning Herald Peerless fashions should be ad UrtBsed Fasbion Dept., Hagerstown Morning Herald. 121 W«it Nineteenth Street, New York City, • upon you two as. the most devoted of friends. Since you have explained to me that your associates j valid reason for keeping your mar—and his former ones—know of his riage a secret at first and now, dear As a general rule I do not favor secret marriage but yon had a reduced circumstances, those un- lady, your reasons are both valid ger, he clocked mdurning doves flying at 70 miles an hour. kind and catty would criticize him and noble. Long happiness to yon if your marriage were known at. | both—and thank you for the kind this late date^ ; personal things you said of in-;-. If The time over < omes when both I T will h* glad to autograph my of you are able to move elsewhere j pwm to both you and your bus- RICHGREEN LAWN GRASS SEED Vrtr Fin* V*1v*ty T-awnt. TlYTHf to SOW It. -"<»\V f«C Orrf^r Yivrcr«« HOWARD'S K. TtflltiTnor* St. rh/vrv* Keedysville. Sept. 15. Mrs. Harry Bank?, ot" Baltimore, spont several days with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. }Inward Lynch. Mrs. Kmma Raker visited friends in Berkeley Springs, \V. Ya. Those who aurndcfl the wiener .Austin, and Mises Ecile Raker and roast, on the homecoming grounds Lottie Swain. held recently by tlu-Mite Society of' Mr. and Mrs. Paul Thomas, of the Lutheran church, wore: Mrs. A. j Baltimore, were week-end visitors H. Snively, Mrs. George Bell, Mrs.; of the former's mother, Mrs. Klla Shank. Mr. and Mrs. Kill's Mul- j Myrtie Thomas, lendore and children. Jimmie and i Molvin Reel, Jr.. and friend. Gene Tommie; Mrs. Charles Harp, Mr. i Owen, of Baltimore, spent the week- and Mrs. Harry Shank and daugh-1 end with the former's grandfather, ter. Elaine; Miss Alice Virginia ! P. S. Reel. Remsburg, Mr. and Mrs. David : Mrs. Margaret Baker and daugh- Kretzer and daughter. Rosalie; Mrs, ; ier. Elise. of Wilmington. Del., Nannie Kretzer. Mrs. McQuay, Mr. ; spent several days with Miss Grace and Mrs. Clarence Smith. Mr. and : Bak^r. j Mrs. Bernard Smith, Mr. and Mrs.' Charles T. Rowland, of Berry- Moss Gantz and daughters, Miriam j ville, Va., and daughter, Mrs. Katie : and Janice, Mr. and Mrs. Lester j M. Dietz, and daughter, Maria Ann, Hines and children, Pauline and i of Hagerstown, were recent visitor* " Leon, Mrs. Raymond Lowe, Mrs. Ksta Clopper. Mrs. M^ and Mrs. Roy Hollinshead and children, Paul. Patsy and Clifton; Mr. and Mrs. John Flook and son. j of the former's sister, Mrs. Georg- Emma Green.! ette Athey. The House of Blue White Diamonds M W. WastttMtm M. THE ION TON In C«mf«rt

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