Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 30, 1941 · Page 11
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 11

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1941
Page 11
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, October 30, 1941 STERLING DAILY GAZETTE. gTEBLIfr ? G. ILLINOIS Page Eleven Carroll, Ogle, Lee, Bureau and Henry Counties Rwsiw* 1SS Miss Morcella Travis Discusses Training Of Child for School Fan] Lone s'no's-fd moving r'-'"^;;'?* «f:e of Thr 4-H rl-.ib rr.»-n- refreshment* at -r.*n iCIirence Selby Talks Before Prophetsfown P. T. A. on Democracy The Prophet.'.to-an P T A me Tuesdav rtening at il-.f urnnr sr'p.oo'l with Ciaience Pr'.hv of. Rrx-kfcnd 1 former Wmnebago ro-:r.rv s-.inenn-, tendent of srhnnV--. p5 t:-e e\enii!H, kitpeaker. Mr Selbv -T->sr on • De- "rnorrafv B'sir^ at Hon.? Hr compared the home to o :r nat^n and Stressed the ininortfliirr of main- Uining democrat!- \iens and principles in the home. Mr Se'by Rave illustrations where n dictatorial at- kmosphrre in the home lesultfd in many catastrophes to the children. •As the home goes, so goes the nation." was brmniht out bv Mr. Sel- br. who said that an understanding between parent?; and children and a democratic household goes to build fc m stronger nation. The third grade gave a class room demonstration conducted by Le«h fallows, the instructor. After which Miu Fellows exhibited books and materials used in the third grade •nd explained the advantage of the P praoent books and methods over the •Id one*. The high school saxophone quartet played two instrumental num- ton and the programs for the year's •ctirities of the P. T. A. were dis- ^ tributed. P Ruth Forney announced book week as Nov 2. through Nov. 9. and Invited everyone to visit both the ' fUbUc library and the high school library during that week. p County Deputy Wolfe Talks Before Grange Ttoe Rock River grange met Tues- 4«y evening In the Riverside school- b house. Bortheast of Prophetstown. * There wms • large attendance and the main feature of the evening was m talk - by Godfrey Wolfe, county tffpotr. He gave many Rood instructions on Grange work. It was Bedded to change the night of the h tegular meetings to the first and third Friday nights of each month. At the close of the meeting refreshments *«re. aerved by Mrs. Clyde Arnold. Mr*. Cbarlec Cleaveland and Pars. William Obendorf. •; Birthday Dinner " 7 ~Mr and Jiri Frank flchehl entertained at a turkey dinner in their bom* west of Prophetstown Tuesday in honor of their daughter. rlev. who celebrated her 13th. anniveraary. Af nort:' 1 of Mis Jor.n Poul'.'r ^•.'.;i Mr* Prv:'.'.pr 16 in the Two Cars Damaged in Prophetstown Crash Prophetsfown Briefs • Mr s:ri Mr.< M." % "~ Rr:-r-a-d nrd t!-.p r.r-rr* of Mr. s;;d Mr*. J. B.. n*!? !n fr C. C. Krrr, r* Huro I *• t«h!»* of -.. Mr< Kf> Mr. \\>-^"f'- J «-. *'•* •MLIUS HEWS I>*M«r— W'nr I>K"r«r» j«nrt family. Mr. ant? Mr*. C. O. N>!«o-i pnd f».rr,;',v. Mr. | *n<i Mr* l.\ > Nf'.r<vi. Mr* Albert v?;cjr>r. Mr. snd Mrs. J. E. ,Inh!w»n. TTO-X Mr »rd Mr*. Amlfi Mr- O'nrsr Piflrnwn. Mr.' V^Jtfr. *n-rt Mr. and Mrs ThoM pcaMtot wwi l^tnaa Kdman, Martha •Ibley. Joan Conrad. Berna dine Moore. Naomi Hoogerwerf. Lois ^Jahiwan fed Mr. and Mn. Fred k IWiahl and afth Cuv«ne. and one 9 •Meter. Pnylll*. ahirley received lovely gifts. Honor Birthday iMrs. Le Roy KnUkern of Lyndon honored at a. birthday party »y evening m the home of and Mrs. Robert Herald of letstown. Guests were Mr. and . Le Roy Knlskern and daughter Doric Harrinfton and Ka«* , OadT. all of Lyndon. M:-.s Mm p .i» Tj'ii ••:.<;. ti:' p::rr,»rv tes":>rr in t!:e grad'' wJioo!. •»».•; i:ie R:ir.--t .<;;>€ «'<r-r. Siie f;x)ice on training t::e <:..!d »!:o :s .ttarting K':-.ool. ,Q; ; «. rxi.i:ft,i'."d ti'.f fx>uise thu.t L« fol- iowfd ;:i TefirJ^i.g t::r ciuidren read- ins and ftl.'o 'old that toda>'» pr:- marv -,>•;;>;! i-s not Introduced to n-.;:iirx:.'i or J:g:ires until the 5f<- onti ••f:r.''. e -'?r of the .school •. ^ar. •i.<-fd ;n the first grftde snd to'.d of their adv«n!»ee5. Mr.«. Howard R»smu**en wa* admitted to membership. It wa* voted by the rlub to .'.pmi Jl to the Indian •welfare scholarship fund. Mrs. Ctrl AndrrM>n Rave K report on the regional (ronvention held in La Salle Oct. 15. Mr.v Arlyn Dorathy was defense chairman. Aid Society Votes Funds for Repairs Mrs. Ed Rodee iras hoMeAs to the Prophetstown Congregational Aid .•society at »n afternoon meeting Wednesday. There were 16 members present. They voted to donate $100 to the men's organization for the balance due on the roofing project of the church. After the program anagrams were played with the prize going to Nettie Washburne. The June division served the refreshments. Men Entertoin at Centerville School The Center-vine Community dub met Tuesday evening at the Centerville school, southeast of PropheU- town. The men of the oominunity entertained the ladiea for the evening. After community atnglng. rur* (f(...n''a R' i:;r ir.' x-?:on o? \\>5' Fifth f-trpft ni'.d Lo-|' :i!R »! 10 30 p m. Phvilis Schfh: risriRh'T o: Mr and Mr-, Fifd •an* driving .with of Loc:i<: Mir^t »nd > Cf'.nrlfs f{««k'.;!.'; ^*.< tra-.fiins; M..<t on Wr.«.t K;f!!i strm Uir <-*?.•; col!:drd. Both cam hsdiv (',a:r,«EPri ti'i! no or.p •«a^ rnr WPIP Phvi;;.c. a i .;i !PV and K';g'np Ma:t!-« S'.hlrv. Tfre^a Roman and Lois Johnson. »::':•*:• ' «r » f'frrf :* •a?r»- Mrs. Carl B:**»r retunif-d to hrr Mr.v Datrril fV'.f:>on -sms horn* T\i«*dav p-.«>nin« afwr * tiirrr ] nav aftf-rRoor, :n '-^ f D-.jdJev ambii-i . Mr.< Rr,..<-:-. :-.«.<, b^ri :'.! for: fl! ri» - ..« »rc :r. :>o<?k hf>»it:i tori Mr* Karl Miir l-dR* club W><1 r IrrriU TWI room. b>5 of bndg* »rd : :8h v^ :rr " Mrs. Wni'er Sorr.rr'r? M:.«. Arian* B * T ' | Housewarming Shower ,;^; | At Wayne Johnson Home Mr »:.:! M:* WRM," Jol.iv-on of tnd .Mrs. View I>Cr»n?. Attend Council Meet M«r::;iu Ho-urhold Rritncf flub a' a fall » d*v bv n w ho a'?»*ntlfd t! r:l of Worr:*ns ciub*. nf.griboTv Tfi* • Wyan^t T'if.*d»v afternoon. Mr and Mr< Mr.« Lf^trr O!off.vwi Mrs Mr* H»'f'. Mr W!l! Mr* Mr* v H»«b». Mr*. Donald K;:is. Mcmlius Briefs Mr. »nd Mr* F- A K;ri::dR» Mr ftrrf Mr,* Prrry Kf>'r> aivl M*ry .Tan'" *pfp P'lnris'. dir.nT ft P.*** if Mr. unri Mr*, Morris of K*n» R'v. and Mr? F S.fF.ia'ri o' Chi- 60 -were T^if.'day ruz:'*. ri:nntr ip'W <->f Mr. and Mrs. Orr-rge R. at Arvsjwch. Tire 01 A&Rirrr.u A.ns Show Pictures at Leon Aid Meeting T>on l«d!K Aid society tnft on ednp5dnv afternoon in. thp horn* of Mrs Ciavton Clpment*. south of Prophrt.'itow n. Th^re were 35 members and thre* guests, Mr«. Roland Basdcn. M,rs. Charlw Domfler and Mr*. Edith Doty, present from the Young Women's society, and they, with Mrs. Raymond South, presented .jnission pictures. Dr. Elmlna Stewart led the devotionaU and her topic »aA "Tlie Week of Prayer.™ A di5<u5Aion was held on nesl week's budget. Miniature Symphony A miniature symphony was presented by the Singing Strings at an a.«*emb!y program in the PropheU- town high school Wednesday mom- tng. The group conaUt^d of a pi- IISUIINOE AIXFOftMS Tfcaa FJUNK STAGIR Ml I* Delicious—Quick ' Easy Van Gamp's Columbia football coach. 1 suggests this sman, practical, inexpensive andeasy-to-prcpaie "after the £*•*" supper. --^tar tfrSmlfJ On tiktt Van Camp's IRC. \fi // Now that what I coffee! Itow IMP bM It k4Nm siacc you luivc Mid, "Now that • what I call good coffee!"? You tan't k*l» biu ujr it wh«o you drink Hills Bros. CofM. Tkis <>SBOM cofac !•• • tftvor oooikcr coffn bas, for no other coiot is roftjgcd tin saoi* way. B* C*MitiM to**mg—t process.origi* s»a«ia«d«»«d«*cl«tai»«lybyHilUBrot.— •««g7 coffee beaa io it* Ibleod is roasted •veaJv. NOIM overdoac! Npne uadcr- dosttf Such control develops favor per- Csctios) tkat awirer varies. fko MMaMMl ••••)•••« of Hills Bros* Coffee is deeaosutrated by tbe fsa tbaf k is oae coffee *ov CM use ia any kind of coffee>sieker. «W Cittavk flnM is fuaranteed to produce best results io DsUP\GLASS MAKER, PERCOLATOR, or POT, if tbe directions on tbe side of the Hills Bros. Coffee can are followed. OF Ft COUNTLESS FAMILIES ON • NOW SAVE ?o I0< A IB. mf*t M MB aot. J«* try it—MM! rnmgmie vnlk M^MM **M^M> ^•MuJ £«* •_« K ^_ - - -••' •^•^•v ^Vj ^pMHl luv V^Ry r** 4 !'• mtn, hm't • ivnvy iftiM accaaltf ia K, Vi«t«wO>a%» it €••••• CocaM Cetfct! af> to l»c a RED CIRCLE 1OKAR EIGHT O'CLOCK COFFEE MBKAI uam auaw com '»«. BAM 37e 2^43* COFFEE . . . UPUKIUMT .... . IRg,2itMg27> EUOT IK EXTIA A & P CMC E QUALITY MEATS hiiP leMtMaU isr n» cm cun SH^.SsSSHiS'sSsS CHOICE RIB ROAST . o • • o AAP i»! •I A ftP rAMCT »M». 1 STEWINC OSl «-» L». AVSAACK ^£- ROASTING CHICKENS 23c ••••«• W«BH>B>K W««V^ DODlfe LEGOFLAMI . ..15* SMOKED HAMS HALT PO«TIOM •UTT roemoM \ GCHUINE IWI SnUNC GOLDEN SPICE IAR JAm PARKEK EA. ejUALITV NRKSAUUIE __ ABanmm SAUSACC |7c TMBJMER 9UHMVF1ILD ^ |7r IUCCB BACM __JiS:tf« wiLsofra FAanLY VTYLC ^1§s SUBEB BA8N •^••> MUMTTS. rANCY CHICKEN UVERS * lit ..tit quAurr SMERKRAUT a**»a*lKaeBe /^ABfaC OftANCC- Ole «•**•>(•"£*••• W%^I^^EE WJ%I%E PINEAPPLE FILLED EA. * • •••»«• eMOTel. CHIP COOKIES J S5«5{S? '^ «S« POUND CAKE JA "^1S"' . ^ lt< DtVR.1 FOOD CAKI 3$£__ u .S*e i our ITH V, A R I E TIES FISH %ND SEA FOODS ruamr SANDWICH LOAF iH-tav BNB1CHCO__IXIAF • CAIC. FT.ITt I-L1. MALTED MMT OOVKAEO aTEi PKC. •-*'- PKC. 17* ££.•• J4t»U STttt UiiY .. || t • -k. oeaoejLATK MUM Aie> itt wfoi wifnt^^ nt MLaV 111 AFTER WASMINCTOH JONATHAN APPLES EATMOR CRANIERRIES TfXAS MAFiPRUIT Sll ^^.» CAUTOtNIA CAtROTS grtfg^?"^ WA3HIMCTON IHf MT1HF* MAMa> MIMCT AWH.ES. 3t«ii)c POTATOES SMOOE ISLANg* ATTLCS •tl«HIMf>$_ •». C*) •"^••••W •»•*! I ITc YAMS. •™^»« *M^MV • i^a««^wvrw POTATOfS n c*» BtUSSSLS SMOUTS __ ~ Mria* A*. •*- c»*. « 311 iMhw A*. •» C**) •UI-U rstcrAJUEO reiure wwpLC isjejavrn or GRAPiNUJIT . . PtNEAPPLE JUICE t wo. < CANS 4T-OZ. • • • CAN • • jl*f BS^lfc* __ EM, CAW "•< FOYCHOTSIIfY POY MA» ttOLASStS. POT MAN SfMHITS •err AS TK&TUBB Scot-Tissue 27 C ^•aiP^Hl^P^B^a**JBB^ft^B^ir^» W IMMNTfTI

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