Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois on October 30, 1941 · Page 10
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Sterling Daily Gazette from Sterling, Illinois · Page 10

Sterling, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 30, 1941
Page 10
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Page Ten STERLING DAILY GAZETTE, STERLING, ILLINOIS Thursday, October 30, 1941 News of Whiteside, Carroll, Ogle, Lee, Bureau and Henry Counties Reporter. Mr* Frond Phnn* IS? *Msrenrrt I/"*"i ; .'-o:i. ?R. Vh • Frank Jnrk Mi'-kir. Brtr. Thornton. IB Diihn. Kfnr-.'-fh in' 1 Ariair? Innr^ P^ I/vi Oi'on Jo* B^n! Hni.'rnpa * NH- Girnn ', I ft- rhr-vrnr.*. Wvr> . PIK! 15 r,imp rf<"r !;onftl hating ir.'-'pirtor Wh^r. in rhsrjre nf Mr.":. John nine Fir 5 ' prifs In ".VXI" H-,:r>k! Marshall R/>v l.a Vrrnr iSikfcfrna. Or! Vnnrlrr Firie. Erie High School Junior i Q . -.v 9 Secretary of trie Wins Four A s on Honor j Easterrt Star Given Roll for Six Week Period Surprise Reception Rurh Mcrfr tumor. • :.< Hi" onh ! Mrt p H .BiVn]]. tnrrrtary of honor roll uvudrnt far the first Mx' thr Fnr rhaptpr of Fa<t«>ni Mar *fe)Ui of whool to mm! four "A'?;" j v:ll ° * ac sppointrd a? B mrmbf>r of in the Erie Community IUK!I school. < ! " *«>< ft »rt m«-an« rommlttrr of Jumps Patt/ryoi!. al.-o n lur.ior. rr- "^ Brand rhaptrr nt tho rrrmt «.r--.- cetvpri thrrf "A'*" ami two • B'* j t - |on of ttlp Brand rhaptrr In Chi- Ruswll' Kfrr. Alb'-nn M<<-rt. CiT-| ( ' BKn WBS ^roitrd and introdurrd tnidP Mecirina. juniors. Wiinm Firt.i*' "I" 1 ifRulnr nirPtitiR of th« Frlr EdltH Strpmlinp. IteMimrn, rath are j r - h "P lrr Tuesday evening and prr- credit-Pd with thrr-p "AV and one ••"'»'«' » colonial boiiqupt by flip to hr trsn«frrrr-d to Camp Ro Cnhf. Schoolmates at Rites For Wiiiiam D. Oiinger In Erie on Wednesday Mr* f'lniid* 1 Railhpm'r. s^'arrVrt *<"> Mrs Marion Brown and jFi'yf winr.T* Trfr'" Mr. unri Mr*\ Hiwarrl Mathi.v *nd .••frond pri?" ;.I»rnr«i Flli-r-n Otrar Oi'or, Mrv ' "^re a^ardM to Mrs. Orva! Fsx.'fn ;B«r!h« Miller, and Marv Alif-r Boi - Hooppoie Briefs .Tr»hn nf i nnd M<-:r};;. \ "B." The complete honor roll follows : Seniors—3A. IB. Russell Kerr, Alberta Meyer. Gertrude Meriema; 2A, 2B. Marguerite Rummel. Joellen Pel- Iftier, Mervyn Ege. Bartram Benson; 2A, IB, Robert Baker, Jack Eddy. Grace Hulzenga. Doris Mix; 1A, 3B. Beulah DRW, Shirley Naft?- ger.' Shirley Heller; 1A. 2B. Elolse Hoerler, Lots Meyer. Mary Jane Pos- oley; 1A. IB, Robert Ellis. Beatrice Freude, Floyd Holeslnger. Mary Alice Lewis, Jewell Sampson; 3B, Marjorie Boone: 2B, Harold Armstrong, Wesley Sterenberg. Marjorie Barkman. Alice Maranvillr. Roland Stubbs. Junior Weims: IB. Emma Jane Bacon, Marjorie Murphy. Alfrpd Parker. Kenneth Peterson, John Reynolde, Willl«m Thomas, Gerald Gal- U*ha. Juniors-4A. Rutli Meyer; 3A. 2B, James Peterson; 2A. IB, Shirley Adams' Beatrice Homenga, Ruth Kifteger. Evelyn Newendyke, Robert O'Connell; 1A, 3B, Jacqueline Hou- •enr»: 1A, 2B. Betty Baxter, Mildred Parker, Dorothy Waldbusser: 1A. IB. Cora Huizenea. Riargaret Curry; 1A. Lillian Slkkema: 2B. Billy Be*se, Eueent Bonneur, Clifford Marshall, Kenneth Ten-pit; IB, Marvin Bielema, Junior Balk, Betty Bri|htmftn, June Clnrk, Joyce Franks, Vey Anna Gibler, Dean Hamilton, Beverly Fowler, Hazel Hui«nga, Man-in Kramer, Virginia McNeil, George Renkes. David Btone, Clara Temple, Robert Temple, Roy Taber, Harold Tucker, Betty Wolever. Sophomores—2A. IB, Orva Burns; SA, Robert Hole.singer; 1A, 2B. Marjorie Benjamin, Pauline Dornbush, William Reynolds; 1A, IB. Ruth Es- allinger. Eugene O'Connell, Dorothy Olson, Etta Stult, Florence MLifeldt, Lois Sampson; 1A, Viola Fronting. Lee Gammon, Duane Hudson, jack Blocum, Vemon Temple: 3B, Beverly Bealer. Alberta Norman 1 : 2B. Arlyn Ballard. Doris Klooeter. Duane PrentiM, James Rosenow, Betty Jo Slajmaker; IB, Donald Damhoff. Charles Dennic, Loren Jackson, Jack Klendworth, Gertrude Klooster, Roland Naftcier. Vada ReUenbig- ler, Gertrude Slkkema, Dean Snyder. Lauren Young. Bruce Dobbins. Freshmen—3A. IB. Wilma Flet, Kdith Swemline; 2A, IB. Clarence Huiienga, Robert Sleyrnaker; 1A. 2B, chapter Thp presentation was made by FrPd Blpltj: who sprvpd as worthy patron during Mrs. DlVaJl's term as worthy matron. At thp close of thp chapter Mrs. DiVall was honored by a social period which included refreshments served by Mrs. Howard Pfundstein. Mrs. Arnold Hcyen, Mrs. Loren Young, Mrs. Roland Seger and Miss Orma 'Seger. The event was a complete surprise to the honoree. Included among the members present were the officers who served with her during her service as worthy matron. Mrs. Anna Fndden of .Sterling was an out of towns member present. During the chapter meeting Invitations were read for an afternoon am evening initiation meeting Oct. 2B. nt Rock Island with a 6 o'clock reception for Gertrude Warner, grand representative of Ohio and for a reception Nov. 8, at Arcola for the associate grand conductress. Erie Junior Woman's Club Sponsors Party There were- 15 tables of cards at the party sponsored by the Erie Junior Woman's club In the recreation hall Wednesday evening. The high score winners at the six tables of bridge were Mrs. Worthy Matthews and Paul Carlson. Mrs, Frank Hahn and Clarence Schaver were the winners at the six tables of pinochle and Mrs. Jesse Hanna of Hlllsdale and Edwin S. Arnett won the honors at the three tables of "500." The club used the new kitchenette for the first time Wednesday evening. The walls of the spacious hall have been repainted and the floors refinlshed. The committee in charge of the cards and refreshments was headed by Mrs. Morton Koser. Other members of the committee were Mrs. Arnold Hayen, Mrs. Larry McCor- mlck. Mrs. J. A. fikarin. Mrs. Forrest Brandt. Miss Carol Waddell and Mrs. LJoyd Emmltt. Soldier Promoted Miss Vada Redell has received wont of the promotion of Private Kenneth Barnes to the rank, of cor- Lucilte Peterson: 1A, IB, KatherineIporal. Corporal Barnes formerly of Hutienga. Ramond Hogarth; lA.'Erie, who waa stationed at Camp Donald Ellis; 4B, Alfred DeCap; 3B, Grant for three month, is now lo- Dorothy Ferguson. Esther Franks. eat«d at Fort Fnuicla E. Warren at «*rvices for Lysle D 10-year-old son of Mr and Mrs LyMe D Oiinger of Sllvis. tv!io5p death occurred Monday morning a.<. .thp result of being struck by an automobile n^ar hLs home were held Wednesdav afternoon in thp home of his patprnfll grandmother. Mi.v Louise Ollngrr in F.rie, and m 2 o'clock in the Erie Methodkt church, 'with thp pastor, the Rev. Ralph K. jKofoed. ofTicmtinR. Two selections. I "Precious Jewels" and "Bpautifnl I Lsle of Somewhere." were sung by j Mrs. Dale Knott of Sllvls and Mrs. j Claude Sailhamer of Erie with piano accompaniment by MLss Csirie Wood of Erie. The casket wa.? attended by four cousins. John and Jack MiNelll of I Erie. Donald Oiinger of Lyndon and Uack Slocum of Newton. The many I beautiful floral tokens of sympathy i were in charge of Mrs. Burton Francis, Mrs. Glenn Howell. Mrs. Ralph | Earl and Mrs. Arden Reisenbigler. 1 Interment was in the Erie cemetery. Eleven school children from Silvis were present at the services and the fifth grade of the Erie plemen- tary school of which Lyslc was a mpmber last spring, attended the services in a body. Relatives and friends from a distance attending the .services in ad- dUion to the bereaved parents and brothers and sisters were Mrs. Clyde Hill and daughter Gloria of Chicago, Miss Marjoric Oiinger of Geneseo, j Mr. and Mrs. William Relbel and! Mrs. Alice Williams of White Bear Lake. Minn., Mr. and Mrs. James Tlmmons and son Jlmmle of St. Paul. Minn.. Mrs. Ida Ollnger. Cecil Oiinger. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Oiin- ger. Mrs. Donald Majrski, Mrs. Clarence Amett and Mrs. Winifred Besse all of Prophetstown. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Oiinger and Donald Oiinger of Lyndon. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Behler of Oregon. Mrs. Elliott Slocum and Mrs. Ridenour of Rock Island. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kaiser. Mrs. Virgil Poison and son Jimmie, Glenn Williams, Mrs. Harry Kellums, Mrs. George Jenkins and two daughters. Mrs. Dale Knott. Mrs, Fred Murphy and daughter, Mrs. L. Lince and Andrew Veright all of Silvis. Hallowe'en Party at Erie Baptist Church There was an attendar' of around 70 persons at the Hal!-: on party held Tuesday evening iu ih social rooms of the Baptist church These were decorated in orange and black and the Hallowe'en symbols b\ the younge people. The guests were requested to come masked and in costume. Mrs. Berth* Miller wa awarded a prize for having the mos comical costume. Hallowe'en. stuaU. games and con «fr^rd bv a b\ Mr«; IjpRov : Elli*. otiipr m^mb»rs of winch wrrp i Mrs Da\p H^ari Mr-: Mph'ln Jo^lm snr. Mr< Berths MlilPr. Tlio«r ^ho at;rndrd from o-r of town wrr^ Mr. .and Mr< FJmT BorriPi and daiiKii- jtrrs M.TV A.Mcr and Mn.r.ine of Mi"an Erie Briefs Mi- Anna Faridpn of Sterling was an o'. ernlght gu^st Tuesday in the honip of hpr PIPTP, Mrs. Kpnnpth Corking. Mr. and Mrs Jay Dohson arp spending the wr»-k with relatives in iPlattexville and lj»nrastfr. Wh. j Mr. and Mrs. Klmer Bordpr and | two daughters. Mary Alice and Max- inp of Milan wrre callers at the homp of Mr. and Mrs. C. N, Williams Tuesday evening On Sunday they were enteftalned at dinner in the. Williams home. Mrs. Jake Housenga and *on of Prophetstown and Private Ralph Wlerenga o Camp Forrest. Tenn.. were Monday afternoon visitors at the Chester Hollant home. Mr. Wierenga, who is a former Erie resident, called to see some of his many other Erie friends. He returned to camp Tuesday after spending a 15-day furlough with his parents, Mr and Mrs. Louis WJerenga in Prophetstown. HOOPPOLE MEWS Reporter, Muriel Barf*Mn Mrs. Charles Kolp Is Club Hostess Tuesday Mrs Chatl«»s Ko!p. assUtPd bv Mrs. Hfnry Dorn«>y and Mrs. Philip Hariwpg. was to 20 members of thp Hooppolp Woman's club at her home Tuesday afternoon Seven visitors, Mrs. Martha Smith. Mrs, Edward Zitwr. Mrs. Willia Fehl- tnRti and daughter Verna. Mary Ellpn HilgT and .JanPt Paxson of this community and ^^rs. Ora Paxson of Richmond, fa Mrs Orva I Paxson and Mrs. C. M. Armstrong had charge of the topics. Roll fall was answered by naming n fft- author. WALNUT NEWS i. Maritarrt Thonc R-93. Ry pveninir Mr «!:-! Mrs. Torn ST^am. Mr and Mr.< H F B'^Ir. Mr. nnd Mr.v Rr.n- : a!d Wf.vl. I>r. nnd Mrs. A. N Bo!?. i Mr. ar.d Mr; Kvrr^U riftnsrh<vsr, •Mr.' r>a;>v Sfroii.w. Mr and Mr< C |M Hatland nnd dRi:eh f ^r Ms!dr«vl 'M ',>-«. Mprilvn Bs.'v*. Mr and Mrs Rov ' Mr. and Mrs. S. G. Pope Honored at Farewell Mrs I h»r 5l jru".«!t5 of Mr. nnrf Mr.v K^rrhn^r ,-. sort-ln-lBTv and dsuehffr. Mr anr} Mr?;. WlUmm HiKidlrstnn in Rockford. Bftrorji of Wnlnut and . c OUv Rrr.«: of I.'ix- Tliur^day and Fri- i day In Aurora with Mr. and Mrr. Harold C7ollin. t: nnd in NapTvlH^ with Mr and Mr?. Opoj-Rf Gnithfr. F. A. rvrkms 15 sn^ndme ThMr*- dav and Ftuiav In ChiraRo nt'pn'l- ine Brand chaptrr of t'nr Rrr,-al Arch mi arp Mrs. Edd Morse Rites At Hooppoie Friday Funeral services for the Isle Mrs. Bdd Morse of Hooppoie, who passed away at the Princeton hospital on Wednesday morning, will be held Friday. The Rev. Grant Graver, assisted by the Rev. N. J. Broadway w'ill be in charge. The services will b* at the home of her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Fisher at 1:30 o'clock and 2 o'clock at th<" Zlon Evangelical church Intermpnt wl.II be in the Hooppolp cemetery. Newlyweds Honored At Yorktown School The community club meeting of the Yorktown school near Hooppoie was held Tuesday evening. Hostesses were Mr. and Mr*. Estell Dunlap. Mr. and Mrs. Cyril Heltzler and Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Countryman. A mock wedding honored Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Clement* who were married recently. They were presented with a gift from the club. The evening wax spent in playing bunco and prizes were awarded to Mrs. Henry Oberle. Miss Leona Swam and Mrs. Joseph Heitzler. Luncheon was served by the committee in charge. Cord Club Hosts Mr " nd Mra Ir » KfdTick receiv- i~uiu v.iuu nuirs ^ word of the birth of „ Mn Jerry Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Sprague en- Asa. to Mr. and Mrs. Earl Rofern tertained at the first meeting of the of Peona. Oct. 2«. Mrs. Roters will Hooppoie card club to be held this be mnemberwl as the former f**f*>n; at their home Tuesday ev*- ' Kathleen Hedrick of Hooppoie. Soldier Is Honored Alois VariDeVVlde who was home on furlough from C«mp Forrpst. Tenn.. was honored at a birthday dinner at the home of his parents, Mr. avl Mrs. Ben VanDeVelde Sunday. Hr left Wednesday morning to return to army sen-ice. Forty-seven guests were present at the dinner from Chicago. Neponset. Sheffield. Mineral. Thomas. Walnut, Deer Grove, Mollne and Tamplco. Show Dairy Cattle Clarence VanDeVelde. son of Mr. and Mrs. Ben VanDeVelde of Hooppole, and Henry Bartel of Hopkins. Minn., returned to their homes after a three, week*' tour through ten states. They were showing a registered herd of dairy cattle. Cities visited were Waterloo. la.. Dallas. Texas. Memphis, Tenn., and Madl*en, Wts. initiate One Member In Relief Corps at Walnut on Tuesday Rrr*ot Rrljrf Corps '-•'. Walnut met in reaiilar se^Mon T-i".-riay afternoon, xvith thr prr.^.rir-r. Mis Fxina. PatLv-rr. in clinrK* 1 of thr meeting whirh ojycncd w:'h 'iir officers' drill Routine bu<:r;pv was t rnn-^act pci nnd ono new m^nilMM was initiated. Mrs. MarEwir-t Urew nf Deer Grove. Mrs Marv Lme- green was Installed as rnidr l>PBipr number tlirre. to fill thf vacancy ra>L«ed by Ihe trsiRiiati'n of Mrs. Arttnir Bohtn. Plnivs. wpr»- mado for ftttrliditiK Hie district coin rut ion at Prophetstown next Monriav A social hour followed, uith lunrh beinK STved. Dime 'cakes wrre donated by Mrs. Mary IxneErern HIK Mrs. Floras Bncorn. (he r>>s' of the refreshment committ»y' b*-me. Mrs C. C. WJiltver. .NJrs. Fverrft Minler Mrs. Henry Olafka. Mrs Sam Carlson, and Mrs. W. C. Young. Walnut Card Clubs Mrs Francis lowery was to thr Koffee Klatchers club on Wednesday afternoon at thp home of Mrs. Erwin Mattes, three Ubles | of bridge playing. High score prize was won by MLss Ix>renp Ppach and consolation by Mrs. Elmpr Fink Mrs. John Whrtver was a club guest Refreshments were served. Mrs. Mattle Barth was hostess to her bridge club on Tuesday afternoon, with two tables playing. High score prize was won by Mrs Glenn Harderr.en and consolation by* Mrs. Clark Metz, Mrs. Metz and Mrs. Carl j von Busklrk were club guests. Lunch was served. Program at Princeton Among thote from Waintit who attended (he Civic League program New Arrival •OTTER 37ctb. FRIDAY OCT. 31—NOV. 1 eOLDEM BMTIM COiM EAILY JUKE PEAS UUER KMIT Rel ft White CMOYBARS 3hrtOc Red & White Whole kernel 2 N °- 2 tins Red & White Sifted 2t g2 29 c FLOM-Pimiry't 24 ft. Bi| 9Qc CIBCO FJeecy White, quart bottle 10* Kleenex, 200 count, 2 for 25* Coffee, Red & . White, 2 Ibs. 57« Macaroni or Spaghetti, R & W, 8-oz. pkgs.. 2 for 15 BIRDS EYl^ DEVINE s "" " ^—^ ONLY UNA BEANS, ftr box . 24e FILLETS, per Ib. .. 35e Catsup, Red & White. 14-oz. btl.. 2 for = Peaches, Red & White, Home Style. No. 2'.. tin.. Pure Preserves, *%*% t R & W. 1 Ib. tumbler.. CO Oatmeal, Red & White, Ige. pkgi AT CQNNELL'S ONLY HOME MADE f*f m SMOKED SAUSAGE, lb.£9r Boiling Beef /6 W/iC Ground Beef Ib. He Fre»h—All Meat 19' TOKAY GRAPES j Ib*. n c LKTTt'CE, large beaib t f*r lie OBANGE8, 2U tiw, GoM Bsckte .... <o«. Jlc CELCBY HCABTS Ib. 15e C-KANBEBBIEg ,t He SWEET POTATOES .' 7 Ita. Uc CtupU's Cftetry,1205 E 4th St - AMU 304 OtfUMt CiMwy, 317 1st 4ft. - HMM 350 RED & WHITE J PLOWMAN'S 1X1 W. TWIKD ST. PVONB Ml Ask for S&H Green Stamps. Friday and Saturday We are Paying 34c Doz. For Eggs in Trade. Th" m^mh^rs of the Red Oak church hon'>rrd Mr. nnd Mrs S O. Pnrv- a; „ fare«,p]l par'v T'ic'xiRV exemne at (tie church. oprnmR the ^hirh WB5 attended bv n\pr 100. A socjal limir folloaed the supfvr and then th» following procratn •* (fiw-n directed bv Mrs. Henri AlhiFfh: P'UIR. "Thetes Bea\i'\ in 'he Home." Rroup; Scripture read- iiiK and ]irnver: poem. Mrs Milton Burkey: durt. Mrs. Waiter Baum- EHitiif-r and Mrs Marvin lodrr: talk. repie.vptitniK the Woman s Missioi an s'x-i^ty of the church. Mrs. Ben Cimther; talk. Verner Heatoii. rep- resentiiiK the Brotherhood etas* and the church membership: poem. Mis* Man- Hoffman; talk and presentation of a «ift from the group. Rev. K. M. Diener; response. Mr. »nd Mr«. POJM-: hymn, "Abide with Me." group; prnyer. Rev. Dirner. Out of the community guests were: Mr. and Mrs. William loder of Ohio. Masonic Family Party Follow-inuR the regular meeting of the Walnut Masonic lodgr Tuesday evening, « social evening of cards and lunch was enjoyed, with wives of members as guests. Guests of honor were Mr. Rnd Mrs. Fred Perkins, who are leaving soon to m«ke their home in California. Sewing Club Hostess Mrs. Ernest Chrtaterwen was hostess to her sewing club Wednesday afternowi. with 12 members find one guest. Mrs. Ivan Krdger of Ohio, present. The afternoon w*» spent in handwork and a lunch waa enjoyed. Walnut Briefs Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Perkins of Walnut and their daughter. Mrs. Lawrence Anderson of LOB Angele«. and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Ktrchner also of Walnut werf Wednesday evening OUR RECIPE To the coftc*«(r»t«»l ioicv of frnh. n p« lominxf sM ooiont. liatftr. mgu, tail ie4 aromatic ipic**. Thra fctiife with • dtfk of tibtKO ftpptn. Tkai'i o«r rtfift for Brookj CtiMy LYNDON NEWS Reporter, Mr*. J H. CroweD— Ph«n« Morrison 75* Service in Lyndon Hall Evangehsup. J. Dahl will b« the guest prparhrr nt the Go?pr! ?er- vlces to be held In the town hall at Lyndon n^xt .Sunday at 7:30 p. m. HP will speak on the "New World Ordpr." and will rrfpr to the Bible prophecy. Is \Mf. new world ordpr now in the making, and who will bring it about? Illinois 1942 State Fair To Be Held Aug. 15-23 SPRINGFIELD, ILL. — <AP> — Thp 1942 Illinois state fair will b« held from Aug. 15 to 23. it was decided yesterday at B meeting of the state fair advisory board with Governor Green. Agriculture Director Howard Leonard and Fair Manager William V. Ward. The board took under consideration a proposal to add an extra day to the fair next year, making it a 10-day exhibition. Ward said that the fair would open Aug. 14 if the extra day Is added. This year's policy of paid gate admissions will be continued next year. Ward said. The contest to select a typical farm family also will be conducted again. 0 • L • x • Cleaning • Pressing Plain Dr«ti and Suits .... $-j.OO PICKUP and DELIVERY ARCADE 144 Cm Flakts 2!(«. 13 M. km I3c Sigftr, IU. I vMlfly .....10 Ib. tag 4SJe K.ewM)c PM$ w Wh. KMM! Cm, 3 can 26c (teal kf TMMIMS 3N*.2cMs2b OUckM N«rih «r ¥•«. SN* 9 Ig. em 23e WWw IMfM It. btt I Tie Fmk Irani !{•. tb. Itaf 7c LnFUns. 2lf».b«m37« r Lu bap ...4 ten lit Ftew ....24tb.tefNe CliitM Cm Starch ...2hnttlfc OMUM, ml •» II kMs 2 Ita. —QUALITY MEATS FOR LESS— LaM Pm Okm, cMfor iris lb.2Sa Pm Uw Rmh, Inl cris........ tb. 22e NraPmSMmp .Ib. lit •MM! or Sbfoii Stoih 1b.32t HMM| MM w Rbf Ditepa tb. lOt AIM'S TtMlmd HOM IMS ....Ib. 23s UM UUtt Issf IKIBs Ksrktf's Imi Synrss ft. 10s ^•^••^Wi ' ^lW»wBD>^ •W«*P«at«a«« n « awMW , #H ,«(.,«»«WI»«t» // f /: <tic/ ./• f urit i HAWGER SUWIErS QUALITY COFFEE Every fre«h when yon bay It! HilU. Maxwell House or S&W Coffee .. Lb. 31c OOLO MEDAL FLOOR 24£l7c 1* 1%. bac 4»c — 5 Ib. bar 27c Silver Crest Flour ,.. .5 tb. bag 23c, 24 Ibs. 79c iA ^. lit Ftj. TtKatuiim ---.Jftf LMMM, largt sin .....te.. rin 4As.2b l^^- T tk« 4§* ^^^B^^^^ «" ^ ^ HT ™ IHr^PB- flB^^^V «Wk* . 2hrll« U^M, brgt m* 2ferlli -,..—.2 «h. 2* * ^f^^i^^^99 «»•*-«•«»• ^J • Vi^MR VMJ^^f NWm \JrL> iMSNMJUlOWS • •«. L<gt. IMUTt JUKE uu '" four HOWMI 4nlh2Sc 2nllt21c TiSSITES. J-600 sheet boxes 4&r tmtm can • N«. JS »C1«E JUICE. Ub*y« j_j 2 oz. caiu tfc CBANBCBBY SAt'CE, Miiutt .Can 14e 8YBUP. rnuiant knnt K *Urn ..!'» !b, can 18c Cnrttet WkUc «r Ha»te Mavwr 1', Ib* We LOO C'ABIN glBUr. Ife. ?5c, med. Me, sm. l»c FBKttH FttUlTg * VEGETABLES Large G«U BucUc DM. "•" T ""I,.2U BED m |» BUi LETTUCE '• ptrims 2 STORES 806 E. 5th St. Ph. 620 912 W. 6th St. Ph. 1850 IT IVORY SOAP 2 for 19c ~Tforl7c CUE8T IVORY BAB, te C p!r49c AMERICAN FAMILY Sbars23c SAVE ON QUALITY MIATSf YOUNG riGGV PORK LOIN ROAST. Lb. 21c CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS Lb. 27e DELICIOUS HOME MADE PORK SAUSAGE ... Lb. 23c FRCSH GROUND HAMBURG Lb. 22c CANADIAN STYLE BACON ............V J .-Ib i -2fte SWIFT -SELECT" CHUCK ROAST Lb. 25e SELECT CLUB STEAKS Lb. 35c Spring*, try or roa*t ., IT'S AN ANNUAL EVENT! WHAT IS? OUR 4-H CLUB PRIZE BEEF. ORDER NOW! Birds Eye Frortcd Food* B«by Green Lima* . .Pkg. 2ic P*rch Fillete Lb. 35c

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