The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa on June 13, 1894 · Page 4
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The Algona Republican from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 13, 1894
Page 4
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ALGONA REPUBLICAN BY MILTON Sf AH8, Terms of Subscription. *>ne copj, one yea*.' in adtatice $i.6fl> One Cony, sit months. In Advance 76 On« copy, three months. In advance .'. 40 Subscriptions continue till ordered Stopped fcnd nil arrearages are paid. CRBSCO—Thursday* June 14, at 4p. m., at the .f. R. Jones' school house. Delegates to all county conventions this year to be named. O. A. POTTER.Ohn. RiVttRDALK—Stewart school house, June 14, 4p, m. A. FISHER, Chn. FOURTH WARD, Algona--Wednesday, 13th, 8 p. m., ai the shftrtff's office. W. 0. DAMSON, Ch'n. THIRD WARD, Algona—Thursday, 8 p.m., Normal building M. P. RANDALL, Chn. DEMOCRATIC DISCONTENT. We quoted last week from Harper's Weekly a specimen utterance of the independent press, which has of late years supported the democratic party as a party of tariff reform, and which now finds that, with democracy in absolute control of the government, tariff reform is as far from realization as ever. But the straight democratic newspapers are not very much behind their independent contemporaries, and it is enough to make the democratic heart sick to hear what the leading party organs are saying. The Louisville Courier-Journal calls upon the democrats in Congress to drop the tariff and adjourn. It says that "the situation could not be worse, the outlook darker, the act with whose passage we are threatened more disreputable. " - It calls upon the president to "retire the administration from all responsibility and concern as to the measure before the senate by sending a message to congress denouncing the whole proceeding, calling the democratic masses to his side, and having the effect to stampede and adjourn the entire rotten rump concern." The New York Evening Post, which has supported the democratic party for many years, declares that "Every paragraph of the senate tariff bill that is probed by an expert reveals new rottenness." The New York World, Times, Herald and Run and the leading democratic papers of the country generally are outspoken in their denunciation of the democratic congress, and of Cleveland who is behind it. Here in Iowa the universal feeling of disapproval is voiced by the Des Moines Leader, which says: Now there is a congress to be elected and in this election there is a chance to administer a rebuke that will never be forgotten. To do this properly and effectively partisan feeling will have to give way to a broad patriotism and the public good. Make a clean sweep and leave at home every man who has a seat in the present congress. No matter what party he belongs to, where he hails from or what's his name, let the people stamp out the present congress as absolutely and as utterly as the Almighty in his wrath destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. Not a man should be left to preserve its memory or to perpetuate its inefficiency, This would not catch all the senators, but in the proper time they should come down also. The tremendous outrage i perpetrated upon the people by this congress should' never be forgotten and should not go unpunished. That ungrateful, stupid and treacherous body deserves to be buried under the eruption of public indignation as Pompeii was buried tinder the ashes of Vesuvius. Of course this utterance of the Leader is somewhat inconsistent, as it includes in its wholesale denunciation alike those who are responsible for the acts of the present congress and those who have exerted themselves to the utmost in opposition, but the people understand well enough what is meant and they can be depended upon to exercise a patriotic discrimination when they go to the polls. The Dubuque Telegraph, one of the ablest democratic papers in the state, is as outspoken as the Leader and more specific. It says; If the sole purpose of the new sugar schedule were the raising of revenue, the senate would provide that the sugar duties should go into effect simultaneously with the other duties. That it has not so provided, but on the contrary has deferred the sugar duties for six "months and thus decreed that $34,000,000 which should go into the treasury shall go into the pockets of the trust, is proof conclusive that in preparing and approving the schedule the senate was governed by other consider. atipns than that of revenu,e*rais:(ng. It committed the outrage upon the sugar consumers of the country for three rea* sons: first, because the majority wished to repay the trust for its liberal contributions of money to the democratic national campaign fund in 1892; sec' end, because the trust had "influenced" some democratic leaders who in turn forced honest democratic senators, by threats of defeating the whole bill, < to assent to the steal; and third, because if the duties should go into effect this month or next", the price of sugar would immediately rise and the consequences would be very injurious to aejnocratio congressional candidates at the November elections, Verily, it was an evil day for the 4emocratic party when it came into T«e truth is that under repub- control the country was well gov* prosperous, a»4 flesp&e free trade agitation, reasonably contented, was declaredly i» tfce at i cmild foe kept up-and out factitfei-s and producers jet nave at least as fait ft chance ftith Atnefican consumers as would those abroad. This was the treason that Was laid at the door of the republican party. It was to do away With this evil, to purify politics and to bring genuine pi-bspef ity to a suffering country that the democratic party Was restored to power. But When returned to power it proved false to its free trade promises and at the same time false to protection, it has regarded its pledges with contempt, and it has treated the prostrated industries of the land with indifference. It has cared neither for millions of money invested nor millions of men empoyedi Its one concern has been personal and partisan aggrandisement. Its resumption of power was marked at once by a revolution of public opinion against free trade. Now there is a revulsion of sentiment at the spectacle of democratic corruption in congress. The effect is bound to be tho repudiation and retirement of the democratic party. A summer school of applied Christianity will bo held at Iowa College, Grinnell, June 27th to July 4th. Lectures will be delivered by eminent, men on social and political problems "in the light of the gospel of Christ." Prof. Gates and Prof. Herron, of Iowa College, Prof. Ely, of Wisconsin University and other men of ability will deliver lectures. The circular announcing the school says: "It is the idea of its conductors that this conference be a school of the social disciples of Jesus. It is their hope that many will come together who believe that Jesus is the redeemer of society a7id of nations."oThere is no danger that in these troubled and perplexed times such a school will do any harm. If the principles of Christ were applied in business as they should be there would be some wonderful changes, and all for the better. The Carroll Herald says that in the Carroll high school boys who do not smoke average fully four per cent, higher in their studies than those who do, and concludes that "tobacco is a positive injury to the young mind as well as the body." This is no doubt true, but possibly tobacco may not be responsible wholly for the four per cent, difference. In view of the well known effects of tabacco, is not a boy to be set down as weak minded in a degree, to begin with, who deliberately forms the smoking habit? In the fourth judicial district of Illinois, last week, the republicans elected their candidate, Joseph N. Barter, by upwards of 4,000 plurality. Two years ago the same district gave Cleveland 7,000 plurality. The republican gain is above 11,000. In Oregon, where the populists have had the governor for eight .years, the republicans last week elected their candidate by 15,000 plurality, the largest plurality ever given any governor in Oregon. The republican party seems to be the party of the people. Speaking of the blunder of the state committee in taking out of the hands of the republican convention the naming of its permanent chairman, tho Waterloo Reporter says: "After the unpleasant experiences of last year it was not thought that the experiment would be repeated, but it seems that the committee still thinks itself bigger than the convention." The establishment of saloons under the mulct law has met with sturdy opposition from the prohibitionists in Emmet county. The saloon petitions were compared with the poll lists last week and the promoters were disappointed to find that they were one hundred less than the requisite number of names, and a new canvass will be made. The law providing for an insane asylum at Cherokee appropriated $13,000 for the purchase of 320 acres near that city to be used as a site, but the commission finds itself unable to buy any tract of that size near Cherokee for that amount, and has adjourned sine die. That this is a dis,- gusting situation, the people of Cherokee all agree. In the House of Representatives last Wednesday the bill to repeal the 10 per cent, tax on state bank issues was beaten out of sight by a vote of 170 to 103. So another pledge of the Chicago platform was violated. Every republican, 7 populists and 75 democrats voted against the bill, and 103 democrats for it, A lew years ago the movement to lengthen out the presidential term to six years was very popular, but it is now said to have dried up and blown away, "Four more years of Grover" effectually cured the country of that notion. Estherville has voted for water works and electric lights, the vote being practically unanimous. The two plants will be installed together, and the same power will be used for both. Estherville is coming rapidly to the front. The Dos Moines Leader asserts that "The president of the United States is a man of utmost perversity, or he is shame^ fully imposed upon by his Jowa advisors." ceU«re is wore profitable te the farmer ROW tim bis ott*er crops, JJrewn Bros, Co., tbe most extensive nursery bouse in tbe U. 8., have a vacancy in this section. Write them & Chicago, Jl}., f or tbeir terns. 38-39 Be sure and get a sack o£ flouy only 70c, per sack. W saofe.-^£to & STACY. YOUNG HAWKES KEllASEP. Geo, j Afidu&ed of Mid his Bf-othef, §et Mrs. Hawked theft asks fot the Custody of the Children and Met fe- tition is Granted. The boy, Geo« HaWkes, Who captured bis little brother at the home of Ilenrj Cutrati and started off With him for Nebraska, seems to have been Working under instructions from his mother, who desired itt this way to get possession of her two children. The plan did not work as to the little girl, as she Would not consent to leave the Curran's. On arriving home from Alton with the two boys, Deputy Branson turned the younger over to County Attorney Raymond, who sent him by Ernest Raymond, to Cttrran's, while George •was lodged in jail.. The hearing came off Wednesday, W. B. Quarton appearing for young Hawkes and the County Attorney prosecuting, while Mrs. Hawkes, who had come on from Nebraska, was a deeply interested spectator. After hearing the evidence Justice Clarke released George and subsequently gave Mrs. Hawkes the custody of the two younger children. Mr. Curren made a hard fight to keep the children, but the f actthat no papers of adoption had been- passed went against his legal claims. For the purpose of blocking the action of Mrs. Hawkes for the recovery of the children, Mr. Curran put in a claim for board, which he insisted must be paid before the children could be demanded, but Justice Clarke ruled against him. The parting between the children and their foster parents was very affecting. The girl was but a babe when taken into the family and knew no other mother than Mrs. Curran. Since her husband went to the penitentiary Mrs. Hawkes has obtained a divorce and is living on a farm near Fort Robinson, Nebraska. The boy George has the appearance of a nice hard working boy, and neither in looks nor actions takes after his renegade father. GREAT ANNUAL EVENT. Eleventh Graduating Program of the Algona High School, To-Morrow Evening, at Call's. 84-37 We have a snap for you, pf ggGdj Ipj- }§o, at tile Qaej$ The graduating exercises of the High School occur to-morrow evening at Call's Opera House. To cover the rent of the opera house an admission fee of 15 cents will be charged. The opening is set for 8 o'clock. Following is the CLASS ROLL. Latin Scientific Course: Lizzie Wallace, Olive Salisbury, Rubie E. Smith. English Scientific Course: Lutie Hart, Will Galbraith, Howard Wallace, Clara Hamilton, Maud Cowan. THE PROGRAM. •'. Chorus, Whirl and Twirl .Wagner Euterpean Olub.—Mrs. J.T. Ohrischilles, Accompanist. •• • Invocation Kev. Bobt. Baffnell Oration The Force of a Sunbeam Clara Hamilton. Oration • "I Servo" Euble E. Smith. Oration Europe of To-day Howard J. Wallace. Violin Solo. Wedding March .. Mendelsshon Miss Kate Smith.—Maud Smith, Acc'mt. Oration Socialism Will Galbraith. Oration Swan Songs of the Poets Maud M. Cowan. Oration "Heel of Achilles" Lutie Hart. Vocal Solo Selected Dr. A. L. Bist. Oration The Message Lizzie Wallace. Oration. Seven Ages Olive Salisbury. Chorus, Best Thee on this Mossy Pillow.... Smart Euterpean Club. ', '•••,.. Presentation of Class to Board of Education W. H. Dixson Presentation of Diplomas to Class . President Geo. E. Clarke' Benediction Bev. A. V. Gorrell CLOSE OF SCHOOL. The schools close Thurday morning. Rhetorical exercises will be held in all of the rooms, commencing at 9 o'clock, Pupils' work in Botany and Drawing especially on exhibition. Everybody is cordially invited. A RECEIVER ASKED FOR. In the Case of the American Investment pany of Emmetsburg,—Said to te Spite WorH. A Register special of the lltb, from Dubuque, says: A bill was filed inthe United States court here Saturday by eastern stockholders asking that a receiver be appointed for the American Investment company of Emmetsburg, Iowa, Judge Shiras issued an order returnable June 19th to defendant to show cause why th'e receivership should not be granted, SPITE WORK ALLEGED, An Emmetsburg special is given in the same connection which says: In an interview with the officers of the American Investment Company in relation to the application for a receiver made before Judge Shiras at Dubuque, they said the application was made by proxies and powers of attorney ob' tamed by R. 0, Richards, a former employe of the company, who bad determined to wreck the company be* cause he had been notified that he would »ot be aUowed to handle the company's la»4 in Dakota any longer, Tbe officers say the earojngs of $je company the last three years was nearly 1300,000 jn excess of amount necessary to pay expenses, all of which has beejj used to pay the cost of I preejos* ure, acquiring titles, payment of taxes and betterment of the property. They add that the boofes have been «xami»ea by an expert several tiwes and the methods oJ the company eo8jmenae& The company wUV fight the application- HARRY MOORE'S The RB?UPLICAH last week deferred, the write-up of Harry Moore's exajainr ation for definite infermalion of there* suit, a,n,d at Ww l»t rooweut ed the matter, The quteo^ laet, m 4ouW, After Mating the test of educational « fof to ttenfc afct>frcie to W&6h* Mth Matrjr, and hfiS an intei* view with Cofcfffessmaft Dolliver, who interested himself greatly in Hatty's case and took him to his wh rooms. It was decided that Harry, should go to Baltimore and have an operation on his tofisils perfdfl&ed by a noted spec* ialist there. If that proves suc&esaf u! a retrial of his physical qualifications is hoped for. QtfR 15VS ABROAD, Buffalo Center Tribune: Chas* Bos- singbam and Stilman Moore, of Algb- M, Were visitors to our toWO, Monday. They drove across the country with "our Jamie" and returned again in the afternoon. They are nice yotmg men Whom We Would be glad to welcome as citizens of Buffalo Center. ,. . .James Randall, of Algeria, came over Monday and accepted a position on The Trifr* tine as compositor. He is a young in an of excellent priaciples and industrious habits, and a good workman, Patrons of The Tribune visiting the office in our absence will find him courteous and obliging, and may transact their business with him as safely as With the editor. / WHITTEMORE WEDDING. - DEAUCHS.— At the residence of the bride's parents on Tuesday evening at 8 p. m. L. J. DeGraw and Mary Dearchs both of this place, Rev. N. L. Notchkiss, officiating. The affair was of the quiet, order and the young couple immediately commence life *n their new home " which had been equipped and furnished by the groom for their reception. The band Was out and serenaded the couple in fine shape and the compliment was acknowledged by liberal treatment of the boys. The Champion joins in the general congratulations and bespeaks for the twain smooth sailing upon an unruffled sea. — Champion. House and barn to sell or rent. Enquire at the postoffice. 37-40 WAKTED— A lady manager in Algona. $10 to $18 a week. Reply with stamp to J. E. Downing, Ft. Dodge, Iowa. 37-38 Money to loan on long or short time 20-tf. GEO. C. CALL. Call at JONES & STACY'S and get a sack of that famous flour, only 70c. 34-87 Money to Lonn. Money on hand to loan on second mortgages. QEO. C. CALL. 22tf Low Rates to Council Bluff's. On account of the annual encampment of the department of Iowa, G. A. R. the North-Western line will, from June 17 to 21, sell excursion tickets to Council Bluffs and return at greatly reduced rates; tickets good for return passage until June 22, inclusive. For tickets and full information apply to agents Chicago & North-Western Railway. POLAND CHINA BROOD SOWS, For sale by John Switzer, 4 miles east of, Algona. .'.... 34-35 DRAIN TILE! -AT$12,00 PERM, ON CARS_AULGONA, This is cheaper than they are retailed at tho factories. Don't fail to call on J, A, Hamilton & Go, Before buying your Brick, Tile, Stone or Sewer Pipe; and remember that they sell all Kinds of Hard Wood Lumber, Picket Fencing, Felt Roofing and Paper at Bed Rock Prices. E. E. SAYEBS, D, Y, M., VETERWAM PHVSICIAM AND SVRGEOX,- orOffice west of the Thorlngton Bouae, Algonajowa. HOSPITAL Accommodation?. ,«c DENTIST:^ A. L, BIST, E>, D. S. Local anaesthetic for deadening pain in gums when extracting teeth. E, G,BOWYER, f AfCHES, CMS m JEWBI, 411 kinds of Silverware, Bepawing a specialty. flfl ( PB!*P $ ^^f aWsPflSIW^^ fPWWHW^ Manufacturer of and dealer in Harness and Harness Goods. ALQQNA. IOWA, QEO, W, HUNTER, Good Rig for Oommerola.1 and Business men f urntshea on s&ppt w>tlpe, l M Men am Facers FOR §Akg OR lajrton streefe South of HpteJ Tenna.nt. SMITH PUTS TILING, Spurb^ck & Lambirt, A&ti bfiltfiMs m . , our prices on anything pertaining to the manufacture of butter and cheese and we will save you money. Something,. f Is always catislflf to buy those things that ate N6W i i i i i In the lifle of fine Stationery, Papetef- ies, Visiting Cards, Envelopes, add Otfd« Cases. These goods ate of the latest, styles and have been purchased 4^/f^OR^YCMJ la order to please you and remunerate myself, So don't be timid, but step right ,in and inspect them ft«d I know you Will buy, Don't Pay the Fm Our Abstract Books arc complete up to date, and reliable. They represent, an outlay of thousands of dollars and wore prepared by an experienced abstractor. Our patrons may tlierelore feel certain of getting reliable abstracts. Our work is guaranteed and we furnish abstracts as cheap as irresponsible and incompetent persons who have no books, though the county does not pay us a salary, clerk hire, office rent or evjm furnish us stationery. FARMS AND WILD LAND FOR SALE MONEY CONSTANTLY ON HAND FOR FARM LOANS, And furnished Immediately upon application. Opera House Block. HAY & RICE. GO TO. GUDDEN BARB WIRE, Of which they have the sole agency, Anti-Rust Tin Wire, *- Minnesota Linseed Oil Company's Paints, - AND THE Bissell Carpet Sweeper, The Best Sweeper Made. WEITGENANT BROS., t Corner State and Thorington. •;.-* CHAS. ROSEWALL.4- '. Painting and Paper Hanging u r if u Attended to Frozxrptly . HORSE SENSE IN A THE WORLD'S FAIR, . Committee, who tested, Jhe /ipCormieis Np, 4 $tw\ In the only regujay ejq fiel4 trials, in «, h,env3; of timothy an4 cjover, their official report: •efficiently of tljp mji?l)ine Is thus, under fair poridltJpnjS, pearly 70 pey ^cenU Ordlpyy figure? (or }n higher In 'total drftft. with a,n. pf opt fthoy? .GQ pej wWeb tetM* ' Mu . JHACHINi C8 5 , CHICAGO, anH are for sale

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