Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois on October 17, 1930 · Page 6
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Decatur Evening Herald from Decatur, Illinois · Page 6

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, October 17, 1930
Page 6
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DECATLJR HERALD FRIDAY EVENING, OCTOBER 17, 1930. . . DECATUR HERALD V H E R A L D ' S P A G E O F I N T E R P R E T A T I O N A N D O P I N I O N E d i t o r i a Is t'lttewli |itiirlililK. *«iin)boil.v suy«. hut. uiui inuybo tUi thlnu to iln H n- the Miitlt to fin 1 minute* (ill wi i»wn ll ' lrl yet ri-ndy (or a bcvuu. *o much In tlu point «f vlou, titul "in (.1 mir nalf(hliiir» tblnlw uf hliiMftf UM h«n-tii.*:kiil s%liHi* the iflvt'i of frlcndii rof«'i i him »« chlvtil ! I MX DECATUR FIGHTS THE DEVIL Our («r«(»thci!i wtu- lln!olo((ii.iilly iiu-lmed l i n y talked n «ooct deal about grucc, lice will, ami ouguul lin I'ernw Urouaht ovec ftotn the school) of irligioni appenred frequently in llic ilnluk'n ami in legal iiMpen. In (he old form of imlitlitwiil, for itnlancc n w,^ ;il ways Mated that the (lofcnd,mt contmtllcd llw crime chura-'d ngninst him "not Ituvitm the (cur of Cod before hit «yt-. but being moved and ccdncrd ly tin- iu»lig.itto» of tin- devii," ' There iwt be * aood many p»:C)|ji! who rf«aid il aj a mistake that this fine old |JiM*e e«r dropiw-d. They would include those whwe cuv-* have Iwn stolen atxl nbuwd; lltwe whose fruit and shad? trees have Itcert luirted by knives and axes; tlw« whow flower guldens lw« Wn despoiled; ttiosc wWr walk* ntid p»orcl»c) him- brt-ti dc- f»«d by dirty-mWcd artwl*. There are lypi-s o( o((*n-f* which nr« chnrcteriit!cl by mcnnntM, It has seemed to many hotcieholdcis tlut M. Octobti draw* to a close the devil wai p.irticul«ily aclivf. and llml ilic final evtnmg of (lie month w,w fl rcrilttWe inip'* orgy, Stolen ftncl hroken porth (urnilwe, soaped w*lks and porches seem lo point imiimlukfiMy to wilanic insligalion. The mat-treatment of pioperty (inins itie offenders no It niRdfiW pure aMsediicfK. This year Decalur is nnfeum »nothei attempt to the devil Energy that tni((ht oihetwiw !· used in stenitiK porch itwingi and jlioiverintt Itoit'e frond with corn, will . he diverted into a parade in which every opportunity foi ingenuity in costuming is offered. The devil, thit hallowwn ·u((ht to appear only in caricature, Vou wtllt find rctlMnc* In tlia most own in this nmct (rank of nil nei'lndu, anil «n* of otiv fttftti wul iiKtK'es^lv* stores iulvhp» II- 'iiiitfmir* lo "droud your f^fit In ttioap pretty stof h '('he Idi'nl arriinBi-mi'tit of b«a llnc-i woxilil td \\n\o one piiinlrii,* tlir itbor on thoni 1 dnyst ttio cm- rofttsao tu itiiit. without bniag hulliored hj them ROlns th rough Hi* iMwcl nt oiht-i but i»la«, wd uro Mill MO far Aorl of in this woi'ttl. WHEN POETRY WAS A PASSION Latin sUidcuts uf the Dccutur High school commemorated in n simple jwwnim Tlunsdaj' evenins n man who lia* Wen dead these 2.000 yejrs. His name was Publius Veroilitii Mnro, known to ihe world an Vergil, or Virgil, I IK- firl spelling in technically correct but the ancients as- criberl lo him such ptiiily of thought and life thai they g.ue liip fir^l iiyll^ble of hit name the t from vitgo, meaning « virgin. f le w,i!s ()cscritifl tu m i l and a "run! JookinR". raean- in« probably (lint his face t»nd neck were sunburned like a f a i m e i V He was lom on a fc.rm and agiictilture interfiled him. He wote the greateiL epic poem in the Latin liinpiinKB, Imt he aKo wrote ttcatisei on hone breeding and hee ti-fpifift. The story is told that when Virgil rend to August u- Cae^at his grrnl |oem ihf "Aeneicl", wbirh loses nothing W it* open altempt lo HnlliT the toy*] fnmtly, the Empress Octavia was overcome !v emotion at a reference lo her ion, the younn Mnrctlluv A pointer has preserved (lie scene, In our own day* it would bn lurd to imagine the Pro- idem of the United Stntei urging ihal n poet write the liis- lory of llic connlry in verse. Aitguslus, however, would not allow Virgil lo rut until he had compleled the Acneid, For poetry is no sticli piis,«.ion xvilh us as it was with pen-pie 2,000 yenrs i((o. To m«c)(;riit« n situation Foi purposes ol example let us say thut Frank JTohnes nteeb Tom Smith on the slreet, und uski how he thinki Siiturday's frame ii comiau out. Smilh gives his opinion, and suggest* that it loob like n lotigli fight for Mrs. MeCormiek. "Writ. I mint hurry nloutt," «ays Tones. "Oh, wail a minute," urget Smith. "You haven't recited n poem, "WrM. here's n litile thing I composed." And nlwn Smith fini'hei, he suvs., "And what have'youX' ' So Jones recite". We have nothing like ihi* today -ave nmonft ih? rul- ttvated fiitianeir. Virgil win ,1 gtrut poet in n iigf of poetry. We prnbnhty could not pioduce a Virgil. MiirrliiRro. acrordhiR to JHW rvport frnni ow hii'iy RovnrTiniMil (ttiitlitleliinsi, were imwh mow' niinierotw than rilvcrrci tnfit ycnr and no wonrlci one d l v n n r H no nftcn I hi' p i f l l m t n t i r y to twi The While Until*'. It IB Inieteittlnjt to know «-n« orlirlnntly hullt vclKmtit elosnts. whlrh wet* nttileit ttnlv In quite reeent yearx \vlien thers IMBIH. M hi nkoledni to put In them. MATRON HORSEBACK Chnraclers like Adolf | l i l l » i . ( F'j-c'-t. «t-n- nol unknown before these day* of d ; clatorlr'p'. The "Mm on Ho(*ehark", wluwi 1 bltivado Wins en'hii'Msm of tit" fickle m i ' i M appear^ everv liilte wlif]* Kill-r Wi* Slrn'""lY nwnHwrivr ol '*"i Ceor-e^ Rmi T«r«rr, who pfirwT r nee tlirntMi tlw fl"'* in^-Wrfi"- etiHn^ iirop*»i'»iw "nd tbre.iU of reventfe, e-^M-rl R^mnrrk to wrfi'it- ad'l : t : eiirl a'iiror)ri; i; oi)ii for the C'"""" ,\mv. Roiitinfftr. prof Idmvna liMiwIf an inten « Re'iiM : ent), bceume m ; it«ter ttf wtr, n»r\ flinliinjr »!oiit Par« w V horse, fttiifklv fanturi-d *he imaf'natton of (V erou-d. T n the government hi* "iiccd" 1 *. ftfd revise ttoliev -nd remark* ·IwiH other o(fif'tl« ntidf h ; m n ntiissnre, and he was seni owny to rommnnd a flisl«n* mmv co")«. floulartner witched f'om to roi'il«( and WM supplied wiilt plenlv of mo*ev fov n court d' et-t. At the last minul* h's courage failed, and ' 1B fled from Fi-nc.- to BrUMrls and iMf to L.onrlon, H" WM convicted o( m»1f*n»«nc* bv llie French Senaie, and not darinf f n return to his native counl'v took tin his residence on ill- Mnnd of Je""« w*"'e \)/ to«V his ow» tit. | n IRC)' The "Man «n Horseback" won the Pam mob. hut his pfopo#»lt (o* ··*«»·* on Germany, which mrant innth- NEWSPAPERflHCHIVE*^., war, were sufficicnl to alienate ilic coniervative peasanli, and when Bou [anger became ft menace at well us a mriiancr it was not difficult to secure an alignment of pnrim strong enough to bring about hi) downfall, II « not clear that Hitlw has in Germany today much iiippoil outside of Berlin. Great citia .ire notorious brio An edltor'u Itlwu ot a n«w (all Hull IB lo nut the i'*nt that wax (Hsenrtlvd lust Thu JupunBUC prbt] thut iiirn linporiud UK* ilumtttlion, u.nd rulaii R euro fully In douses but tills of cotinn In not tlie (Irst LtnjtorUt- tlon (rom the Wealsfn world that the 'will }c soiry they over liMird ol. T h i s a n d T h a t NEWS OF 25 YEARS AGO TODAY FROM THE HERALD OF 1905 S|«'livjU*ld'ii city coLiniill, city oi'iwji-is and olh«t clttons cunw'lo Oecatur last niglil to vlall tho (own and loonl officials made th« uvunlnt; uu plciismit an posslbje for the visitors. Tho paity arrived on a special Itilerurbnii cur at 6:SI) o'clock finil were met ut tlw transfer IIOUMI- by ull the Docatur nldeniwn. They wero escorted first to tlie Decntur hotel where supiier wan lo tit Hervetl. The biwl- ust maa In lha hold wtw Aliler inno Mclntosh, whu Dud 'i) uaJtiid by thu muyur to serve a' masler of cer«tni»nl«s 'On mayor imuk no miHtiiku, Every gwmi wunted lo uw who was the stiorl but rtUUnsulnhoU looking gentleman who «eemel *« nnxlouv and was so courlcoun. If ft iioal over carod foi the waniu of his guests It waa ill Mclntosh. Tho final stroke of dlploniHcy came wlien Mr Mclntosh whispered to each man at the lioaru, the flues- llon whether ho would accept a llltle Lompllinout In the wuy of liquid rufi'csliutenU proffered by Dad mearnn Nobody appenreJ reluctant, und Mr, Stwirns proved thai tlie liquid!) were UH good nt ihn sollit eonifortw nt the l- t'ntur hotel. At tho close uf Ihe dinner tlieie were Jipoi'ehef-, ami L\luy.»r Dcverenx wf Sprln^flrlil Ktneufully iixprcsNetl Iht- thanks »f the glie«U Mombcrj of Lbc Wmmber uf Commi-rco deu»led in H meeting held last nli;ht to lend their aid to Ihe loe^l Knights of Pytbhu, In the eflon to a«cur« n« locution of thu Pythian orphunV hojiio in Ducatur. While the lelft r atf to thu tUita K. P. convention ar« in Ihe city, t h e members of the Chamber will be busy. Nelson, thu famous tighter, blouii «u the lint-s uad wulched Iho football game between Uiu City Athletic club and the Empoiia tolleKC la^t Satuiday itft.-inoon. It was tho first football game he had ovor wit- i[Cdaol, and wtil)« ha enjoyed the sjwrt, he aaid H van I turnout brutal tblnj; he had ever witnessed, "Excuse LJai fiom mixing up with that bunch of nmidweiu," he sairi, us n dozen men jiiiett on top of one who had th« boll CREAM OF THE JEST EETTJUED UPWARD Soon we ebull have another tariff board ti. Jiottlo the tariff question permanently once mole --Oklahoma City Okluhoman. ONK NUISANCffi ADAM EisOAPKD A tin in could at least be thankful for the fuel that nobody tiled to noil him some tiling that lie didn't need and couldn't pny for,-- Arkansas Democrat, STILL, SOME WAY TO tiO Tills talk of harnessing the atom has been go- Ing on for A long time. And nl) we 1m vc so far H n midget car And pygmy golf,-- Toledo Ulado. TOM THUMB CURRENCY POPULAR A St. Louis bank In one month redeemed 3 · 000,000 one-dollar bills and only onu In 'J3 of the old sUc -Country Home. TRIUMPH OF aELP-DETERMJNATIOK If you tnlnk the Idea of mil -determination didn't take hold, study modern child rcn.--Rac In f Journal-News. CONFERENCE - Baltimore Evening fciun, Thu nuuuLKCi 1 culls them to conference. Ht him an important matter to lay before them and wishes to avail himself of their udvice, So he outlines the proposition, ex- |reni,ci« hlH point of view and Inquires If llicy do not think ho in rl^ht. The assistant manager -replies thut, to be perloUly frank, lie docs not. He present* hla objections. The manager thun explains to tho aaaiiiUnt manager thut ho Iws nut-sod ttto point entirely. Ho goes over the whole proposition again, Mow, he asks, doesn't tho ajifllntanl manugei ( [·oallie that lie Is wron^'f The QHsistant niana««r, however, is noncommiUal, Thu manager then usi;» what tho cuuhler hut 10 say about It, Tho cashier tlllnku there are numerous praclkul difficulties and proceeds to outline thorn. The manager icphcM thut obviously the cashier (loos n'I get his meaninif U« does over the proposition again with the catthkr. liut tho Miuhlur whnltes his head. The miles nianuger, when preasi-d for his opinion, irtau-s that whlln on tho whulo he upprovug h« thinks It would be an error In Judgment to gi ahead at this time. To which thu manager replied that the whole force of his plan would be destroyed by delay. He uskm U the nates nmna(t«r eunnot B«O that. Hut the sales niarmj;er answnra that h^ holds to his objection. It remulns fur Iho olfice umnnyti- 1.0 «-.MICSS an opinion, HavliiK itssumod a judicial attlliide. he KiiKgcstti that thcru Is ilxht on both sides, He thinks there U ground foi a cDtnptomise. To which tlie manager replies thai u compromise If out uf the qucitlnn. It is eitliev one tiling 01- thv "Iher. 'I 1 1m ttmnaKar nuke K tlieie are any furthei UXJH csaloua of opinion, to which there is no reply. Ho then aays thin all objections having Iweti dealt wllli anil all nf them beln^i of the some opinion they may proceed with, the proportion" .IH ho orlglnnlly outlined It. And as tln-y depart he cannot liolp reeling grateful that he la possessed of the K r« n ( s in uf Ix-lnif able to swuy men's mlndo, AMERICA America, dear mothorluntl of men. t\KO after u^u iodeatar of inimlyriinl* Hark to these pcop!«s ciyins In tho mini Here, wheio you loone y«ur cities on thu ««», Leviathans of lightning--spire, on spire. Pulnc* und iutnelng garden of tho waves, Whose spnctoua Hplendora house the lords of life Horn, under all, cramped in tholr vitals, swarm The acukcrs after life--the slaves of toll. With hearts ot yearning. 0 remember DICKO- And feed (lie nwfnl hunger of their hearts; --PERCY MAC K A V E As 1 View the Thing :BY S. A. TUCKER: "O MK isiiidls.hmun. 1 Miy» il'f ""ilBlilly British or UK- Mwwlieirtiu duarrilun, "IH a n. two I'insHshmon miih* » elttl»; Hirer liliigllshmen make n colony. "Oi); J-'rortchiiiun In «· uuusuui. two Frunclt pfupl' 1 '"''· n llultHjti: tlirei 1 Kn-noh people ninlfc u muirliiBU " All ol which I* ln«lru c ilv*, 1«l nnlmpjilly the Wll ^lflppo.1 iH-ton- h. 'mil couiwurf U- 1 rollortlvo q.u,).Hp» or Ani-ric«U,. The N«v» hart tittomplai! K. rcinody thlH onil»i»lon Fiom tho vlow- iiulnt of DIB EiLf»l»eiHi. It optnw. "On.. Anwrlciin \a u ml - llonalrc; two Aniuilwinu tnnh.: a ni B hi of It; Hire* Anwrl- i-nna nittK.' .1 HtMivi'i- conimliiHlwi." We roncod,. It IB IWl » '«»U l''J -' l lh * Uli "IS- a ""' AiiM-rlcu H a lilftn- or mi.-li viiHtn«H» and complexity ihw ,,,, ono foi'tnitla i-iii poustbly tsilcli UB. H acemit necewmry i n divide up th« nation, f u r Honor B.:rmluy What do Uirw- J«lnoi»un.i intthi-V Or tlifu« Deciiturl»n»7 Home of llu- bright, ttmirlbitlurs will iniiiiedtolcly cowet-t UB, l»'it H. sUrl the IhlnB, «.' o f f e t Tor tenlftllvi- uonstWorialon One IlMnnlhuii U 11 Koimtillcati; two UHnolsawi ale ,t ....uplB of iti.i.iill«»] »ie Uilixl tlllnolmn IK i l v u of Kontutk.\ *, One De.^tiiniui In a starch wurhisi , wo ix ipcnli.--i-.j . ihrei! llueftUirlanu mak* * Tlu- Uliiilltin-jM ol jmnii'b'idy briiiHH lu oui do»k twice n munlh i, couy .il "1-111110!* Uft." the little pupisr publlahed by the pupils of J»)ma Hill Junior HlBh Mclitxjl. It Is almost impossibly Kwd; utoitca told »iiu|tly, 1" conclao neww style; hoadltnes well connttuoied und bulunccd; the make-up ol«un. Bunloi- l l i n h hthoul, und even sonic oollet'c journul- lam of IL few dmvideu bach would not match It for goml cnittamftnahl]! In jouniaimui. Wo hope thin admirable result Is entirely u ruflecllon of educational iiroitress, und iif!! merely of mniv zcaloii-j rnuulty supfrFislon. Our iiilnelpiii rrllleisiu of Hohool Joiirnallain, «/ which we see ninny MtuipleH, If mat It commonly l.i all too much lilt.- Hu- pnifi-sluiitil modi-Is. The aubjecl matter nnd the (.laatincnt. of *tovli-a l,i or such uuaterc dlnnlty. tlii- uentl- mrnta (ixiu-i-ssi'd In edltoiluN always are so very deoorouB und ( on pel, a rnjulcr mlshl never guwa thru they are prepared for tmd by « cunstltupncy that flomettnii'ii siR«lc» in hsillM, unil n n u n * genuinely Intcrosten in ti run liy tilt[lie dupfirtment jmst tho nchcml «roilnds thun In UK- oddi- lion of 17 new volumes tn Hie library. THIS IS DNI'HKOEDIiNTliO To ,v. K rtifi1iy. Jr., IH hereby awarded one ui tin- Colyum'u iiicdiils lor modiMty and intelligence; i» warded uiion the livldi-nec oC thla stttti-mi-nt In «n interview: "Yuu don't expect one In make uny Intelligent nummary ot uny- thlng In a hatly tt,tsh thronjili Bwojic In eight wisckn, do you?" Alut. out or sm! txperieiice uc tin cxpuet Hlmost nvory linvclcr to reUirn after elijht wfekn with the flniil word upon cvcrjthlnt,' In Ihrce cnnllnents. A TKACHKtt ItKI'UKS "Dew Sum, "Von spoilt of lft,000 children irent home to nhlfl for IhoniHdvcs, white t.'.adhers altcnd tliu Insitmto, AS a par- mil, you must know how utterly i-.onaniaiuul such n Blale- mcnt la. Tim «chool IH not Instituted to cate for the youn« because In* home la unfit, "Yo« uppeiil to the Inxjmycr to rush In to gupcrlnlenii thu uxpondlturo of $5,000 of tax inonay dully, ond thus you m/ldtne lliu poor miul» who never have paid $100 In luxes und piobuhly never will. What do tlioy know of tlie renl »ouree of HChool funds? "Kin (illy, you (jet to the tvaohcra themiielvca, u.nii hare you suom to find the root of :i)l evil. Tiidr IJven of tasv and plenty uifs M pictured UN tn stir Into frenzy the factory jimnagar, the mci chant and the lawyer, I hitvc spent Uw inuny Chrlatiiiun and Kuiter ;ind summci 1 vueultuns without jmy to appreciate your remarku However, 1 tio not Intend to argue upon a subject ymi ueem to know nothing uboul. I hnvu always thought of tho life of a newspaper nuin »K one tlmt would permit easy lumi's, much time for rushing about ftnl lulklnjjr. But I urn nnt golnfr to burst intn print uboul It until I verify my Iduau. Aw a tcnchcr I know Unit aojnotimeii ti day'a work I* not perfect. At thn tuuvhom of Dcejitur aeuni to be of value to the Dccutur mcrLhrtnts JudKlnjr from the num. bor if foi m leitter.i X receive. Why riot write un nrtlclf on l i i H l l i u l e H from a teacher's pulnt of view? I tail tlmt the neid of tho tn.Htltutc la over since auch a. large number of louclierjj apeiul their your'n .wv\nga and their whole Bummer vacation [or [irafenslimal training. The week before the opnning of gchoul In the fall could bo set aside for a. study weok Tor thoso teiichcrs who tliii not altcnd summer school, "Douhlleun you can think of more good irainls for micli an urllele. Mi-fore you start, you nii^hl acont around and discover the exact terms of the Inslltulc law, the numbor of tencheii* trulnlni,' In the suimner mid whut, If any. return? ate i-ecr-ifcd on salury cliccJw for sueli tralnlnit. "VOUIl OLD CLASSMATE AND F R I E N D " ' Apparently thin ci'itlu is more nearly In ngroemont with us than the general tone of this letter would In ill tele, We can Bliakt. hunds eordiolly upon the proposal to mjlMtlluie II week or study before school opons for the present Insti- lulo, und thus spare the loss of lime rroa the school year. It Is a nilNiultK to iusjioct us of lucking appreciation of tho teacher. W« think BO well of the lonelier, we believe that. really somathiny Imparlnnt when they nrc dp- l of Insti utilon for a week Luuntiy -fcueah publlshi-n Lh« mom bo.iku? Well, It In Soviet Russia, whujh last yt-nr produced cUltlonii or 40,000 different UUtin, tliun puwlnii by a sllirlil luarKln ions llie (jroiit publhhinE center of Europe, A yenr wllli piibllnheta of the United Slates uoea tlie j ol 10.000 lioolfd (here luis b(-en :t decline for several lUllciutu for cenHilfeH, Ittt.sslu Is at- t" caiih u p a l u bmmd. An cniburransment o( tho riovitt p^e!^ \t, that boolth tmvt- to be i.uhllshctl in morn tilun SO dil'l't n nl [itnKntiRCi.. tn niipply all the- i-nda.! KfHi}W uf tho RujHihli. , Timid TM i i l t » l h t s now hiivc unolhei- reason foi refusing SOUNDS LIKE HER FATHER -- LowMJ Cmlricr-Cltlxvii, One huil liopud thui tin- Hon. liuth Bi'yan Owen ium (u he an Improvumont on the political uciun«n t'evealod by hot 1ftm«nt«d riliu. but there U tmall warrant for believing t h u t sho Is such in her demand Cor a Cabinet officer lo ftdve Federal jm-igdkllon over the home and child. Way an Hll-\\lie (Jod deliver us from nnv furl hot- Federal enpilon- :u;e und bnlly-ra^lng- tbo» WP. haw now tn tmtwu «f in-ivii le iiitd domexilc conduct THE WORLD AT ITS WORST ~-By G!uya» Willi^r KHW/IOR OF EPOlE 5ELZER, WHO WttH THE TOUCHPOKfN INSIGHT SUDDENLY TilRMEP; STRWHT- WMED H18 WAY THR006H HIS OWN TEhN, CftOSEp OWN 6QftL UNE, AND DISAPPEARED INTO HI* BftCk WJTOMKKAIW ENDIN6 THE 6AN£ 8V ftRRYlN6 THE WITH HIM, ONLY WHIN THE TEAM *w MR.SEI.IER DOWN THE STREET AKP REMEMBERED THAT EDDIE HAD THE (SftMC ON HIS WAY HONE FPOM DAHC1N6 SCHOOL WfTHOOf fO CHAHE HIS BU)£ SEPSE SUIT, WERE HI6 MflONS /Q./7 (Ceprrithl. IMP, ty Th« Ml Syndic*!.. Ire.) Phillips Gives Definitions For A Bear Market Refueling Flights Over Atlantic Predicted As Next Aviation Feat! »y u. i. By CI,MtKNCK M. YOUNU t, H, Diipt, of OMnmire* Refueling of alrjilane* in fHifht un by Th« .liiubieiily will have practical ««'· in l»ad ' ttorunautkf, , Will) t In cannot carry emiUKli fuel ti elpshl 01 i'! h o u i K hecaU:" would nii'iin Micrlfli'lmr loo iwiicfc j»J ISxt«n«iun of th« Recoverj: A of an eiKhili In the lnvtttiiiuni n divp of a point* in U S. Sharp Rully, J. I, CnM« ii] thrc« wlnla uftcr IL 00-polnt lro) Die duy Defocc; Motor* up to 40 rnmi 3u;; Gonorul Eloeirlc unchnrijtvi). Modern Upturn: Any «*«slon In which N, Y Central holda It* own Irr«Btilttr Market; JuHt v.«y of unylujj "1'sc roguiHeJ," Stnurt Stlling; A term IJHI-,] by a market writer to «x)retM Ills icluc- tant decision thai the other fellow was right. Moderate Rtc«K«lun · A term uoU by a flnancisl «»tcr t« do^rrlbe ni«'iit1 "·'»· wiM )·· nim vHopment of e ' i h i-.'l)nl)f «yiffm of Soo «rivt.|lnt; inHI- iln' l i o i m l f.l.'l wtllln In ii In flight wJI) ·)"· -lm ill ilv 'i1nb- 'Itthm.-nt if n 'hl'iititli Min- us 1 1. ins or )«. I eight ft pen to be hotilinjr, mlfTlii lj« nnwjiiir.v \ii llUUIN, If ll)'-,V I'llli .'IB)II if the fuel from, f n y . i i lo 2'inu pauii'l* unit lttt| alrinei- lit 11 WH J K I . I I I i h for ] Ii woiilil l» Hi" ?'i K m Ion of Tbi'ln "'til l)i'«) t e t lii]ini .mil MWI, esq Iml Hie rhlnti htm 1 ·»!· II) 1 (Jemon firmed. I n»i)d rtni»ni-!)ltv ntiit ) inn . Ii will l)n BIN on i pi Iriieil. There l*»'t imy; I wxlwlund tli.d ti full nl^'i flor| Hjodiofi tn my inir Inland l« belnu; conmnn' nil).I but what bi.|lev» thi Itl.'U IN lo put K refiHIm; will be hetwi'i'i) I|»'MJI rofliil n nil : i r l v e n iiriicilrnl ) n in iiii venture anything in nivliim wiih ii, t do not Imow 1 lull heavy lypi« It will h»v* lo !e liwy ' il jinv loud that dlwian^- , ... ... ... .._ , . . ))i(ii room to liiHd and ' [ollnlnir comforliibly In a biml ihan oif. \Vh tlni or nut the iHmfH«**| jjoln« t o tuke lonu fi» the )in*)»ng«r to concliidu tluit . ... . .. _- i l n n umiaiitil In Kollijf 1t h:i|i- any trop» in stock* hn ijoean't hnj- )n»n. he In no wowe off If hi IH Bull; A PPMOB who qtitillfii. B evciy,lf h* IH Hilt ins ») wuKing foi it. cxit oasion of optimum uy looking nervously behind him nnd whispering, "NoverthMess. until thurc arc more definite *vldfnn oit a trend I would urtvlso you to (tiny on side tines," Bear; A pessimist who the When i bat rlm^ com.-* I don't know ho* t h f V nr sol OB to MM out of l u during n )iour«. ruiIIUK. lnrtlon of the Th*.v val. Whether Hw tMnpernlnt'i 1 bun r ooldi-i 1 JK difficult spend a few monlhs happy whrn «voryboily else In mlsenible. OntstandlnK Khori Interest: A highly nervoiiH individual who fort is something will iijirinir Ihe trnp. Sound Stocks: The »w your broker never mentioned. linent Opportunltien Stoeli.i Uint have only alxjut BO mnrc rwlnl* to fall Optiml«t A man with In words, t\r 1 up to (lint, I don't know. The may find i very nrnrtfcnl vuluttl thi-y will piovlik rnJ tlonn and Nfii»llnj{ Mrvten; . , ..... u -- - r~ · ml. The ill-mi )o»-xl.«li-ni. IN iii-iily utii more certain of what in- 1 nrounrt Philadelphia WIIM ti half million yearn itgo thun lie Ic of whal It wilt be next wr.'k. * Crowing Words The Pathfinder A the bul pocket «t] i;oi-;s MAD . 1 1 , I l . : \ ·!.:·· 1 OLMIIKT/. O.i'ebo.'lovtiUa-Li jxil.l fTritn.1, lah(»er, was Mien I ma.J doit itwi-viil wi'i'h* lnjo, HID prii-^t WHK pronmincltiK (hfiwltj rlfiB" I'ei-i'nionv for him toiloylv**! vcloiiefl hydrophoil) 11 and wa* ttlw^ tit un In^nnn n*yhim in a t h n t l» Kim )r»iii*U9Ri's , ;,.. wh | rl 'flommoeF, hy adding new, Depression Proof there's American frlnslnnce. ,,,,-., ..,,,, ln .i.-i , . n o n r u i In ratten"--nienninif A rot with a Chart; A Sum I.toyii pnnte kent A ""«« ** ".^W. *\'L f - vhf In mom broUerage offleea to mnke' 1 '"^, '* * B '" 1 *^! 'X, 'rl,ii «" tb, «»,on more ,,,««.,. |-«"»* ^^Uter^^Jjjul- .voulil be " Bmil ft rait enl alien Kit lev- toiler," Oolnf H «!c) turtlicr, bad KAKKKS TO V who lU(e« to stiidy Ideal tout* and with crow showing where the body wns found, Healthy RofHHwtawnl: T h a t ' s whut they call tt when thn b1(r ^reak cnmc tn nloctts held by nnni"- body oNc. Major Isocline: The , thlnw when th* break com*, hi nlnckK lielj by flu fellow irsin^- the- weather In German IH "UnwnMw." Mo i k(in(v nr0 o ln« lo wroieet II from btnl w*iHh*i would consciju^ntly me " S|)llt-up: Jiml an hlnlorlenl illusion. * S/e0ndnry Dwtlr«i : JUKI ttnofhor wuv of Wylnjf that the olfunllon In n n eh runted nvery holder of stocks when he jiieks up s paper and renrtN 1 « H(nttfti*-nt front Washlntton *ny- Ing thnt the \vornt In over. Our Climate Always Was : Tricky --Philadelphia Inquirer ' The National Museum al W»wli- Ington hiut been ntudylnn a oolleellon of bonen recently excavated In Maryland a hundred feet below the lev.)I of the uarth. Abnni SO Bpcclt'» if nnlmals are repreDent»tl, flame are of types now exllnet and Bonw of typott extent eluuwhcrp, of smaller «lze, but no longer flourish hit in Ihltt section of Ihe United Sluten, Certain of the foMltn show hablU or m cold climate and othcrn belong unntlmtak- ibly to K warm climate. The animal* are flUp|MMel to have lived 400.000 or 900,000 year* ago, Tim muneum pakontolofliil deduce* thai the cntlro oonlinenlnt Unit ml HUIM h«« undergone ni»rh»d phy«|. cal iind cllmoUe change In the Inti-r- with a roof of t Anoih«r A Hottentot mother In (Jerman IK 'Hottpnlottcnm«ttir." Children wlm «r* called "Straeti'tlrotld"; will Particular Mt*tt(fnn OWNS O1J «)VK!Hsi'| l JK.""Mlcii. r 1 'rw* , morn ilinn 130 yt'iirm.- printed at Hi- «** , HH c'lvll win 1 ni-it In in* fon^^t» .if Or tr. B. Mix of Hlwri-M' 1 ri'WK|m)i.'r he him neqiillffl in VlHlNlWHt, MILK «o n Hottentot mother of mien children woull be "HolldntotteiiKlrfli'ter- trotlclmuller." To ndd n Ittlle, »n ·*(*»a»nln In an "AUenlnH'r," Accordingly Ihe nKMiKflit of The mother }UKI described would be a "HolfenioHen- itr»*ff rt rotte tnmtteraltentater" 5,182 Up Mhe Air --Brooklyn ICttRle. IN II thrift or fear nf m!olilim that k«ep« KO InrKe n iiruponIon uf Americans from Irylnir 01*1)f at eotninerelal tilr rioliin? Perhapt th" queillon wa* uiw- wernd by the experiment of the HolnieN Alr|*oH 't«nUy. A $1 minimum 1rlee for the 'ny \viin in- nounced. ThlN menni one mtnute. ime thrilling minute, tn the air. For MM one could be taken to Die Qut-enMhornutth Bridge an.) back, And for $n (he trip circling the Battery WM a hnrguln. The final ahowlnff WM* tickeui Mid. nemrly ull 1h* U tli|(hlK Th« crowd h l to be herded In wttli rop*f. There were ol.t nvm and old women. mothoi-K wiih John D. Well) til" (1l. OnWr'Utl h.i defe|) Rmltli of fiprllwfli'M owardmi "' lair 1" 1(1 iind itml fcnr nnywhert HWeelhenHJn, not nn l»u«hlrn; of thi iliji i nii'il l"ii-« UHIJHTV, K, chitrged w i t h R himtliiR don five . fined MO on hi* plea nf warrant WM. nerved only According to |»lk«, the -Ion. by iMoiittrd nulman of. """' and dlml ot Ktnrvnllon, UUKINEIM who "w*il and run" a :e or th» Pwic* man, who n*yi he ·» r--- more free inarrlaite cewmrttii year than ever befoM, "Bonw TM it»«," he *M, "«vldwl»y ' ... opinion that wh« lh«J . for a licennw ilwy hud |»I1 J« « Rotttf have ilmnh«l "i* u.-,,a.,^l wh»n J pronotinsw nwn nnrt wife, and twnie *·« ^ Wi We porlm ·

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