Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on January 7, 1971 · Page 21
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 21

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 7, 1971
Page 21
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B-6 Alton Evening Telegraph Thursday, Jan. 7, 1971 QUALITY SWEET SAVINGS NEAT SHOP WITH PAUL-STAY ON YOUR FEET! FANCY MEATY HEAVY Lb. Roths Blackhawk Pork Roths Blackhawk HJISAGE 3 °" R :r* t • SLICED BACON.. 59c' Small BBQ Fresh Country SPA8ERSBS 4-3c • PORK LIVER.... 29c SLICED FREE! FRESH NEVER FROZEN WHOLE POiK Bar-S 12-15 Ib. Avg. Champion 15-18 Ib. Avg. WHOLE HflMS...S9c'WHOLE HAMS...59c 4-8 Ib. Avg. Fancy Champion IONIC HAMS.., 49c * SLAB BACON.... 59c CHAMPION SMOKED IN THE PIECE SACON SQUARES Roths Blackhawk Roths Cedar Farm Thick Sliced WIENERS.. £.* 59c e . • BACON 2 $1.29 Cudahy Thrifty Lean Cuf Up SLICED BACON 2 SI• HAM for BEANS 2 $1 End Cut Human growth hormone synthesfry.ed Great discove with borrowed device By BILL STOCKTON SAN FRANCISCO (AP) Faced with inflation and budgetary cuts, the scientists who synthesized human growth hormone had to AIRPORT RESTAURANT Rout* 111, BHwen Airline Drive & Ronte 140 Cattish Friday Night Serving Pram '1:00-7:00 P.M. Regular Menu also available. AIRPORT RESTAURANT borrow to finish t| Anno synthesis, hormone Wednesda ference professor director search L versity i Francisc $30,000 instrument eir work. n ce m e n t of the a breakthrough in esearch, was made at a news con- iy Dr. C. H. Li, [of biochemistry and f the Hormone Re- ratory at the Uni- California at San Li's career studying hor- tfje chemical messen- GAKERf specials FRIDAY & SATURDAY FEATURES Pink Cloud Angelfood Cake — Reg. $1 .49 — Special Feature ....................... $1 .19 U«ht & fluffy as a Pink Cloud ... a dellRhtful angelfoocl . . . pink Irocl . . . ribbons of pink In the batter, too! Order yours today! Cinnamon Stollen— Reg. $1.05 — Special Feature 84c A Kcnerous sized stollen ... of rich sweet- dough . . . baked a golden brown . . . topped with loads of cinnamon sugar! Also Fresh Pcnch Tarts, Butterscotch Apple Coffee Cake, Diinish I'ccun Coffee. Cake Fifty Years in Hie linking Industry! MRS. BAKE SHOP Wlishlrc Shopping Center— hours 7 a.m.-a p.m. Open 'til 9 Friday Washington Square Shop Center (On the Main St. Side) Hours: 7:30 a.m.-6 p.m. Open 'til 9 p.m. Frl. 148 E. Ferguson Wood River Hours: 7 n.m.-6 p.m. Open 'til B p.m. FrL VVilS mones, gers that functions, The from the Research Mass., by-step hormone, like prot amino a Li and rowed i unable because < on the inflation in federa research Synthe tists a probing eludin regulate the body's spnns 32 years. ir|strument borrowed Children's Cancer Institute in Boston, used in the step- construction of the which is a chain- sin molecule of 188 :id links. his colleagues bor- when they were o buy their own financial pressures laboratory caused by ind general cutbacks funding of scientific s of human growth hormone—HGH—gives scien- powerful new tool for many diseases, in- cancer, ar- HELD OVER RT I. Ill, ROXANA 20. 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The pituitary secretes more than a dozen hormones that in turn control secretion of still more hormones by other glands. In the past, HGH was available only from pituitaries taken from cadavers. The small, expensive supply was enough only for study of its structure and function and treatment of a few isolated cases of dwarfism in children. But scientists discovered that HGH and growth hormone from sheep and catUe when administered to laboratory animals caused other effects besides stimulating growth. The hormone appears to hasten the HE KEYS WILD ON GO-GO GtRLSl WE T>A"RE YOU TO REMAIN SEATED WHEN MONSTERS/ t%tt INVADE YOUR CAR./ 'RE GIRLS AU VE! WHO'LL CHICKEN .Shown at 6-30 & 9:20 ""•iJLUS 111 "DEVIL'S HAND" Shown at 8:W "G" healing of fractures and wounds, enhances the effectiveness of the sex hormones, aids the body in production of antibodies to fight disease and lowers cholesterol in the blood. "If you can synthesize a growth molecule, as we have done, then perhaps you can synthesize an antigrowth molecule and then an anticancer molecule," Li said. "Not only normal tissue growth, but abnormal tissue growth, like cancer, may depend on this molecule." Since HGH affects cholesterol levels in the blood, and cholesterol is a factor in coronary heart disease, perhaps a slight change in the HGH molecule could lead to a chemical to control the arteriosclerosis - produ c i n g cholesterol, Li said. And understanding how the hormone aids the body in generating antibodies to fight disease could lead to a new understanding of the body's natural defenses and how to manipulate them. Although the artificial HGH hasn't been tried on humans, Li said he was confident it would exhibit the same effects as on animals. He predicted that within a few years commercial firms will find an economical way to mass produce HGH. Li's group first isolated HGH from the pituitary in 1956. It took another 10 years to pinpoint its structure. Then followed four years of painstaking work to synthpsize the complex molecule. "This is the largest protein molecule anyone has ever synthesized," Li said. Roxana oks study as basis for standard burning law > MID-AMERICA THEATRES Open Fri. Sat. & Sun. BEL*AIR HWY 66 & 1 11 STARTS FRIDAY • Clint • Telly Eastwood Savalas "KELLY'S HEROES" (GP) PLUS Jonathan Frid "House of Dork Shadows" (GP) Open Frl. Sat. & Sun. CAPRI 010 ST LOUIS RD » STARTS FRIDAY • Portable Electric Chair "Traveling Executioner" (R) PLUS Kim Darby—James Coco "Strawberry Statement" (R) A study designed to bring the Village of Roxana's burning ordinance into compliance with standards set by the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency was authorized at the Wednesday night meeting of the board of trustees. The study could produce an ordinance that would restrict all burning of trash and all other open burning in the village by Sept. 1 of this year. Trustee Corwin Silvey Jr. introduced the idea of such a study and the ordinance committee of the board will consider state requirements *********** HUGH OOGIE DE VITO ORCHESTRA Collinsville Park Ballroom SAT., JAN. 9 — 9-1 A.M. For Complimentary Tickets 462-9683 MOVIE RATINGS These ratings apply to RELEASED after N«r. 1, 1 THIS !• ads Indicates the (Urn was lubmltted and approved undW til* Motion Picture Cod* •t Self-Regulation RESTRICTGO SEAL ^ no '* f I*'• c l u ' r « • e * e "»' j Parent or AdwH GuArdiM ALL AGES ADMITTED General AudieneM ALL AGES AOMIHED Parental Guidance Suggested NO ONE UND6R 17 ADMITTED FOREIGN-IMPORT Not Rated By The Motion Picture Code NOT RATED This picture wat released prior to Nov. I, 1968 and' thus wa» not rated by the Motion Picture Code of Self-Regulation. Printed M a public servlc* br ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH ***** IMID-AMERICA THEATRES 1'THEU.S. * HELD OVER 2ND WEEKl CUSTOMS BUREAU BARRED IT AS OBSCENE! READERS FOUND IT SHOCKING AND SCANDALOUS! AND NOW, FOR ANYONE OVER 17, IT IS A MOVIE!" —TIMC MA AAZ1MC ****** la.™, Vfopie Of Cancel IRIPIDRN MWMUtB PHI BROWN tUUMOTM JMIUUUMM LMMKtUGMUS ALTON'S FINEST Open Dally 6:30 Shawn 7 & » p.m. Sun. Open 1:30—Shown 2, 4, 6, 8 TONITE LAST TIMES JOiNAMJlTH a« C.C.Ryder ANN- ai hii girl At 7:150:15 TONITE LAST TIMES AflD OTHER CTRMG&t! COLOR d d At 7:10 9:10 Shown Friduy T.15 0:15 Mutineet Sat. & SUH. 1 pan. BOTH THEATRES GRAND AND WILDEY • STARTS* FRIDAY! OPEN and hauling needs in connection with the study. The village's present hauling contract, for non- burnables such as garbage, will expire Oct. 1, and Mayor Kenneth Nail said he expects that all the impb'cations of the ordinance will be worked out by that time. The board also heard a report from Trustee Omar Phelps that fire damage for the past year in Roxana was estimated at $17,325 with over $12,000 of that coming from an accident Involving a loaded asphalt truck accident. Police Chief Roscoe Duncan told the board that approximately 100 bulbs had been stolen from the village's Christmas displays along Central Avenue despite a careful watch on the area during the holidays. Nail also reported a raise in hospitalization insurance rates which the village pays for its .employees. The rate for Blue Cross- Blue Shield for single employees was raised $3.76 ar the family rate was rair $8.30 per month, according Nail, who also noted a 20 pc, cent hike in auto insurance rates for the village's vehicles. Also authorized by the board was a study into the cost of obtaining a salt spreader for the village street department. Leivis and Clark College offers 87 day courses A total of 42 evening courses and 87 day courses will be offered during the second semester at the Lewis and Clark Community College ( LCCC) on the Monticello Campus in Godfrey it was announced today. t Courses include' studies in agricultural science, art, business, drama, English, fire science, foreign '. languages, law enforcement, marketing, nursing, physical" education, mathematics, science, social science, and water technology. G-rated movies rate tops also CINCINNATI (AP) — Three Cincinnati area movie theaters set house attendance records last week, all with Grated — general audience — features. The operators of the Mariemont and Hollywood theaters said Tuesday that they broke their records with Walt Disney's "The Aristocats," and the operators of the Carousel said "Song of Norway" set its mark. Restaurant Special Thurs.-Fri.-Sat. Only Chopped Sirloin Whipped Potatoes, Gravy, Vegetables, Roll And Butter BETTEMDORF MARKETS

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