Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas on February 26, 1959 · Page 9
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Pampa Daily News from Pampa, Texas · Page 9

Pampa, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 26, 1959
Page 9
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m/ omen 6 t)oHs £' Wilson Batty New* Women 1 * Editof Mrs. H. L. Braly Presents Program For Lefors Home Demonstration Club consisting of chicken, sweet potatoes, onions, asparagus, strawberry fluff, waa prepared by Mrs. M, L. fcfaly as a, pfofram f6f the Lefos-s Hom§ Demonstralldn CluB at its regular meeting In her home on Thursday afternoon. The meal was served with coffee and coconut rookies at the close of the meeting. Mrs. 0. O. Bishop, president, An. oven meai| Report* were given by the e* hibil chairman, Mrs. Floyd Roan; flower fund chairman, Mrs. A. T, Cobfc; treasurer, Mrs. B. S. Dlehl, and council delegate, Mr*. J. D. Smlthee. Thft annual fat stock Show wan discussed and plans were made to work on Mar. 4th, Each member Is to bring one large or two smafl pies. DEAR ABBY... By Abigail Van Surer* mm THURSDAY, FEMtfAK? 20, 9 ABfiYi When th« lights fo out I like to give my wife ft bedtime kiss, bid you evef kis9 a woman with her teeth out? Well, that's my problem. 1 can tell you It isn't very much fun. She used Mrs. J. D. SmHhee'a relation ^ weft j, ncj , teeth to hed but )ate presided over the busin&ss meeting with prayer led By Mrs. Charles Roberts. Roll call was answered with "Hfow to help dti'f club." Minutes were read by Mrs. W. K. Davlr. , A game, "Sweetheart," was led by Mrs. A. T. Cobb In connection with the Valentine theme. Mrs. B, D. Vaughn reported that' the city park had been measured, a map made giving specifications for planting trees, shrubs, had been made, and that the dead grass had been burned off. "Ev- jerythlng is in readiness for a work day, which will soon be set," Mrs. Vaughn reported. Mrs. B. J. Thacker reported that she had received approval from the city council for the club to bury water pipes, Use city concrete blocks, build outdoor toilet*, and landscape the park. ' AS council delegate was accepted . )y 8he tftkefl them out b ecau«e she clecl -|Sftys they hurt her. I tell her to go I get them fixed but she says they we jj e don't bother her that much. Be ft ed to fill the office. Present for the meeting Mmes. M. L. Braly, Ted Kendall, C. C. Wells, B. J. Thacker, W, K. Morris, B. J. Leininger, F. .£>. j Roan, W. K. Davis, 0. O. Bishop, W. E. Melton, Carl Barber (visitor), Floyd Mines, M. L. Rippy, L. D. Rider, B. D. Vaughn, R. W. Beck, A. T. Cobb, J. t>. Smlthee, his h«ad and doing the "hootchie- kootchie' 1 dance, i am the quiet type and hate to see him make a fool of himself. * How can 1 get htm W he more dignified? Me Is almost 60 and ought to know better. pal, Abby, and help me out. EMBARRASSED Deaf Embarrassed; If your husband enjoys himself and others enjoy him, there is no reason to jfeei that he is "making a fool" of NOT SATISFIED' himself. Let him have a good Dear Not: Cajole, threaten or bribe but get the little woman to the dentist who made her d e n- lure*. An tiny bit of adjusting can make a whale of a difference ini time. ucv-rv, n, x . V>VMI/I ii • i~s > \jiii n-ii^c, > . , tit Charles Roberts, R. H. BradftMd, ! vour Domestic relations and B. J. Kiehl. Mrs. Walden Feted With Baby Shower Sarah J. Smith, Sarah E, Mullins Celebrate Birthday LfiFORS fSpl) — Mrs. S a r a h j Mmes, Cook, Walls Hostesses To Club LEFORS (Spl) — Tuesday Sewing Club met In the civic center! DEAR ABBY: I am too asham: ed to sign my name to this letter ; but I hope you will print it in the recently with Mr*. Joe Cook and 1 j paper because I need an answer-Mr*. Warrsn Walls as hostesses. 1 and I c'on'l know where to turn. ~* My eleven-year-old son is getting toothpick prize was won by Mrs. Warren Walls. The next to be a very clever thief. I give meeting will be held in the home him a generous allowance and if of Mrs. Warren Copenhauer in he'd ask for anything extra hejPftmpa on Feb. 24. would get It, but he seems to en-] Tre afternoon was spent em- joy stealing. He steals from his broidering cuptowels. friends, the gr.ocer, the druggist and he will even go Into my purse Present were Mmes. Larwood Olick, George Clemmons, Chuck Jane Smith, whose birthday Is Fcb'and steal money. I see things in'Richardson, Eddie Clemmons, 24, entertained Mrs. Sarah Emily |hls drawer I know he didn't buy. Mullins on her eightieth birthday, j I've threatened to take him to the in the home of Mrs. B. T. Smith on Friday after-noon, Fc'b. 13. Since Mrs. Smith will 'be eighty- LKFORS (Spl) - Mrs. Pa «1 one on her birthday, each rg Mrs. Delbert Simmons Mr, and Mrs. W. C. Brown, 1032 Neal Road, announced the marriage of their daughter, Brenda Ludene to Delbert Simmons, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Blaylock, west of the city, on Feb. 13, at 8 o.m. in the chapel of the First Baptist Church in Amarillo with Rev. Carl E. Bates officiating. For her wedding, the bride wore a white wool Empire with red accessories and a white carnation corsage. Miss Gerry Robins and Gary Heiskell, now Mr. and Mrs. Gory Heiskell, were the couple's attendants. Mr. and Mrs. Simmons attended Pampo High School, where she was a member of the student council, football queen attendant this year, and a member of the Kit Kat Klub. Mr. Simmons was co-captain of the Harvesters Football Team this year. They will make their home in Booker, where " he is employed by Baroid Division National Lead Co. (Photo, Clarence Studio) Walden was guest of honor eenlly for a baby shower in home of Mrs. Jerry Jacobs, Hostesses were Mmes. L.. spence, Ear! Atkinson, Jackie King, Keith Geisler, and Jerry Jacobs. The serving table was laid in a lace table cloth centered With an arrangement of pink roses. C o f- fee and tea rolls were served. A corsage of rattlers arranged with a pink ribbon was presented to the honoree. Guests were Mmes. Claude Nichols, G. N. Mounger, Howard brought a gift for her as well as thei tne nonoree - T" 6 birthday honor- jees were seated in the center of i the room at a yellow table covered with the dainty wrapped packages, forming a ••center-of-attrac-j if " ne v; tak ' cn '" in "" nar r d "" e ' a " r [y. police station" to frighten him but Troy Shlpman and Rhonda, Bob Clemmons, Bobby and Charlie, Harold Sims, and Cheryl, Mar- nothing helps: Oh. Abby, am I. v 'n Moxon, Joe Cook, Warren Cop- raising a criminal? Please help a (enhauer and Erick, and Warren broken-hearted mother. iWalls. BROKEN-HEARTED Dear Broken-Hearted: A child who steals merely for the thrill of stealing should , ge professional help. He can be straightened out Be Sure Goldsmith It On Your Shopping List tion," for the guests. Lemon sauce angel cake w a s i Threatening him with punishment emon sauce ange cae w a s by law lg , lnwlflei A policeman served with coffee and hot choco- .u™,,* K « <rt« n H/i«rf o« « **««« late. should be Identified as a whose duty it is to protect us and Moving pictures of the occasion 0 , lr propertv _ not as an cnemy were taken by Mrs. J. O. Wiggins. | wno lakefl p )easure ln pun | 3 hing Guests were Mmes. U. S^White-l^,. wrongdo)nfr . Ask OT1 famny ley, A. M. Miller, J. 0. Wiggins, | doctor W. H. Wall. Earl Atkinson, Carl Wall, Ray A. Boyd Jr., and Jen- Archer.' Wesley Daniel, 'Hen ry: nlfe , r ' ^ ^t^' D ^ Se « and Bnrnes. Bernard Johnson, John Dwl S nt - r ''Lee Welton, Carl Hall, Jeff Stub- blefielcl, and Bob Peterson, Nowlin. and High schools are scheduling numerous spring dances so it Is time to brush up on being a wholesome, pleasing date. A young girl should remember not to overdress or use heavy make-up since this embarrasses her date. Be considerate of his tastes and This Is DEAR ABBY: What do you think Tj m . of a wife who comes home with mons and Ricky. W. E. Dumas. J>" ^pensive item like'a dress or F. Morris, Gene Fort and Jory, j handbag and announce K A. Bryant and B. T. Smith.! ""Y Christmas present from you. Gifts were sent bv Mrs. Howard IKornelltnen U> /'my anniversary Archer. ' j present" or "tny birthday pres- !—, ;ent" or some other special - day to the school each year bv hopeful j P re » enl - J " lhe • lxt «" >' ,. u.,. _-,.. '^.., '-.M u^.,. ;wc have been, married I parents, but only about 100 boys are selected. After two years of rigorous training these are divided up among the three perform- been able to buy her one gift because she beats me to it by three months. As an excuse she JMVS hnir h. «.h«ni mn . n. lshe vvants to ™ ke slire she choirs the school maintains. ,„ ,„ X n.« i something she likes. I. resent .-e in Vien- cart I -do about it' ' it. suggestions for an evening of fun. World-Famous Vienna Boys Choir In First Appearance Here Since 1932 In their first appearance In this'agara Falls, (he Grand Canyon and|ily of Austria and for functions perhaps he will return the com ., One is always in pliment with pleasant, thoughtful " a for mass at st ' Stephen's and , . HENPECKED the performances the school Is „ , .. '^"•^u committed to. The other two are! uDear " e "P" kedfc: , If you ve befin occasionally available for touring hen P ecked ln this manner for and all time is contracted f or, sixteen y ears - 1>d sfl y y° u wera a some two years in advance. Not j P rettv dumb .^ uck - T . e11 th . e ,, h " le only North America but all of! suh °PP eur that the next # tv shi buys herself she will have to pay members of the Ass'n, purchasing country since 1932, World-famous • the bridges of San Francisco an, connected with the court theatres j Boys is over But he isn't just a Vienna Choir Boys will appear in n! their lists. The. beaches of Cali- and chapel until the end of the] "has-been" at the age of 13 or so concert on Mar. 4 in Pampa Jun-jfornia and Florida are also major Austrian Empire after the f 1 r s t The prganlzation maintains an- ior High School under the auspices j attractions since sea-bathing is. of.World War. In the economic con-| 0 ther home in Vienna and cares of Community Concert Ass'n. New course, non-existent in Austria. (fusion which followed the school ;for the boys, seeing them through At home in Vienna the Choir j was reorganized through the devo-jthelr education and preparing Boys occupy a former p a 1 a c e < tion of its rector, the late Father ,them. whenever possible for their Western Europe, I^atin America, South Africa, Australia and the Far East are always anxious to play host to the superbly-trained youngsters. When a boy's voice changes, his, service with the Vienna Choir! wl11 do fln ^ hin K to get & laugh or or return. DEAR ABBY: My always the "life of the party'' but be the death of me. He including putting a lampshade on a subscription for next season bo- fora their appearance on Mar. 4, j near the city's center which Is sur-' Josef Srhnitt, and with no court 'cho.i en place in 'live' M *T THfe- £» P,Y,!l5 will be entitled to attend the con cert free of charge. rounded with a pnrk suitable for to support them, the Boys began running and games. Tn summer i to earn their own way through per- Many become professional musicians like their distinguished form- i They sing like angels but they," 16 ? ?° lo ltle mountains t» a formances In Vienna and by tour-!er colleagues in the Choir — Schu-1 ^ i JII- jr filllfj 4inu CAllfjClCI 1/1*1 Hi t-J i " eat like horses," sairt famed Im- charming house in Hlntcrbichl. presario S. Hurok recently of the! Organized by dec-roe of the Em- Vienna Choir Boya who will ap- P° rer Maximilian 460 years ago pear In concert. 8lx y ear! > after Columbus discover- led America — the Vienna Choir The group that will sing here and in more than 70 other U.S. and Canadian citiea this season is the fifteenth Mr. Hurok lias im- { ported from Vienna's celebrated Seminary School, but in their re-; actions and attitudes and particularly in their preoccupation with food he. finds the toys much the same as the first delegation to visit this country more than 20 year* ago. '., One group, the first to return hero afttr World War II, showed an avid appetite for milk and ice cream, two commodities almost non-existent in war-ravaged Vien-. na. In fact, the milk in North | America was so much richer than any the boys were used to that It I/rough t about an epidemic of up-' set stomachs. Everyone is happy i lo report that Vienna's famous i fixjil is now back to Us pre-war' quality. Indeed, the boys judsie' American milk and Ice cream to Ije less rich than the Austrian varieties. Stomach aches are the bane of the nurse who travels with the Vienna Choir Boys; she carries simple remidies with her and needs tiiem more often than she would like. Although the boys on ton-' p-c chosen for their physical stamina as well as for their voices, s'.ijuige food and cooking sometime have | a'n adverse affect on small <tiges- , tions. To avoid such occurrence*' the nurse cooks for the group when it ii possible even though the boys ^ve to eat in restaurants and at lunch counters, spaghetti being a favorite choice from the menu. If feasible, the nurse prepares a I'.earty lunch for the youngsters, something they might have at home like a stow of veal and rice un<l prune*. After th« evening's concert a hot soup is given them before they are put to bed. Sight-seeing is *n indispensable ; pail of the** tours ftnJ Um« 1* we aside for it in e«,ch city »IGH$ with I'sJjeuistfJ^ a,n4 na^s. All tlev- f n previous groups of youngster*,, while varying in auino o/ their choK'es (or Uvonte Bight* in America, have Invludea Manhattan Ni- Boys sang only for the Royal Fam- Thousands of boys are brought Ing throughout the world. They j bert, Haydn and ft host of others, were featured in the record-break-1 More enter the professions. When ing "Cinerama," and have a ed on CBS-TV'g "Omnibus, on the Perry Como Show. "Cinerama," and have appear- Father Schnitt had a reunion par- nrt fTR.Q.T'V • 4 'nrMMlKll«'» an/-!*.. * Ul_ t . t_- _ . . and ty for his former boya a couple of years ago, 37 of those attending i held doctor's degrees. appeqring now in Seventeen ...and how does your wardrobe score on points? on springy colors? In geranium, bone, red, black patent, or orange shouldn't be without such up-to-date-ish footing! Hurry! $6.95 Ph na OPEN 1:45 — NOW— SAT 2 HITS! LEWIS PRESLEY JERRY LEWIS "DELICATE DELINQUENT" PLUS ELVIS PRESLEY "KINtt'CKEOLK" (OMKDV VS. V KoU OPEN 1:45 NOW SAT GREAT PLAINS PREMIERE? SEW* EENNEY Viscose Rayon RUGS 4 Only 9x12 Foot Reduced To $ 35 CURTAINS $150 Reduced To 1 CUSTOM MADE DRAPES Reduced To BOY'S FLANNEL SHIRTS Sizes 4-6-10-1618 Reduced To 99 BOY'S Sweat Shirts Sizes 6-8-10-12 Reduced To 67 lOY'S WINTER CAPS Reduced To 99 C BOY'S COATS Sizes 10 to 20 Reduced To MEN'S COATS Sizes 36 to 42 Reduced To MEN'S FLANNEL SHIRTS Sizes S-M-L Reduced To 99 Men's BLANKET-LINED SUR-COATS 77 Brown Twill Blue Denim Reduced To WOMEN'S SWEATERS Reduced To BARGAIN TABLE OKI MAIN FLOOR

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