The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin on June 24, 1859 · Page 4
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The Daily Milwaukee News from Milwaukee, Wisconsin · Page 4

Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Friday, June 24, 1859
Page 4
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J7 BI ' Jnnfl 23: Jl prir»ta 4«fp«toh reoeivBd from New Or•-_ JMIII, *tates4hat thesteamer Commerce, Capt Moriey, wWoh sailed from this port on the llth lait.; »nived «;Havan» on the 18th.'' '" ; fh»Ttoes of, UOs morning publishes a note to ths e«»r, from Kosanth, dated London, June 9th, together with an address to the Hun garisn exiles residing in the United States, in which he-warns his exiled fellow-coantrymen that it is not yet time to more, or attempt to take part in thei 'w»r.' Grave considerations fcrbid his anteTing on premature explanations Soffloe it to saj thai, though the sky is bright- tailng proml8lngly,ithere are yet great difficnl- ties to overcome. They .shall be apprised in due time. 'Let them patiently wait. Inconsiderate rashness might bring personal rain on them, without the slightest adrantage to the pnblie cause. .alMolutlon for Out Rebel*. - Naw YoBmv Jane 28. The Herald'* Washington correspondent •ays : "We learn that Robert J. Walker, the .most unfortunate of air Governors of Kansas, hag succeeded in making good' hli •repentance, and in receiving absolution from the administration, notwithstanding bi< grievous rebellion in the matter of the Leoompton constitution. It wonld also appear that Mr. Douglas is in the way of forgiveness; and tliat eren that terrible Zouave of politicians, GOT. Wise, is disposed to bury the hatchet and •moke the pipe of peace with the President, upon the first invitation, and without chaffering about the terms of a treaty of peace." EVKNING'S REPORT. River New*. Sr. Louis, June 28. Th« river is stationery, or perhaps falling a little at this point, and all the upper stream* •re on the decline. •'Weather cool, with indications of rain . LouiiviLLt, June 23. River stationery at six f**t, and the canal tour faet. PITTSBURGH, June 23. Elver 6 feet 7 inches by pier mark, and stationery Weather warm; no departures. Tbe J. 6. Prlngle arrived from Cincinnati. "• Flora Temple Beaten. NEW YORK, June sa At the second race between Princess and Flora Temple to day, Princess waa victor, winning two straight two mile heats. • Time- first heat, 6:01. Second heat, 6:02. Nomination tor Conirrew. AootTSTA, Juiii- 28. Tbe democratic convention at Wurrenton nominated Alexander 0. Walker, formerly a member of the Georgia Legislature, in place of Hon. A. H. Stevens, declined, as candidate for Congress. Boston Hatter*. BOSTOB, June 23. A special messengers from Washington arrived in this city to-day, bringing a document from the National Executive, postponing the execution of Cyrus W. Plnmer, the'mutineer of the Junior, from Friday, June 24th to Friday, July 8th. Returns of the recent vote in Maine, indicate that State aid to the Arlstook railroad Lias been refused. The sum of $176,000 has been subscribed by ih& merchants of this city for the purpose of establishing & southern steamship line. A uitflitir/ will noon take place for the permanent organization of the company. New York Matter*. AtrBFRK, N. I., June 28 Tbe National Dress Reform Association convened her* yesterday, and is still In session — The attendance is large, and numerous speakers of ability are present. A'l the discussions had been exceeding,/ spirited and inten sting, and thus far the Convention hai proved successful. At the performance at the Acadamy of Music for the benefit of the Italian Fund, the receipts above expenses were $3,000. John George Meyers, indicted for the murder of his wife pleaded guilty to day, of man•laugher in the first degree, and was sentenced to imprisonment for life. ooi»Rir, pa Mo»»f There ha* been a little more activity In the market, , •a* tbe ybpenta* oTi^e ^Wd*;for5Treunty JlOtM his «"*'»*»« D t ««l*>>» *" , _ . critttnrardrtiie C'OM ofJait week, but capital 1« freeJjr oSered at our qnotatloM lor all prime ;«ecarm»i. V "'-'• ' • '•'• _ - U.itookMearittw.^.V.v..... 6 Ao ' ' other good wcnrtlrt....: .. • -I & 1 Pt1meendor*edbUU60©Mday»..... ------ JXO J i..^:.;:..-.... 7 \& V ..—•••... ;<a 8 ... ... . Names lea known.. ......... ;..;... ...... '» !©1 —Journal of Omu*tra», Jr. ;-y. i, *-,, • ""the weekly "bunk' 'statement Indtestw addltlona Mnagth In each departmeoV which will not be without itt inflaenee on th» bniiaeu of ; the present week. Already tbe. -larger rbaaki are mettlog their cuitomen with enlarged arcommodatlon, and prime paper having threeorfourmontintonin U negotiable at 6X^7 per cent Short bllta are eailly placed at «.— Jr«- Post, 21st. .. OAI oor« or WHUT.— A Buffalo corr«poo dent, writing In relation to tbe cutom whlch*revall» InHUwaukee, and lometlme* In thui city, of tolling whtat before It Ji shi '•'-' ' ' , «ay» : ."It Is such transacUant {mLxlng Sprint with Stde. with Fr»nc*. W*sH£ifOTos, June 23. Tbe opinion among gentleman connected with the diplomatic corps is that although the government of Europe, not engaged in the present hostilities, are desirous of and hope for peace, the complications are so great that there it almost an impossibility of preventing a general war. In such an event, tbere is no doubt that Bnssta \rill array herself with France. Walden Porter, of Boston, willjsupply »V Qosport and Brooklyn Navy Yards, and u. Naval Asylum of Philadelphia, and Philando Aimes the Boston Navy Yard. All the bids for supplying coal are unnsnal ly low, being within four dollars per ton and. some as low as three dollars and fourteen cents. They are the first letting under the recen law requiring coil for naval purposes, to be procured by contract, having previously been purchased by the coal agents: The bids for some of the other stores adver Used for by the Bureau of Navy Yards and Docks exhibit the fact of artful calculations with a view of securing the awards; as an in, •tance, writing paper is offered at eeven mills a ream; the proposer bMng aware that there is comparatively but little of it used, while high P"c«s are charged on other articles. The design being to secure a lower aggregate bid than the other competitors who are not ao well mcqnatned with this particular tnck, but which Is not uncommon in bids fo Government contracts. Wleat, *nd old gtump Tall with better'qualltlts) that las dettroyed the sale of your wheat In oar market.— We see it In cargoes, .Suite often, and our milter* have been *o cheated that they, or many of them, will not or this erop toncb a bushel. We do not want an article on sale that all are afraid of." It ma; be well for drippers I* understand 'Be etU mat* la which mixed wheat 1* held In Buffa!o,:befor« they stoop to practice! so dishonorable in themselves, and 10 damaging to the character of cur market.— C/itcago frees •* Tribune. We were not awve that our shipper* were, any of them guilty of mixing Illinois "stnmplall" with our Wisconsin wheat until we made Inquiry. We find, however, that the thing has been done. This practice Is decidedly too mean and dlihonevable for any persons, calling themselves men, to be engaged In. ••&tump- tall" wheat Is miserable musty stuff, totally unfit for human food, and to mix U with food wheat, and thu spoil the whole, 1* a crlms against the consumer, baok of an attempt to swindle the saltern buyers; and not only that, bat It Is an outrage on th* hard working farmers of Wlscqniln, whose Interests are most *adly Interfered with by all such proceedings at tend to tht Injury of the good name of Wisconsin product*. gome year* since our dealers found a deal of fault and Justly too, in* dirty and slovenly way in which some farmers sent their wheat to market, and took meuares to remedy th* evil; now BOOM o our dealers Import loads of dirt tn the form of "old atumptatl" and mix with good wheat. If any are so obtuse to all sens* of right and justice as to persist In this nefarious practice, and have no feeling any where but In the pocket, they will do well to powder the him which the Tribune gives above BaXABSTDrre A»n PaoDBCr.—Flour U extremely dull' with barely enough doing to keep the prices In Bight, with a downward tendency pressing upon H iteadlly.— A *m*ll sale was effected to-day at 642*, with this exception, the market was qnlet. Wheat was moderately active—a declln* of 2o, with a fair prospect of a farther redaction to-morrow. Corn and oat* were both very quiet, and with a d ownward tendency. Potatoes ar* In active demand and on th* rive. Epgi are batter *nd In food request. Butter Is al*o on the mend. Wool has been more active to-day at prices ranging •am 27 to 85c for common to \ blood. In Michigan during th* week prices bar* ranged from 85 tr. 49 and In some Instances as high a* 48, but at i\s last tbe orders from the east were to let go, and r'ces receded slightly, the market txtng pretty brisk at ot over 41. The paper* sptak wall of tbe condition In Mch th* Michigan woel comes to market Tne far- HBTI having generally taken pains to get It up In good ondltlon, accounts for the food prices which are prevailing. By the last from New Tork we learn At domestic fleeces were bringing 4i0iOc for medium to fine, and that a large amount of foreign wool was resslng on the market at a decline. Fine washad Mes- tlia sold at 2S&f-0; washed Pfax at 84; Peruvian SO® 6 and African at 16. There were other sales the gurei of which were kept private, but were understood to be at a decline TMItranKce U bolraale THCR3DAT 7>C5tSG, June 2S. FREIGHTS—very little doing, and rates unchanged, to Buffalo 4c; to Oswego Gc. Flour to New Tork y water und rail 60c. The propeller Wisconsin clear- d for Ogdensburgh with 6,002 bni wheat and 111 bbli flour. FLOCK—market verj- dull and drooplnf Recelpti 191 bbls, Khlpmecu 111 bbli. Sales 71 bbh i^rtnf extra a' lower and BI111 declining Receipt uci i i,UOObi)» Balei 2,000 bui No BJverj Sound JtUnd and «o«x Uarbor Bght I».WlK»nsui,tt« Bonlu~B«ioon' at Ml wank**, Two '"" '' C Tn B.JLIX n flrl-WxiuiD CABAL.—The breakage lath* Wetland Canal ha* betn attended wtlh very dl»- mtron* resnli*-,, I» appear* that when tbe tebMnwr Quebec wa»*nteringth« Jock Ho. 86, jut above Thorold. by «!>me m'senace*. ah* strnrk the upper gate* bursting ihem operand forcing a passage forth* whole Iwdy of water In the long level above, extending to Allsnbnrgn, a dtrtanee of four mile*. The fonr gate*of the lock were Immediately iwept away, and the water carried evarythlng before it, and do- 1nr Immense damage* to :tH* canal and tbe Tillage of ThorrM. The ml'ls and<rth-,r property along the edge* of the canal In Thorold Were greatly Injured, and th* banks having given away at the lower end of the »U- Isge, Jost opposite Hester's bridge, the flood rushed rV.wn through tbe ravine* »t that place, and swept toe •ountrr down by the Ten MB* Creek. The Superintendent, 8. p. *oodrojr, Eaqi, Mr. Collier, and the whole force of the canal staff and operative* an on the spot,and family enzagvil In nuking preparation* to repair thad«magesj but, lio n the extent and nature of It, some t me must elan** b< fora tbe canal will again be in. a Mate to reiume business. . It will require time, not only to replace the gat**, bat to repair tbe bank* and clean out the channel, but .••feel confident, that no time will be lost by the acUre and energetic men en- gaged»tlt.-£iim<ao»JSm^.,Sl»J. CUT AxjAix.—'lho Chicago THbvnt- says the propel ler Barber, which ha* been laid np during the Us* two Maiont, Is a«aln brought oat, and ha* cleared for Painter'* Pier—^outh of St. Joseph, for a cargo of wood. In her return she will make tri-weekly trip* to St. •Jbieph until the fruit lesson eVmmenee* when she will mike dally trips. Mr. If. VeeUa* will be tbe agent I it. Joseph, and no doubt bat the «<>at wlllrcry popular. riOT.—-he Detroit Trllrunt s»ys that eighty veoel* pasted Uiatport on Saturday last, elnc the largest number th-1 ever pasied In one day PAfaroaT HABB )«.—TheChicago Tribune says: "An order has been received from government to h»v« t beacon light suspended at the end of a pier In Palrport larbor until the obstructions at Che month of the bar- bor are removed. A light Is alio to be kepi la the UghthouM on the hill." The Uacklnac BeraU, of th* llth, say i: "» •mill tng, not known, from below, In leaving the harbor Ibis evening, struck the r*ef oe the west point, where she now lies, unable to s.e: off." VXSS»L oa Pia».—The Deiroti Tribune., of the 21*1, aays: "Yesterday afternoon, about 2 o'clock, the sehr. Banover, boand down, h) low of the tug, John ftliey, took Ore by (parks from the toe, Igniting In the flying Ib, which «a* mostly daftroyed, together with consld- •i able of her head gear. She was towed to Windsor dock, where *he now lie*/' H All, WAY VaantcT ACLUXST i BuLaoie.—Mrs. Jnlis Wll- Jams, the wife of a brakeman who was killed on th Stale Line Rallroid last fall, was awarded 13,000 dam ajem, fay a jury In Buffalo on Saturday last. BY TELEGRAPH. nrtv Vork >larkei. Nrw You, June 24. ri/OUB— heavy and 10c, lower d«rjaod cUnrfly lor cb* presslnii wanu of the local and eastern trade sale* 8,600 bbls at «,00<afl,20 for unaonnd. t>fu&t,00 or superfine Itate 6,ZU®o,*0 for extra itate; ^10 for snpei&ae we*t*r&; 6,25^S^fl for oosamon to •ood extra wealern; 6,00^^63^ for do round hoop jhlo— clo.lnR dull. WBEtT — dDlandiaSo lower, sales 2,090 bus very lacdsome white at 1.84; 500 bus prim* red southern at 83; 7,00 bus prim* white southern at 1,78. «rE — dull and heavy at SS®»4. B i RLE Y— quiet. OOttN- heavy; sale* 2A.OUO at SOQ8S for old and ,eu mixed western; 84 for wcatern vellow; oottilQg olng in other klud*. O4Ts-dull al4ia«» (or state; 49300 for Canadian. WnljgT— sales too bbls at M*. BTOUKS-dnll. Mo «'• u6H, Tenn «'s K%, M|cb «' , 02; Ta 6'. 98\, Erl. 4th mort 84; Oant^u 19; P M ; N > 0 7o»; B 20; B .rl 10; Uud 88*; Reading ; M CSVJi; M8S7^; 3 SO, U • 0 «SX i B 1O, 0 * >*; 0* R i 68Ji, B 10 BUrfALO BAEKR. uneM. FLOUB — demand moderate, and market easier ; sales 00 bbli 6,62X^6,00 for £tate Irom Slump tall, and andard Ohlcaf o sorm*;; 6 t9 do from club wheat; 6,40 ^6,60 for straight extra U l^consln; 7(^7^5 for extra Icb., led., snd Ohio; 7,37 7, 78 for dounle trtrai WHEAT— quiet; sales &,u 0 bus red Ohio al 1,M CORN — depressed; smill nales at Til* &7S. OATS— dull. B \RLKT— dull. ETE— firm at 1.00&1.06 WH18KKT— oommal at t-' CANAL rRKionra— UDC «n fJ j. BUSINESS OAK13S. jj - ' JLA\ShnSKS.i j .|,: ; ,-. >lj>« W. 0tBVUft*«-*.•...,... T ...,C»(wJU Storing & Jenkins, COUNSELLORS A 1 ?* mirftt CHANDLER & HIGKCOX, Attbrneys^&Ounsellbrs Mt li jTt KNE ISLAND • MILWACKIE. ,1j.) ii!: Law gt...' • ..[sprlS].... -JA«io attatopi. C II OSS & PA iX «ai**»»o!B. QRNKTS St CODNSELLOBS iuT LAW. No. 10, Albany PEUKB41U A ATTORNEYS &OOUNSELLOria;AT LAW, Arcadt Itui<Hna,ns &ut tratcr ei, itiiuxtulsee. 6. V?iP»onLur,rprinerlv) i i E"°^5**S * •'•"•'•Albany, V ruMU hiootwooD. Newport. - . - | ; j. P. BLOODOOOD It D. 8. Court Ooramlaslone. and Oi— ouul oner for leveral Mates. 'novl»-(l«a . PAJ MKK & HTAriK, Attbrneys ' & Coaasellori' jat Law. laf* Office, Ho. 2, Mitchell's New Unfik buildinc.ror- oer df, Ulchlgao ind E»5t W»ter ittecti, Kdln.uln.o v\\ aud Conusellorg at Law oixT, ... , 1U ftt 0 "*' ln ll " varloui Courts of the Sev.'nth JuJi cli) Circuit of WUcoruin, »nt» will r»ithfu!i» aiunU to t-lf btutnoi Intnnu-d to m, remM^»n)-ps prompt y m»<:<!. I.»nd WarracU located in ««lt<ri»,i i.n.lf IT th<ij<- at a dkUnce. ' A SoiiEma, Bankers, Bteveo'i PC.IM J. B. 8HAarer*i«, Esq., Milwaukee. Lmrau. A DAKKIT, Milwaukee. RusiiA" t Doom, •• MITTOOIS * DAUBOI, Chicago. HOD. J CITOS, Ottawa, III. ' ; Jetn JNO. A. HAVAGfc;, :,iK., Attorney and Counsellor 'nt Law NOS. 9 4 10, PHGKNIJC BUlLhlfi ,.«, KE *i . WISCONSIN tlOoiamlsilonerfor H. ¥, r e ., n ., Ohio, ilnilla-ia, III it« u fW i Irnui4 i Vi./rl f Vr/nj,, («x« ,rnr AV Vi»N nKHT ATTOKNBT AND OOCNflKLLOa *f OfriOE— Bmplrt Dlork, 2S1 KaM Wnitf d myCJ MiLwiotri, •i>.:.:«.-,in PATENT MEDICINES. J. V. V. PL1T1 Attorney & Counsellor at Law. Office in Mitchell'i Bauk Bull<|lnj No. 5, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. : . jfcnU HlX^KKK J: SI'AN t .V,N~U KlTT>~. A, iU I,an. • Not. 8 $• 4, .1.'' •<*(, fl^i.^n.^ ..^r,,. I/I. higauA JIain Arr,cl. the .Sewhall ll.tiue alil^au^c^ ri .«. 10** w. oimr CAKY i Attorney* *u>d Coan*ellor« til l.utt. Office ID TaxrtB/i Block, Ogrou Mile «nd W n- coostQ street. DB. HOOFLAND'S GERMAN BITTERS, AST) DR. HOOFLAJVVS BALSAMIC CORDIAL, Thi great itandard medicines of tht preunt age, have acquired their great popularity only through yeari of trial. Unbomdid taliifac- tion it rendered by them in all cotes; and the ptopU have pronounced thtm worthy. liter Complaint, Dyspepsia, Jaundice, Debility of the Kerrons System, Diseases of the Kidneys, and M diteatu arising from a disordered liver or totakncsi of the ttomaeh and dijettive organt, are ipeedily and permanently cured by the GERMAN BITTERS. The Balsamic Cordial hat actjuirtd a reputation turpatiing that of any similar prt paration extant. It mil rare, WITHOFT P»IL. thi matt mere and lony-itanduiy Cough, Cola, or Hoarsenass, Bronchitis, In- fluenxa, Croup, Pneumonia, Incipient Consumption, And Atij performed tA< most ojfortwAm*/ n^r^i «rrf known of Confirmed Oonramptioa. A few dotes will alto at once check and cure tht most sevtrt Diarrhoea pr^'j from COLD is Tnx BOWEL*. These medicines art prtpar'd b\j TT i' VI JJICKJO* & r<)., A'o. 41 ii Arc/i Str fe t. P>iu., drlphia, PJ., and art sotj by druyjiau it'l dealer! in medKints tvcryvhert, at 7.^ -<"\:- ptr bottlt. The tiynatun of C. M. J.»cK3.)\ u-dl bf on the outfitlt tcrapjm u' fach f ,<tfr^ In |A« Atnantic published (?nnuj<V'/ '^/ ''<« proprietors, callfd Ev~EHTB<jl)T> ALMA.NA- a/OM mil find ttthmony m<l cjitmrnJat > -. notices frow all partt uf thf country f /''<'•' Almanacs art g\r»n au-ay >>y j/*' IT/- nytiij f. H . K^n'fT" , , ,i H. BOSWoir.i t MI-.. Afen*i for Ho .^Sli.l't Urrfnan Hit!, r- M..w*' Kr-» M1L«'AOKER, WICCO.NMS niin;) Tar. ,- .. atto-ueys at Law and Solicitors In Ohuovry, No. 1 Wisconsin street, Milwaukee. • j M n).'. 6.3W bu«, at 1,05, ZTB do extra (last nlgit) al 1,31'. 900 do No. at 1,04; 300 do extra at 1,ZS; 800 do do l,S«i 400 do No f al »0 Total Kklrt S.ST5 bus. KTE—Inactive; nominal at 1,00 ETS FLOCB—sieady at «,JS COEN—inactive and droopiuj bas. OATS--nn .alet. 40c asked, 35 offered 2,016 but. POTATOES—rery good market Receipts 681 bus.— fialei of common at 85(^1,03. EGOS—scarce and higher II!®] e BrTTER—Firmer and better, firkin Receipts 114 bus *. RaeelpU 73 Reeelpl Letter *>• tlae Preaidency WABHIHOIOS, Jane 23. Tbe friends of Judge Douglas bare are In possession of the following letter, explaining hto position on the subject of Presidency and of which the*; have permitted a copy t< be taken for publication: WASRIBOTOC Jane 22, 1859. MT DKAE SIK :—I hare received your lette inquiring whether my friends are at liberty to premrt my name to the Charleston Con r en tion for tbe Presidential nomination. Before this question can be finally determined it wll be necessary to understand, distinctly, upon what issues the canvas is to ba conducted. If at I have full faith they will, the democratic party shall determine in the Presidential election of I860, to adhere to the principles embodied in the compromise measures of ,1850, and ratified by the people In the Presidentia •lection of 1862 and re-affirmud in tbe Kansas, Nebraska act of 1864, and incorporated tnto the Cincinnati platform in 1856. as expounded. by Mr. Buchanan in hie letter accepting the nomination, and approved by the people in his djotion-in that event my MendYwill be at bberty to present ay name to the Convention, If they BW proper to do to—it, on the oonl trtry, it •hall become the policy of the demo. oraBo party, which r cannot anticipate, to repudiate theae, their time-honored principles, on which we havtf achieved so many patriotic trf. nraphs, and in view of them the convention ahaU interpolate into the creed of the party raoh new iMoei a« the revival of the African aiave trade, or a Congressional slave code for the Territories, or the doctrine that the constitution of the United States either establishes or prohibits alavery In the territories, beyond the power of the people/ legally to control it Mother property. It i« doe to candor to say that in inch «n event, I could not accept the •*wninatlon,if tendered to me. Trusting that «u»«nawer will be deemed eoiOefently exull- ^BigSd) as- . NOTIOK. JtlTHUt HIQHWINE&—steady al 2«. WOOL—more coming In, and market more active raore 27@85c. Receipt* by Railroad «,iOS Ibs ; sale S50 Ibi common to % blood at 80; UO do li blood a 29; 400 Ibs 5t blood at 35; 1,100 Ibs X blood at SS; BOO Ibs X to H blood at *7ttS4; to'al aalei 2^00 lb§. PI DBS—steady receipt! 8,625 Ibi Rul I road Receipt*. Bacnra ST Mnwiiru* t Slmaissirpi RiiLEoi 16 bbls nour; 0.1T6 I us wheat; 1,07» do oats; 739 do corn; 114 do rye; 2» do potatoei; 1U5 Ibs hides; 61 Jo batter; S,80S do irool; 8,034 oo mndnes; 760 do raf» ISbblieg^s; 7 sheep; 1 calf fLfonrrs »T at. ft H. R. R.— Zlnh, 21st and 2£d.— 411 bus wheat; 800 do oau; 426 do potatoes; 16 dc beans; 61 bbls flour, 3,250 Ibi feed 3,004 Ibi sundries 1,340 do hide:; 1 car load stone. Raoiim *r Lj OaoBsx * MILWICIIIS B»IL«..»I..- TS1 bus wh«at; 636 do oats, 146 do potatoes; 111 bbi Dour, 2,180 Ibs hld.s: 15,624 do sundries; 6,820 fee lumber. Tna LOMBxa BostBEaa iw UuBasooil.—There are four Ken Bam Mills busy at work all the time In Huikegon Nww PuB«».-The Grand Haven Clarion says view of beantlfol seml-tran*parent plaiter was recently dlscovtrsd about (even miles weit from Grand Rapldi N«w Hoca.—The Springfield (III.) Keghtv notice the arrival at that place of flour from the new whea crop and sayi : "The flour U a very superior article made from red wheat." LCKBca o HBO T0 ALBiUV.—The Green Bay Advocate says partlei m O«hko«h have a contrac to furnish two mllUlon of shingles to Albany, K. T this Mason. They «re now being shipped. OotwTKunn Cor*.—The Detroit Free freu aay counterfeit quarter dollars have been put Into clrcuU tlon recently u some extent In that city. Some of th vender* have been caught, and famished with proper quarters In the State rrlson. MARINE RECORD. 1859. Port of Milwaukee. 'nne 23. AflRIVED. Jon 23n. 8tmi Traveler, Sweeney, Chicago, 21 hhds rogar, W bn orange* and lemons, 57 pkg* snnurle*, 8' pu*. Prop Ogonti. Flood, Chicago, 40 baza* itarch. JCBtZSn. Prop Iowa, Jonei, Bnfclo, 107 ton* rade. 8tmr Cleveland, Dougal, Grand Haven. ~ 2"^.°' Clrrel * nl '> Bqnler.erand Haven. lumber, Sclir tnnmi>h.Lel«B. Manlite*, MM n lumber, SOU CLEARED. Jtnra 22n. 8tmr Oily of Cleveland, Si)Uler, Grand Haren Btmr Traveler, Sweeney, Chicago. Prop Ogontt, Flood, Green Bay. Bark Shanghai, Cheyne, Chicago, 140 M lumber. JDK* 28n. Schr John Werden, Hant, Ohloigo, 225 M Inmbcr. wmr Cleveland, Dongil, Grand Haven. Rrop WUeon*ln t Hlckey, Of densbnrg, 6,000 bus wheat, 111 bbls floor. iy The. following vessel* paned Dstroit oa Toe«daySlrt: - . Bound Dp—Propeller* Iron City, Onyahoga, Menuo- aj •cbooner* Bardls Barchard, Hercules, Gollelma- Norjray. ...... ! Bonnd Down—Barkj Clayton, Hungarian; achoonen Ottawa, OoB»uelo,Jnlla8mIth. , : AT BBTFALO, Jlw.—Prop. Mayflower,Xajig- •y, Chicago; fromJtllwankee, 1» bag* 03WEOO MAfciaTT. OswaCvi, Jun< '^4 FLOCB— <lull, and prlcei a a).ade easier WHEAT — ^al*t and noc y at 1.10£1.U>, !ar ilw&ukee olub. COh - —quiet; sound hald .1 Tj. OAT.-- n KmMjd. CANM i iUlt*UlS— uncl.ui«cd UcrrtL^, Jianc 24. [ff~ I r^hcving * e»»r i • paJied through tho Port ) t*jrtie lock In-ci 4 o'e ock < re on the 81st till 4 p tn. n l|.» 2td June, 1?5»- V«»»cli B..und Wrtt — on u.-VUt — Non« I'D th* -W, one. Doobd Wrst — Oa ihe 2 1 **! -?chr MountaiDee; ' »n tbe 22d— Schr J. C. M £«<_; Kl ,J . A N KO I' .>jv (/ha«te \ tiradiey, HAi'tKANl) KAO UKA1.I-.K.-.. * 18 UKST VVA I Ell STUH IT, [»pr2«j A<l.«rn\M>. ill I7i' . from t ctutin): well. ^ [ health i eh n^r7, * WILLIAMS w. II, u -r Wi T. A Kodnnv, Auction and Commission Merchants. LAND Arti.vTs ANU MONKY MO. IB \vis<-o>«»l> DTUEt: c, W ILL flv« particular alt«otioo to iha isle M Parnl tore, Drj Ouotli «oj every J#.rrl ( uon .,f M cr cbandlkc, at thetrSolr room ur in any part nf the Olt> v anc«j on cc r a IO6SJ i EUIFF> »ALE. 8TATK OF WISCONSIN. I Clrcalt Ooart, M>lraake< Oountj. t Johana Gcorgklnd, 1 against [ Jadg^ncnt ao Beger f cbaQlcj Lleo. N. B.— Bond*, Sol^t and llorxcarea n^ janl» UNITED STATES SALOON, t'ornfr r/ Jfatn itnJ tri«r/>n*ki i/f#^r», WKJJNKSUA Y, JUNK 44, 1fci.".H. «-r«?at Free Lu:icii. PROVSLKirS.'> »nl r lift. Chrmt>ph Joh&nn and Jacob Kler. Lager Beer of Best A Co. C »ari and i Tobacco. [jeM-dlt«] JO II X M *>CIIA LTK. J I N vlrtne of and purauant to a judgment rendered In sa'd Court, n the abort eaUUed action, dated the Uthdajr of Maj, 1869, I shall expose for sale and set at Public Auction, at the Post-Offlee, In lti« City o Milwaukee, on Saturday, ibe 83d d«> of Julv. IVfi, at th- hour of 2 r. «., ol that day punuaot Uj Cbapier 163 of the Revised Statutes, eoti tied -*Of the Lten or Mrcbanlcs and others," tbe folio Ing described premlsrs to wit -A certain building sitoai* on lot No. twelve in block No. thirty-four. In Walker's Polul, In th« nflh Ward, or the Cltj of Mllwaoke*, Countj or Mllwaakee and State of Wisconsin, and al»o all the right, title and Interest of Ui« defendant Jacob Kier In and to said premises on th? l"*h daj of May, 1858." Dated Btieriff'i OOice, Milwaukee, June lo, 185>. Ho, .tin < HruQlmaa, I A. J. LANQWORTUY, Pl'ff* Atfrs. ( Bh*. Mil. Co., Wl» jelO-lawfw STATE UP VTI 8OON8IN, I . _ . " ^Probate Milwaukee Count ,. O M ai In the matter of the Estate of Hanrr'Bresvr, deceased N this 1" h day of June, i. o., 1S89, upon reading and E: „• the petition of Mary Breser, statin; that one HCLI-JT Brner, of the Oonoty of Milwaukee died mtestate on or about the 8th d*y of Match, 15M1 and pr»yln K :hat Tieodor* Kemp, be appointed Ad mlaistrator ou t:. a £«tate of said deceased : It Is Ordered. 1><I laid application be heard befon me sit the Probate Office, In the Oltj of MUwaukee, on •he 6th day of July. i. D. 1869, at 10 o'clock A. K. And It Is rurth<-r Ordered, That notice of said appll Won «>nd hearing »• (o f en by publishing a copy of thj order for three successive weeks, once In each week. In the Milwaukee New*, a newspaper printed In s*4< city, prior to said hearing. j eli-law3w By the Ooart, ALBERT SMITH, County JaJge. NOTIOK. riIHE Assessment LUt for the several Wards, of the J. the Olty of Milwaukee, will b« open for the examl nation of the taxable Inhabitant* thereof, at tbe Com mon Council Roum, at 0 o'clock A. si., on the followlni day for the several Wards,respectively to wit : Por th« First Ward, on tbe fifth day of July next for the Becond Ward, on the sixth dav of July neit. For the Third * ard, on the seventh day of July next for the Fourth Ward, on the eighth day of July next for the Fifth Ward, on tbe nlntn day of July next. For the Sixth Ward, on the elrventb day of July next for the Seventh Ward, on the twelfth day of Julv next. * Fir the Eighth Ward, on th* thirteenth day of Juli next. * For the Ninth Ward, on Ibs fourteenth dav of Julv next ' And the City and Ward Assessors will make such necessary addition to such lists and correct the same, by changes In valuation or dejcrlptlon. „„ GKO. OOGSWiLL, Je22-dlOt City As»i jsor, Olty of Milwaukee. CITT OoHpraoLLU'a Ornoi, I Contract Depanownt, Milwaukee, June £2,185*. " j T HE following described 1, t In the Seventh Ward o the City of Milwaukee, will be benefltted to the •mount set opposite It by lining It with a sufficient amount of ear h to abate tht nolsanoe thereon WM A. NOTES, VICTOR BOHUTTE, . « ., . . 8tre*t Oonunlsilooers. Lot S, block 78, benefit |80S 56. g. L'H. G \BDINta. Comptroller, BUTTER. I WOOtD 0*11 tbe attention of Families ta ouiele* tlon* Of u<J»eie» OHO1OE BUTTEK. 1 ani daily recelT!nf b/ Kiprets, choice lot* of Batter Irosa lie best Dairies In the State, which for dnalltr fcnd flavor Is norarpajted. Prices always to corrd- pond with the •'market rates," and quality warranted. Order* solicited and sent to all puts of the citv free JOHN W. LKDVtRD, " Grocer aid wine Dealer 161 East Water street. NOTICE. Cm CoicmoLLu's Omci. l _Contract Department, Jl»., June 17,18S9. f dared. of ci 1 ^' H 1 P 0 "* W ' lot % bloclt 87 i lou » and 12, block 81; Iot8,biook88j lot », b'ock 4«; lots 2, 4, 8 arid 10, wk , l Hu,' . ot 11. block 18; loti 8 and 4, block i; piece or land between J 0 ?, 8 ??,i? ? r V 10 * 113 i lcl1 ' 8 - 7 - •• B ' *. », 2. and , , i c1 ' - - • ' 1, blook US', lot* 6, 7, 8 and 9, block 1!4; lot* 6, 6, 7 and 8, block 181, include K street*; lot* 7, 8, »,?o;il and 12 block ISO; lot. 8, 4. 6, 8, 10«,d is, block 47; lot* a, 4, «, 8, 10 and IS, block it; piece of Und lying between bloeki 120 and 48, b«.lng *IX feet wide mod BWsT feet long; north 2S lett of tomb. 102 feet of east iia8e.iqo.feet of triangle )>lec, : of land, In tbenorlb- . , - turponier of the nortb-trcsi X ot *ectlon 6, Klgolli wa - .. . Y M K N IT.!. , WO AjHoiith and all, Expensef >t aid « A N AttJLrtT Is Wanted la er*ry town r ~ - • -••- pertv are hereby notl- »ALO,S1*T,—Prop, Fotomjc, 6/:b- •iDgHiht reel Comminloner* of the s lo b« done, t t'H. flAEPIHBfi, Coeaptroll«T. HALL.IBUT. •*•**•»•- IjU. Book*, a food .upply at lov i '.'• '.'-'.• .-;' -.••' .-".•';'."•. • • XJUt P**^"';;-.::~ : ::. ::^ .;.«T««w«te»»iab cm, COOK WANTED. A GOOD one Immediately, at 241 Haln itre»t. HilU Ezt7» Family Koar always on band. STKAY OOI/r. T IHK OWNER OF A fTRAT BAT 0<>I.T. ABtUT four yean old, ta requested tn c%J at;th* Station Ur u,e on Main itrrrt ttll.BECK, J' 2 £-d3' Chief of r,,]:<c. BOAKUlNCi. A FIRST Floor Parlor and B«dro«ra adjo.mnr suitable for a geallemin and wife, acU >rr?r&i rooms for tingle (enUemen, can be hail, tofrthT f tu. board, by applying al 3iO Jeffrrion «t A («•« .U) boarders can alvo b«> sccommodated. jf!9 The beet aaiortment of the ^oe*< Watcbo, Silver U arc. Jewelry u»<l KANOY OOOL)S tver brourht to Milwaukee. Ju»t lh< tlilrg; f • Hull day prmmu. Jint received «rr» chrap fi,rr»ih MAT-OS A iOuMI.". •leclS 201 Bill Water nmt, Vt,l«jak™. Vk ;, PAPER "WA^RE''Hoilspi llauford, BlncUiuarr A. 4 o., (l.ATB DARK1SOS, HANTOED ,t O'l I HAKK1SON. HANKOKI) A «'<).. MANDFAOTUaSRS, CUTABQOA FALLS, N J A Inf- Buffi K K AT M'l . v JC ~\7 A. T E! \HD Medical i'"vat* Hospital—. ri• •• Seialnal .IVc»k ^ Hfrcti, i up .tniri ) A MOST PC1E.NTIF1C INVENTION An .nstianitnt U.r ih« cur* of I'-' 1 N 'turD»l Min.^.. 'ti--, ,i. .rr pr<>p«rl) a n- an a* flfu-«n ' to t».i mon ru by Ui»- as-- -if a.u -.'.joint! F wtifi Qje-!)riDe9 YOl'M*- MEN TAKE VARTIOnAR l>r AM' id A ?()> LA** [, e.uur* -. \r, , Ihcy h»T C ;r)Vrr.t»Hl •> ilK »T .<.* [>. : t ttlt I. the rare of lh»- »l- -\m disrmjf/a 1 -, •-. \a h* l«j i ir«l l-y the ir.o«t t-tnir.vfit [.-j-xio;*n Par.*, Philfcit-f^M* nr,d N e w V Tit , ': r • h*? c n)f u«ffal r-.sirurr.rnl cr . r r . - t - ! ,— n I-.- \r~ I > (T»O», ihe ;,aOn A craK w ARR*,.ST> L' Pr 4MOf* 4 .-ON have -irv u>,] the'.r V.ieDLl.a ^« lusively 10 thu prcullAf riaas if m*'*vl!«'« 1 nc.l ih - OBJO. their M.»w reatorctV, is fun? le9l;fl«-.l H AVK opened at5 Albany Block, afiohtgaO atreat, opposite Nevhall House, a lar*e iloci of Btx*, JfetM, Cover, Ooiortd a*d fnvrjopr Pilfer*. Alto, Ledger Paperi, flat Capt. Folin Po*t, Lttler and ffct* Paprrk, V< hlch will b« sold very low. Constant additions wil be made to the stock to meet trie wanu of itit trtole. |^l/ Ptlntprs and others are invited to icftll an>l r for 1 ».{- amlne fur .lock and prices. <JA LAT •nrlfl L /tc\U **i —THE— !S,T ST.YLBS —OP— —AT- DUTTONfS! jiprlO i j I. I. H'OIATI L.g*. r»i WALL, PAPKif J. J. jficGRATii 4ic;«., 31 WISCONSIN STliEETi, wrdavaas, WBOLBAU AKD amn. naiii»a n Paper Hanging!, Window Shades, &c. Oompeient workmen sent to all parts of ih^Otty and all work* warranted. febSS K. AUVr«i\, Domestic Exchange 'and Specie. T HE highest rate* paid for all kinds of Gold and 811 ver Coin and Bullion. i - ExchSjUge canstantly for sale at the lowesl price* AS I make dealing tn Specie and Exch bu«nas,Tam able to "iK*. 111 •?»«;«««« over current ngures. Ust-of price* will be fbrniahed at my office, i j WO. 6B WISCONSIN STRFJET, I?™.?* B »P"« 1 ™"«rch. nearly o P po.Hei tn. U, nUrJM-dlm, AMERICAN CORNET BAND! "" SMITH & dq., Storage, Forwarding & Comidlssioii MKKOHANTS. ' ' ' Proprietor* of the ELEVATOll WAlt ini tit tbe Milwaukee it J., Watertown It Baraboo V*U the MUw or *alpDJeatto Eastern Market*. pi .nd ilally a/Tlvitig :n lown from ail parta >r Ujo eiertlons hare h^en Prowne.1 wllii the moit rantatfes , jet from what th<-y hare rrpcr rnc^tl u tf o. dsnirenxta aod l:jret*r&Lv,) they hartj r^lwayt rnt(.-r- t«ir<*<l Ui« p.'t^lbii.t; ••( Ui^ir pr^T^nt:->n an<l 'r'n.iunl, and iLkfflriHr invar'Ahljr faund 1'iat Lh^ m.,*: ': .rr ti ,- be 'raced to une of ih- follow.nx cauBet Ifrnoratiie, neflect, < r ttii; til «(TvcU of 6Tt«V'.Hf'al »n,i .inprnp^r treatm«nt; therefor*. UB. Axnj* 4 3r>* *.,.» ,, 1( .,. ee ,j rt i In itiscnvonni;, In the lelecuon of thcfr rf:,j c U't^. a •afe, tlTt-ctaaJ »nd (^aatioaa cuune ; niritttn* * I ,-<ra- blnation of remedwi which bear an c^uivo,.ai clurnc- ter, as well as those »hf«e premature or inju'tUTl.-as t ( >- yllcation mlKht b« productive nt bail cnns^ufncefl In the hands «r fnvaie Individuals. In ihorl, tbe I^U^A. j ble end of their rvmedkrs ts the IcjsenmK of a fre*t mass of human misery by the ailfviatioa. relief an<1 ! prevention uf those grievous aflllcuioa Lli^l «re in i reality the l*crel foes of life, and »h rh, ffhl'e il"-y «n extensively •orroand us, rail al.'O'l f'ir mr 9 h i; 4!l ,| '' Interference m their extermination. I COUNTRY INVALID?. Pera -ns tn any part of the worUl m^y i>^ *u.-rrsc treated uy forwarding A correct .Irlail ,>r t *tr with a remittance for Medicines, *c. Addreas Pr A.UOS 4 aONtfurncr Main >n i Street, Buffalo. N.T ,<\ti;-.|.« . MEDICAL. Aid. i> It . JOHN 1 H < > \T S < > th« K. 4; .... , lice at *.*> Murkft 4, |U . l near Onetda *t , *i tfi>? treatment ivnil L'U Slicctfa ..f 1 rivuf L- nUt Ih.? OM*- 'if [tiff 1 ,., lortun.iU- «n"ul'l i»,- ^< .selectini: hnphyti ia. * lament at. If, yr( uii -. that mari / «v ph. /y are made tiiHer;,bft> constltullooa by maNtreatment (ro :i ' * DR. M'LA.VE'S CF.LFBR \rn> VERMIFUGE LIVER PILLS. . i*»rf for generally concffi'd t»y thf the a4u*jy and maoagem^iic *ni»r -43 thrt whole Unit- <-f p trot and 8u<*'-f^«ft|J in t.^'• nor i,n>t* i Uoru caution, huwr ver, i tic patient in conmil'in? ni» who r 1 to rnter I •n>l pots*) L PtTKiOH uvi.ia li [ Lpl to hv!«Jupr-.| ft- 1 Or J Tpn*j<4,v ' I ht« father, D» Wm has i-ri ••"•f,l . -.-. - f*ilurr-s <>r thf '"-Hi respfftr ." y - .1 v t L -'in whu can u c m. fully Sr*rm*it'>r r don of the I rude, .inJ mor- especially rht; Physicians jf rhr country, to two ot rhc most ounn lar remedies nou, heforr ^hr publa \V t refer tu l)r. Clla.l. 11 'Linir « I clfhriltnl Vermifuge aiul I .KLT r'll! , W e Ju not oi (-JI::;-."'A! " t," . universal (, urt:-.uii, t'i. - ,u: r-i-, < , what their name ^urporx . / THE VK Ft \IIF-T -1,1-.. hor expeii:"^ \\ •• .-. •• -• human svsr-.^: i • • < .•• , , DISCOVERY OF THE AGE I N V I (i () K A T O K! PREPAKr I) H'i Dk .- \ S - i ,K[). Compounil 1 8 ONa' of if.r now b. ' r - •• '. r m u - - »•; I •< I. ><>K I u i J | > OS * V I 1)1 MOKK 30 \ 1)9.11!: : K1C1JK>T Di A 1)1- *i Kirr Horn b} rtiiiii>. ur fcmpt •? >r> HOT H . u HA T K.-< r \ 11 j r 11 r.i r i IT »i_-, l r A LJV IF »L.-O K.-.-i IT li>«) liK^r PJttVKNl.i 1 r." F«i.LI.Nii PREVENT!! ITS FAU.OI PRKVKNTli ITS K.kM.lM, KKfVltNTs TT-* Fll I i N't iKii.11 ll.l. 1 f * ll v run B » NEW BOOKS JU8T RICE1VED BY S T K i C K. L \ i\ D AL CO., 138 KAST WATEK ST. W ALL KTBEE1 to Oasbmere. A journal of five yean la Asia, Africa and Europe ; with 100 Illm- tr»Uon* from sketches made on the spot by John B ire- land— **,00. UIe\od Times of Carey, Ucrshman and Ward. Embracing the history ol the derampore Mission ; by John 0. Uarshman. Price o 00. Marsh's gcttncelof Double-Entry Book-keeping, 1 50 Lecture on Metaphysics and Logic, by S3r William Hamilton, 8 00. The Empire of Austria; It* use and present power, bv John B. 0. Abbott, 1 SO. Wyoming; It* h story, stirring Incidents and roman- Uc adventure*, by George Beck, D. D., 1 60 Tbe H*rp of a Thousand Strings; or the quintessence of human wit, wagguy and wisdam, 1 25. Army Life on the Pacific. A Journal of the Expedition against th; Northern Indians, the tribes of tbe Cotnr D'Alenes, Bpokans and Pelouzcs, in tbe summer of 1888, by Lawrence Kip, of the U. a. Army. Price fOc. Art of Exteor pore Speaking. Hints far the Pulpit,the Senate and tie Bar, by H. Dauuln. Price 1 00. Diary of Lady ftforjran, 1 SSc. th* Romance of a Poor Young Man, 1 00. New illustrated Rural Manuals, comprblng the Bouse, the Garden, the Farm and Domestic Animals — Prtrel 60. Hints towards Physical Perfection, or the Philosophy of to* Human Beanty ; showing how to acquire and re- lain bodily symmetry, liialth and vigor, secure lone life, and avoid the Infirmities and def jruRles of age, hy D. H. Jacques, 1 00. Bpargecn'* Sermon*, volume Bve, 1 00. Lore Me Little, Love He Long, by Chai. Beade, Toe. History of the Dominion o the Arabs In Spain, S 79. A Jonraey Dae North, being notes of a residence In Eussla, by George Augustus f »Ja, 1 00. Uniona's Medical Adv ser and Marriage Guide, with nearly 100 engravings. Price 1 25. The Pillar of Fire, or Israel in Bnndage; by Rev J. H. Ingraham, I 23. Irving'* Llf* of Washington, volume «ve, 1 60. AHlbone's Dictionary of Authors, & 60. Life of Kit Cvson, i 00. STfUOKIANDaCO., j«> 134 East Water street. riiEe> fi!K :ti, .U-P KKIl£.l THK .HO^LI' h'K"M v [.,. ' . > , - ... CiiKICS TUK ,'OAl.C FROM tl [. I.I.-M-K- fRKn.- Tilt sCAl-l' KR.IM \l.l. ;i|.-li.< '- .•i'U.I; HY iLi. UK -uUK'1 SOLD BY ALL Liif tinl.-TM SOLO HY ALL> ^OLU 11Y *1.L l)ii[;t><f!»T.- AN1> BY 0 J W U(J D t Co AN,) BY 'i j u,, .., , L , AM) Bt" :i. J W.HJD e Cw AND BY 0 J W'n 'I' t n, IU SlARXHT ST., 3T LOCU. 114 MARKET ST., HT. LUL'IS 114 MAKSKT ST . ,-T Lin I." 11* MARKET 81'., iT. LULL". THE i.i\ FI; v\ 1.1..- 1- j: -r he. •::-.• ,r I > , -. ill B,i i • H: • , ..- V • ; r I , \ ii i: ro-i[>, \V fi,ropi ntf i on^Ti, In tin,"i r 4fthrti(i >r Phthi*t •V C-v M , » in i • i- • r, • • ' . :i i r - '.r.,- ' * I m >|. • .1... •« vi »^. i - » i - i «*«Q -,ui .-^, U' ^.^« .n.. ""*^--, ^', -Is-C ,.,.l «tnfn,( •-'•'•«• ^ •:* •' ^. -. j,,, ., i IN,, • ' —" '- M ui'.« > - ' n< n,l-r h- i^u .- .11. • ...,.,,.:•;,[] .„ -!-..-,, »-,,, n „ ,,,, . - (%-- T.., ,. , n -«,uf -h- -v, .[.». • 'n ' - 1 tr^i,rf. f -.h;* -liv »r-,..r- *. i,..* .,, u. ,11-wt.l" * /•* .r - iii h,-M n- l . „. **. w •- 1. - ir .V - r .ft- , M Ayer^s Cathartic Pills. ''I *- tl*-* whtr-b in to-'wi -^ TJ»O .nnnra-r»r»., jr-~ ••. i"»n that ih*w« r*uj Sj»*^ v-irtn»*»j wtn.-h itir^xmi i»n«« tbtj -r-llnarT ;n«>,i1ctijw«j, »nd that Ui«r »iu )„ -\ND J'i i'Ho A u WAY A>U 3;j Bf.'i.M'H i V AND 31 a Bi4u.i..,l AY The Rejtor&uve 19 p^i J\> ^i botti'.-'! it i m--. targe, meillum, .mil amali. ihe v ^ \ ,. • retails for one ^lullar pur bottle; the .ut-m .c: . least twenty per cent inur? I.T pri:[mr.n u i :t\A:. t * retails Tor two liollars per noul^. th.- -ir/^n .ts i 4i' per cent, more in propirtiua, .>fM : -i.n.^ ' bottle. O. 1. WOOD A Ci' , Pn, ( .rim.i., ii n r ,i.» York, (In the ifrsal N Y W r- .ii., ... >. , . And 114 Jlarkutat., Su Loui*, M.> Sold By U. [l.tURINUrON 13 I v, r ., i .1, anil Fancy (foods Dealerii. T t»io« wuh *h*sy ,-nre t mp«r itlmnt..t» -i*taral kcU»n, '*implaln f » >f ^ailf »tik-b turpaa Ijullef ««r« t •tantfarM - -ha 10 1C I .N I . W K have several Brlcs *ml 'l-'r-iin-.- H i-. : . •-. exceeillntfly chehp. We hi j ' < vi!^ i Improved ami Cnini(>riv«'t ftrm* •>( tv-ry * .',* :, purcnasers, School Lar.<*9 carefully ielt-^(.-,l 4 o rly day Time will fe ^iven <-<i ^.^i-i >i Uu- ;..j- money, clear titles an-l warrantee ilreds CIRCUIT COORT, aukee Oouaty, W.*. against Jacob Una. Rtf WiscoQain, .o Jstci.b «n.t f ., |iur -,i ¥ 00 are hffreby fjum the complaint In tnia action. *n.ohh^tr, H i •-. , been filed in the office of the Olerte of the .ilr^uii Cw»n '. of the County of Milwaukee, it the City nf Mllvnub,.». • nd to serve a copy of /,(« answer tn thr« »^id ^ .. n plaint, on the subscribers at their office, lu laid c.ey, within twenty days »fter the i«r»ic*« of this somniDna on you, exdusi?e of tn* flay of such lervice ; and if you fall to answer tbe laid comptA'ot arithla the tlmu aforesaid, the pUlntlff in th!a actmn will apply to the Ccurt for iba rpllcf de nan Jed In the complaint Dated May 10, 1369. BODE* PAINE, PlalntilTs Attorneys, Mil. M u> Ibrhtd th« -Tiaplrton if nntrmh Manv «iiiiii.<iii tfr^tr^fn *n,l ph»*ict»ni tUiT*> )rot th«-ir aainc* '.. -«nifi U. th»* pnhilc t.h» reiJnhllit7 of my r»m«llM, while .th.--. a.-\v- 8 i« n t mrt the M»urn,Hc*» if ait*lr -..uTtraon ^h»f , Fruparatlnnti ••watrlhutfi irnmcnsjol^ '<» '.ti*i r-llnf >f ii > *lH,rttMl, inffprlnij feltow-ama. . Che .4i*nnt b*low ntUQ^l la plmucui u* itirnLpn <raf)i» 01 , 4ai*«rlr»a Alm»a*ri, i^ontalnlng UrwClonf tar (h«fr ISM* »u j .•••rtl'tcntH* <jf th**lr jur««, if th* folio "'nil ^nDpiAint* CuritlTMQoiH, Billon* t>»lntJt, Rhf»nn>»U«m, Drnrav 8n*rthnrri, ll«ada*'h«» u-lirtn* iViini •> ^">l •Ntmai-h, V« u «"*. IndlifwOun. Morhdi fnartlna 'f tb*. B^>W«I|B %l ,,l (»„ u »nniti.i themfrom. Flfttiilonoy , U«i .f ^p^Ut*, ill TU-rn HIM -tint Oiu«iiv*ma T] * th-» Mnori »nd itlmu!»tttn( Lh* *y^'«m, -ur" Ti*n > i tnplajnta vhlch It would uot t>o »ts|>f«^«) UI«T -<>ul ' '»*u'h, «n.'h tfl n««fnnnm, P-vttml Hlln-ln-m. ^»l<)^ »ml Xofwoua Irritability Dtrmn^mftnU) 'f th« U»»jr *od Sld- in-y"- '^>ut, tnd 'tht-r undr*HJ xiniplalnt* sj lalng iVom * ii.* -ttata if th« (xxty >r -ha true tlon ^f its fanctlooa. Di: not h<* put 'ft h» iiQprlurlp|f»d tealjfr* wltb iomo 'tli»r pill ihny iuai» tun re pmfll m. ^«k (br -iTra'* PTUJ, *nd tak« autlilu^ «!«>. No .thor^ 'Jj«» aaa J!T« foa -ompart^* wtth thin in lt» Intrtnilo *alno «r camclvt) pcwnrn- rhi* *lr» o-Hiit th* !>«wu tJO tfaar« !• fcr tntva. Prepared by Dr. J. C. AYSH, Praotloai and Analytical Chsmiit, Lowell, Ma** Paid 98 cm m Boi. ?r»« Box?s roa | l 8OU) 8Y JOHN RICK, Uliwuuken. toJ. a. BJED 4 CO^Chloago, and A* onu in »v«j wn In tie United State*. mlOy«owd<*w

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