The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 12, 1914 · Page 14
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The Daily Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 14

Decatur, Illinois
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Sunday, July 12, 1914
Page 14
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Page Fourteen and Mrs. Jerome Pugh Gorln ll. to A n d r e L. Cauise, Jr., of Raleigh. K c .Mr. Cauise In the ion ot Mr. and Mr." A n d r e L. Cauaie ot New York, and he t p a g r a d u a t e of Princeton, class of 1M" No rtnt" for the winding has been f t E VEHYTHIXG la In readiness for the f i f t e e n t h a n n u a l golf tournament c.f thf Centra! Illinois Country club as- ».r»rl:innn w h i t h w i l l be heir! this week at »""haj!ijjali»ii. A large dance r ^ c i t j o n JI;IP hn#»n «»r*!rte*l and special e n t e r t a i n - ,n-nt ha, b« 0 n arranged for the visitors, j ^ (o s[ay for somg t)me Th(jy we S. W. Johns. Jr., went to Benton Harbor. Mich., with C. A. Walt to spend a week. The Walt family is spending the summer there. T H E D E C A T U R R E V I E W Popular Places These Summer Evenings J Sunday Morning, July 12,1914. M P. AND MRS. W. G. CHAMBERS, who have been visiting their daughters, Mrs. Albert Barnes and. Mrs. L. L. Race, tor the last few weeks, left Friday for Kansas City. Mo., to viitt their other daughter, Mrs. A. . Dillon, before returning to their home In ] Texas. Mrs. Robert F. Vail and imall daughter. Betty Anne, and Mils Ruth Rob" i erts l e f t Tuesday for Bradley Beach, On T'»*?julav a f t e r n o o n the women will b.. t a k e n In auto, over to the T w i n D u m aaushter H achel. C i t i e s and l:itir on tea w i l l be served. ° · · A t once-rt Is to be given in the e v e n i n g ;md t h i s w i l l ht followed by dancing. Wednesday "venlns t h e r e will be a lanci- elv»n as well as T h u r s d a y when ( · n t h club w i l l put on a special stunt. T h u r s d a y a f t e r n o o n a concert and tea 'v!H b* in order and the meet will con- r l u d e Friday evening w i t h a d i n n e r w h e n the prizr-s w i l l be presented. Mrs. rharles G. Powers and Sirs. J. A f o r b e t t will be guests of a house rarty (riven by W. B. McKinley during the t o u r n a m e n t . Other g u e s t s will be f r o m Peorla snd Chicago. Both Mrs. Pi-m-ers and Mrs. Corbett will participate In the t o u r n a m e n t as will Mrs. W. .'. O r j d y and Mis." Emma Ewlng. P AUL ROBERTSON and f a m i l y of Peoria have bean visiting his m o t h e r . Mrs, M a r v U Robertson, for the p i n t vrtk. They leave t h i s a f t e r n o o n for t h e i r home. On Thursday afternoon Mr? Robertson entertained for her d a u g h f r - l n - l i w with three tables of Five H u n d r e d . Mr Robertson's old "-hooi f r i e n d ? w e r e the guests. Misp Mary A d e l i n e Wilson e n t e r t a i n ed a b o u t t w e n ' v .-ouples at a d a n c i n g p a r t y at the C o u n t r y club F r i d a y even- i n g in honor of her guests, Miss H a r - riet Hoggenon of G r e e n w i c h . Conn . who Is vtsltlnz her. Mi»s K a t h e r l n e Abels of S p r l r i j f l , - I d . s»-st of Miss R u t h Cul- vjr. snd Miss Janet Baker also of Fprlnt,'fif-Ui. s-e5f of M'.?s OMlnm, were '·"it-r'f-town p ' j o s f s Joined in Detroit by Mr. and Mrs. Art h u r Dumont and daughter, Rachel, who went to Bradley Beach with them. Mrs. James Roberts, ot Butte, Mont. M is visiting h«r roothar end aider. Mrs. 3. M. Boyd and Misa Sarah Boyd. She win be here on an Indefinite stay. RS. FRANK~CURTIS has as her guests, her sister, Mrs. H. D. Phelps, and her aunt, Mrs. F. W. Billam, of Ansonla. Conn. They will be here at the "Cabin" for over a month. Mrs. Curtis will entertain the members and husbands of the Monday Afternoon Bridge club at a picnic supper Monday evening. Miss Ella Race's Porch, --Photo by Rembrandt Studio. M H. AND MRS. JOHN B. FREEMAN ana daughters, Alice and Bessie, left Thursday morning in 1 their car for Watseka, III., where they will visit before returning to their home in Roek- ford. They have been In Decatur for the past ten days and during that time they were entertained by their frlecds every day. H. E. Gibson, of Minneapolis and his sister, Mrs. Nome Ferguson, of Chicago, were in Decatur for a few days this past week, visiting their mother, Mrs. M1r-s Fle.-inor Barnes e n t e r t a i n e d In- forirmly w i t h n n evening p a r t y S a t u r day In hon"r of Miss Moeller's guest, Ml.-s M i r l o r l - B u r r o w s of Albion. N. Y. Mrs. Dess Hunter, of Chicago, who has been visiting: her sister, Mrs. Will Brown, returned to her home Wednesday. Miss Laura Belle Howenstine and Miss Helen Kenney were members of a house party in Mattoon this week, given by Miss Gertrude Craig:. --Photo by Rembrandt Studio. Mrs. G. D. Steele's Porch. A few ferns, geraniums, palms, vines person will stroll along some of the and hanging baskets, tastily arranged residence streets In the west end of together with some porch f u r n i t u r e of town on a warm evening, he will ea«- approprlate design, will transform a lly see that In the majority of cases, plain, unattractive, bare "front porch" the most p o p u l a r spot In the house Is into one of the most attractive places the front porch. imaginable to spend a hot s u m m a r af- Two ot the most tastily decorated tc-rnoon or a baimy evening. The porch are shown. They are those of Miss Ella f u r n i s h i n g s need not necessarily be Race, 434 West P r a l r l a avenue and expensive. A few ferns end hanslng- George D. Steele, 535 West Eldorado baskets make most artistic trimmings street. Both vcj^ndas are notir^ably attractive and show to good advantage and will thrive w i t h a little care. Decatur has a n u m b e r of the above the c a r e f u l taste ot tha owners In described "summer bowers" and If a choosing the decorations. H AROLD A. Cole of Porterville, Cal., is in Decatur visiting his old f r i e n d s for about a, week before going" to his home in Maine. Mr. Cole has Miss Helen Moeller will give a b u t - 1 been teaching piano in Porterville for f » t t u p p e r Tuesday evening for her j the past two years and an article about s-:e?t. Mi's Burrow* him appeared in the May number of the -- ' -- Pacific Coast Musician. It spoke of T HE division of the W o - ; Portervllls ai belny one of the smallest man's c l u b hs.i a p i c n i c Thursday j towns in California and of the sucoess- n i e h t at the b o a t h o u s e belonging to ! work Mr. Cole has done there. Eel l a r r v W o o d r u f f n".ir M : i f f ! t ' y bruise. I sides his classes in Porterville he T h f i - e "en- n l n c . ' t f e n in the p a r t y a n d | teaches twice a week in another small d In the b o a t j town near by. He Is soloist and accom- Mr W o o d r u f f · Pnnlst in the First Congregational o'-ic th'- w'o.fien"oVt In his motor boat. I church and has done considerable con- t . i k i n g e i g h t a t I,e3'.]tif-il jit 'hl:i K r e n r r.Mnv m'-Te h'.retofoi.. i t!nr*. The r l v t r U t i m e of year and a pf-opie co on It t h a n Th-'re ar« b o a t i n g parties every n l ? h ' on the river in canoes, row hoatp and motor boats, the first being the most popular, howf-vpr. ' S EVERAL Decatur peop'.e went to Peorla Tuesday to the garden p a r t y given by Col. and Mrs. Fred cert work also, being director of the Haydn Quintal. He has written a number of songs and lately wrote the music to "As Sweet As Any Flower." Mr. Cole FIRST CHURCH OF CHBUT. SCIKNTUT ^·Sunday school 9:30 a.m. Bible lesion-sermon II a.m. Subject, "Sacrament." FRBB MBTHODIBT--D. "k. Taylor, paetor. Sunday school 9:30 a.m, Clisi meeUnl 10:45 a.m. Open air service in Central park at 4 o'clock. Young peopl«'« meeting »:30 p.m. Preaching at S p.m. CENTRA!. CHURCH~br CHRIST--W. H. Cannon, pastor. Sunday school d:SO a,m. Preaching services 10:45 a.m. and 7:45 p.m. Morning subject, "Ur.lorjetuble .Tragedies." Young People's meeting 6:48 p.m. FIRST METHODIST--B. M. Antrim, pastor. Sunday school 8.80 a.m. Preaching Mr- vices 10:45 a.m. and 7:48 p.m. Ttame. "Subject to the Hlcheit Fawers." EpwSth L«a|u« 0:15 Instead of 6:90. Open air aervloe la Central park 7:15 p.m. The evening service at the church will be omitted. GRACE METHODIST--T. N. Ewlnr. pastor. Sunday school 0:30 a,m. Preaching services 10:45 a-m. and 7:45 p.m. Communion service In morning and reception of probationers Into full membership, Th» avtning sorvtce will Q* held on the lawn If the weather permits. Spworth League 8:49 p.m. FIRST UNITED BRETHREN--S. E. Long, pastor. Sunday school 0:30 a.m.. Public worship 10:45 a,m. and 7:45 p.m. The evening eervlee trtll QB on the caurch lawn, Chrl tian Endeavor 6:45 p.m. CHURCH OF ODD"--I. s. Richmond, pat- tor. Sunday school 9:30 a.m. Preaching ler- vices 10:45 a.m. and 7:45 p.m. Clara Kloh- mond of Fort Scott. Kan., will speak in the morning. Communion service at night. Christian Endeavor 8:45 p.m. ENGLISH LUTHERAN -- R. G. Catlin, pastor. Sunday school 6.30 a.m. Morning service 10:43 a..m. Lord's Eupptr will be administered and there -will be a reception of new members. Luther League 6:45 p.m. No vesper services. CONGREGATIONAL^--H. S. Roblee, pastor. Sunday school 3:30 a.m. Preaching Mr- vice 10:45 a.m. The pastor expects to change pulpits with an out of town minister. SECOND PRESBrrSRIAN-jr. W. MO- Donaid, pastor. Sunday school 9:SQ a.m. Public worship 10:43 a.m. Rev. Clalr 8. Adams will speak on "The Rural Church Problenr-ln America," Mrs. C. A. Dl«on will alne a solo and John Childs will pldy a cello eolo. The quartet will ling "The Church, In the Wlldxvood." Vesper services from 7 to 8. In charge of the Christian Endeavor society. Miss Pay Flaher will read Mary Antln's "The Promised Land." ST. JOHANNES' GERMAN LUTHEHAN-- Heyne, pastor. Services 10 a.m. Herman Hohensteln of Eloomlngton, will preach in the absence of the pastor, who will be In Shobonler, RIVERSIDE BAPTIST--iundiy school 9:30 a.m. Preaching service*. 10:45 a_m. ana 7:45 p.m.. conducted by Rev. A, N. Sharper B. T. p. U, t p.m _ _ GERMAN' METHODIST--H. J. Pannwltt. pastor. Sunday school 8:30 a.m. Preaching service 10:4S a.m. Ko evening tervlce. ONE OE AUSTRIA-HUNaAEY'S BEAUTIES. Countess Johan Forgach. Austria-Hungary has been famous played a prominent part In tha aoelatr tor many «en«ratlon» (or th« beauty °* U»« Hungarian capital batore her of Its women. On« ot the most TM arrla *e «° the count. Her husbana ... .. ... ... . , '» now the Austrian.Hungarian mln- tlful of th« titled society women of i.ter at Dresden and at th« Sawn eap- that country Is th« Counteas Johan itai as well a« In Vienna, Countes* Forgach. l'ore»ch IB reckoned ona of the great. As Fraul«tn Ella, von I/ovmy she e«t of court beauties. THEY DID mm /.^$?MX^wW B'StteSS Devore Decides it is a Police ay Dr. A. C. Foster. Evening service at 7M PAUIVS QBBMAN LUTHERAN--T. L,ohrmnnn. paster. Preparatory s»rvlc« for communion 10 a.m. Celebration of Lord s supper W;30 a.m. 3ervle« in English f.w WESTMINSTER FRESBYTBRIAN -- B. "afford, pastor. Sunday school 9:30 ».nv P r e a c h i n j services 10:43 a.m. s-nj. c ti P-m, Q u a r t e r l y communion service In mommy. Evenins subject, "Tha Great It.' ··"J'"' iostpTM-d trom last Sunday nlahl. Chr «- tlan EndBlvor 8:« p.m. Subject, The Christ i a n Ministry of Sor.r-" L*«d«ri, Mariut- rlte Wilson and Bonnl« Hill. 19 AT BALE. Group 3 of the Second Presbyterian Job. The fire department waa yesterday afternoon called out on police duty, the offender being a fire on the premises of the Suffern, Hunt mill. Upon arriving at the tcena Chief Devon decided that his department had no jurisdiction. It being strictly a private fire and closely watched to prevent spreading. He advised the complain- company store. Everything was sold out. The sale was In charge ot TV. D. M o f f e t t and Mrs. J. C. Fisher. Decatur Fishing C l u b Park, July 11. Two great fish have been c a u g h t in the lake d u r i n g the past few days. The fishing is good all. tha time, and It takes an extra large fish to create much of a stir. On T h u r s d a y Henry Shiaudeman, who is the eucst of Sir, and Mrs. Fred Norman, was f i s h i n g on the south bank of the lake and hooked i carp that weighed tea and a half r o i M ' d s . A f t e r a b a t t l e h-- 1 succeeded in waj professor in music at the J. M. U. ' getting: tha fish to the shore, b u t on before he went to California, and while . a c c o u n t of his liglit Mne and tha Ptc-er here he wrote the official college songs bank he was unable to get the fish up. for Mllllkln. Irene Peniwell, who was watching him, --:-- | hastened to his assistance and got the Mr. and Mrs. Majc Atlass and daugh- f l s h b ' t h e S ills - Together they ter Beatrice, will return today from Ft. , marched up the hill In triumph and ex- Wayne, Ind. They have been attending Smith at the Peorla Country club. Mr. I t h e a ' nnua i (amlly r e u n l c n ,,, t h e At , a£s and Mr«. J A. Corbett were guests and Mrs. Ewlnff and Misses E m m a and -lime Etvlns. R o b e r t S h a u c k . of EOF- ton. and Ralph DeMange. ot Bloomington, m o t o r e d ovr In the Kwini? car From t h o r o t h r / y w e n t on up to Chicago nnd will r e t u r n some time today. The party was one of the largest, of the neaion, being attended by a b o u t six hundred poople. The grounds were beautifully lighted with Japanese lanterns and t h e band played for the danc- inpr l i f e r on In the e v r - n i n K Miss J.inr.t B a k e r , of S p r i n g f i e l d , has heen spendlnsr a few d n y « in Decatur as the ft}fft of Miss Constance Oldham. Miss Marie A l l e n wont, to Chicago "Wednesday n l t h t and met hor slater. Mis* Leonora Allen. From Chicago ther wart to New 7ork and sailed Saturday on tho Nlajara for Europe. They wlli be away for six months and Stirs Xjoonora Allen will s t u d y voice u n d e r one* of the f i n e s t teachers In Europe. family. h i b i t e d their catch. The fish measured twenty-seven inches In l e n g t h and was one foot In diameter. Mr Shlaud- | eman presented the fish to Miss Peni- Misses Hazel and Merle Scrlbner will j well w i t h his compliments, return Friday from Peorla where they On Friday night Fr»d Tolllday. who h a v e been sines the Fourth of July. had been fishing: with a throw line, us-- : -- ing a small fros for bait, landed a big Mrs. James Reeves Holt and daugh- ! channel cat that measured thirty-one ter, Betty, are in Port Huron, Mich for the summer. W ILL W plo ILLIAM C. Barnes who Is em- oyed on the Journal In Paoria j will come home to spend the day today accompanied by three members of the Journal staff. M R. AND MRS. D. MARTIN, of t t h - Will A r m s t r o n g of Seattle. Wash., is m tha city visiting his parents, Mr, and Mrs. W. C- Armstrong. Claude Guyant will leave Monday for tiie east on a business trip. He will go to Washington. New York, and other Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Roby. Jr., have ?one to Wequetonstng, Mich., to spend t h e summer in their cottage. Mrs. Edward Hay and son. John, will leave Monday with Harry Roby In his car for Wequetonslng to visit Mr. and Mrs. ".*,,** T 'i "." h "," '."-* m . 0 "" 1 H a v of Springfield, who are already In Sam Elwood left Saturday night for Denver, Colo., to vlait school friends. Km the luests of M r s . Martin's aieter, Mrs. Philip Mueller. Mr. Martin IB dean of the college of a r c h i t e c t u r e of Cornell university and Mrs. Martin IB dpai) of the women In the university. Mrs. Adolph Meuller e n t e r t a i n e d with a f a m i l y d i n n e r T h u r s d a y n i R h t I n honor of Mr. find Mr? M a r t i n . Saturday n. party composed of Mr. and Mrs. Philip Mueller and c h i l d r e n . Mr. and Mrs, Martin nnr! Mr. and Mrs. W i l l Shorb l e f t In the M i i e l l » r r a r for Starved P.ock to ·pend the week-end. Other parties will be given for Mrs. Martin d u r i n g her *tav In D^cotur. Luclen Mueller, who attends Cornell u n i v e r s i t y . Is home for the pummer vacation. Mrs. Elizabeth Walls li spending two days In Chicago. Mrs. Robert Allen, who has teen vls- Itlnc Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Allen, of Oakdale, left Saturday for her home In Jollet. Miss Katherlne Allen, who Is also visiting- here, will remain for another week Mr. and Mrs. B. K. Ourfee and Miss Durfee left Friday for Glen Arbor, Mich., to spsnd the s u m m e r months. During t h c t r absence. Mr. and Mrs. Kyle Bohon, of Kentucky, will have charce of their house. i n c h e s in Ifength and weighed about thirty pounds. He brought it In while a surprise party was In progress and almost created a stampede. NEW COTTAGE. Chauncey Deetz is building a nice cottage on the north shore east ot the c l u b house. The cottage will contain three rooms with bath (In the lake). At present Jlr. Deeti and family are occupyinff the Pltner cottage. W. c. Ware and family are occupying the Grindol cottage. SURPRISED MR. DILLBR, Friday night the south side people gave Alfred Diller a pleasant little surprise, it being his thirty-ninth birthday anniversary. They met at the Shade cottage and went in a body to the D i l l e r home. On arriving W. E. Adams, president of the Fishing club, made a neat little speech and presented Mr. Diller with a willow rocking chair. The evening was pleasantly devoted to cards and other amusements. FORTY-ONE VERSES TO TELL STORY 3»rs, J, R. Paisley on Raisins 9* 'or Church. When Mrs. J. R. Paisley told how It was about 11:30 when Fred T o U l - j s h e earned her dollars at the dollar day almost Btampsded the crowd by j socials by the Sisterhood class of the bringing in a t h i r t y - p o u n d channel cat- First Presbyterian church, she told It fish he had c a u g h t In the lake. Those in attendance were Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Adams, Mrs. C. H. W a r r e n of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. K u n y , Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Shade, Dr. and Mrs. N. D Myers, Mr and Mrs. Ben Hotfman, Mr. and Mrs. F. L. StevariSon, Mr and Mrs. C. H. Temple, Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Deeti. Mrs. R. A. Moore of San Francisco, Cal., Mr. and Mrs. TV. A. Pharea, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dudley, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. McNabb, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Evans, Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Penlwcll and Bert Neustadt. Refreshments were served at 10:30. All said they had the time of their lives. Pen H o f f m a n "won the Tlze at cards. He had Quite an advantage, as he used to work on the B. 0. CONSOLATION PARTY. h u r c h took In about $9 at its bakery j a n t to iwe4r out a warrant »n} put it ale Saturday at_Morehousa Wells | lllto tl)a hand , of a policeman, either " a sheriff's officer, a constable o r a member of the city force. This advice EMUIXSB. The complaint was not on tha «core of the flre,-4)Ut of tht smudge which the fir« was making. Soma of the workmen at tha mill undertook to burn a, lot of old, tarred paper to get rid of It. The paper burned with a smudge which would have driven all of the mosquitoes of a Louisiana camp to cover. It was too hot for the Inhabitants ot the neighborhood to take to cover and close their windows and doors and the smoke waa smothering, TELEPHONED POLICE. After coughing and sneezing some time the authorities were appealed to. Mrs. Bobb, whoae house was directly in line with the smudge telephoned the police. Police headquarters said that if it was a fire it was tha business of the fire department. Mrs. Bobb then telephoned Chief Devore who responded with one truck and a squad of six or eight men. When he got to the in verse and her story attracted much attention from the others. Forty-one verses were composed to tell the story. The class has been working for r.bout six monthj on a pledge of $200, made to furnish a room In the new hospital. Several months ago the class had an experience social. They did not raise the entire amount at that time, however, BO they kept on work- Ing. Last Friday another dollar social was held and with the money that came in then they have tha entire amount pledged. Soma ot the verses written by Mrs. Paisley were read at the first social and the rest at the lat ter time. It was a variety of ways that Mrs paisley used to earn her money, whicl amounted to four dollars in all. Among the things done were selling bluing particular fir. was th« business of the. rollca department. UNINTENTIONAL, Mrs. Bobb said she had not Intended to call the fire department but had: been unwillingly shunted off on thlsj department by the police. She thought there ought to ba aome department In, this town with authority to abata a, nuisahc* and since the fire department was there could it not turn a stream of water on that fire. The chief aaid that not being policemen they could not do it, but he ad. vised a warrant aa tha quickest and most effective way of quenching that fire. Tha workmen promised to put out the f i r e themselves and quit burning the paper, which they did and. everybody went home fairly well aatls- fied. People You Know O. W. KIncaid. who drov« to West Baden a week ago. I) expected to return to Decatur Saturday evening. Miss Ruby Johnson la entartalnlna twelve girls at the Y. W. C. A. cottage at Farlea park for tha week end. Mr. and Mrs. D. E. McClaln of 1112 E. Clar have just returned from a three weeks visit In Louisiana, Mo., and Rockport, 111. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. WaU ana family of 1561 North Calhoun street have Just returned from a week's visit with relative* at Vernon, 111. Carl T. Rest and family are visiting at the home of their daughter. Mrs. O. B. Short, 71S West Decatur street Mrs. H. Wicks, 1100 St. Louis avenue, is visiting her son in Springfield. ; Mr. and Mra. Abbott and son, wife and children will spend Sunday with. Mr. and Mrs. Page Proctor at Nelson Park. They will drive over In their auto. Mrs. Anna Halmbacher and grandson. Max Butzbach, have yon* to Trowbridge, 111., to visit Mrs. Best fire he Quickly determined that this for tho remainder of the summer. mending umbrellaa spllttlnc wood The young folks had a consolation party at the Adams cottage. They had learned that there wag to be a party at Diner's, and concluded they would hair as thread, shining shoes, eating raw niendlna; trousers, using strauda of he: not be out-done. Those present were Misses Helen, Bertha, Gertrude, Ma- rllla and Louise Adams, Dorothy and Harriet Shade, Margaret and Anna McNabb, Grace Clair, Frances Kuny, Helen Stevenson and Mary Ellen'-Deetz, and Harold McNabb, Frederick Kuny, Frank Stevenson, Charles Deeti, Bert Neustadt and Bob Peniwell. They played cards, had refreshments and the best time ever. BIT SWELTERS Uoyd Brown left 'last week for Long Whnlp ft'tv Our «t Lake Lodge at North Bridgton, Me. "I" 1016 ^"7 v»UC at This is a boys' camp and he will be there for the remainder of the sum- Mrs E. M. Mills and Miss Jessla Mills left last week for Colorado to spend the summer months. Mr. and Mrs. John Bennett and daughter, Roberta, left last week for Seattle, Wash., where they will be for three weeks. INHERITANCE TAX IN WELLS ESTATE Miss Vettetllet to Pay $27.10 on Be- qneit of IMO.SO. C. A. McMllIen, appraiser of Inheritance tax In the estate of Alice C. Wells, filed his report Saturday, finding the full value of tha estate to be f7,002.31. The debts and claims amount to $1,600. Miss Anna Vetterllet la the only beneficiary, who will have to pay interitance tax, she not being a blood- i native of Mr*. Wells. The value of (he bequest to her was found to amount to SS60.50, and she will Pay $27.19 Inheritance tax. All the other heirs are oiempt, | Looking for Relief. The city suffocated, sweltered and u-ent out for a walk Saturday night under the cloud ot heat which settled over Decatur and remained without a- breath ot air to raise it after one of the hot test and most trying days of the season. In offices and stores thermometers sizzled at the 100 mark throughout the early part of the night while clerks drooped behind counters.lined with perspiring shoppers. The streets were a mill race filled with automobiles and rigs of all kinds which became so congested at the up town corners that reserve policemen were called Into a t r a f f i c squad after a hard day's work. TOO HOT. Too hot to so home and with small comfort on down town streets, pedestrians continued to fill the side walks and 1 swamp soft drink parlors until late In the evening, and merchants were willing to overlook the "small town Saturday night stuff" when they- footed up the cash register tapes at closing time. RECORD CROWD. The night was a record breaker ID tho number of pedestrians who filled the streets. A baby push cart crosswise the t r a f f i c caused a back water which extended half a block on Water street about n o'clock and people craned their heads and asked who was hurt. Central park was a crowded refuge. Every bench was filled to capacity and there was little room left on the grass, Hot and fussing 1 children found a new interest In the park fountain and a few thrilling escapes were witnessed when venturesome youngsters leaned too far over the edge to dip their arms In the water. POLICE SUFFERED. Members of the police force probably suffered most In the day's caldron. The force Is so Inadequate in numbers that Its members are forced to work overtime on band concert and Saturday nights In addition to the long: hours on their regular beats. Regulations prohibit the removal of the winter weigh coats' and the men must suffer In silence. The system does not even recognize their overtime work, according to members of the force who say that in case of a half day's lay off tnev ara compelled to pay gome one to -work In their place. eggs prescribed by the physician, sell ing marshmallowa, trimming corns and toe nails, pressing clothes and shaving One verse admits that when she press ed her husbands trouaers she took ou the purse and "tapped the till. Asking the impossible. Toung-stown Telegram. -- Rankin-Uncle Sol Sodbuster baffled a aecond- sight performer at the theater last ovening." Phlye--"How did he do it?" Rankin--"Asked him to describe the contents of his wife's hand ba«r." Visiting Specialist Exceed ingly Optimistic. A. V. Brownback, who Is In St Mary's hospital as the result of the premature explosion of a bomb at th Country club on July 4. Is making satisfactory progress. A St Louis spe ciallst, called In consultation Saturday, said that tha chances of savins his l e f t eye are overwhelming. He declared that Mr. Brownback had received the best kind of treatment an care from the Decatur surgeons and specialists. At best It will be months before Mr Brownback la out of the hospital. Ab folute quiet Is the chief requisite for hie recovery. In a week or two, however, the danger of complications wlli probably be past. A. P. OPERATORS MEET TODAY ·Will be GuesU of A. of C. at Bloom- Ington. Claude Costello, a local Associated Press operator, will go to Bloomlngr- ton Sunday to attend the annual gathering of the A. P. Good Fellowship club composed of operatora In Illinois and Iowa, While In Bloomlngton, they will be the guests of the Chamber of Commerce. D ISTINCTLY the car forAose who wantthe UTMOST IN AUTOMOBILE VALUE at moderate co«t The demand for Maxwell "25s" at $750 is wmethke enormous--getting bigger and bigger daily. Factory facilities are consequently being constantly enlarged and improved. All of which proves the VALUE and DESIRABILITY of the Maxwell *'25" at $750. A fine, big, roomy S-pauenger family a«tomob3e of great beauty and reliability. A car that conrtantly keeps down gotoline, oil and tire expense. Come in and see the car YOU should own. To see is to bay. Dawson Automobile Co. 242 N. Franldin St lEWSFAPESr EWSFAPESl

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