The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on June 17, 1973 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 17, 1973
Page 1
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* • Flooding on Brazos predicted _ " -- - •««.•***»• tmttA *t \U 1* 1 '», »y rr«VE DMHOKCM lMWM»'*l«tA»J.V *W to !W iiSis*«*•*?, i.tK Pr.s*W? ***) ».»ilO)f 2*«K>a.' * Uti*|£ 4sfi.l*.ni»S» »-«^*J:«*} 1'? M-lWt '»•* •'•>! ••:» <*»*#,* i*- «•'*«*! Jirl««* ',»«• SVl-clf **» it twi**. petl Sbr The fami/y daily paper of Brazoria County THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS tf <tHJb W*f,. No Hi WHAT to reod «w cmM'st'.*'- « ,'wfetv ;';M:-'i,*' ilii' •<*' t fr3K^ : .>ffrtv: r * «-if! m.{ J.,! ,"t -»aa ••* ••.t>i, «v«»>S 11 S'Sn fVrf, if »• •:K v rtttf'tt I :^m.:l.f^*:^i£ I'Sw l.-;' 1 . • *-> *•••• -ft".: -v* f ct~.f£ ^ ^*'ii;i*r "liit •irfyiif: vtn'fc SJ f . K £ V., ?* 'V^v:.-tlS- i': i }iMv>' ; ' '^v. _-ij -,n< .%«i:i,i.! -,n *' "if • fi »YOir* 3 «.•):.»««<*«!• I ~< I S ,.JI; riv,»:IS » Sky and h«o<ji»». Jan--1:. i»;i Brazos River new • !• trade arte v ,U :"i»'( '•'••'! }.if«-<'J"'-'' i * "•'' * i; au*»*» reeporter Seo 1 Annapolis graduate ii'.l'i :••' ^'J.JJ: Vfjf'icr * A .JUt it- f i MM .iisliMr it •-.»*• rs CrnU •cettr ate* fl* Br*«M Rim Eatt ColtimM* *od rtw at **au* n f«* I*fe Sunday aft*«»*» Amtirtf&C lo • r*i»n tram OK Ntiwnat Wetther Senrte* In Gaboon, th* JV»iKn« 5* eifxcterf to osottmw imtfl th* middle e* ««t w*k. The report iodJo»l*d that the nit* had fe*efcfd « I***' at li 7 f**< «l fcwJ Columbia Stturday afternoon The I«™*1 Friday rrxrmod »a* r«o*ded atll.Mfeel Fto tt J3 Inrt Sao* *rwtt of the were aiready m»s«r flooding 8«m« pasture tend at th* farm w«* under water Saturday, but no crop damage eported. V»rr*r Crwsfc near r.t** ha.* btea <W «< is place* lor UK* dae to the ctnaKfcUoo U the 8«*o». rot** wf the tw'.veeti there and We»t Ojisrabu a oaJ*r water « M Pag* > * *«* th»t CtlAJX* I^OfUMll^iW *» »*f» ^«t..^.--w mat near Brawwi* w«r* «!»«« th« »ame, according lo ofneiate there, SOKMS cattte had been moved from a pasture near the rim, bwJ no other precaution* *«e bei*« taken at prew time Saturday. •n* Bf»awia C«mty R<»d and Bridge tXTWrtment toe* precautionary me**ure» Friday by constructing neverai earthen dam* ahxig portion* e< the lower Braiflu »h**e She bank* are kw at jwnst« «her« <Jitchw «nt«r the rhpr Gunmen hold up couple KCXSHAROti •- County law te/orcetcenl oflicer» are tWitawsc^ their m-vwtjgatiGn tta »««4«xJ tsssn the armed rt<t4"3"y &< a locai couple ra Wtut*'» Sure here Accc*rd*fc$ to Sheriff* Department tnventigator*. Mr isirf Mr» (>«)fge McVcy were brM up at gxe^xxnl and ued up whtl* three ro»n toot a rn c*»fc alto a UO ilxXjgsza atsd two J2 cxhlxT rifles TV Ifart* m<c left the *tore to a vftacle o< ttEjuMwtt nuke jpfartniiy »«r* M* wen -.. Sheriff* Dtpartmettf deaeriberf the Shree men i* beii^! ia their early ORxub it us tt* part. SAX! *»t Use? W f *rr (or U si M Neither e< Use McVey* were toyutwl in the jaiCKient- The robber. occarTed at 5 p .m. FrvdUj ifierisooo and the i*Mtb fee Ox ta«JS *J« coexiwcied by » cumber rf •'•*»! «».>•• ms' ;'>iw,j-k'". »»i DJC.K^-II; t-s 5V *>« jr- vv. Otol-A-froytr II M • -fmttm. (.«<.'•!«" ^ ^««>«W< ?•« l'V»«a» t «'» A-fcW 6 !»«•*'. ** tisil vt '.f*tif »:e Is Ws , *< •** t- Si* *** lit* *f«i Ms* >,<• f»*i-,;« -Jar Urfjt->a sv«*v tjnucivB ihf ll« '.ri.txjr *f»i '.h« *'*' tr nt!)-,» 0.44 in ft«4{k v£ ^7 t^fr Tlll!^ «,r:\KKATtuN I* AS KVH. M<;N'IUT S" MGN MUU. S-v tot the var»g uj» and < A. fc* M*J hr Tew» AiM U« awl twA «« far thf t otorado Kh W J) »h«* Mrt up Site «M *^ h«r |?»»d«oB the remain* o« the t»or«»m ' Monday marks end off RIcKwood project *C«I-MM «( u BRIEFS i*ifca« Ixeni i, Htitra «:. arm* *•'* V i r t o » her <»th aaij * {*&«* »*«< Ut (St««i b> * U-Jore be »a» c bad ««»i«led t*e oiher (KTMoa atnl hrfd ti« b»t>> and IOJT oUwtr hn»U*c its i twcvc The tuiftnci wa» tvt (*»•« b> Unidentified body found at Bryan Beach Ttw S*turxV*> afUmooo at Br>an Beat* Ubelwivd to be Ihr t*w firri wtwrted wwn i* rt <"t)unl) Thundi) in U* «4lcrt c4 the >n Mlew tow W The girl* »er« t»«h lhk» of M«>d*)*ill 4 vaU*bk at C»l> HaU CooHrucltoa Service «ill long a* ailed da> het« An uapeirt**! to rwpitrcd o« **»iat »U wato and i*»*r Ite** and Council »art» that e>.trw»e to the nl> i M v «er »}»!«T) cMUXtfUaait before the) are C4le itaufcj be eAemtcd to At a opcvtal callrsl mtvtiftjj covered up He**tiefi!* are tying tn to the meter becaute »v Council apprwed the *U«i I* c*H I'll) HaU »he« ^ pJanic MO toe Un« u the city rc*d) fvt act tntpecUen ca»il) broken A back up to Mart u** e< the Cwoctlmen *u|«e»t that d*>h» at the nvrtut *houid b* Alw. council p^^estj w bo tw oa to the utcd »beo U|W«a!«« the Ui* a deadline e< A}* vi (w »c»,« line tln4 beat* *« W pi*w«t «««*tv« »lr*to OB K" KOLtill of Kf k - 'y^i W* "* p *J*' rnl Ktvice at the prov*'rt> ItM tt. BUker C«ot«noial *»a w ere lw ** d *^ thia po*»l l»lh* IWWM, at the r«Ad««t»»JxiuWcaUaiy HaU ' ""'* ' ** " fw the »alw and ioar Tr» — the bond vchoci hr (ouodoJ c (national)} tiiilurbcd H'\>III.NUTUN — The }"fcAw t »\».trfn c< »aj*prxe c\^trv»U vVii tv t£*j$h etx^a^i so pre>ent another price fvpiraaon alter the t*<ii> tmmoRutt Hertwtt Steui BKAl MUST — Ttw lU a»krd here Saturday to f: exchange their «*4vilttuUci£.aU$ * protected >titn aoj Uvtxr.c aidr» ut a cam* Irvira rrtsred SHtprenve Court Ju»ttce Robert Hi Cah*ft a* he tw*»fted before a coromtttee of the Te*a» •-THATS IT- . .BEING LOVED" rrpbes Morru G DanUtfy tn reipc«»< to ha ion's suunu-nt "1 ds-" *i he ii sslwsl »*»« tw b«4 e*penenc* a father Ten area nxt» talk about bw£ 4 taihtr in a Kaihw * IU> feauirw Vac their thuughi* and Cwmmitte* «h»di he heads it the UnivcrMly o< madtteiwjfw** 10 "*!*^ 11 ** ., , , 4 itSt £'• * «» A«irt«<«^a««iN»^^ ^^.IT^ Ard»it«tur« , w«u* «*l *w«f »««•• « w U>c«U«i «»«•*.' Ttw bast), that ol a white mat* *ith both haixb and lf« tied, «a» tltU unidenUlvtni at pnc*t time Saturday The remain* *«r« takes to Houitoe b) Ur*to>pwrt AmbuUac* SeoKv tV uutul r«|«rt of a bad) Ut (he Bratu* »** lir * ! nx«<ved by Brwwru Cou»t} law eaforatneot uiiictff* Thursday from the rt B«*l Cgunty Shcrur* Dc^artiu<rnt A M*rt* *« then »urled •ioaf liw river b*t**en HMharaa ani Wwv Cviuu^bu. *tU> li»bU owed at the i at &ut Budget hearing, banking items for college board *citui« Tbe board butt lor * t>*nk « pubUc budget he*nr^ we oe. the («r Uunia) w«ht'» Brawspart KeteoU* meeiin* nw«un« *iU begm *l 7 » t> m w» the room *i the cuUegc, to come before the regent* c»ne«Jam U» July and . inni W t» wtectesl as a Jar vh* wt*» Uo >e*r* will be uflUl 7:30 pm Monday. ireauneot: audy failure and oa the eautt of the make n«c***ar> to ih« board M. *a»r treatment aod oU»er appropriate tnaltew pertaiatni to ttoe d»n»j{«* « r -—«*» •*- raUeM to U* "'" —— t<i -*" - " Witwo witt at Mwday w^»t'* i«««uo» and » report (ran Uueii and c^kc Umoew ooaa*« J«ck L WUwu, tiainn*u, Dr Alan SUr»*rt. R*lf*> BueU, aod Or. B, tt Ua)M wu named lo ihe «a u&ifaiior in the ctuiier*. Mto to b* con**d««d ia DM rwtfwuoo ui ooc ftad emptoytMitf uf »nr«r«l p«f»««tJ Foltowwg UK regular mcetint, U»e will remain («r a prt*eaU tWw ul the budget

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